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  1. List of books mentioned in my presentation at Disruptive Change:
  3. (Caveat: Sometimes, but not always, the latest by the same author is "better" on the same topic)
  5. Ray Kurzweil - The Singularity is Near
  6. Eric von Hippel - Democratizing Innovation
  7. Kevin Kelly - New Rules for the New Economy
  8. Brafman & Beckstrom - The Starfish and the Spider
  9. Brian W. Arthur - The Nature of Technology
  10. Seth Godin - Linchpin
  11. Daniel H. Pink - A Whole new Mind
  12. Tor Norretranders - The Generous Man
  13. Clay Shirky - Cognitive Surplus
  14. Nicholas Taleb - The Black Swan
  16. Two other books, not mentioned, that I really recommend:
  18. Lawrence Lessig - The Future of Ideas
  19. Eric Drexler - Engines of Creation
  21. If you only have time to read one of these, find more time. But in any case make sure to read The Generous Man.
  23. /Troed
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