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  2. Geez seems like a lot of people at leveling these days.
  3. Evening raids with you kai would good fun, it is a shame you are going.
  4. Tanks are a bit low in the guild, i even off spec tank for people on my shadow
  6. On the weekend i normally looked forward to raiding but with the
  7. New system of singing up to raid a raid that i don't know which one we are doing.
  9. My main is geard only cause i have raided with PCG because i am certain its hard mode
  10. Your main is a toon that you will spend most of your time on and.
  12. Leveling alts can be a bit tiresome, but i have learnt just to do story and pvp to get lvl
  13. Even tho they have reduced the amount xp you receive now.
  14. Virtually i spend most of my time just doing skills and thats it cause Guild is not active
  15. Enough though out the day and then i go play League of legends :P
  16. Last note :P i know its a bit confusing but i am sorry you are leaving
  17. Kai and do hope you came back :)
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