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Tree cutting

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Dec 14th, 2019
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  2. Nuwang looked around, she had decided to help, since it'd help her become similar to her dad. In anyway....She'd reached down and grabbed at an axe. Her hand roughly grabbed it, gripping it heavily. She Held the axe vertically, and shifted it left and right, a weapon that was....So different from her hands.
  4. A barbaric weapon, but at the very least, it can be used at least for something that wasn't cutting people down. She wrapped both hands around the hilt of the axe, and pulled it back. The force behind it, caused her to stumble just a bit, before she stomped forward.
  6. She'd swing her axe horizontally through the air once more, with as much force as possible. The axe continued flying through, and cut HEAVILY into the tree. She slowly pulled it back out, and then went to swing into the tree one last time, causing the tree to finally get cut clean through.
  8. The tree began falling down to the ground, dropping on down. She watched as it landed with a heavy crunch, some branches broke. Nuwang walked over, and looked around at the other people, and saw what they were doing. She nodded to herself.
  10. She'd take out someone else's' hatchet, and raised the small axe into the air. Nuwang began cutting off the branches and everything, trying to cut the 'extras'. She'd follow that by gathering the branches, and went to put it in a pile of branches and leaves. She breathed out, and stepped a bit away, while looking at it.
  12. She raised her axe back into the air, before she began chopping into it heavily. The axe slammed into it with no issue. The tree's blocky parts continued separating, making individual 'logs'. She'd then start spreading the logs a bit more, trying to make them nice and segmented. She'd pile them up together, and walked off.
  14. She raised her axe again, pulling it back once more. She gripped the axe tightly once more, and began working on the other tree. She'd step forward, digging her hand into the ground. She'd then swing the axe horizontally through the air, and tried to cut it more heavily, once again. She'd raise her leg into the air, and went to push her foot into it.
  16. The foot pushed the tree down to the ground. The tree slammed on the ground once more, the branches and bushes somewhat, being used to stop it from breaking. Typical for a tree. She'd then take out a hatchet, and stepped through, before she tried to start cutting the branches and stuff, trying to break the branches and such.
  18. She'd then start to cut the tree. She tried to continue cutting the tree, attempting to separate it into segments once more. After she had cut it into enough segments, she'd actively, start gathering them into one large pile of logs and all that. She tried to start tying them together with rope to be used for later. "Ah...easy enough."
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