White Rose Bundschuh <=> UN/LWB comm band 2

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  1. Good, i see you have perceived the flow well enough.
  2. Yet, your little adorable story has two major incosistencies, which is why this adorable fairy tale just can not be taken seriously.
  3. You had to choose a person you are trying to deceive very carefully.
  4. I am born on Stuttgart. I have spent most of my life here - studying medicine, earning my living as any other student. I have seen the honest animosity towards the Synth Foods and their products in the eyes of those who suffocated from their greedy ambitions that found it's way into Rheinland.
  6. I have seen that hatred in my fathers' eyes - before he given up and ruined whatever remained of his life.
  7. Their deeply rooted animosity left a certain degree of confidence in my heart - [u]Landwirtschaftsbewegung[/u], should they lay their hands on the Synth Foods property - will dispose of it in a most violent way they could come up with their imagination.
  8. And they are quite well with making up the ways of executing the property of the Synth Foods.
  10. So, i have a question for you: how exactly have you obtained the goods in question?
  11. Come back to the subject when you give it some good thinking and decide to be honest.
  12. And not to poison your noble intentions with cheesy excuses for acquiring the cargo in question.
  14. Again - while the conflict between Die Weiße Rose and the Alster Union happened to escalate and de-escalate consequently throughout the time - it was always in place. We have never approached your installations with the intention of mooring to them.
  15. Furthermore, you should be well aware of the reasons Weiße Rose have turned their guns against the Union.
  16. Gas attack on Alster. Numerous piracy acts and various crimes against Rheinland, throughout the time you behaved rather like terrorists, and not a revolutionary force striving for a better future of Rheinland.
  17. This is the main reason behind our strict conduct in regards to Alster Union.
  19. Now, last - but not the least: we are not going to take any pittance from the Unioners.
  20. Whatever you should be doing - you should be doing not for us, not for the sake of distinctively ephemeral relations with the Weiße Rose - but for the people of Rheinland.
  21. And keep your petty threats for yourself.
  23. Like this - we are not going to get anywhere.
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