The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH2EP2 Scene List

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  1. Notation:
  2. > Character - Split the scene list according to "parts" where character changes occur.
  3. '-/+' symbol - Additional scenes/animations. '-' scenes do not involve sex (e.g. character merely posing nude, or additional dialogue), while '+' are sex animations with no player interactivity.
  4. # - Scenes in order I have found them. Most of them are story line scenes which you can't miss in order to proceed into the game.
  6. 'DIAL' - Scene contains dialogue between characters.
  7. 'CAM' - Scene has automatic camera.
  8. 'I.CAM' - Scene has interactive camera, user control possible.
  11. > Luna
  12. - Doc discussing with patient Mary.
  13. + Tauren banging gnome on beach (by broken crate)
  14. 1. Troll sex with beast behind troll fort (opened the box). DIAL, I.CAM
  15. 2. Human & Orc pirate by campfire (saw you push the dwarf). DIAL, CAM
  16. 3. With Uncle Roman on the beach outside his house. DIAL, I.CAM
  17. 4. Doc physical examination on patient Mary. DIAL
  18. - Visiting the well in the valley.
  19. 5. Sandoval & Mary at home. DIAL
  20. ~ NEW: Catch Joe beating it to a picture of you (Luna). After surprising him, walk in front of him and speak to him & help him fulfill his dreams. Thanks to cipher_elexius for sharing! DIAL, CAM
  21. 6. Doc "healing" Daemia. CAM
  23. > Daemia
  24. - Draenei girls filming on beach. [bandits with Mr. Lazarino's camera]
  25. - Talk to Aleria on the beach (reading book by Tauren+Gnome).
  26. - Troll lady in "town" reporting escaped tiger.
  27. 7. With Troll shamans at fort. DIAL, CAM
  29. > Titan (Private Furball)
  30. 8. With Sandra in study room. DIAL, CAM
  31. - Troll lady outside back door.
  32. ~ NEW: Go to the prison cells after getting the order from the commander to find Mistress Whitemane. Access is though the door at the end in the left hallways (the one with the bedroom and barracks where you started out as Titan. Prison cells are in the room beside/perpendicular to the bedroom). Thanks to Emz092 for sharing! DIAL, CAM
  33. 9. With Mistress Whitemane outside form. DIAL, CAM
  35. > Sally Whitemane
  36. 10. Slave Auction at beach, demonstration by Jennifer and buy Worgen. DIAL, I.CAM
  37. + At club (What is Love...), Dryad lady.
  38. 11. Reggie and slave at hill house. DIAL
  39. 12. With Worgen slave Edward at fort bedroom. DIAL, I.CAM
  40. - Eredar prisoner in jail cell.
  41. 13. Troll guards with bedroom/interrogation chamber key. DIAL
  42. 14. With Alyniss, interrogation. DIAL, CAM+I.CAM
  44. > Daemia
  45. 15. With Stormy and Doc at home. DIAL, CAM
  46. 16. Escaped tiger banging Aleria on beach (reading book). CAM
  47. - Dwarf lady ghost in valley well.
  48. 17. Joe peeping on Mary in barn. DIAL
  49. 18. Luna and Uncle Roman at home. DIAL
  50. 19. Luna's parents at home. I.CAM
  51. 20. With pornstar-wannabe sisters. DIAL, CAM
  52. 21. [Help Henry] With Cyanigosa the witch and Henry. DIAL
  53. 22. Cyanigosa the witch and Henry. DIAL
  55. > Joy
  56. 23. With Wormy and Doc. DIAL, CAM+I.CAM
  58. > Daemia (bugged, Joy model)
  59. ~ NEW: Go to the inn and speak with the goblin inn keeper. Walk up to the second floor, then all the way forward at the top of the stairs - turn right and go down the hallway, and interact with the 'Watch' at the last door. Peep on Captain Black giving Jennifer "punishment". Thanks to CinaedusAurum for sharing! DIAL, CAM+I.CAM
  60. 24. [Seduce guard] With Wormy's house guard. DIAL, I.CAM
  61. - Reggie's servant outside his house.
  62. 25. With Borog the ogre recovering Reggie's grain. DIAL, I.CAM
  63. + "There is also a small scene after Daemia fucks the Ogre who stole the Grain. The Tiger(Manuel) is fucking a nightelf right next to the cave entrance." Credit to Vance for this find.
  64. - Slave captives in fort jail cells.
  65. 26. Alyniss and Mistress Whitemane. DIAL, I.CAM
  67. > END.
  70. Additional notes:
  71. - Unsure if visiting the valley well as Luna has any scenes. Checked, has got unique dialogue.
  72. - Not sure if there are any scenes involving the Night Elf guy with his d* hanging out, standing by the bugged/hollow lake. (see Issues/CTDs list below)
  73. - Door to "What is Love" club seems interactable (colour highlight), but the Use key does not have an effect.
  75. Issues/CTDs:
  76. - Stuck underground if player jumps into lake in front of dick-out night elf near town.
  77. - After transitioning back to Daemia once Joy has been captured, player model does not change appropriately.
  78. - CTD: Riding Tiger after arriving at Slave Auction as Daemia.
  81. Created by "Rattlesnark" on
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