Zombie Run Jumps 1-8

Feb 9th, 2017
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  1. ZOMBIE RUN: 1-8
  2. 1. Generic Universal Monsters
  3. 1,5. Warehouse and Body Mod
  4. 2. Van Helsing
  5. 3. Stalker
  6. 4. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  7. 5. Generic Horror Movies
  8. 6. Nightmare Before Christmas
  9. 7. Bioshock
  10. 8. Jurassic Park
  12. ---
  14. 1. Generic Universal Monsters
  15. Undead ("Zombie")
  16. Weight of Ages
  17. Count Nona Repmuj (900)
  18. False Life (700)
  19. Back from the Grave (400)
  20. Coffin
  21. Hypnotic Ring (300)
  22. Expedition Gear (100)
  23. Companions (0)
  25. Dr. Lucian Amos (Scientist, Occult Research, Hypnotist, Essence Distillation, IT'S ALIVE!)
  27. Kamilah (Undead (Mummy), Weight of Ages, Countess Nona Repmuj, False Life, Scream Queen, Tana Leaves)
  29. So after I accept the deal from Jumpchan and finish my build, I wake up in a shallow grave in a snow covered field, miles away from civilization. With no memories of my background (since Zombies don't typically have those), the only thing to my name is a set of ratty clothes, a gold ring, and my powers as an undead. After brushing the dirt off, there's nothing else to do except pick a direction and walk. Luckily, I manage to stumble upon a road leading to Iping, and after a few hours of walking through heavy snowfall I enter the village, just as the sun is starting to set. I quickly locate an Inn, stepping inside and attracting no small amount of attention due to being both a stranger, my lack of winter wear, and then when I crack a joke about it being cold outside when I basically look like a human icicle for being an American.
  31. After taking a seat by the fireplace, I spot a discarded newspaper and discover that it's 1933. Immediately, I begin to wonder if it's worth it to try and assassinate Hitler, only to have my thoughts disrupted when the Invisible Man enters the building. He did his thing, got a room, but then he saw me and took the seat across from me. He started grilling me for information, and got angry when I didn't have anything to tell him. Said "you and your master both will regret this!" and stormed off upstairs.
  33. After that, the villagers started giving me dirty looks, and I took the hint and left. This turned out to be a bad idea, since nightfall brought much colder temperatures, as well as much heavier snowfall. After a while I started to feel sluggish, then I lost feeling in my body, and then finally I blacked out. Someone must've come across me after I froze because I woke up in an armchair, sat in front of a fireplace and bundled in warm blankets- which is much better than waking up in a shallow grave. After a while a butler looking guy comes in, motioning for me to follow. I tried to ask him where I was, but he just shook his head and repeated the motioning. As he lead me through the building, I saw that he had stitches all over the exposed parts of his head and hands.
  35. Eventually, he led me to a study where Dr. Amos was waiting for me. He's tall and lanky, and has short, but unkempt brown hair, beady brown eyes, and slightly unattractive facial features, with a long, crooked nose, thin lips, and high, pronounced cheekbones. He welcomed me to his house, said that he was expecting me, and offered me the guest bedroom.
  37. Everything was fine for a few days. Dr. Amos wanted to run tests on my body and see how everything worked, and I reluctantly let him since I couldn't really feel pain. It was still pretty bizarre and a little scary watching him cut me open and poke and prod my insides, but he sewed me up pretty good and he didn't cause any damage that he couldn't fix. Then, one morning, the Invisible Man broke in. I didn't appreciate how crazy this guy was until he walked through the snow, buck naked, and broke through one of the windows before stabbed me in the heart with a shard of glass.
  39. Unfortunately for him, you have to destroy the brain, and while I was grappling with him in a panic, a shard of glass sticking into my heart, I accidentally broke his neck.
  41. So, Dr. Amos came down, in his sleeping clothes and armed with a rifle, to see me crying over the body of a naked man with a glass shard in my heart. Then we hear the police sirens, and he starts panicking, grabbing books and research notes from his lab while his butler throws me over his shoulder, taking me to Dr. Amos's car. Dr. Amos comes sprinting out of the house, which goes up in flames soon after, and we barely manage to escape the notice of the police as we flee.
  43. We head to London, where Dr. Amos had a safe-house, and we lied low for a few weeks until news of the "Invisible Man of Iping" died off. During that time I came to terms with the fact that I killed the Invisible Man, and Dr. Amos started to replace the things he had lost when he had abandoned and burned his home.
  45. While out and about one day an Egyptian man comes up to us and very excitedly calls me his Pharaoh. Needless to say I'm a little weirded out by this, as he's very insistent, heaping praise upon my name and the land of Egypt. Just as we started to walk away a female voice called out to us, and we turned around to see who it was.
  47. It's most gorgeous woman I've ever seen; like the man, she was Egyptian, but unlike him her features were soft, and well manicured. She had black, straight hair that came down to her neck, piercing green eyes and full lips, which were turned up in a smile; she wore a white dress which accentuated her features nicely, as well as resplendent gold jewelry. She nearly bowled me over when she caught up with us, throwing her arms around me in a tight hug as she sobbed about how long it's been, and how lonely she was.
  49. When I managed to calm her down and pry her off of me, she told me that I was the rightful ruler of Egypt, and that she was my wife, and asked me to accompany her to her room at a nearby (and expensive) hotel so she could fill me in on the rest of her story.
  51. Dr. Amos, who was now off to the side, winked at me and gave a thumbs up.
  53. So, we went to her hotel room- which was decorated with Egyptian artifacts- and she filled me in on "our" history, and what she was doing before she met me. Apparently "we" ruled Egypt around 5000 years ago, only for both of our lives to be tragically cut short by assassins (she didn't know who was behind it, but she did confirm that some of my advisers had goatees). She was mummified and entombed, as per usual, but "my" body was savaged and torn apart; my organs were also missing, which meant that my body couldn't be taken care of in the proper way. Eventually, grave-robbers broke into her tomb sometime during the early 1800's, killing them and invoking a hundred year curse upon their bloodline and letting Kamilah rise from the grave.
  55. Using the mystical "Tana Leaves", she rejuvenated her body, letting her appear mortal, and then she did the same for the servants and slaves buried with her. After that, she mostly faffed about, selling most of the artifacts and valuables that she was buried with to fund her lifestyle. Around the time that I woke up in my grave she got a strange tugging feeling in her chest, which led her to England, where she met me; she "knew" on sight that I was her long lost love, reincarnated.
  57. I took it in stride; her story was odd, but still nowhere near as weird as mine. If I'm a man from another universe, who's also a zombie, who's also friends with someone who's basically Dr. Frankenstein, who also killed an invisible man, then adding "he's also a reincarnated pharaoh" onto the list isn't that big a deal.
  59. She also showed me my sarcophagus, and at her behest I laid inside it. It was pretty damn comfy for something made out of stone. Then she got in it, too.
  61. In the morning, I called up Dr. Amos to give him Kamilah's room number and told him to come over so we could plan our next step. He slyly noted that I sounded out of breath for someone who doesn't need to breathe. I hung up on him.
  63. When he arrived, the three of us discussed our next steps. Kamilah wanted to retake Egypt, and I managed to talk her out of it since doing so in the modern world would be more trouble than it's worth. Dr. Amos wanted to continue his research, but he also wanted to get out of the UK since I had told him about the Blitz. I still kinda wanted to kill Hitler, but was turned off on the idea since he probably had some scary occult shit in this world.
  65. Then one of Kamilah's servants came in; he'd just gotten a call with a potential buyer for one of her things.
  67. They wanted to buy it for just shy of a million dollars.
  69. After that, we fucked off to Canada, bought a remote house near one of the cities, and stayed the fuck away from WWII. Dr. Amos continued his research (I convinced him to use animals; he acquiesced) while Kamala and I got to know each other better.
  71. ---
  73. 1,5. Body Mod and Warehouse
  74. Heavy Charmer- I'm already strong, thanks to being a zombie, and I'm not concerned about agility. (500)
  75. Appeal 4 and Shape 4- Might as well max these out. (300)
  76. Metavore and Evercleansed- Too useful not to have. (100)
  77. Flexibility- Because I have spare points, and because I'm not flexible at all. (0)
  78. Endowed x3- Thank you, Jumpchan.
  79. Electricity, Plumbing, Force Wall- All the good stuff. Skipping heat and AC because those are easily replaceable.
  80. Shelving, Housing, Workshop, Medbay- Need to put the utilities to use, and Dr. Amos really, really wanted the medbay. I'm dedicating 6,000 feet to shelving, 5,000 to the house, and 2,000 each to the Workshop and Medbay.
  81. Stasis Pods x3- Three Stasis Pods. I decided to skip out on the portal because I felt that using a key would be more interesting.
  83. ---
  85. 2. Van Helsing
  86. Victoria, Canada
  87. Hunter (950)
  88. Age 32
  89. Predator
  90. Smith of the Order
  91. He Who Fights Monsters (800)
  92. Weakness Expansion (500)
  93. Call in the Cavalry- Import Kamilah and Dr. Amos, recruit Professor Anneliese, give Kamilah 300 CP to spend. (0)
  95. Kamilah- (Gypsy, Cursed Caravan, Fortune Favors The Bold, Necromancy, Rune-covered Wraps, Period Appropriate Clothing)
  97. Dr. Amos- (Mad Doctor, Crazed Physician, Lunatic Trickster)
  99. That being said, I still worked with other Canadian hunters; I just didn't deal with a big pack of werewolves during my stay with them. When word of Dracula's return reached us, we went to Transylvania to offer our support... but they ended up offing him before we could help. We did help clean up the mess left in his wake, though; there were no shortage of ghouls and fledgling vampires to deal with. While on one of those hunts we came across the Professor, holed up in an abandoned house, throwing molotovs and taking potshots at a large group of revenants who were trying to get in. We helped her out, of course.
  101. Afterwards, hands on her hips, she very haughtily told us that she had things covered. I almost thought she was a kid at first with how short she was, being a little over a full head shorter than Kamilah. She was wearing one of those old-timey doctor outfits, only it was black instead of white and it appeared to be padded in sections. It was also covered in blood. Her brown hair came down past her shoulders, and she wore a pair of cracked spectacles that gave her blue eyes a slightly manic look.
  103. I nearly went off on her for being an ungrateful shit, and Kamilah was gearing up to do the same, with the probable addition of cursing in Egyptian (in both senses of the world), when Dr. Amos diffused the situation by asking about her work. They talked shop for a few minutes- the majority of what they said might as well have been gibberish to Kamilah and I- then Dr. Amos dropped a term that she hadn't heard before, which intrigued her. They talked some more, and eventually came to the conclusion that they should partner up so they could learn from each other.
  105. Then she asked for our help finding one of her creations; a construct she calls Isaac. She'd been tracking him for some time, but lost the trail awhile ago; she suspected that one of her rivals in Borgovia had abducted him. I was reluctant to head there, since the whole nation was basically infested with mad scientists and their monsters, but she claimed that if Isaac fell into the hands of Fulmigati, the current ruler of Borgovia, he could use him to create an army that could conquer the world. I was skeptical, but we decided that the risk was too great.
  107. Borgovia was a dark, horrible country. The populace was crushed under the heel of the ruling class of scientists, who abducted, murdered, and tortured unopposed. Around half of the monsters in Borgovia used to be ordinary people who were twisted by science; the rest were opportunists, taking advantage of Borgovia's woes to feed. We traveled through the countryside to the capital of Borgova, putting down dozens of monsters who strayed across out path. Borgova was even worse; mechanical knights patrolled the streets during the day, occasionally kicking in doors and taking the terrified inhabitants to places unknown, while during the night werewolves charged with electricity through some unknown means roamed the streets, devouring anyone unfortunate to be caught outside at night.
  109. We managed to locate someone who knew where Isaac was, eventually. Apparently, someone matching his description was brought into the city by spooks working for one of the major politicians. This was both a blessing and a curse; he wasn't in Fulmigati's hands yet, but he was still in deep trouble, and Anneliese knew less about him than she did Fulmigati. Still, we didn't let that bother us, and after securing a escape route on one of the few merchant ships that were willing to trade in Borgovia we broke into the mansion. We moved quickly, killing the monsters he left to guard his home and bypassing the traps he set until we discovered his inner sanctum, which we found by following Isaac's moans of pain.
  111. But not all of Isaac was there. He had his limbs chopped off, the stumps burnt to cauterize the wounds. His chest was split open, revealing his organs, and he was hooked up to a generator which was charging him with electricity, keeping him barely alive. He was unresponsive to sound, movement, even prodding him failed to get a reaction.
  113. Professor Anneliese said her goodbyes, then shut the generator off. Isaac thanked us as he died.
  115. After that, we set the house (and more importantly the research done on Isaac) on fire, and fled to the harbor, dodging clockwork soldiers along the way. We managed to escape by the skin of our teeth, leaving that sad country behind.
  117. We returned to Canada, and went back to business as usual after a small break. Amos and Anneliese were pretty much inseparable at that point, although they didn't "officially" hook up. The professor was grouchier about my rule against experimenting on dead people, but she acquiesced when I told her we'd be square if she followed it, for now.
  119. ---
  121. 3. Stalker
  122. Changed
  123. Zone Russia
  124. Zone-Touched
  125. Night Vision (900)
  126. Mutation- Super Strength (700)
  127. Marked by the Zone (400)
  128. Kolobok (100)
  129. Friends in Hell- Import Kamilah, Dr. Amos, Professor Anneliese Grigobretz and create a new companion; Samuil Kustov. (-300)
  130. The Dark Road, Tethered (0)
  132. Kamilah- (Changed, Zone Touched, Mutation- Kinetic Shielding, Party Pack, Smartphone)
  134. Dr. Amos- (Native, Scavenger, A Wealthy Client, Hi-Tech Expert)
  136. Professor Anneliese- (Native, Scavenger, A Wealthy Client, Weapons Systems Expert)
  138. Samuil Kustov- (Factionite, Basic Training, Supplied, Last Gasp, Berill Armored Suit, Walther P99, Grenade Pack)
  140. Samuil is with the military, but I befriended him, in spite of me being a mutant, when I saved his bacon after he got attacked by a Bloodsucker.
  142. So, me and my companions (including the new guy, Samuil) wake up buck naked and absolutely plastered on the second floor of a building, a horde of shambling, moaning, not-zombies armed with guns below us. Creeping downstairs, I basically crushed the skull of the first zombie I found, bringing the headless corpse back upstairs so I could loot it. Now that I had pants, my Warehouse key soon found its way back into my pocket, which let us resupply and dress ourselves. After that, I distracted the zombies while my companions made a break for it, with the plan to regroup later in the place where we stashed our gear.
  144. While on the way to the rendezvous point my companions were attacked by bandits, and Samuil was badly injured in the resulting firefight when he shielded the others from a grenade. He lost an arm, and recieved catastrophic damage to his internal organs as well as burns from the explosion. Slipping into a healing coma, which Amos and Anneliese were ignorant of, they quickly got to work in an attempt to save his life using supplies they had taken from the Warehouse. Being mad scientists with a fresh supply of bodies, they also replaced his arm, damaged organs, and made other "improvements".
  146. The end result, when they finally got to the rendezvous point, carrying the unconscious Samuil, was that he ended up looking somewhat like a Russian Frankenstein. Samuil was surprisingly nonplussed about the whole thing, just being glad to alive, but he was a little upset that he had to leave the military.
  148. Over the next few days, with the permission of Samuil and with the help of some of the things in the Warehouse Medbay, Amos and Anneliese made further improvements to Samuil's body, giving him mild super strength while also smoothing out their earlier work, making him look less monstrous. At his request, they left a few of his facial scars alone because they "made him look manly".
  150. After that, we mostly played it safe, sticking around settlements near the border and occasionally doing mercenary work.
  152. ---
  154. 4. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  155. Age 26
  156. Great Plains
  157. Undead
  158. Basic Shooting Skills
  159. Horse Riding
  160. Dead Eye Targeting (700)
  161. Holy Warrior (100)
  162. Undead Physiology
  163. Special Infected: Bruiser (0)
  164. Resistant (-200)
  165. Companion Import (-400)
  166. Disguise (-500)
  167. Drawbacks: You Hunger For The Flesh Of The Living, Glitches, Food and Water are Necessities, Hiding Bite Wounds, Low Ammunition (0)
  169. Kamilah (Drop In, Last Survivor, Anti-Zombie Expert, Amazing Elixer, Blood Pact)
  171. Dr. Amos (Undead Hunter, Last Survivor, Physical Training, Zombie Hunter, Go For The Head, Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit)
  173. Anneliese (Undead Hunter, Last Survivor, Physical Training, Zombie Hunter, Go For The Head, Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit)
  175. Samuil (Survivor, Last Survivor, Mayan Apocalypse 2012, Zombie Hunter)
  177. We basically made a bee-line for Mexico as soon as the Jump started, passing out elixers to uninfected people along the way; our strategy for killing zombies was basically sending me to wade into the horde with heavy armor and an axe, while my companions picked the dead off at their leisure. The Aztec goddess took interest in us immediately, since we seemingly knew what was going on, and urged us forward. When we got to Escalera we returned the mask, ending the apocalypse a few months after it started; afterwards, we decided to hang around Escalera and help the town rebuild, although I spent most of my time guarding the catacombs and the mask so the dead wouldn't rise.
  179. ---
  181. 5. Horror Movies
  182. Hunter (900)
  183. Brave
  184. Experience
  185. Slayer (700)
  186. Instinct (500)
  187. Pain Resistant (300)
  188. Sometimes Dead Is Better (100)
  189. Bleeder (0)
  190. Hunter Freebies
  191. Holy Chainsaw (-200)
  192. 1958 Plymouth Fury- Possessed by a named Karen (-400)
  193. Pedophobia, Poltergeist, Faces In Places (0)
  195. Not much to write here; we did the standard hunt monsters routine that we've done since Van Helsing.
  197. ---
  199. 6. Nightmare Before Christmas
  200. Skellington
  201. 30 Halloweens
  202. Danny Elfman Soundtrack
  204. Finkelstein's Monster (400)
  205. Master of Fright (100)
  206. Spindly (0)
  207. What's This? (-100)
  208. A Witch's Fondest Dream (-300)
  209. Dearest Friends- Import Kamilah, Dr. Amos, Professor Anneliese, and the Enigmatic Hexer (-500)
  210. Dog- His name is Barkley. (-600)
  211. Kidnapped, Poorly Built, Seasonal Power Disorder (0)
  213. Kamilah (Boogeyman, Gambling, Last Bug Standing, Bag)
  215. Dr. Amos and Professor Anneliese (Experiment, Halloween Potioneer, The Scientific Method, Monster Mash, Mad Science Bag)
  217. Samuil (Experiment, Halloween Potioneer, Finkelstein's Monster, Mad Science Bag)
  219. Well, this was an... interesting ten years. Not much danger, other than that unpleasantness with Oogie Boogie. My powers waxing and waning didn't cause me too much trouble, but falling to pieces at the slightest provocation was a bit annoying; on the plus side Anneliese and Lucian can now assemble a cadaver/skeleton in record time.
  221. Getting abducted was a mixed bag; sometimes it was boring, but sometimes I ended up somewhere nice (those guys in the town based on St. Patrick's Day were pretty cool). Once, I got mistaken for Jack and ended up being abducted by elves as a prank; Santa himself saved me (after delivering presents, of course) and gave me a snow-globe for the trouble they had caused me.
  223. Other than that, we mostly spent our time here relaxing or preparing for the next Halloween.
  225. ---
  227. 7. Bioshock
  228. Apollo Square
  229. Age 25
  230. Soldier (900)
  231. Adam Pack 3 (600)
  232. Charisma (300)
  233. Upgraded Plasmids: Electro Bolt, Incinerate, Winter Blast, Teleportation, Hypnotize, Telekinesis, Aero Dash, Houdini, Scout (-250)
  234. Upgraded Tonics: Armored Shell, Bloodlust, Walking Inferno, Fountain of Youth, Eve Saver (-300)
  235. Burial At Sea (0)
  237. It's been a while since I've played Bioshock, so I'm basically just going to help Jack when he shows up. Until then, I'll try to keep myself and my companions alive, try to protect Little Sisters, and kill any hostile Splicers. I'll also try and take down Atlas/Fontaine if I happen to come across him.
  239. "Would you kindly stop following orders?" probably won't work, so I'll need to figure something else out in regards to Jack's mental programming; I might just let things progress as they do normally, at least up until that point. I'm planning on being in the Bathysphere that he takes to the surface, but if for some reason I can't go or accidentally cause that not to happen I'm pretty confidant I can get to the surface safely if I start off at one of the higher buildings in Rapture.
  241. Anneliese and Lucian also had a great deal of Fun™ with Adam and EVE, as well as with the Splicers we killed and their various mutations.
  243. ---
  245. 8. Jurassic Park
  246. Isla Nublar
  247. Tourist
  248. Age 30
  249. The Phones Are Working (900)
  250. Clever Girl (700)
  251. Laboratory (300)
  252. Mr. DNA (200)
  253. Companion Import (0)
  255. Kamilah (Manager, Spared No Expense, Public Relations, Administrator)
  257. Dr. Amos (Geneticist, PhD, Missing Link, Cloning, Genetic Improvements)
  259. Professor Anneliese (Geneticist, PhD, Hybrid)
  261. Samuil (Staff, Fitness, Shoot Her! Shoot Her!, Clever Girl)
  263. So, we went on the tour to Jurassic Park, and after Kamilah and I slipped away to intimidate Nedry so he wouldn't go through with his plan, it was smooth sailing. After the tour, I had Kamilah suggest to Hammond that Nedry be fired, cluing him in about the stuff Nedry was doing, and that more support and security staff should be hired. A few months later, Jurassic Park successfully opened
  265. However, Anneliese and Lucian really started going all in on the science stuff now that they had a working lab in the Warehouse, which caused a few problems (picture not related). The dinosaurs were one thing, but giving them them EVE and plasmids were a step too far, and making them flesh-robots that could survive dismemberment was the last straw. Thankfully, Anneliese was satisfied with the results she got, so we didn't have too many problems.
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