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  1. Hello all!  I'm aindilis, I'm an A.I. enthusiast and 7DRL will be my second game-jam.  Team Prolog had a blast doing Ludum Dare 44:  This time around, we're building a larger more diverse team (about 5-6 people currently).  We're hoping to do an AI-heavy approach using the longstanding PrologMUD project:  We are focusing on the dialog aspect, in particular world-building.  So you can say things like "cats can get drunk after consuming 1/4 the alcohol as it takes a person to get drunk", and the system will store the English in the Knowledge Base, parse it using E2C (the key concept behind our entry) and then the rule becomes binding in the roguelike.  So we're imagining something that tries to resemble the granularity of Dwarf Fortress (obviously not the breadth), but with the ability to rapidly build the world like Minecraft, only using English.  We're looking to write the GUI in Emacs by forking RLX (calling it REX).  We want a lot of interaction with PrologMUD from Emacs, such as retrieving objects and editing their descriptions.  As for gameplay, we haven't figured out exactly how it will work but there is a lot of room there for something really cool given the novelty of the approach.  We're looking to recruit people with any skillset who find the project interesting and fun.  We've been discussing on ##narrative-ai @ freenode, but are planning a move to #logicmoo @ freenode.
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