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  1. hey luft here?/
  2. we have a small conflict here in the team, I think we played really okey during scrims and sttuff and thhis team has a lot of potential but for some reason we really fucked up against this spartan team and on the second day I kinda fucked up witht drafting because I werent talking much tot you guys and make most of decisions of my own
  3. im pretty sure you didnt like it, but you seen really given up, we were really struggling thhis second qualifer for many reasons, tobi is in Prague, we lost our chance vs Spartans but we stitll had chhances and we shohuld do our best to survive this fckin bad day and go for bo3 with better mood
  4. and I was sure we can do thhis
  6. [18:06]
  7. Luft:
  8.     i just didnt sleep at all that day
  10. [18:06]
  11. eL lisasH:
  12.     but I think we really lacked you, you in term of being postivie, speaking and shit
  14. [18:06]
  15. Luft:
  16.     fucked up my schedule for osme reason
  17.     i played horrible day 2
  18.     ye true
  19.     i mean second qualifiedr
  20.     not day 2
  22. [18:07]
  23. eL lisasH:
  24.     yeah you played well against spartans just dunno it felt like they had much better drafts, pa just killed us, dunno, but this 2nd qualifer I saw something is not okey withh you
  25.     Supreme is emotional la bit
  26.     and he feels like we tried hard and shitt, scrimmed a lot andthis happened, hhe thought that you just dont care/gave up/was offended
  27.     so he said that he doesnt want to scrim, hhe just wants to play a qualifer but I dont tlike it I thhink we have to scrim and play well this time
  28.     but I dont want to do this, I just want to solve this and start playing like we did before cause it looked really well at first
  29.     so Ill talk to him now and I hope everything will be alright cause ofc I care if we qualify or not, because I want to win but I really had fun playing with thhis team and this didnt happen to for a long time already
  30.     and I think its a good sign and I want to keep doing this
  31.     we should had qualifed, we were good enough and in minor qual I hope we can prove it
  33. [18:12]
  34. Luft:
  35.     ye we shouldve done better in qualifier for sure, i was just not doing well in second qualifier, if position 4 fucks up a lot, game is unplayable
  36.     but then i watch dreamleague final and see rodjer die 30 times in 3 games and i feel better already
  38. [18:12]
  39. eL lisasH:
  40.     :D
  41.     dude, its okey if you not play well, you wont play well always
  42.     you just gotta be here with us even though it
  43.     and help us with ideas and talking
  44.     like you did vs Alliance
  45.     and we didnt lack you playing well, because we can deal with it, we just needed you - Luft
  46.     this is much hharder whhen your game going shit and you are feeling shit but you gotta step up in thhtis moments and then you are able to win those hhorrible games and survive
  47.     reason we did well on scrims is thhat many times you leaded the game
  48.     and you lead really well actually, you get responsible on your shhoulders and its really good, teams need thhose players in their rosters
  49.     so when  we suddenly started to not have it - people got lost and started playing muchworse
  51. [18:18]
  52. Luft:
  53.     yes its true
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