Overprotective Celestia thread bumpers

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  1. Divine "Protection"
  3. paintballing
  5. >Day invisible body armor in Equestria
  6. >Slinking low in the grass, you stalk your prey.
  7. >Behind your mask, your breath is silent, not even a leaf rusles to betray your pressence
  8. >Hopefully it's also enough to throw off your self proclaimed "guardian" too.
  9. >Ever since you arrived in this land of pastel ponys, their leader took it upon herself to "protect" you.
  10. >Thing is, 99% of the times she protects you, it's from harmless shit.
  11. >Snapping back to attention, you see your target gone, and let out a quiet sigh.
  12. >"Ya gotta focus, Anon, if ya want ta get me," Applejack taunts, and you turn to see her barrel just feet from your face.
  13. >Rolling to the side, you avoid the barrage of projectiles, bringing your own weapon to bear.
  14. >With soft thwips, you fire at Applejack, forcing her to back away to dodge.
  15. >Scrambling to your feet, you duck behind a tree, taking a moment to gather yourself.
  16. >'Umm... Don't be mad about this, Anon..." Fluttershy says quietly, giving you plenty of warning.
  17. >Avoiting her shots, you line up and fire a single round, straight at her forehead.
  18. >It hits its mark, and she topples over.
  19. >"Ya'll may have gotten the easy prey, but ah'm still twice the hunter ya'll are," Applejack says, jumping out, gun blazing.
  20. >Time seems to slow as the projectiles approach, but your muscles refuse to move.
  21. >Mere feet away, they are stopped as a white mass jumps in their path, taking them in your place.
  22. >Raising your weapon, you fire at Aj, scoring several direct hits.
  23. >Looking down at Celestia, you see bright red on her white coat, as she lies there.
  24. "Celestia, get up. It's just paintball."
  25. >"For all we know she could have been firing rocks or poison," she rebukes, rolling to her hooves.
  26. "She's one of your most trusted ponys. Why would she even care about harming me?"
  27. >"It may not have been her. What is somep0ny changed her painballs when she wasn't looking?"
  28. >Sighing, you sling you gun over your shoulder and start walking home, your game officially ended, now that you've been found.
  29. >Fucking overprotective princess.
  32. His clothes. It's ok to wear clothes every now and then, but anon wears clothes all the times, which causes everyone to be worried sick that the clothes he's constantly wearing will prevent him from getting enough vitamin D from the sun.
  34. >Day not enough and yet too much sun in Equestria.
  35. >Finishing your morning shower, you towel off and throw on your clothes, ready to face whatever silly thing Celestia wants to protect you from today.
  36. >Stepping out into the bright morning sun, you start off to work.
  37. >There are no incidents on the way there, thankfully, and your boss greets you at the door.
  38. >A small tailor shop owned by a young mare and just about the only place you could get a job, thanks to Celestia.
  39. >Everything else was too full of imagined dangers for you to work there.
  40. >"Good morning Anon, ready to work?"
  41. "Yeah, and thanks for putting up with Celestia's erm... invasiveness."
  42. >"Not a problem, it's actually pretty good for business, having the only human working here."
  43. >Following her inside, you get to work on your respective projects, clothing for assorted Canterlot Ponies.
  44. >She really wanted you to try making a clothing line, but you'd rather not at this point.
  45. >The morning flies by, and as the two of you stop for lunch, the door bell rings.
  46. >"Anonymous? Are you here?" Celestia's sing-song voice calls from across the store.
  47. >'Oh, great,' you think to yourself, 'now what?'
  48. "yeah, I'm here," you call back.
  49. >Her ever smiling face pops around the corner, before she sees you.
  50. >"Anonymous! You need to stop wearing clothes so much, your going to get sick from a lack of vitamins."
  51. "I've already told you, Celestia..."
  52. >"Oh, don't give me that again, I know all about you and I know your body uses the suns energy."
  53. "I get enough of you to cover that."
  54. >She giggles, before stepping closer.
  55. >"That's sweet, but you're going to need some real sun."
  56. >her magic suddenly pulls off your shirt, and you realize what she's planning.
  57. "C... Celestia, I need my clothes for decency."
  58. >"We're all naked most of the time, so why are you afraid?" she asks, pulling off your pants.
  59. >Grabbing your boxers hardly provides any protection, as she just teleports them off, leaving you with your junk waving in the breeze.
  60. >A heavy silence hangs there for a second as both of them stare at your junk, before you cover yourself with a roll of cloth and storm out of the building.
  61. "I'll pay for it later, boss," you call back before heading straight home.
  62. >Fucking overprotective princess.
  65. A nearby sick pony who has a cold, never know how Anon might react to a foreign disease.
  67. >Day Flu season in Equestria.
  68. >Today's one of your weekly "visits" to Celestia in the castle, despite how often you see her daily.
  69. >Walking through the streets, you notice there are a lot less ponies around, despite it being market day.
  70. >Still, you wave or greet those you know along your way, and after a brief chat with the guards, you enter the castle.
  71. >Reaching the throne room doors, you find them blocked, so you head for an alternate path.
  72. >Pausing to make a quick stop at the kitchen, you find your entry to there blocked as well.
  73. >Every door you check seems to be blocked, though you can hear ponys behind some of them.
  74. >Down the hall, you see a maid exit a room and notice you, before suddenly being dragged backwards into the room, the door being slammed closed.
  75. "Hey, are you in there?" you ask, knocking on the offending door.
  76. >You get a muffled beyond comprehension reply, and the doorknob is covered with a white aura as you reach for it.
  77. "Of course..." you mutter, resuming your hunt for Celestia and the throne room.
  78. >A long and convoluted path later, and you finally reach a side door to the room, and push it open.
  79. >With a slow and quiet creak, it opens, revealing a rather empty room, Only Celestia and a few guards in it.
  80. >"Ah, it's about time you showed up, Anonymous, I was worried you got lost."
  81. "Yeah, what's with all the blocked doors, Sunbutt?" you ask, using your nickname for her.
  82. >"Just a little remodeling," she replies non-chalantly.
  83. "Does remodeling usualy involve dragging maids into rooms where they become locked by your magic?"
  84. >Acting shocked, she replies, "isn't that how it happens where you're from?"
  85. >Before you can reply, one of the guards coughs, and everything happens at once.
  86. >A large bubble forms around you, and the guards are scattered to the four winds, Celestia's horn glowing vibrant white.
  87. >Sighing, you rest your hands on your hips, and glare at her.
  88. "Celestia," you say, exasparated, and she smiles sheepishly.
  89. >"We can't be having you sick, who knows what it could do to you."
  90. "So the four other times I have caught a cold here don't count?"
  91. >If it was possible for her to look more sheepish, she'd burst into fluff and start baaing.
  92. >She suddenly sneezes, before looking shocked and teleporting away, leaving you trapped in a disease proof hamster ball of magic.
  93. >Fucking overprotective princess.
  96. Anon gets sunburn. Celestia thinks she horribly hurt him and tries to minimize the sun.
  98. >Day need aloe vera in Equestria.
  99. >Celestia decided to take you, the royal couple, her sister and the Elements to the beach today.
  100. >Bright sun overhead, happy sun lounging on a towel, everything is bright, cheery and apparently safe, seeing as how little attention Celestia is giving you.
  101. >"Hey, Anon, you wanna play volleyball? We need one more," Dash asks, waving from a net.
  102. "Sure, that is, unless sunbutt thinks it's too dangerous."
  103. >looking at her, you see her blush a little before waving you away with a hoof.
  104. >Dash and Applejack chuckle, while Pinkie, your soon to be partner stares at the ball intently.
  105. "Alright girls, you'd better be ready to lose, right, Pinkie?"
  106. >"Yuppers. Me and Nonny are gonna win."
  107. >"In yer dreams. Dash 'n I have been practicin' and we're the best team this side o' Appleoosa."
  108. >Picking up the ball, you throw it up, giving a smirk.
  109. "let's test that then."
  110. >Flicking the ball up, you give an overhand serve, starting the game.
  111. >The game is fought long and hard, with Dash and AJ winning in the end.
  112. >Pulling yourself up from the sand, you give your worn muscles a stretch before heading over to by Celestia.
  113. >After downing a bottle of water, you lay out on the blanket, and despite the sun, you drift off for a nap.
  114. >Time passes in an instant during sleep, until you feel yourself woken by a sharp pain.
  115. >"Hey, Anon, yer lookin' redder than big Mac," Applejack say as you sit up.
  116. >Looking yourself over, you click your tongue.
  117. "Damn, sunburn."
  118. >Suddenly, celestia is in your face, asking, "What's wrong Anon!?"
  119. "Spent too long in the sun, I got sunburnt."
  120. >"S... sunburnt...?" she asks, lip quivering at the thought of her inadvertantly hurting you.
  121. "If humans spend too long in the sun, their skin can get burnt by its energy."
  122. >Her horn glowing, everything suddenly gets dark as Celestia lowers the sun.
  123. >The moon, however, does not rise, leaving everyone confused.
  124. "Uh... You don't have to..."
  125. >"But..."
  126. "Sure, it sucks, but it's hardly dangerous for me."
  127. >Smiling awkwardsly, she nods, before meekly bringing the sun back up.
  128. >Fucking overreacting princess.
  131. She thinks humans are incapable of swimming just like other apes.
  133. >Day lifeguarded in Equestria.
  134. >It's another hot, sunny day in Equestria, so you're heading to the swimming pool.
  135. >A soft white towel flung over your shoulder, and a bag with spare clothes and drinks.
  136. >Stepping into the washroom, you change into your swimsuit and step out onto the pool deck.
  137. >Ponies of all ages and types frolic in the cool waters.
  138. >Setting your bag next to a lounger, you throw a towel over it to claim it.
  139. >Heading straight for the diving poard, you prepare to show these ponys how a real man dives.
  140. >The board bends slightly under you, and after a few bounces to build up energy, you spring into the air and flip forward, pulling a full flip before a flawless entry into the water.
  141. >Near the bottom of the pool, you swim along with strong, slow strokes.
  142. >Suddenly, you feel yourself being pulled to the surface, before floating onshore.
  143. >"Don't drown on me, Anonymous," Celestia says, and you see her face approaching yours, ready to perform CPR.
  144. "Don't even think about it, Celestia," you reply, pushing her face away.
  145. >"But..."
  146. "Humans mastered swimming millenia ago."
  147. >With an embarassed smile, she steps back and lets you stand.
  148. >The collective ponies look at the two of you awkwardly, and you shake your head.
  149. >Fucking overprotective princess.
  153. Celestia tries to secretly gather Anon's seed to see what species he could breed with sucessfully, and have a human ofspring.
  155. >Day seed collecting in Equestria.
  156. >"Please Anon?" Celestia begs, turning her best puppydog eyes on you.
  157. "NO!" you snap back, spinning to walk away.
  158. >"But how are gonna know who we can breed you with? We can't let humans die out here!"
  159. "Use your magic or something, there's no way I'm going to masturbate for you."
  160. >"You don't have to do it, I'd be willing to help."
  161. "And that just made it weird," you say, picking up the pace to your home.
  162. >She falls behind, before turning to the castle in a huff.
  163. >Reaching your door, a thought strikes as you turn the handle.
  164. >'she's got a point though, I do need some release soon..."
  165. >After a quick lunch, you head to your room and prep everything you will need.
  166. >Lotion, tissues and of course, your issue of Minotaur Maids Monthly.
  167. >Sure, you've kinda gotten over the wholse species barrier, but minotaurs just feel a little closer to home.
  168. >Plus, tits are always a bonus.
  169. >Shutting all your windows, you hop on your bed and get started.
  170. "Ah, you're such a naughty maid, huh," you moan as you work yourself and eye the magazine.
  171. >After so long, it doesn't take much to get close, and your eyes drift closed and your speed maxes.
  172. >A preasure builds in you junk, before with a satisfying release, you blow your load.
  173. >Letting out your breath, you open your eyes to see your seed flying in the air, suspended by a white magical aura.
  174. "CELESTIA!!!" you shout out, before it vanished with a pop.
  175. >Fucking overprotective, peeping princess.
  178. Celestia has anon unwittingly chose bearers for his abducted seed when Celestia wants to test for viability in pairing.
  180. >Day objectifying women in Equestria.
  181. >After the rather creepy events a week ago, Celestia invited you to the castle for a testing session.
  182. >At first you were rightfully suspicious, but when she explained it was simply going to be social testing, you decided to go.
  183. >The pay helped too.
  184. >When you arrived, she brought you to a room with a large table, and little else.
  185. "So, what kind of test is this?" you ask, taking a seat where she indicates.
  186. >"It's simple. I will give you a selection of pictures of females. Each selection will be of one race, such as ponys, or minotaurs."
  187. >"I simply want you to arrange them in order of most attractive to least attractive."
  188. "Why? Isn't that kind of... wrong?"
  189. >"It's to compare what species view as attractive."
  190. "Okay, so what ponies see as atractive may differ comared to minotaurs, even when both are looking at a third race, right?"
  191. >"Precisely, now please, here's the first batch."
  192. >Going through the first set, ponys, you find all the cutie marks are covered, likely to help preserve privacy.
  193. >After you sort them, Celestia passes you a second batch, this one containing Gryphons.
  194. >Minotaurs, black bug things, hell, even cows and batponys you sort through.
  195. >"Purely for the sake of the test, there is one final group, though it contains far fewer pictures."
  196. >The last stack she passes you contains only four pictures, the alicorns.
  197. "This isn't some sort of trick to make me say you are the best looking Alicorn, is it?"
  198. >"Of course not, but I would be flattered if you think that."
  199. >With a sigh, you go over the pictures, comparing the four of them.
  200. >After settling on an order, you pass them back.
  201. "Just out of curiosity, how did you pick the candidates for these pictures?"
  202. >"They're all females who offered to undergo tests to see if their race can bear human children."
  203. >Your jaw drops, and before you can react, Celestia takes the pictures and leaves.
  204. >Fucking overprotective, clever princess.
  207. Celestia tries to hook up Anon with one of the changelings.
  209. >Day matchmaker in Equestria.
  210. >Waving goodbye to your boss, you head to a nearby cafe for dinner.
  211. >Even with Celestia's help, meat is difficult for you to come by.
  212. >Thankfully, this place sells fish, so you don;t have to worry too much.
  213. >Sitting in your usual spot, a waitress comes to take your order.
  214. >"What can I get you today?"
  215. "I'll have the roast salmon and a prench salad, please."
  216. >"Coming right up."
  217. >While you wait for your meal, you observe the other customers, and notice the tables filling up quickly.
  218. >Just as your food arrives, you notice a changeling of all things walk into the resturant.
  219. >Starting on your food, you are interupted as they approach your table.
  220. >"Sorry to intrude, but do you mind if I share the table? The other ones are full."
  221. "Not at all," you say, and they happily take a seat.
  222. >Turning back to your meal, a waitress comes by and takes their order.
  223. >While they wait, you notice them scuff a hoof on the table nervously, before asking, "So, you're that human thing? Anonymous, right?"
  224. >When you nod, they continue, "If you're not um... busy after this, do you maybe want to hang out? I'd feel a little less scared if I wasn't the only strange thing here."
  225. "I guess... I wasn't really planning on going anywhere, but I suppose I could show you around."
  226. >She gives a smile, and a thought snaps into your head.
  227. "I think I recognize you, but I can't remember where from..."
  228. >Looking off into space to try and remember, you see a long white horn peeking out from behind a magazine, and wing sticking out the sides.
  229. >Sighing, you wave over a waitress to pay.
  230. "I remember now... You're one of the candidates, arent you?"
  231. >She lets out a very cute, but out of place squeak, before blushing and running out of the resturant.
  232. >The waitress comes over, and hands you the bill for both you and the changeling.
  233. >Looking at where Celestia was, you seee her gone, leaving you to pay the bills.
  234. >Fucking overprotective, cheapskate princess.
  237. More matchmaking
  239. >Day gimme back my mag in Equestria.
  240. >Ever since the incident with the changeling, all the girls from the pictures, most predominantly the top rated ones have been appearing a lot.
  241. >The second rated minotaur moved in next door, and you often see her in her bathroom from your living room window.
  242. >You swear Celestia re-arranged the house, just so the batroom's window looked into your living room window, with a perfect, unobstructed view of the shower.
  243. >But that's beside the point, since right now you're about to get in your weekly fap session.
  244. >After a quick check to make sure Celestia isn't around, you pull out your brand new issue of Minotaur Maids Monthly.
  245. >Just as you are about to start, there is a knocking at your back door.
  246. >Pulling up your pants, you slip through the house and open the door to see your neighbor there.
  247. >"Good afternoon Anon, I was wondering if you could lend me some flour? I'm doing some baking, and I ran out."
  248. >Like usual, she isn't wearing anything, her double D cup breasts bouncing slightly with every movement.
  249. "Sure, no problem," you reply, motioning her inside to the kitchen.
  250. >She gives a happy smile and with a pronounced bounce in her step and chest, she follows you inside.
  251. >After getting her a small container of flour, she quickly gives you a hug, her massive mammaries pressing against you before she waves as she walks out.
  252. >"I'll be sure to bring over some of the muffins," she says before her plot vanishes around the corner.
  253. >Closing the door, you head back to your room.
  254. >The first thing you see, or rather, don't see is our new magazine.
  255. >With a sigh, you pull out an older one, get comfy, and get to work.
  256. >later that day, you're enjoying a book after dinner, when you see your neighbor in their bathroom.
  257. >She's wearing a full maid outfit, complete with micro skirt and no panties, as you can see everything while they bend over and scrub the shower.
  258. >Turning away, you catch a glimpse of Celestia's mane vanishing around a corner, and you put 2 and 2 together.
  259. >Fucking overprotective, stealthy princess.
  262. Gryphons invite Anon over for a bbq, where the food is laced with Aprodesiacs courtesy of sunbutt, who is there as well. The drugs don't work on Anon.
  264. >Day bbq wtf in Equestria.
  265. >Today you got an invitation to a barbecue from some gryphons down the street.
  266. >It promised meat, so you had no reason to refuse.
  267. >Of course, being a proper and polite guest, you bring along a little of your own meat, as well as a bottle of wine.
  268. >Knocking on the door, a whistle from the side draws you to a gate, where a cheerful gryphoness greets you.
  269. >"Hey there Anon, we just started the barbecue."
  270. "I brought a bit myself, if you want to add it in," you say, holding up the packaged steaks.
  271. >"Thanks, we can never have enough meat at a barbecue."
  272. >She takes the steaks you follow her into the back where a few other gryphons, a pair of ponys and Celestia are.
  273. >"Oh, I didn't expect to see you here, Anon," Celestia says, walking over.
  274. "I didn't expect to see you either, since this is a meat barbecue."
  275. >There's a sizzle off to the side, and you see a bunch of steaks set on the grill.
  276. >The scent wafting off them is heavenly, drawing you away from your conversation with Celestia.
  277. >Your nostrils flare, picking up as much of the scent as possible, letting it waft over you.
  278. >"Looks like somehuman can't wait for food," the gryphoness cooking say, giving you a smile.
  279. >Licking your lips, you nod, and you miss the others licking their lips while looking at your junk.
  280. >Seeing the bottle in your hand, Celestia floats out some cups, before saying, "Why don't we open that and have a glass while we wait."
  281. >Pouring out a few glasses, you pass them out to everyone.
  282. >Half the bottle goes by before the meat is done, and everyone gets a refill before getting served.
  283. >Cutting into your steak, the scent washes over you like a warm blanket.
  284. >"Dig in, everyone!" Celestia calls out, before floating hers for a bite.
  285. >Everyone eats, chats, and has a good time, until something seems to change in the gryphons and ponies.
  286. >Despite the little wine everyone has had, they are all blushing and glancing at you continually.
  287. "Uh, Celestia, I think there is something wrong with them..."
  288. >"So you're not feeling it?"
  289. "Feeling what?"
  290. >One of the gryphonesses starts rubbing her crotch against you, and Celestia blushes, before teleporting away.
  291. >Another of the gryphons starts grinding against your other leg, and you sigh.
  292. >Fucking overprotective, drugging princess.
  295. Giant storm is scheduled, and Celestia forces Anon to stay in the castle, where she just happens to have many of the candidates over.
  297. >Day thunder in Equestria.
  298. >Checking your morning weather schedule, you notice there is supposed to be a big storm over the next few days.
  299. >A lot of the houses nearby are boarding up or packing in lighter things, atesting to the size it will be.
  300. >Besides the weather schedule, your mailbox contains a few small flyers, and surprise, surprise, a letter from Celestia.
  301. >Bringing it all inside, you set the flyers on the table before opening the letter.
  302. >In brief, it reads that She wants you to make your weekly visit early, so you can avoid the storm.
  303. >Sadly, it makes sense, and you'd hate to see what she would do if you tried waiting till the storm ended.
  304. >Pulling on a light jacket, you set off for the castle, observing the many pegasii starting the cloud setup.
  305. >Big, black thunderheads slowly fill the sky, maybe a quarter of the way done by the time you get to the castle.
  306. "Plenty of time to pop in, say hi and get home before this hits."
  307. >Bounding up the castle steps, you are welcomed by the guards, who direct you to the throne room, despite your numerous visits.
  308. >inside the throne room, you see Celestia directing a few ponies, before waving you over.
  309. >"Anon, I'm glad you made it. It's going to be nasty one, but we have to have them for proper seed spreading."
  310. "Heavy winds and all that, right?"
  311. >"Yeah, winds," she says, eyes flicking away a moment.
  312. "So, was there anything in particular you wanted to talk about?"
  313. >"Well, I was wondering if you were prepared for the storm?"
  314. >Scratching your chin, you realize your pantry and fridge are pretty much empty.
  315. "Now that I think of it, not really."
  316. >"Well, we can't have that. You're staying here for the duration of the storm."
  317. "But..."
  318. >"Nonsense; come, this way," she says, pulling you along with magic.
  319. >After a few feet, you relent, following her as she heads to the guest quarters.
  320. >'Well, this can't be too bad, at least I'll be fairly alone for the time,' you think to yourself as you follow.
  321. >She motions to a door, and you step ahead.
  322. >"You'll be staying here for the time; have fun."
  323. >Opening the door, you see a number of beds, as well as most of the photo candidates, including your neighbor.
  324. >Before you can do anything, Celestia's magic pushes you inside and locks the door behind you.
  325. >Fucking overprotective, clever princess.
  328. >Day shower buddy in Equestria.
  329. >Thanks to a storm, you're trapped inside the castle with most of the females Celestia wants you to knock up.
  330. >And because of this, and their attraction to you, you managed to end up with more dinner on you than in you.
  331. >Stripping down, you enter the shower and turn on the water.
  332. >While cold at first, it quickly warms, and you start scrubbing down.
  333. >Unknown to you, the door to the bathroom slowly and silently opens, and your neighbour sneaks in.
  334. >Being an open bathroom has it perks, and its downsides, and this is unfortunately one of those downsides.
  335. >You don't hear the soft clopping of her hooves until she is practically behind you.
  336. >Spinning around, you are suddenly pushed back as rushes forward, wrapping her arms around your chest.
  337. >Her weight presses you to the wall, her bountiful breasts pressed against your chest, every single detail of them being felt.
  338. >"So, Anon, I figured I'd help you out in the shower," she says, rubbing her breasts up and down.
  339. >As you reach for her shoulders, she steps back, causing you to grab her chest instead.
  340. >Almost reflexively, your hands begin to knead the soft mounds, making her moan slightly.
  341. "Sorry," you say, almost squeaking as you pull your hands back, before turning away, "could you please go?"
  342. >You feel those bouncy hills and pert nipples press against your back, and she starts rubbing them up and down again.
  343. >"But I can help wash your back, and you can wash mine. Of course, we can wash more than just eachother's backs."
  344. >A hand suddenly slides around your waist, and a solid red flag shoots up in your head.
  345. >Shifting aside and around, you grab her by the wrist and start pulling her from the room.
  346. "You just crossed the line there. If you had asked politely, I might have showered with you, but that nixed your chances."
  347. >Pushing her out, you catch sight of Celestia's tail dissapearing from the main room.
  348. >As you are about to close the bathroom door, she grabs your wrist, looking at the ground.
  349. >"I'm sorry, Celestia said..."
  350. >Cutting her off by placing a hand over her mouth, you pat her head with the other.
  351. "I understand, just be yourself, and ignore any advice that you wouldn't do yourself."
  352. >She nods before you slip back into the bathroom and close the door.
  353. >Fucking overprotective, pushy princess.
  359. >Staying here with the candidates is not as bad as you had expected.
  360. >For the most part, they are fairly normal, leading you to assume Celestia was nudging them all along.
  361. >After things calmed down a bit, a few of them left, likely only there because you would have been a "meal ticket" for them.
  362. >Still, a surprising number remain, and each one shows some form of true interest in you.
  363. >Echo is one of them, a night pony guard, who has been assigned to you personally after she agreed to be a candidate.
  364. >You hardly saw her at first, but she shifted her nocturnal schedule so she can spend time with you.
  365. >It's rather sweet of her, honestly.
  366. >Thunder sounds outside the room, and you hear a knocking at the balcony door.
  367. >Slipping over, the others out and about, you let in the soggy night pony.
  368. >While she used to patrol at night, after her schedule shift, she has to now patrol in the day.
  369. "Hey, anything interesting happen?" you ask, bringing her a towel.
  370. >"Not really. Nop0ny would do anything in this storm."
  371. >As she struggles to dry herself off, you take the towel and help.
  372. >She suddenly stiffens a little, before relaxing as you go over her coat.
  373. "There we go," you say, finishing your job, and she turns to you with a small smile.
  374. >"Thanks Anon, it always takes too long to dry myself."
  375. >A gust of wind from the open balcony door blows in, extinguishing the candles and fireplace, plunging the room into near darkness.
  376. >"I'll get the door," Echo says, and you hear her hooves clopping against the floor as she walks.
  377. >Trying to find a candle, you stumble over something, and hit the ground with a crash.
  378. "Gah, damn it,' you curse, trying to get yourself untangled from the chair and cushions you fell over.
  379. >The door is closed, and Echo runs over, helping pull you from the tangle.
  380. >When you're upright again, she trots off before a small light starts, slowly growing as a candle takes life.
  381. >With the small light, you manage to get the fireplace lit again, and sit down in front of it.
  382. >"Are you alright, Anon?" Echo asks, sitting on a cushion next to you, "I can smell blood."
  383. >With the increased light, you can see you have a scrape on your arm, and it's starting to bleed.
  384. "It's nothing, just a scrape," you say, showing her.
  385. >Her soft nose brushes against your arm, before you feel a wet sensation as her tongue darts out to lick the injury.
  386. "H... hey, what are you doing?" you ask, pulling your arm back.
  387. >"Sorry, I thought you were holding it out for me..."
  388. "Night ponies drink blood?"
  389. >"Sort of. We don't have to, but it's one of those things that is really tasty for us."
  390. "Huh..."
  391. >Holding your arm out for her again, she looks up at you, before smiling.
  392. >"Thanks Anon," she says, licking it again.
  393. >Resting a hand on her head, you relax as she cleans your wound.
  394. >Finishing, she looks up at you and asks, "is there anything you want, Anon? As thanks for this?"
  395. "No, it's fine."
  396. >Sitting up a bit, she looks around a moment, before darting up and giving you a kiss on the cheek and dashing away.
  397. >"Thanks again, Anon," she calls back as she heads out, leaving you alone in the expansive room again.
  400. Walking with the diamond dog. Celestia peeks in on them, and seeing how they get along, she secretly sets them up at night.
  402. >With the dark storm raging outside, day and night blur, and you find yourself waking extremely early, if the clock is right.
  403. >Pulling yourself from bed, you thankfully find yourself its only occupant, though you aren't the only one up.
  404. >Morkka, the only Diamond Dog to stay, is up as well, shaking out her coat.
  405. >"Yer up early, Anon," she comments, pulling on her vest.
  406. "Yeah, I guess so. This storm is really messing with my internal clock."
  407. >"Not mine. Living underground, the sun isn't important. Can guess the time no matter what."
  408. "Hmnn," you mumble with a nod, pulling on a clean shirt, "So, what are you doing up so early?"
  409. >"Like to walk in the morning. Helps me wake up," she replies simply, heading for the door.
  410. "Mind if I join you?"
  411. >She shrugs, so you sprint a bit to catch up before falling in step beside her.
  412. >The hallways are fairly empty save the occasional guard or servant, and your passage is never impeded.
  413. "So... Why did you decide to come here," you ask, trying to break the silence.
  414. >"You. Princess pony was looking for dogs who wanted to carry your kids, and I said yes."
  415. >Letting out a sigh, you press two fingers against your forehead.
  416. "Why am I not surprised. Celestia's as subtle as a brick."
  417. >"She's nice though. Let me meet you, even though you don't want to mate. All the big dogs are stupid, and the small ones are mean. You're big and nice, and I like you."
  418. >Her honesty brings you a smile, and you reach over and scratch her ears.
  419. "Thank you for saying that, it's nice of you."
  420. >lips lifting in a smile, she tilts into your hand a little as you walk.
  421. >Unknown to either of you, a certain sun princess watches through a cracked open door.
  422. >Wandering through the castle, the two of you make idle conversation as you pass the time, before breakfast begins.
  423. >After eating, you head off your own seperate ways, along with the other girls.
  424. >Despite the fact the storm was supposed to end today, it shows no signs of stopping.
  425. >With outside out of the question, you get directions to the guard gym to help keep from gaining weight while trapped here.
  426. >Echo pops in to check on you during her patrols, and Cybelle, the minotaur, stops by for a few excercises as well.
  427. >As lunch rolls around, you've worked up a good sweat, so you snag a quick shower before heading for food.
  428. >The lunch hall is abnormally empty, a scant handfull of guards, maids and assorted guests sit around the table.
  429. >Occupying your afternoon with the library, a letter is dropped off for you, just before dinner time.
  430. >There's no marking on the seal, so you pop it open and read.
  431. >*To Anonymous,
  432. >I would like to meet you after dinner, but I'm too busy to ask, so I sent this letter.
  433. >I will be waiting in the third room on the second floor coming from the throne room.
  434. >From, Morkka.*
  435. >Despite the oddness of the letter, you think nothing of it as you head for dinner.
  436. >Steak and potatoes, a simple meal, but filling nonetheless, and you head for the room in Morkka's letter.
  437. >Like with the dining room, there are few ponies around, and opening the door to the room, you head inside.
  438. >Bright red walls, a king sized four poster bed and scented candles fill the room, and you start to take a step back.
  439. >The door closes instantly behind you, and despite turning the knob, it doesn't open.
  440. >Checking over everything, there's no way out, so you just sit at the end of the bed.
  441. "Hello? Celestia, why are you doing this?" you call out, looking around.
  442. >Your question echoes around the room, no response to be had.
  443. >sitting there, you wait.
  444. >And wait.
  445. >And wait...
  446. >Suddenly, the door opens, and Morkka steps in, slight traces of confusion on her face.
  447. "Wait! The door!" you call out, and before she can react, the door closes.
  448. >Again, it's locked, and you sit back down on the bed.
  449. >"What did you want, Anon?" she asks, looking at you.
  450. "I came because of a letter from you apparently, but I have the feeling Celestia is behind this."
  451. >"I got a letter from you too."
  452. >Sighing, you walk to the door.
  453. "Celestia, let us out."
  454. >Her sing-song voice replies through the door, "Have fun, lovebirds."
  455. >Fucking overprotective Celestia.
  460. Anon starts showing some minor interest in the possibility of sex(Him playing with Cybelle+her breasts).
  463. >Staring at the door, you feel your hand twitch again, reminding you of why you are here.
  464. >It feels stupid, and you know it is, but...
  465. "It was just one touch but... why does it feel like home?"
  466. >Your hand makes another grasping motion, answering your own question.
  467. >Sighing, you push open the door and head inside the group room.
  468. >The girls are all off doing there own thing, but thanks to Celestia, the one you want is there.
  469. >"Oh, hey Anon, what brings you here?" Cybelle asks, hopping up from her seat.
  470. "I was hoping to see you, actually. I have a... a favour to ask, I guess."
  471. >"Of course, whatever you want."
  472. >Stepping over, you whisper in her ear.
  473. >A bright red blush forms, but she nods and asks, "Why though? I thought you weren't interested."
  474. "I can't exactly explain it either, but I guess it's because it reminded me of home, before Equestria."
  475. >She nods before asking, "So, um... how do you want to do this?"
  476. "I figured you could sit in my lap. It might be more comfortable for you that way."
  477. >A big smile reforms on her face, and she motions you to her seat excitedly.
  478. >"Of course that's fine. In fact, that's the best way to do it, I think."
  479. >As you sit, she carefully hops into your lap, arms to the side.
  480. >Taking a deep breath, you reach around, resting your hands on her stomach.
  481. >Slowly moving them up, you feel her shiver slightly under your hands.
  482. >Letting your eyes close, you turn your hands and cup the bottom of her ample breasts, feeling their weight.
  483. >Lightly juggling them, you slide up higher, feeling her small teats under your fingers.
  484. >Brushing one up and down, you trace around the other while squeezing the mound of flesh.
  485. >Cybelle moans, before covering her mouth with her hands, and in response, you give her nipples a gentle tug.
  486. "I don't mind if you enjoy this, in fact, I'm glad you do, even though you are doing this for me."
  487. >"Um, maybe you would like to... suck on them?"
  488. >She turns a bit, your hands releasing her supple mounds.
  489. "If you want me to, I guess I can."
  490. >With a bit of a blush, she nods and hops up so she can straddle your lap.
  491. >Cupping a breast, you lean down and bring it up a bit, enveloping her nipple in your mouth.
  492. >Flicking the little nub with your tongue, you hear Cybelle moan, before latching onto it.
  493. >Applying a little suction, you are surprised when a thin stream of milk enters your mouth.
  494. >Pulling back, you see her blushing, covering her eyes with her hands.
  495. >"I've been lactating since the seed test, and..."
  496. "A little warning would have been nice."
  497. >Peeking from behind her hand, she sees your calm face, and nods.
  498. >Going back to her breast, you start suckling again, enjoying the fresh milk.
  499. ~~~
  500. >Lying on a bench in the gardens, you let your body digest, feeling more at home than you have before in your time here.
  501. >A slightly awkward clopping of hooves approaches, whoever it is having trouble with co-ordination.
  502. >"Anonymous, are you out here?" you hear Celestia call out.
  503. "Yeah, I'm resting out here right now."
  504. >The awkward steps approach, and you open your eyes and look over.
  505. >Celestia is doing the equine equivalent of waddling, her rear legs spread out further than normal.
  506. "Uh, hey, what's up, Celly?"
  507. >She waddles over, sitting next to you with a small wince.
  508. >"Ah, I was just wondering if you'd like to help me with something?"
  509. "What kind of something?"
  510. >"Well, I noticed how much you like big breasts, so..."
  511. >Rearing up, she reveals a pair of white breasts bloated up to the size of melons between her rear legs.
  512. "Uh... nope, I ain't touching those."
  513. >Sitting up and hopping off the bench, you speed walk into the castle, not looking back, despite her softly calling, "Please, they're really sensitive..."
  514. >Fucking misproportioned, misunderstanding princess.
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