Sunset x Anon

Jul 24th, 2016
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >There’s nothing like just relaxing on the couch on a Friday night.
  3. >The Sci-Fi channel had such shit movies but you loved watching them.
  4. >Arachnado XXXV had just finished airing and you needed to stretch.
  5. >You get up and wash the popcorn bowl out that had been sitting empty on your lap for the past 4 hours.
  6. >You hear a knock at the door and walk over to it.
  7. >Visitors are a rarity.
  8. >Probably a door to door salesman here to fuck your wife and sell you a vacuum.
  9. >Boy is he gonna be disappointed.
  10. >You open the door and none other than Sunshit er Sunset Shimmer standing there.
  11. “What do you want?”
  12. >She wasn't exactly a friend of yours.
  13. >She is damn cute though.
  14. >”Hey Anon, I forgot my keys and my parents aren't gonna be home till tomorrow can I stay the night?”
  15. >She wasn't exactly the nicest person to you, she was just a friend of your friends.
  16. >You start to tell her to fuck off but before you can get the words out she's already on your couch with her feet on the table.
  17. >You pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh.
  18. “Why here?”
  19. >She starts stuffing her face with the M&M’s that you bought specifically to put in your popcorn on nights like this.
  20. >"Cause I live closer to you than any of the other girls."
  21. "So, you can drive can´t you?”
  22. >She shoves another handful of candy into her gullet
  23. >”Doeshnt wean I haf a cah.”
  24. "Wanna try that again?"
  25. She swallows the lump of chocolate before speaking again.
  26. >"Doesn´t mean I have a car"
  27. "So I´m just stuck with you here?"
  28. >"Oh shut up, tons of guys would kill to have me show up at their house."
  29. >She wasn't wrong, under that bitchy exterior she was easily one of the hottest girls in school.
  30. "Whatever, well you have fun down here. I´m gonna go upstairs and play vidya or something."
  31. >"Its your house man, you don't gotta tell me what you´re gonna do. Just dont jerk off till I'm gone, or at least not too loudly. I don´t need a mental image of that in my head."
  32. >You roll your eyes and go to your room.
  33. >Once you're there you take a deep breath and shut the door behind you.
  34. >Holy shit Sunset Shimmer is in your house.
  35. >She hates you but holy shit.
  36. >This is almost a dream come true.
  37. >That dream having less clothes and more dicking, but hey the night is young right?
  38. >You can't help but to snicker to yourself.
  39. >You sit down at your computer and load up ninja farming simulator 20XX
  40. >After an hour or so of getting everything but the piece you want you log out and hear your door creek.
  41. >"What´s up?"
  42. >No response
  43. "Sunset I can see your hand on the door. Did you need something?"
  44. >”No. I was just seeing what you were doing.”
  45. “Like I said, playing games.”
  46. >She steps a little further into your room.
  47. >W-What kind?”
  48. “One that makes me hate myself and my bank account cry.”
  49. >She sits on the edge of your bed.
  50. >”If it makes you hate yourself why play it?”
  51. “I ask myself that questions everyday. Why are you being all nice to me all of a sudden?”
  52. >”I'm not being nice. I'm just curious, shut up.”
  53. “Did you want to try it or something?”
  54. >”Pffft no. Unless you're cool with it.”
  55. “Just come here and sit down.”
  56. >She sits down in the chair and you log in for her.
  57. >You pick a character that she can't possibly die with and a grenade launcher.
  58. >She picks up on the controls surprisingly quick.
  59. >Your previously quiet room is filled with excited squeaks.
  60. >After finishing the mission she turns around and jumps into you.
  61. >She quickly realizes what she's done and pushes you back onto your bed.
  62. >Her eyes go from gentle to poison tipped daggers in an instant.
  63. >”Don't you tell a single soul about this. I will kill you if you do.”
  64. ”What do I get out of it though?”
  65. >”You get to keep your package attached to your body”
  66. >Your brain begins to scheme before coming up with an idea.
  67. “That's good and all but I got a better idea.”
  68. >Sunset rolls her beautiful seafoam green eyes
  69. >”I'm not sleeping with you.”
  70. “No no, shut up. How about the price to keep me quiet is, you have to go on one date with me. I don't mean a show up eat food and leave, I mean a real date.”
  71. >”Ughh, you're pretty desperate aren't you.”
  72. “No its fine, I'm sure everyone at school would love to hear how much of a cute nerd you are.”
  73. >She sighs and throws back her head.
  74. >”Fuuu.. Fine, one date.”
  75. >You lean back using your hands to keep you up while you swing your feet.
  76. “And if you like it?”
  77. >”As if.”
  78. >You smile a huge shit eating grin.
  79. “Alrighty, I promise to keep quiet.”
  80. >You pretend to zip your mouth and throw away the key.
  81. “Well it's getting late. Do you need Pj’s or anything?”
  82. >Sunset rubs her arm shyly.
  83. >”Yeah I guess I do.”
  84. >You go to your dresser and look for an old shirt.
  85. >Eventually you find a very old sweatshirt and throw it to her.
  86. “Welp, if you need to use the bathroom it's the door to the left of mine when you're in the hall. Help yourself to whatever if you're thirsty.”
  87. >You can see her mouth scrunch up and her grip on your sweatshirt tighten.
  88. “Th...Thanks Anon.”
  89. >She leaves before you can retort.
  90. >You shrug and get ready for bed.
  91. >Once you're ready and cozy you yell
  92. “Goodnight Sunny dearest!!”
  93. >You hear her reply with a “fuck off” and you slowly drift off to sleep.
  95. >You wake up and head downstairs to what looks like a disaster.
  96. >Clothes are strewn across the room.
  97. >Her jacket is on the TV, her boots are on opposite sides of the room.
  98. >Sunset herself is in what looks like the world's least comfortable position.
  99. >One leg is off the couch the other is over the back of it.
  100. >Her head is barely on the arm rest.
  101. >You decide to not wake her and you make yourself some cereal.
  102. >There isn't much in the pantry.
  103. >Just some Apple Jacks and some Lucky Charms with all the cereal pieces picked out because no one likes anything but the charms.
  104. >You pour a bowl of Apple Jacks and try to keep your laughter down so you don't wake sleeping beauty on the couch.
  106. >As you're finishing your last few bites you hear Sunset stir.
  107. >”Ughh, this couch is a piece of shit.”
  108. “Well well well, look who's back from the land of the dead. Nice underwear by the way.”
  109. >She quickly springs up and closes her legs.
  110. >”You gross perv. Jokes on you, I'm not wearing any.”
  111. >Well if you weren't awake before you are now.
  112. >You can feel the blood rush to your cheeks and other places.
  113. >”Alright alright calm down pervert, of course I'm wearing underwear dumble dick. What do you take me for?”
  114. >It takes all your self control to not say the town bike.
  115. “So what time you leavin?”
  116. >She stretches and walks over to your pantry before grabbing a handful of charms and eating them piece by piece.
  117. >”My parents get home at like three so I'm stuck here another hour.”
  118. “Woohoo.”
  119. >”Nice sarcasm.”
  120. “Thanks I learned it all by myself.”
  121. >You wash out your dish and head back up to your room.
  122. >Surprisingly Sunset follows.
  123. “Why do you keep coming up here?”
  124. >”Because I'm bored.”
  125. >You roll your eyes.
  126. “Well try to not be too distracting.”
  127. >”I do what I want”
  128. >You turn on your battle station and take a seat.
  129. >Sunset sits next to you on the bed and watches your screen.
  130. >You aren't quite sure what to play so you load up Dark Souls and let Ornstein and Smough run train on you.
  131. >Sunset has some a snarky comment every time you die.
  132. “Fine you know what, you do it then princess.”
  133. >”Fine, I will.”
  134. >She takes your seat and stumbles through the halls of the game, just barely making it to the fog.
  135. >She giggles as she takes of your armor and tells you how dumb your character looks.
  136. >”You character looks like Bruce Willis with down syndrome dude.”
  137. “Shut up. I doubt your gonna be able to do this anyway, you don't even have half a bar of health.”
  138. >She scoffs.
  139. >”Wanna make a bet?”
  140. “Yeah, you lose you have to give me a kiss on at the end of our date
  141. >”And if I win?”
  142. “If you beat them without dying I'll take you to a nice restaurant for our date.”
  143. >The grin across her face could only be described as ghoulish.
  144. >One hitless run later you can hear your wallet crying.
  146. >”Ha suck it. Hope you're ready to be broke.”
  147. >You sit there dumbfounded.
  148. >What the actual fuck just happened?
  149. “Ho-ly-shit. I figured it out. You're a fucking nerd aren't you??”
  150. >”N-no shut up, fuck off.”
  151. “Oh man this is too good.”
  152. >”Anon so help me if you tell anyone I will end you.”
  153. “I promised I wouldn't, I'm a man of my word.”
  155. >”Shut up Anon.”
  156. >The grin on your face felt like it stretched from ear to ear.
  157. >”So what do you want from me now?”
  158. “Oh nothing. Yet.”
  159. >You look at the clock on your computer and see it says 2:58
  160. “Well looks like it’s time for you to head home. Need me to walk you princess?”
  161. >”No i’ll do fine on my own thanks. Oh yeah, so when do you want to go on this stupid date?”
  162. >You scratch at the small amount of scruff on your chin as you think.
  163. >Note to self shave.
  164. “How about I’ll pick you up tomorrow at let’s say one sharp. Wear something nice.”
  165. >”Whatever loser.”
  166. >And with that Sunset walks out the door.
  167. >Oh boy is messing with her going to be fun.
  168. >You spend the rest of the day planning out tomorrow.
  169. >By the time you’ve got it all planned out it’s late so you head to bed.
  171. >The next morning you shave, put on a nice black button up shirt and some dress up pants.
  172. >By the time you’re completely ready it’s 12:30
  173. >Since you still have thirty minutes you drive to the store and pick up flowers before driving to her house.
  174. >You walk up to her door and prepare to knock but the door opens before you can.
  175. >”H-Hi Anon.”
  176. >Steps outside and locks the door.
  177. >She looks absolutely stunning.
  178. >She's wearing a tight red glittery dress, her hair is up in a bun with a sun hair clip to keep it in place.
  179. “Woah Sunset, I..When I said wear something nice I didn't mean like five hundred dollar nice. I just meant casual nice.”
  180. >”Yeah well, I didn't have much of a choice, a certain mutual friend of ours insisted I wear it.Anyway, where are we going?”
  181. “Well I couldn't think of many nice places so we're going to Nom du Chevale.”
  182. >”Ooo French, must be fancy.”
  183. >It doesn't take long to get there.
  184. >What takes forever is getting seated.
  185. >After learning the wait time you turn back and walk to Sunset.
  186. “Its a fifteen minute wait.”
  187. >”Eh, it's fine.”
  188. >She stares out the window with a look of boredom.
  189. “So Sunset, tell me about yourself.”
  190. >She turns to you with a quizzical look.
  191. >”What do you mean?”
  192. “I mean tell me about yourself, I don't know. I don't know much really.”
  193. >She sighs.
  194. >”You know the story, came here through a portal, was a bitch to everyone because I thought I was hot stuff, she demon, rainbows, became good girl blah blah blah.”
  195. “And before all that?”
  196. >”Huh? Before all that, like before here?”
  197. “Yeah, I mean you spent the first..How old are you?”
  198. >”Nineteen”
  199. “So the what fifteen, fourteen years before here? Tell me about those I guess.”
  200. >”Eh, you don't really want to know. You're just trying to make small talk.”
  201. “Come on, I'm seriously curious.”
  202. >”Alright fine. What do you want to know?”
  203. “Whatever you'd be willing to tell me. Start anywhere honestly.”
  204. >”Fine I guess I'll start from well the start but I'll keep it short.”
  205. >She takes a deep breath and leans closer to you so everyone else doesn't hear her.
  206. >”Well when I was a young filly I never really had much. I wasn't poor but my family didn't have the most money around. Very early on my parents noticed that I wasn’t quite like the other unicorns my age.”
  207. “What, like you were retarded or something?”
  208. >She angrily squints at you in a way that makes you feel she’s trying to burn a hole in your skull with her eyes.
  209. >”Um no. I was special compared to most others. Not ‘special’ in the window licking, windex drinking sorta way like you.”
  210. >Both of you are silent for a second before you both burst out laughing.
  211. >You can feel all the uptight, snooty patrons of the restaurant staring at the two of you but neither of you cared.
  212. >After a minute or so passes you calm down and smile at each other.
  213. >Sunset quickly realizes she’s having a good time and tries to hide her smile.
  214. >You can’t help but to laugh to yourself.
  215. >You could get used to this, to her.
  216. >Her smile, her laugh, hell even her insults.
  217. >She always struck you as the kinda girl that fussing and fighting would be half the fun of the relationship.
  218. >The kinda girl that could take whatever you dish out and give it right back to you.
  219. >She moves a dangling strand of from in front of her face and puts it behind her ear.
  220. >Sunset starts to talk again but a waitress steps up telling you that your table is ready.
  221. >You both follow her to a table near the back of the restaurant and take your seats.
  222. >The waitress takes your order for drinks and leaves you to alone for a bit.
  223. >”So, did you want me to continue my story or what?”
  224. “Sure, it sounds pretty damn interesting.”
  225. >”I’ll give you the fast forward version. Let’s see, so my parents learned magic wasn't exactly a challenge for me, I was enrolled into Princess Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. Different Celestia to the one here. Anyway, I was an apprentice under her for most of my life till I was about fifteen…”
  226. >She sighs and stirs the ice in her water with her straw.
  227. >”I got a little we’ll say power hungry...I had it in my stupid brain that I was somehow supposed to usurp Celestia. Somehow I was supposed to be the one to surpass her. She quickly realized what I was doing and..I…”
  228. >You can see her physically and mentally stressing herself to keep going.
  230. “Hey, you don't gotta keep going if you don’t-”
  231. >”You know when you fuck something up so far beyond what you were expecting and you have to just accept it and go with it? Well, you’re pretty much looking at the embodyment of that.”
  232. >She lays her head on the table and draws little circles with her finger onto the paper tablecloth.
  233. “You wanna go home?”
  234. >She picks herself up off the table and wipes the corners of her eyes.
  235. >”No, no i’ll be fine. I said I’d give you a date and I’m gonna keep my word.”
  236. >The rest of the date goes by quickly.
  237. >Neither of you say much apart from a bit of small talk here and there
  238. >You pay for the meal and make your way to the car.
  239. >It's strange to see Sunset so quiet.
  240. >You start the car and just relax in your seat for a bit trying to think of something to say.
  241. >Man this silence sucks.
  242. “Is it cool with you if i turn on the radio?”
  243. >She nods.
  244. >”Hey, I’m really sorry Anon. You shouldn't have had to see me like that.”
  245. “It's fine Sunset, I understand.”
  246. >You press play to start the cd you have in and lay back in your seat.
  247. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBF8uA3UJ6w
  249. >”Hey Anon?”
  250. >You turn your head but before you can speak you can feel Sunset’s lips on yours.
  251. >At first you can feel yourself trying to fight it but you stop struggling and enjoy it.
  252. >It only lasts for a few seconds but it was amazing.
  253. >It was a sweet and innocent kiss.
  254. >”You know tomorrow everything goes back to how it's always been between us right?”
  255. “Yeah I do, but how about for now we just relish in right now for a bit.”
  256. >Sunset sits on the center console and lays her head on your shoulder
  257. >You bob your head back and forth to the song.
  258. >Its looped once or twice already but sitting down and listening to it fully is still nice.
  260. “Hey Sunset?”
  261. >”Yeah?”
  262. “Thanks”
  263. >”For?”
  264. “Just for actually giving me a shot.”
  265. >She chuckles to herself.
  266. >”Don't let it go to your head.”
  267. “You ready to head home?”
  268. >She shrugs and slides back to her seat.
  269. >You drive her home and head back to your place to relax.
  270. > Once you get in the door you toss your keys onto the table and kick your pants off before heading up to your room and jumping into the bed.
  271. >After laying there for a while thinking about your date you grab your phone and call Dash.
  272. >”Hello?”
  273. “Ayyoo Dash.”
  274. >She laughs
  275. >”What's up Anon?”
  276. “Well I need girl advice.”
  277. >”And you came to me for it because?”
  278. “You know, the rainbow hair, the tomboyish way you act.”
  279. >Dash sighs loudly
  280. >”Anon I don't like girls, I've told you this.”
  281. >You can't help but to chuckle at her annoyance
  282. “No but seriously I have a question.”
  283. >”Ask away buddy.”
  284. “Alright, I can't figure this out but why does Sunset act the way she does to me? Like one second she looks like she wants to feed me my teeth the next she looks like she wants me to hug her.”
  285. >”You really are clueless aren't you? Well to be fair Rarity did give her some terrible advice.”
  286. “I'm lost, what advice did she give her?”
  287. >Rainbow stays quiet for a few seconds
  288. >”Ugh alright fine. You can't tell anyone I told you, got it?”
  289. “Yes ma'am.”
  290. >”Sunset told us that there was this guy she really liked but she didn't know how to tell him. Rara told her that ‘Playing hard to get is the sure fire way to make him chase after you dahhhling’. I guess you're the lucky guy after all. Us girls had a betting pool on who it was and you just won me sixty bucks.”
  291. >You can't help but to laugh at her Rarity impression.
  292. “You're messing with me right?”
  293. >After soccer practice all day I'm way too tired to play a joke on you.”
  294. “So you're telling me Sunset likes me?”
  295. >”Yes, no messing around I promise I'm telling you the truth.”
  296. “Alright. Thanks for all the help Dash.”
  297. >”No problem Anon. I'll see ya tomorrow man.”
  298. “See ya Dash.”
  299. >You toss your phone onto your nightstand and watch movies till it gets late enough for you to go to bed.
  301. >You wake up and go through your normal morning routine.
  302. >From the moment you wake up Sunset is on your mind.
  303. >She is a qt 3.14 but you aren't exactly looking for a relationship.
  304. >The few you've had were lackluster and ended pretty quickly.
  305. >On the other hand you aren't really doing anything with your life anyway.
  306. >All you did was stay inside all day and play games or watch movies.
  307. >The small amount of income you make is almost entirely disposable since your parents pay for the food, groceries and rent.
  308. >You pull into the student parking lot behind the school while blasting ‘X gonna give it to ya’ at an absurd volume.
  309. >Honestly you didn't dislike or like the song you just find it funny
  310. >After a few minutes you spot the only group of people you hang out with and make your way over.
  311. “Ayy, hi Twitlit, Skittles, Quiet, Ponka ,Dress, Breakfast cereal.”
  312. >AJ: I’d appreciate it if you used mah real name Anon, shoot I reckon we all would.”
  313. “Whatever ya say cereal. So how are you girls?”
  314. >They answer their various versions of good or tired in unison.
  315. “Wait, there's only five of you here.
  316. >AJ:”There's six Anon.”
  317. “Where's Sunset?”
  318. >As if on cue you feel a familiar boot on the hit the back of your knee and you fall on your ass.
  319. “God dammit”
  320. >Is the only set of words that come out before you hit the ground.
  321. “Hi Sunset.”
  322. >”So why are you on the ground?”
  323. “Because I can see your underwear from here, and may I say that's a bold choice for a Monday. Planing on getting laid?”
  324. >She tucks her skirt between her knees and her face is redder than a tomato.
  325. >”You're such a freaking perv.”
  326. >Rainbro gives you a hand and helps you up.
  327. “Calm down, I've got better things to do than look up your skirt.”
  328. >Twilight clears her throat to get everyone back on track.
  329. >T:”So, how was everyone's weekend?”
  330. >You look at Sunset and then back to Twi.
  331. “Eh I can't complain.”
  332. >All the girls responses were pretty predictable.
  333. >Soccer practice, baking, animal shelter, etc.
  334. >All of you head to homeroom.
  335. >By some stroke of amazing luck you all had the same study hall first period.
  336. >The rest of the day you would see each other on and off.
  337. >You all take your seats and turn your chairs to face each other.
  339. >The girls chatter between themselves but you can't take your eyes or mind off of Sunset.
  340. >Was Dash just screwing around with you?
  341. >Nah, she wasn't like that.
  342. >As much as she loves messing with you it doesn't feel like she is.
  343. >The way Sunset acts does make since if dash is telling the truth.
  344. >You feel Dash punch you in the arm and you snap back to reality.
  345. >”You alright man?”
  346. “Yeah, just was thinking about something sorry.”
  347. >You do your best to converse with the girls for the rest of the class.
  348. >The next few periods zoom by with your thoughts jumping back and forth between Sunset and whatever class you're in.
  349. >Before you know it, it's lunch already.
  350. >As you get closer to the cafeteria you notice the hallway is more clogged up with more students than normal.
  351. >You push through the crowd to find Sunset verbally berating some group of guys in varsity jackets.
  352. >They look like the kinda kids that get through school because they play football and their daddy has money and can pay for their grades.
  353. >What did they do to piss her off?
  354. >You step behind Sunset and cover her mouth with your hand to shut her up.
  355. >To your surprise she does.
  356. >White knight.exe
  357. “So, what seems to be the problem here Sunset?”
  358. >”Dickless over there grabbed my ass so I slapped his shit in.”
  359. >You look at the big guy in front and see a huge red handprint along with some claw marks from her nails.
  360. “Ha, get fucked dude. If you thought Sunset would be that easy I'd have to say you're dumber than you look.”
  361. >He grabs you by your shirt
  362. >”What did you say?”
  363. >You look to the left and right before putting you hand up to your mouth like you're gonna tell him a secret.
  364. “Get fucked mate.”
  365. >From there it's a two hit fight.
  366. >He hit you, you hit the floor.
  367. >Damn your smart mouth
  369. >When you wake up you're in the nurse’s office.
  370. “Fuckin hell.”
  371. >You rub your sore jaw and look around.
  372. >Sunset is sitting at the far in of the room looking at the floor.
  373. “Hey Sunset.”
  374. >”Oh..Hey Anon.”
  375. “You okay?”
  376. >”I should be asking you that.”
  377. “A little sore but nothing I can't bounce back from. How about you?”
  378. >She shrugs and rubs her arm.
  379. >”Hands hurt a little but I'll be okay.”
  380. >You raise an eyebrow at her but decide not to press it.
  381. >Guess that answers what happened to that guy.
  382. “Shouldn't you be in class?”
  383. >She shifts her shoulders nervously before leaning up against the wall and sighing.
  384. >“Nope, I got suspended for the week. They called my house but my ‘parents weren't home’ so I'm stuck here till the end of the day.”
  385. >You stretch and hop onto your feet.
  386. “what period is it?”
  387. >”Eighth.”
  388. “I was out for four periods? God damn. Anyway, I'll take you home if you want.”
  389. >”No it's fine, you have a class to get to”
  390. “Just study hall. Come on let's go, I'd rather nap in a bed that's not made out of rocks.”
  391. >”Fine but first.”
  392. >She grabs you by the shirt and violently pulls you into a kiss.
  393. >Again you start to fight it but quickly relax and enjoy it.
  394. >After she pulls away you feel the sharp pain of a slap on your cheek.
  395. >”Don't you ever get hurt like that for me again, you hear?”
  396. >You laugh and shrug
  397. “I do what I want.”
  398. >She lightly punches you in the stomach and tries to hide her smile.
  400. >You make your way to the car and start it, turns itself on playing the same CD from your first date.
  401. >As soon as the music starts Sunset leans against you and starts singing along
  402. >”Heaven, please sing for me a song of life.
  403. >You can't help but to join in.
  404. “Heaven, take me into your skies”
  405. >A forty five minute drive to Sunny’s house later you're both yelling the lyrics at the top of your lungs.
  406. >You pull into the driveway and turn down the music.
  407. >Both of your faces are red and you have an irremovable smile
  408. >”Hey Anon?”
  409. “What's up?”
  410. >“Wanna come inside?”
  411. “I’d love to Sunny.”
  412. >Her goofy smile lights up your heart like the sun rays after a rainy day.
  413. >You follow her into her house and take a seat on the couch.
  414. >She sits next to you and snuggles herself against you.
  415. >”Hey Anon?”
  416. “Yeah Sunny?”
  417. >”Can we make this a regular thing?”
  418. >You chuckle
  419. “I don't think it be healthy for me to get knocked out so we can leave school early but maybe every once and awhile.
  420. >She giggles and curls up a little tighter, lifting her feet onto the couch and snuggling closer to you.
  421. >It’s funny.
  422. >You weren't looking for a relationship
  423. >Hell, you down right tried to avoid them.
  424. >”No, I mean this right here.”
  425. >But you’ll be damned if this wasn’t comfy
  426. >You put your arm around her and gently sweep your fingers through her long silky hair
  427. >And warm
  428. >You know what?
  429. >To hell with the solo act
  430. >This felt right.
  431. “Yeah, I’d like that.”
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