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  1. /dlg/ - Duel Links General FAQ
  4. "Should I choose to start with Yugi or Kaiba?"
  5. There was a point when this mattered somewhat but currently there's no difference. You will eventually unlock the other along with many other duelists anyway.
  8. "I am just starting, which pack should I open?"
  9. First of all, don't listen to people recommending 'Land of the Titans'. Unless you REALLY want something out of it, you're better off with buying packs from any other box.
  10. The box 'Abyss Encounters' contains strong 1900ATK beaters and you can build two very good decks from it: Sea Stealth Attack and Aliens. It doesn't contain any Spell/Trap staples though. With 'Rampage of the Forest' you can build a Sylvan deck which is very good right now and it has some decent Spells and Traps. If you are interested in decent beaters and Spell/Trap staples you should consider 'Servants of Kings' for Wall of Disruption, Draining Shield and Forbidden Chalice.
  12. "I see some starter decks on the store, should I buy one of those?"
  13. Structure decks are not worth it unless there are specific cards in them you really want. The best one currently is the Destiny Rulers box and if you have no interest in playing Destiny Heroes you can safely ignore it. The Legendary Warriors box used to be relevant for newer players due to its abundance of high attack beaters but has since been powercrept. Here are the best cards from each structure deck if you are curious:
  14. >Destiny Rulers: Both fusions, Dogma, Celestial, Drilldark, D-Fusion, Dreamer (all for Destiny Hero decks)
  15. >Heroes Rising: Elemental HERO Blazeman
  16. >Legendary Warriors: D.D. Warrior, Jar of Avarice
  17. >Dragonic Force: Exploder Dragon, Dragon's Rebirth
  18. >Sorcerer's Alliance: None
  21. "I have some SR/UR tickets, what should I do with those?"
  22. They stand for Secret Rare/Ultra Rare tickets; you can exchange them by going to the PVP building and then pressing "Exchange Tickets". As for card choices: if you don't have 3 Enemy Controller, exchange your SR tickets until you get 3 of them. Keep in mind that many of the cards can be farmed and there are some events that will allow you to get free Enemy Controllers (such as the Mokuba unlock event) so don't waste your tickets. As for UR choices, all of them are equally mediocre. The best options (if you're not interested in a specific card) are the alternate art Blue-Eyes/Dark Magician that will also bump the ammount of your starting iconic monsters to 3. There is a list of cards that are available exclusively with tickets below.
  25. "I just went into PVP and this guy special summoned a bunch of monsters in one turn and killed me right then! I remember this game differently!"
  26. Aside from not having the most recent card mechanics (synchro xyz pendulum link), the card selection of Duel Links goes all the way through the years.
  27. Also let's be honest, you just made up rules in the backyard while the tourney tryhards were playing an already broken mess of a game.
  30. "I need more gems, wtf do I do?"
  31. Level up your characters to the max and get your stages to 60/30(GX). At that point you will have depleted most of the gems you can get for free and all you can do now is to hope for Konami to give out gems during events or when a new box is released. There are more gem sources that don't dry up, such as: Ranking up, cumulative Pvp victories and duelling against Legendary Duelists. Like a true addict you're also able to sift through the trash: In the overworld the fountain, the lanterns, the shop sign and the trashcan are clickable and will occasionally give you 1,3 or 5 gems. This is repeatable every few hours. There's also the duel review which gives you 5 gems a day and the Loaner deck challenge which sometimes rewards you with 3.
  34. "Someone post a x deck!"
  35. You can check but a lot of the decks are outdated. The KoG deck section is more up to date and shows what will get you to the King of Games rank.
  38. "Who is this Vagabond guy?"
  39. He is the protagonist of the Yugioh Tag Force game series; duel him every time he's available for huge ammounts of experience. Losing or winning against him doesn't matter.
  42. "I see a friend list. Does it matter?"
  43. After dueling the Vagabond, he has 2 standard messages - one congratulating you and one where he asks you for a friend to duel against. The more active friends you have, the more Vagabonds you will receive and the faster you will level up your characters. ALWAYS select the 1 card hand challenge because it gives the most experience and you will be deleted from friendlists for choosing something else. People will probably add you if you post your ID in the thread.
  46. "What is this Card Trader thing?"
  47. You can use the gold and stones you get from dueling to buy a crafted card selection from the trader. Nothing from the store is there, though.
  50. "What is this "convert cards" thing?"
  52. YET.
  53. You can exchange any card you have for the equivalent in stones (1 rarity stone, 1 card type stone) and gold. However, the rewards are measly. Even if you think that SR/UR you just got as a gift/from opening packs is useless, don't convert it. Many people have regreted it later.
  54. Be careful not to amass too many cards though. If you convert 10000 R cards at once, you will never be able to retrieve the R jewels from your gift box because the limit you can hold is 9999. (This also applies to other jewels)
  57. "What is the modded APK?"
  58. It's a mod of the phone version that let's you win instantly against NPCs and gives you 8000 points for the duel assessment every time. Don't use it in PVP though. Konami warned people for using it there, and it's only a matter of time before Konami starts banning people for it, though (says increasingly nervous man for the hundredth time this year.)
  63. List of ticket exclusive cards:
  65. N:
  66. Shark Cruiser
  67. Maji-Gire Panda
  68. Return Zombie
  69. Eagle Eye
  70. Hoshiningen
  71. Samsara Kaiser
  72. Impenetrable Formation
  73. Ancient Leaf
  74. Roaring Earth
  75. Commander of Swords
  76. Contact Out
  77. Rabidragon
  79. R:
  80. Rare Metal Dragon
  81. Oyster Meister
  82. Kalantosa
  83. Transmodify
  84. The Sanctuary in the Sky
  85. A Feather of the Phoenix
  86. Hallowed Life Barrier
  87. The League of Uniform Nomenclature
  88. Covering Fire
  89. Astral Barrier
  90. Tyranno Infinity
  91. Berserker Crush
  92. Dark Catapulter
  93. Necklace of Command
  94. Flyfang
  96. SR:
  97. Perfect Machine King
  98. Neo-Parshath the Sky Paladin
  99. Behemoth the King of all Animals
  100. Anteatereatingant
  101. Amulet of Ambition
  102. Creature Seizure
  103. Gravity Blaster
  104. Solemn Scolding
  105. Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment
  106. Legacy of Yata-Garasu
  107. Black Brachios
  108. Phantom Magician
  109. The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
  110. Rose Archer
  112. UR:
  113. The Big Cattle Drive
  114. Overdone Burial
  115. Dynatherium
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