The Adventure of Blizzlekort MacBubble

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  1. You are Blizzlekort MacBubble, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You
  2.  have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive
  3.  at the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's not much
  4.  different than when you left it.
  5. The sun is shining brightly and there is no sign of any monsters lurking about.
  6.  The only thing that stands out is the large pile of rubble next to the ruins
  7. > Use magic to clear the rubble
  9. You cast a few spells and then begin to move the rubble away from the door. After
  10.  clearing a small area, you turn back to face Blizzlekort. He looks surprised
  11.  by your actions.
  13. > "Wait, I'm Blizzlekort! Who are you?"
  16. Blizzlekort says "I am Blizzlekort, the name means 'little wizard' in my language".
  17. > Are you my clone?
  19. "No, no, no, no!" You exclaim. "This is not possible".
  20. Blizzlekort says
  21. > "Let's work together."
  24. Blizzlekort says "Yes, yes, let's work together".
  25. You both continue to move the rubble until it is all cleared away. Then you look
  26.  at each other. Blizzlekort asks
  27. > Open the door to the dungeon.
  29. You stand up and walk out of the room with Blizzlekort following behind. You
  30.  see that there is a large hole in the floor leading into the dungeon. You don't
  31.  know what to expect but you are ready for anything
  32. > Jump into the hole.
  34. You leap into the hole and fall down the dark tunnel. It seems like forever before
  35.  you reach the bottom. The walls seem to go on forever as well. Eventually you
  36.  come across an opening. A light shines through the gap and you can see a dimly
  37.  lit room
  38. > Cast "Light"
  40. You cast "Light" and a beam of light shoots out from the opening and hits Blizzlekort
  41.  in the head. He falls backwards and drops his staff. You grab the staff and
  42.  throw it at him
  43. > Cast "Maximum Healing Power" on Blizzlekort
  45. You cast "Maximum Healing Power" on Blizzlekort and he begins to heal himself.
  46.  You quickly finish healing him off and then take the staff back and leave the
  47.  dungeon.
  48. > Close the dungeon entrance
  50. You close the dungeon entrance and wait for nightfall. When night comes you find
  51.  that Blizzlekort has healed quite a bit. You think he will be able to fight
  52.  on his own now. You decide to keep him around so you can study him more
  53. > Cast "Identify" on Blizzlekort
  55. You cast "Identify" on Blizzlekort and he immediately recognizes you as the one
  56.  who was attacking him earlier. He runs over to hug you. You tell him to stay
  57.  put and that you need to talk to someone else about this
  58. > Go talk to the barmaid
  60. You run over to the barmaid and ask her if she knows where Blizzlekort is. She
  61.  tells you that he is in the basement. You follow her upstairs and find that
  62.  Blizzlekort is in the basement. He doesn't even notice you walking past him
  63. > Cast "MacBubble's Constricting Chains" on Blizzlekort
  65. You cast "MacBubble's Constricting Chains" on Blizzlekort and he starts to cry.
  66.  He tries to get free but you hold him down and force him to stay still
  67. > Study Blizzlekort
  69. You study Blizzlekort for awhile and realize that he is a very powerful wizard.
  70.  You also learn that he is a member of the Order of the Dragon. You feel sorry
  71.  for him since he was attacked by a stranger
  72. > Free Blizzlekort and apologize
  74. You release Blizzlekort and apologize for attacking him. He accepts your apology
  75.  and thanks you again for saving his life. You thank him too and you both leave
  76.  the basement.
  77. > Ask Blizzlekort about the Order of the Dragon
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