Elastic Panic A01-A19

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  1. The full moon shone down on the first day of May, a special Mayday for one Mae indeed.
  2. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you." Sam sang a little off key as Mae beamed. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal prepared by her perfect boyfriend. He carefully brought out the cake that he made while destroying the kitchen with his limited culinary skills. A single large candle had been spiked through its center.
  3. "Only one candle?" Mae asked as Sam put down the cake, "If I'm that old, we'll have to rethink our relationship."
  4. "Hmmm, and here I thought it would give you some other ideas." Sam said, tracing a pair of lips in the frosting around the burning pink candle as he gave her a kiss. Mae giggled and slapped him, "So what are you going to wish for on your twenty second birthday?"
  5. "I don't know- I think I've got everything I've ever wanted." Mae sighed, as she looked at the burning candle.
  6. "Well, I'm sure you'll make it a good one."
  7. "Oh yes - I'm sure I will." Mae said, pausing for a moment. She took a deep breath, and blew out the candle. "I wish I could be all that I could be." She wished to herself.
  8. "Was it a good one?" Sam asked, reaching into his back pocket. Mae smiled and nodded as Sam pulled out a small box, "Could it be this?" He asked, opening up the box as he got down on one knee, "Mae, would you marry me?" Mae's eyes grew wide with delight at the sight of the golden ring.
  9. "Oh, Sam - Yes I will!" Mae said hugging Sam and kissing him. Sam took out the ring and put it on her trembling finger. Before he could apologize for not having something fancier, Mae hugged and kissed him again. Sam could almost swear her arms were getting longer with each hug.
  10. The cake went uneaten - they both knew there were other things to eat that night.
  11. ________________________________________
  12. Mae admired her ring again - it was modest, but they had both put all of their money into buying the little house they now called home. But with Sam off at work, she had to earn her keep.
  13. She sat down in front of her unfinished painting and got to work. She began work on it, but soon heard a clink on the floor. She looked down to see one of her earrings had fallen out. "Odd" She thought, reaching down and easily picking it up - even though she was on a high stool. The clip was still in place, so how could it have fallen out?
  14. Mae reached up to put it back in, but couldn't find the piercing in her ear. She got up and looked in the mirror, but she couldn't even find the indentation where it should have been. It was like it had never been there at all.
  15. As she puzzled about this, she heard another clink - her other earring had fallen out. Looking at her other ear, she watched as the piercing and its indentation vanished before her eyes. She looked at the other earring she had just picked up, and realized she had picked it up off the floor without bending over.
  16. What was going on she wondered, putting her arms down to her sides. Another clink. Mae looked down to see her prized ring rolling under the table.
  17. "Oh no you don't!" Mae said bending down to reach after the rolling ring. She was so focused on the ring, that she failed to see her arm growing longer and longer - or how good it felt as she snaked it around the legs, and snatched up her prized ring. "Gotcha!" She said standing up, her hand hovering at the end of a long serpentine right arm, holding the ring tightly. With a start, she realized her arm looped around the floor like a long pink hose.
  18. She stared for a moment.
  19. And then gave a wail of distress.
  20. Looking in the mirror didn't help, as she saw she was opening her mouth at least a foot long. She shut her mouth and her eyes , "This is not happening, this can't be happening, what is going on here?" She muttered over and over. She opened her eyes to see if her arm was still stretched out.
  21. It was back to normal.
  22. "Paint fumes, it has got to be the paint fumes." Mae muttered as she opened the windows to let in some cool spring air. Hesitating for a moment, she put her ring back on. Her earrings she left behind.
  23. While she aired out the room, she went to the computer to check how her online auctions were going. She had almost forgotten about her apparent hallucination, when suddenly her ring fell off again as she was typing.
  24. Mae put it back on - it was a perfect fit- and again, it fell off. Mae put it on the desk and pondered it for a moment. There was no way Sam would have given her a trick ring. Could he? Mae pushed away from the desk - and pushed, as her legs stretched out of her tight jeans like toothpaste coming out of the tube. Mae gawked before she hit the other side of the room on the wheeled swivel chair, and then she looked again. Her legs were impossibly long. And flexible.
  25. Cautiously, she bent over and reached down to feel them - and her arm began to stretch out of her blouse sleeve. "All right, this was real." she decided, "Or one hell of a dream."
  26. Mae focused on what she should look like, and slowly, her arm and legs retracted to their more normal lengths - although the tight jeans she had on made it difficult. She sat for a moment wondering what she could do - what should be done.
  27. Was it a dream? She got up and went to the living room, where she stretched her arm out across the room and turned the television on. A news commentator appeared, rattling on about SPAMgate, the latest scandal. She changed the channel. Again, and again, and again. Surely she couldn't dream up so much bad TV. It was real.
  28. Somehow, she had become a stretching freak.
  29. She needed some advice. Someone to talk to.
  30. But who to call? Not the doctor - she didn't want to become a publicized freak. Her parents, who had moved to Florida said they were going on some cruise that week. And Sam! What would her dear Sam think of this?
  31. There was Rachel. Her best friend. She knew Mae even better than Sam.
  32. Mae turned off the television, and stretched into the kitchen, barely thinking about it, and called Ray.
  33. "Giganto Conglomo Corp, how may I direct your call?" Ray's voice answered in an uninspired way. It wasn't a dream job, but it paid her pretty well.
  34. "Ray, it's me, Mae," Mae said, turning around to sit - only to realize her lower half was still standing in the living room- she had stretched all the way in, "I have a - a problem and need your advice."
  35. "Oh, Hi girlfriend, hold on." Ray said brightening up, "Okay, I'm off the clock - what's new? Rethinking having a boyfriend?"
  36. "No, no, in fact he proposed last night," Mae said uncertainly. Ray wanted to hear all about it, and after Mae told her the details, and heard the congratulations, Mae continued, "Anyway, I suddenly found out I have a - problem." By this time, Mae had managed to rest her snaky stretchy torso on a chair, and walk her lower half into the small kitchen.
  37. "What kind of problem?"
  38. "I - can't really go into details about it," Mae said, wondering how she could realistically explain how her lower half was pacing nervously back and forth while her upper half was sort of seated, " It's kind of unusual - and I'm afraid it might really damage our relationship."
  39. "Mae, look - I can't tell you much without knowing what's wrong - and there must be something pretty wrong for you to call me here." Ray said in a concerned tone , "But look - you two have been going out forever, and you have that true love thing going on y'know. Whatever it is, I'm sure he won't stop loving you for it."
  40. "Are you sure?"
  41. "Well, unless you've decided to become a lesbian - then you can come and shack up with me." Ray said with a laugh. Mae smiled, "Uh oh - supervisor's coming. Look, as long as you two love each other, everything is going to be all right, you know - ah - Yes and thank you for your interest in purchasing computers from Giganto Conglomo Corp. Why hello Mr. Outhouse." Ray hung up to face the wrath of her taskmaster, leaving Mae alone again.
  42. Ray did have some good advice though, Mae had to admit. She stretched herself out, and back into shape. She would have to be honest with Sam and show him what had happened to her - who knew, maybe he could figure out what had happened to her.
  43. But first, a change of clothes was in order.
  44. Her tight jeans kept on squeezing her ass and legs. Normally she found it a turn on, but now that she was elastic, it felt like she was being squeezed out of a tube. Her bra felt restrictive as well. As she took off her blouse, she realized it was sinking into her. She hastily took it off and tossed it aside. She then took off - or rather, stretched out of her jeans. Tossing aside her panties, she went into the bathroom to look herself over in the full length mirror on the door.
  45. She looked the same as she always did - fair light pink skin, long light blonde hair, dark green eyes, and a killer bod, as Sam would say. Her breasts seemed a bit perkier and her body, blemish free. She began to look down at her left thigh, then thought better of it - and stretched her head down to it. The light faded scar she had gotten while playing as a child had vanished. All that was there was soft supple skin. Not even the stubble from shaving her legs could be seen.
  46. She looped her neck around her body, inspecting every inch for any possible imperfection she could think of- and found none. The only thing she did find was how good it felt to stretch out- especially when she wasn't freaking out about suddenly being a living rubber band!
  47. Mae looked at herself in the mirror again and smiled weakly at the sight - her body was wrapped up by her neck like a headless mummy, with only her hands, feet and privates peeking out of the seams. She squeezed herself like a boa constrictor might- and it felt so good!
  48. This had to be real. It felt too good to be a dream, she decided, as she unwound her neck from around her body and got dressed.
  49. She only hoped Sam would like it as much as she did.
  50. ________________________________________
  51. Elsewhen, a pair of dark eyes glanced over his should, as if something was tickling the back of his neck.
  52. "Is something wrong mi'lord?" Asked the gray-haired scribe. His liege rarely stopped dictating a declaration this long.
  53. "It's - nothing." the lord of the Retreat said, taking the scroll and looking it over, "Yes, this shall do." He would make it do. In any case, it was his celebration that evening, and whatever fleeting premonition he had felt vanished.
  54. Almost.
  57. Mae continued to experiment, but one thing was certain- as long as she was elastic, half her wardrobe was unwearable. Her turtlenecks, tight jeans, anything that was snug and form fitting threatened to squeeze her out of its openings.
  58. Not that it didn't feel good to have that happen.
  59. She found her new abilities improved her painting a bit, as she could easily stretch and work from the oddest angles.
  60. She was cleaning up when Sam finally got home, toting another machine in the back of their pickup. While Sam might be an engineer, he loved to tinker and repair old machines of all sorts, which he was usually able to resell and add to their income. She began making dinner as he unloaded the truck and put the equipment into his workshop, a converted carriage barn that filled up one side of the yard.
  61. "Hi honey," Sam said as he finally came in and kissed her,"I think I've gotten all the parts to fix the carny pipe organ I've been working on."
  62. "Glad to hear it," Mae said, "Let's eat -I've got something to tell you after dinner." Sam dug in as Mae picked at her food and listened to him explain in detail the seal assembly he needed to rebuild to fix the organ. It did slowly sink in through his thick skull that something was bothering Mae.
  63. "So, how was your day?" He finally asked.
  64. "It was - very different." Mae said, "Something just - happened to me, and I don't know how to explain it..."
  65. "Don't tell me - you're a lesbian nymphomaniac just like Rachel." Sam joked as he leaned back in his chair. Mae smiled sweetly and pushed at Sam.
  66. "No, nothing like that - let me show you." Mae said Same leaned back in his chair as Mae reached - and stretched - her arm reaching up across the room to open the cupboard door, and take out a glass. Sam looked at Mae's arm in amazement - and then as Mae, who looked at him nervously - before he tipped his chair back too far and lost his balance. Mae reached quickly, stretching and grabbing his chair before it hit the floor, and righting it.
  67. "Whoa - what - how?" Sam said shaking his head, still dumbfounded, "It that for real?"
  68. "Yes, it is." Mae said, stretching her other arm over to the sink and filling the glass with water, and leaving it in front of the bewildered Sam, "It just - started this morning. I don't know how or why- it just - did. I mean - I don't know..." She trailed off, looking worried.
  69. "Hey, hey, don't worry hon," Sam said, going over and hugging Mae. Mae hugged back, wrapping her arms around Sam several times much to his amazement, "Look, I don't care if you're rubber, or plastic or whatever - I'll always love you."
  70. "You will?" Mae said, looking in his concerned eyes.. She could tell he was telling her the truth, "And I'll always love you." She hugged him harder, and for a bit, Sam felt like he was in the grip of a boa constrictor. Mae finally let go, wiping the tears from her eyes, as Sam digested his lover's strange stretching situation.
  71. "So, uh- what else have you tried- like this?" Sam ventured.
  72. "My legs, my body, my neck," Mae said, stretching each part out and around Sam as he watched, "The more I do it, the easier it gets."
  73. "And it doesn't hurt?"
  74. "No- in fact, once I got over the shock of what I'm doing- it actually feels pretty good," Mae smiled, retracting her stretched out limbs to their proper sizes and places.
  75. "That's good - I don't think you need to see a doctor if it feels good." Sam said.
  76. "I'm not going to see a doctor! What would a doctor be able to do for this anyway?" Mae said, "But I do want to find out what I'm capable of. Want to help?"
  77. "Of course." Sam said with a grin.
  78. They cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room, where Mae sat down on the couch, and held out her hand, "Want to pull my finger?" Mae said, stretching her fingers out. Sam smiled, and began to stretch her finger - and then her arm. Mae watched as he pulled and pulled, her arm growing longer and longer as he hit the other side of the room. Undaunted, Sam pulled her arm around the chair in the corner, and then the television in the other corner before sitting down next to Mae on the couch, and handing her her hand.
  79. "How does that feel?" Sam asked as Mae handled her hand.
  80. "Pretty good." Mae said. In fact it felt wonderful having her boyfriend pull it around, "But what about the other one?" She offered her other hand to Sam, who smiled and pulled it the other way around the room, and put it in her lap and kissed her lovingly. Mae's hands stretched up to hold Sam close so she could return the kiss. Unexpectedly, the movement caused the TV to slide forward.
  81. "Whups, not a good idea." Sam went to stop the set before it could tumble, and unlooped Mae's arms from behind the it. "Now, can you reel yourself in?"
  82. "Sure thing hon." Mae said as Sam held her elongated arms in his hands. Slowly they slid, slithered, across his open palms, stopping to squeeze his hands as her hands slid across them. Mae reveled in the feeling as she withdraw her arms, unstretching them, as they returned to normal. She held up her arms in triumph." Ta-daaah!" She said with a smile. Sam clapped.
  83. "Bravo, how do you feel?" Sam said, coming over and sitting next to her.
  84. "I feel... great!" Mae said, rubbing her arms. There were no words to describe it, "I wonder what else I can do?"
  85. "Hey hon, you just got this ability today." Sam said, as he began to massaged her shoulders, "No need to rush things."
  86. "I won't - as long as you keep that massage up." Mae said blissfully, closing her eyes as Sam massaged her shoulders. Sam kept it up, realizing that Mae was slowly getting shorter - no, she was pooling in the chair, her arms and body were turning into a pink blob on the cushions. Sam kept massaging her blob like form as slowly her breasts, and then her head melted into the putty like mass, leaving Sam holding an empty blouse.
  87. "Mae?" Sam said, looking her over- her legs remained normal - although since she was wearing slacks, he couldn't really tell. Mae's face formed on top of her blob-like form, smiling blissfully.
  88. "Hey why did you stop?" Mae said, looking up at Sam- and then realizing she was looking at the ceiling - and he was holding her shirt, "Omigosh- what happened?"
  89. "I think I loosened you up a little too much." Sam said with some concern.
  90. "I'm just like putty in your hands." Mae giggled, "Oh, it felt wonderful! I can feel myself all over!" Her form quivered with delight as she moved her face around her formless pink mass, exploring herself.
  91. "Can you reform yourself?" Sam said, watching her. Mae smiled, and began to focus. Her head rose up out of her shapeless form, followed by her shoulders, her bouncy breasts, and shapely arms, as she returned to her normal form.
  92. "I want to try that again." Mae said, as she reached over and kissed the dumbfounded Sam, "But I want to do it all the way." Mae kicked off her sandals and pulled off her slacks, and reclined seductively in Sam's lap.
  93. "As you command." Sam said. He began massaging her breasts, as Mae squealed in delight. Soon her body was a pink shapeless blob with arms, legs and Mae's head poking out as Sam finished kneading Mae's sex into her pliable form. Her lovely legs soon followed, as he rubbed them back and forth into the mass, rounding her out. Mae sighed in delight, hugging herself, and absorbing her arms in the process. Soon just her head and long blonde hair remained, poking out of the top of her rounded body, but as Sam massaged her, that too soon sank onto her pink mass, "You like?" Sam asked to large pink putty ball in his lap. Mae formed a smiling face that looked up at him happily.
  94. "Oh yes - I like it very much." Mae said. They sat, and watched some TV like that, Mae sitting happily in Sam's lap as he idly rubbed her plastic form, making her ball like form even smoother.
  95. "Time for bed," Sam said looking down, "Are you coming like this, turning back to normal, or do I have to make you up for bed?"
  96. "Oh, you're going to make me up for bed?" Mae said sarcastically, rocking back and forth, "What does that mean?"
  97. "Well, let me show you." Sam said, picking up his balled girlfriend and carrying her out to the broad kitchen table. He cleared it off, as Mae watched, unsure of what Sam was planning until he pulled the rolling pin out of the drawer.
  98. "You're not- umph!" Mae managed to say as Sam began going back and forth with the rolling pin, flattening out her rounded form. Mae felt excited, as she grew thinner and flatter, her body slowly draping itself over the edges of the table as Sam rolled back and forth. Finally the fantastic massage stopped, and Sam stood back to inspect his work. In one evening he had turned his girlfriend into a ball, and then into a broad pink sheet. Mae's face formed in the center of her flattened body, looking up and around.
  99. "So is this it?" Mae said, twitching her edges slightly, "You're going to leave me like a tablecloth?"
  100. "Well I do love the spread, but no." Sam said, reaching over Mae's face, as he picked up two corners, and folded her - and folded her again. Mae could feel his strong hands pick up her bundled form, and carry her, up, up the stairs, where she was suddenly unfurled over their bed.
  101. "Oooh, I'm a bedsheet." Mae giggled as she drifted down onto the bed.
  102. "Actually, I was thinking you were more of a comforter." Sam said, as she stripped off his clothes and climbed under Mae's flattened form.
  103. "Oh, I like that. I'll comfort you and hug you and squeeze you," Mae giggled, as her face and head formed at the head of the bed, and kissed Sam. Sam could feel her caressing him with her flattened form- especially his manhood, as they continued to kiss and they slowly drifted off to sleep.
  106. The alarm went off at an ungodly hour in the morning, and Sam groggily slammed the snooze button. Five minutes later, when it went off again, he repeated the motion, as he forced himself awake. Mae was still sound asleep on the pillow next to him, her long blonde hair tumbling down under the flat pink sheet.Or rather, her head was. Her body was missing.That woke Sam up in a panic. He picked up the pink covers to look- and it wasn't there, just her head, attached to the pink comforter that was wrapped all around him. Mae murmured in her sleep, and turned her head over."Oh, yeah," Sam thought to himself, remembering the night before. Mae had somehow gotten some elastic powers. And he had been the one to flatten her out last night.Feeling a little guilty about using his girlfriend as a sheet, Sam got up and straightened her out on the bed before taking a shower, and brining up some coffee. Coffee was always sure to wake her up."Mmmmm! Java. Gimme!" Mae said groggily as she looked up at Sam, "Is it the weekend already?""It's Tuesday. Sorry." Sam shrugged as Mae blinked away the sleep."Oh, I had this crazy, wonderful dream last night, where I turned into playdough or something... You rolled me up and then flattened me out- oh, it felt wonderful!" Mae said, trying to get up, "Say, I can't find my arms today..." She raised her head up slightly, her long blonde hair falling down to the pillow."Well - it wasn't a dream hon. - You turned into putty, and did all of that." Sam said, putting the coffee down and lifting up a corner of her flattened form. Mae looked at it for a moment, wide eyed."Omigosh, it wasn't a dream, I'm flat as a pancake!" Mae said, rumpling her form, "I'm going to spend the rest of my life laying around on display- or in a laundry closet!""Calm down, calm down," Sam said, kneeling down as Mae panicked at the state she was in, "You unstretched yourself last night, remember?""Yea, yea - You're right..." Mae said, still looking distressed as she looked herself over and then looked up at Sam, "How did I do that anyway?""I don't know - you didn't tell me how, you just did it." Sam said, holding a corner of her flattened form, and patting it, "Trust in yourself and pull your act together.""Easy for you to say." Mae gulped as she calmed herself down, and looked down at herself. Two dark pink dots appeared on the featureless plain of her body, which slowly rose to form nipples."There you go - you're doing fine." Sam encouraged her. Mae smiled weakly, and continued to collect herself.Slowly, her breasts began to rise like to mountains in the center, as her sheet like shape began to draw back from the edges. Sam watched in amazement and first her torso began to rise, and take its proper form as she drew her spread out body back into herself. Her arms and legs began to thicken out from the corners inwards and take on their slender shapes. Uncertainly, Mae sat up, and felt herself with her left hand to make sure she was whole - Sam massaged her right hand, which had formed out of the corner he had been holding and comforting."Back to normal?" Sam said, letting Mae go. Mae gave him a big hug."Yes, if this is what you can call 'normal'." Mae said, gasping with relief, and she hugged harder. She felt frightened and excited all at once, like a kid who just got off the best roller coaster ride ever, and wanted to do it again."Coffee's getting cold." Sam said, as the hug went on. Mae let Sam go, and picked up the cup to take a long drink."So, it's not a dream - it's real." Mae said, stretching her arm back out around Sam and putting the coffee cup back on the nightstand, "How did this happen to me?""I don't know- But I have an idea how to begin figuring it out," Sam said slowly, "We just need to run a few tests.""I am not going to see a doctor." Mae said sternly, pulling her hand back and rubbing her arms."And you won't have to." Sam said, sitting next to her and hugging her, "I was thinking of just taking a snip of your hair and taking it in to work to let them analyze in the material department. At least that would help us understand what you're made of.""Some of my hair?" Mae said, brushing it back, "But won't that get in the way of work?""Not likely," Sam chuckled, "Mike has an intern that he's always trying to keep busy." Mae hesitated, but finally agreed, letting Sam snip off a small lock of her hair and put it in a small white envelope.After breakfast, Sam went to work, leaving Mae alone with her thoughts and her paintings. She dove into her work with a passion she had never experienced before. Where it might take her some moments of thoughtful repose and reexamination of her art before, it seemed like she instinctively knew the image that had to be there - and it only took a few strokes of the brush for her to reveal it.She had finished her backlog of commissions - all of them! And was painting for the sheer joy of it when she heard the swinging door into the room flap shut. She looked up over the canvas with a start to see Sam standing there, smiling."You're home early." Mae said, putting down her brush, and wiping the flecks of paint off her hands."Actually, I'm late." Sam said, walking around to see what she had been working on. It was a colorful scene, plucked from some fantasy, where lords and ladies danced away in a grand hall."You can't be late - it's..." Mae's voice trailed off as she saw the clock. It was much later than she could imagine. She had been working non-stop. Sam brought her back to reality as he inspected her work."Oh, very nice. Who's came up with that description?""Nobody- I was just doing it for fun." Mae said, wrapping her pliable arms around around Sam, "You won't believe this, but I've been painting without stopping for anything - no breaks, no lunch, nothing.""Not even a stop for the bathroom?" Sam asked. Mae shook her head no, "To paint this?""No, to paint everything. Look." Mae lead Sam over to the wall she put paintings up to dry on- it was filled up, "I have all my commissions done. Two weeks worth of work, at least.""Whoa - They're beautiful," Sam said, feeling like he was in a fine art museum, "I mean, all this in one day?" Mae nodded. Mae had always been a talented artist, winning local awards and making a modest living from her commissions, but it took her time. And there was something different about her latest works, something almost magical. The two looked over her work for a few long moments, hugging each other, spellbound."I think I'm hungry." Mae finally announced."Good. I brought home pizza." Sam said, kissing her lightly.The two sat down for dinner, and made small talk as they ate. Mae almost immediately wanted to know what Sam's intern had found out, but Sam waved her off, saying that it would take some time."Say, what's in the bag?" Mae finally asked as they cleaned up the kitchen."Something for you..." Sam smiled, pulling out a box with a digital camera. Mae squealed with glee - she had been wanting one to keep better records of her art, "And something for me." Sam held up a green book."A best seller?" Mae asked as she opened up the box and took out the camera. Sam had already put in the batteries, and it sprang to life."No, a blank notebook." Sam said, opening it up and writing in it."A notebook for what?" Mae took a picture of Sam, as she played with her new toy."To keep notes in.""Notes about what?""About you.""Samson!" Mae frowned. Sam knew she was upset since she only used his full name when she was mad, "You're not going to treat me like one of your company's projects." That went without saying, since Sam's branch of the company looked for potential faults in product materials and flawed designs."I'm not honey." Sam said, trying to calm her down, "I just think it would be a good idea to keep a diary of your powers so we can figure out what you're capable of - and to help figure out solutions to any problems you might have.""Problems like what?" Mae said cautiously."I don't know - like what if you hadn't been able to unflatten yourself this morning?" Sam shrugged, "If we keep track of what your can do, we won't forget about it- and if something does happen...""We might be able to figure out how to fix it. Gotcha." Mae nodded. Then looked down at the camera, "This isn't just for me is it?""Photographic proof is always useful." Sam smiled. Mae smiled back, and Sam could feel her free arm coiling around him to give him a hug."I have such a thoughtful boyfriend." Mae said, letting go, "Maybe we should do something worth taking a picture of."Soon, they were sitting nude in bed, Mae sitting with her legs crossed, smiling in delight as Sam rubbed her shoulders, his strong hands relaxing her, kneading her, as she began to lose her shape, and slowly melt down."You're just like putty in my hands hon." Sam smiled as Mae slowly became a shapeless blob on the bed. Mae rotated her head around on her pink form to look at him, with a look of joy on her face, as that too sank into her pinkish form.Sam smiled, and began to gather her up, rolling her around and round on the bed until she was a large pink ball. Sam took the camera and took a few pictures.Mae's face rippled to the surface, still smiling in delight. "Are we having a ball yet?" She gleefully asked, then looked down with some interest, "Oh, I see someone is getting a rise out of this." Sam looked down to see his manhood starting to stiffen up. There was something damned erotic about this."I'd say so." As Sam laid down next to Mae, fascinated how her face sort of rippled across her rounded surface, like a wave in a pond, following him, "How are you doing that? Moving your face I mean.""That? Hmmm..." Mae thought to herself as she moved her face around - all the way around her rounded form, "I don't know- it's like turning your head. There's something else I want to try - roll me onto you.""Oh? Like this?" Sam said, sitting up and rolling her ball like body into his lap, "Are you sure you're in any shape for sex - whoa!" Sam suddenly felt waves of little ripples against his prick, as Mae focused down there. It was like a dozen little tongues licking him, massaging him as he got harder. He looked down at Mae who looked up at him."I think I can be in any shape I want to be. The question is, are you ready for some wild sex?" Mae said as the sensations increased. Sam could feel his penis being guided into something that felt like a pussy, only more flexible and malleable. Mae asked again, "Well, are you ready?""Oh, yeah." Sam said as he grabbed Mae's round form and began pumping. Mae groaned as Sam thrust back and forth into her rounded form, as they were both aroused by this strange erotic feeling. Before, Sam had been careful, kneading Mae down, but in the excitement and heat of the moment, he was squeezing her, her soft silky putty mass oozing out between his fingers. They climaxed and orgasmed together, as Sam collapsed into a heap, his hands stuck deep inside Mae's trembling pink mass."Oh, honey, that was amazing." Sam panted, trying to get his second wind as he looked down at the still somewhat rounded form of his girlfriend- his hands were stuck inside her, "I think I'm really stuck on you.""I should hope so," Mae said happily enjoying the afterglow, "Someone once told me all a man really wants in a woman is a nice tight pussy and a nice set of tits... Oh! OH!!" As Mae said it, her nose suddenly quivered, and as she watched it became a single large nipple. Mae looked at it in dismay, "Now I look like a total boob!""It looks good on you." Sam said, kissing it before Mae could reply. Mae groaned softly, as Sam licked and teased the teat in the middle of her face - she felt like she was all tit and all ass and nothing could be better than that for right now as they slowly made love and drifted off to sleep.
  108. Mae woke up to the sounds of the shower running, and the feeling that she had been closer to Sam than she had ever been before. She opened her eyes, and stared, cross-eyed at the single large nipple that was where her nose should have been. "Eeep!" She squeaked - and since she couldn't seem to get her arms to work, she stuck out her tongue to feel it. A shudder of erotic feelings flooded her body. Yes, it was real.She looked over the sheets to the vanity mirror to see her face staring back at her, located on a deformed pink ball with a hand-shaped hole on the side- both sides. Then it registered again- she was living plastic - or putty- or whatever.Focusing, Mae visualized herself as round again- an easy enough thing to do - then she began to extend her arms. Two bulges appeared on each side of her rounded form, with lengthened out into arms and hands. The feeling was refreshing, and exciting- Mae smiled at her modest accomplishment, happy she wasn't panicking out over the entire freakish reality of her strange situation.She looked down to her crotch, and felt it, shuddering with delight - she had recreated her pussy lips very well without looking at them last night.. But a crotch wasn't a crotch without legs now, was it? Mae focused again, and two more bumps appeared, to lengthen out into a pair of shapely legs. Mae stood up on them , uncertainly, but smiling. The more she stretched and was shaped, the easier it became. And when she wasn't panicking about it, she found herself loving it.Just then, Sam came in the room, drying himself off, "Hey look, it's Ms Pac Man." Sam joked as he spied Mae standing there, with her normal arms and legs attached to a ball body where her face was located."And I see a power penis!" Mae joked, as she walked over to Sam, grabbed his prick and stuck it into her mouth. In this shape, she was at just the right height to do it without bending over."Oh! Oh, Honey!" Sam groaned as Mae enthusiastically sucked on his huge boner, "Honey, that's great, but I have to go to work! You know, work- job - money-house payments!" Sam managed to grunt out as Mae increased her suction, until he shot his wad into her stimulating mouth, and she let go."I had to get you off to a really good start today after all you did last night." Mae said with a broad smile that arced across her orb like body. Sam panted and smiled, as he quickly got dressed before Mae had any more fun ideas. He paused to take some pictures of her 'pac man' form before she restored the rest of herself back to her proper shape. Sam took a few shots of her that way as she put on a bathrobe and they went down for breakfast.After Sam left, Mae decided it was past time for a nice hot shower. After all, she had worked all day yesterday, so she was entitled to a little rest.The water hissed and steam rose as she set aside her bathrobe, and stepped into the shower. The hot water cascaded down her nubile form as she stepped in and began to lather up. For some reason, this shower felt better than ever, as she touched herself, massaging her breasts. Erotic feelings began to rise within her. She reached down to rub her clit, and moaned in ecstasy.She gave up the pretense of getting clean, and reached up to put the soap away. "Why am I reaching up?" Mae thought idly as she looked down. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw her legs melting down into blobs where her feet had been. "No wonder I couldn't feel my toes!" Mae thought, panicking as her lower portions seemed to flow down towards the open drain.She reached over and quickly stuffed in the bathtub plug to keep herself from going down the drain. Her right hand was reduced to another blob as the steam began to rise. Worse, the shower was hitting her back, causing to to melt and flow like wax. Desperately, Mae stretched up her intact left hand to turn the water off.Instead, she only changed it from hot to cold."Yeeep!" Mae yelped as the icy water hit her. The unexpected cold was enough to solidify her and to get her to focus on getting out of the tub.Laboriously, she pulled herself over the tub side - it was now half as tall as she was - and she landed with a wet splat on the smooth bathroom floor. She sat there panting, looking at her melted extremities. Her legs had melted into a pink wad, almost up to her ass. Her right hand- well it was a blob still. She should be able to fix it she reasoned. looking at the stump that bore the impression of the tub drain. Mae focused, and watched, as the blob at the end of her wrist flattened out and split four ways, becoming more defined, returning to the gentle lines of her hand.Mae looked at it and flexed it, "Good as new." She decided. Other parts were snapping back to normal - her back felt normal- if flat from hitting the floor. She stretched out the globs below her butt into her legs, and wiggled her toes. Mae breathed a sigh of relief- back to normal again.Mae stood up and checked herself out in the mirror. "Good as new." She said with a smile, brushing her long blonde hair back. She shut off the water pouring into the tub, and pulled the drain - quickly, lest she somehow get sucked in. She was about to leave when an interesting thought struck her.A few minutes later, the large bathtub was full of water - hot water. Mae looked at it a little apprehensively, but she just had to try this on her own. She couldn't let Sam do all of the experiments on her, could she?Mae sat on the lip of the large tub, and stuck her legs in. Almost immediately, they began to soften up, and float. Mae smiled as the soothing hot sensation flooded her mind, and she slid lower into the water, up to her chest. Normally she would be sitting on the bottom of the tub, but she was melting into the hot water, filling her with ecstasy.Mae smiled blissfully as the shape of her pussy floated up to the pink colored surface of the water. "Oooh, yea," Mae groaned as she twirled her left finger in it- melting her hand into the mass. Her nipples grew hard at the stimulation as her breasts slowly sagged and melted. The feeling was almost as good as when Sam massaged her - but slower, and more inevitable. Where Sam would have stopped at any time she wanted, she had no choice but to let nature take its course.Mae watched in fascination as identifiable bits of her anatomy drifted to the surface and drifted around. She had little control of them - and was so filled with erotic feelings that she didn't really care as her head slipped into the water and melted into the rest of her pink mass.Mae floated in the tub, delighted with the feelings that flooded her form. As a semi-liquid, she felt that she was swimming in herself. She lapped up against the edges of the tub, rubbing herself, feeling very happy and contented.As the water cooled, Mae slowly felt herself growing solid- and in control again. She had figured out as much- although she had left a note for Sam about what she was doing just in case she couldn't get out of the tub. She smiled as she reformed her face, thinking how interesting a bath would be now with her boyfriend- his solid body in the tub with hers swirling around it. She quivered at the thought of it. Or even the bubble action of the air jets in the tub. She wasn't sure how she would handle that action, and wanted to wait until she and Sam could try in together.Slowly, Mae flowed around the tub one last time, and reshaped herself into her normal form. Sitting in the tub, she was feeling happier and luckier about her strange stretching abilities the longer she had them.There were drawbacks though. No more tight clothing, Mae thought as she put on a loose shirt and slacks. Unless they were over DD sized, no bras either- they would pinch into her plastic flesh.When she sat down at the computer to check her auction site and e-mails, she saw Sam's engagement ring, right where she had left it on the keyboard. Frowning, she put it back on, and watched as her ring finger slowly bent downward, and the ring fell off. She tried again- it would stay on only if she focused on it - the moment she stopped, it slid off again. No more jewelry either. She just couldn't wear it the way she was.Mae worked on her art website, and put in some offers on potential commissions before packing up her now dry paintings for shipment."Now I have nothing to do for the rest of the week." Mae though idly as she had some yogurt for lunch. She could continue to paint for local fairs, but she somehow felt that she would keep on working without interruption without Sam around, and would run out of materials."Time to play." Mae decided, sitting back, and letting herself go. Slowly, she lost her shape, her legs draining down out of her slacks. Her body and arms flowed out of her shirt. Although having her head and face flow through her shirt wasn't very different than taking it off, it was a unique feeling and view as she flowed down the inside the leg of her slacks.With a start, she stopped flowing down the fabric tube of her slacks leg around where the knee was. She had blobbed herself too high, she decided, and began to move her amorphous form away, pulling it across her sandals. That did the trick, and she was completely free. Mae looked up at her clothes, perched on the chair and smiled, thinking how funny it must look. It would be hard to put them on the way she got out though.Mae began to flow away, and around the kitchen and into the living room, only her face showing on the leading edge of her shapeless form. With some experimentation, she found she could create tendrils or tentacles - she wasn't sure what to call them- that could manipulate things like the TV remote. She turned on the set to some fitness program and laughed as the women on it worked out - they would be appalled at how out of shape she was! She turned off the set and continued to try new tricks.Although flowing around had its advantages - namely it felt so good as she glided across the floor, like a snail- it wasn't very good for climbing. She could flow up a chair by grasping the sides of it, but climbing into the sofa seemed impossible. Mae frowned and tried to think of a way to get up without assuming her normal form.An idea struck her, and she began rolling herself back and forth, changing her blob like form that must have been spread out at least four feet every way, into a long tube with her head appearing in full at one end. "Cool, I'm a ssssnake!" Mae said, hissing to herself for the fun of it. Mae reared up like she had seen snake do in the movies- and toppled over. Evidently there was more to being a snake than she had thought.Mae tried moving her serpentine body up and down, like a long inchworm or caterpillar. It sort of worked, but moving it side to side worked even better. She soon slithered around with ease, sliding around and under the furniture. Tiring of that, Mae soon eased herself up onto the couch and lay their contentedly coiled up with her head on a pillow. With the tip of her tail, she used the remote to turn the TV on.Some hours later, she heard a truck drive up. Mae raised her head and peeked out the window. "Uh, oh, Sam is home." Mae gulped - no need for him to see her slinky snakey form. Mae focused, and her long tapered form began to shrink. Stubs sprouted on her sides that became limbs. Soon she was back in shape - although not soon enough for her. Mae leapt up and grabbed her clothes off the kitchen chair. Looking out the window of the kitchen door, she could see Sam heading for the house. Quickly, Mae dashed to the cellar stairway that opened into the kitchen, and began putting on her clothes as Sam opened the door."Hey, Mae? I'm going to be out in the workshop for a while, okay?" Sam shouted in, closing the door before Mae could even answer - which was fine with her. It was difficult getting into clothes that were all zipped and buttoned up- even if she was elastic. Mae got them on, and then spied something she had almost forgotten about down in the dust of the basement. That would be interesting, she thought to herself as she went back to make dinner.
  109. ________________________________________
  110. "All right, the pressure is fine, and..."Mae could hear Sam mumbling to himself before the automated steam calliope began to play its tune - off key and missing notes. But it did sound better than it did when Sam had gotten it. Sam spied Mae in the door and held up a hand to wait a minute, as he peered intently into the bright brass workings of the gaudily painted contraption. He scribbled down some notes before pulling a lever that caused the machine to hiss, and stop playing."Your music is improving." Mae said, coming over to hug Sam."Almost there." Sam hugged Mae back and gave her a kiss, " Five more sticky valves, and at least three gasket leaks I think. Some more work and it should be ready by the weekend for the Colonel.""That's great." Mae said, "Should I bring dinner out here so you can keep working?""No food in the workshop." Sam intoned, pointing to the rules of his workshop, "We're going to eat indoors like civilized people.""And then back to work?" Mae asked as they walked back to the house side by side, admiring the first flowers that were appearing in Mae's modest garden."Yep," Sam said, "Unless you have some other ideas?""Hmm-" Mae said thoughtfully, "Actually..."After dinner, Mae brought Sam down to the basement, where she had cleared a space away from an old pottery wheel. "Pottery?" Sam said, frowning, "I thought you were going to stay away from that until we could get you a kiln.""I am." Mae said, taking off her clothes, "I thought you might like to try it with me."Sam hesitated, "I'm not that good at it you know." He said, as Mae sat down on the top of the wheel. The sole piece that he had made with Mae was a lopsided cup up in their bedroom."Well, that was with plain old clay," Mae said, smiling, "You'll have me to help you here. Care to loosen me up?" Sam smiled, and began massaging Mae down into a formless mass. He could tell she really liked it - and was really helping along, as she melted down into a featureless pink pile."Happy?" Sam said. Mae's face appeared on the surface, smiling, "Any requests?""Oh, you'll turn me into something lovely, loverboy." Mae said. Sam smiled, and flipped the switch. The dusty old motor slowly came to life, turning the wheel around and around, as Sam began to shape Mae."Let's see," Sam said, cupping his hands around Mae's turning form. Mae shuddered in delight at the feel of his firm hands, as he began to shape her, and giggle to herself as he experimented, "We could make you into a dog's bowl..." Sam said, pulling Mae out into a large dish like shape."Oh, silly, we don't have a dog - or cat!" Mae thought, as she felt her form broaden out and up into a thick cylindrical bowl."Or a platter would be nice," Sam said, thinning and flattening her out. Mae felt giddy as her spinning shape was reformed, spinning around into something flatter."Ohh, that feels good." Mae groaned as Sam pressed down on her. Suddenly, the pressure stopped, and Mae could feel herself being wadded back up. "Now what?" she thought expectantly."No, I think this will be best of all." Sam said, without giving Mae a hint as to what he was doing. She could feel it though, as he drew her up, taller, with a narrow base, and OH! Mae shuddered as she felt something penetrate her form. No, Sam was reaching in and hollowing out her center, but it felt like he was penetrating her pussy, screwing her silly. Mae orgasmed as Sam continued to turn her, oblivious to her erotic feelings.Finally, the turning stopped, and Mae could feel a thin wire pass between her and the base of the turning wheel. Sam's strong hands picked up her inanimate form and carried it up, and up, until she came to rest. Now recovered from the incredible stimulation Sam had provided, Mae formed her face on the side of her new shape, just as Sam was taking a photo."Hi hon." Sam said, taking a photo again as Mae smiled- and then playfully stuck out her tongue, "How did you like it?""Oooh, that was wonderful!" Mae groaned out slowly, so Sam could tell she meant it, "You have a great set of hands. How do I look?""Fantastic." Sam said, bringing the digital camera over for Mae to see herself on the view screen. She was now a tall pink vase, with a narrow bottom which grew up into a sizable middle, that tapered in, before flaring out to an open top."Oooh -nice. A classic look for a classy plastic lady." Mae said with a smile, "I think I'll try this out for a while.""A while? How long is 'a while'?""Mmmmm- maybe until the weekend?" Mae said, "I want to see how long I can keep this form.""Until the weekend?" Sam repeated. Mae looked up with her 'pouty face' look, "All right, if you want to. Just wipe that face off of your side when you're not using it.""Well, it's not like I need it except to talk to you," Mae said, "I'm kind of aware of what's going on without looking.""Really?" Sam said, "Without looking, how many fingers am I holding up?" Mae smiled and her eyes and nose merged back into her vase form, leaving only her beautiful lips."Two." Mae said, "Now you're holding up that notebook... or something... Now you're going to the door..." Mae could only roughly see what Sam was doing, like she was watching him through a thick fog. She reformed her eyes to see what Sam was doing just as he came back in with something behind his back."Ah ah! No peeking!" Sam said with a mischievous grin. Mae blended her eyes back in."You're holding something - what are you up toooo! OHHH!" Mae said as Sam pulled the watering pot from behind his back, and began to fill Mae up. He was surprise at how loudly Mae groaned and squealed, like she did when they were having intense sex.For Mae, it was exactly like that- as Sam shaped her on the wheel, it was like he was playing with her, but as the cold water hit her sensitive insides, it felt like Sam was blowing the mother of all loads into her. He was filling her up! A moment after the water stopped pouring, something else was put in - long and stiff. Mae gave off another wail of glee."Gee, I hope that was better for you than it was for me." Sam said, watching Mae's lips quiver and pant, as the rest of Mae's face appeared on the side of her vase shape."Sam, that was fantastic - indescribable!" Mae panted as if she had been on a marathon session of sex, "What did you do to me?""I only got my beautiful girlfriend some beautiful flowers." Sam said, taking a photo and showing Mae the screen. "Besides, if you're going to play the part of a vase, I thought you should play it in full.""Awww." Mae said, as she regained her composure - she still felt so good with the cool water sloshing inside her, "I have such a wonderful, thoughtful boyfriend - no wonder I'm so much in love with you!""And I have such a beautiful, full figured vase for a girlfriend," Sam smiled back and gave Mae a kiss, "I'm the luckiest guy around to have fallen for a lady like you."
  113. The next few days were something of a surprise to both Mae and Sam as she spent her time as a vase on the kitchen table.
  114. Sam was either off at work or out in his workshop tuning the calliope, leaving Mae to sit and meditate as a vase. It was odd being an inanimate object, and having the time to watch the simple things around the house - the sun beams moving across the floor, or a small spider that tried to spin a ticklish web on one side of her form. The biggest drawback was hearing the telephone ring, and fighting the automatic urge to answer it.
  115. Sam took the best care of her of course, using a feather duster to clean her off and wake her up in the morning, and then a dust cloth to wipe her off in the evening. She would form her face and they would talk at meals, and watch some television, but for most of the time she melted her face away, appearing to be nothing more than a large pink vase.
  116. "Tomorrow's Saturday," Sam said as he came in on Friday night, " Are we going to go back to being the girl of my dreams tonight, or are you going to sit around like that all weekend too?"
  117. "Hmmm - that's tempting, "Mae said, "Maybe tomorrow morning I can turn back and we can have a nice hot bath together."
  118. "A bath?" Sam said, not knowing what Mae had discovered about herself earlier. Just then, the doorbell rang. Mae looked a little stricken, and melted her face back into herself to hide as Sam went to answer the door.
  119. "Hello?" Sam said as he opened the front door. A woman with a rich tanned skin, a voluptuous figure and long black hair stood there looking at Sam with piercing black eyes. Sam blinked for a moment as recognized her, "Rachel? Rachel Jade? What are you doing here?"
  120. "Looking in on my best friend in the whole world," Rachel said looking over Sam's shoulder, "Is she in?"
  121. "Well, yes - I mean, no," Sam said, as Rachel invited herself in, "Ah - she's indisposed right now. You know, in the - I mean, on the pot." Mae giggled to herself, hoping Sam could get Rachel occupied so she could change back.
  122. Rachel wasn't in any hurry to be drawn away, "Mae! Mae, it's me, Ray! Come on down!" Rachel called up the stairs, as she turned to Sam, with a wicked smile,"Want to get Mae riled up?" She asked, patting Sam's butt and trying to rub her bounteous breasts against Sam's chest. Mae listened intently.
  123. "No look Ray, we might have dated a few times, but my true love is Mae. You should know that by now." Sam said, dodging out of Ray's grasp, and glancing towards the kitchen, "Besides, a woman with your jugs - I mean beauty ought to have plenty of admirers." Mae snickered again at Sam's slip - he had been making pottery jokes at her all the time she was a vase.
  124. Rachel snorted in disgust "Don't I wish, after the last one. I knew I should never have let you go, but the two of you made the perfect couple."Rachel looked out into the kitchen, "And what is that ugly thing?"
  125. "What?" Sam said as Mae thought the same thing.
  126. "That ugly pink vase just doesn't go with the decor here- I swear, Mae is letting you help decorate the house, isn't she?" Rachel said going into the kitchen, "Knowing you, the next thing will be some freak show sign from a carnival."
  127. "Carnival - oh, that's right, you should see the calliope I've been working on - its almost done." Sam said heading right to the back door. Mae could somehow feel Rachel looking her over, "Oh - ah leave the vase alone - I'm very attached to it."
  128. "Well, let me take out these dead flowers first," Rachel said. Mae could feel the stems moving around in the water, swirling it up, making her feel hot and excited, "It's bad enough she lets you get away with this ugly vase, but the flowers look like you just stuck them in there."
  129. Mae shuddered in ecstasy, and let out a low moan that caused Rachel to stop what she was doing, "What was that?" Rachel asked.
  130. "What was what? Oh, the house settling?" Sam said trying to cover for Mae. Rachel didn't look very convinced as she began moving the flowers again.
  131. Mae couldn't stand it any more- and Rachel was her best friend after all, "Ray, please stop doing that." Mae said.
  132. "Hey, girlfriend!" Rachel turned around to look for Mae, only to find no one there but Sam, "Mae, where are you?"
  133. "Over here." Mae said, forming her face on the side of her vase body. Rachel turned and looked a little disoriented, "Down here on the table - the ugly pink vase." Mae guided Rachel to look down, squarely into Mae's eyes. "Boo!" Said Mae.
  134. Rachel staggered back a bit. "What -what is that? Some weird kind of joke?" Rachel said, looking a bit stunned.
  135. "Joke - Ah, yes, it's something I've been working on with holographic displays and- and stuff." Sam said wiggling his fingers around while looking at Mae with concern and surprise as he tried to cover for her.
  136. Mae frowned, "Sam, Ray's my best friend- I can't lie to her. She needs to know the truth about my condition."
  137. "Right- that's why I stopped by," Rachel said, standing her ground, "My gosh, it IS you Mae - he's turned you into a vase?"
  138. "No - well yes- well she asked for it." Sam stumbled as Mae smiled at his befuddled behavior, "All right, you explain it Mabelle." Mae grimaced - Sam knew she hated being called that, and he only did it when he was really upset or confused.
  139. "All right, let me get back into shape," Mae said. Before their eyes, the large pink vase split like a huge four-petaled flower, the water and flowers it once held spilling out onto the table and the floor. Two of the quarters furthest away from Sam and Rachel stretched out, and reformed as legs, while the ones neared them became arms. The base enlarged to form a torso that rose up and the portion of the vase where Mae had her face stretched out to become a head and neck. Within a minute, Mae was on all fours on the kitchen table, beaming as she sat down and flexed her limbs for the first time in days. It felt so good and refreshing to move again.
  140. "Wow - those must be really good drugs that I'm taking - considering I'm not taking any drugs." Rachel said, collapsing into a kitchen chair, dumbstruck by the scene. Sam shrugged, surprised Rachel was taking it so well, and grabbed some dish towels to mop up the water Mae had spilled as she got off the table and sat down to face her friend.
  141. "Thanks." Mae said as Sam gave her a towel to cover herself up with - it wasn't very big, but then she and Ray had never kept any secrets from each other. The two looked at each other and then the floor a few times, trying to decide what to say next.
  142. "So, um - this thing- " Rachel said, "It's what you were calling me up about?"
  143. "Yes, it just sort of happened- I mean, I found I could do this," Mae said, stretching her hand down to the floor and scooping up the scattered flowers before Sam could get them, then stretching it across the room and putting them in the trash, "And we found out more after that..."
  144. "More? You mean you've seen a doctor about this?" Rachel asked incredulously. By this time, Sam had returned from upstairs with a robe for Mae to put on.
  145. "No, she won't see a doctor, but we're working on learning more about what she can do. Like sit around looking like an ugly pink vase all day."Sam said, sitting down as Mae smiled shyly, "Look, we haven't had dinner yet - who's for burgers?"
  146. Dinner seemed to clear the mood, and soon Mae and Rachel were going on like nothing was any different between them. They talked about almost everything - except Mae's new stretching powers.
  147. "So are you going back to the city tonight?" Sam asked Rachel as he cleared the table.
  148. "If I remember right, there was an open invitation for me to sleep over here." Rachel said, looking over at Mae. Sam could take a about what Rachel really wanted to do.
  149. "The spare room is still a mess," Sam said honestly enough, "Why don't you two take the master bedroom, catch up on things, and I'll sleep down here on the couch."
  150. "Well, if you insist." Rachel said, going to get her bag out of the car.
  151. "Sam, are you sure? I mean, I could be a blanket and we could let Rachel have the bedroom..." Mae said, wrapping her arms around Sam several times. Sam held a finger to Mae's lips to hush her.
  152. "I'm sure - I think this is something you two need to discuss alone." Sam said, hugging Mae, "Just remember, if things get hot and sexy to call me up so I can tape it."
  153. "Oh, you!" Mae said. Sam had interrupted the two girls years ago during a more intimate moment when they were really trying to decide if they liked men or women better, and he would never let them forget it.
  154. "Hey, can I tape that?" Rachel said, coming in in time to hear Sam's last remark. Sam and Mae both blushed as Mae unwrapped herself from Sam. The two girls went upstairs as Sam chuckled and finished cleaning up the kitchen.
  155. "Nice bedroom." Rachel said looking around the cozy room. Much of the furniture they had gotten from her parents, which gave the room a dated look, "Now that we're alone, tell me everything about this stretching stuff." Mae sighed and related most of the experiences of the past week as Rachel undressed for bed.
  156. "It all started right after your birthday?" Rachel asked as Mae nodded- she hadn't really thought about it that way, "What did you wish for girlfriend?"
  157. "Well, not THIS," Mae said defensively, stretching her right arm in a spiral around her friend's body and pinching her nipple. Rachel squealed, brushing Mae's hand aside as Mae withdrew it, "Although it is so much fun - and it feels so good!"
  158. "Uh-huh- and can you put your legs behind your head like 'lastic Lisa?" Rachel asked, referring to an old rival in high school.
  159. "Are you kidding- I can do better than that," Mae said, taking off her bathrobe and laying down. She easily bend her legs up to her chest, then placed them behind her back- and twisted them around her arms a few times to show off, "Let's see her do this!" She said, stretching her hands forward and caressing her breasts.
  160. "Mmmm- You look so good laid out like that," Rachel said, crawling over and cupping Mae's breasts, "Hey! What was that?" Rachel said, shaking her hands.
  161. "My tits." Mae giggled, her breasts jiggling away.
  162. "No, I just felt - odd." Rachel said, looking back at Mae, and cupping her breasts again, "I think all of that stretching had made you flat chested- I can hold both your breasts easily." She teased Mae. Rachel closed her eyes, savoring the moment as new feeling rushed through her body.
  163. "Oh yeah?" Mae said, enlarging her breasts.
  164. "Yeah- still able to hold them - oooh!" Rachel said as Mae enlarged her breasts enough to rub her nipples against Rachel's sizable assets. The two girls rubbed against each other in delight.
  165. "All right, what about now?" Mae said, enlarging her beasts to the size of beach balls. She could still feel Rachel's fingers, spread out and massaging her monstrous mammories.
  166. "Mmmm- Oh!" Rachel finally opened her eyes and peered down over Mae's mammoth mammories at her friend's face, "You're so big!"
  167. "I know - and you're still holding them!" Mae gasped, half in delight. Rachel let go of Mae and stared at her huge hands as Mae reduced her bust size.
  168. "My hands!" Rachel looked at them in panic, then screamed, "My HANDS!" and began shaking them. Mae tried to get up and calm her friend, but since she had wrapped her legs around her arms, it took a little while to untangle herself. Just as she did, there was a knock at the door.
  169. "Hey is everything all right in there?" Sam said behind the door in a concerned tone. Mae cracked it open, "I heard something about hands?"
  170. "Oh, nothing- we're- uh-playing strip poker." Mae said, glancing at Rachel, whose hands were now back to their normal size. Sam regarded his nude girlfriend coyly.
  171. "I'd ask to join, but I wouldn't want to take advantage of you." Sam said. Mae looked down and blushed.
  172. "All right - it's girl talk. Buzz off." Mae said firmly, shutting the door. Sam shrugged and went back down to watch some television as Mae sat next to her stunned friend.
  173. "Did I just do what I think I did?" Rachel said, looking at her hands.
  174. "It sure looks that way." Mae said, hugging her friend,"It's not so bad."
  175. "Not so bad? I mean, how do I do it, like this- "Rachel said, raising her arm and stretching it across the room easily, causing her to gasp,"I just think it, and I do it?" She said, bending it around snake like, before unstretching it. Rachel rubbed it uncertainly, then tried stretching her other arm, this time coiling it around herself and Mae for an extra big hug.
  176. "You're getting it better than I did," Mae admitted, returning the wrap around Rachel and giving her a kiss, "I was kind of freaking out."
  177. "Well, I got to hear what you could do." Rachel said, stretching out her legs, and elongating her neck, "How did this happen?"
  178. "It just did - when you touched my breasts." Mae said, stretching her head up after Rachel's, "Didn't you say you felt funny then?"
  179. "Yes- like I was being tickled all over, right when I touched your tits," Rachel said, looking back at their entwined forms,"What am I going to do?"
  180. "See a doctor?" Mae offered.
  181. "Forget it." Rachel said, frowning as she retracted her appendages, and returned to her normal form, "I think this defies modern medical knowledge, don't you?"
  182. "Yes, but it feels so good, it can't be wrong." Mae said, as she returned to her normal form.
  183. "I can't deny that girlfriend," Rachel said, rubbing herself all over, strangely happy about her newfound abilities, "Now lets see what we can do."
  184. The two girls began playing, although Rachel with her newfound powers soon became the most bent out of shape as they found she was every bit as elastic as Mae. The two stretched back and forth across the bed, playing and enjoying the stretching sensations. Between enlarging and reducing different body parts, and coiling themselves around the room, they stimulated and titillated each other before drifting off to sleep.
  187. "What is that noise?" Rachel said, trying to rub her head as sounds drifted in the window. Instead her hand found a breast, which she squeezed. No, that wasn't hers. Her other hand found a an opening - oh, it was her pussy. She massaged that, trying to wake herself up. Rachel finally looked up groggily, to see a criss cross mesh of tan and pink flesh on top of the bed. She found her head rising on one long piece of it, as she tried to get up. She looked down amazed at the tangle of limbs, hands, feet and breasts twisted around in a big snarl on the bed."Ahhhh!" Rachel screamed, looking down in horror. It had to be a bad dream. She suddenly felt a weight lift up off her breasts."What? What is it Ray?" Mae's head was suddenly next to her, arcing over on a serpentine neck. Mae looked down and gave a little yelp as she saw their tangle,"We really went overboard last night, didn't we?""We did? Are you nuts? We're- we're" Rachel sputtered as she hovered her head over their bodies, eying Mae's enticing pale breasts, and remembering the frolic they had the previous night,"What are we?""We're elastic, remember?" Mae said, "Just calm down and think of yourself the way you should be." Rachel saw - and felt Mae's form begin to retract, and take on its normal shape. It felt so odd, flesh sliding over flesh, as Mae's limbs returned to normal.Rachel followed Mae's advice, and felt her extended form retracting, withdrawing, slowly returning to normal. Soon, Rachel was sitting on top of Mae's chest, both of then stark naked, but otherwise back to normal. "That felt - incredible!" Rachel said, feeling herself all over. It was possibly the best sexual encounter she had ever had."Do you mind?" Mae said, poking Rachel's rump."Sorry." Rachel said looking down a little embarrassed. She rolled off Mae's breasts, which were concave from the weight of Rachel sitting on them. In a moment, they were back to normal, as they sat up, "What is that noise?" Rachel asked, pressing her face against the window pane to look out. Sam and an older man in a white suit were walking around a strange collection of brass pipes. Rachel tried to look away, but found she had flattened her face out against the glass."That's the carnival calliope Sam has been working on the past few weeks." Mae said, putting on a loose shirt and pants. It felt odd having clothes on after being nude for so long. She turned and laughed as she saw Rachel peeling her face off the window, "It's not as easy as it looks.""Tell me about it." Rachel said, pulling her face back to its proper shape and pulling out some clothes from her overnight bag, "So what are we going to- become superheroes? The magnificent Malleble Mae and Rubber Band Ray?""That sounds awful." Mae said, sticking out her tongue."You're right - I should get top billing," Rachel said, pulling a tight fitting shirt on, and working on her pants."No, I mean, I'm happy here, with Sam- why should I go out and fight crime?" Mae fidgeted, "Besides, we don't know everything about what we can do- or can't!""Of course we do! I can fit perfectly in these skin tight clothes." Rachel said, forcing the zipper closed on her slacks, as she stood up and struck a pose, "Ready to fight crime!""We can stretch- our clothes can't." Mae pointed out as Rachel put her shoes on, "And you're going to be sorry dressed like that.""What do you mean? Don't tell me your elastic figure can't fit into something like this," Rachel said flaunting her figure. Mae snorted, and gave Rachel a push back down on the bed. Rachel, startled by her friend's push, suddenly found her arms and neck squirting out of the too tight top she had put on, and out of the legs of her jeans. Her head dangled over the side of the bed, as Mae came around with a mischievous "I told you so" look on her face."We can't wear anything two sizes too small any more, or that happens." Mae said with a smile, "That's what I was wearing when I first started stretching.""No kidding." Rachel said, bending her neck back upwards to look at her form. Her arms looked like long hoses coming out of her top, and she could see her legs going under the dresser, "But all my clothes are like this!" She whined as Mae helped get her out of her clothes, and lent her some of her looser clothes."There's only one thing to do - we've got to go shopping for a new wardrobe for both of us." Mae said confidently."Oh, I like the sound of that," Rachel said smiling, and brushing back her hair. She frowned and went to look in the mirror, "Hey- where did my earrings go? And the piercing?" Rachel had at least three piercings in each ear, and now they looked like they had never been touched."Uh - we can't wear any jewelry- it just falls off." Mae said sadly, wringing her hands."It just falls off? What kind of bum rap is that?" Rachel said, then realized it was bothering Mae more than her. Then she realized why. "Oh - oh Mae, I'm sorry- that's why you're not wearing your engagement ring Sam gave you, isn't it?" Mae nodded, sniffing a little as Rachel wrapped her arms around her friend to comfort her.
  188. ________________________________________
  189. "One hour, fifteen minutes - superb work Sam!" The Colonel said with a southern twang, checking his pocketwatch as the calliope continued to play its carnival tune, "I believe you have fixed this right nicely - nicely indeed! And it's already attracting customers." Sam looked up to see Mae and Rachel walking out the back door to view the restored machine."I told you I could do it- now we just have to get it back to your carny before more customers begin showing up." Sam said with a smile as he eased the steam pressure on the old machine down, "Now about payment.""Ah, Sam, you know I can only give you half now, and the rest over the season," The Colonel said, lighting up a cigar,"Money's tight, and I have to replace some of the equipment damaged during the winter.""I know that sir, but...""No, no, I know you do good work, but those old machines are either obsolete, or not worth the money to repair." The Colonel took a deep puff, "Nice try offering again though.""Actually, I was hoping we could do some horse trading," Sam said with a smile, "Pay me the half you can now, and I'll take some of that gear off your hands."The Colonel's eyes arched in surprise at the offer. He puffed the cigar thoughtfully and said , "Sam, I do believe that you have a deal. Lord knows though you're getting a pile of junk.""Just let Bruno help me load and unload the truck after we deliver the calliope this afternoon to the Carny and it's a done deal." Sam said. The Colonel smiled and the two shook on it as Mae and Rachel watched with some amusement. The Colonel turned to leave as Sam reduced the pressure in the steam calliope."So, trading our extra money in on some old junk?" Mae asked."It's complicated - but I think you'll like what I have planned," Sam smiled mysteriously."Riiiight- well come on in, we have something even more complicated to think about." Rachel said. Sam finished checking the calliope was secure and followed them in, expecting some breakfast.He got more than he expected."Somehow last night, Ray became- elastic just like me," Mae said, as Rachel stretched out an arm to show Sam once he sat done in the kitchen,"Don't ask us how- it just happened.""But how?" Sam said as Rachel's tanned arm wrapped around him. He could feel her fumbling for his zipper."Didn't Mae just say don't ask us how?" Rachel scolded Sam."All right, what were you doing?" Sam said, lifting Rachel's probing arm up and putting the coil onto the table top. Mae and Rachel looked at each other nervously."Well, I was showing Rachel what I could do - and then she touched my breasts, and suddenly - "Mae shrugged."I could stretch." Rachel said, grabbing her arm, and whirling it about like a lasso, "It felt funny.""Just 'funny?" Sam said somewhat exasperated, "Care to go into detail?""Um- it was all over my body this really odd feeling, like I was being tickled really quickly." Rachel said, "Any ideas?""No." Sam sat down to ponder," It happened too quickly, so it's not biological.""So what - I have the elastic touch?" Mae said with a shudder."Hey, yeah - which would mean Sam is elastic too! He's been touching you all along!" Rachel said, stretching her arm back to normal, and grabbing Sam's arm. Rachel pulled, and pulled, but Sam didn't budge- all Rachel managed to do was stretch her arms out across the kitchen, "Or maybe not.""I think I would have noticed something like that." Sam said bluntly. Although the idea of being elastic did seem interesting, "Maybe it has something to do from your childhood - you two grew up practically like sisters. And for some reason, the power is being turned on now.""Why now-ow?!" Rachel said, feeling something hard in her mouth. She spat it out, "Aw, man, I lost a filling!""Lost or something else. Where was it?" Sam asked. Rachel opened her mouth up wide- wider than Sam's head was large, so Sam and Mae could both easily look in, "Please don't bite my head off." Sam muttered as he looked in, just in time to see a second filling fall out of an overextended tooth, which healed itself as they watched."I'm no dentist, but I don't think you need any fillings." Sam said, stepping back so Rachel could close her mouth."That almost makes up for not being able to wear jewelry." Rachel said, feeling her jaw, "Actually, I feel great- no aches or pains.""Same here." Mae said, pulling out some english muffins for breakfast.The trio split up after breakfast for their different errands. Mae and Rachel piled into Rachel's aging hatchback and went off shopping for new clothes while Sam took care of the calliope, and to bring back some of the 'junk' from the carny. Normally he wouldn't have considered any of it worth saving either, but he had a few ideas that Mae - and now Rachel- might find entertaining with their new pliable forms, once he made the right modifications. It took two trips to haul all of the stuff back and pack it into his workshop. Mae and Rachel had beat him home, and he could smell something good cooking as he approached the back door."Mmmm, smells good." Sam said, coming in, and hugging Mae who was cutting up some carrots. His eyes fell on the table where a large tan colored vase stood, filled with flowers, "Now where did you get such an ugly tan vase? It does nothing for the decor- it like, totally clashes with everything." Sam could hear Rachel giggling as he imitated her take on the shape Mae had been in the previous day."She insisted on it." Mae said, teasing Sam as he circled the table with a mock critical eye, "She said you wouldn't even notice her sitting there.""Oh she didn't, did she?" Sam said, "Well, maybe I wouldn't if these flowers were arranged more artfully." Mae crossed her arms and had a wry smile as Sam began fiddling with the flowers inside Rachel's form. Rachel couldn't believe how sensitive and ticklish she was there, as he pulled and probed on the stems. Despite her best efforts, Rachel broke out laughing."Stop Sam, stop!" Rachel cried, forming her face on the side of her vase like form, gasping to keep herself in shape, "I give up.""Good grief -there's a girl in there." Sam said as Mae rolled her eyes, "Care to join us at the table for dinner.""Hmmm- " Rachel said glancing at Mae, "Mae said she stayed this way for a few days and you ate in front of her.""That was old cereal, leftover pizza and baked beans." Sam said as Mae stuck her tongue out in disgust at the last item. She hated baked beans, "This on the other hand is Mae's fine home cooking.""Well it DOES smell good." Rachel said- she could hear and vaguely see as a vase, but she couldn't smell until she had reformed her face, "All right - just empty me out so I don't make a mess like Mae did." Sam pulled out the flowers quickly, which made Rachel gasp with delight, then he brought her over to the sink where he poured out the water. Rachel sighed- feeling the water wash away was somehow refreshing.Sam sat Rachel back down onto a chair, where she began to stretch back to normal. Like Mae, the vase split into four large petals, but this time Rachel's face and breasts peaked out of the strange blossom. The petals became arms and legs as she enlarged her torso and returned to normal. Sam handed Rachel a towel to dry herself off with, as she inspected herself."Hey - my tattoo is gone too!" Rachel said looking at her ankle, "Good riddance! That Ricky was a jerk for dumping me right after I had it done just for him!""Well, you're a nice uniform color." Sam said, admiring the view as Rachel got up to put on a bathrobe, "No freckles or spots anywhere. On either of you.""Glad you noticed that," Rachel said, hugging Sam. She wrapped her arms around him enticingly and rubbed her bouncing breasts up against Sam's chest hard. Mae coughed loudly, and Rachel let go, "Sorry, we get to share so many things when we're together that sometimes I just can't help myself.""Sharing is fine- just don't forget, Mae is my one true love here." Sam said, patting Rachel's rear."There - see - practically in invitation." Rachel said with glee, going to hug Mae. Sam looked a little confused."Rachel had an idea about all three of us going to bed- together." Mae said, "If you don't mind that is.""The bed is kind of small for three," Sam said, "And more importantly, do you mind?""Not really - And Rachel knows how we can all fit in." Mae said as she began to explain and serve up dinner.
  190. ________________________________________
  191. After dinner was over, they cleared the table, and Rachel laid down on it, expectantly, "Mae says you give such good massages," She cooed."I do huh?" Sam said, as he began to massage her legs, "Wait until you see what we can both do." Mae began to knead Rachel's shoulders. Rachel began to shudder and moan, as her sexy form began to lose definition. Sam rolled up her legs into a wad as Mae melded Rachel's arms into her breasts. Soon Rachel's moans of delight faded as her head was worked into the large tan glob of featureless material that she had become on the table, which quivered in anticipation of what was to come next."Hope you don't feel too run down by this," Sam said pulling the rolling pin out of the drawer. Mae stopped him."Hold on - I think you're having too much fun with this." Mae said with a smile as she took the rolling pin from him, "Besides, it's my turn to do this." Sam shrugged with a smile as Mae began rolling her friend's form back and forth, slowly flattening her out into a sheet on the table. Sam had to work on Mae from various angles to get her entirely flattened out, but since Mae could stretch across the table, she had no problem. Soon Rachel was draped far over the table, large enough to easily cover their bed. Satisfied she had worked the last lumps out, Mae gathered her friend's flattened form up, and the trio went up to bed."How does that feel?" Mae said, as she and Sam tucked Rachel into the bed. The center of the sheet shuddered, and Rachel's smiling face formed."It feels wonderful. Climb in." Rachel declared. Mae and Sam smiled, forging any nightclothes and getting into bed in the nude."This feels kind of odd," Sam said as he got into bed, and ran his hands over Rachel's warm flattened form."How so?" Mae said, climbing in on the other side, "I was like this the first night I had these abilities.""No- odd to finally be back in the same bed with the woman I love in the shape that I love." Sam said truthfully. Mae smiled and blushed as they embraced and kissed in a normal fashion for the first time in a week."Its great to be back - oh!" Mae said looking down , "Did you pinch me?""Sorry, my bad." Rachel said as Sam felt a gentle pinch."I thought someone said they were going to behave." Sam said, "Otherwise its off to the hamper with you.""All right all right- I'll behave! Promise!" Rachel said as Mae and Sam continued caress each other as the trio slowly drifted to sleep.
  193. Sam might have slept longer if it were not for the whispers and giggles. Or the fact that the sheet covering him seemed to be sliding slowly across him. But the thing that woke him from his slumber was the feeling of long hair tickling his nose. He cracked his eyes open to see a head of raven black locks of hair in front of him. Not the light yellow of Mae's head of hair. Before it fully registered what was going on, the head turned and black eyes on a pretty tan face looked at him in surprise."Ahhh!" Sam cried, slipping out of bed and landing on his rear. He had been sleeping too close to the edge. Mae's head appeared at the end of a long neck, peering down at Sam."Are you all right?" She asked with some concern."Yeah, yeah," Sam said, getting up and rubbing his sore rump, "I thought Rachel was going to play the part of bedsheet all night.""It's almost nine in the morning. I was getting bored." Rachel protested, as Mae drew her neck back in and climbed out from under Rachel's nearly flat naked form. She had been slowly working on restoring herself. Her head was back to normal, and her hands now wiggled at each top corner of her blanket-like form. Her feet were at the foot of the bed, each in their own corner. In the center, her breasts rose up like two large hills on a rumpled tan plain."Well, she did behave, didn't she?" Mae said, wrapping her long elastic arms around Sam and rubbing him. Sam rubbed her back, groggily watching as Rachel drew herself in, changing from a flat tan bedsheet back into her sleek, well-endowed self. She came over and wrapped her arms around Sam and Mae, kissing them both."That was a great night, wasn't it?" Rachel said enthusiastically, "I could fell every breath you took, every move you made - next time I'm flat as a sheet you two should have some serious sex on me.""Next time? Sam said with a wry smile, "Next time I'll have that spare room cleared out for a certain rubber roommate.""Aw, you're so sweet." Rachel said, rebounding, "But that reminds me - we got something great to show you!""Rachel, I don't think..." Mae tried to say as she let go of Sam, only to find Rachel's rubbery arm stretching around her mouth, muting her protests."Trust me, it'll be great! Sam will love it!" Rachel said, unwinding her other arm from around Sam, then stretching to pick up some of his clothes, "Now get dressed, make breakfast, and we'll be right down!" Rachel shooed Sam out before he could get fully dressed. He finished in the hall, shaking his head as he went down to make breakfast. Things had certainly gotten interesting around here since they found they could stretch.
  194. ________________________________________
  195. Coffee was almost ready when the two came down wearing slinky cat suits. Mae was dressed in red and Rachel in green. Only their necks and heads were uncovered, although the thin material did little to hide their curvaceous assets beneath."Introducing, the amazing Rubber Ray and Malleable Mae!" Rachel said excitedly. Mae smiled nervously, uncomfortable with Rachel's plans which she announced, in the next breath, "We're the amazing elastic duo, righters of wrong, defenders of justice, so super-villians beware.""Super villains don't usually show up in little towns like this." Sam pointed out, "In fact, I can't remember any super villains in the state outside of a comic book convention.""Well, we'll be ready for any trouble with these outfits." Rachel protested, crossing her arms confidently."I thought you two couldn't wear anything skin tight." Sam observed, looking over the spandex body stockings, which really didn't do a good job hiding their private parts, "Where did you get these?""They're form fitting, not skin tight." Rachel protested."Well, they are a little tight." Mae admitted as Sam handed her a cup of coffee."Shush! They can stretch pretty easily, so we should be able to stretch within them. Watch as I get my coffee from this studmuffin!" Rachel held her arm up, as if to wind it around Sam, and the fabric did indeed stretch- perhaps a foot. Then it began to strain and bulge out, as Rachel's elastic mass began to ball up, creating a large round ball that landed with a thunk on the table."Impressive. Coffee?" Sam asked smiling, putting the cup just out of reach of Rachel's stubby fingers that was at one end of the large spandex wrapped ball Rachel had made at the end of her arm. Mae laughed as Rachel frowned at the problem facing her."All right, all right - maybe we need to improve these costumes." Rachel said as she restored her bulging arm back to normal, "Keep on doing whatever you're going to do, and we'll be right back." Rachel grabbed Mae who was still laughing, and dragged her back upstairs."Right, I'll get started on the laundry." Sam said calling up, "Now it's okay to put the reds with the white, right?""Sam!" Mae stretched her head out their bedroom door, to see he was smiling. She smiled for a moment before Rachel reeled her in.
  196. ________________________________________
  197. Laundry was pretty light- not surprising, Sam thought, since it seemed like Mae had been going naked all week. He got the first load started, just as Rachel came bounding down the basement stairs, followed by Mae. The arms and the legs of the body stockings had been snipped off, and for good measure, the middle as well."Aha! How's this!" Rachel said, stretching out an arm to snag Sam. Sam stepped aside, and Rachel wound it around a support beam, "Hey, don't move!" Rachel frowned, as Mae laughed again."Better." Sam said as Rachel unwrapped her arm, "But we still don't know everything you two are capable of - or not. And of course there's that severe shortage of super villains.""Well, we can start training right now." Rachel said looking around the cluttered little basement, "You could use your engineering expertise to build an Elastic-Cave down here.""Not going to happen." Sam said firmly."Or move to a farm or a cave or something."That's not going to happen either." Mae said even more firmly. She had fallen in love with the little old house, even though there had been another that was a little larger and newer for less money that they had once looked at. Rachel backed off at Mae's declaration."All right, we'll make do with what we have," Rachel said brightly, "A race! First one to stretch behind all those boxes and back gets a big kiss from Sam!""You're on!" Mae said."What?" Said Sam, unused to being the prize, as the two flexible females stretched into a corner and began forcing themselves into the cracks behind the storage boxes that were stacked along the walls Sam watched with some fascination as first their torsos and then their legs easily slid into the crack after their extended arms and heads. Sam smiled and shook his head as he saw Rachel's bright idea wasn't working as well as she had hoped.Sam couldn't see them behind the boxes, except for the odd wide crack where gray stone suddenly turned pink or tan as the girls flowed by, trying to find their way. The boxes rattled and shuddered, as Sam could hear the muffled voices of the girls as they made their way to the other end of the box-lined basement.Rachel's head popped out first, low on the pile, "Aha! I beat you!" She cried, jostling the stack of boxes as she began to stretch out."Rachel, watch out!" Sam said. Rachel glanced up in time to see a large heavy box fall down and flatten her newly emerged head. Sam went over to pick up the box, and suddenly pink tendrils came out between the boxes, wrapping around him. Mae's head suddenly appeared on the end of one of them, grinning from ear to ear."Gotcha!" Mae said gleefully, kissing Sam on the lips as she continued to flow out and assume her normal feminine shape. While Sam didn't mind the kissing, he was worried about Rachel, and pointed down at her. Mae caught on quickly, "Omigosh! Rachel!""A little help here!" Rachel said under the box. Sam moved it aside, and Rachel took a deep breath, reinflating her flattened head, "Darn it, I was so close!""Well, I was cheering you both on all the way," Sam said, holding up some flimsy red and green cloth and shaking them like a pair of pom poms. Mae looked down, and realized she was in the nude - and so was Rachel! They had flowed right out of their costumes! , "Of course if you were out fighting crime, they would probably have to arrest you two for indecent exposure." Sam added. Personally he didn't mind the view."Oh, darn it, I thought I had it figured out for sure!" Rachel groused as she flowed out of the crack and reformed herself, "Maybe bodypaint...""It would wear or wash off more quickly than your tattoo," Sam said, handing back her elastic outfit, "I think you should forget the hero bit until you figure out how to stay dressed, or everyone will be calling you the Stretchy Streaker." Rachel blushed a little at that last note - she had taken part in a few streaking pranks back in college.Sam made a few more pokes at Rachel's deflated plans, until Mae prodded him to stop it as the two girls went up to clean up in the bathroom- they were filthy after stretching around in the dirt and dust of the old basement."You should get Sam to clean up down there," Rachel said as she filled the bathtub."Basements are supposed to be dirty silly," Mae said, combing some cobwebs out of her hair, as she turned to see Rachel getting into the tub of steaming hot water."Rachel, you don't want to do that!""Do what? Take a nice hot bath to loosen things up?" Rachel said, as she sat down, and went down, "Oooh! Ooooh! What's going oooon?!" Rachel cried in surprise and ecstasy as she watched herself melting and mixing into the water.Mae watched, fascinated at how quickly she went down, and then checked - Rachel had used only hot water. And with the washing machine running, the heater was making it even hotter than usual. Mae looked down at her friend, who was now a featureless tan liquid that floated on the surface of the water-filled tub. "Rachel, are you all right?" She asked.The surface of the liquid rippled a little, as Rachel's face took shape, "Oh, I know you told me you did this, but I can't believe how good it feels!" Rachel said happily as her face drifted around the tub, "Come on in, the water's fine!""Oh, no, I don't want to run the risk of getting mixed up like that." Mae said, stirring Rachel's form with the handle of her hairbrush. Rachel groaned even louder. " At least not until we understand more about what we can do." Mae added, remembering how good it felt."Then get Sam up here to take a bath with me." Rachel insisted, "We could do all sorts of fun things like this!""Not on your life!" Mae said. She wanted to have Sam do it with her first, if he was going to take a bath like this with anyone, "But I will help you have some fun." She added with a wicked grin. Before Rachel could ask what she had in mind, Mae pressed a button next to the tub."What is - Oh my G---!" Rachel managed to say as the air pumps began bubbling air into the water, circulating it and Rachel's liquid form around the tub. Mae turned it off after a few moments, and peered in. Rachel's face resurfaced, looking winded and excited, "Wow! What was that?""Another miracle of modern science." Mae said with a grin."Well turn it back on girlfriend! It was fantas----!" Rachel managed to say enthusiastically as Mae turned it back on at a higher setting that had the surface of the tub bubbling and swirling around. Mae wiped herself off as the bathtub bubbled, and went off to get some clothes on."Breakfast ready?" Mae asked brightly as she came downstairs."Breakfast? Try brunch." Sam said with a smile, "You two were fooling around so much that it's almost noon. Say, where's Rachel?""Oh, she's taking a nice long bath to get squeaky clean," Mae said hugging Sam, "We're going to try it ourselves when she leaves.""Oh, she melted down?" Sam said, remembering what Mae had told him, "Hope you didn't turn the jets on - I'd hate to find she was totally brainwashed as well as squeaky clean.""Welll- "Mae said thinking about it, "I guess I'd better go turn them off." Mae went and stretched upstairs, easily climbing the stairs in two stretched out steps. Sam shook his head.The two came back down dressed, Rachel looking a little annoyed that her fun had been cut short. "I could have stayed in a little longer." Rachel protested to Mae."But you're so squeaky clean," Sam teased Rachel as he dished out some brunch, "In fact, when you're moving around like that you sound like someone making balloon animals.""I do?" Rachel said, squeezing and rubbing her breasts together without making a sound. Mae stretched out her hand and slapped Sam's rear for teasing them."All right, all right - joke," Sam chuckled, as Rachel frowned at him briefly, "So are you going to stay longer than the weekend?"Rachel sighed, "Wish I could, but I've got to go to work tomorrow, unlike some lucky people," She looked at Mae a little enviously, "And I should get going after this. Long way back to the city.""Too long," Mae said, hugging Rachel, "But there's NEXT weekend.""Yup, there's always a place for you here, "Sam added, "And if there isn't, we'll just fit you into place.""Mmmm - sounds delightful." Rachel said.The rest of the meal was filled with small talk as Mae told Rachel everything she knew about their powers - which wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. After all, Mae had Sam to lean on, while Rachel was in between love interests, and was by herself in the city. She did promise to be careful with her powers as they bid her farewell.
  199. "It was so good to see her," Mae sighed watching Rachel's rusty compact sputter down the street,' And the fact she got these powers makes her closer than ever - even though she's so far away."
  200. "Only an hour's drive," Sam pointed out as they went back in, "And you're right - she reminded me of a very important thing we have to do."
  201. "What's that?" Mae asked.
  202. "Clear out that room upstairs so there's someplace to put unexpected guests." Sam said rubbing his back, "I can still feel the lumps in that old couch." Mae smiled as they went upstairs to get to work.
  203. In truth they had been putting it off too long. They had bought the house the previous year, just before Mae's parents sold their condo, and presented them with all the furniture that they weren't taking with them to Florida. While there wasn't anything wrong with the free furniture, there was a lot of junk that was put away in the basement and spare bedroom which needed to be sorted.
  204. "Careful, some of these boxes are heavy," Sam said.
  205. "I know - I helped bright them up here," Mae said defensively as she kneeled to pick one up. Instead of picking it up, as she rose her arms stretched out, "All right, that box is heavy." She said, waggling her arms as she let go of the box.
  206. "National Geographics, 1955-1958." Sam said, reading the label and shaking his head as he hefted it up, "Good up to date reading. But I think I know a dealer who might be interested in them."
  207. "That's good," Mae said stretching around and peering into the boxes, "Most of these are old books and videos."
  208. "We ought to sort them out- keep what we want, sell the rest to a dealer." Sam said with a smile as a thought crossed his mind, "Why don't we try this..." Mae smiled as he explained his idea.
  209. "Oooh - that's a great idea!" Mae said as Sam took some emptied cardboard boxes downstairs, then returned, "In fact, it's the first practical use for these powers you've suggested."
  210. "First practical idea that doesn't require you to be stark naked you mean - although I don't mind the scenery." Sam said. Mae smiled and kissed him, before she laid down in the small hallway, and began to stretch her torso down the stairs, curving it down the center so she was a long flat slide. It was odd to watch - and with all of her stretching, odder that she kept her clothes on, since she usually stretched right out of them. Since it was just her middle, she didn't have to take off her slacks or shirt. Mae reached the bottom and waved to Sam who held up the first book, "Let's see- The joys of yogurt- not interesting to me." Sam put the book down on Mae's torso and slid it down the length of her elongated body. Mae giggled a little - the sliding book tickled her tummy.
  211. "Not interested either." Mae said, grabbing the book before it could bounce off of her breasts, and stretching her arm to deposit it in one of the boxes. Book after book and then video tapes followed in this manner, as Sam called out the names, and if neither was interested, down Mae's long body it would slide. Not to say Sam didn't have some fun, making innocent titles seem pornographic as he called out "A Tale of Two Titties" or flipped through the books like it was a Playboy magazine. He would sometimes get Mae giggling so much that the books would bounce off her breasts before she could grab them.
  212. "And last but not least, "A Midsummer Night's Dream' by some hack named Shakespeare," Sam said holding up a well worn book faded glit lettering.
  213. "Keep it! Keep it!" Mae said, stretching back up, and taking it from Sam, "I've always liked this one."
  214. "Well, we made a pretty big dent in the mess," Sam said. A modest stack of books they were keeping was piled on one side, but an old dresser and desk were now visible in the small room. Downstairs, several boxes filled with old books waited to be hauled off. Sam looked at Mae and smiled, "Although we made a pretty big mess on you."
  215. "Oh!" Mae said looking down at her blackened tummy. The print from the books sliding down her had left a long light gray streak when she was stretched out. Now that she was back to her normal shape, the streak was coal black, "Well, this is a good excuse for that bath." Mae said, looping her arms around Sam and giving him a big kiss.
  216. Sam loaded up the truck so he could drop the books off coming home from work the next day as Mae started filling the tub. Sam came up to find her ready and waiting.
  217. "I thought you'd be in by now." Sam said as she began undoing his workshirt.
  218. "Mmm, and miss the best part of getting you undressed?" Mae said unzipping his fly and reaching in to give his manhood a playful squeeze. Sam grinned as Mae let go and he took off the rest of his clothes, "Besides, I want your trained scientific eyes to watch."
  219. "Well, that sounds logical." Sam said, stepping into the tub. The water was hot, so he eased himself in slowly, reclining back. He was glad he had insisted they install a bathtub large enough for two as a mutual Christmas present. Sam looked up at Mae who was standing there smiling, "Getting in? Or do I have to send out an invitation?"
  220. "Just waiting for you to get comfy," Mae said, stepping in as if the water was lukewarm. She didn't even bother to sit down. As the hot water began to soften her up, she slowly began to sink down into the tub, like she was going down an elevator. Sam watched in amazement, as the water turned pink from Mae's flowing form. Mae moaned slightly as an erotic feeling swept over her.
  221. "So it feels good?" Sam asked as her pussy melted into her liquid form, and she let out a loud groan.
  222. "You had better believe it!" Mae said, floating over to Sam and putting her arms around his shoulders. Sam could feel her fingers melting onto him as they draped into the water, "Oops - there go my hands - care to do some massaging?" Mae said, looking down at her breasts. Sam smiled, and reached up under her to fondle her breasts, but found they were the consistency of thick gooey pudding. Touching them caused Mae to orgasm and lose her balance. Mae groaned as she toppled into the water, blown away by the feeling of Sam's touch.
  223. "I'm glad one of us is having fun here." Sam said looking down at Mae's smiling face - the only thing that remained in the pink liquid that swirled around Sam. He twirled his finger around Mae's face, and she groaned again.
  224. "Ohhhh- sorry, this feels so good feeling all of you inside of me. Let me return the favor." Mae managed to say before her face vanished.
  225. Sam was about to ask her what that meant when he felt the water come alive. No, it was Mae, swirling around him. With a start, he felt her rubbing and massaging him- it was like a thousand little tongues were licking him all at once across his entire body. The sensation aroused him, and his dick was becoming rock hard inside of Mae. Sam groaned in ecstasy.
  226. Mae couldn't see anything - all she could do was feel, and hear Sam. As he groaned, the vibrations of his chest and shuddering body tickled her, even if he sounded something like a whale. She was more interested in what she could feel as Sam's prick became erect inside of her. She mentally smiled to herself and swirled and whirled around it furiously.
  227. "Mae, what are you - ooooh, yeah!" Sam groaned again, as she stimulated Sam's cock. One moment it felt like a really good fuck, the next it seemed like the mother of all blowjobs to Sam as Mae tried to get a hold on it. Sam blew his wad, spurting into Mae, and much to her surprise, she found she could taste Sam's spunk. She tried forming a mouth, but the water was still too warm, and Sam's reaction was stirring her up too much to solidify.
  228. Mae kept on flowing around Sam, stimulating him even more, until he came again. While Sam enjoyed Mae's moments enormously, he was starting to wear out, "All right, all right, time out." Sam said as Mae tickled and massaged his body. Mae thought about it for a moment and then formed her face on the surface of the water.
  229. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Mae asked with a broad blissful smile.
  230. "Oh, yeah." Sam gasped, stirring his fingers around in Mae's liquid form. Mae giggled, "You know, you feel almost like pudding this way- but you're getting thicker."
  231. "Well, the water's cooling off." Mae said, as her face rose and became a head on a neck, her reformed blonde hair rolling down into the tub, "The cooler it is, the better control I have, see?" Sam felt the tickle of fingers on his back, and glanced behind him to see Mae's hands poking up out of her slowly solidifying form. He could feel her taking shape around him.
  232. "Never thought I'd get this far into you." Sam chuckled. Mae grinned, and her pink form rose around Sam, forming a giant pussy around him, as the water seemed to suck away.
  233. "Care for another helping?" Mae said enticingly, stretching her head over the lips of her sex. Sam licked his lips carefully, as she nuzzled his ear.
  234. "Well..." Sam said, pulling his arm out and rubbing it across Mae's solid parts, "As tempting as that sounds, I think you've pretty much worn me out with this."
  235. "Hmph!" Mae snorted as she let her giant pussy sink back into the tub, "That's supposed to be my line." They stayed in the tub longer, as Mae reformed and Sam watched her show off until they decided to call it a night.
  238. While Mae and Sam had a fairly uneventful week, Rachel was going through what was possibly the worst week of her life as she related the events that had happened to her.
  239. ________________________________________
  240. "That's it- next time I'm getting a ground floor apartment," Rachel gasped, carrying the bag of groceries up three flights of stairs, pausing regularly to put the heavy bag down and reshape herself. Every step she took in the warm stairwell caused her to stretch a bit out of shape, as the weight of the groceries pulled on her arms. She saw the building super peering down the elevator shaft next to the stairs.
  241. "Hey, when is that going to be fixed?" Rachel asked in an annoyed tone. It had been broken since she got back.
  242. The super glared at her, chewing the stub of a cigar, "When they're done workin on it. Hey, I thought you chicks loved exercise- those stairs are better d'en any stairmaster whatchahoozies and they're free." Rachel rolled her eyes as the lout continued, "And hey, don't forget the rent's due next week!"
  243. The Rent. Rachel gulped, and went around the super to her tiny apartment, and went in, rather than argue. She put the groceries away and collapsed into a chair, letting her arms and legs droop and stretch across the floor, as she reviewed her woes.
  244. When she got back, her car was sounding funny, and the mechanic she took it to informed her that there were some major repairs to do. The klutz underestimated the damage of course, and overcharged on everything or Rachel would have just sold the junker. She sank deeper into the chair thinking about it.
  245. She could have handled the bill easily - she had a good job after all. Emphasis on 'had'. The company executives, looking out for their own best interests decided to loot the company's accounts and take an extended vacation to Central America. As an executive operator, the police had grilled her for the last two days before deciding she knew nothing about the mess. Rachel sank deeper, feeling her body loose its shape.
  246. When the police finished questioning her, she found the liquidators had fired her- along with most of the staff. The 'severance pay' taken out of what was left of the company's accounts had been doled out on a first come first serve basis, so there was nothing left for her. Rachel's head sank below her collar and was melting into her torso.
  247. Then there was the bigot at the unemployment office, who helpfully suggested she should go back to India to find a job. That really steamed her- she was a natural born American!
  248. She was about to just let herself slide into a blob on the floor when a loud boom echoed through the apartment and the building shuddered. "What was that?" Rachel thought, stretching herself back into shape. The fire alarms began to go off, and there was shouting in the hall.
  249. Rachel grabbed her purse, and went to the hall. The elevator shaft was belching fire and smoke as another explosion shook the building.
  250. "My babies! My babies!" Rachel could hear the neighbor from across the hall hysterically screaming behind the curtain of fire pouring out the elevator door. The super was hauling her back, cussing a red streak as the flames began to lick the ceiling and spread. There was no way for Rachel to get out that way - or from her own apartment.
  251. Rachel backed off, feeling herself starting to get soft from the flames. The flames seemed to flow slowly as she watched. She glanced at her neighbor's door, and it was locked- but she could hear crying inside. "Time to be a hero," She said to herself. Of course she could stretch and flow under the door- and lose her clothing, which would be pretty embarrassing when she was talking to the police and media.
  252. As the heat crept closer, an idea struck her. She placed her hand over the keyhole, and forced part of herself into the tiny space. Not very much, but she could feel the pins move. The bolt moved, and the door swung open. The fire was starting to singe her clothes.
  253. Rachel pulled herself out of the lock, and dashed into the apartment as the fire suddenly caught a second wind, and flooded the hall. She slammed the door shut, and looked around the room ,"Hey, kids? Kids?" She didn't know their names, but there were two of them, with a third on the way, judging by the way the mother looked.
  254. One little face, then a second peeked out just as Rachel was about to begin stretching around to look for them, "Come on, we've got to get out of here!" Rachel urged the shy little children toward the window. She opened it up, in time to hear the first fire engines approaching.
  255. Whatever had caught the elevator on fire had done a number on the back alleyway - and the rusty old fire escape. Most of it had fallen away in one of the explosions. Rachel coaxed the scared children out as smoke began to fill the room.
  256. "All right you two, we're going to get down- just shut your eyes and don't be scared." Rachel said. She was scared enough for all three of them. The two nodded, and hid their eyes, allowing Rachel to act. She swiftly wrapped one arm around the two children, and wrapped the other around the iron rail of the fire escape. Then she jumped.
  257. "Ohhhh Damn!" Rachel gritted her teeth as they fell, being slowed by her stretching arm turned bungee cord. She just hoped it would hold. Seven feet. Fourteen feet. Twenty one feet. It just got longer and longer, slowing their fall. She had no idea how long her arm was when they hit the ground - all she knew was that it hurt like hell. The two children looked up at her as she let go of the fire escape, her long overstretched arm falling to the ground with a thunk, like a long rubber hose. It felt numb.
  258. Before she could let got of the children or unstretch her arm, another explosion shook the building and sent pebbles falling down on them. The children screamed as Rachel began to run to the end of the alley, dragging her extended arm behind her. By the time she got to the corner, her knuckles were just dragging on the ground, and she unwrapped the stunned children. Just in time as firemen began to filter in.
  259. "Hey lady! Get those kids out of here!" one of the masked firefighters shouted at her as they wrestled a heavy hose into the alley. Rachel wasn't about to argue with that, as one escorted her and the children to an ambulance.
  260. "Are they yours?" The medic asked, checking over the children.
  261. "No - we were trapped at the end of the hall, but I couldn't leave them there." Rachel said as she brushed back her hair, "Their mother was on the other side- I hope she got out."
  262. "I'll see what I can find out - Holy!" The medic uttered an oath as the wing of the apartment building began to collapse.
  263. "Aw, man!" Rachel said, watching her apartment disintegrate as the forth floor compacted into the third. Firemen were pulling back as a wave of humanity was forced back by the police.
  264. Distantly, Rachel hear the mother again, screaming above the din. "Can you keep an eye on these kids, I think I hear their mother." Rachel said, taking her mind off her problems. She got out, and looked around - stretching up the side of the ambulance, hoping no one would notice her. She spied the mother and the super being tended at another ambulance.
  265. In a short time, the mother and children were reunited. "Oh, thank you, thank you!" The mother said over and over, hugging the children and then Rachel.
  266. "The rubber band lady saved us." The older one said pointing at Rachel, "She stretched out like a rope!" The mother looked at Rachel with an odd look.
  267. " I do rock climbing." Rachel tried to explain, "When I saw we were cut off, I grabbed some rope, and we went down that."
  268. "I don't care how you did it! Thank you for saving my babies!" the mother sobbed, "Thank goodness I left the door unlocked for you!" The children tried to contradict the mother, and tell her about how Rachel stretched, but it fell on the deaf ears of a very relieved mother.
  269. "Some adventure." The medic said, pulling out his equipment, "Want me to check you over?"
  270. "No thanks." Rachel smiled, rubbing her sore arm - it was still a little longer than it should have been. But doing something like saving lives had felt good. The medic shrugged, and turned his attention to other victims of the fire.
  271. Rachel could only watch as the firefighters brought the blaze under control. Some officers took her statements of what had happened, adding to what little they knew- one of the workers in the elevator shaft had somehow cut through a gas pipe with a torch, setting off the explosions.
  272. Rachel walked away as the fire was brought under control and the fire department began letting people through to neighboring buildings, and the common parking lot. There probably wasn't anything left worth saving in her little apartment anyway once the fire had swept through it. At least she had her purse and her checkbook in it. But where to go? Not back home with her mother- that would drive her insane. It would be even worse with her big shot sister.
  273. "Oh, no!" Rachel groaned as a fire truck pulled away, and she saw her car. The explosions had sent debris flying, scattering asphalt and gravel everywhere in the lot. Some of the cars had broken windshields from the impact of the gravel. She on the other hand had a large block of brick and concrete sitting in the hatchback door's smashed in window, mashing it down. It had obviously hit the roof first, since there was a huge dent on that too. She stared at it speechlessly.
  274. Just then, her cell phone rang.
  275. "Ray? Hey it's Mae. Want to come over this weekend?" Asked her friend over the crackling phone.
  276. ________________________________________
  277. "And Mae knows the rest" Rachel said, gobbling down dinner. She hadn't thought about eating all day, and suddenly found herself famished, "I got the car out, and came over- although I got pulled over twice by the police."
  278. "Yow - tough time all around." Sam said, turning on the local news channel - the news was highlighting the blaze as their lead story. Rachel shuddered a bit as the corner of her building collapsed on the tape.
  279. "Well, don't worry - you can stay here for as long as you want." Mae said comforting her friend, "Isn't that right dear?"
  280. "Huh?" Sam said, a bit distracted by the scenes on TV, "Well sure- you can stay as long as Mae is willing to put up with you."
  281. "Thank you- I really don't know what else to say." Rachel said in a relieved tone as they began to clear the, "I mean, I'll help out - pay rent until I'm back up on my feet- just wad me up at night and toss me in the laundry or something..."
  282. "Ray, we're best friends - don't worry about it." Mae said, hugging her, "Besides, we've cleared out a place for you."
  283. Mae led her upstairs to the tiny guest room.
  284. "Cramped but cozy." Sam said as Rachel looked around. There was barely enough room for a bed, a dresser and a small desk that was doing double duty as a bedside table, "I decorated it myself- see the classic Hawaiian print lamp shades? And I have a few beer mirrors to put up too." He teased Rachel as Mae elbowed him in the ribs.
  285. "Lucky for you, I'm flexible." A spark of her usual determination glinted in her eyes as she stretched of her clothes and curled up on the bed, trying to look sultry, "And exhausted, or I'd invite both of you in to show how much I appreciate your kindness."
  286. "You rest- we've got to go shopping for new clothes for you tomorrow." Mae said as she picked Rachel's clothes off the floor and herded Sam out the door. Rachel smiled and drifted off to sleep.
  290. Mae and Sam were looking over Rachel's car as she came out of the house that morning, glued to her cell phone, "Mom, I'm fine - yes, I'm all right. I'm sure - yes I lost everything, but- but I'm with Mae. Mae who? You know, Mae Prince! Yes, Mabelle. Mom, - Yes, she's engaged - NO! Look I - yes, - Mom, I've got to go! Bye!" Rachel turned the phone off looking disgusted, "Want a nagging mother?"
  291. Sam shrugged, "Well, you have been through a lot- she's worried." He said, putting the hood of the car down.
  292. "So can you fix it?" Mae asked as Sam went around to the back and pried the trunk open.
  293. "Unless it's made of gold, it's not worth repairing." Sam said bluntly, forcing the trunk up, "You might get to trade it on a used car- maybe."
  294. "I can do without." Rachel said in an unconvincing tone. She just wanted to rest.
  295. "You can - the three of us can't." Sam said, badgering her, "Mae and I get along all right sharing the truck, but it'll be cramped for three of us."
  296. "You'll just have to stuff me under the seat."
  297. "And it would be helpful to have an extra set of wheels so you two can go out and do what you want when you want." Sam added, "Just clear your things out of it, and we'll go looking tomorrow."
  298. "I guess I can wait on the art gallery then." Mae said, hugging Sam.
  299. "See - we do need an extra set of wheels." Sam said, hugging Rachel as well before he went off to work.
  300. "Art gallery? What have you been up to?" Rachel asked Mae excitedly. Mae smiled and took Rachel into her art room.
  301. ________________________________________
  302. "Wow, these are beautiful!" Rachel exclaimed as Mae proudly showed off her work, "How long did it take you to do all of these?"
  303. "Two days." Mae said. Rachel stared at her in disbelief, "I'm hoping some will sell- we can't afford to keep buying paint supplies, and we're going to run out of room at the rate I'm going."
  304. "Hey, you should take them over the The Snut!" Rachel said. Mae waved her friend off. It was only the most exclusive gallery in the area, and they had both spent hours making fun of it's 'exclusive' pool of talent, "I'm serious!" Rachel insisted as Mae went through the swinging door into the kitchen. Rachel followed and got her right arm clipped by the heavy swinging door. She ignored it- their plastic forms didn't seem to bruise or get hurt easily.
  305. "I'd need an agent to get in that place." Mae said, pouring some coffee for them and sitting down,"And we can't afford an agent."
  306. "Hey I can be your agent!" Rachel said as she sat down, "I did get a business degree, and it would help make up for my crashing here." Mae thoughtfully took a sip of the hot coffee and had to stop- the heat was melting her lips together. Rachel giggled at the sight of her friend without her mouth.
  307. "Mmm- watch it it's hot." Mae said reforming her lips and smacking them a few times. It did feel good, but she wanted some coffee.
  308. "Oh, I like it hot." Rachel said reaching for her cup - but for some reason she wasn't able to grab it. She looked down and stared - her arm ended in a stump right below the elbow, "Yipe!" Was all Rachel could manage, holding up her arm in wide eyed horror.
  309. "Hey, I didn't think it was that hot." Mae said, assuming Rachel was playing a joke.
  310. "Mae- this is no joke,"Rachel shuddered, "I've lost my hand!"
  311. "What?" Mae said coming over to look. Smooth tan skin with some streaks covered the stump as if it had been sliced off by a knife or... "The door! It got cut off by the door!" Mae gasped, going to the swinging door. She pushed it open, and something behind it stopped it.
  312. "Hey! Be careful!" Rachel said, still in panic mode. Mae nodded, and stretched her fingers around the edge of the door, and pulled it open. There on the floor was Rachel's hand, where it had fallen after the heavy door had clipped Rachel. Mae carefully picked it up and brought it to the kitchen table, "Omigosh, Omigosh, Omigosh!" Rachel said over and over, staring at the limp hand in dismay.
  313. "Calm down! You're not bleeding!" Mae said kneeling next to her friend, "Hey, we're silly putty or something, remember!"
  314. "All right - you're right." Rachel said, still a little freaked out looking at her hand, "We can put it back on- somehow?" She waved her stump, unsure what to do.
  315. "Ray, you're still freaking out- calm down!" Mae said to her friend , "Look, can you feel your hand or move it?"
  316. "Yes - I can feel it..." Rachel said uncertainly looking at it. Suddenly she felt like she was jumping, and everything went dark. What had happened? She was aware she could feel - no move her right hand again. She was aware her friend was crying for her. And shaking her body- but she couldn't move her body. Rachel had some control and formed a face on her hand.
  317. "Ray! Rachel, come on, now you're freaking me out!" Mae said shaking her friend. Rachel's face stared blankly at the table, "Talk to me!"
  318. "Mae how did you get so big?" Rachel's voice said from the table. Mae glanced down and did a double take as her friend's face was looking up at her from the severed hand on the table, "How did I get over here?"
  319. "Rachel?" Mae gasped, as Rachel tried to get up.
  320. "What's going on? I feel so funny..." Rachel said, flexing her fingers, then catching sight of her body, "Hey! What am I doing over there?"
  321. "Rachel - you're - you're a hand!" Mae gasped, not quite believing it herself.
  322. "I am?" Rachel tried looking down and gasped, "Oh, EWWW! I'm like that thing from the 'Addam's Family', what was it's name?"
  323. "Thing." Mae said, still staring, "How did you get over there?"
  324. "I don't know- I was trying to move my hand when suddenly here I was! I want to get back..." Rachel suddenly felt the jumping sensation again- she blinked her eyes and gasped, "Back into my body again!" Mae jumped back, startled at Rachel's sudden reanimation.
  325. "Wow! That's - freaky!" Mae gasped, "But can you... get back together?"
  326. "I think so." Rachel said, calming down and picking up her severed hand uncertainly. She lined it up and placed it back on. The seam where it had been severed, and the face she made on it swiftly vanished as she flexed her finger, "Good as new!" Rachel announced, stretching her right arm across the kitchen and into the living room.
  327. "That's a relief!" Mae said, sitting back as Rachel pulled her arm back in, "I guess its nice to know we don't have to worry about dismemberment anymore. Hey- why are you smiling?" Rachel was grinning as a thought crossed her mind.
  328. "Well, once I got over how freaking insane it was," Rachel said,"I think it felt kinda good. Want to play doctor?" Mae rolled her eyes as Rachel explained her idea.
  329. "I should have you sign something you know," Mae said as Rachel tossed off her clothing and laid down on the kitchen table with a smile,"I mean this is crazy."
  330. "So says the lady with the garrote." Rachel said, cupping her breasts as Mae approached. Rachel wanted to try knives, but Mae refused, pulling out the fishline with two thick hoops at each end that they used to remove pottery from the wheel, "Now take a little off the top, will you?"
  331. Mae smiled grimly, and started to slice. Rachel gasped in anticipation as the line slid through her neck, and her head rolled free. Mae quickly picked it up and looked at Rachel with some concern.
  332. "Are you feeling all right?" Mae asked as Rachel's long black hair dangled down around her hand.
  333. "No- you're supposed to say 'Alas poor Rachel' or some such junk," Rachel teased Mae. Mae smirked, and put Rachel's head down on the counter, high enough so she could see what was going on.
  334. "Well, how does it feel?" Mae asked, tickling Rachel's pussy, "Can you feel that?"
  335. "MMMMmmm! Yes!" Rachel said happily. She couldn't move any part of her body other than her disconnected head, but she could still feel everything.
  336. "And what about this?" Mae said, slicing off Rachel's arm. Rachel groaned a little, as Mae pulled it from its position and laid it next to the still body, "Or this?" Off went the other arm. Then Rachel's legs.
  337. "Keep on going!" Rachel said, wondering how much further she could be split apart. Mae smiled - she was getting aroused and had an idea or two of her own.
  338. "Well, it sounds like your having a lot of fun- I think I'll join you." Mae said, taking off her clothes and sitting down next to Rachel's head.
  339. "Well, I'd love to return the favor, but I've just fallen apart - gone to pieces," Rachel giggled, swiveling her detached head towards Mae, and gasping, "Mae are you CRAZY!?"
  340. "No more than you." Mae said, holding her head with one hand, and slicing through her neck with the other. Rachel watched in amazement as Mae's headless body slowly lowered Mae's head down onto the counter next to Rachel's head, and let go, falling back into the chair. Mae grinned, "I guess as long as we're touching different parts of ourselves, we can control them."
  341. "Thanks for the news report!" Rachel gasped, glancing nervously at the kitchen, "It looks like a bad horror movie in here. If Sam sees this, he's gonna freak!"
  342. "Oh, he won't see it." Mae said reassuringly.
  343. "Oh yeah? And who's going to put us back together miss no-body?" Rachel said in an exasperated way. Mae smiled, and suddenly her eyes went blank- just as her body sat up in the chair and waved at Rachel, "Oh yeah - I almost forgot we could do that!" Rachel jumped out of her head and into her torso - it felt odd being only tits and ass- she jiggled them in a limited way, then tried a leg. It felt odd just being able to wiggle her toes and bend her leg.
  344. She was distracted as she felt a kiss back on her cheek, and she jumped back into her head. Rachel blinked and saw Mae looking very odd - she had stretched her lips out, as if they were on the end of a long trunk and was kissing Rachel.
  345. "I was wondering when you would be back," Mae said, "I brought something over for us to suck on." Rachel looked over and saw Mae had managed to put her body close enough so they could easily lick her nipples.
  346. "Oooh! Looks yummy!" Rachel said, stretching her lips out and attaching them to the left nipple, which she began to suck vigorously. Mae groaned in delight as Rachel aroused her, and she was soon sucking on her other breast.
  347. "MMMmm! Milk!" Rachel said, releasing her hold of Mae's breast, "So how long are we going to stay this way?" Mae looked at her friend and winked. As Rachel watched, Mae's head began to shrink with every gulp she made- it was freaky to watch as soon there was nothing left but Mae's long blonde hair hanging off her breast, and that too soon vanished. Then Rachel saw the stump of Mae's neck begin to swell, and take on a round shape Mae's head popped out, as if she was only putting on a pull over sweater. Mae shook her hair and smiled at Rachel.
  348. "Oooh, that was different!" Mae giggled, rubbing her nose, "I suppose you want to be put back together too."
  349. "No rush," Rachel said, stretching her tongue down the side of the cabinets and tickling Mae's pussy. Mae shrieked with excitement, and jumped up.
  350. "All right, but close your eyes for a big surprise." Mae said turning to the table.
  351. Rachel did as she was told, "All right, but what are you - oooh, that feels good!" She said as she felt Mae stick her parts back together, "You're not going to put my head in my crotch, are you?"
  352. "Mmmm- no." Mae said, picking up her friend's head and sticking it back into place, "But I thought this might be interesting."
  353. "What?" Rachel said, feeling her control return to her body. She looked down - her breasts were still there- but when she tried to raise herself up with her arms, her ass rose up instead, "Mae! What did you do?"
  354. "Let me help you, " Mae said, reaching for Rachel's shoulder and lowering her to the floor. Rachel saw Mae grabbing her arm, but it felt like her leg- and her hands were touching the floor! Rachel took a few steps, and caught a glimpse of herself in the glass oven door. Mae had put her legs where her arms should have been, and her arms down where her legs should be.
  355. "Oh, very interesting," Rachel said, looking up at her friend's grinning face and crossing her arms - pausing as she realized she was caressing her pussy. As it was, her pussy was almost rubbing the floor. "What am I supposed to do like this?"
  356. "Well, you were always interested in my snatch," Mae said, rubbing at it. Rachel looked at it and grinned- she was at the right height to get into it, that was for sure. Waddling a bit, Rachel went over to Mae, and buried her face deep into Mae's sex.
  357. Mae groaned as Rachel began licking it in ways Mae didn't think were possible. Mae shoved her friend's face deeper in as she rubbed her own breasts, while Rachel found she could easily play with her own pussy since her hands were ideally located next to in. The two brought it to a mind bending orgasm, and collapsed into two quivering blobs on the kitchen floor.
  358. Mae was the first to recover, and formed her face on amorphous body and looked at Rachel's tan form with a broad smile, "Oh, that was fantastic!" Mae said as she tried to sort herself out.
  359. "No kidding!" Rachel bubbled as she formed a face on her form, still jiggling in delight, "You know, you never would have done that before."
  360. "Cut you up, or let you at my pussy?" Mae said, forming her head atop her blob like body.
  361. "You know!" Rachel said, following suit,"Having sex like that- I mean, when I got these powers, that was one thing, but you - you've really loosened up!" Mae formed her arms, and scratched her head. Rachel was right- Mae had been acting differently since she began to stretch - she was becoming very uninhibited.
  362. "You make that sound like a bad thing," Mae scolded Rachel, although it bothered her a little, "You've been telling me to loosen up for years. I don't think we can get much looser than this." With that, Mae rippled her pink mass, stretched out her legs, reshaped her breasts and body. She was back to normal, laying on the smooth kitchen floor smiling at Rachel.
  363. "Good point- it's just - surprising." Rachel said as she slowly reshaped her upper body and sort of sat up on her unformed lower half. She rubbed her arms and hands, "Mmmm- It was neat being rearranged, but I think it's handier having my arms where they're supposed to be."
  364. "And your legs?" Mae said, sitting up cross legged.
  365. "I'm getting to that." Rachel said, as she rose, forming her tan lower half into a column, that contracted and split as it became Rachel's ass and legs. Mae giggled at the sight, because Rachel had reshaped them in reverse- her butt was now on her front. Mae got up to look her over.
  366. "Hmmm- I should try that with Sam sometime," Mae said, patting her elastic friend's rear.
  367. Rachel grinned, "I thought this might be a different pace - whoa!" She tried to step forward - but with her legs in reverse, she took a step backwards. Mae stretched out and steadied her friend before she could hit the floor, "Thanks - this is harder than I thought." Rachel practiced a little, but even with Mae's help, the best she could do was shuffle.
  368. "Hey, you tried it- that's what counts." Mae said, as Rachel gave up and let herself go into a tan glob on the floor and then stretched back into her normal shape.
  369. "Yeah - and there's something else I want to try." Rachel said, eying the kitchen table. She began to explain her idea to Mae.
  370. "Oh, you've got to be joking!" Mae said with a grin, as the pair went down into the basement where the old pottery wheel was located.
  371. ________________________________________
  372. That evening, Sam strolled in to a surprise. The lights were turned down low, candles were lit, the table was set, and Mae was standing there in one of her very attractive long dresses she usually wore for a special occasion. Sam, who had been preoccupied with a major problem at work began to wrack his brain, "Uh- I hope I didn't forget something. Because I did, if its tonight." Sam said uncertainly as Mae seductively came over and kissed him.
  373. "No, not a thing. I just thought I'd surprise you with a surprise." Mae said sweetly, "Are you surprised?"
  374. "Well, this has been a day for surprises," Sam said, hanging up his jacket, "In fact, Rachel should hear about it- is she around?"
  375. "Oh, she's laying around," Mae said, glancing at the set table as she went to put the food on the table, "She'll get to hear about it soon enough. So what was the surprise?"
  376. "Oh - well- " Sam said sitting down, unused to the service, and the romance in the air, "Well, Walt went to the hospital last night." He tucked his napkin into his lap, too distracted to realize it wasn't cloth or paper.
  377. "Your supervisor?" Mae said worriedly as she sat down, "Is he all right?"
  378. "He should be," Sam said, taking a drink from his glass of water- and idly studying it- it wasn't one they usually used, "The doctors are did a triple bypass surgery - but he should be fine in a month or so. In the meantime, Jim is in charge of our group - and I have to go to that conference Jim was going to."
  379. "The big company conference?" Mae said excitedly, "Oh, that's great! Can I come? Where is it? Las Vegas? Los Angeles? Miami?" Mae spouted off happily. She always wanted to travel, and had visions of seeing the sights while Sam was at work.
  380. "Des Moines, Iowa." Sam said, taking a bite out of the chicken pot pie Mae had served up. Mae stared at him as if he just said he was off to the moon.
  381. "Des Moines Iowa?" Mae repeated, frowning as she dug into her dinner, "What's so important there?"
  382. "Well, some bright department head in Seattle decided that it was the most central practical location for all of our national supervisors to meet for a week," Sam said sarcastically, clearing his plate, "It probably had nothing to do with the fact that he's from Iowa - or that his brother happens to be in charge of the conference center we're going to."
  383. "Oh, pooh!" Mae said, disappointedly, "What's there to see in Iowa?"
  384. "Farms - lots and lots of farms." Sam said, "I'm sure there's something interesting to see- it is the state capital after all. Trouble is, they won't pay for spouses airline tickets. Of course I could just stuff you in a suitcase."
  385. "Mmmm- and I would probably be lost forever, or sent to a place even more dull and boring than Iowa," Mae said with a smile, "I'll just have to stay out of trouble here at home. With Rachel."
  386. "Uh-oh. Maybe I should see if I can get the intern to go." Sam joked, glancing down at his almost empty plate, "Now could you answer a question for me?"
  387. "Anything."
  388. "Why is there a nipple in the middle of my plate?" Sam asked, lifting it up for Mae to see. They could hear Rachel giggling around the table.
  389. "Well- Rachel found out something new about what we can do." Mae said with a smile.
  390. "And that- hold it," Sam reached down and took the napkin out of his lap, recognizing that it was part of Rachel, "That would explain why the napkin is unzipping my pants?"
  391. "Ray!" Mae cried out loudly. Rachel's face appeared on the tablecloth, looking a little apologetic.
  392. "Sorry I couldn't resist!" Rachel said. Sam could feel the tablecloth moving to zip him back up, "There - I'll be good! Keep on eating!" Rachel said in a sincere way as her face faded back into the flat tablecloth.
  393. "So you two found that Ray made a good dinner set?" Sam said looking at things more closely. The silverware, salt and pepper were in their usual holders, but everything else- the plates, the glasses, the tablecloth and a bowl filled with rolls- was made of Rachel, Sam realized.
  394. "No, we found that we could split ourselves apart." Mae said proudly.
  395. "And- this is news for you?" Sam said The tablecloth rippled again, and Rachel's face appeared, facing Sam.
  396. "You mean you knew?" Rachel demanded. Mae was frowning too.
  397. "Well- yeah-" Sam said, a little startled, "That first night when Mae was stretching, I gave her a massage that relaxed her right out of her shirt - her arms just poured right out of the sleeves and separated from her body when they were flowed into the blob she made - so it seemed logical that you two COULD do it."
  398. "That makes sense," Mae said thinking back, "But why didn't you point that out - it would have saved us a lot of stress!"
  399. "I thought you two were still a little stressed out over becoming elastic honey," Sam said, "Besides, the only way to see if I was right would be to slice you up - and I would never want to do that to either of you just to find out if I'm right."
  400. "Good point there." Rachel said, her face moving across her tablecloth form like a leaf being blown across a puddle.
  401. "So how did you two find out?" Sam asked. The pair filled him in, although they left some of the more intimate acts out.
  402. "Wow - sorry I wasn't here." Sam said, leaning back after he had finished the meal and they had finished their tale,"So, you can only control one piece at a time?"
  403. "And any piece touching it," Rachel said, flexing her plates and bowls up and down, until Sam lifted a plate up. The plate he held stopped moving while the others kept up their rhythm.
  404. "Interesting," Sam said, turning the plate over. The other plates stopped as Rachel's face suddenly appeared on the plate Sam was holding, "Mind if we try an experiment?"
  405. "Oooh! Something kinky?" Rachel giggled. Mae frowned.
  406. "Nothing like that." Sam said, getting up and turning up the light, "I was just wondering if you could eat like this."
  407. "Well, I am hungry from smelling that food." Rachel said absentmindedly, "Maybe just a AWP!" Rachel was surprised as Sam slopped a piece of the chicken pot pie onto her, edging her face up to one side of the plate. When Mae had served dinner on her, it was all right, since Rachel had not formed a face on the tablecloth or plates, and couldn't smell or taste the food, although she could listen. The food though was too tempting now that it was under her nose.
  408. Mae and Sam watched, amazed as Rachel dug in, pulling the food into her mouth with her tongue. It vanished into her without thickening her dinner-plate shape one bit.
  409. "Yum! That was good!" Rachel said, licking her plate form clean with her long prehensile tongue, "I'm kind of thirsty though- hold on." Before Sam could offer her a drink Rachel's face began to stare at him blankly as she jumped from the plate to a part of her body where she felt wetness. Mae jumped back as water began draining out of her glass. Rachel had formed her lips in the bottom of the glass, and was drinking away.
  410. "That is SO weird!" Mae said, amazed, as Rachel's mind jumped back into her plate body and looked around as if she did this all the time.
  411. "What's wrong?" Rachel said as Sam examined her.
  412. "Well- the question is, where did all the food go?" Sam said, looking back down at her, "Mind saying 'ah?"
  413. "All right - Blah!" Rachel said, as Sam cautiously stuck his finger into her mouth- and hit the pink back just behind her teeth. He could only push at far in as Rachel was thick,
  414. "Ack! Hey! Careful!" Rachel sputtered as Sam pulled his hand back. Mae took Rachel and looked at her.
  415. "How did you do that?" Mae said.
  416. "I don't know - how do we know how to stretch the way we do?" Rachel replied, trying to shrug - which was impressive since she was a plate.
  417. "Well, no rush- we'll figure it out eventually," Sam said as he started to fill up the kitchen sink, "Since Mae did up dinner, and you served it up I guess I'm in charge of the cleanup."
  418. "Oh, I LIKE that!" Rachel said enthusiastically.
  419. "I'll help." Mae said, not yet trusting Rachel around Sam. Rachel didn't mind either way, as Sam washed each part of her that was a plate or a glass off, and Mae dried her off, "There, all done and squeaky clean, Mae said, putting the last part of Rachel back on the cleared off table. The pile of tan glasses and plates quivered a little, and melted into a shapeless tan glob that swirled and stretched into Rachel, laying on her tummy on the table with a grin on her face.
  420. "That was fun - you should try it Mae." Rachel declared.
  421. "Maybe later," Mae said, coiling her elastic arms around Sam, "Right now, I want some real quality time with my boyfriend." Sam shrugged and grinned as Mae led him upstairs to their bedroom.
  422. "Maybe next time," Rachel said wistfully.
  425. "How long did you know it was Rachel on the table?" Mae asked as they got ready for bed. Sam sighed.
  426. "Not right away- but I remembered we packed that tan set of melmac dishes deep in the basement, and figured you two couldn't have possibly dug them out." Sam replied.
  427. "So- do you want to split up?" Mae said with a shy smile as she stretched out of her clothes.
  428. "Split up? Mae, I love you." Sam protested, a little stunned at Mae's question.
  429. "Silly! I mean, split me up. Like Ray," Mae said, hugging Sam.
  430. "Oh," Sam said, feeling very relieved, "Are you sure about that?"
  431. "Yes - Rachel got to have all the fun before." Mae said, picking up a thin necklace out of her jewelry box and handing it to Sam,"Now its my turn. Slice away."
  432. "You're really sure?" Sam asked again, not wanting to hurt his girlfriend.
  433. "Yes. See, it doesn't hurt." Mae said, taking the necklace back, looping it around her wrist and pulling. It neatly slid through her putty like form , and her hand fell to the floor, "See- easy!"
  434. "All right - but let's do it in bed so I can keep track of you," Sam said, picking up her hand and waving it at Mae. Mae giggled, and got into bed, laying there spread eagle, "Now I bet you'll want to watch all of this," Before Mae could respond, Sam slid the necklace through her neck and her head rolled free.
  435. "Alas, poor Mae- she stretched so well," Sam said picking up Mae's head and addressing it.
  436. "Oh, go on!" Mae said eagerly, smiling at Sam. She loved Shakespeare's plays, and when one was around she dragged Sam off to it.
  437. "I can't - I think that's where I fell asleep." Sam admitted, putting Mae's head down on the tall bureau so she could watch. She stuck her tongue out at Sam as he turned to the rest of her body, "So you can still feel everything - you just can't control it?"
  438. "Uh- yea," Mae said, trying to lift an arm- or even move a little finger, "But we can move ourselves from one part to another- kinda like going from one riding a bicycle to driving a car I guess. It's hard to explain."
  439. "Well, show me." Sam said.
  440. "There's not much to see, but..." Mae jumped her consciousness from her detached head into her body that was laying on the bed. She had watched where Sam was, so while Sam looked at Mae's staring face, she grabbed his hand. Sam nearly jumped out of his skin.
  441. "Yow! Mae?" Sam said, looking from his beheaded girlfriend's form to her silent head. Mae thought for a moment- she didn't want to jump back to her head - or form a new one. But she did find something that seemed to work.
  442. "Yup! It's me!" Mae said, hugging Sam, "Think the headless look will be in this year?"
  443. "How are you doing that?" Sam asked. He knew Mae could hear him without any ears, but she had never spoken without a mouth. And her voice seemed lower.
  444. "Doing what? Speaking?" Mae let go of Sam and reclined back, "Well, I found I have a perfectly good pair of lips down here to use." Sam stared at Mae's pussy lips which were moving - speaking every word.
  445. "Now that is just plain bizarre." Sam said. Mae's lips made a sideways smile - or frown, it was hard to say.
  446. "Oh, and this is bizarre compared to turning your girlfriend into a ball, a vase, or a sheet - not to mention what we've done to Rachel," Mae giggled.
  447. "Point taken - are you going to stay there, or watch?" Sam said, turning to Mae's head and pushing her lips up into a goofy smile. Mae's head moved as he stepped back.
  448. "I want to watch," Mae said, stretching her smile further. Sam grinned and turned back to Mae's inanimate body. Within a few minutes, Sam had detached her legs and arms, carefully laying them on Mae's vanity and stool, "No more?" Mae said a little disappointed. Being divided felt so good- it was different from the joy of stretching, but just as exciting and exhilarating.
  449. "That's it - for now," Sam said, looking at her torso, "Although this gives me a great idea on how you two can be kept out of trouble while I'm away."
  450. "Ooooh! And what would that be?" Mae said in anticipation as Sam picked up her head.
  451. "Not tellin - it's a secret!" Sam said grinning, "Now I'm not going to bed with you watching me make you with you, so..." Sam put Mae's head down next to her torso, and molded it back into a new place.
  452. "Hey- this isn't right." Mae said, looking down - or up- her body. Sam had attached her head down below her pussy.
  453. "Gotta keep you occupied, don't I?" Sam said, climbing into bed and rolling Mae's form onto him, "I trust you have an idea on what to doooo!" Sam gasped as Mae greedily began licking his cock. Mae moaned as Sam returned the favor, massaging her breasts as the two enjoyed the shape she was in.
  454. ________________________________________
  455. Downstairs, Rachel was feeling a little left out. She had her bed upstairs, but decided to stay down on the couch and watch some television. The news was still filled with stories about her former apartment building burning down and collapsing.
  456. "Great." Rachel grumbled- her mother would be worried sick. And her older sister would be ready to help her sue in the name of litigation. She turned off the tube and began to play with herself.
  457. "Damn, this feels good," Rachel said, cradling her breasts and making them larger. Her pussy ached for attention. Rachel smiled and stretched her neck out so she could begin licking her sex. She shuddered at the sensation - she could never have 'done herself' this way before she became elastic. She buried her face deep into her pliable pussy. She kept at it, and soon her head vanished into her slit. It felt so good though, she didn't care as she coaxed her orgasm to a mind bending climax.
  458. She pulled her head out, and laid it down on her heaving breasts, panting in exhilaration, enjoying the warm afterglow of the experience. Idly, she traced around her breast's nipples, wondering what a threesome would be like - joining Mae and Sam in bed. Ideas flooded her mind about what they could do together.
  459. Mae probably wouldn't go for it though, Rachel decided. Although- she was a lot less inhibited than she used to be. Mae was the quiet one, while Rachel did the wild and crazy things. Mae seemed to be trying her share of wild and crazy things too.
  460. There might be hope for a threesome, Rachel decided as she began to spread her body out over the couch. She grew thinner and thinner as she enveloped the puffy couch, which soon looked like it had a tan drop cloth over it. Rachel dozed off, hoping to surprise whoever sat down in her first in the morning.
  461. ________________________________________
  462. Elsewhen, the long festive dance was finally ending.
  463. "I can't remember when I've had such fun!" The King of the Retreat jovially chucked as her turned to his Queen as they exited the dance hall, "Have you?"
  464. "Centuries at least," The towering Queen said returning her consort's smile, "It brings to mind many things which we have not done for ages."
  465. "Many things? Such as what?" The King said as they entered their private chambers. The Queen smiled, and stretched around him, her clothes melting away, with a light laughter. The King made not attempt to dodge, but stretched about her in turn as they made love in a way they hadn't done since they were very very young, and with another of their kind.
  466. A gray garbed man in the deserted dance hall moved about to clean up from the festivities paused to hear those unfamiliar, joyful sounds. His regents rarely - no, had never laughed that way since they started the Retreat.
  467. He paused, wondering if he should again ask leave for his quest amongst the mortals.
  468. No.
  469. Each time it had been rejected. And the time of her punishment was almost done. It was best that he remain here, and help her adjust when she was freed.
  470. With a thought, his fanciful gray garb melted away and reformed into a gray jumpsuit - one he had seen mechanics use while servicing airplanes- and he began the careful task of cleaning the ballroom floor.
  471. It was the least he could do for her.
  474. Sam woke up first, and stared in horror at the decapitated torso in bed with him, "Gaahhhh!" He cried, scrambling off the bed and landing on the floor.
  475. "What? What is it!?" Mae said, woken up by the commotion. Sam sat up and leaned on the mattress to see Mae looking very concerned from her position just below her pussy, where Sam had stuck her head the previous night, "You forgot what we did last night, didn't you?"
  476. "Yes!" Sam gasped, his heart running like a triphammer, "What you can do is great, but I've either got to get used to it, or we've got to start putting you back to normal before we go to bed."
  477. "Spoilsport," Mae said, sticking out her tongue. In truth, she had panicked when she woke up to find herself without arms or legs, and her head right below her pussy. She had remembered without waking Sam though, and had spent the time pleasuring herself. She wasn't going to tell Sam that though, "Mind giving me a hand here?"
  478. "Of course," Sam said, fetching her detached limbs, "Now the arm bone goes to the shoulder bone, right?" Sam said, rubbing the flat surface of Mae's detached arm. Mae shivered from the erotic sensation.
  479. "Yes - If I still had bones." Mae said, trying not to groan. It felt so good when Sam touched her like that.
  480. "Good point." Sam said, reattaching her arms, and smoothing over the seams, "And now, the legs." Mae smiled as he reattached her legs.
  481. "And the head?" Mae said expectantly.
  482. "Eh- try it this way." Sam said, picking up the camera and taking a picture of Mae. Mae began to move her arms - and legs - but they weren't working right.
  483. "Sam, something's wrong with my - oh you big goof!" Mae said as she bent her knee and her foot came into view. He had put her limbs on backwards!
  484. "Wanted to see if you would notice hon," Sam smirked at Mae, "Or if they worked that way."
  485. "What way?" Mae said, still trying to get up, without much luck.
  486. "Your joints- would they bend backwards if you didn't know, or not?" Sam shrugged, "This answers that question."
  487. "And how am I supposed to get up this way? Oh forget it!" Mae said, struggling. Before Sam could say anything, her body turned into a large pink blob in the middle of the bed, which flowed together into a large egg shape, out of which Mae's form began to take shape. Arms appeared, holding back legs, as her back and hair became defined. Mae let go of her legs and sprawled out on the bed, restored to her normal shape , "You and your silly questions."
  488. "Inquiring minds want to know." Sam said, taking another photo of her. He then frowned, looking at the clock, "Ah, crud! It's later than I thought!"
  489. "It's the weekend hon," Mae said, hoping for some more sex before they had to officially 'get up'.
  490. "I know, but with everything else, I forgot I got a line on a car for Rachel- he'll be by soon!" Sam said, pulling on some clothes and heading to the bathroom. Mae sighed, and began to get dressed.
  491. "Ray? Rachel?" Sam looked in the little room they had given to Rachel and she was nowhere to be seen, "Mae, have you seen Rachel ?"
  492. "Maybe she's downstairs," Mae said, stretching her head down the stairwell to look around- a little concerned, "Rachel?" Mae frowned, then realized where Rachel was, "She's down here Sam."
  493. "She is? Whoops, sorry, honey," Sam ducked under Mae's elongated neck and went down the stairs, "Where?"
  494. "The couch silly," Mae said. Sam looked at it and realized the cream colored fabric was now covered with a Rachel-tan sheet of material that rippled in the middle as Rachel's face appeared.
  495. "Darn, I thought I was going to fool you." Rachel said, hoping Sam or Mae would sit on her so she could wrap her flexible flattened form around him and give him a big hug.
  496. "Maybe next time- one of the guys from work is dropping by with a possible trade for your car, so I need you up and dressed." Sam said, watching the clock as he went to one end of the couch.
  497. "But I like laying here," Rachel protested.
  498. "Come on Rachel, get up- or do we have to get rough?" Mae sighed as she came down the stairs and stood at the other end of the couch.
  499. "Oooh, I'd like to see how you would get rough on me." Rachel giggled, "Hang me out to dry, or run me through the washer, or..."
  500. "Or this?" Sam said with a grin, as he began pulling Rachel's flattened form up off the couch like it was a dustcover. Mae joined in from the other end. Rachel squealed as she was wrinkled and rolled up, into a heap that looked like so much tan laundry. But they weren't done with her yet, as they pressed down on her, rolling her around so her flattened form solidified into a tan plastic ball on the hardwood floor.
  501. The rolling finally stopped, and Rachel formed her face on the side of the ball "Is that all?" Rachel said, teasing Sam and Mae who were grinning at how they had fixed her. There was a honk out front.
  502. "Shoot, he's here," Sam said looking out the window, "And no, that's not all." Sam picked Rachel up, surprised at how light she felt considering she was now compacted into a ball some two feet across. She was light enough that he gave up the idea of carrying her up the stairs and simply threw her upstairs.
  503. "Hey!" Rachel managed to get out as she found herself flying through the air, only to land on her face in the hallway, bounce off the wall and roll into Sam and Mae's room.
  504. "Could you see that she gets dressed?" Sam said to Mae as he went out to greet his friend. Mae sighed, and went upstairs to find Rachel rolling around.
  505. "Hey, I'm having a ball here," Rachel said giggling, "In fact, I am a ball!"
  506. "Playtime's over Rachel," Mae said putting her foot down on her friend, stopping her from rolling, "Sam needs you to shape up."
  507. "All right, all right," Rachel said as her ball form became more oval, almost egg like before arms and legs sprouted and stretched out. Rachel's head grew out of her shoulders as her bountiful breasts reformed. She looked down at her stomach, where Mae's foot was now resting, "I think I can get up and get dressed now." she said. Mae smiled and helped her friend up.
  508. ________________________________________
  509. The two went out, dressed almost identically- Rachel had lost everything in the fire and was still borrowing Mae's clothing. They found Sam and his friend looking over Rachel's car. The hood was open to reveal the engine.
  510. "Oh, hey there, you must be Rachel,"the stranger said offering his hand, "Pete Spaulding, stress analysis." He said the last part more as if it were part of his name than a title.
  511. "Pete's the guy we get when we want to blow things up real good at the office," Sam said with a mock dimwitted drawl.
  512. "Yeah - although this got beat up pretty bad too," Pete said looking over Rachel's car,"But to me - it's a beauty!"
  513. "It is? Mae said, astounded. Rachel looked astounded as well.
  514. "Pete fixes things when he isn't blowing them up," Sam explained,"Like cars."
  515. "Right - now here, I have your car, with a shot body, but mechanically sound," Pete said, tapping on the fender, "And at home, I've got the pretty much the same make with a good body- and a shot engine."
  516. "So you're going to use it for parts." Rachel said as Pete nodded, "So how much is it?"
  517. "Only an even trade," Pete said, pointing to the car he had come in. Rachel and Mae looked over to see a little yellow VW Golf out on the street, "Fixed her up myself - runs pretty good on diesel or used fry oil."
  518. "Used fry oil?" Mae said skeptically.
  519. "Heard the Brits were doing it - wanted to see if I could do it myself. That's why it smells like french fries around here," Pete grinned, leading them down to the car, "Seriously, it gets good mileage- either way. Only problem is that the heater doesn't work that well."
  520. "They never do."Sam added.
  521. "It's cute," Rachel said walking around it, and kneeling down to look at the wheels. She looked up to see Sam and Pete turn away to talk about something, and decided to stretch her neck under the car for a closer inspection. Not that she really knew what to look for, but she could see there wasn't much rust before she felt a frantic tugging on her neck.
  522. "Ray! Come on!" Mae hissed as Rachel retracted her neck,"Not out in public!"
  523. "What's the point of being able to stretch if you can't do it out in public?" Rachel teased Mae.
  524. "What's the point of being able to stretch if you're locked up in some scientific freak show?" Mae replied.
  525. "Good point." Rachel said, making sure she was back in order, she stood up and addressed the two men, "Well, if Sam say's it's a good deal, then I'm willing to get it."
  526. "Great!" Pete said, pulling a briefcase out of the back,"I've got the paperwork right here."
  527. "Service service service,"Mae said as they began filling out the papers.
  528. With the paperwork finished, Pete took Rachel's old car, while the two elastic girls got ready to go off in search of sales - Rachel needed an entire new wardrobe since she had lost everything in the fire.
  529. "Or I could just become a nudist," Rachel teased Sam as the pair got ready to leave.
  530. "I think you two are halfway there. And I'm not going to complain about the view." Sam joked back as Mae frowned at him a little, "So, you're shopping, and...?" Sam had spied Mae's painting case in the back of the Golf.
  531. "We're going to see some of the local galleries to see if they could sell my paintings," Mae said hopefully. She was a regular at several galleries, but Rachel was insisting they try The Snut Gallery - the most exclusive art gallery in the area. She was too worried about being rejected to tell Sam though.
  532. "Hey, I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes," Sam said, hugging Mae before she climbed into the car, "Now be careful, and leave the windows open, so you two don't melt away in the car."
  533. "Ooo, that sounds good," Rachel said with a grin as they drove off, "We should try that sometime."
  534. "Maybe after we clean the car out." Mae said pointedly.
  535. Sam waved as they went off before tending to a few chores. Before long though, he found himself reading the aged notebook that detailed some of the experiments tried on the putty compound that Mae and Rachel were apparently made out of now.
  536. "Hmmm- this looks interesting," Sam said, as he went out to this workshop to see if he could duplicate the experiment.
  539. "All right, this should do it..." Sam said, looking in the old notebook. There was a peculiar formula in it that had caught his attention, and he wanted to try it out. He mixed the final ingredients into a large water jug and watched as a dull yellow Golf pulled into the yard. Mae and Rachel were back."Sam! Sam!" Mae ran into the open workshop beaming, "You'll never guess what!""What? You sold a painting or two?" Sam said, trying to put the jug aside as Mae stretched her arms around him in glee. He didn't want that stuff spilling on his flexible girlfriend."No- not yet! But we showed them to the owner of The Snut Gallery, and he wanted to put some on display!" Mae cried happily."How many?" Sam asked."All of them!" Rachel said, looking pleased herself, "And, thanks to her new agent - that's me- they are planning on doing a show at the end of the month. An exclusive all-Mae Prince show.""Hey, that's great!" Sam said, hugging and kissing Mae, "I always told you that you were going to become a modern master painter!""Well, we're going out to celebrate! come on!" Mae said, dragging Sam out of his workshop as Mae and Rachel tried to decide which expensive restaurant to go to.The jug was forgotten, and remained perched on the edge of the bench.
  540. ________________________________________
  541. "I'm not going to be as good a painter as you Mae." Rachel said dejectedly the next morning as she looked at her painting of still life and Mae's own version. Rachel's picture was well done for someone who had never really tried to paint, but Mae's seemed to glow with color and life."Well, I'm never going to be as good a negotiator as you are." Mae replied, as she began cleaning out the brushes, "Oh, I'm almost out of thinner." Mae said, shaking the last few drops out of the container."I can handle that! Where do you keep the extra?" Rachel said brightly."I can make do with this - but it's out in the workshop- looks just like this." Mae showed Rachel the container,"And don't get chopped by the door!" Mae called as Rachel smiled and went out."Don't get chopped - sheesh, I'm not that accident prone." Rachel muttered to herself as she went out to the workshop. She hadn't really been out there much, so it took her a moment to figure out which workbench was 'the' workbench,"There it is," Rachel said, reaching down and stretching to grab the thinner in the back. As she got back up, she bumped her head on the shelf and she was hit by a tumbling jug that splashed something all over her as she fumbled to catch it. It burst open as it hit the concrete slab, spattering her more."All right, maybe I am getting a bit accident prone." Rachel said indignantly as flicked the liquid off of her. At least it didn't smell. For some reason, she was starting to feel very strange- her skin was tingling. She wiped her hands off on her shirt, noticing that her nipples were starting to get very hard. And sensitive. She could hear a mild crackling that seemed to be spreading across her form."What the heck---?" Rachel said in surprise- and just as surprised that it was getting hard to move her mouth. She stiffly staggered to a dusty mirror, tapping her breasts which were now rock hard, and stared. Her tan skin was getting a sheen like she had just put on suntan lotion. That or- Or- cheap plastic!What was that stuff that splashed on her?"Mae! Mae!" Rachel tried to call in panic through stiff plastic lips. She was trying to scream at the top of her lungs, but each cry became a softer whisper. She stiffly turned towards the door, dropping the thinner, and made three stiff steps as she lost control of her legs. Her arms, which had been moving slowly, stopped just a few inches away from her breasts that she had been rapping on before. The last thing that she lost control over were her eyes, which stared intently on the door in a state of frozen surprise. The crackling finally stopped.**This stinks!** Rachel thought sourly, unable to move a hair, **Mae! Mae, get out here! Oh! Oh WOW! ** Rachel was surprised as a small bird flew in the door and landed on her outstretched fingers. While Rachel would admit that being elastic and stretching was one hell of a turn on, the touch of the bird sent erotic feelings through her entire body. She would have shuddered in ecstasy, but she was frozen like a statue, unable to do anything but stare.The bird, oblivious to Rachel's delight or dilemma, cocked its head curiously, then flapped up onto her head. The breeze titillated Rachel even further. ** Oooooo! Keep it up- just don't poop on me!** She thought as the bird decided there were better things to do and flew off leaving Rachel to her thoughts. How long would it take for Mae to realize something was wrong? Or - or what if she got stuck this way too?Rachel didn't have long to wait - although to her it seemed like forever.
  542. ________________________________________
  543. "Hey honey, what's up?" Sam said as he got out of the truck, and Mae came out of the house looking concerned."Have you seen Ray? She was getting some thinner out of your workshop and she's been gone an awful long time." Mae said, looking towards the carriage shed."Probably up to no good." Sam said, they went over to the open door, "There are some things in here that may be a surprise for you two." Sam's voice trailed off as he saw Rachel standing awkwardly in the doorway, looking very stiff.**Hey! It's about time you got home! Some help here please!** Rachel thought furiously."Oh, there she is. Rachel, what's taking you so long?" Mae said, "Sam, what's wrong with Rachel?" She said with some fear as she saw what an odd unmoving look she had."Oh, damn!" Sam said holding Mae back, "Hon, stay here." Sam went inside to find what he was dreading- a spilled jug on the floor, its contents evaporating. He had been careless, and now Rachel was paying for it."Yoo hoo! Rachel! What happened to you?"" Mae was saying, stretching her head around her friend.**I don't know! I got splashed and now I'm a lawn ornament!** Rachel thought, envisioning herself out in Mae's garden with ivy growing up her legs and into her private areas. It was a surprisingly arousing thought."Don't touch her!" Sam snapped. Mae stretched back to normal in surprise as he went out to explain, "She spilled a cold method vulcanizing formula that was mentioned in those old notes all over herself.""Meaning what?" Mae said.**Meaning I got hard! And sensitive!** Rachel screamed to herself, **Look at me! I'm a professional dummy now!**"Meaning it was supposed to make putty stiffer and harder. I was going to run a few tests on it tonight but I guess it works." Sam rapped on Rachel's hard form, causing her to squeal with glee mentally.**OOoooo! Oh, that felt good ! So tell us genius, how do I go back to normal, or do you just like your women hard to get?** Rachel thought as Sam circled her."Yeah- what she said!" Mae declared. a little concerned about how Sam was ignoring her friend's mental orgasms.."She? She who?" Sam said looking around."Rachel of course!" Mae said, surprised Sam didn't hear Rachel's bitter complaining.**Hey! Mae can hear my thoughts!! Thank goodness!** Rachel thought, feeling some relief- at least they would know she was alive!, **Mae, ask him how long he's going to leave me as a paperweight!**"Hon- Rachel didn't say anything." Sam said as he looked at Mae and then Rachel. As far as he was aware, Rachel was an inanimate statue, "Can you really hear her?""Not clearly - but yes." Mae said, squinting as if that would help her hear Rachel, "She wants to know how long she's going to remain that way.""Uh- as long as she wants?" Sam said looking at Rachel, who immediately thought of the worst curses to say. Even Mae was surprised by Rachel's mental abuse."She's pissed." Mae translated."All right- but we're going to have to do this in the bathroom." Sam said looking Rachel over."I can help." Mae said, reaching for Rachel."Oh no! This stuff might still be active, and then I'd have a heck of a time getting both of you inside." Sam pointed out and going behind Rachel, "Sorry about this Rachel, but it's the only way."**Only way to - OH MY GOD!** Rachel cried loudly in her head as Sam reached down and hefted her up by the crotch while hugging her torso. To Sam, he was just feeling hard plastic pussy lips under Rachel's shorts, but the feeling was electrifying for Rachel, who mentally orgasmed over and over before they got to the back door of the house. Mae followed, wide eyed."Mae could you get the door?" Sam asked. Mae opened it as Sam wrestled Rachel in. Her pose made it harder in confined spaces, and she was heavier than Sam expected. Rachel didn't mind although Sam couldn't tell. He was more worried about how upset she would be when they washed the fomula off of her.Rachel was more in the mood to thank him for his rough handling of her. **MMmmm! Oh, yes Sam, take me! Take me and do what you want! I'm all yours to play with!** Rachel was swooning in her head as Sam brought her to the foot of the stairs."Hold it!" Mae said sharply before Sam could take Rachel up to the shower, "Put her down right now!""What? I'm not hurting her, am I?" Sam asked in concern. Mae rolled her eyes and looked right into Rachel's frozen stare."No, she's just- just- enjoying herself to much!" Mae fumed, "Sam is MY boyfriend, and don't forget it!"**I'm sorry Mae, but he has such good strong hands.** Rachel thought, gaining control of her senses,**You're lucky to have him!**"I know! - Just - Just stop fantasizing about what you could do with him!" Mae pleaded. Some of Rachel's orgasm induced fantasies had gone beyond the realm of pornographic- and Mae had overheard them.**Can you blame me? Besides, this is really his fault.** Rachel thought back defensively,**Why was he making that plastic petrification stuff? Ask him that will you?**"Yea, why?" Mae said turning to Sam, who could only hear half of the conversation. Sam stared at her blankly as Mae realized he was out of the loop, "What were you making that stuff up for?""Well, the two of you say you can't keep complex shapes for a long time- like the time you were knitting yourself." Sam said, rubbing his chin, "This stuff was supposed to act as a stiffener to help you stay in a complex shape longer."**Mae was knitting? Cool, can you make me into a sweater for Sam?** Rachel teased Mae mentally as Sam continued."Of course, the stuff was supposed to be diluted- about a quarter cup for every quart I figured," Sam said gravely, "Rachel got doused with the concentrate."**I did!?! Oh, that's just great! I'm probably doomed to life as a plastic statue!** Rachel thought in panic, **I mean, you have some magic softener or something up there, right? Right?**"She's getting a little panicked," Mae said glancing at Rachel, "You have something up there to reverse it, right?""Of course. Its water soluble. That's why it failed." Sam said, lifting Rachel up - this time under the arms. Rachel thought out in ecstasy, but tried hard to fantasize about someone else, finally settling on Mae. Mae smiled uncomfortably as she listened in, following Sam up."All we have to do is put her in the tub," Sam said, putting Rachel down, "And give her a shower." Rachel was calming down from Sam letting got of her when suddenly the shower's fine spray turned on, hitting her with lukewarm water. That was more delightful to her than Sam's touch. The water splashed off her rigid form, and trickled down her body, tickling her."Wow, she is really being turned on." Mae said, wondering what it would be like to be frozen like that. She saw Sam rolling up his sleeves," What are you doing?""Uh -I'm going to try rubbing the stuff off of her." Sam said, suddenly realizing how that sounded to his girlfriend. Mae frowned and handed him a scrub brush, "Hey, that would work even better." Sam began to scrub the immobile Rachel as the cold shower pelted down. Rachel could only stand there and enjoy the sensations dancing across her hard skin.Anxious minutes passed, and suddenly, Sam stepped back as a low moan filled the bathroom, "I think she blinked," Sam said with some relief, "And groaned.""Yeth I id!" Rachel said through stiffened lips as the water washed away the formula. The erotic feeling was ebbing as she regained control over herself. She stiffly turned her head towards Sam and Mae,"You wouldn't believe how good that feels! Keep it up Sam!""And if he doesn't?" Mae said, stretching over and shutting off the water."Eeep! Mae!" Rachel squeaked, feeling herself harden up again."This is going to take a while." Sam sighed handing Mae the brush, "Most of the active ingredients should be washed away by now, so it should be safe for you to do the scrubbing. I'll go get dinner." Sam left the bathroom and went downstairs."What did I do?" Mae said in disbelief.**Oh, you just wouldn't trust him around another woman. One he was trying to help out of a mess he made.** Rachel thought.Mae looked at Rachel and frowned, "I got the impression of what you were thinking, but not the words." She said, reaching for the faucet, "But I still think you need to cool off." Mae turned the water on ice cold, and began to scrub her friend."Oooh! Ohhh! Hey!" Rachel said, regaining her voice, "Mae, look, I'm sorry, but that stuff just intensified the feeling of anything touching me. Really, I couldn't help myself!""Oh! So if I do this?" Mae said, tapping Rachel's rock hard tit. Rachel groaned to Mae's surprise. Rachel's eyes widened in excitement as Mae opened her blouse and slid her hand in to massage Rachel's breast, "Or this?""Yes, yes! It feels soooo goood!" Rachel moaned, "Oh - not down there!" Rachel could feel Mae unzipping her shorts and slipping her hand in to play with her pussy. Rachel groaned more, as the sensations slowed, "Oh, keep it up!""I - I can't!" Mae said in surprise. Her hands had hardened into place as the formula washed off the fabric and onto her skin. It was like they were asleep, but the sensual feelings were intensified and multiplied. Mae shuddered in delight as just the feeling of water running over them, and Rachel's stiff movements caused her to orgasm."See what I mean!" Rachel said, feeling vindicated as they looked at each other with a dreamy fulfilled smiles."Yes, I do." Mae said, feeling a little ashamed about giving Rachel such a hard time over something she had no control over. The two worked at it a little longer, and Mae finally got her hands off of Rachel. To her surprise, the imprint of Rachel's nipple and pussy remained on her hands, which remained stiff.They found that soap loosened things up more quickly, and Mae soon had her normal stretchy hands back. Rachel though was still rock hard."I feel like I'm in a full body cast," She said, moving her arms stiffly. At least she could move her hands more easily."It must be the clothes." Mae pointed out, unbuttoning Rachel's blouse all the way and carefully taking it off. Even after an hour in the shower, the potent chemical was leeching off the shirt, making Mae stiff. Rachel stiffly took the blouse off and tossed it aside, massaging her bountiful breasts."mmmm - you're right." Rachel said, as her frozen flesh became soft and supple again, "The jiggle is coming back to my juggs." She joked, shaking them. With some added effort, she dropped her shorts, and stood nude in the shower, feeling herself become more flexible. She sat down and they managed to take off her sneakers and socks. It was an odd sort of striptease, both girls aware that the potent formula could start freezing them up again.The contaminated clothes were heaped in the corner, and Rachel was soon feeling like her stretchy self again. "Hey, thanks for getting me out of that mess." Rachel said, stretching her body around Mae and giving her a wet plastic hug."Well, like you said, it was Sam's fault." Mae said, stretching herself around Rachel too, "But he had an interesting idea, don't you think?""Interesting? Mmmm- Sounds like you have an idea or two." Rachel said grinning. Even though being frozen was scary, knowing that there was a way to turn back somehow made it exciting. Sam called up to let them know dinner was ready before they could talk about it more. Still smiling, they unwrapped themselves, dried off and dressed to ask Sam to make more of the formula.
  545. Mae went into Rachel's small room, to find her elastic friend laying on her bed as an almost shapeless tan-colored blob. Only her head and arms were normal, since she was intently reading a book.
  546. "Hey, Sam agreed to create a new batch of that formula," Mae said, leaning on the doorframe, "He still thinks we're crazy for wanting to try it."
  547. "That's us, a couple of wild and crazy women," Rachel said looking up with a grin as she put the book down and brushed back her long black hair, "Hey, come in, get comfortable."
  548. "What are you reading?" Mae asked, sitting down on the bed and flipping over the book. It was a book she referred to for her art sales.
  549. "Hey, I said I'd be your agent, right? I'm just studying up to see if I could have gotten you more money."
  550. "Thanks - uh," Mae looked down at her feet, "Uh, look, I'm sorry about how I acted while you were solid like that. I mean, I was being mean and jealous and..."
  551. "And it's all right," Rachel flowed over and hugged Mae, "Look, when you're stuck that way, you'll probably be turned on too. Besides, I'm not trying to steal Sam, I'm just trying to have a good time with both of you."
  552. "I know - It's just, first I'm stretching, then you- and I'm so afraid I'm going to lose him sometimes!" Mae said trying to explain herself.
  553. "Hey, hey, Sam's really, head over heels for you - It's true love, y'know - I can see it in his eyes - and yours."Rachel said, causing Mae to smile, "I'm not going to get in the way of that - and neither is this stretching we do."
  554. "You're right- Sam would've been out the door instantly the minute he saw that I could stretch if he didn't really love me."Mae said, feeling a little relieved, "It's just that I feel like something big is going to come between us. I don't know what though."
  555. "Well, we'll all deal with that when the time comes," Rachel said, hugging Mae again," In the meantime, enjoy it - and relax- you're way too uptight right now - go with the flow," The last part Rachel sort of gurgled as she let her face and arms disappear into her tan mass. Mae smiled, knowing what Rachel was saying, and began to flow out of her clothes and pool into a large pink blob on the floor. To her surprise, Rachel flowed down to the floor to be with her.
  556. Mae was about to form a face when Rachel sent out a tendril to stroke Mae. It was pleasurable, and somehow erotic. Mae returned the favor, finding Rachel by touch. Without eyes, they could only instinctively sense each other until they began touching. And the more they felt each other, the more they enjoyed it.
  557. Soon the two blobs became one, carefully flowing and quaking with pleasure as the pair explored each other. Mae would swirl around Rachel in a circle, while Rachel would flow up and over Mae's form. Without speaking (since they had no mouths) they somehow knew each other's pleasure, and explored more, feeling their way to the climax of an elastic orgasm.
  558. Their combined forms began to spread and thin out from the rush, going from a quivering tan and pink mass that was three feet around to a thinner mound that slowly spread out across the floor. They enjoyed the afterglow wordlessly.
  559. Mae recovered first, and curled herself up, into a wave of pink plastic that washed over the still form of Rachel. Rachel shuddered with delight and reshaped herself into a bowl that held her fluid friend, which slowly became more of a tapered cylinder. Mae groaned in delight mentally as Rachel contracted and began to squeeze her out, like toothpaste out of a tube. Once Mae was out of Rachel, she surrounded her friend and tried the same trick to Rachel. Rachel enjoyed the feeling as much as Mae.
  560. The pair were still finding new ways to pleasure their ameoba-like bodies, when they heard Sam's voice calling up the stairs.
  561. "All right you two crazy ladies - I think I've got the stuff ready." Sam shouted. The pair shivered in anticipation, and parted, flowing away from each other and began to take on their normal shapes. Shapeless bumps emerged from each one's mass that became arms and hands, legs and feet, breasts and a head with a broad blissful smile.
  562. "Oooh- that was something else," Mae groaned happily brushing back her blonde hair, and sitting up on the floor.
  563. "Well, there's nothing like loosening up." Rachel said, standing up and stretching her hand out to help Mae out, "And we're probably the loosest stretchiest women ever." Mae smiled and the pair hugged, almost flowing back into a blob again when they heard Sam call up again.
  564. "Hello! Is everything all right up there?" Sam called, "Should I come up with a camera?"
  565. "We're fine Sam!" Mae called back as she and Rachel let go of each other, still smiling, "We'll be down in a moment!"
  566. "Oh - Okay!" Sam almost sounded disappointed. Mae and Rachel quickly tossed their clothing on and went down to see if Sam had succeeded.
  567. "It's going to be odd going from flexible to solid, isn't it." Mae said as they went down.
  568. "Mmmm- that's part of the pleasure of it I think," Rachel dreamily said as they saw Sam in the kitchen with a pair of spray bottles, waiting for them.
  571. "Before you ask me again," Sam said, putting two squirt bottles down on the table,"Its done. And we'll try it for one week. And I still think you two are nuts." Mae and Rachel smiled sweetly."But that's why you love us." They said at once. They were finding that while they couldn't exactly read each others minds while they were flexible, they could get a feeling of what the other might do."All right, I need a volunteer- and since Rachel did it last time, it's your turn Mae." Sam said. Mae almost jumped up as Sam motioned her over to the sink, while Rachel stretched her head over them to watch, "This is the diluted stuff- so it should come off more easily - your hand dear?" Mae held her hand over the sink, and Sam sprayed it down with the red squirt bottle. There was a slight crackling sound, as Mae felt her fingers stiffen up."I can still move them." Mae said, flexing her fingers, "But its hard to do.""That's my original idea - its to help you retain your shape, not turn you into something totally inanimate." Sam explained as he sprayed her hand again. The crackling sound filled the air again."Ow!" Mae said, surprised as she moved her fingers- just a little, "It almost feels like it used to after painting all day.""Third time is the charm if I'm right." Sam said spraying Mae's hand again."Oh, now I can't move it at all." Mae said, rapping her hand on the side of the sink, which made a dull thunking sound. She shuddered a little, "And now it's really sensitive!""You mean hurt?" Sam said taking her hardened hand and looking it over. Mae yelped in delight, as erotic feelings filled her body."No, I mean it's sexually sensitive!" Mae gasped, surprised at the intensity of the sensations she had felt, "And it comes off easier?""With water and this to help it." Sam said holding up a blue squirt bottle. In a minute of washing, Mae's hand was back to its flexible self again- stretchy and just sensitive, not super-sensitive, "So, what did you two have in mind?" Sam asked. The two girls looked at each other with goofy grins of anticipation."I'm going first." Rachel said stretching and pulling the rolling pin out of its drawer, "Mae has offered to make a special painting out of me.""As the canvas - right." Sam said with a smile- he had been wondering if that idea would come up, "What if I had a better way?" Mae and Rachel looked at each other, wondering what he had in mind as he led them out to the workshop and showed them one of the machines he had gotten from the carny. This one had a large hand turned roller with a table under it."Hey, isn't that the rack from that old haunted house?" Rachel said recognizing it immediately. She used to love going to the Carny outside of town."Yes - but before that it was..." Sam began."A lithograph press." Mae said looking it over carefully. She had taken a class in printing back in college. Sam smiled and nodded."Right- the stone would go in here," Sam said, pointing to a large tray that had a raised square in the center,"Put the paper on, turn the crank, and out comes a print. It was sort of the copy machine of the 1800's.""Oh, so All you want me to do is sit here." Rachel said, stretching out of her clothes in a snake like fashion and sitting down with her feet pointing toward the roller, "And go through?""It should give you a better painting surface than being flattened out by a rolling pin." Sam pointed out.Well what are you waiting for?" Rachel asked."Don't you want to be massaged into a blob first?" Sam asked. Rachel waved him off."I want to try it this way." Rachel insisted. Sam shrugged and adjusted the roller."Just one other thing -,"Sam said, whispering in Rachel's ear. Rachel grinned as Mae watched."What are you saying?" Mae asked suspiciously."It's a secret." Sam grinned as he began to turn the crank and draw Rachel under the heavy smooth roller."Eeep!" Rachel said in mock surprise as her feet were pulled under the cold roller and were squeezed out. She could feel herself flattening - and filling up the tray, "This feels different - good, but different," she declared as her legs vanished under the roller."I don't know - it looks a little uneven." Mae said as Rachel's pussy went under. Rachel stretched her neck over the rollers to look at the tray as it edged out the other side. Faint outlines of her legs and pussy could be seen as her fingers began to be rolled flat. There were gaps in the sides of the tray."It's going to take two passes at least." Sam said, turning the crank. It was a little tougher than he expected."I'd offer to help, but I'm getting this run down feeling." Rachel said lightly, stretching her head back and trying to get lower in the tray as he breasts began to go under the roller. She moaned as they went- stopping only as her head went under the roller."Say cheese!" Mae said, taking a picture as Rachel came out the other side and looked up. She felt flat - although her outer edges seemed to be draped over the edges of the square insert in the tray. Mae grinned at her flattened friend, who looked like she had been run over- outlines of her former form could be seen, especially her vagina, nipples and face- the last was framed in by her long black hair, that edged her tanned skin."Am I ready yet?" She asked, looking up expectantly at Sam who lowered the roller and sprayed her with one dose of the hardening formula. She could hear a crackle, and felt herself stiffen up a little."Not quite - and you'll need this." Sam said, pulling out a sheet of thin paper and putting it over her. Rachel frowned for a moment- but that face was wiped off in a moment as she went back under the rollers again. This time she was really being forced down by the pressure of the rollers. Her center grew thinner and thinner as her sides grew thicker and thicker, filling up every space within the tray."Let me help hon." Rachel heard Mae say with a giggle as the tray advanced to the other side. Rachel couldn't see anything, but she could feel and hear. Sam was busily spraying her down with the hardening formula - she could feel herself losing control as she came out, becoming harder on her top surface.The pressure stopped, and suddenly her sides felt fresh air as the frame of the tray was pulled away. Sam sprayed down her exposed sides, and flipped her over quickly as she felt herself harden. She was enjoying every moment of it."Sorry Rachel," Sam said pulling the insert out and spraying down her backside, "You're hardening a lot more quickly than I thought.""That's all right," Mae assured Sam, "She's enjoying this a lot." She could hear Rachel's laughter in her head growing louder as she hardened up."I should hope so."Sam said, picking Rachel up. She was now shaped like a large flat rectangle, a blank canvas ready to be painted on. The thin paper had a rough white surface to it, while Rachel's edges and back remained her normal tan skin coloration. Sam tapped the taut center of Rachel's form, sending vibrations of delight through her."Nice and tight." Mae said smiling. She had been wondering how she could stretch Rachel out on a frame like a sheet of canvas, but Sam's idea had formed Rachel into a one piece canvas and frame. Mae kissed Sam as she took Rachel into the house to begin painting. Rachel groaned and moaned in her head every step of the way, as the mere touch of anything moving aroused her super sensitive solid form. Mae grinned and beared listening to it.
  572. ________________________________________
  573. "What should I paint?" Mae said looking at her flattened friend as she set her on her stand.**Oooh! Something sexy and racy!** Rachel thought back, **Something that will drive Sam out of his mind while I'm like this!**"Oh, don't you wish!" Mae said smiling as she pulled an old faded Polaroid photo out, "I think something cute and sweet will do."**Arrgh! Not Care Bears! Anything but Care Bears!** Rachel thought in horror. Mae laughed at her friend."No, not Care Bears - or even Smurfs." Rachel said as she put the Polaroid where she could see it and began to paint.Rachel shuddered inside in delight as Mae began to paint - she was disappointed that it wasn't being done right onto her skin, but the thin paper transmitted every brush stroke through to her. It was a strange erotic feeling, as Mae brushed, almost a massage that aroused Rachel. It was a good thing she didn't have a mouth, or her groans of ecstasy would be heard through the house.Mae could hear Rachel's thoughts though, and in some strange way, she was feeling the delight Rachel was feeling as she transformed her friend's blank form into a painting.**What-- is that it?**Rachel thought as the sensations slowed and stopped. She was a little disappointed, but a new feeling, of paint drying and shrinking tickled her. It wasn't as good as Mae's brush strokes though."Yes, I'm done." Mae said - Rachel could hear her cleaning her brushes, "You look wonderful!"**I'll take your word for it.** Rachel thought - she couldn't see anything in the shape she was in."I'll get Sam- just stay right there." Mae said, going out.**Oh, like I can do anything like this?** Rachel thought sarcastically, **Hey, how far do you think you can hear my thoughts? I'll start singing...** Rachel began singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" to herself as she waited.The door swung open as Mae returned with Sam "All right, all right, I can hear you up to the kitchen door," Mae said, shaking her head,"Then you fade out in the middle of the garden. Happy?"**Very happy! What does Sam think?** Rachel thought.Mae nudged Sam who was looking over the painting, "She wants to know what you think." She told him."Well it looks great - that's the two of you, right?" Sam said, glancing up at the photo, "You two were cute even back then! But I didn't know you shared the same birthday.""We don't." Mae said, hugging Sam, "That year..."**It was our seventh birthday!** Rachel reminded Mae."Right we were seven years old, when Rachel got so sick she couldn't have a birthday party," Mae said looking at the painting of the two little girls smiling over their birthday cake, "So we shared my birthday party."**That was great! The party, not the getting sick part,**Rachel thought, **Do you still have the dollhouse you got?**"Yes, we still have the dollhouse - and Ken is still mine!" Mae said teasing Rachel. Sam shook his head thoughtfully."Well,lets put you in the place of honor," Sam said picking Rachel up carefully. Rachel squealed in Mae's head as Sam lifted her up, and carried her out into the living room, where he hung her up over the small fireplace, "Yep, I think you really fit in there.""She thinks so too." Mae said- then frowned, "She's telling me - hold on -" Mae listened closely, "Ray says that since we've framed her, how long will it be before you bust me?""Well, that's a good question," Sam said hugging Mae, "We can bust you whenever you want."Mae kissed Sam, "What about right now?" She said.
  574. ________________________________________
  575. Soon they were out in the workshop, where Sam had been getting ready while Mae had been painting Rachel, "Now all you have to do is undress and lay down here," Sam said, patting a smooth steel table with raised edges."Oh, not going to tell me what you're planning?" Mae said, tossing off her shirt and kicking off her shoes as she climbed up onto the table. There was a hole in one corner, and she peeked under to see an odd black cylinder below."No peeking." Sam said, "Now let me massage you down to blob sized.""Hmph! If I can't peekie, then there's no massagie." Mae said teasing Sam as she let herself go, flowing into a pale pink blob that flowed out of her socks and shorts. Sam picked them up as Mae formed a smiling face, "Bet you didn't think I could do it so quickly.""Considering what you can do, I'm not going to make any bets," Sam said, pulling out a yellow spray bottle, "Although this should surprise you." Sam sprayed Mae before she could say anything, and suddenly she felt herself losing control- her body was liquefying like it did in the hot water of the bathtub! She could feel herself flowing out, across the table, towards the open hole."Here I go down the drain!" Mae thought, shrieking to herself in excitement as she poured down into the odd container. As she hit and began filling it up, she could feel herself hardening up again - yes, that spray must be very temporary. She slowed and stopped flowing on the table, prompting Sam to spray her again to get her moving- and she rushed again down the drain. Sam had to spray her a few times before her final few drops dripped into her strange container.It wasn't a bucket- Mae felt around like a blind person, feeling bumps and protrusions, trying to make sense of what Sam was doing. If only they he had given her a hint... Mae paused as she felt Sam spray down the open end of her container with the hardening formula, and her exposed skin started to harden."Wait - If Rachel's been framed- then I'm being busted?" Mae thought to herself trying to feel for a nose like shape. She felt herself being lifted up and turned over - of course! She was going to be a bust and had been cast upside down! Now that she was the correct way up, things made a little more sense in her little prison.Sam undid the old fasteners and opened the form, to be surprised by Mae's blinking eyes on what should have been a pure pink bust, "Hey, you figured it out." Sam said, as he started spraying her down with the hardening formula. Some of the yellow of her hair was starting to show too."Of course I did," Mae said through hardening lips, "How do I loo- loo" Mae stopped speaking as she completely hardened up."Wait until I'm done hon." Sam said, spraying her all over. He then pulled out some talcum powder, and dusted Mae all over, turning her into a white bust, although her staring green eyes stood out twinkling with delight at the feeling of Sam's massage. Sam then brought out a mirror."I'm not much of a sculptor - but they had this one on the rack," Sam said as Mae looked. She couldn't quite place the face - it wasn't hers- but it looked beautiful. Sam had turned her into a classic bust of some forgotten goddess, with flowers in her hair and a the top of a toga draped over her bosom, before it went into a low curved base, "Of course it's not as pretty as your face."**Oh, I look beautiful!** Mae thought marveling at herself.**Really? So Sam didn't turn you into a bust of Lincoln?** Rachel's voice responded to Mae, as clear as a bell.**Hey! We can talk to each other this way- OOOOH!" Mae groaned as Sam picked her up and ecstatic erotic feelings filled her. **MMMM! So this is how it feels! Oooooh!** Mae groaned to herself, orgasming away as Sam carefully carried Mae into the house, and set her on the mantle over the fireplace right below Rachel. She was sorry he let her go, but since she was an inanimate bust, there wasn't much else he could do other than carry her and admire her.**Isn't it great!** Rachel prompted Mae who was aware where she was and tried to look up - she could only stare ahead though, "Say - you're right below me, right? I can sense you!****Yeah - oh! Better smile, he's going to take out picture!** Mae giggled as Sam came back with the camera and took some photos of the two frozen friends.**With what face?**Rachel said, mentally smiling.
  576. ________________________________________
  577. The two girls remained that way, frozen in place as inanimate objects. They could at least talk, to each other, and did so about everything under the sun. They found they could also project ideas and pictures to each other easily. So they sat and collected dust, and talked and meditated.The most exciting parts of the day was morning and evening when Sam was around. He made it a point to dust them, and the feather duster made them both squeal with delight, even though he never heard a sound. As that sank in, the two made a game of it, Mae watching and Rachel thinking, pretending Sam was their own private stud show.Sam would talk to them, and turn the news on so they could keep up with current events. Of course, since nothing new happened to them during the day, he figured they wouldn't have had much to say to him anyway.The weekend arrived far too soon for either of them, "All right, time to get you two back into shape," Sam said, taking Rachel down from the mantle.**Oh, pooh! I like it this way!** Rachel giggled as Sam took her out to the workshop, **But keep on handling me - it feels soooo good! Oh, yes!****Hey, wait! I should be first!** Mae thought, a little disappointed. She liked the state she was in, but longed to be in Sam's arms again, hugging and kissing.**Sam says I get to go first because I was the first to be hardened.** Rachel thought back, although her thoughts were quickly fading away.**Rachel? Rachel!** Mae thought, realizing her friend must be back to her normal stretchy state. Suddenly, she felt very much alone in the empty house.
  578. ________________________________________
  579. "Now I need you to relax and let this work," Sam said as he laid Rachel painting side down in a shallow tray he had built over the week. He wasn't one hundred percent sure if he could save the painting on Rachel, but he was willing to try, as he began to pour the solvent into the tray."Oh! Oh! What are you doing to me Sam!" Rachel thought, intoxicated with the joy of being able to move again- even if she wasn't in control. That made it as exciting as a roller coaster ride, as she went from solid to a liquid and began to pour out one corner of the tray, into a waiting barrel. Mae had explained how it worked over the course of the week, so it wasn't too much of a shock- it almost seemed like Sam had improved the process, since she was flowing so easily, without any stops. Rachel giggled with glee as the last few drops fell out of the tray and into her form as she began to feel herself return to her normal putty like state.Sam poured the residue off the tray into a different barrel and looked into the one he had poured Rachel into, "So how was it?" Sam asked uncertainly. He had really wanted them to try it for a day or two before they tried it for a whole week. To his relief, Rachel's face formed on the top of the tan liquid in the barrel."How was it? Ooooh, it was wonderful!" Rachel said dreamily, "And Mae loved it too! I mean, it was a blast, being there, unable to do anything except feel the slightest breeze, or dust falling. Next time I want to be a bust - it was a drag not being able to see anything.""Well, why don't you get yourself into shape, and we'll loosen Mae up." Sam said. Rachel smiled, and her face began to rise out of the tan liquid, forming a head full of flowing black hair that cascaded down her shoulders and breasts. Sam stepped back as she rose out of the barrel, and handed her some clothes before he turned away."Oh, Sam, don't be shy," Rachel said, putting on her clothes, "I mean, you've seen all of me before.""True -but after a week of being on exhibition, I thought you might like a little privacy." Sam said, lifting up the tray over his head. It had a glass bottom, and as he had hoped, the painting had settled smoothly to the bottom, preserving it. Rachel stretched her head over to take a look."That's what Rachel painted on me?" Rachel asked as Sam nodded, "Wow! I'm so glad you could save it.""Me too. It needs to dry a bit though," Sam said putting it back down, "Now lets go and get Mae back into shape."Mae could hear the door open as Sam and Rachel came in, even though she couldn't see it- she could only stare straight ahead. **It's about time you got back! I was worried sick!** She thought, hoping Rachel could 'hear' her."Sam had to take his time with me Mae,"Rachel said suddenly, causing Sam to look back at her puzzled, "Oh - I can 'hear' Mae's thoughts. She was wondering where we were.""Well, we managed to save the painting hon." Sam said, picking Mae up, "Now let's get you back into shape."**Oooooh! Sam! That feels so good! Don't let me go!**Mae fairly shrieked in Rachel's head."Something wrong?" Sam said seeing Rachel wince suddenly."Well- when we're solid like that- and you touch us- it really, really feels good." Rachel said, looking a little embarrassed as she heard Mae giggle and gurgle as she orgasmed in Sam's hands, "No wonder she was so mad at me when you brought me inside to wash that hardening stuff off.""You're that sensitive?" Sam said, putting Mae back down. She was mentally gasping for breath. As far as Sam was concerned, Mae was showing as much delight as a normal statue. Rachel nodded, biting her lip in embarrassment thinking about what she must have been shrieking in that delightful delirium.**Oooh! Ooooh! Hey, why aren't I being washed off here? Hello?** Mae thought as she came off of her climax."Uh- It's not going to be any easier- and she wants to know why we're not turning her back." Rachel said stepping back."All right," Sam said, picking Mae back up. Mae began feeling like she was being touched in all her erogenous zones at once, as Sam carefully went upstairs, and put her in the shower. The water began to wash away the hardening agent, and Mae's ultra sensitivity."Oh!" Mae gasped - much to Sam's surprise, seeing the oversized bust head move," Oh, that was incredible!""And you only had to go across the room and up the stairs," Rachel said pointedly from the doorway, "Think of how far I went the first time."Mae blinked, and frowned, "Oh - I was that bad, wasn't I?" She said with a wry smile."Don't worry - I can't hear a thing either of you think or say what you're solid." Sam said, patting Mae on the head, "But don't forget, I'll always love you.""And me too?" Rachel said hopefully."And you too- just don't forget Mae's the one I'm truly in love with here." Sam said as Mae melted into a pink blob for a moment, and then returned to her normal shape and gave Sam a big happy stretchy hug, that Rachel soon joined in on.
  582. "Wow, that is beautiful," Rachel said as Sam hung the painting back in its rightful place over the mantle. He had taken it down while Rachel took center stage, but thought it would be best to return it to its place of honor, "And that was your first painting after you became elastic?"
  583. "No, there were seven commissions." Mae said as Sam stepped back, then tried tipping it again, "This one was the first one I did for fun. Although for some reason- it doesn't look the way it should."
  584. "Ever the critic." Sam said hugging Mae, "I think it looks perfect just the way it is."
  585. "And it's the only one not going on display?" Rachel asked looking at the detail of the great hall and the tiny colorful figures - each one stood out in lifelike detail, dancing before a king and queen in a great stone hall.
  586. "No - I don't want it getting damaged or stolen." Mae said looking at it closely. Of all the people in the image, only one, a lonely man clad in gray seemed to be there right now in her mind's eye, "There's something very special about it."
  587. ________________________________________
  588. Elsewhen
  589. In a great stone dance hall, filled with banners waving without any signs of support, a lonely figure in gray toiled, polishing the floor. Gray hair, gray eyes, almost a gray tone to his skin, all matching a gray mechanic's suit he chose to wear. He looked out of place in such an ancient hall. Still, the previous night's festivities had left their mark, and he felt it was his duty to clean it up.
  590. "Don't worry you, this will come out," Gray muttered, carefully hand buffing the floor. It was her punishment to be sure, but he felt responsible for it.
  591. "Gray? Gray!" A dark cloud rolled in, taking on the form of his King, "I thought I told you not to wear that." The black haired ruler grumbled, pointing at Gray. Gray gulped, and changed the loose gray mechanic's suit he was wearing into the more acceptable clothes of the realm. A cape, a coat and decorative pants swiftly replaced the utilitarian jumpsuit. The shade of gray remained the same though.
  592. "It is a most practical garb, sire," Gray bowed, "I had no intention to offend, or be seen at this late hour."
  593. "Indeed," The king strolled around him, his long cape floating inches above the floor, "Tell me then - Are all my subjects present?"
  594. "All attended the dance as commanded sire," Gray nodded, manifesting a scroll, " The harvest appears to be doing well, and all is ready for the coming of the cold days." The king paused to take in those figures and others that Gray listed off, as he would normally do in the morning.
  595. "So - all is as it should be?" The king said, pacing again.
  596. "By all appearances, sire"
  597. "And your - request?" The King added. Gray sighed.
  598. "You forbade it sire - and the end of her imprisonment draws close," Gray gestured to the floor, "It is better to give up that quest for now and await her release."
  599. "I see." The King said drawing closer with piercing eyes, "So you have not found the time to leave ever so quickly and quietly?"
  600. "No sire, no!" Gray said, loudly and clearly. The king scowled and turned away, apparently satisfied with Gray's answer.
  601. "There has been something troublesome of late, something that I am confiding in you only because you understand the penalty for telling another." The King said carefully, glancing at the floor , "The Queen and I have been- - - happy."
  602. "Happy? Surely there is nothing wrong with that sire." Gray said. It had been centuries since Gray had been truly happy. But the King and Queen seemed to embrace a lack of happiness as if it set them apart from their subjects.
  603. "Happy in ways unfit for those who rule- happy like we were when we were young- happy like..." The king's voice trailed off, unable to fully describe what had transpired to another, "It is... disturbing. To lose your control to such a thing as this... happiness."
  604. "As you say sire," Gray said, humoring his lord.
  605. "I suspect that someone is trying to manipulate us. For what ends I cannot say- which is why I am charging you to investigate." The king commanded.
  606. "But who in the Retreat would dare such a thing?" Gray said. The Unseelie Court came to Gray's mind, but they had no interest in the Retreat- nor did the Great Ones. Both were too interested in mortal affairs last Gray had heard, some three hundred years earlier. His last visit, sixty years earlier didn't turn up a single Great One, although the Unseelie Court's mortal manipulations were painfully obvious.
  607. "I do not know, but their eyes fell upon this hall that last night, and this - happiness- began," the king said looking about, "Check your lists again, and see that this matter is nipped in the bud."
  608. "As you command sire," Gray bowed as his king dissolved into a cloud and vanished, "Sorry young one, but I am called to duty again." Gray in turn faded away in a puff of gray smoke.
  609. The hall was empty, and the floor began to weep.
  612. "You have no idea how lonely it was getting up here without you," Sam said as he and Mae snuggled in bed. Mae and her equally elastic friend Rachel had spent the week as a bust and a painting in the living room, just to see what it would be like.
  613. "Mmmm, I missed you too honey," Mae said as she wrapped herself around his nude form and kissed him, "You could have always brought us upstairs."
  614. "I know - but the room is kind of small and dark, so I figured you'd like it better down there," Sam said, "Besides, I might have been tempted to take you to bed even as a bust."
  615. "Oh, that would have driven Rachel up the wall she was hanging on," Mae giggled, thinking about how sensitive they she was when she was petrified plastic, "You would not believe how intense the feelings are when you're touching us."
  616. "Oh, I think I've got a pretty good idea,"Sam smiled as Mae began caressing every inch of his body with her own elastic form. She had him almost completely enveloped, "So what were you two going on about while you were that way?"
  617. "We - well." Mae pondered, pulling herself back, "Well, we talked a lot about us - you, me and Rachel."
  618. "Nothing too bad I hope."
  619. "No - but I've got a confession to make," Mae bit her lip, "Rachel and I have been sort of - playing since we became elastic."
  620. "Playing what? Checkers? Monopoly?" Sam asked, "If it was strip poker I'll be real upset." The last brought a small smile to Mae's face.
  621. "No silly - we've been - playing around with each other." Mae said.
  622. "Well, yeah - you two can play around a lot more since you're elastic. I mean it's not like you're having sex or..." Sam looked in Mae's eyes and could tell, "Something."
  623. "Wellll..." Mae blushed,"It's sort of like that."
  624. Sam pondered the revelation for a moment, "I hope this doesn't mean you're dumping me." Sam finally said.
  625. "Oh, no, of course not!" Mae said, hugging Sam, "Sam, I'm in love with you, not Rachel. What we've been doing it's sort of... of..." Mae tried to find a word to describe the feelings.
  626. "Instinctual?" Sam suggested.
  627. "Well, yes - but more, I think." Mae said, resting her head on Sam's chest,"I think it's part of what's happened to Rachel and me when we became elastic."
  628. "Well, I can understand that. After all, you are the only two elastic women I've ever heard about, so I guess it makes sense you would- indulge, "Sam said, stroking Mae's blonde hair gently, "After all, it's not like I can stretch around. and keep up with you two," Internally, Sam worried about that.
  629. Since she had become elastic, Mae had unlimited reserves of energy for her painting, selling, stretching - and sex. Not that Sam minded the last part, but Mae was starting to wear him out. He had hoped letting Rachel stay might burn up some of Mae's energy, and had expected something like this to happen sooner or later. He had been hoping for later - or at least to catch them in the act.
  630. He wasn't expecting what Mae had to say next though.
  631. "I'm glad I have such an understanding boyfriend," Mae said, looking up and kissing him on the lips, "But we were feeling bad for leaving you out."
  632. "Well, I'll set up the camera where ever you two are doing it." Sam said with a grin, "That way you can do it even when I'm not here."
  633. "Saaam!" Mae said, propping herself up, "I meant we wanted you to join in with the fun."
  634. "With the fun--- The sex?" Sam said, feeling very surprised, "Are you sure about that? I want to be with you, not Rachel." Mae had been very defensive about Rachel's flirting around Sam- even when Sam wasn't aware of it.
  635. "Yes - no." Mae sighed, "Well, as long as I'm with you, there's no reason Rachel can't join in, right?"
  636. "Well yea, I guess, but..." Sam pondered as he sat up. Mae got up before Sam could finish and went to get Rachel. The two reappeared in the doorway, looking as seductive as ever.
  637. "Sam, if you don't want to do this, I can understand," Rachel said, as they came in,"I was just teasing Mae while we were frozen all week, and she took it to heart."
  638. "Is that all that there was to talk about - just me?" Sam said a little bewildered.
  639. The pair giggled, "No, but you were the hot topic silly," Mae said, sitting down next to Sam and stretching her arms around him.
  640. "Well, we can try it I guess- on a day be day basis," Sam said, looking at the two, "Of course, we're going to have to get a larger bed for all three of us."
  641. "Mmmm- maybe not." Rachel said with a grin as she sat down on Sam's other side, and winked at Mae, "We sort of had this idea we wanted to try on you." Before Sam could say anything, the two girls leaned against him, and began to stretch and flow, covering Sam;s body with their own elastic forms.
  642. "What are you - whoa," Sam said, looking down where the two had covered his manhood and were flowing down his legs, "Whoa, that feels good." Sam moaned as the pair covered everything from his neck down. It was a good feeling, the feeling of silky smooth skin pressing against his own - every inch of his own skin that is. The two rippled in delight, massaging Sam's body and manhood which was growing rock hard.
  643. "I told you he's like it," Mae said, smiling. Sam turned to see Mae's head sitting on a long tendril that emerged from his right shoulder - now covered with Mae's pink form. She stretched over and kissed Sam on the cheek.
  644. "What's not to like?" Rachel asked. Looking to his left, he saw Rachel's head at the end of its own tendril that emerged from his left shoulder. Looking down, he could see the pair had split their coverage of him right down the middle, Mae's pink form covering his right side, and Rachel's tan form covering his left side like a form fitting suit.
  645. "Well, there's nothing for me to hold onto," Sam said with a broad smile, laying down as the two girls rubbed his prick harder.
  646. "Oh, that again?"Mae said knowing what he had meant. She frowned for a moment- before she had Sam all to herself, but this time - well, it would be different. Sam felt his right side grow a little heavier as Mae gathered some of herself up to form two breasts- one on top of the other on Sam's right side, as she kept on pleasuring him. She rolled her eyes and groaned as Sam fondled the upper one, tweaking her nipple.
  647. "Clever- but I think we need a matching set here." Rachel said smiling and forming her own set of breasts on her left side of Sam's crowded chest. Four jiggling tits crowded in on his tan and pink covered chest, looking a little mismatched, but manageable. Sam began to feel Rachel's upper breast, fondling it gently, as the trio slowly built up to an orgasmic climax.
  648. Mae and Rachel looked at each other and grinned, stretching their necks out in a large "X" across Sam's chest so they could suck on the lower breasts Sam wasn't cupping and fondling. As one, the threesome shuddered in delight, cumming together in a mind bending orgasm that left them all panting happily in the lingering afterglow.
  649. They kept it up again, and again, before exhaustion finally set in, and they drifted off to sleep.
  650. ________________________________________
  651. Sam woke up before the girls, and sighed happily- he was still covered with their elastic forms, which still quivered across his skin. The plastic pair seemed to be asleep, their heads laying on the breasts they had made on his chest.
  652. "Mae, Rachel?" Sam said softly, trying to wake them gently, "Time to get up." Mae moaned a little, raising her head serpentine like with a groggy, happy smile.
  653. "Oh, that was so good last night." Mae said, blinking the sleep out of her eyes, "Want to do it again?"
  654. "Maybe after I answer the call of nature," Sam said, nudging Rachel, "Ray, come on, wakey wakey."
  655. "A few more minutes," Rachel mumbled as her head rose, "Say, why can't I feel my arms? Or legs? Or... " She looked down to see her neck sprouting out of Sam's shoulder, and her body coating half of Sam. Rachel's shriek of surprise was enough to wake all three of them up.
  656. "Calm down Rachel!" Mae said, as Sam winced - she had pretty much screamed in his ears, "We did this last night, remember?"
  657. "Wha? Oh yea," Rachel said, feeling a little embarrassed as she remembered the night's arousing activities, "How could I ever forget that? Can we do it again?"
  658. "Ahem - I need to visit the bathroom, so if you two don't mind?" Sam reminded them. Mae and Rachel smiled slyly and slowly slid off Sam, collecting into two large blobs on either side of his nude form, "Thanks. I'll be back." Sam went off to the bathroom as the plastic pair got back into their proper shape.
  659. "Mmmm, that was so good last night," Mae said, playing with her pussy as they waited, "It's so good to be able to stretch like this."
  660. "Right. Say - do you have an itch down there that needs to be scratched?" Rachel said, smiling and eying her friend's crotch, "Let me help out." Rachel got off the bed and went to inspect Mae's pussy as a thought crossed her mind. She licked it, causing Mae to groan louder.
  661. "Oh, come on, if you're going to do it, just move on in," Mae said stretching her hands down to draw Rachel into her crotch.
  662. "Well, if you insist," Rachel said with a wicked grin, as she dove into Mae's pussy. Mae gasped with shock and delight as Rachel squirmed in past her pussy lips.
  663. "Rachel? Rachel what are you doing- Omigosh!" Mae gasped as she saw her friend's head was missing. Mae stretched her head down to her crotch, in time to see Rachel's shoulders vanish into her pussy, "Rachel, you're not - Ooooh! Ohhh, that feels so good!" Mae shuddered as erotic feelings filled her form, and her belly began to grow larger with Rachel's mass.
  664. Mae watched and stroked her expanding belly as her friend slithered into her privates, causing her entire body to jiggle with excitement. Rachel's breasts and arms went in next, followed by her rapidly slimming waist. Mae watched no time, and stretched her head to begin servicing Rachel's pussy, which made Rachel pause for a few moments and shudder inside Mae, before she pulled her ass inside of Mae's rapidly expanding form.
  665. Mae grinned in delight as Rachel's legs swiftly slipped into her with a large slurping sound, as Rachel curled up inside Mae's belly. Mae was amazed that Rachel would do such a thing - and she was amazed she could fit Rachel inside of her! She stroked her huge belly and breasts, unsure if she could move at all off the bed in her current bloated state.
  666. "Ah the pause that refreshes - Holy!" Sam gasped to see Mae laying on the bed with such a huge belly, "What happened honey!?"
  667. "Rachel is sort of inside me," Mae said groaning a bit as Rachel shifted and stimulated her sensitive overstretched belly.
  668. "If you had waited, I would have made breakfast," Sam said concerned.
  669. "No silly! She's- down-ohhh!- there!" Mae pointed to her pussy which opened as Rachel's' head appeared at the end of a tendril.
  670. "Hey Sam, I'm checking out this cozy little womb in the house - and what a view it has!" Rachel said grinning as she stretched over and wrapped her tongue around Sam's prick before delicately sucking on it. Sam was so surprised by it all he didn't have time to object, as Rachel's long black hair began to wrap itself around him, and guide him back to Mae's crotch.
  671. It was a mind blowing experience for Mae, as her friend went back inside of her, pulling Sam in. Sam was soon screwing Mae, while Rachel sucked furiously. Mae stretched her head and arms up and kissed Sam all over as the erotic feeling built higher and higher for all three of them. Sam somehow reached over Mae's huge belly to fondle her breasts as they kept up the pace.
  672. "Oh, yes!" Was all Rachel could thinks as Sam blew his wad through Mae's pussy and into her mouth. She released her hold on him to lick her lips, sending shivers of exhilaration through Rachel as Sam pulled out of them panting.
  673. "Oh yea, that was different," Sam gasped, pulling away and collapsing on the bed next to Mae. Mae returned her upper body to normal and began caressed his heaving chest gently, smiling as they enjoyed a long quiet afterglow of their combined orgasm.
  674. "Well, I guess this is - ooooh!" Mae groaned as Rachel shifted inside of her, "Double the pleasure?"
  675. "Double? Try to the tenth power," Sam said, his engineering side taking over as he recovered, as patted Mae's overextended belly, "So what are you charging her for rent?"
  676. "Oh, I don't know," Mae said smiling, "It is the smallest 'room' in the house." Suddenly Rachel's head popped out of Mae's pussy and stretched out to hover over her belly.
  677. "Rent? Well, it that case, I'm outta here," Rachel said sticking her tongue out at the two of them. Sam sat up in time to see Rachel's tanned form pouring out of Mae's pink pussy onto the floor, forming into a large shivering blob, "Oh, it's cold out here!"
  678. "I was going to include the heat as part of the rent," Mae said as the last of Rachel dripped out, and Mae sat up, her belly flopping down like a huge deflated balloon.
  679. "Letting yourself go there honey," Sam said, patting Mae's folds of skin. Mae smiled, and in a few seconds they retracted into her nice slim waist, "That's better. Now who's up for some breakfast?" Sam said kissing her.
  680. "Oh, you don't want another round of strange stretchy sex?" Rachel said, flowing around Sam's and Mae's ankles and lapping at them like waves on a beach.
  681. "Definitely- just not right now," Sam said, "There's some things I have to work on before I go off on my trip which I think you two will like a lot."
  682. "And that would be?" Mae said smiling.
  683. "A secret. Shhhh!" Sam said, "But I think you two will like it a lot - If I get it done."
  684. "I don't know about this," Rachel said, gathering herself up and reforming herself, "He's got that evil genius look in his eyes."
  685. "And you two didn't like the way I petrified you? Oh- I'm hurt!" Sam said in mock angst. The pair looked at each other and giggled, as they stretched around Sam and gave him a long elastic hug before he finally convinced them to let him get dressed.
  688. "So that's your website?" Rachel said, sitting at the computer as Mae returned, "Pretty cool. You're famous even without going on display in The Snut Gallery."
  689. "Well, it does pretty well- but I'm hoping The Snut Exhibit will make me really stand out." Mae said, putting her tea down, and waiting a moment, "Do you mind? I need to sit down and catch up."
  690. "Sorry - let me help," Rachel said getting up and tossing off her bathrobe. She pushed the computer chair back and took a good look at it, then began reshaping herself. Her feet balled together and then spread out into a five pointed star with little balls under each tip. Her legs melded together into a single column as she sat, her lap becoming a padded seat, and her torso becoming the back of the chair, "I want to see how you do this." Rachel explained, turning her arms into basic armrests and flattening in her breasts so they became more of a pad.
  691. "All right," Mae sighed, glad she had at least gotten dressed- there wasn't much chance of them getting too carried away. Mae sat down and tried to scoot in.
  692. "Ow, ow! Carpet burn!" Rachel said, a little concerned, "Darn it, I can't get these wheels right."
  693. "Sorry, but this is your idea," Mae said as she picked Rachel up and moved in, "Now the first job is - spam cleaning," Mae sighed as she saw the huge list of offers for viagra, drugs and loans. That was the problem with being stuck as a statue all week- she was way behind in her work.
  694. "Boring!" Rachel proclaimed as Mae began reading through the mess. It was a little annoying having Rachel looking over her shoulder, but Mae got her work done in a surprisingly short amount of time.
  695. "And that is that," Mae said, responding to the last e-mail request, "Five new commissions to do and three very happy customers."
  696. "Wow, you really flew," Rachel said, "So now what?"
  697. "Now, I turn this thing off, and go painting," Mae said reaching for the shutoff switch. Rachel's hand at the end of the armrest stretched out and stopped her.
  698. "Wait a minute - I have a question for you," Rachel said before Mae could say anything, "Have you looked on the web for anything about us?"
  699. "Us? Well, I make sure my website is listed on the major search engines, and through some art commission sites" Mae said. Rachel shook her head.
  700. "No you goof - about elastic people! I mean, we can't be the only two out here!" Rachel said, reaching over and clicking the mouse.
  701. "Well- no." Mae said, thinking how odd it was to have a chair go surfing on the web, "I never thought of it. I mean, what would we look for?"
  702. "The obvious, of course!" Rachel said as she began typing words into the search engine.
  703. The obvious was not as clear cut as Rachel had hoped.
  704. "Plastic women," Rachel typed in, and a long list came up. Mae frowned.
  705. "I don't think that's what we're looking for," Mae said as a list of plastic surgeons appeared, "Let's try this," Mae tried a different set of words. An even longer list of sites offering inflatable dolls appeared when she put in "Rubber people".
  706. "I could have told you that would have appeared," Rachel sighed, stretching over Mae's fingers to try typing in some different words.
  707. "Hey, who's working at the computer and who's the chair here?" Mae gently scolded Rachel.
  708. "All right all right, try elastic women," Rachel said. Sites about lingerie appeared. The two kept of trying to come up with more logical - and in some ways freaky- search words, trying to find what they were looking for. Rachel, who was getting frustrated by it all began to 'pace'- stretching her neck around the room and behind the computer. Mae was so interested in trying to find out if Rachel was right that she ignored her friend's antics until Sam came in from his workshop.
  709. "Have we been busy?" Sam said looking in at the tangle Rachel had made of herself.
  710. "Hi honey - Oh, for crying out loud!," Mae said, looking around. The room looked like it was draped with thick tan ropes of silly string that coiled around the chairs and bookcases- and Mae's lap too. Mae looked at her friend's head which was hovering over the computer monitor with a wry smile, "Ray, do you mind?"
  711. "Sorry, sorry- I was getting bored," Rachel said, carefully sinking behind the computer table and unthreading her neck from around all the places she had coiled it. Sam carefully stepped over her writhing neck as she did so to see what Mae was looking so intently at.
  712. "So what are you doing?" Sam asked, sitting down in the regular computer chair.
  713. "Seeing if there are any websites about our - elastic condition," Mae said with a frown, "It seems like there's everything else - sex dolls, lingerie, plastic surgeons..."
  714. "Hey there was that Yahoo group- what was it's name---," Rachel said as she retracted her head back to her shoulders, "Reno's Rubber Room. Lots of in-ter-esting ideas there." The two grinned at each other.
  715. "Okay, I'll have to look that one up," Sam chuckled, "But nothing else?"
  716. "Nope, nothing," Mae sighed, turning off the computer and getting up, "You're stuck with one of a kind." she sighed leaning on Sam, and stretching her arms around him.
  717. "Ahem, that would be two of a kind," Rachel said, stretching out of her seated form into her more normal curvy shape, and retrieving her discarded robe, "Now, what about some more hard time?"
  718. "Huh?" Sam blinked, and realized what Rachel was talking about, "You two just got thawed out."
  719. "Ray, I've got some painting to do, remember?" Mae said, unstretching herself and waving some pages she had printed out.
  720. "Well, it feels so good," Rachel said, "An afternoon won't hurt, would it?"
  721. "No..."
  722. "And you do want to try that press as much as I want to try being molded into something." Rachel said.
  723. "Well...." Mae said looking at Sam.
  724. "All right," Sam sighed, "But after lunch- I'm starving."
  725. ________________________________________
  726. The three were back in Sam's workshop sooner than he had expected. At least he had covered his 'surprise' project so they wouldn't figure it out. Rachel was nosing around as usual.
  727. "Hey, what's under the tarps?" Rachel asked, Stretching over towards them.
  728. "Another project for another time," Sam said, stepping in front of her elongating form, "Now you are going first, right?"
  729. "Right! I'll be busted!" Rachel giggled, "Where do I sit."
  730. "Right here - oh, hold on," Sam lifted up the box that he had used to save Mae's painting. It was a little warped, being pressed against the glass, but otherwise it looked beautiful, "We'll have to find a home for this."
  731. "My room." Rachel said, smiling, "Unless you have a better place for it Mae."
  732. "It's fine with me." Mae said, looking it over as Sam set it down, "After all, it seems like we've been sharing everything since that birthday."
  733. "Including boyfriends?" Sam teased them. They both smiled and blushed a bit, "Okay, get on the table Ray," Rachel smiled, and stretched over to the table, leaving her robe next to it as Sam brought out a heavy looking cylinder and put it under the hole in the table where Rachel was to pour out.
  734. "So, you're going to cast me in the role of a beautiful bust?" Rachel teased Sam as he pulled out the squirt bottle with the liquefying formula.
  735. "Well, there were other molds from that place too you know, so we're trying a different one." Sam said with a grin.
  736. "What?" Rachel would have said more, but Sam squirted her down, and she lost control of her body, and began to melt away. Her features vanished into a tan mass that began to thin out and flow like water. Slowly at first, but then more quickly she began to drain out of the table and into the mold.
  737. "Hmmm - this is interesting." Rachel thought as she began filling the mold up. She blindly felt around. The bottom, if it was a bottom, was circular. Then as her levels rose, she split into two - no, three branches, two large and one small, which rejoined at the top. It really bulged out then over the large branches, and less so over the small one. With a start, Rachel found two places the felt like they could be eyes- this shape was a lot less featured than Mae's bust, smoother and more stylized. The bulge rounded up into another circular shape as she felt the last few drops of herself plop in. The mold shook a few times as she felt herself hardening up and regaining control.
  738. She sort of knew what she must be.
  739. She didn't quite understand what Sam was doing to her exposed top as he molded it with something else.
  740. "Okay, don't move Ray," Sam said, as the mold split in two. Rachel blinked - her eyes worked, but she couldn't find a mouth on this shape - not that she had enough time to say anything, as Sam sprayed her down with the hardening agent, "Well, you didn't fill the entire mold up Rachel- that's what happens when you're a petite, and not a jumbo. But this should work."
  741. **Mae, am I what I think I am?** Rachel thought, wishing now that she could close her eyes - they were looking to each side, not ahead. She could see Mae standing there, grinning away out of one eye - and her warped reflection on some chrome that peeked out from under those tarps. What was there anyway?
  742. "I don't know- what do you think you are?" Mae said innocently, trying not to laugh.
  743. **Just tell me!** Rachel thought back.
  744. "There- you're a perfect plastic pachyderm," Sam said, finishing his spraying, and checking the flat rounded top, "I hope you vote Republican."
  745. **Argh! I knew it!** Rachel thought in mock dismay. At least it was only for an afternoon. It didn't matter what shape she was in though- the sensation of anything touching her, and the erotic feelings that filled her form more than made up for the shape she was in.
  746. "Let's put you in place," Sam said, looking at Mae, "Where should we put her in your garden?"
  747. "In the garden?" Mae said, thinking, "I know just the spot."
  748. Sam picked Rachel up, who was mentally moaning away in Mae's head from Sam's touch, and quickly led him out to a space in the garden that they had laid down some slate to make a small patio in the middle of the path.
  749. "Perfect - maybe we should paint her." Mae said looking Rachel over. A tan elephant looked a little out of place in her garden.
  750. "It's only for an afternoon, remember," Sam reminded her, "Now, about you."
  751. "Oh yes- what about me?" Mae said, stretching he arms around Sam's shoulders and looking into his eyes, smiling, "What sort of pressure are you going to put me under this time?"
  752. "You'll have to find that out," Sam said, unwrapping her, and leading her back to the workshop, leaving Rachel to her thoughts. For some reason, it felt really good the way she was when Sam put her down. Good thing she was solid too- it must have been getting hot for that odd mist to be rising around her.
  753. "Watch this," Mae said, as she stretched herself out of her shirt's neck hole, and over to the press, where she sat expectantly,"Ta-dahh!"
  754. "Not bad." Sam nodded, looking at the heap of clothes on the floor, which looked like she had just vanished out of them. Mae and Rachel had stretched out of their clothes so often he was starting to wonder why they bothered wearing them, but each time they would loosen up their clothes a bit - unbutton the front, zip down the zippers, kick off their footwear and leave them scattered about. This was a little neater at least.
  755. "Now if you could do that and fold them," Sam teased Mae as he picked them up and put them on the bench.
  756. "Oh, you..." Mae stuck her tongue out, as Sam went over to the press, smiling. Sam stuck his tongue back out. Then they shared a kiss.
  757. "Now, get up for a moment," Sam said. Mae put her hands and feet at each corner of the tray, and stretched up, out of the way, as she snaked her head down to see what Sam was doing.
  758. "Aww- I'm not going to be a canvas?" Mae said as Sam pulled the square insert out, and put a circular disk in its place.
  759. "You know my idea of painting is using a roller," Sam teased Mae, "Besides, maybe I've got a different use for you. Now sit down please." Mae sat down, and crossed her legs as Sam adjusted the outer edges of the tray, making them square, instead of the long rectangle shape Rachel had been flattened into.
  760. "Are you done yet?" Mae said, playing with herself..
  761. "Yes." Sam said going over to the crank.
  762. "Good. Let me." Mae said, reaching over and giving it a turn. She gasped as the smooth cool rollers began to flatten her legs out, and made them fill up that side of the tray as she forced herself under. She let go with a shudder as it reached her pussy, "Okay, maybe you had better finish." She said, leaning back. She really wanted to enjoy this.
  763. "I'd have to anyway," Sam said, getting over the initial shock of his girlfriend flattening herself. Mae groaned as Sam cranked the wheel, pulling her under the rollers, turning her sexy body onto a flat square of pink material, "Feels good, huh?" Sam said, pausing and sliding his hand across her flattened side. Mae groaned in pleasure.
  764. "You had better believe it. Don't stop." Mae said, lowering herself down so she would be completely in the tray. Sam grinned, and gave the handle a few more cranks, flattening her face. The pink slab rolled out the other side, the outlines of Mae's ecstacy- filled face still visible, edged with her blonde hair. The rest of her form was rather distorted, but Sam could see the fain outlines of her bust and limbs. She looked too interesting that way to run through the press again- a second pass would squeeze away any detail, leaving him with a pure pink slab. Sam grabbed the hardening agent and began spraying her down.
  765. "Oh, this feels so good!" Mae thought to herself as she heard the crackling noise and hardened up. Sam pulled the sides away, and flipped her out., spraying her backside. The last thing to give was that odd circular insert.
  766. "Perfect." Sam said, admiring his flattened girlfriend, "I think you and Rachel will make a perfect match out in the garden."
  767. "The garden? What will I be there?" Mae thought in surprise. Another flagstone, she supposed as Sam carried her out. It would be interesting being something people walked on. She moaned in delight as Sam picked her up and carried her out into the sun filled garden.
  768. **At last, company!** Rachel thought to Mae as Sam came out. She could see him carrying Mae's pink square form, **So what are you? The welcome mat?**
  769. **Probably.** Mae thought back, sensing herself getting closer to Rachel. Sam paused over Rachel, and looked Mae over, **Well, here I go, into the ground I guess.**
  770. Mae's guess was very wrong.
  771. Sam placed Mae on top of Rachel.
  772. **OHMIGOD!** Rachel screamed in ecstasy as she felt Mae slide onto her. The circular shape Sam had molded into her top was a perfect fit for the circular insert Mae had been squeezed over, **What are you doing Sam!?!** Not that she cared - it felt really really good.
  773. Mae felt the same way **Oh, WOW!** Mae screamed, as Sam fitted her snugly onto Rachel's form, **That feels SO GOOD!** she gurgled in bliss as Sam stepped back to admire his work.
  774. "See - I always thought this patio needed a table. And you two fit the bill." Sam said. He went in and fetched the camera to take a few shots of the pair, who now made up a small tan and pink pedestal table, "Now if you two could stay out of trouble - I think I'd better mow the lawn."
  775. **Whatever!** The two transformed girls both thought, too distracted by the mere touch of each other that kept them at a steady, dreamy aroused state as Sam went off and began cutting the grass.
  776. Since Mae couldn't see anything - she was staring skywards at the branches and leaves- , Rachel got to make all the comments about Sam as he worked where she could see him. Once he was done, it was time for a rest.
  777. "Just perfect." Sam said, sitting down in a creaky old lawn chair, and putting a drink and the newspaper on Mae's flattened form. Both girls could feel it, and shuddered with delight by the new sensations - Mae of the things Sam was putting on her, and Rachel from the changes in pressure that Mae's laden form was putting on her.
  778. "Next time, I'll have to figure out how to make you two into a chair," Sam said idly, wiggling the flimsy chair as he read some of the highlights of the paper out loud to them.
  779. That sounded like a hint to them for next time.
  782. "Okay- what have we learned about ourselves so far?" Mae said to Rachel after Sam went off to work, "We can stretch, we can be shaped, we can melt and with Sam's formula hardened. What else can we do?"
  783. "Have fantastic sex." Rachel giggled.
  784. "Okay, that too- but we must be able to do more." Mae said, feeling like they hadn't even begun to push the envelope on their abilities, "What about reshaping ourselves on our own?"
  785. "Well- we can." Rachel said frowning, "We can stretch around on out own."
  786. "We can - but we really haven't tried, have we? Its too much fun to let Sam reshape us. Or have us reshape each other." Mae said a little guiltily. She didn't want Sam to think they only got their kicks letting him knead them around like so much living silly putty."We need to challenge ourselves."
  787. "All right- what sort of challenge?" Rachel said, "Oh, wait - here's one." With that, Rachel held her hand out, and created a ball in the center of it as she flattened her palm out. In a few moments, she was playing paddle ball with her own hand.
  788. "Yes, like that." Mae said, as Rachel grinning, bouncing the little tethered ball against her hand, "But what about something bigger?"
  789. "Not too big- your house isn't that big." Rachel said looking around, "And not outside- people might see. Maybe we ought to move to the country so we can really let loose."
  790. "We're not moving." Mae said firmly.
  791. "Just a thought - maybe a field trip then." Rachel said. She had so many really big elastic ideas to try - and while the house was cozy, it sort of limited them, "So what should we try to be today?"
  792. "Well, Sam did say he wanted to figure out how to make us into a chair yesterday..." Mae said with a small smile.
  793. "Okay - you first." Rachel said. Mae stood up for a moment and thought about it as she took off her bathrobe- then she began to change. She bended her knees as she extended her rear into two slender back legs. Her lap expanded and became a puffy seat. She curled her fingers and toes up, so they looked like carved lion paws older furniture had, and expanded her back. Her arms she shaped into the arms of her new chair-shape. Soon she was looking like an antique chair, with her head perched improbably on the top. "Not bad." Rachel said approvingly as she went over and circled Mae. Even the hint of seams was in place.
  794. "I got the idea from that living room set your mom had." Mae said, looking herself over, "Mind taking a few photos of me this way?"
  795. "I thought you looked familiar," Rachel said, going to get the camera and taking a few shots of Mae, "But it was so uncomfortable!"
  796. "I know." Mae said, "But it was pretty."
  797. "And then there's the fact that Sam would never want to sit in your lap like that right away." Rachel said putting down the camera, "It's more fun to trick him."
  798. "You would say that." Mae said rolling her eyes, "And how would you do that?" Rachel smiled and pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and studied it for a moment. It was a simple white affair with a curved back they had gotten cheap- but it worked.
  799. "What about like this." Rachel said, discarding her robe. Unlike Mae, she chose to collapse into a shapeless tan blob on the floor. Before Mae could react, Rachel shifted, and started to rise out of herself. An arch with spindles rose as the tan glob of Rachel shrank. Then the wood seat took shape. There was a pause, as if Rachel was taking a deep breath, and then four legs emerged from under the seat. Mae was amazed at her friend's stretching - she couldn't quite get it into her head how she could stretch and leave spaces in her body.
  800. "Wow..." Mae said trying to stand - and failing, since she was still shaped like a chair. She shifted back to her normal form and walked around Rachel, who had turned herself into a dead-on match for the kitchen chair next to her. The only difference was that Rachel was tan, not white, "You look marvelous!" The seat of the chair rippled and formed into Rachel's face.
  801. "Thanks- I always wanted to be a real chairwoman of the board." Rachel giggled, "Come on- try me out. Sit on my face."
  802. "All right... If you insist..." Mae said, sitting down in Rachel's seat-face. Before she could completely sit down, Rachel snaked out her elastic tongue, and giving Mae's pussy a friendly lick, "Ray, don't!" Mae shrieked, sitting down squarely on Rachel's face. Rachel chair legs wobbled a bit under Mae's weight, and they fell backwards.
  803. "Darn, that won't work." Rachel said as Mae rolled off her face, laughing, "You need to lose some weight."
  804. "Well, you could have warned me you were going to do that and I wouldn't have sat down so hard." Mae said, standing up a little flustered at the surprise.
  805. "Honestly, what did you expect me to do when I told you to sit on my face?" Rachel grinned, "But I guess this won't work. I may as well change back..."
  806. "Wait a minute," Mae said grabbing her robe, "You get yourself back into shape - I think I have a brainstorm!" Mae went out as Rachel lifted herself back up and reshaped her bent parts back into a chair.
  807. "So was it a big brainstorm or a light drizzle?" Rachel said as Mae came back in, holding something as if it was something dangerous, "Oh, of course!" Mae had gotten the hardening agent Sam used on them out of the workshop.
  808. "Now if you will wipe that face off your seat." Mae commanded with a grin. Rachel grinned back for a moment as her face vanished into the plain tan surface of her chair body as Mae began to spray her carefully, stretching her arm out so she didn't get any on her body. She didn't want to get any of the hardening agent on herself so she took it slowly.
  809. **Sam does it quicker,** Rachel thought as Mae went around her a second time. She had grown hard enough so Mae could hear her thoughts- something they could do when they were hardened.
  810. "I'm being careful silly," Mae said, making a final squirt, "Now stand still until it dries." She went to wash her hand off- it was feeling a little rigid - and very sensitive.
  811. **Oh, like I have a choice? I can't move an inch!** Rachel thought back into Mae's head, **Say, didn't Sam tell us to stay out of his workshop you naughty girl?**
  812. "Oh, I didn't set a foot into Sam's workshop," Mae said with a sly smile, "I just stretched my arm in there, and grabbed it off the shelf."
  813. **Oh, of course - get around it with semantics.** Rachel thought back, **Of course, how are we going to get him to sit on me? I'm all tan, not white like the other chairs.**
  814. "I've got that covered too." Mae said, putting the hardening agent away under the sink and pulling out some flour, "But lets see if you're hard enough to hold me first."
  815. She was - although Rachel's cries of ecstasy in Mae's head made sit very lightly on Rachel. When they were hard, the slightest touch sent them into an orgasmic bliss.
  816. Mae dusted her friend down with flour - even that was enough to cause Rachel to moan and groan in joy- and she left her friend to sit in the kitchen for the rest of the day while she caught up on her painting.
  817. * * *
  818. **Where IS he? I heard his truck pull in.** Rachel said impatiently. Mae looked out the window to see.
  819. "He's not in his workshop," Mae said looking out. Unexpectedly, the front door opened, startling her. It was Sam, coming in the other way, "Hey, trying to scare me to death?"
  820. "Sorry- I wanted to talk to Gracie," Sam said, "She had that realtor who sold us our house over there, talking to her about selling her home." Gracie was an old woman who lived just across the street from them.
  821. "She's moving?" Mae asked, sitting down.
  822. "Well, her kids moved away, and she can't keep the place up, so she's going to an assisted living center,"Sam said, sitting down at his usual spot at the table - and right on top of Rachel. Rachel gave a squeal of glee as Sam touched her, and sat down. Mae tried to ignore Rachel's orgasmic cries in her head as Sam continued, "She seems to be looking forward to it- I mean, when Mrs Baker passed away, and Mrs. Downs sold us this house, she lost most of her nearby friends." Sam paused to dust off his flour covered hands, wondering how that had gotten there.
  823. "We should do something special for her before she goes." Mae said as Rachel's groans grew loud enough to cause Sam to notice her wince a little bit.
  824. "Are you all right Mae?" Sam asked, leaning back in Rachel's chair form, "And say, where's Ray?"
  825. "Well..." Mae said. Something had to give.
  826. And it did.
  827. Without warning, Rachel's form cracked and snapped under Sam's weight. She had been able to just hold Mae's weight, but Sam was a bit heavier - and wasn't being as delicate as Mae had been. Sam landed on the floor with a loud thump, more surprised than hurt.
  828. "Sam? Are you all right?" Mae said, stretching over and helping him up.
  829. "I'm fine - I thought these chairs were built better than that." Sam said, getting up and picking up a broken leg. It had snapped like a piece of pottery, "That's odd- I haven't seen this happen since Fred and I froze the lab assistant's chair with liquid nitrogen." Sam looked closer, to see there was no wood grain in the break- just a smooth tan color, surrounded by a white powdery coating, "Hold it - is this Rachel?"
  830. "Yes!" Mae said looking at her broken friend, "Ohmigosh, I we shouldn't have tried that! Rachel? Can you hear me? Are you all right?" Mae said looking over the broken pieces anxiously.
  831. **Mmmmmm! I think I climaxed there!** Rachel thought back dreamily, **What did Sam do to me?**
  832. "Well?" Sam said, clearly worried. He couldn't hear the girl's thoughts.
  833. "She's all right." Mae said, relieved.
  834. **I'm better than that! I want to do it again!** Rachel thought back.
  835. "You can't do it again- you've gone to pieces!" Mae protested.
  836. **Oh.** Rachel thought, **Is that a good thing or a bad thing?**
  837. "I don't know!" Mae said, looking at Sam, "How do we get her back together?"
  838. "Well," Sam said, idly rubbing his finger around on the flat surface of the leg he was holding- which caused Rachel to begin groaning in Mae's head again, "I'd say it's time for her weekly bath."
  839. * * *
  840. Sam collected Rachel's large broken pieces together onto a laundry basket while Mae stretched her hands out into a dustpan and brush to sweep up any crumbs of Rachel that might be laying about. They then took her to the tub.
  841. "Well, being a chair was worth a try," Sam said as the tub filled up with hot water, "And we found out that this hardening agent makes you solid, in and out."
  842. **And that it feels great to be broken when you're this way.**Rachel thought, perhaps not understanding how broken up she was.
  843. "Let's see what you have to say when you see the pictures of what happened to you." Mae said as Sam dumped Rachel's inert body into the hot water. They stood there for a minute as steam rose out of the tub, and then slowly began to melt like wax.
  844. "Oh yeah..." Rachel's face appeared on the surface of the tan water once she was completely melted down, "This feels good too! Come on it Sam!"
  845. "I don't know," Sam said, swirling his hand around in Rachel's liquid form, and pulling it out as Rachel began to creep up her arm, "It's a little too hot right now."
  846. "Oh, you're just saying that," Rachel giggled, "Well, I'll just have to float around here and entertain myself." Rachel's face faded away, as the tan water in the tub began sloshing back and forth as she moved around in it.
  847. "Good." Sam said as he and Mae left Rachel to her own devices, "That means a little quality time tonight before I go on my trip tomorrow."
  848. "Oh, that's right," Mae said in a disappointed tone as they went downstairs. Sam had been working on this trip for a while now, "Well, Rachel and I will have to come up with something to entertain ourselves, won't we?"
  849. "I'm sure you will- and I'll have the last part I need to help keep you entertained tomorrow." Sam grinned, envisioning what they might try.
  850. "And that part would be?" Mae asked again. He had been driving them nuts hinting at his 'big plan.' All she could figure was it was something he traded for with the Colonel. But what.
  851. "Nope, still a secret." Sam said, "Now are you going to try being a seat too?"
  852. "Oh, yeah- You saw how easily Rachel broke under your fat ass," Mae slapped Sam's rear, "And she couldn't even hold my weight up when she was just elastic."
  853. "I wasn't thinking of anything fancy," Sam said as they sat down in the living room, "Maybe a bean bag chair?"
  854. "Hmmm - I could do that." Mae said, letting herself go and flowing out of her clothes to the middle of the floor. She built herself up, and soon there was a bean bag shape with her head stretching out of it so she could see the results, "How's this?"
  855. "Well..." Sam said, pulling her back from the television a bit, and sitting down in her squishy form, "I'd say it's very, very comfortable."
  856. "Mmm- and you feel comfortable too," Mae said, resting her head on Sam's shoulder as she relished the warmth of his body and rippled a little massage on his back. Sam kissed her tenderly and stroked her back as they relaxed that way and watched a little TV.
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