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Whispering HFO

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  1. --Whisper HFO--
  2. ||This HFO is meant to be done purely in whispering||
  4. Take off all your clothes if you haven't already, and lay down in your bed. Make sure you are in a dark room, and that you won't be disturbed.
  6. I am going to take you to another world, so we can't have any interruptions.
  8. As you lay there, simply let your body go. Let it sink down into the mattress.
  9. Let your stomach sink down and push your back down.
  10. Let your feet fall down to the sides.
  11. Relax your shoulders, feel them drop, and pay attention to the way your neck feels when your shoulders relax.
  12. Release your thighs, and feel the soft tingles stream through your legs.
  14. I want you to breathe with me. Inhale slowly through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. --Do this 5-10 times--
  16. Good, good. Pay attention to the way your heartrate is slowly sinking, and stabilizing.
  18. We will do this once more, but this time, i want you to focus, and let your imagination carry you to another place.
  19. As you inhale, i want you to imagine that the world around you dissapears. Your bed, your room, everything.
  20. While you hold your breath, i want you to imagine yourself in complete darkness. There is nothing. You are floating in empty space. Its warm, and you can feel my voice embracing you, filling your body with warmth and pleasure.
  21. And as you exhale, i want you to imagine that you are opening your eyes to a beautiful, blue, sunny sky.
  23. Let's begin.
  25. *Inhale*
  26. Feel the world dissipate and disolve around you around you.
  28. *hold*
  29. Feel my voice surround your body, gliding across your skin and warming you up. filling your body.. and cock with pleasure
  31. *release*
  32. You open your eyes.
  33. You're staring into a bright, blue summer sky. The cold of winter has been long forgotten.
  34. You are in a forest. A clearing of low grass, surrounded by trees and bushes. You're lying naked in the soft, green grass. It feels even better than your bed. It reaches around you, surrounds you. Reaching up just as high as your body.
  35. You can hear the warm wind blowing in the trees, the rustling of the trees and the gentle tweeting of the birds.
  36. You feel the warmth of the sun kiss your skin.
  38. Mm, you're so relaxed. so peaceful. This is your secret place. Here, there are no worries. No schoolwork, no bills, no family. You can stay here for as long as you want to, and return whenever you wish. Only you and i know about this place. And should you choose to leave, i will wait patiently for you to return to me.
  40. You know, even though this is your imagination, i can still make you feel real, physical sensations. You're so deep in my trance, anything i say will come true in your mind. Let me demonstrate. I'm going to send a gust of wind to blow across your cock.
  41. *gentle blowing sound*
  42. *giggle*
  43. Did you feel that? The little twitch?
  44. Did the wind make you cold? I see some goosebumps down there.
  45. Want me to warm you up again?
  47. As you stare into the sky, you hear gentle, quiet footsteps approaching you from the direction your head is pointing. It's me!
  48. I'm barefoot, and my footsteps sound so light as they almost dance through the grass.
  50. Suddenly, the sun gets blocked, and a shadow falls over you.
  51. You see a darkened silhouette of me!
  53. I kneel down, and come closer to you.
  55. My long, silky hair falls down to either side of you head.
  56. The darkness dissapears and you can see me clearly now.
  57. "Hello" i say as i smile down on you.
  58. My hair is (whatever hair colour you are) and becomes transluscent in the sunlight.
  59. I look into your eyes, gazing longingly.
  61. I take my hands and gently grab the sides of your face, lean in to kiss you.
  62. *kissing sounds*
  63. *slight moan*
  64. Our lips touch and part so gently. Like kissing a flower.
  65. I lean back in. Our lips part instinctively, and our tongues begin dancing.
  66. *French kissing sounds*
  68. As we kiss, i remove my right hand from your face. I place it on your shoulder, and begin gliding it across your body. Across your chest, and down to your bellybutton.
  69. I kiss you deeper, and gently dig my fingernails into your skin. I scratch up your body gently while i moan into your mouth.
  70. *moaning and kissing*
  72. You're getting harder by the minute, aren't you? Do you want me to use my mouth for something else?
  74. I stand up, and move to your side. The sun shines on you again.
  75. *giggle*
  76. Looks like i have my own human sundial!
  78. You now notice that i'm wearing a blue sundress with a flower pattern on it. It reaches down about halway on my thighs.
  79. I straddle your stomach, and straighten my back. I snap a hairband from my wrist, and tie my hair into a ponytail.
  80. As i lean down towards your waiting cock, my dress begins slowly sliding up. I'm not wearing any underwear, and the dress gradually reveals my pussy.  
  81. *giggle*
  82. You can look, but no touching.
  84. I stick out my tongue, and lick the head of your cock. Your precum tastes amazing.
  85. I put just the head of your cock into my laps, and suck you. Pulling all the delicious precum out of you
  86. Gradually, i begin moving my head further down your shaft. Taking you deeper in my mouth.
  87. *sucking sounds for a while, moaning etc*
  88. Watch how my pussy gets wetter with every stroke of my lips on your cock.
  89. *deepthroating sounds*
  90. I run my hand down the inside of your thighs, and gently grab your balls. They're so full of cum, waiting to be inside me. Do you want to cum inside me? Do you want me to cum on your cock?
  92. I sit back up, and turn around, straddling you lap. Your cock in between my legs. You can feel the wamrth and wetness of my pussy on your cock.
  93. My hands move up my body, and i grab the shoulder straps of my dress. It gracefully falls down, revealing my breasts. It wraps around my stomach, hiding my hips and my pussy.
  94. I cross my arms, grab the dress, and lift it up over my body. You can see all of me now.
  96. Now, you just lie still and watch me. I begin moving back and forth on you.
  97. *moaning*
  98. I need you inside me, baby, i can't wait anymore.
  100. I lift off you, grab your cock, and point it towards my waiting pussy.
  101. I drop down on it. The wetness of my pussy makes you slip all the way inside me *intense moaning*
  103. Let me grind on you. Watch my thighs tremble and quiver as i move around on your cock. Watch me bite my lip, and run my hands over my breasts. Squeezing my nipples, making my pussy clench around your cock.
  104. *moaning*
  105. I weave my fingers into yours, holding your hands as i grind on you.
  106. *more moaning*
  109. I lift up your arms, and throwm myself forward, pulling your arms behind your head. I squeeze your hand tighter, and begin moving my hips up and down on your cock.
  110. Lifting off you, and slamming back down. Your cock getting harder and my pussy getting wetter with every stroke of my cunt. *moaning*
  112. Come on, baby. Thrust yourself into me *intense moaning*
  114. Harder, baby. Harder. Watch how my boobs jiggle when you pound into me. You wanna play with them? *giggle* well, you can't. I love holding your hands while i fuck you. It makes me feels so..powerful.
  115. *giggle*
  116. Your face is so flushed, so dazed. It's so cute watching you in this much pleasure. Let me give you a little more.
  117. I lean in to kiss you, as my ass begins bouncing harder and faster on your cock.
  118. *Intense kissing and moaning*
  120. Look, the sun is setting.
  122. Let's finish together as the sun sets, baby.
  124. *Moaning as you wish*
  125. Match my rythm. Fuck me back as i bounce on you. Push your cock deep into me, make my pussy melt with pleasure.
  126. Ooh baby you're so deep inside me, you're hitting my g-spot.
  128. My thighs begin to tremble against you, my hands grip yours even tighter, and my pussy squeezed around your shaft
  130. I-i can't anymore baby, you're making me cum. Please, cum with me. Cum inside me while i bounce on your cock, while your cock thrusts into me. Please, please, please
  131. *Orgasm*
  132. --Cooldown period--
  134. Don't move yet baby. Stay here with me..please?
  135. Let us just lie here in the grass, embracing each other, looking into the stars.
  136. You can leave tomorrow. Stay here.
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