Barathron no clue how bans work

VMSguy Jun 15th, 2017 (edited) 505 Never
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  1. So I ban this miserable imbecile passpatout, reason not needed, she's a fuck and a Democrat.  
  2. 01[11:30] -> *x* ban #rebelyell passpatout 1h 300
  3. 03[11:30] * X sets mode: +b *!
  4. 03[11:30] * passpatout was kicked by X ((VMSguy) No Reason)
  5. 05[11:30] -X- Added ban *! to #rebelyell at level 300
  7. Typical barathron spewing his hate drivel with no clue what is going on.  
  8. [11:30] <@barathron> GOPster Credo: Accuse the other guy of what you are most guilty of
  9. [11:31] <@barathron> really pathetic VMSguy
  11. barathron, like an idiot, removes another ops ban from the channel but he has no clue that X keeps the ban not the channel.  What a moron, how long has this guy been an op?
  12. 03[11:33] * barathron sets mode: -b *!
  14. He must have told passpatout in PM he removed the ban because she rejoined right away.  
  15. 03[11:33] * passpatout ( has joined #rebelyell
  17. Whoa, she is still banned.  I can see barathron typing madly trying to figure what is going on.  
  18. 03[11:33] * X sets mode: +b *!
  19. 03[11:33] * passpatout was kicked by X ((VMSguy) No Reason)
  21. So Briggs the Mastermind barathron deops me, that must me the issue.  Clueless!!!
  22. 03[11:34] * barathron sets mode: -o VMSguy
  24. After deopping me he then, again, removes the ban from the channel.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  
  25. 03[11:37] * barathron sets mode: -b *!
  27. Must have told passpatout to join again because he took care of it.  
  28. 03[11:40] * passpatout ( has joined #rebelyell
  30. Whoa amazingly passpatout is banned again by X.
  31. 03[11:40] * X sets mode: +b *!
  32. 03[11:40] * passpatout was kicked by X ((VMSguy) No Reason)
  34. I can imagine how frustrated barathron must have been because he kicked me, banned me and took me out of X.  So we'll never know if passpatout was ever unbanned.  It was only a one hour ban but I can barathron spending the hour trying to figure it out.  
  36. If anyone has the remainder of the thread please let me know.  I would love to see the idiocy in action.  
  38. I was surprised by this, barathron has been an op for a very long time, I would think he would know how this stuff works.  He's more clueless than gmolly.
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