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  3. 1: No team killing without a good reason, an example of a good reason would be, for a bit, or as an RP.
  4. an example of a  bad reason would be, if someone is a squeaker/young person, or if you're actively hunting down one specific person to harass them.
  5. D-class can TK other D-class freely despite this rule, you may not kill D-class as chaos no matter what
  6. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 2: No racism/racial slurs, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ect.
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  9. 3: Teaming is completely allowed, as long as you don't stall the game if you and the other person are the only ones left
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 4: No spamming music or screaming over the intercom or radio, playing music on proximity chat is okay
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. 5: No advertising other servers on our server
  15. breaking these rules will result in what follows
  16. 1st offense - verbal warning
  17. 2nd offense - kick
  18. 3rd offense - 1 hour ban
  19. 4th offense - 7 day ban
  20. 5th offense - 1 year ban
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