Twin help about Trouble part 1

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  1. Written by JemmyandTarpon
  3. Titles: Twin help about Trouble part 1
  5. Summary: Dalmatians are the park and Dawkins is Finding an Idea for his next invention,While Dawkins is looking for some ideas then He bump into Stanger Puppies
  7. Dawkins: Ouch
  8. ???: Oops,Sorry~~
  9. ?????: Are you alright?
  10. Dawkins look up and saw there are two pup one has Yellow fur,Two White spots above the eyes,Yellow tail maroon stripes,Maroon ears,Maroon Front legs and Back legs And the other one has Maroon fur,Two White spots above the eyes,Maroon tail yellow stripes,Yellow Ears,Yellow Front legs and Back legs and them both larger than him
  11. Dawkins: I'm Okay,Who are you?
  12. Searchy: My name is Searchy Half-Shiba Inu Half-Thai Ridgeback,And this Maroon fur pup is Tinny,She's Half-Shiba Inu Half-Thai Ridgeback too
  13. Tinny:Hi~~
  14. Dawkins:Wow
  15. Searchy: What is you name little man?
  16. Dawkins: My name is Dawkins Dalmatian
  17. Searchy:Nice to meet you
  18. Tinny: Yeah,Nice to meet you~~
  19. Dawkins: Why you two look like each other
  20. Searchy: Because…
  21. Tinny: We're TWIN!!!!!!!!
  22. Dawkins: What noways…….Twin must be the Same Genders
  23. Tinny: What do you mean?
  24. Dawkins: Well you(Point at Tinny) are Girl but He(Point at Searchy) is Boy
  25. Tinny be slient for a few second
  26. Searchy look really mad
  27. Searchy: ….I'm…….. a Girl….
  28. Dawkins Shocked for few sec
  29. Dawkins: OH!!!!!! sorry I didn't mean to h-
  30. Searchy:Yeah yeah,ba ba ba,Whatever you say not going to change anything between our Relationship
  31. Dawkins: But we just met
  32. Searchy: So you just destory this from the start, Goooooood plan……
  33. Searchy walk away from Dawkins
  34. Tinny Grab Dawkins's Collar
  35. Tinny: You have to apologize to her
  36. Dawkins: But I didn-
  37. Tinny look serious
  38. Tinny: NOW!!!!!!!!
  39. Dawkins: gasp
  40. Tinny:Is that Clear?
  41. Dawkins: Y-yes(scared)
  42. Tinny smile
  43. Tinny: Good~~
  44. Dawkins: Wait….What was that?
  45. Tinny: What do you mean?
  46. Dawkins: Before I say Yes,You look very serious But after that You change like a Different person
  47. Tinny: Oh!!!!!!!, That things Searchy Always say that was call "Rage Mode"
  48. Dawkins: What is "Rage Mode"?
  49. Tinny: Rage Mode is the thing that we got from our Father,Rage Mode will make you feel like you are wilde but You not and make you the things that you can't but the Side effect is you can't control you own body like 70% of all,And there are 3 ways to come to Normal
  50. Dawkins write all of that down inside his note
  51. Dawkins: then What are they?
  52. Tinny: First Way is Hope them ran out of energy soon, Second way is make them Calm down, Third way is Make them sleep
  53. Dawkins: Wait,Why sleep?
  54. Tinny: Searchy is the Only one who know
  55. Dawkins: Oh…….
  56. Tinny grab Dawkins’s Collar
  57. Tinny: And Don’t you think that I forgot about it
  58. Dawkins: Alright alright
  59. Tinny put Dawkis Down
  60. Dawkins: Alright here go nothing
  61. Dawkins walk to Searchy, But When she saw him,She try to get away from him
  62. Dawkins: H-Hey Searchy
  63. Searchy: What do you want?,Didn’t make fun of me is good enough Huh?
  64. Dawkins: What?,No, I just want to apologize,I’m really Sorry about what happen when we just first met
  65. Searchy: Then I have to test you
  66. Dawkins: Wait?!!,Why test? and What test?
  67. Searchy: I need to make sure that you really Sorry and The test is make me impressed You only have 3 chance and the test is Start…..NOW!!!!!
  68. Dawkins: well...uh….um…Hi?
  69. Searchy: Really?,That the Best you can do?
  70. Dawkins:HEY!!!!!!,I didn’t say I’m ready yet
  71. Searchy: So,any gifts of me to apologize?
  72. Dawkins: Uh……..Flowers?
  73. Searchy: So,You give me flowers by killing them life?
  74. Dawkins: Oh sorry….I didn’t to hurt you feeling
  75. Searchy: 2 chance left…
  76. Dawkins: well….um….Gadgets?
  77. Searchy: Hm…...Interesting…... Show me some of them
  78. Dawkins show his Bubble Warpper
  79. Dawkins: Here,this is Bubble Wrapperpiars
  80. Searchy: How does it work?
  81. Dawkins: You can Shoot a Bubble by pushing this and the Target that get hitted by the Bubble Will be automatic wrapped
  82. Searchy: Hm… Not bad actually It’s quite pretty Good and Creative
  83. Dawkins: Aw!!!! you don’t have to say that
  84. Searchy: No it actually Great,Want to see our Gadgets?
  85. Dawkins: Sur- Wait Our?
  86. Searchy: Yes Me and Tinny always work in pairs
  87. Dawkins: Wow cool
  88. Searchy Shows her Gadgets
  89. Searchy: Here,This is Dye Fog Maker
  90. Dawkins: How does it work?
  91. Searchy: This hole is for you to fill colour If Press this Button it will release Giant Fog to Cover you and Dye you as the colour that you fill but if you fill it with water,it will release normal fog instead Coloured Fog
  92. Dawkins: WOW!!!!!!!!
  93. Tinny Jump out of the Bush
  94. Tinny: This is my~~
  95. Dawkins:OH MY KIBBLES!!!!!
  96. Searchy: Tinny for a 30th Times Stop Hide inside the bush
  97. Tinny Touch her Collar
  98. Tinny: Bow Wacka WOWWWW(Sound like Dolly)
  99. Dawkins: Wow That Amazing!!!!!!
  100. Tinny Touch her Collar again
  101. Tinny: Thank you~~
  102. Dolly: Wow look like Dawkins have some Girlsfriends
  103. Dawkins turn Red
  104. Dawkins: WHAT?!!! NO!!!!!! They aren’t!!!,We just Friends
  105. Tinny put her Paw on Dawkins’s sholder
  106. Searchy: We not even friends…...
  107. Tinny: WE’RE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!
  108. Dolly is laughing until she bump into someone
  109. Dolly: Ouch!!!!!!!!
  110. Dawkins,Tinny and Searchy laugh
  111. Dolly: Hey that not funny!!!!!
  112. Searchy: Yup….
  113. Tinny: VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!
  114. Dawkins: Wow that was great
  115. Tinny: Let’s take a Picture!!!!!!!!!
  116. Tinny Take a Picture  of them
  117. Dawkins: Well….Since we are friends can I ask you something?
  118. Searchy: yes,you can….
  119. Tinny: SURE!!!!!
  120. Dawkins: I can’t find anything Idea for my next invention,Could you help me?
  121. Searchy: Sure…..
  122. Tinny: I’LL HELP YOU!!!!!!
  123. Searchy: Meet us here at the evening…..
  124. Tinny: We will prepare our Gadgets ot help you out~~
  125. Dawkins: Thank you
  126. Searchy: Your welcome….
  127. Tinny: NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!
  128. They left the park and prepare for their meeting
  144. But there is one Dog that has Maroon fur and wearing scarf sitting on the tree is laughing
  145. ????: Well well well…...Look like this would be fun…...he he he he he…….
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