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  1.  田 Chiritotechin
  2.  田 Final Week: "Fortune comes in through a merry gate" Episode 149
  3. I was the opening day of "Higurashi-tei," the
  4. earnest wish of Kamigata "rakugo" performers...
  5. However...
  6. Can I help you with something?
  7. No... Just sit down, Wakasa.
  8. If something happens, Master Soso will beat the living
  9. daylight out of us.
  10. Wakasa?
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Where's my dad?
  13. Don't tell me you don't know who I am?
  14. It's me! Don't you remember?
  15. "The rock divides the stream in two...
  16. "And both with might and main..."
  17. "The rock divides...
  18. "The rock divides the stream in two..."
  19. Sota?
  20. Is he the part-time lighting person you mentioned?
  21. You sure got big didn't you, Sota?
  22. How old are you now?
  23. I'm 20.
  24. Has it been that long?
  25. Are you going to be a "rakugo" performer?
  26. It's not that easy!
  27. You'll suffer if you get into the habit of stumbling over your words.
  28. Hey!
  29. I'm studying Japanese "bungyaku" I mean
  30. "bungaku" (literature) now in college.
  31. What was that anyway?
  32. Lately, he's been helping out backstage at the
  33. "rakugo" performances, and putting material together.
  34. You did mention that, didn't you?
  35. "Rakugo" is on interesting research topic.
  36. And since it's an art that's passed down by word of mouth,
  37. it would be good to gather data to leave behind.
  38. You're really have your act together, for sure!
  39. Shall I show you the lighting booth?
  40. Don't come outside too much...
  41. The masters will worry about you.
  42. Just find some place, and rest.
  43. Are you okay?
  44. Doesn't the smell of food make you nauseous?
  45. I'm okay.
  46. I've been feeling much better since this morning.
  47. You have?
  48. Sorry to make you help out.
  49. Not at all. I'm happy to have something to do.
  50. These chopsticks are Wakasa lacquered chopsticks, aren't they?
  51. A-ko provided them.
  52. Just what you'd expect from A-ko...
  53. She's so attentive to details
  54. It really is pretty, isn't it?
  55. The bento lunch.
  56. It's colorful and elaborate.
  57. If people enjoy it, I'm happy.
  58. My bento lunches when I was in school were really terrible.
  59. It was always brown.
  60. Every single day, it was made with leftovers from the night before.
  61. On top of that, she'd put soupy things inside, so
  62. it would spill and the cloth it was wrapped
  63. in would get soaking wet.
  64. The lunch you prepare for your children is something
  65. you have to do everyday.
  66. This lunch today is just for today, so I can make
  67. it as pretty and elaborate as I want to, but...
  68. If it was everyday, I couldn't do that.
  69. You have to be fast, and make sure that it's good for your child's health.
  70. Just doing it every single day is something awesome.
  71. But I was shocked when Master Sojaku told Kiyomi to create
  72. her own original "hosaku rakugo."
  73. Don't you mean "sosaku rakugo"?
  74. That's right.
  75. Excuse me...
  76. Mom?
  77. Kiyomi.
  78. What are you doing here?
  79. We're talking.
  80. Wakasa... Your mom sure is funny, isn't she?
  81. Should you be walking around like that?
  82. I'm just passing out the bento lunches.
  83. This is a bento lunch made to celebrate the opening.
  84. That's great.
  85. I was getting hungry.
  86. This looks delicious.
  87. It's so pretty, isn't it?
  88. There aren't any chopsticks.
  89. I have mine.
  90. Me, also.
  91. I have one, also.
  92. I'm so sorry, Master Sontoku.
  93. I forgot to put one with your lunch.
  94. What are you doing?
  95. I'll bring it for you right away.
  96. I'm so sorry.
  97. This is torture..
  98. Having something that looks so delicious, and not being able to eat it.
  99. I'm sorry!
  100. You learn to appreciate chopsticks only when you don't have it.
  101. My husband is a Wakasa lacquered chopstick
  102. artisan, and he always says, "Chopsticks play
  103. "a supporting role at the dining table...
  104. "But no matter how much of a feast you have in front
  105. "of you, you can't eat it if you don't have chopsticks.
  106. "Chopsticks play a supporting role that you can't do without."
  107. That's very profound.
  108. I don't care how profound it is! Hurry, and let me eat this!
  109. I'll bring it for you right away.
  110. Sota... this is a bento lunch to celebrate the opening...
  111. Thank you.
  112. Would you like to try it?
  113. The lighting... Just for the opening greeting.
  114. My dad told me how disappointed you were that you couldn't
  115. be a part of such an auspicious event.
  116. Don't worry... The lighting is really simple.
  117. If you feel sick, I can take over for you right away.
  118. Thank you.
  119. I made it in time.
  120. Mr. Isomura.
  121. You came back?
  122. Do you think I would miss this?
  123. Come and sit down.
  124. It's been a while.
  125. Thank you all for coming today.
  126. The "jouchi goya" that's always been an earnest wish
  127. for Kamigata "rakugo" performers has finally been finished.
  128. We named it "Higurashi-tei."
  129. It has numerous meanings.
  130. First of all, "All day long."
  131. A wish that the audience will help to nurture
  132. the "Higurashi" comic storytellers who are still lacking...
  133. Also, the "higurashi" that means cicada.
  134. The cicada spends most of its life inside the earth...
  135. In the same way, a "rakugo" performer's training is
  136. really, really long, for sure!
  137. "For sure" was unnecessary.
  138. "Higurashi" also means "all day long."
  139. Here we'll have "rakugo" performances all day long.
  140. The "rakugo" performer who tirelessly performs here all day long,
  141. and the audience who never tires of listening to "rakugo."
  142. They're all a bunch of fools.
  143. Don't call them fools!
  144. We hope that all of those people will laugh all day long...
  145. The symbol of "Higurashi-tei" is Wakasa lacquered chopsticks.
  146. Like the Wakasa lacquered chopsticks whose design
  147. is hidden under layers and layers of lacquer,
  148. "rakugo" performers devote themselves to their art
  149. with layers and layers of practice, training and
  150. performances on stage.
  151. Making the audience laugh everyday, and hearing
  152. the laughter everyday will be what strengthens us.
  153. It's tied to the future of Kamigata "rakugo."
  154. We hope that you all will...
  155. ...come here everyday, and laugh a lot.
  156. Do you think being the star means standing
  157. in the middle of the stage, and having the light
  158. shining upon you?
  159. Shining the light on others is a wonderful job, also,
  160. I couldn't even begin to grasp the overwhelming
  161. feeling deep inside me.
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