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  1. 79. The Curtain Falls
  2.     - Serapiel destroys Septem and the very idea of it, removing it from both he and Baal forever. The souls within Majin scatter, and the two return to their original forms as ordinary humans, tied back down to the laws of physics and the limitations of reality.
  3. 80. Forward
  4.     - Majin discovers the ultimate potential within humans, bringing an end to the battle with Aniel.
  5. -
  6. 81. Warrior of Legend
  7.     - An orphan named Edward Tomb is assigned the task of destroying everything by a mysterious child in exchange for anything he desires. He is given a special power, and is transformed into a giant blob of darkness. Utilizing an army of tentacles that extend out of his body, the monster wipes several towns off the map. An immensely powerful warrior known as Vave battles the monster called Edtome. Defeated, just before his demise, Vave seals the beast in a small box forever.
  8. 82. The Red Moon
  9.     - Two days after the battle at Mammon's hill, the emperor Amon assigns the task of assassinating Majin to a mysterious man known only as the Red Moon.
  10. 83. Vine and the Bloodstained Mask
  11.     - A man named Phoenix allies himself with Valefar, and the events leading up to his death at the hands of Kazesho are explained from his point of view. Later, Kazesho is hunted down by the brother of Phoenix, Vine.
  12. 84. Fate's Cruelty
  13.     -  A seemingly ordinary person challenges Uso, cursed with visions of the future.
  14. 85. The First Battle
  15.     - The story of Aniel's initial plan to eradicate humanity, ending in a confrontation with Zedekiel.
  16. 86. Comrades
  17.     - Alex investigates the current emperor, Valefar, and the commander of the army, Phoenix. Along the way, two civilians are caught in a battle between the newly reborn Rebels and the increasingly suspicious Empire. Alex rescues the two, Nathan and Rhy, and later that day, the three become a group that will last until the day they die.
  18. 87. Forced Path
  19.     - The tale of Zephon and Raum's missions during their time as Empire soldiers, ending with the confrontation with Majin in Ulciscor.
  20. 88. Chosen Path
  21.     - Zephon escapes the clutches of the Empire following his failure in Ulciscor and heads for Cheruba. There, he battles and defeats Beelzebub who has just finished conquering the city. Moments later, Majin appears and they fight. At the very end, Majin saves Zephon from death, and the two join forces.
  22. 89. Breeze
  23.     - Several weeks after the events in Lumina, Kazesho and Uyen are attacked by 'zombie' Empire soldiers. The source of the chaos is soon found by them, a revived Edtome, no longer human nor spirit.
  24. 90. Tempest
  25.     - Kazesho battles with the lifeless Edtome, ready to finish him off once and for all.
  26. 91. True Finale
  27.     - Majin encounters an alternate version of himself.
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