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  1. Requester: Silver
  2. Translator: NekoHime
  3. Editor:
  4. Proofreader:
  5. RAW:
  6. CN:
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Page 7
  9. 1. Endou-san is harassing me again today, as usual. Judging from their uniforms, it seems like they are from the neighboring town.
  10. 2. It's only 10,000 Yen per person today.
  11. 3. Hey! For real!?
  12. 4. Shit! Her face is really my type! // Can I really do it raw!?
  13. 5. Yeah, sure. She's going to hate it anyway.
  14. 6. BL: I'm going back now...
  15. 7. Let's undress her first to make sure she doesn't escape! // BL: Let's take her glasses off as well so that she can't recognize our faces!
  16. Panel 3
  17. 8. Hahaha! She's not even putting up any resistance!
  18. 9. Resistance is futile since it wouldn't change the results anyway. It'd just be a waste of time.
  19. 10. You really can't judge a book by its cover. She's such a slut even though her face looks so innocent.
  20. 11. Is my PTSD that much of an eyesore to her? Her harassment is getting worse and worse day by day...
  21. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Page 8
  23. 1. The sooner I can recover the sooner I'll be let go.
  24. 2. I'll taste this place first then.
  25. 3. How hilarious. So you're still a virgin, huh?
  26. 4. Wow. So this is what a pussy looks like.
  27. 5. The one with the big mouth sounds like a virgin too, though. Well, I think I can wrap this up within thirty minutes today.
  28. 6. She's so good with her tongue. I'm already going to cum soon.
  29. 7. You called me a virgin but it seems like you're one too. Haha.
  30. 8. *Sniff~* So this is what a pussy smells like... It smells a little like pee but the smell is just irresistible.
  31. 9. What are you even saying right now?
  32. 10. BL: Hahaha
  33. 11. This is so gross. All of you should just die already...
  34. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. Page 9
  36. 1. Since she's so lewd, I bet she's already wet down there.
  37. 2. There's no way I could have gotten wet since this isn't turning me on at all.
  38. 3. Uhyuuh~ What a scenery! But she's not wet there at all. According to the AVs, the girl should have been wet by now.
  39. 4. I wonder how this tastes like? Hmm? It's a little salty? No. It doesn't have much of a taste.
  40. 5. But I'm getting so turned on right now. I really like licking pussies, I think.
  41. 6. How long are you going to lick? I'm gonna stick it in her now so turn her this way!
  42. 7. Only a virgin would want to lick such a dirty place.
  43. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. Page 10
  45. Panel 1
  46. 1. Bottom Middle: We'll spread her pussy out for you so hurry up and stick it in already.
  47. 2. Top Left: We want to stick it in as well so hurry up already.
  48. 3. Bottom Left: I know already so shut up.
  49. Panel 2:
  50. 4. Right: (White) So tight! // What the heck? It won't go in at all. // (White) I need to // (White) stick it in somehow...
  51. 5. Middle: It- // It hurts. // (White) My cock is being bent in a weird way.
  52. 6. Left: Maybe you have ED.
  53. Panel 4:
  54. 7. Top Right: Push it in with more force.
  55. 8. Top Middle: Shut up... Ye-Yes! It went in!
  56. 9. Top Left: But moving my cock in her is kinda painful. She's not wet at all. // (White) Her pussy is so tight.
  57. 10. Bottom Right: Ouch! This is really the worst! I'm the one in real pain here. You shouldn't stick it in before making my pussy wet, don't you think?
  58. 11. Bottom Middle: Wow~ It's so warm inside. This feels so good.
  59. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. Page 11
  61. Panel 1
  62. 1. Dammit. You keep using her for yourself. Hey, who said you can rest? Keep sucking my cock!
  63. 2. Sex... is something you should only do with someone you love.
  64. Panel 2
  65. 3. But now it brings me only pain and misery.
  66. 4. Hey, me too!
  67. Panel 3
  68. 5. Green Right: Just let us do it already if you're in so much pain.
  69. 6. Green Middle: I can't really move since it's painful to do so but staying this way feels good too.
  70. 7. White Right: If I do find someone I love one day, will I still able to do it with him sincerely?
  71. 8. White Middle: Fine. I'll pull it out now.
  72. 9. White Left: I don't think that will be possible.
  73. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. Page 12
  75. Panel 1
  76. 1. White box: Well, whatever. The preliminary for GoG is coming soon so I should grind some mobs in the wastelands or forest tonight...
  77. 2. Top Right: Alright, I'll do it from behind then.
  78. 3. Top Left: What the heck? It went in without a hitch! Wow! This feels incredibly good!
  79. 4. Bottom Right: That's because you have a small cock! Hahaha!
  80. 5. Bottom Left: Shut up! This has nothing to do with size.
  81. Panel 2
  82. 6. Green Right: Is she finally getting wet down here? It's squeaking so much.
  83. 7. White box: Ahh. I think I promised to help someone from a guild?
  84. 8. Green Left: Dammit! Let me do it from behind after this!
  85. Panel 3
  86. 9. Ni-Nice, I'm going to cum soon.
  87. 10. White box: It's fine. This is just something usual I have to do daily at this point.
  88. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  89. Page 13
  90. Panel 1
  91. 1. White Right: One of them is finally down.
  92. 2. Green Right: Cover her face in your semen.
  93. 3. White Middle: Hey... How much more suffering and humiliation do I have to endure from now on?
  94. 4. Green Left: (Orange) Haah // I feel like I can still cum even though I just cummed just now. // (Orange) Haah
  95. 5. Green Leftest: Uuuh! Phew~ This is just irresistible.
  96. Panel 2
  97. 6. White Right: No... I shouldn't think like that. Since every human life is valuable, after all...
  98. 7. Green Middle: Tsk. Hurry up already!
  99. 8. White Middle: No matter who... I'm sure this is my inescapable atonement...
  100. 9. Green Left: What are you saying? I haven't even shoved my cock in her yet so let me have my turn already.
  101. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. Page 14
  103. Panel 1
  104. 1. Thank you, Endou-san. Here you go.
  105. 2. Thank you for your patronage~
  106. Panel 2
  107. 3. All of them add up to 50,000... I made a lot. I wonder if it's about time...
  108. 4. Hey, can I have a minute? You like Asada, don't you? // Normally people don't do these kinds of horrible things to someone they like, don't you think??
  109. Panel 3
  110. 5. As for me, I don't mind gathering up guys as long as I can earn some cash. // But even I'm starting to feel sorry for Asada now. // Besides, I don't think Asada is completely uninterested in you... // Don't you think confessing to her will be much quicker?
  111. 6. Green: Huh? Haha. Is that so? But I'm not really confident.
  112. 7. Everyone knows how to confess, right? // Well, in any case, I'm not going to tell on you so you should just be frank with her about your feelings.
  113. 8. Green: Thank you for your advice. You're surprisingly kind, huh, Endou-san?
  114. 9. You must be joking! I'm not kind at all!
  115. Panel 4
  116. 10. Hehe. You're such a hypocrite, Endou-san. You don't know anything about me.
  117. 11. The thing I want from Asada-san isn't something like that at all.
  118. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. Page 31 and 33
  120. Greetings to my new and old readers.
  121. Thank you all so much for buying my shoddy book.
  123. The SAO movie will be out soon! Oh my~ I'm really looking forward to it and so I drew this book.
  125. Just like the previous one, this is mainly a Sinon book.
  126. I tried to draw the other characters as well.
  127. Asuna has more screen time than the others because she's my second favorite character after Sinon.
  128. (Or rather, I like everyone voiced by Haruka Tomatsu lol)
  130. In any case, I really enjoyed drawing the other characters besides Sinon as well. The only one I haven't drawn yet is Yuuki.
  131. It's a shame... I really like her character as well.
  132. But she's just too precious to be drawn in an erotic way.
  133. I'd like to draw Yuuki wielding her sword in a cool way if possible.
  134. However, at the end of the day, this is still a porno. So I had to cut her off due to the page limit.
  136. I'm satisfied now so I probably won't draw another SAO book until season 3 has begun.
  137. But who knows? I might draw another one after I have watched the movie~
  138. In any case, Sinon has entered my hall of eternal heroines, alongside Sakura from the Fate series
  139. and Fate from Nanoha. Now that I think about it, the one thing these characters have in common is that
  140. they were traumatized as a child lol.
  142. With that said, what should I draw for Summer? I'll have to work hard next time as well!
  144. Mikazuki Akira! (Winter 2016)
  145. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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