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Joker Quest IF: Yui

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May 14th, 2014
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  1. (Gentlemen - The following scene takes place in Episode 84. Initially, it was intended to be a lot more explicit; However, that turned out to be rather more difficult to fit in than I expected.)
  3. "I'm - No - Anon, *wait*..." Yui's legs bump into the desk, as she takes a tentative step back - Her paper shield still up, her eyes spinning in her head as her breath catches. "I'm not - I'm not ready for..."
  5. Her voice dissolves into a soft gasp, an "Oh~!" when you put your hand to her forehead; Yui's skin is amazingly soft to the touch, as a tremor races through her - She leans away, then towards you at once, her eyes squeezing shut at the warm contact.
  7. ...You're pretty sure that's a fever.
  9. "H, haaaa-" She's breathing hard, now - Cornered against the table, entirely overwhelmed, her pulse hammering at a million miles at hour; Her body tensing and going limp at the same time, as her head cants back-
  11. -And then her lips part, ever-so-slowly, her chest rising and falling with each slow breath, as a soft, sweeter exhalation pulses from her silky throat.
  13. > [X] Kiss her.
  15. Yui gasps, just once, as your mouth closes on hers - Her body tensing in unalloyed surprise, as a soft, breathless sound purrs from her sleek throat. Her hazel eyes - Soft, flecked with blue - widen with fleeting embarrassment, with ephemeral surprise, her cheeks flushed with rising heat...
  17. -And then her eyes squeeze shut, with a flutter of long lashes, and her lips move against yours.
  19. "Mmmmn-" It's a small sound, soft as a whisper - A gentle surrusation of breath, the rustle of silken hair as it falls to her waist. The table rattles as it rocks in place, her stocking-sheathed legs moving against yours with the faint hiss of fabric; A slow, sensuous shiver thrumming through her, a ripple that begins at the very centre of her being.
  21. She's so *soft* - The instinctive arch of her back pressing herself against you, the warm contact coaxing forth a shiver from the very base of her spine; Her slim fingers trembling minutely as they entwine with yours, a gesture as innocent as it is impossibly intimate.
  23. "H-haaan~" Yui's full lips form a perfect, trembling circle - Warm, yielding, with the faintest hint of peppermint - as her chest rises and falls with each heated breath. The dizzying connection lasts for an eternal moment - But when the softest sigh peals from her lips, when her legs buckle beneath her, you're ready; Your arms around her slim waist, drawing her close before she can fall. Close enough for to feel her racing pulse, the play of her slender limbs, the gossamer caress of her crisp tresses against your cheek-
  25. "A, anon-kun..." It's hushed, whispered - Her pale face upturned, her eyes hazy, impossibly soft; As if all her reserve has melted away, to leave a tender shyness, a growing wonder. "I can't..."
  27. Yui ducks her head, her words muffled, almost inaudible - There's something tentative to her touch, as if afraid you'll let go; Brown eyes hazy, slim shoulders heaving in time to her panting breath. Her gaze darts down, to where the swell of her bosom spreads softness against your chest - She exhales, but doesn't pull away, a trace of embarrassment colouring her murmur.
  29. "S-suddenly, my legs...I can't-"
  31. Her brow furrows, the crimson flush spreading - Turning into you, her face in the hollow of your neck, enough that you can feel the motion of her lips against your skin.
  33. "...S-stand on my own..."
  35. The confession makes her blush all over again, her slim fingers tracing abstract patterns against your back; A breathless, tremulous note to her voice, trepidation - And a kind of a sweet, hazy fascination - writ large on once-composed features, vulnerable like never before.
  37. The late afternoon sun dapples the classroom gold - Long shadows slanting against the tiled floor. The numinous glow lingers, as Yui settles against you; Going quiet again as she calms, a whisper of wind teasing stray strands of softly-scented hair. It's a moment of perfect, unalloyed tranquility - Quiet, intimate, the sleek curve of Yui's form pressed against your chest as the tension drains from her at last, with a sound like the softest of sighs.
  39. "Anon..." Her hand finds yours, again - From the shift in the gentle timbre of her voice, you can hear she's turned her face from yours. Through the palms of her hands, you can feel her tremors flickering back to life, coaxed forth by the warm contact. You feel like you should say-
  41. "-Don't." She puts her cheek to yours, a frisson of heat beneath her velvety skin. "Just..." A shivery breath, those soft, limpid eyes meeting yours."I just-"
  43. Your lips slide down her long, smooth throat, as Yui lifts her chin to let you taste her to the collarbone; A shivery moan thrumming forth from the very core of her being, a heady, husky sound that merges a creak and a sigh. Her slender arms come alive - Reaching up and behind your head, warm, sliding behind your neck.
  45. This time - When she turns her head *just so*, to find her lips with your own - they part a little more, and her tongue slides into your mouth. It's tentative, almost shy...At first. When it flickers against your own, Yui's eyes go wide; As if startled by her own boldness, as she manages-
  47. "I - nnnnn, *nnnnn*..."
  49. Dark spots dance in your field of vision, as your tongues duel. It sends a sparking contact through you, as your hands slide up and over Yui's flanks - Her school uniform clinging to every inch of her curves, as she gives voice to another moan-
  51. -And when your touch finds the rounded, yielding softness above, her heels push against the ground as her shiver becomes a shudder. She gives a little cry, a tiny yip - A sound that merges with a thready mewl as you knead and fondle and caress, her school uniform bunching and sliding with a crisp hiss, until hard points stand out against smooth cloth.
  53. Yui's breathing hard, now - Panting as she comes up for air. Her arms cross, more by instinct than by intention, over her chest; She stifles a gasp at the friction of fabric on skin - Her back curving, ever-so-slightly, as she leans forward...Her lissome legs pressed tautly together, new colour flaming in her cheeks. Sleek muscles in her thighs tense, as your hand finds the small of her back; Guiding her down, down to the table's surface, a tremor coursing through every fibre of her being as her fingers bite into your shoulders-
  55. There's a knock. Another.
  57. "Yui-chan?"
  59. The vague blur of a silhouette, beyond the door; The faint clatter of footsteps. Yui's chin comes up a little - Her lips moving open, eyes wide and soft, drawing a shivery breath. Her tresses spill across the table, like a glossy halo - Framing her lovely features, freed from the prim line of the band that holds it in place. Something close to panic flickers across her features; She's about to give vent to a guilty gasp of surprise, the thought of discovery making her skin burn hot and cold at once...
  61. -But when you stop her mouth with your own, her arms tighten around you as if she'll never let you go. Her gasp melds with a soft, muffled moan - The yielding sweetness of her lips parting once more, drawing you in, letting the pure sensation drown out all else; This time, you actually feel *your* knees go weak, something urgent and passionate crossing that warm connection - Her body arching against yours, locked in an embrace, until you can feel every *inch* of her form against yours...
  63. A faint sigh, on the other side of the door.
  65. "Haaaa ~ Guess she isn't in."
  67. The clatter of footsteps, withdrawing. It takes Yui rather longer to release you; For a long, long moment, the only sound in the room is her soft breathing, her hands sliding down to your arms - Reluctant to break the contact, the slight tremble of her fingers stilled at last. For a heartbeat, she glances down and to the side.
  69. Yui's dishevelled, deliciously so - Her skirt rumpled, her blouse wrinkled and creased - But then she turns her head, and her expression is as wondering, as warm, as the dawning sun.
  71. "Anon-kun..." It's all she says, at first. The way she says it - Lilting, soft, those full lips curving in the faintest smile - makes it as intimate as a shared secret. The intensity spreads warmth through your body, pleasantly uncomfortable; The silence lingering, Yui's voice sweet with gentle surety.
  73. "Anon..."
  75. She draws a slow breath; Hesitating, balancing on a precipice, as her emotions play out across her features - Shyness, anxiety, determination - all in the instant before she takes the plunge-
  77. "-I know it's indecent-"
  79. "-I know it's sudden-"
  81. "But...Please-"
  83. The roses bloom in her cheeks, and the next words are a soft, secret whisper.
  85. --------------------------
  87. "Nnnnnn - *mmmmm* -"
  89. Motes of light dance in the late afternoon sun. The fragrance of honeysuckle, of sage - sweet and intoxicating - lingers in the air. Yui's softly-curving heat nestles against you, the edges of her blouse - The buttons unfastened one-by-one, catching the light with a pearlescent gleam - scratching lightly against your skin. The ebb and swell of her bosom, freed from its confines at last, grows more heated by the moment; When you cup the soft, rounded weight in one hand, so infinitely yielding yet firm at once, the delicious shudder begins at the arch of her back, and courses through her being.
  91. Face-to-face, now. The faint creak of the tables beneath you - The rustle of the wind through the trees - are distant reminders of where and when...But they recede into the background, a hazy golden blur, the hem of Yui's pleated skirt whispering against her skin, as the soft silk of her legs entwine with yours-
  93. She's different from Cybele - Infinitely so. You remember the surreal, sharp-edged pulse of each moment; A clarity, almost terrible in it's intensity, a desire so cold it burned. But here, now - There's a softness, a warmth, as your touch finds the sloping curve of Yui's hip, then further, then down-
  95. "-!"
  97. Her lips part in a wordless cry - Lovely features contorting, those limpid brown eyes squeezing shut; A molten heat against your questing fingers, parting beneath your touch, the faint sound becoming a moist rhythm, her flush spreading all the way to her neck as it echoes in her ears. A faint sheen of sweat glistens on her skin, as she presses up against you - Urgently, now, finding the pace, moving *with* it...
  99. When your touch withdraws, there's a new scent to the air.
  101. "Uuuu..."
  103. The look in her eyes - It's hot enough to melt an iceberg, as Yui's gaze locks with yours. A piquant mix of embarrassment, breathless disbelief, fascination...And bliss, the waves of her hair trembling against her cheeks. She never looks away - Even as you move against her and...
  105. -Into her.
  107. Her body goes taut - Her gasp smothered against your chest, a hot shudder racing up her spine. Her expression contorts, long lashes trembling, as she convulses against you - Drawing away and pressing close in the exact same motion, her full breasts pillowed against your chest; Hard enough to make her perfect teeth work against her lips, her hand gripping yours and *squeezing*...
  109. There's a moment, when something changes in her. When the last of the tension drains away, and Yui melts into you - A haze of warmth, of need, of flesh on sun-dappled flesh, descending. Her arms tighten against you; Her legs against your waist, her lips against yours, as all else melds into one.
  111. --------------------------
  113. Later.
  115. The world's warmth is centered against you, in the soft, silken weight of Yui's form against your lap - Her breath coming in a gentle, easy surrusation, her back against your chest; The scent of her hair is a heady bouquet, her slim fingers tracing slow circles against your hands, where they meet before her.
  117. The sweet silence that lingers is intimate, companionable - Yui's slightest motions communicated against you, as she leans back to rest her head against your shoulder.
  119. Oddly shy, now...
  121. "I - I can't believe..." There's a quiet wonder in Yui's hushed voice - Soft, disbelieving - but somehow lighter than before. Her words trail off into a melting sigh, with the faintest lift of her form.
  123. "...We - could really have been in trouble, there..."
  125. Yep.
  127. It's strange, to hear her Yui talk like this; It sounds like she's marvelling at what's transpired, with a kind of unselfconscious mischief - Her lips curved in a shy smile, sneaking glances back at you, through her lashes. She reaches up, to brush stray strands of hair back from her eyes...Only to flush, slightly, as you do it for her - Your hand cupping her cheek, just long enough to summon a blush.
  129. "H-hey."
  131. You wait, but the next words never come - As Yui draws a slow, steeling breath, summoning courage from the very core of her being...
  133. "-stay with me-"
  135. It's a mumble, barely audible. Yui's hands tug lightly against your shirt, her expression wavering, a complexity of emotions playing out across her face. She's trying to say something, but just can't bring herself to...
  137. Until-
  139. "Anon-kun..."
  141. "-I love you."
  143. Yui's voice catches, as she marvels at her own words - A soft giggle, almost disbelieving, coaxed from her lips. Her smile becomes infinitely softer, infinitely more vulnerable, somehow; Yet there's a joy in it, a joy rarely glimpsed, that lights up her features from within.
  145. "So please - For as long as you can - Please...Stay by my side."
  147. A hand comes to rest just above her heart, as the wind rises. The gauzy curtains flutter in the rising breeze, Yui's dark hair swaying in time to the cool caress of the wind, like the flag of her declaration. In the light of the late afternoon sun, she's breathtaking, radiant - For one glorious instant, you've never seen anyone quite as beautiful.
  149. A perfect moment.
  151. And as the eternal instant lingers - As she waits for your answer -
  153. -You wonder if the next one will ever come.
  157. THE END (?)
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