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EQMac on PC

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  1. How to install
  2. 1. Install EverQuest Titanium edition and move the folder to C:\
  3. 2. Rename the EQ Titanium folder to "EQMac"
  4. 3. Download the new Intel EQMac Client located here: LaunchPad 3
  5. 4. When the new EQMac client is fully patched, find the folder (default location is C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\EverQuest Mac or C:\Users\Default\AppData\Sony Online Entertainment\EverQuest Mac)
  6. 5. Go into the folder "EverQuest Mac" > "Contents" > "Resources"
  7. 6. In "Resources" folder, Select All > Copy > Paste to your C:\EQMac folder. Overwrite all.
  8. 7. Extract Secrets' .zip file to C:\EQMac. Overwrite all.
  9. 8. In C:\EQMac, right click eqw.exe > Properties > Compatibility Settings > Check Run as Administrator > OK.
  10. 9. Run eqw.exe
  11. 10. If you cannot get it to work (experience weird error), rerun eqw.exe and check "Fix eqclient.ini". This should fix the problem.
  12. 11. IMPORTANT: Edit eqclient.ini NewUI=TRUE instead of NewUI=FALSE (This removes the Classic and Velious UI in favor of the Luclin UI, however, the client is much more stable and actually 100% playable as opposed to playing with the older UIs. My suggestion: try the old UIs for a little bit for nostalgia purposes, but inevitably you should switch to Luclin UI for full game functionality! )
  13. 11. (Optional): Rename eqtheme.mp3, combattheme1.mp3, combattheme2.mp3, combattheme3.mp3, deaththeme.mp3, lavastorm.mp3, guk.mp3, and nektulos.mp3 to have the original classic MIDI versions restored!
  14. 12. (Optional): Go to eqclient.ini, and change LOADARMOR17 through LOADARMOR23 from =FALSE to =TRUE. Change LoadVeliousArmorsWithLuclin=FALSE to LoadVeliousArmorsWithLuclin=TRUE (This will allow you to see Velious armor skins)
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