Response to being accused of criminal acts

Jul 15th, 2012
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  1. A lot of accusations of criminal actions have been thrown at me this last week, I want to take a minute to clear everything up.
  3. William Welna aka SanguineRose formerly known as Angelus or Azazel was contracted to do some work for me during the summer/fall of 2011. Due to him not having a functioning computer at the time he was provided a Dell Dimension E520 and a Dell Inspiron 1505 to perform his work. Further he provided documents to verify his education and identity so transportation costs in the form of an American Airlines ticket could be provided for him.
  5. I had difficulties with his completing his work, and our business relationship failed. After a violent episode between him and his girlfriend he moved back to Connecticut. I then imaged the drive of the E520 to preserve the source code that he had failed to complete. He was allowed to retain possession of the Inspiron Laptop as compensation for work that he promised to complete.
  7. Flash forward 6 months to March 2012. After I expressed concerns to ReaperSec members CryptKper and x_RyuJin_x about Will's providing logs and attempting to entrap people into illegal activities I was banned from their channels. I retired from internet drama until about 2 weeks ago when my inactive twitter @Pythorian was pinged with a link to where Will had posted pictures of one of my girlfriends. In addition my dox were dropped and legitimacy of my company's actions were called in to question, causing me financial harm.
  9. I approached ReaperSec to see what was going on and was greeted with again being banned from their channels. As a result of their sanctioning Will's actions, I am reaffirmed that ReaperSec is no longer neutral ground and therefore no longer has a place on the internet.
  11. I then forwarded some of the contents of the drive previously taken and property of myself to Kelly Hallissey @Bitchiest to do with as she felt was appropriate. Since that time, logs of illegal activities involving Jen Emick @AsherahResearch, William Welna @Sanguinarious, and others have come to light. In addition to their entrapment of blackhats, faking logs, and conspiring to commit various felonies.
  13. I have not provided any system / cardboard box to the FBI, nor am I in posession of the one depicted by @AsherahResearch, and I no longer have possession of the E520 due to present location relating to work. Right now I trust that the community of grayhats will police themselves.
  15. Best Regards
  16. Pythorian
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