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  1. Wypracowanie Michała Łagody
  6. New York is one of the most populated cities in the United States of America,it is also known to hold the most amount of colossal structures in the world.
  8. The city brings high incomes to the US and holds a large number of attractions, it brings over 50 million tourists a year. The factor that makes New York stand out from other cities is the great communication of public transport, for example the city runs metros that are available 24 hours a day for the whole week.
  10. The Main attraction in the New York that has a big influence on the tourists and many people also know of is the Statue Of Liberty. The statue is placed on a Island of Liberty in the metropolitan regions of New York. It is an unofficial symbol of ‘freedom’ of New York and the United States Of America.
  12. The Central Park is a gigantic park being a symbol of green paradise located in the centre of Manhattan. The place takes over 341 hectares of land. Spending time in there, you can rest from seeing the landscape of city and skyscrapers. In the park you can find many attractions such as ponds and rivers in many sizes, statues, infrastructure and also paths that take you to the ponds and rivers.
  14. In addition, on the banks of the park you can find a museum named the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is know to be one of the biggest and oldest museums in New York. The museum is constantly expanding and has a unique collection of paintings, statues and also skeletons of one of the rarest extinct animals.
  16. High line is also a very popular park in the city located on the old rail ways, 900 meters above the road where you can see the whole city and rivers. It is estimated to measure 2,5 km in length and a couple meters wide. In the amazing small area you can notice plantations of beautiful plants and also small paths with some old fragments of the old rail way.
  18. For the fans of theatres and musicals New York is the great place. This is because in the city you can find a well known Broadway made up of tenths of theatres in New York in the areas of Manhattan located down the Broadway street. The place is so popular that it brings an income of 1 billion dollars a year.
  20. It is also recommended to walk or drive across the famous Brooklyn bridge as it is one of the oldest bridges hanging on earth. The bridge has been built in 14 years and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan together across the sea.
  22. If someone wants to see a beautiful landscape of New York, the best place is to go to the Empire State Building as is owns 103 floors where as on the 102 floor there is a place to see the whole city of New York.
  24. In the city of New York we can also find many fancy and exclusive restaurants and bars where you don’t have to own a fortune to feed yourself in there. An example of a place like this would be Shake Shack, it is a New York’s classic which owns a couple of bars on the Manhattan where you can eat fast-foods in a decent price. How ever if you want to eat some higher class food, recommended places are Blue Hill, Daniel, Veselka,
  26. In the named attractions above, are only a part of an idea for relaxing and spending a fun and active time with your friends/family as there is always things to do in New York.
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