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  1. Momoko Senju ( 桃子 千手 | Peach Child of One Thousand Skills )
  3. Life is given to a child born with soft pink hues, her hair as dark as the midnight sky. Her hair resembling her mother's instantly by the sheer amount of the inky locks, that and the fact that she too, had been born with a full head of hair.
  5. Even at a young age, the small child was quite compassionate, finding joy and love in her family. If it hadn't been for school and her parents desire to raise her to be a strong ninja, she'd nearly be attached to their hips. This side of her was influenced heavily by her mother's constant babying of Momoko....but those weren't the only traits given to her. Her father had also been quite an idol to her, he had always stood tall and always was there for his village, and even though it had upset Momoko at times, she had always responded in a fashion of understanding rather than bitterness.  These key features brought the girl up in such a way that she had always held her head high to any obstacles that crossed her path...that is until the attack on Konohagakure.  
  7. It had been a few days after her birthday and she had found herself surrounded by those who belonged to both the Senju Clan and Uzumaki Clan in a cause of celebration. The actual day of her birth she spent it with her mother and father, but a party was planned simply because she had turned twelve and was to begin in the Ninja Academy the following week.
  9. The timing had been near perfect---how she had blown out her candles, making a wish dedicated to her parents, one that hoped they would live a long life. . .and just like that tragedy had struck.
  11. Momoko had heard a horrendous roar that blew out the windows. After, there was a ringing, her eyes shifting to stare at the rest of those who had attended the celebration. The call to action was immediate, her father offering her a kiss on her forehead, promising her he'd see her again before he and a few other Ninja had run out her front door. Momoko had reached to take her father's hand but was quickly grabbed by her mother who held her close as she too had run outside, her intention to take the child somewhere safe...after all the roar had sounded far to close for comfort.
  13. Peach orbs are stricken in horror as she sees the beast---and for a second she swears that its gaze had met her own...something that encourages a shiver to run down her spine as tears swell in her eyes.  Momoko had buried her face into the crook of her mother's neck, her small hands clenching onto her mother's blouse in hopes they wouldn't get separated, alas a strong blast of wind had knocked them backward. Momoko had fallen from her mother's arms, landing back against a fence where she had blacked out. As she woke up, she slowly came to, her eyes searching for her mother, only to discover a mangled body beneath rubble from a building that had been destroyed. There is no sound to leave the girls mouth as she stares on in horror---rather she finds herself beginning to sink into the floor, her eyes only growing wider and wider as she takes in what was before her---as she realizes that it had been her mother. The sound that vomits from her mouth is nearly inhuman as she takes slow steps towards her mother's corpse. For a moment she stands idle, her soft pink hues staring into the glazed eyes of her mother. She realizes instantly that she is dead, without even having to lay a hand on her...though she does try to get the rubble away, stopped by her lack of strength. In defeat, a thought comes to mind, one to find her father.  
  15. In a daze the girl wanders through the streets, her eyes wide in horror as her mother's face rests firmly on the forefront of her mind. Eventually, she had found Kazuo who had managed to get the beast pinned---but she can see the realization in his soft blue hues as their gaze locked. The following moments, she doesn't recall of much...but the truth of it all was that her father had given his life to the village by sealing half of Kurama into his own daughter, for she had been the only other option. The second half of Kurama was sealed in a special ornament that had died in his hands as he held onto his daughter's unconscious body, the last words leaving his lips being that he was sorry.
  17. Momoko had woken up in a hospital bed, her body slowly sitting up to stare out the large window that showed the carnage behind a thin film of dust. At this moment she realizes her reality and through this, the passion inside her crumbles and is only filled with grief as hands find themselves covering her eyes...but as she weeps, a voice calls to her, one that attempts to console her in any way it could.
  19. A week after the attack, Momoko is released from the hospital to return home where she learned what being alone had really been. Unlike when her grandparents had died, no one had been waiting to console her. Even as she walked through the streets, people looked at her in disgust. The child hadn't understood why, but the same people who had been at her birthday party now stared at her in hatred.
  21. Momoko had hidden inside, trying to make sense of what had happened, and even though she had known the truth, her brain still wanted to believe her parents would walk through the door any day. It was a constant struggle that pushed the girl further and further from who she had been. Instead of the soft pure child, she was raised to be, she was riddled with a deep seed of hatred, one that blossomed more each and every time she had walked out her front door.  
  23. Even though she is heavily burdened by her grief, the young child presses on to attempt to get stronger and to find purpose in her existence.
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