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  1. [center][size=200][b]Faust[/b][/size]
  3. [img]http://i.imgur.com/x0bGYrN.gif[/img]
  5. [b]Alias:[/b] Faust
  6. [b]Name:[/b] Unknown
  7. [b]Age:[/b] By appearance: Thirty year old; Real age: Unknown
  8. [b]Height:[/b] 2,1 m(6.88 ft);5.1 m(16.73 ft)
  11. [b]Backstory[/b]
  12. Faust was born in ancient times, which even he barely remembers now. One of the few things he remembers is that he was but a young boy when he heard a story about an Artifact for the first time. That folk tale described it as a legendary object locked up in some ancient temple, which could grant the one who found it an eternal life and powers of which a human could not even imagine. The story fascinated him to such a degree that he promised himself that he will find it no matter what it takes.
  13. When Faust turned 18, he decided to go for an adventure in search of the Temple, in which the artifact supposedly lied. He has travelled around the world and continued his searches for twelve years. Until one day, while Faust was traversing some desert which was not documented on any maps, he felt a presence of something, a strange whisper at the back of his head, as if something was calling him. He was not sure if he didn't go insane, but that mysterious entity was pleading for his aid. It was begging him to break a seal of its ethereal prison, in which it was locked for thousands of years. The mystical voice has led Faust to the very doors of the temple, for which he was looking for so many years.
  14. As he delved into the depths of the ancient temple, the unknown voice in his head was getting stronger and stronger the deeper he went. When Faust got to the lowest floor of the temple, he noticed a strange object that despite a complete darkness was clearly visible to his eyes, as if it was glowing with a ghostly light. He quickly realised that it was The Artifact, in search for which he traveled around the world for twelve years. It seemed sealed with some peculiar lock, which seemed  Not thinking twice, he broke the seal, and set free an entity, which introduced itself as Erebus, the otherworldly prince who had been betrayed by his brethren and imprisoned in another realm for millenias. Thankful for the aid, Erebus said that he'd leave the temple in search for some person willing to accept him into his body, for in Faust's world sprits are not able to exist without some vessel they can rest in. His bones became hard as iron, his muscles got far stronger and he grew to a size of a very tall man.  As he had not much to do after completing his life dream of finding the Artifact, Faust decided to train his body to become the most powerful warrior in the world, so for a many years he participated in a wars all around the globe, but he slowly got bored of it, for he went unscathed out of every single battle he participated in.
  15. A few years ago he heard of a Pivot Battle Arena where it is said that the most powerful fighters from all around the world come to face each other in vicious battles.
  16. He decided to join PBA to prove his prowess and arise victorious as the world's most powerful warrior.
  19. [b]Special Abilities:[/b]
  21. He can allow Ereb to use his power to transform him into a massive giant, granting Faust an extreme increase in strength and size size. However, the transformation is rather lengthy and can be interrupted.
  22. Faust wants to use this abilit only when his enemy has got a significant advantage in terms of power or size, although most of the time he can do fine against relatively larger opponents in his normal form. His vital powers are slowly drained in giant form and if he stays in it for too long, he has a chance of losing conciousness or even dying if he won't transform back.
  23. The transformation process can be interrupted, although the changes to his body do not revert unless he transforms fully.
  27. [b]Fighting style[/b]
  28. Normal form:
  29. Faust doesn't really have any specific fighting style when he's in his normal form. He carries gauntlets made of an almost unbreakable material, the volcanic iron, to make his punches have more power and to grant him some defensive capabilities against blade slashes and smaller projectiles. He usually fights his enemy in casual boxing style, but given his strength, he is able perform throws and other on his enemy.  He might break a few of his foe's bones but refrains from killing unless there is a necessity to do so. A short time before Faust joined pba , he got himself a sawed off shotgun, found in some battle he took part in. He began using it to improve his fighting capabilities on medium range, although he still is quite a lousy shot.
  30. Giant form:
  31. When he's in this form, he quite simply tries to crush his enemies and see them driven before him. He  doesn't hesitate when it comes to killing someone due to his morality getting blocked off by Erebus. When fighting against enemies who use long range attacks Faust tosses rocks and other things at them or tries to get closer. He hardly ever runs in this form, but when he does start charging at his foe, he is able to gain such an insane momentum that literally no obstacle can stop him. He becomes an unstoppable force in a world in which exist no immovable objects.
  35. [b]Strengths[/b]
  36. -Due to the Ereb's powers altering Faust's body, he is granted insane strength, extremely high pain tolerance and overall toughness. He is able to punch through thick steel plates even in his normal form.
  37. -He possesses a lot experience in hand to hand combat.
  38. -Upon transformation into the giant form, his powers are increased by a huge measure, making him twice as big and multiple times as strong. His skin becomes rock hard and hard to puncture.
  39. -Unstoppable when running in giant form.
  41. [b]Weaknesses[/b]
  42. -The transformation is pretty lengthy and can be interrupted by any attack.
  43. -When Faust is in his giant form, his vital strength is slowly drained and if he stays in that form for a long time, he can lose consciousness or die of exhaustion.
  44. -He  has got little ways to fight against enemies who utilize very long range attacks, what makes him rather vulnerable to them, except when he's transformed into a giant. He can toss rocks at his foe or smash the ground and create a shockwave that will interrupt his enemy's attacks and give him time to get closer. (Medium ranges are no problem, for he carries a shotgun to boost his  capabilities at this range since he joined PBA, although he only carries a few spare shells to it and is fairly inaccurate with it, but the spread of the pellets usually makes up for it).
  45. -Faust's got one blind eye when he is not transformed, although upon changing into a giant he gains an ability to see all the living beings in his vicinity, but he cannot see anything else with it, so he can bump into walls if you manage to hurt his second, healthy eye.
  46. -Apart from his metal gauntlets he wears no armor at all, just clothes.
  47. -Gets tired pretty quickly due to the high weight of his metal gauntlets.
  50. [color=#FFFFFF]Allergic to bullets[/color]
  52. [b]Stats[/b] ([b][color=#8000FF]Normal[/color]-[color=#8000BF]Giant[/color][/b])
  53. [b]Strength: [color=#8000FF]7[/color]-[color=#8000BF]10[/color]/10
  54. Agility: [color=#8000FF]5[/color]-[color=#8000BF]1[/color]/10
  55. Defense: [color=#8000FF]4[/color]-[color=#8000BF]8[/color]/10
  56. Intelligence: [color=#8000FF]4[/color]-[color=#8000BF]2[/color]/10
  57. Endurance: [color=#8000FF]1[/color]-[color=#8000BF]1[/color]/10[/b]
  59. [b]Demo[/b]
  60. [img]Demo-goes-here.gif[/img]
  62. [b]Availability[/b]
  63. Anyone that's got a rank of beginner and higher.
  65. [b]Wins/Losses[/b]
  66. Hasn't fought yet, so 0/0[/center]
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