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  2. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  4. Its tail struck two more young warriors and sent them flying out of the fray.
  6. Cang Ming and Mu Ye couldn’t help taking a few steps back.
  8. “Who would have thought that the red pearl would actually have an ability that allows the zombie Jiao-dragon’s strength to increase by a level? It seems like they’re on equal grounds now.”
  10. Nie Li was not preparing to take any actions. Although the red pearl was indeed a valuable treasure, if he failed, then he would definitely lose his life. He decided not to try his hand at it.
  12. Suddenly, he felt a familiar aura. Scanning the crowd, a familiar face entered his vision.
  14. Wasn’t that Ye Han?
  16. Ye Han stood together with some of the Wugui Family’s members and watched the battle from afar.
  18. Sensing Nie Li’s peculiar gaze, Ye Ziyun followed his line of sight. When she saw Ye Han, she was instantly filled with anger. It was Ye han’s fault that she had almost lost her father; towards him, she could only feel anger and hatred.
  20. After sensing their strange gazes, Ye Han looked towards their direction. When he saw Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, his pupils shrank and became filled with a cold look. It really is Nie Li and Ye Ziyun! It’s a small world after all. Because of Nie Li, Ye Han lost his position as the City Lord’s successor and was forced to leave Glory City, and had to drift around like a stray dog. Now that he saw Nie Li and Ye Ziyun together, his heart ignited with flames of hatred.
  22. “If you guys are looking to die here, don’t blame me for taking the initiative!” Ye Han’s fists were clenched so tight that crackling sounds could be heard.
  24. There were a little over twenty members of the Wugui Family with him. The leader was a sturdily built youth who wore a set of silver armor and carried the huge Heavenly Silver Sword in his hands. A terrifyingly ferocious aura emanated from his body.
  26. Ye Han whispered in the youth’s ear, “Young Master Wu Yu, those two are from Glory City!”
  28. Wu Yu took a glance at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun and narrowed his eyes, especially towards Ye Ziyun. His eyes couldn’t help lighting up upon seeing her. Among the various races, human women were definitely the most beautiful. Although Ye Ziyun was still young, she has already matured into a slender and elegant lady.
  30. “Came from Glory City? How strong are they?” Wu Yu asked Ye Han.
  32. “Young Master Wu Yu, according to my memory, the two of them should have reached Gold rank.” Ye Han said after he pondered for a moment. When he left, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s strengths were only at Gold rank.
  34. “Bullshit. If they were only Gold rank, why would they dare to enter the Nine-Layered Deathlands?” Wu Yu scolded.
  36. At Wu Yu’s words, Ye Han’s face went blank. Indeed, why would two Gold ranks dare enter the Nine-Layered Deathlands? Could it be that the two of them were already above Gold rank? That was impossible. Even with a high cultivation rate, it shouldn’t be that fast. Such a rate shouldn’t even be possible.
  38. “It’s possible that someone stronger brought them in, but then these two strayed off.” Ye Han said after pondering awhile. He was unwilling to believe that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun had left him in the dust in terms of cultivation.
  40. Wu Yu pondered for brief moment, then waved his hand, sending his mens in Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s direction.
  42. “Nie Li, they’re coming.” Ye Ziyun’s concentrated and her right hand tightly grasped the Blizzard Spiritual Gem in preparation for battle. The Blizzard Spiritual Gem was a very powerful treasure. At her current level, she could fully utilize it to burst forth power that was several folds more than her original strength.
  44. On the contrary, Nie Li appeared very calm and walked towards the Wugui Family’s warriors. He wasn’t afraid of Ye Han. Rather, Nie Li was afraid that Ye Han would turn tail and run. If that happened, then trying to find Ye Han again would really be a pain.
  46. Seeing Nie Li’s actions, Wu Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed as he sensed the Black Gold rank aura coming from him. Even still, what could a Black Gold rank do before so many people? Just where did he get his confidence from?
  48. “Ye Han, I never thought that you would dare to show yourself before me. Today, I won’t let you go before I settle the score!” Nie Li glared at Ye Han. A traitor of Glory City, such a rebel must be taken care of personally by him!
  50. “Nie Li, you’re too arrogant. Just who do you think you are? This is the Nether Realm, not Glory City! Who did you say won’t let the other party escape?” Ye Han coldly snorted at Nie Li.
  52. Wu Yu crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Nie Li, “Kiddo, you’re gutsy! In front of me, Wu Yu, you still dare to be so arrogant. If lower your head to me, perhaps I will consider letting you join me. But if you still won’t acknowledge your place, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”
  54. Nie Li’s gaze swept past Wu Yu and his henchmen. He gave a cold smile and said, “If you guys hand Ye Han over, then this matter will be done with. Otherwise, don’t blame me for my actions!”
  56. Wu Yu saw something in Nie Li’s eyes that annoyed him immensely.
  58. Nie Li probably has a loose screw in his head to say such bold words. Everyone in their group was Black Gold rank, two were even Legend rank. With only two people, how could Nie Li still act so arrogantly?
  64. Chapter 227: Yin-Yang Blast x10
  67. Wu Yu coldly snorted as Nie Li was spouting conceited nonsense. He slightly waved his hand and, as one, the three Wugui Family’s experts pounced towards Nie Li.
  69. Nie Li released a furious roar as his body swiftly underwent a transformation, merging with the Fanged Panda.
  71. Ye Ziyun used the Blizzard Spiritual Gem in her hands and merged with her Snow Queen. After merging, Ye Ziyun looked as though she was a goddess that had descended from the heavens. Countless icicles revolved around her, giving her an unmatchable noble and sacred countenance.
  73. After Nie Li and Ye Ziyun merged with their demon spirits, Wu Yu and his group were slightly shocked. They originally thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s strength would be, at most, 1-star or 2-star Black Gold rank. However, now that they had merged with their demon spirits, both of their auras multiplied by several times and ended somewhere between 4-star – 5-star Black Gold rank.
  75. “Humanity’s Demon Spiritualists are indeed something.” Wu Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed. But so what if the opponents are 4-star to 5-star Black Gold ranks? They have two Legend rank experts on their side!
  77. “Roar!” Nie Li swiped a raging palm towards one of the Black Gold rank experts as they pounced at him. Within his palm were flashes of lightning that hold unparalleled energy.
  79. “Hmph!” The Black Gold rank expert sent a burst of energy coursing through his body as he intended to dodge Nie Li’s attack and return a far more fatal one.
  81. However, just as he was prepared to take action, his body suddenly became very heavy and his movements became sluggish. Two masses of ice appeared from nowhere and coiled around his legs, instantly trapping his feet.
  83. *Boom!*
  85. Nie Li’s palm strike landed on the expert’s head and sent him flying.
  87. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  89. The Black Gold rank expert rolled dozens of meters away and heavily fell into a ditch.
  91. Nie Li glanced at Ye Ziyun, who was standing behind him, and couldn’t refrain from smiling. Ye Ziyun was indeed exceptionally intelligent. After familiarising herself with the Fanged Panda’s characteristics, she immediately found the best way of coordinating with him when using the Snow Queen’s power.
  93. Another Black Gold rank expert suddenly appeared behind Nie Li and swung his huge sword in a ruthless chop towards Nie Li’s neck. However, his huge sword landed on an ice wall instead. Nie Li instantly turned around, widened his mouth, and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast. The second Black Gold expert was sent flying from the explosion.
  95. In just two exchanges, two Black Gold ranks were killed, leaving only one left. Ye Ziyun promptly impaled him with icicles.
  97. “Get rid of that woman first!” Wu Yu’s face was ghastly pale. Originally, he only intended to send three people to test their strength. He never thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun would be merciless enough to instantly kill them.
  99. Their movements were concise and smooth, displaying an unimaginably frightening efficiency.
  101. Nie Li himself was someone with a rich trove of fighting experience. When he coordinated with Ye Ziyun in that brief moment, there was almost a telepathic sensation that caused their coordinated effort to be several times more powerful than if they had been fighting alone.
  103. The experts behind Wu Yu all charged towards Nie Li and Ye Ziyun with murderous looks on their faces.
  105. Seeing this scene, Nie Li immediately summoned his katar soul weapon and took a defensive stance at Ye Ziyun’s side. Nie Li’s demon spirit is a Fighter-type, while Ye Ziyun’s is a Snow Wind-type. Coordination was very easy for them. As long as Nie Lie doesn’t allow anyone to reach Ye Ziyun, she would be able to send forth bursts of power that were several times greater than usual.
  107. The Blizzard Spiritual Gem in her hands emitted a dazzling luster as she conjured a ferocious blizzard with her and Nie Li standing in the eye of the storm, surrounded by raging winds.
  109. Although the blizzard was insufficient to repel those experts from the Wugui Family, the bone piercing chill still made their movements sluggish.
  111. This blizzard, in addition to Nie Li’s Gravity Field, was able to weaken the Wugui Family’s experts by at least twenty percent.
  113. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  115. Three of the Wugui Family’s experts charged into the center of the blizzard and fiercely clashed with Nie Li. Nie Li brandished his katar and engaged them, blocking their strikes.
  117. An intense fight broke out. Even though Nie Li was surrounded and attacked from all sides, he was still very calm. With his vast battle experience, he could easily predict the movements of his opponents and optimally time his attacks. Therefore, he could face his opponents skillfully and easily.
  119. Meanwhile, the Wugui experts became more and more unnerved as the fight dragged on. Every time they attacked, Nie Li would easily seal their movements. It’s as if Nie Li could thoroughly predict their attacks.
  121. His every move was optimised to perfection.
  123. He sealed their attacks and didn’t take the initiative to counterattack. He was preventing anyone from getting close to Ye Ziyun. This allowed her, who was behind him, to freely rain cloud-like icicles from the sky.
  125. Originally, such an attack would consume a lot of soul force, quickly exhausting the user. However, with the Blizzard Spiritual Gem, Ye Ziyun’s soul force was seemingly infinite.
  127. Beneath the storm of icicles, blood splattered in every direction.
  129. Although only two Black Gold ranks were killed, the survivors were suffering severe injuries.
  131. “You’re courting death! You think that you can hold us back like this?”
  133. The two Legend rank experts of the Wugui Family shared a glance and descended from the sky, swinging the huge swords in their hands down with endless killing intent.
  135. “Gauzing Sky Slash!”
  137. The images of thousands of swords materialized, each afterimage filled with a wild sort of energy.
  139. So this is the power of a Legend rank! The two Legend rank experts of the Wugui Family finally couldn’t take it anymore and have taken action!
  141. Nie Li was waiting for this exact moment!
  143. The moment Gauzing Sky Slash took form, Nie Li moved. With a wave of his right hand, he brought out the Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scroll and unsealed it. A golden shield appeared and enshrouded Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.
  145. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  147. Several swords from the Gauzing Sky Slash concentrated themselves to one point of the golden shield, each ending in explosions.
  149. Among all the shields in world, the Golden Shield held the best defensive ability. Furthermore, the special effect of the Golden Shield allowed the person inside to freely counterattack without being restricted by it.
  151. As Nie Li unleashed the Golden Shield, he simultaneously widened his mouth and sucked in a big breath of air. His abdomen shrank as his chest rapidly expanded. Near his mouth, a black sphere and a white sphere of light were taking shape, growing larger and larger in size.
  153. Yin-Yang Blast x4. Yin-Yang Blast x6. Yin-Yang Blast x10……
  155. Each ball of light swelled to a size ten times larger than a normal Yin-Yang Blast, with a terrifying quantity of law power as he had emptied his soul force to create this.
  157. The darkness and light revolved around one another as the two balls exited the Golden Shield and flew towards the Wugui Family’s two experts.
  159. The two Legend rank experts were floating high up in the sky. The attacks from the Gauzing Sky Slash were so intense that the ground had become a mess, blasts of energy were ricocheting everywhere. The corners of their mouths leaked cold smiles as they thought that the Gauzing Sky Slash was more than enough to ensure the deaths of Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.
  161. However, a golden colored shield was formed, blocking the Gauzing Sky Slash. When the blades landed on the Golden Shield, they were repelled.
  163. “What’s going on?”
  165. “It’s a Golden Shield!”
  167. “How is that possible? That’s a shield that can only be used by Legend rank experts who have cultivated the Gold attribute!”
  169. They never imagined that Nie Li would actually be able to use the Golden Shield to block their attacks. Before they could react, revolving black and white projectiles were hurled in their direction.
  171. As the Yin-Yang Blast flew towards them, the two Legend rank experts first reactions were to summon their shields. Instantly, two black shields were formed around their bodies. The shield is a secret technique of their Wugui Family, the Sacred Gauzing Shield, and is capable of blocking a head-on attack from a Legend rank expert.
  173. They believed that their shields were enough to block Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast, so they only raised their swords to prepare a round of counterattacks.
  175. As he watched the Wugui Family’s two experts, Nie Li smiled. Their ability to perceive energy was simply too poor, obviously not on the same level as him. Though they were Legend rank experts, in the usage of energy, they are still far too inferior in his eyes.
  177. A Yin-Yang Blast x10 isn’t something that can be dealt with so easily!
  179. As it travelled, the black ball and white ball flowed to be one entity, then exploded on contact.
  181. Each half of the Yin-Yang Blast only contained an energy that was ten times the usual. However, the power produced from their combined form was more than a hundred times that of the original! Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast was a special technique that had been formed from gathering powers of law!
  183. The terrifying explosion instantly swallowed the two Legend rank experts. In the instant of contact, their shields were already shattered. The raging energy instantly devoured them.
  185. Upon the Yin-Yang Blast’s impact, the two of them only had expressions of disbelief. How could those black and white balls of light hold such a formidable power? Even the Sacred Gauzing Shield didn’t stand a chance! They had greatly underestimated the power of the Yin-Yang Blast and now they were paying a painful price.
  187. It was already too late for them to dodge it. The explosion sent them flying several hundred meters away, their bodies charred black.
  189. The explosion from the Yin-Yang Blast produced a huge crater hundreds of meters in circumference. The shockwave was felt across the entire region. The rest of the Wugui Family’s experts had also been affected by the explosion and fresh blood gushed from their mouths, due to their heavy injuries.
  191. Even the Golden Shield couldn’t withstand the power of the Yin-Yang Blast and finally collapsed. However, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, who were inside the shield, were still safe. Even the grass under their feet was still good and well.
  193. “Job well done.” Nie Li brushed his hands off as he withdrew the Fanged Panda, turning back into his human form.
  199. Chapter 228: Tian Ling
  202. After the Golden Shield disappeared, Ye Ziyun looked around. The area was a complete mess. The people from the Wugui Family were either dead or injured, leaving only Wu Yu and Ye Han, who were some distance away, still standing.
  204. Remembering the battle, Ye Ziyun realised that everything had been calculated by Nie Li.
  206. The reason why Nie Li hadn’t used the Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scroll earlier was because he wanted to wait for the two Legend rank experts from Wugui Family. Nie Li was already prepared to use the Golden Shield the instant the Wugui Family used the Gauzing Sky Slash. Furthermore, had had already predicted that his opponents would underestimate the power of his Yin-Yang Blast. Because of all this, he managed to kill his opponents with one strike.
  208. In terms of raw strength, Nie Li might not be a match for a Legend rank expert. However, Nie Li’s control over his own power and his ability to evaluate another’s strength, has already reached an extremely precise degree. He also had many other cards hidden up his sleeve. Even if the Yin-Yang Blast didn’t dealt with them in one strike, Nie Li could’ve used his Draconic Bombs or some other methods to kill the both of them.
  210. Wu Yu and Ye Han were both dumbfounded and still couldn’t react to the situation. All of the experts who charged towards Nie Li were now on the ground. Those who were still alive were groaning in pain.
  212. Nie Li directed his cold gaze towards Wu Yu and Ye Han, and headed in their direction.
  214. When Nie Li was walking towards them, Wu Yu and Ye Han immediately tensed up. Wu Yu wielded his huge sword and was prepared for a fight. However, his palms were already drenched in a cold sweat and were shaking. He was obviously at the pinnacle of the Black Gold rank, same as his opponent!
  216. Yet, why was Nie Li emitting such an overbearing pressure?
  218. Ye Han took a step back. As he looked at Nie Li, Ye Han’s eyes flashed with a trace of fear. He was a part the Wugui Family! With their strength, they could obviously crush Glory City along with Nie Li. Yet, why did his plans fail time and time again?
  220. Just who was Nie Li? Why was he able to wield such terrifying strength at such a young age?
  222. Seeing Ye Ziyun, who was glaring at him with eyes full of hatred, Ye Han knew that if he allowed himself to be captured by them, he would definitely not be let go.
  224. ‘Ye Ziyun, did you know? Everything I did was for you!’ Ye Han thought inwardly. He was unwilling to die here like this and frantically searched for an escape. His eyes suddenly fell on the gaping entrance to an endless abyss that was only a short distance away. Ye Han ran madly towards that abyss.
  226. Seeing his actions, Nie Li’s knitted his brows and immediately chased after Ye Han.
  228. Although he knew that jumping into that bottomless pit spelled certain death, Nie Li wasn’t willing to let Ye Han go just like that. He had to capture him and let Ye Zong administer justice!
  230. When he saw Nie Li chase after Ye Han, Wu Yu gave Ye Ziyun a glance, then immediately dashed off in the opposite direction.
  232. Ye Ziyun took a glance in Ye Han’s direction, then clenched her teeth and swept a snow wind attack after Wu Yu instead.
  234. “You want to kill me with your hands? I won’t let you! Even in death, it won’t be through your hands! Even if I, Ye Han, were to turn into a malicious spirit, I get back everything that I have lost!” Ye Han shouted as if he were deranged. Three poisonous wasps materialized in his hands and under his orders, dived towards Nie Li.
  236. ”Venom Sting Wasps?” Nie Li’s facial slightly changed. The Venom Sting Wasp was an extremely terrifying type of demon beast. The poison in its sting is very potent; even a Black Gold rank expert would easily lose his life. Furthermore, Venom Sting Wasps were quite hardy, capable of enduring all sorts of attacks, making them very difficult to exterminate.
  238. Nie Li has no idea where Ye Han found something like this.
  240. He pushed the Law Energy from his palms and attacked the three Venom Sting Wasps.
  242. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  244. The three wasps immediately exploded. In reality, Nie Li already knew the weak points of the Venom Sting Wasps and had sent three needle-like bursts of Law Energy into the their internals. The three wasps exploded from within, resulting in instant death.
  246. Nie Li had reacted very quickly to the wasps; however, Ye Han had still managed to draw quite a bit of distance between them.
  248. So even the Venom Sting Wasps were ineffective. Ye Han raced towards the abyss, sparing no effort.
  250. Nie Li realized that Ye Han was about to leap into the abyss; it was already impossible to stop him at this point. Therefore, he rapidly merged with his Fanged Panda and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast.
  252. The Yin-Yang Blast soared towards Ye Han and exploded. The formidable power engulfed Ye Han’s body. Impacted by the explosion of the Yin-Yang Blast, Ye Han violently spat some blood as flew into the abyss.
  254. Nie Li skimmed the ground and landed at the edge of the abyss. He never thought that Ye Han would rather jump into the abyss than be caught by him. However, even if Ye Han hadn’t been killed by the Yin-Yang Blast, he would definitely be heavily injured. Add falling into this bottomless abyss, and he should definitely be dead, right?
  256. Who knows what kind of demon beasts are lurking within this bottomless abyss? Ye Han probably won’t even leave a bone behind after they were through with him!
  258. Nie Li remained silent for a brief moment, then looked towards the distant Ye Ziyun, who was chasing after Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was a 5-star Black Gold rank expert; that short amount of time she had is insufficient for her to make him stay.
  260. Nie Li immediately rushed towards towards them.
  262. He couldn’t let Wu Yu escape, otherwise, it might bring another round of trouble for Glory City.
  264. Ye Ziyun gave a soft roar as she gathered snow wind power in her palm. The energy turned into an ice sword that launched itself at Wu Yu’s back. This ice sword contained the power of the Blizzard Spiritual Gem. Once it struck Wu Yu, it would pierce through his body.
  266. Just as the ice sword was about to hit Wu Yu’s back, it suddenly exploded into shards of ice.
  268. A youth clad in white slowly floated down and landed beside Wu Yu.
  270. “Young master Wu Yu, why are you here?” Seeing this youth, Wu Yu gasped for breath before he was able to stand firm, despite his heart still being in a panicked state. He had felt the amount of power contained in that ice sword. If he had been struck by that, the consequences would’ve been too dreadful to contemplate.
  272. Luckily Tian Ling saved him.
  274. Tian Ling looked at Ye Ziyun and calmly said, “Lady from the human race, I wonder, how did Wu Yu offended you to the point that you would use such methods to kill him?”
  276. “The enmity between us is none of your business!” Nie Li appeared from the side as he answered on behalf of Ye Ziyun. He could tell that Tian Ling’s strength wasn’t as inferior as the others; he couldn’t see through it. Thus, he didn’t dare to blindly take action.
  278. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun didn’t dare to say anything rash, since she didn’t have a clue about this youth’s identity. However, she completely trusts Nie Li and sensibly stood beside him.
  280. “The Wugui Family is a vassal family of our Northern Nether Family. If you guys want to kill the young master of the Wugui Family, you’ll naturally have to seek the permission of my Northern Nether Family.” Tian Ling unquestionably stated, as his gaze fell onto Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.
  282. Nie Li fell silent for a moment. If he and Ye Ziyun wanted to kill Tian Ling, the fight would probably be very tough. The strength of this Tian Ling was deep and immeasurable. If they were to continue, reinforcements might come to aid Tian Ling’s side.
  284. “Since the Wugui Family is a vassal family of Northern Nether Family, then this matter will end at this. I will settle this with the Wugui Family in the future.” Nie Li turned towards Ye Ziyun and said, “Let’s go.”
  286. Nie Li and Ye Ziyun turned and prepared to leave.
  288. When Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were leaving, Tian Ling slightly knitted his brows and was about to stop them.
  290. Wu Yu hastily blocked his way and said, “Young master Tian Ling, although they only have the strength of Black Gold rank, they managed to kill two Legend rank experts from my Wugui Family! It’s not a good idea to provoke them!” Wu Yu was already frightened of Nie Li.
  292. Upon hearing Wu Yu’s words, Tian Ling pulled back and gave an even deeper look at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s figures. “How did you guys end up provoking those two?”
  294. Wu Yu’s gaze flickered for a brief moment and said, “One of my subordinates had conflicts with them. I originally thought that I would be able to stick up for my subordinate. However, I never imagined that the two of them would be so powerful!”
  296. Without the consent of his family’s Patriarch, he didn’t dare leak the information regarding Glory City.
  298. Once the Northern Nether Family knows the existence of Glory City, it will definitely fall into the hands of the Northern Nether Family. In that case, they would receive all the benefits while the Wugui Family is left with the crumbs.
  300. Tian Ling gave Wu Yu a glance, but didn’t say anything else. These sorts of feuds were simply too common in the Nether Realm, so it was completely natural that Wu Yu didn’t want to talk about it. However, Tian Ling was a little curious about Nie Li and Ye Ziyun. Since the two of them had such strength at such young ages, they should have decent reputations in the Nether Realm. So why hasn’t he heard of them before?
  302. As Wu Yu stared at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s retreating figures, his eyes flashed with a trace of maliciousness. This time, Wu Yu had suffered a great loss, even more so since it occurred just before the Master of the Nether Realm picks his disciple. It was unavoidable for him to be reprimanded when he returned home.
  304. “One day, I will mercilessly crush the two of you beneath my feet! Especially that wretch, I’ll trample you when that time comes!”
  306. Nie Li took Ye Ziyun with him and walked far, until he was sure that Tian Ling and Wu Yu were no longer in sight. He then let out a sigh of relief. Nie Li had sensed that Tian Ling’s strength was absolutely unimaginable. If they had engaged in a fight, it would’ve definitely been a fierce battle. At the same time, it would be normal for unexpected situations to appear. Therefore, it would be in their best interest to avoid conflicts with Tian Ling.
  308. Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, what happened to Ye Han?”
  310. “He suffered a Yin-Yang Blast of mine and is probably dead,” said Nie Li.
  312. Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed with a trace of sadness. Ye Han was, after all, the foster son of her father. Although this was what he deserved, the kind Ye Ziyun still couldn’t help feeling pity for him. Even now, she still couldn’t understand why Ye Han would betray Glory City and attempt to assassinate her father. Her father had always treated him like his own son!
  314. “Nie Li, let’s not tell my father about this.”’ Ye Ziyun said after pondering for a brief moment.
  316. Nie Li glanced at Ye Ziyun and slightly nodded his head. He naturally understood what was in Ye Ziyun’s heart. She probably didn’t want Ye Zong to be heartbroken. Although Ye Han was only a foster son, he was still a child that Ye Zong had raised with his own hands.
  318. “Ye Han deserved to die. Don’t feel sad for that kind of person,” Nie Li said as he patted Ye Ziyun’s shoulder. He then looked towards the distance. The battle that had begun at the edge of the lake was still ongoing and had now reached the center of the lake. Those people were still unable to finish off that zombie Jiao-dragon.
  324. Chapter 229: Xiao Yu
  327. The Zombie Jiao-dragon by itself wasn’t all that powerful; the key was the effect of the pearl.
  329. As time passed, the body of the Zombie Jiao-dragon grew larger and larger and was emitting a scarlet luster.
  331. “It’s already reached its limit and is trying to retreat into the lake! Stop it, don’t let it escape!” Cang Ming coldly barked.
  333. Mu Ye and the rest frantically attacked the Zombie Jiao-dragon while the rest intercepted its movements at the surface of the lake. They stood on the surface of the lake and made preparations to engage it in battle at any moment.
  335. At the provocation, the Zombie Jiao-dragon crazily roared in rage towards the sky.
  337. *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  339. Numerous Zombie Jiao-dragons suddenly appeared from under the surface of the lake and attacked the surrounding experts. All of the newcomer Jiao-dragons were at least Black Gold rank. Some of the experts were caught off guard and were dragged into the lake ,issuing miserable shrieks.
  341. Some of the Zombie Jiao-dragons were also killed by the experts.
  343. “Hmph! I never thought that there’d also be a nest full of offspring!” Cang Ming coldly laughed as he formed a terrifyingly powerful pillar of purple lightning in the center of his palm and swept it across the surface of the lake. When the Zombie Jiao-dragon that was charging at him made contact with the lightning pillar, it was wiped out from a hail of sparks that flew in all directions.
  345. While Cang Ming and the rest were slaughtering the normal Zombie Jiao-dragons, the main Zombie Jiao-dragon turned even redder. Walls of water shot up from the lake, entrapping the experts in an instant. At the same moment, the Zombie Jiao-dragon dived towards the lake.
  347. At this, Cang Ming frowned and shot the lightning in his palm after the Zombie Jiao-dragon. However, his lightning was unable to penetrate the walls of water.
  349. “I never thought that this beast would still have such strength,” Cang Ming’s brows slightly twitched as he formed a mysterious lightning spear and shot it from his hand. That lightning spear spun like a bullet as it tore through the air, carrying bolts of lightning and an unparalleled aura towards the Zombie Jiao-dragon.
  351. *Boom!*
  353. This time, the lightning spear penetrated the water walls as a streak of light and flew towards the Zombie Jiao-dragon.
  355. Nie Li shivered when he saw that lightning spear. That lightning spear was at least of Heavenly Fate rank. Even though Cang Ming wasn’t able to bring out the lightning spear’s true strength, it was nevertheless still an astonishing feat.
  357. ‘With my current strength, it would be bad if I to cross Cang Ming.’ Nie Li thought inwardly. As for that scarlet pearl, he decided to give up on it. He took Ye Ziyun and turned to leave to resume their search for their friends, who had gotten lost in the mist earlier.
  359. *Boom!*
  361. That lightning spear pierced the body of the red Zombie Jiao-dragon, causing it to issue a mournful shriek as fresh blood splattered the surface of the lake. That attack from Cang Ming had greatly wounded the Zombie Jiao-dragon; however, the creature ignored its injuries and drilled into the lake.
  363. While this was going on, Mu Ye was standing on the surface of the lake, quietly observing the battle. When the red Zombie Jiao-dragon suffered from the heavy injuries, he could’ve easily intercepted it with his strength. However, Mu Ye refrained from taking action and watched the Zombie Jiao-dragon give out a cry of indignation as it dived into the water.
  365. Cang Ming wielded his lightning spear and landed on the surface of the water. That Zombie Jiao-dragon had already fled deep into the lake. With how deep the lake is, who knows what other kinds of dangers could be hidden within? Alone, he didn’t dare to enter.
  367. He coldly swept his eyes at Mu Ye and said, “Why didn’t you stop it?”
  369. A bright smile appeared on Mu Ye’s handsome face as he replied, “The Zombie Jiao-dragon’s berserk tantrum made it too dangerous to go near it. I didn’t want to risk going against it and it escaped in the brief moment I hesitated.”
  371. Cang Ming furrowed his brows for a moment. He didn’t believe Mu Ye’s nonsense for a single moment. However, Cang Ming also couldn’t do anything about it, since Mu Ye would be a rather difficult opponent. If a fight really broke out, even Cang Ming might not be able win.
  373. “Hmph!” Cang Ming coldly snorted as he turned to pursue the Zombie Jiao-dragon. He skimmed the surface of the lake as he tried to pinpoint the Jiao-dragon’s location with his senses.
  375. As he watched Cang Ming’s back, Mu Ye’s facial expression went cold. The truth is, he was totally capable of intercepting the Zombie Jiao-dragon earlier. However, he didn’t do so because of Cang Ming’s lightning spear. When he saw that spear, he realised that even he might not be able to beat him.
  377. Therefore, if he had actually intercepted the Zombie Jiao-dragon, a fight probably would’ve broken out over the scarlet pearl. If that happened, then there was a high chance that the treasure would’ve fallen into the hands of Cang Ming.
  379. As far as Mu Ye was concerned, he would rather let the scarlet pearl be lost than hand it to Cang Ming. After all, Cang Ming was one of his competitors for the disciple’s position!
  381. Nie Li faintly smiled when Mu Ye let the Zombie Jiao-dragon escape. These people were definitely not unified. Nie Li could more or less guess the thoughts of Mu Ye and agreed with him; it’s good that the Zombie Jiao-dragon escaped. It would be a huge headache if someone had actually managed to get their hands on that scarlet pearl.
  383. The competitions between the various families in the Nether Realm were indeed very intense.
  385. Nie Li suddenly felt a ripple in his soul realm, lightly smiled, and said, “I sense Ning’er nearby.”
  387. Ye Ziyun pouted at Nie Li’s bright smile, but didn’t say anything. Despite the peculiar feelings in her heart, she was not a petty person. After all, Ning’er had known Nie Li for much longer than her.
  389. Nie Li skimmed the slope. From some distance away, a beautiful and charming girl was walking quietly. Who else could it be, if not Xiao Ning’er? However, walking next to Xiao Ning’er was mysterious youth. His face was delicate and handsome, like a jade sculpture, and he held a calm countenance.
  391. This person appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen years old. He had thin, long brows, gentle eyes, and a long nose. His skin was the color of white jade and as smooth as water. His eyes were elegant and full of spirit, without a hint of impurity. His lips seemed to be arched in a smile, yet at the same time it wasn’t a smile. That sort of grace could definitely woo the hearts of countless women.
  393. With those looks, even women would be jealous of him.
  395. This young man smiled as he conversed with Ning’er. Meanwhile, she pursed her lips and would occasionally smile.
  397. As the pair continued on the small path, they looked like the models of a painting.
  399. The scene caused a slight, but indescribable moodiness in Nie Li’s heart. He couldn’t help letting out a long sigh. What’s gotten into him? He recalled everything he’d been through with Ning’er. She was indeed a lovable girl. If it hadn’t been for everything that had happened in his previous life, Nie Li might have fallen in love with Ning’er instead.
  401. “Nie Li, you couldn’t be jealous, right?” Ye Ziyun jokingly asked.
  403. “Nope.” Nie Li smiled as he shook his head. He understood that Ye Ziyun was just teasing him.
  405. “Ning’er, over here!” Nie Li waved towards Xiao Ning’er.
  407. Seeing Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er’s eyes lit up with happiness. She quickened her steps and ran towards Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.
  409. “Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, I finally found you,” said Xiao Ning’er. When she remembered the events inside the Fog of Misleading and saw Nie Li’s anxious expression as he searched for her, Ning’er felt a little happy inside. At least in his heart she was still very important, even if she was less so than Ye Ziyun.
  411. The handsome boy walked over and looked Nie Li face-to-face. Faintly, Nie Li could sense his deep and immeasurable cultivation. He has no idea if this stranger was a friend or foe. If he was an enemy, then he would be very hard to deal with. At the very least, he’s even above Cang Ming and Mu Ye.
  413. This Nether Realm really does have crouching tigers and hidden dragons 1!
  415. “Ning’er, this is…?” Nie Li asked as he looked at Ning’er.
  417. Xiao Ning’er introduced him, “His name is Xiao Yu. Earlier on, it was thanks to him that I wasn’t held up by several guys.”
  419. Nie Li cupped his hands as he said, “Many thanks to brother Xiao Yu for aiding Ning’er,”
  421. “Brother Nie Li, you’re too kind.” Xiao Yu said as he lightly smiled. His smile was like a spring breeze.
  423. “You know my name?” Nie Li’s brows slightly twitched.
  425. “Along the way, sister Ning’er mentioned you more than once. How could I not know you?” Xiao Yu laughed.
  427. His voice was gentle and smooth as jade with a hint of a carefree personality. It was simply too hard for anyone to dislike him. No wonder Ning’er didn’t raise her guard against him. However, Nie Li still had a little guard around his heart. After all, this was a stranger that Ning’er had just met on the road. Furthermore, his strength was deep and immeasurable. Who knows what kind of motive the opposing party has?
  429. In his previous life, Nie Li met too many people.
  431. Ning’er’s face heated up at Xiao Yu’s words and she couldn’t help sneaking a glance at Ye Ziyun. After all, Ye Ziyun is Nie Li’s fiancée.
  433. Ye Ziyun has always been aware that Xiao Ning’er was in love with Nie Li. In the past, she and Xiao Ning’er had turned from best friends into strangers. When Nie Li entered their lives, their relationship became even more complicated because of the various incidents regarding him.
  435. Although her feelings were a little complicated, Ye Ziyun’s personality wouldn’t let her actively pursue anything. Instead, she would rather sit back and let fate set her course.
  437. Xiao Yu glanced at the three people with an amused expression. He lightly smiled and said, “Along the way, sister Ning’er and I have hit it off quite well. It just so happens that I’m rather tired of travelling alone, so why don’t we travel together?”
  439. To think that this guy actually wanted to hang on. Nie Li felt uneasy at the thought of letting someone with an unclear background hanging around. Since this Xiao Yu had entered the Nine-Layered Deathlands, his motives shouldn’t be as simple as making friends, right?
  441. What was even stranger was the fact that even with his powerful strength, he had only remained in the first layer.
  443. Anyhow, Nie Li suspected that Xiao Yu was harbouring malicious intentions.
  445. Xiao Ning’er looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, Xiao Yu is a good person,”
  447. At Xiao Ning’er’s words, Nie Li became even more suspicious of Xiao Yu without knowing why. With such a handsome and graceful person, there was simply nothing to be fussy about. He was too perfect. Too perfect to the point that he didn’t appear mortal. His voice was very gentle and he was very gentle and considerate when dealing with people. But on the contrary, his presence still put Nie Li in a bit of a bad mood.
  449. Nie Li pondered for a brief moment before he said, “Ning’er, we still have important matters to deal with. We can’t bring another person along,”
  451. “It seems like brother Nie Li has some prejudices towards me,” Xiao Yu said as he gave a light smile. He could see the distaste Nie Li held towards him.
  453. Prejudice? Of course! You haven’t been with us for that long and yet you want to join our group?
  455. However, Nie Li was still very polite with his words as he smiled and said, “Brother Xiao Yu has misunderstood. We’ve just met each other; furthermore, you’ve helped Ning’er. How could I have any prejudice towards you?”
  457. * * *
  461. Chinese idiom meaning “trove of hidden talents”.
  467. Chapter 230: Disturbed Peace of Mind
  470. As she listened to the conversation between Nie LI and Xiao Yu, Ye Ziyun fell into deep thought and realized something.
  472. They’d just met Xiao Yu, so even Ye Ziyun was cautious towards him. To suddenly have a stranger follow them around in a place like the Nine-Layered Deathlands was indeed rather ill-advised.
  474. “Since there aren’t any prejudices, then why is brother Nie Li chasing me away? If brother Nie Li is planning on doing something, I won’t disturb you,” Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he smiled towards Nie Li.
  476. At Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li felt a shiver in his heart. Xiao Yu’s aura hinted at a deep and immeasurable strength. Nie Li was worried that if he tries to forcefully chase Xiao Yu away, Xiao Yu might suddenly turn hostile. It seems that this guy was planning to shamelessly cling to them, without any intentions of leaving.
  478. “If brother Xiao Yu wishes to stay, it’s fine. However, if we happen upon an unfortunate situation, you’ll have to take care of yourself,” Nie Li went silent for a moment. It seems like he’ll have to think of other methods to chase Xiao Yu away. Furthermore, they have to find Yu Yan and the others as soon as possible. With just the three of them might not be able to deal with Xiao Yu safely.
  480. “Brother Nie Li can be rest assured. There isn’t a single person in the Nether Realm who can lay a finger on me,” Xiao Yu said proudly.
  482. Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance. Was he being confident or just arrogant? To think he actually said that there wasn’t anyone in the Nether Realm who could touch him.
  484. Xiao Yu is a mysterious person. For now, Nie Li could only conceal his suspicions deep inside his heart.
  486. Xiao Ning’er glanced at Nie Li and then at Xiao Yu. Although she believes that Xiao Yu is a good guy, Nie Li must have his own reasons for his actions. Within her heart, she holds absolute trust for Nie Li. However, Xiao Yu had left a good impression on her. Therefore, Xiao Ning’er was a little conflicted.
  488. The four of them walked together along the lake, searching for the others.
  490. “Is that the Spiritual Origin Fruit?” Nie Li’s gaze was directed towards an area in the forest beside the lake. There, the group saw a fruit resting on its stem, sparkling like a crystal.
  492. Nie Li walked towards the Spiritual Origin Fruit. He gave Xiao Yu a sideways glance and asked, “Is brother Xiao interested in this Spiritual Origin Fruit?”
  494. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu shook his head and said, “I have a special physique. Therefore, these Spiritual Origin Fruits are useless to me. You guys can have it.”
  496. Such a precious item like the Spiritual Origin Fruit and yet, Xiao Yu doesn’t show any intention of snatching it. Just what is he planning? Nie Li went silent for a brief moment, then bent down beside the Spiritual Origin Fruit and slowly plucked it, and stored it inside his interspatial ring.
  498. If he consumed it now, he would need to spend some time to process and digest its energy. Furthermore, a single Spiritual Origin Fruit was nowhere near enough to share with everyone. Therefore, he decided to store the first one and continue searching other places. Who knows, there might be more Spiritual Origin Fruits elsewhere.
  500. “Brother Nie Li, in this world, men die for fortune, while birds die for food. One man snatches, while another seizes. In the end, those who die, stay dead and those who are injured, stay injured. Where’s the meaning in that?” Xiao Yu smiled lightly. From his perspective, Nie Li was also a person greedy for fortune.
  502. Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li shot him a few more glances. He never expected such ideology from Xiao Yu, so he smiled and said, “As we live in this world, there are seven emotions and six desires, all accompanied with endless distress. According to your words, wouldn’t we be better off dead? However, if a person dies, it would be the same as the flame of a candle being extinguished, leaving nothing behind. Whereas the world where ‘one man snatches, while another seizes’ seems much more interesting and lively.”
  504. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu laughed involuntarily. But after he carefully thought it over, he realized the philosophic theory in it. If one didn’t fight for anything, what meaning would there be in living?
  506. He never expected Nie Li to share his own opinion. Xiao Yu smiled and thought that he was certainly an interesting guy.
  508. “I’m a little interested in you now. Why are you so proficient in inscription patterns? Senior Inscriptionist, now that’s something!” Seeing that Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were far off, chatting with each other, Xiao Yu crossed his arms and smiled.
  510. Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Nie Li felt shocked. How did Xiao Yu know that he was a Senior Inscriptionist? The more Nie Li thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Just who was Xiao Yu? This guy was actually able to investigate him so thoroughly. The fact that he had gotten close to Ning’er was probably some part of his plan.
  512. Nie Li clenched his fist tightly as he walked up to Xiao Yu and said in a soft voice, “I don’t know where you came from, or how you managed to investigate me so thoroughly. But if you dare to harm anyone close to me, I will make you taste regret!”
  514. When he sensed that Nie Li was moving closer, Xiao Yu fell back a step, putting some distance between them. He looked up and said, “Brother Nie Li must be joking. I’m merely curious about you and have no intention to harm anyone near you.”
  516. “That’s good.” Nie Li went silent for a brief moment. He has no idea if Xiao Yu was speaking the truth. It was hard for him to let down his guard around him.
  518. “You still haven’t answered my question.” Xiao Yu lightly smiled.
  520. Nie Li pondered for a while before answering. He naturally wouldn’t tell anyone about his rebirth.
  522. “Inscription patterns are another kind of law. Once you’re familiar with the law, you would naturally know where the profound is.”
  524. “Law?” The moment Xiao Yu heard the word, his bright eyes narrowed. He turned to ask, “Has brother Nie Li already comprehended the profound of the Law Energy?”
  526. Xiao Yu’s words shocked Nie Li. This person even knew about the profound of Law Energy! Just where exactly is he from? The pale blue of his eyes were like the blue luster of sapphires. They were unreasonably beautiful.
  528. For just that brief moment, Nie Li was stunned, but he immediately recovered.
  530. “No comment. However, if you were to tell me of your origins, I might tell you.” said Nie Li.
  532. Xiao Yu lightly smiled and said, “Actually, brother Nie Li doesn’t need to say anything. I already know that you’ve not only comprehended the profound of Law Energy, you’ve even comprehended two types of Law Energy. For two types of Law Energy to appear in a single person’s body, that was an eye opener.”
  534. Nie Li felt a headache at Xiao Yu’s words. Just what exactly was going on? Xiao Yu even knew about that!
  536. In front of Xiao Yu, Nie Li felt as if he’d been stripped naked, his every secret exposed.
  538. However, since he no longer had any more secrets, his speech became more direct. If Xiao Yu really had any ill intentions, he should’ve taken action a while back. So Nie Li said, “I’ve no idea who you are or how you found out these things. But since you already know, why still ask?”
  540. “I just wanted to see if you were willing to speak the truth.” Xiao Yu said with the corner of his lips rising.
  542. Nie Li dumbfoundedly stared at Xiao Yu. Asking all these questions just to see if he was willing to tell the truth? So what if he was willing or unwilling? This was simply meaningless! Nie Li couldn’t understand Xiao Yu’s train of thought at all.
  544. “In additional to that, I’m also a little interested in sister Ning’er. Therefore, I asked to come along,” Xiao Yu said as he lightly smiled.
  546. Nie Li’s gaze turned cold and said, “If you have any ill intentions towards Ning’er, then I might get a little impolite!”
  548. “Ill intentions? Brother Nie Li is being too serious. How could I have any crooked thoughts about sister Ning’er? She’s so sincere and kindhearted, I’m not willing to hurt her. A sweet and graceful lady should be matched with a gentleman. Since you’re unwilling to be with her, then there shouldn’t be a reason for brother Nie Li to prevent anyone else from going after her, right?” Xiao Yu flashed a broad smile as he spoke. Then, he turned around and walked in Xiao Ning’er’s direction.
  550. Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li was suddenly stunned. If Xiao Yu was being serious, what excuse did Nie Li have to stop him? At the same time, after hearing Xiao Yu’s words, why did he feel so unhappy? It felt as though someone was trying to snatch away something that belonged to him.
  552. He recalled all the times they had shared, starting with the moment he had helped Ning’er cure her illness. Perhaps Nie Li didn’t with to admit that she had already become an indispensable part of his life.
  554. Xiao Yu seemed as though he could see through anything. He definitely did that on purpose.
  556. But, what was Nie Li supposed to do next?
  558. After his rebirth, Nie Li wanted to guard everything and not let any harm come to his family and friends. Although he controlled a certain amount authority, sometimes his actions were still forced by circumstance. Occasionally, he would also feel helpless.
  560. Guarding in silence could also be considered a form of companionship and camaraderie. Perhaps this was what Ning’er thought too.
  562. Nie Li always felt that Xiao Yu was a mysterious person that didn’t have any good intentions.
  564. ‘Anyways, if Xiao Yu intends on touching Ning’er, then he’ll have go through me!’ Nie Li snorted inwardly.
  566. After his rebirth, the fact that so many of his cards have been exposed to an outsider made Nie Li feel extremely threatened. If he couldn’t even keep Xiao Yu under control, then he’s wasted living for so long.
  568. Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun quietly stood by the lake. The lakewater reflected with clear luster that made both of them look as though they were fairies in a painting, beautiful to the extent of being impossible to replicate.
  570. Suddenly, the peace of the lake exploded as Cang Ming and a Zombie Jiao-dragon brought their battle to the surface, creating raging waves on the lakewater.
  572. “Careful!” Nie Li quickly rushed over.
  574. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er retreated out of the range of the energy ripples.
  576. “The battle here has disturbed my peace of mind,” Xiao Yu unenthusiastically complained. A long jade hairpin appeared in his hand and shot towards the Zombie Jiao-dragon and Cang Ming with a *whoosh*.
  578. The streak of light was as graceful as a dancer.
  580. With a *ding*, the hairpin knocked the lightning spear out of Cang Ming’s hands.
  582. Just as Cang Ming was about to swing his lightning spear and kill the Zombie Jiao-dragon, he felt a majestic and mighty power hit his lightning spear. Instantly, his lightning spear was knocked out his hands and flew far away. His entire arm couldn’t stop trembling and his right palm was filled with traces of blood.
  584. He glared at Nie Li and his group while a deep fear flashed through his eyes. Now what? What kind of terrifying expert has he encountered now?! Since this expert had only knocked his lightning spear away, it was definitely just a warning.
  586. Cang Ming decided that he no longer wanted to stay around and quickly backed off, retrieving his lighting spear before flying off.
  588. Astonishment appeared in Nie Li’s eyes as he watched Xiao Yu. It seems that he had underestimated Xiao Yu’s strength by a long stretch.
  594. Chapter 231: Broken Divine Spark
  597. “This Zombie Jiao-dragon has clearly been living happily in the lake, but now there’s someone who insists on hunting it. An ordinary man is guiltless; however, such treasures will be the cause of guilt. If that’s the case, then I will remove that scarlet pearl and save your life!” Xiao Yu cried as he leapt. Water dragons formed from thin air and, one after another, hugged the Zombie Jiao-dragon like a robe and firmly bound it.
  599. Xiao Yu hovered beside the Zombie Jiao-dragon, carefully stretched out his hand, and removed the scarlet pearl from the Zombie Jiao-dragon’s forehead.
  601. The Zombie Jiao-dragon’s blood red body rapidly transformed back to its original form.
  603. Xiao Yu waved his right hand and the water dragons quickly disappeared, releasing the Zombie Jiao-dragon. It fearfully eyed Xiao Yu, then dived back into the lake, not daring to snatch the scarlet pearl back from his hands.
  605. Xiao Yu skimmed and landed on the shore. He turned towards Xiao Ning’er and said, “Ning’er, you’ve integrated with the Heavenly Lightning Sparrow. Although this treasured pearl isn’t specially suitable for your attributes, it could still help your cultivation enormously. I’ll gift it to you!”
  607. Hearing Xiao Yu, words, Xiao Ning’er immediately shook her head and said, “Sorry, this item is too precious. I can’t take it!”
  609. She faintly understood what’s going on: Xiao Yu was interested in her. However, she quickly refused as she didn’t want Nie Li to misunderstand her relationship with him.
  611. “Since Ning’er isn’t willing to accept it, why don’t you give it to me?” Nie Li smiled as he walked in front of Xiao Ning’er, snatching the pearl from Xiao Yu’s hands.
  613. Xiao Yu was slightly stunned and couldn’t react. How could there be such a shameless person in this world? When did he say that he would give the pearl to Nie Li?
  615. “Then it’s yours,” Xiao Yu played it off. Although the pearl was an uncommon treasure, Xiao Yu obviously didn’t regard it with much importance.
  617. Nie Li tucked it away and winked at Xiao Ning’er. This pearl will have enormous benefit towards Ning’er’s cultivation. However, if she were to accept it, then she would owe Xiao Yu a tremendous favor. On the other hand, if Nie Li were to accept it, then there wouldn’t be so many worries. Debts wouldn’t give him any pressure.
  619. “Then, I’ll say my thanks,” Nie Li waved his hands. In Nie Li’s mind, even if he owes someone, he’ll still take action against them, if necessary.
  621. Ye Ziyun couldn’t help laughing. She was used to Nie Li’s shamelessness. Back when Ye Han had given her the Frozen Jade Bracelet, Nie Li had also been the one to accept it in her place. He then pushed it onto her later on, despite her unwillingness to wear it.
  623. Seeing the expression in Nie Li’s eyes, Xiao Ning’er’s face turned slightly red. She lowered her head without a word.
  625. “Let’s go,” said Nie Li as he prepared to look for even more Spiritual Origin Fruits. There was still some time until the selection of the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple. It should be sufficient.
  627. “Brother Nie Li, since you’ve come all the way here, are you trying to become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm? With brother Nie Li’s ability, even if you don’t manage to become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, you will still have an extraordinary future.” Xiao Yu laughed.
  629. “I don’t care about becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm myself, but I have to help my friends plan for the future and find masters for them. To live in this world, one must have a backer. It’s shadier under a large tree. There have been countless geniuses that have fallen because there was no one supporting them.” Nie Li replied.
  631. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu laughed involuntarily. So Nie Li brought his friends to the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple selection just to find a support?
  633. “Brother Nie Li, why don’t we discuss this little?” Xiao Yu transmitted his voice over, “If you give me Ning’er, I’ll be your backer. How about that?”
  635. Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, a chilling light flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. “Ning’er is not an object. She cannot be ‘given’. If she likes you, I won’t get in your way. However, if she doesn’t like you and you can’t get the hint, I might end up getting impolite.”
  637. Xiao Yu’s brows slightly twitched as he laughed, “I was just joking.”
  639. Looking at Xiao Yu’s expression, Nie Lie couldn’t tell whether Xiao Yu was joking or being serious. Regardless, Nie Li was still very unhappy towards Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu already tried to provoke him several times. If it hadn’t been for the large gap in power, Nie Li would’ve done something about it a while back.
  641. Xiao Yu motioned with his hands and the hairpin returned to him.
  643. Earlier, Xiao Yu had used this hairpin and sent Cang Ming’s lightning spear flying. The workmanship of this jade hairpin was exquisite. It appeared translucent and sparkled without a single energy ripple marring its surface. However, from the workmanship of this jade hairpin, Nie Li could sense that the craftsman was definitely not an ordinary person. This small jade hairpin contained boundless artistic creativity.
  645. Nie Li couldn’t help muttering to himself, “A grown man actually used a jade hairpin as his weapon.”
  647. Nie Li looked at the fingers that Xiao Yu had used to hold the hairpin. They were long and slender. His jade white fingers looked like the fingers of a lady who had never done any chores in her entire life.
  649. Nie Li stared at Xiao Yu for a long time and couldn’t help snorting in disdain. Xiao Yu was so beautiful that he didn’t look like a man at all.
  651. Appearing to have sensed Nie Li’s disdain, Xiao Yu coughed and said, “This jade hairpin was a memento from my mother.”
  653. Nie Li shrugged and said, “Why are you telling me? I never asked anything.”
  655. “You…” Xiao Yu felt indignant since Nie Li’s expression had already said everything. However, after a brief moment, Xiao Yu managed to calm his heart and ceased to care about what Nie Li thought anymore.
  657. The three of them walked with Nie Li in search of the others and more Spiritual Origin Fruits.
  659. At the same time, in another region of the first layer of Nine-Layered Deathlands, Lu Piao, Du Ze, Duan Jian and four others walked together. Along they way, they had managed to find each other and were now in search of Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er, in addition to the Spiritual Origin Fruit.
  661. “We finally found a Spiritual Origin Fruit!” Lu Piao’s body was covered with wounds: signs of a battle. He snorted and said, “Idiots dared to snatch our Spiritual Origin Fruit. They were simply looking for death.”
  663. A short distance away, dozens of people were lying on the ground in a heap, all pretending to be dead.
  665. Those people were all wallowing in misery. They were the ones who had found the Spiritual Origin Fruit first when Lu Piao happened upon them. Lu Piao had insisted on taking what was rightfully theirs, so they’d given him a nasty beating. However, Lu Piao only got pissed. When Duan Jian eventually caught up, Lu Piao got Duan Jian to return the favor to them.
  667. Just what kind of monster was that winged guy? No matter how much they attacked, they never broke through his defenses. In addition, his strength was also very frightening and he’d nearly shattered their bones. If someone stood up, he would be beaten back down. This continued until no one dared to get up again.
  669. “Hmph! Hmph! To have actually dared to beat me up, didn’t you know I have backup?” Lu Piao snorted. However, when he looked at his bruised and swollen self, he felt gloomy all over again.
  671. Duan Jian had exchanged several blows with his opponents, but didn’t have a scratch on him. Lu Piao looked between Duan Jian’s body and his own and couldn’t help sighing. Comparing himself to Duan Jian was really frustrating. It seems that he’d has to work harder to strengthen his physique; otherwise, if another fight broke out, he’d just be beaten miserably. Again.
  673. After obtaining the Spiritual Origin Fruit, the group continued their search.
  675. Once Lu Piao and his group had walked far away, those people got up again, groaning.
  677. “Where were those people from?”
  679. “Which family’s young master is having an outing?”
  681. “We only wanted that Spiritual Origin Fruit. Why did we have to suffer this?” A man with a bruised and swollen face said in depressed spirits. He had been beaten the worst. He had suffered hurricanes of punches to the face until his tears almost came out.
  683. This group of people were in an extremely miserable state. They would likely require a few months to recover from their wounds.
  685. Lu Piao and the group continued to search for traces of Nie Li and the rest. Since they didn’t know which direction they should walk in, they ended up walking straight, and gradually entered the depths of the first layer of the Deathlands. Even though the first layer was relatively safe, there were also many lurking dangers.
  687. Occasionally, skeletons would pop up through the ground. These were the experts that had died in the Deathlands. After stewing in the saturated death aura for so long, their corpses turned into terrifying monsters.
  689. Duan Jian took the lead and killed the skeletons along the way. The others had merged with their demon spirits and entered the battle.
  691. At this moment, Nie Li and his group were also gradually getting deeper and deeper into the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  693. Suddenly, Nie Li sensed powerful auras sweeping past, stemming from a source not far away. These auras belonged to Demigod rank experts. There were dozens of them flying close to the ground, towards the depths of the first layer.
  695. “What’s going on? Why are there so many Demigod rank experts appearing here?” Nie Li asked as he glanced at Xiao Yu.
  697. Xiao Yu’s brows were slightly knitted. It was indeed a little strange for so many Demigod rank experts to appear in that area. It was highly likely that they’d gathered to search for something.
  699. “Beats me,” Xiao Yu shook his head.
  701. “I thought you knew everything. So there’s stuff that you’re unaware of as well.” Nie Li smiled.
  703. Xiao Yu was at a loss for words for a brief moment.
  705. “We should go take a look. You guys follow behind me, I’ll guarantee your safety!” Xiao Yu said as he skimmed towards the front.
  707. Nie Li pondered as he glanced at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er. He spoke in a soft voice, “We’ll follow and have a look. But don’t blindly believe his words. If the situation turns bad, we’ll flee.”
  709. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun couldn’t refrain from covering her mouth and quietly laughed. Xiao Ning’er was also smiling. Nie Li had always been sly. There were very few people that could make him suffer a loss.
  711. Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er followed behind at a distance. Xiao Yu had no choice but to slow his steps, moving back together with the three of them.
  713. Depths of the Nine-Layered Deathlands’, first layer
  715. A terrifying roar sounded throughout the first layer of the Deathlands as the entire ground trembled.
  717. *Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*
  719. A huge tomb rose from the ground, accompanied by the collapse of countless skeletons. The tomb slowly rose higher and higher into the sky. On the roof of the tomb were piles of human skeletons. The walls were filled with all kinds of detailed inscription patterns, infused with a sinister and terrifying aura.
  721. A huge figure quietly floating above the tomb. It was a huge skeleton with sharp bone spikes growing all over its entire body. The bone spikes would change into wings or armor occasionally. Endless quantities of Law Energy revolved around the creature.
  723. About fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts stood in the sky far away, their faces were filled with ecstasy and excitement.
  725. “It’s the shattered Divine Spark of the God of Death!”
  727. The God of Death was a Spiritual God expert who wielded the Law of Death. However, millions of years ago, he suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he had gone. Some say that the God of Death had been killed in a battle with the Master of the Nether Realm.
  729. However, it was merely a rumor. Among the laws, the Law of Death was second to the Law of Time and Space, the Law of Nether, and a handful of others. The majority didn’t believe that the God of Death had actually been destroyed.
  731. No one thought they’d encounter the broken Divine Spark of the God of Death in a place like this!
  737. Chapter 232: The Entering Method
  740. Most Demigod rank experts have a high level of comprehension towards Law Energy. They only lacked an opportunity that would let them step into the realm of Spiritual God rank.
  742. After being suppressed by the law, there might not even be one person among thousands of Demigod rank experts,who will succeed in ranking up.
  744. However, if they were able to obtain a piece of a broken Divine Spark, the situation would be entirely different! They might be able to become an immortal Spiritual God upon merging with the Divine Spark!
  746. The huge skeleton before them had eyes burning with scarlet flames, giving off a kind of strange suffocating pressure. The ever-changing sharp bone spikes sent chills through their hearts.
  748. The skeleton didn’t make any movements and floated silently in place. Meanwhile, an extremely sinister and frightening aura was emitting from the enormous tomb below.
  750. There were broken Divine Sparks on the body of this skeleton. Could it be that the one buried in the tomb was…
  752. These Demigod rank experts’ eyes blazed with passion and nervousness. The God of Death is an ancient Spiritual God! Who knows what kinds of treasures were left behind?
  754. Nie Li and his group stood several hundreds of meters away. He raised his head and saw the huge tomb and his eyes displayed utter shock.
  756. Xiao Yu’s gaze flickered with a chilly trace.
  758. Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu and asked, “I never imagined that there’d be such a tomb concealed in the first layer. Brother Xiao Yu, what are you planning to do about it?”
  760. “Brother Nie Li, do you have any interest in going on an exploration with me?” Xiao Yu said as he laughed.
  762. Nie Li pondered for a brief moment, then said, “No problem! But we can’t take Ziyun and Ning’er with us. However, if I leave them here, I’m concerned that they might encounter danger!”
  764. “Nie Li, you’re planning to enter the tomb?” asked Ye Ziyun, furrowing her brows.
  766. “Nie Li, it’s best if you don’t go in!” Xiao Ning’er’s heart was also filled with worry.
  768. Xiao Yu looked at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er again, lightly sighed, and said, “Brother Nie Li, to have so many people concerned about you, you should feel delighted.”
  770. Xiao Yu said it in an almost depressed way which Nie Li couldn’t help chuckling at.
  772. Xiao Ning’er said, “If you treat someone sincerely, you will also be able to obtain the sincerity of others. Nie Li has selflessly helped us many times before. Therefore, he has obtained the admiration of us all.”
  774. Hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words, Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li in astonishment and laughed, “Treating someone with sincerity would let me obtain obtain the sincerity of others?”
  776. Xiao Yu had an amused expression on his face as his right hand shook, retrieving a golden scroll from his interspatial ring and passed it to Ning’er. “You two can have this. If anyone tries to harass you, all you need to do is to take this out and show them. They’ll definitely leave.”
  778. Nie Li looked at the golden scroll in Xiao Yu’s hands and said, “Is that true? You couldn’t be using this to bluff us, right?”
  780. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s face went dark. He asked, “Do I look like someone who would lie?”
  782. “Yeah, you do.” Nie Li said seriously, nodding his head.
  784. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu was infuriated. After a moment, he calmed his heart and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try!”
  786. “No need for that,” Nie Li said as he shrugged. Truthfully, he still had a certain amount of trust in Xiao Yu’s words. Though he has no idea as to Xiao Yu’s true identity, Nie Li was certain that he was no ordinary guy. If he said that the golden scroll was useful, then there should definitely be a use for it.
  788. Xiao Yu snorted. If Nie Li intended to keep provoking him, he was going to get pissed.
  790. Drifting off into his thoughts, Xiao Yu couldn’t help repeating to himself, “A sin, a sin.”
  792. Why was it that after he encountered Nie Li, his mental state would be disrupted so easily?
  794. “Ziyun, Ning’er, you guys should remain here for now. I’ll take a look in there with this sissy. We’ll be back soon.” Nie Li said towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.
  796. Appearing to have heard Nie Li’s conversation, Xiao Yu widened his eyes as he said in discontent, “Nie Li, what did you call me?”
  798. Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu in pretend surprise. “Ah? Xiao Yu, of course, what else can I call you?”
  800. Xiao Yu turned his head around and snorted, “Hmph, you dared to say it once, but don’t dare to admit it afterwards!”
  802. Looking at Nie Li and Xiao Yu, Ning’er couldn’t help laughing lightly. Since the moment those two had met, Nie Li and Xiao Yu seemed to have a barrier between them. However, she could feel that Xiao Yu wasn’t a bad guy. And who knows, he might be able to become their friend in the future.
  804. “Nie Li, won’t you encounter some danger inside?” Ye Ziyun worriedly asked.
  806. “There’s no problem. With Xiao Yu around, there won’t be any dangers. You guys have also seen his strength. As for me, any ordinary danger won’t be able to hinder me. Even if Xiao Yu dies inside, I won’t.” Nie Li confidently said.
  808. “Who did you just say will die in there?” Xiao Yu glared at Nie Li.
  810. “I’m was just stating a metaphor. As a cultivator, I try not to be so hot tempered like you. It would be easy to go berserk and die from a bodily explosion.” Nie Li looked Xiao Yu and gave what seemed like a sincere warning.
  812. “Death by bodily explosion…” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s lungs nearly explode from the anger. Only after repeatedly telling himself to calm down did he manage to recover his composure.
  814. “I won’t listen to your nonsense anymore. I’ll wait for you at the front!” Xiao Yu leapt towards the tomb.
  816. “That guy has finally left. The two of you have to pay attention to your own safety and hide nearby. Don’t go anywhere. If you encounter anyone from the Nether Realm, do as Xiao Yu instructed. Take that golden scroll out. That guy’s origins are definitely not ordinary, so his name should carry some weight.” Nie Li warned Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er in a low voice.
  818. “Then, you be careful inside too.” Ye Ziyun still couldn’t feel assured and reminded him.
  820. “En, rest assured.” Nie Li confidently smiled.
  822. Xiao Yu was simply too powerful. With him around, Nie Li would definitely be a lot more assured. Although Xiao Yu’s identity is still a mystery, he shouldn’t have any malice towards them.
  824. Nie Li instructed Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er for a brief moment before skimming to the side of Xiao Yu and saying, “Let’s go.”
  826. Xiao Yu remained silent and leapt towards the tomb in the sky.
  828. “Hey, I still haven’t learned how to travel on air!” Nie Li yelled at Xiao Yu’s back.
  830. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu was stunned for a moment. He looked at Nie Li with a strange expression as he took some white silk out and tossed it to Nie Li. He then said, “Hold onto the end of the white silk, I’ll pull you up.”
  832. Seeing that white silk, Nie Li gave a weird glance at Xiao Yu and said, “We’re both guys, is it really that difficult to pull me up by the hand and to the point that you have to take out a rope of white silk? It’s not like we’re trying to hang ourselves 1.”
  834. Xiao Yu lightly glanced at Nie Li and said, “I have mysophobia, the fear of having my hands dirtied.”
  836. “Fine then. In that case, I’m the same as you.” Nie Li curled his lips. This Xiao Yu was indeed too weird. Nie Li took a glance at the white silk; it was roughly a meter long and Nie Li’s only course of action was to hold on to its end.
  838. Xiao Yu pulled on the other end, lifting Nie Li with him as he flew towards the tomb.
  840. That rope of white silk seemed to have silver flowers embroidered on it. Nie Li couldn’t help making a weird expression. This Xiao Yu truly was a sissy. He even has embroidered flowers on some silk. But then his thoughts turned. These silver flowers might actually be the emblem of Xiao Yu’s family!
  842. Nie Li secretly memorised the emblem and prepared to ask Luo Xiao when he returned, to see if he knew anything about the origins of this pattern.
  844. Xiao Yu pulled Nie Li and landed on the tomb. They were only a few hundred meters away from the entrance. Above the tomb, the huge skeleton was still floating in place, giving off a terrifying and oppressive air.
  846. As one, the Demigod rank experts all rushed forward.
  848. Law Energy shaped every attack and were launched towards that giant skeleton.
  850. Suddenly, a huge battle axe materialised in the skeleton’s hand and it swung the axe. The Law of Death formed a huge shockwave as it slashed towards the Demigod rank experts.
  852. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  854. Law Energy kept exploding in the sky.
  856. Heaven and Earth were drowned in devastating power.
  858. Countless waves of dispelled Law Energy strayed towards Nie Li and Xiao Yu. Just when Nie Li was prepared to take action, Xiao Yu slightly pulled back his right hand, then pushed out. A palm energy burst forth and the stray Law Energy exploded in the sky, dissipating without a trace.
  860. Witnessing Xiao Yu’s actions, Nie Li was speechless. The strength of this Xiao Yu was simply too frightening. Nie Li had no idea what kind of energy Xiao Yu had used to destroy the Law Energy released by the Demigod rank experts.
  862. However, he could be certain that Xiao Yu’s strength had at least reached the Demigod rank level. As to whether he had reached the Spiritual God rank, Nie Li couldn’t tell. At Nie Li’s current strength, it was impossible for him to discern the depth of Xiao Yu’s cultivation.
  864. The huge skeleton continued to slash out shockwaves, preventing the Demigod rank experts from getting close to it and the tomb.
  866. “With that skeleton guarding, we probably won’t be able to enter. Let’s go back.” Nie Li said, standing beside Xiao Yu. Nie Li himself wasn’t actually frightened; rather, he was just trying to test Xiao Yu.
  868. Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li and said, “We’ve already come this far. You want to go back without going into the tomb?”
  870. “Then what can we do? Unless you get rid of that skeleton!” Nie Li said. The strength of that skeleton was so powerful that not even fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts were able to kill it. Nie Li intended on testing Xiao Yu’s strength.
  872. Xiao Yu’s identity was simply too suspicious!
  874. Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li and said, “Do you have any brains at all? That skeleton is so powerful that even fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts can’t do anything to it. How could I handle it myself?”
  876. “Then what do you suggest? Since we can’t go in, why are we still wasting time here?” asked Nie Li. However, the truth was, Nie Li did have a method to get in. All he needed to do was summon the Shadow Devil demon spirit and everything would be settled. However, Nie Li didn’t want to do so because he wished to see what Xiao Yu intended to do first.
  878. Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li and pondered for a brief moment before saying, “In that case, we can only use that method!”
  880. * * *
  884. In Chinese culture, suicide hangings are often done with silk.
  890. Chapter 233: Ancient Tomb
  893. Xiao Yu took out a semi-transparent cloth from his interspatial ring and said, “Use this.”
  895. The piece of cloth was roughly two meters square and was embroidered with an assortment of patterns.
  897. “This is [Shadow Misleading] inscription pattern!” Nie Li said as his gaze fell on the inscription pattern, his eyebrows twitching in surprise.
  899. Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li in astonishment. He never thought that Nie Li would be able to recognise these inscription patterns. Nie Li’s knowledge of inscription patterns is really astonishing!
  901. “We’ll cover ourselves with this cloth and activate the inscription pattern. It will allow us conceal our traces!” said Xiao Yu.
  903. “Okay.” Nie Li nodded. Xiao Yu’s method could indeed bring them into the tomb without being intercepted by the skeleton. The effect of the [Shadow Misleading] inscription pattern was extremely powerful.
  905. Nie Li’s Shadow Devil demon spirit is also an extremely rare demon spirit that has the ability to conceal its tracks. Even without the cloth, Nie Li could still enter the tomb. However, he still wasn’t certain if Xiao Yu is an ally or a foe, so Nie Li won’t display the power of the Shadow Devil demon spirit in front of him.
  907. “We shouldn’t delay any more. Let’s head in,” said Xiao Yu. With a motion of his right hand, he covered the two of them with the semi-transparent cloth and activated the inscription pattern.
  909. Both of their figures immediately disappeared.
  911. The Demigod rank experts were still battling with the skeleton. The skeleton was simply too powerful and actually managed to ensure that they couldn’t approach the tomb. However, while they were fighting intensely, Nie Li and Xiao Yu slowly crept closer to the entrance of the tomb.
  913. Nie Li hid behind Xiao Yu as the two of them slowly moved forward.
  915. A delicate fragrance wafted through the air. Nie Li sniffed and a weird expression appeared on his face. For a man to actually have such a fragrant scent, indeed, Xiao Yu really was a sissy.
  917. Nie Li placed both of his hands on Xiao Yu’s waist as he moved forward.
  919. “Just where do you think you’re putting your hands?” Xiao Yu said with anger tainting his tone.
  921. “This cloth is too small, it’s simply not enough to comfortably cover us both. I can only move closer. What’s wrong with where I’m placing my hands? We’re both men.” Nie Li said in an exasperated voice. Xiao Yu was really troublesome.
  923. “Move your hands!” Xiao Yu growled in a low voice, anger contained in his tone.
  925. Tsk! Nie Li curled his lips in disdain. Xiao Yu thinks too highly of himself. It was just a little physical contact and he reacted as if he was a cat whose tail had been stepped on.
  927. Nie Li was in gloomy mood, but he still retracted his hands. The two of them slowly approached the entrance of the tomb, marked by a huge stone door. The stone door was tightly sealed with a variety of mysterious inscription patterns carved on its surface. There were also two grooves that seemed to form a keyhole.
  929. “How are we going to open this door without the key?” Nie Li said as he furrowed his brows.
  931. “Of course, I have a method to deal with this,” said Xiao Yu as he began to study the inscription patterns on the stone door, pondering over how to break the inscription patterns on it.
  933. As for the inscription patterns, Nie Li should also be able to break it, if only he was willing to spare a moment to look it over. However, since Xiao Yu was acting so confident, he decided to let Xiao Yu do the job.
  935. Nie Li was bored stiff as he raised his head to observe the battle in the sky. The battle of Demigod rank experts was simply havoc. The entire sky had darkened, there wasn’t even a trace of light, as wayward beams of Law Energy constantly collided in midair in terrifying explosions that sounded as if they’d tear the sky apart.
  937. Nie Li was somewhat affected by the scene; he quietly focused on the two black and white Law Energies within his body. When would he be able to use Demigod rank power like that?
  939. Although the current Nie Li fully comprehended the two Law Energies and his cultivation has reached 3-star Black Gold rank, his true strength hasn’t reached the level of Demigod rank, yet. Thus, the amount of Law Energy he could mobilise is still very limited.
  941. “You’re still not done?!” Nie Li frowned as he asked Xiao Yu.
  943. “Of course not. Did you really think that it could be opened so easily? There are over three hundred inscriptions on this door and all of them are extremely unusual and unorthodox. I’ll have to solve them one by one. Do you think that’s something that can be done so easily?” Xiao Yu said, his emotions verging on speechlessness.
  945. Nie Li shrugged and said, “Then, by all means, continue!”
  947. Xiao Yu leaned over to study the inscription patterns on the stone door, leaving his backside wide open and sticking out. Nie Li unintentionally gave it a glance. Xiao Yu’s butt was very well shaped, round like the tray of an ancient millstone. The perfectly rounded curve would leave others dumbfounded upon staring at it.
  949. Nie Li smacked himself. Just what was he thinking? Xiao Yu is a man!
  951. But even still… it wasn’t Nie Li’s fault that Xiao Yu had a face that even ladies would be jealous of. Furthermore, that figure and skin… would even tempt men!
  953. Some time had passed and Xiao Yu’s brows were still tightly knit. He seemed to have sunk deep into thought.
  955. “Hey, be quick. If this continues, we’ll definitely get caught by that skeleton!” Nie Li urged.
  957. Xiao Yu frowned and said in an unhappy tone, “Stop pressuring me. You’ve disrupted my thoughts! I’ve already broken over fifty inscription patterns.”
  959. “You’ve only dealt with a little over fifty by now?” Nie Li gaped, “There are over three hundred inscription patterns! Just how long are you planning to take?”
  961. “Stop pestering me. Why don’t you take over instead?” Xiao Yu said with his brows furrowed.
  963. “Move it,” Nie Li said as he pushed Xiao Yu away.
  965. The space under the cloth was simply too little. Nie Li shoved Xiao Yu’s chest, and subconsciously gave it a squeeze. Hmm, very flat and without any feeling. This guy was definitely a male.
  967. “What are you doing?” Xiao Yu jumped as his face blushed red all the way to his neck. He nearly fell out from under the cloth.
  969. “Careful, what if we’re discovered? So what if I pushed you a little? Are you even a man?” Nie Li said in indignation.
  971. “You…!” Xiao Yu was enraged to the point that he had to take heavy breaths. He snorted and moved behind Nie Li.
  973. “En, your butt is bumping into me. Can you shift a little?” Nie Li felt Xiao Yu’s backside against his body. That soft and luxurious sensation. Reminding himself again that Xiao Yu was male, Nie Li broke out in goosebumps.
  975. “Pot calling the kettle black! Obviously. you’re the one who is squeezing here!” Xiao Yu glared at Nie Li in indignation.
  977. “The space here is too narrow. Are you going to try and tell me that I need to keep three meters away from you at all times?” Nie Li glared back in irritation. Two grown men squeezing under such a small cloth, just what have they gotten themselves into!
  979. Xiao Yu felt depressed. Why did he have to come up with this awful idea that resulted in this situation?
  981. “You…” Just as Xiao Yu was about to retort, he realised that Nie Li had already begun examining the inscription patterns and was in heavy concentration. He turned his head away in a sour mood as he thought inwardly, ‘Fine. Let’s see how long it takes you to undo these inscription patterns.’
  983. Although Xiao Yu was aware that Nie Li had a very high level of understanding towards inscription patterns, he figured that at best, Nie Li would be on par with himself. ‘Humpf. You actually called me slow. Then take a look for yourself at just how complex these inscription patterns are.’
  985. Just as Xiao Yu was thinking those words, Nie Li turned to him and said, “The inscription patterns have been broken. However, we don’t have the key, so we still can’t enter.”
  987. “What?! You’ve already broken the inscription patterns?!” Xiao Yu was dumbstruck. He looked at the spot Nie Li was pointing his finger against and noticed that all the mysterious inscription patterns stemmed from that one point.
  989. “There’s no need to break the inscription patterns individually. Even if you did them one by one, eventually you’d realise that you’d have walked in a circle and ended up right back where you started. Remove the misleading ones and you’re left with only the foundational ones. Among the three hundred or so inscription patterns, there are only five foundational ones; the rest are only placed there to mislead people. If you’ve dealt with the five foundational inscriptions: problem solved!” Nie Li calmly explained.
  991. Xiao Yu slowly traced the breaking inscription patterns, he was simply astonished. He originally thought that he had to break them one by one; however, he never imagined that everything would be so simple. It turns out that he was only mislead by the complicated appearance of the puzzle!
  993. Nie Li shook his head and sighed, “To think you spent so much time on something that could be resolved with just a few breaths.”
  995. “You…!” Xiao Yu now felt extremely depressed as he was choked by Nie Li’s words yet again. However, Nie Li’s comprehension of inscription patterns had indeed surpassed his imagination. Although Nie Li’s had a coarse mouth, he was still skilled. Xiao Yu knew that bringing Nie Li along was a right decision.
  997. “Move, I’ll open the door!” said Xiao Yu.
  999. Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li said in doubt, “Are you sure that you can do it? Simply breaking the inscription patterns is useless; we still have to find the key in order to open it!”
  1001. “I bet you don’t know about this. This keyhole is actually made for a common key in the Nether Realm. Nearly every Demigod rank expert has a set!” Xiao Yu said as he retrieved two stone-like items from his interspatial ring. He then placed them into the keyhole on the door.
  1003. The inscription patterns glowed as light gathered onto the two stone keys. The door gradually opened.
  1005. Seeing this, Nie Li was dumbfounded, “Commonly used key… Fine, you win.”
  1007. Xiao Yu smiled proudly. After having been choked by Ni Li after all this time, Xiao Yu had finally managed to pull one over him.
  1009. “Let’s go in!” he said.
  1011. The stone door only opened a little, creating a gap that was only large enough for one person to enter at a time. Xiao Yu tilted his body sideways to slide in and Nie Li followed behind.
  1013. A disturbance began to spread among the Demigod rank experts after they saw the door crack open. Many of them wanted to break through the defense of the skeleton and enter the ancient tomb. However, they were all intercepted by the skeleton and couldn’t do a thing about it. They never imagined that someone would be able to enter the tomb before they did.
  1015. When the skeleton realised that someone had managed to open the ancient tomb’s door, it roared in rage and dived down. Although it didn’t have any intelligence, it possessed a natural instinct to guard the tomb.
  1017. “An opening! Let’s rush in!”
  1019. “We’ll kill that skeleton first! Take the God of Death’s broken Divine Spark that’s on that skeleton!”
  1021. The Demigod rank experts all charged down one after another. Some tried to enter the tomb while others wanted to kill the skeleton first. In an instant, the entire area was thrown into chaos.
  1023. At this moment, Nie Li and Xiao Yu had already entered the tomb and they were walking further into its depths…
  1025. In the serene and deepest bowels of the dark tomb, who knows what might be lurking inside…
  1031. Chapter 234: Draconic Ruins Realm
  1034. Nie Li and Xiao Yu followed the staircase down. The steps were covered with mud and moss and the obscure darkness gave off a cramped claustrophobic sensation. The chilling aura blew throughout the passage.
  1036. Xiao Yu walked in front, taking slow and measured steps.
  1038. Nie Li could tell that Xiao Yu was being extremely cautious. With every step he took, he’d examine his surroundings; therefore, they managed to avoid all the nearby traps.
  1040. The inscription patterns earlier also contained many traps to mislead people. Only those with extraordinary comprehension of inscription patterns could see through the trick with a glance. Xiao Yu’s current level was already pretty good. With his capabilities, ordinary traps wouldn’t be able to harm him.
  1042. After walking for roughly half an hour, the two of them realised that they had absolutely no idea where they were.
  1044. The gloomy death aura was even denser around here. There were also bones strewn around on the steps they stood on. They carelessly walked over them, causing crackling sounds as they shattered the bones into fragments under their feet.
  1046. Suddenly, a sharp whistle sounded and one ugly creature after another appeared from thin air, crawled up the surrounding walls, and pounced towards Nie Li and Xiao Yu.
  1048. The creatures were emitting rotten auras from their bodies. They had sinister appearances with four spider-like limbs and stuck on the walls in a similar fashion.
  1050. “These are Ghouls! Beware of the poison on their body!” Nie Li reminded Xiao Yu.
  1052. Staring at these creatures, Xiao Yu’s brows slightly knitted with an expression of loathing. He opened his right hand slightly and a shield of light appeared from nowhere, enveloping him. The shield pulsed with lightning. When the Ghouls came in contact with the shield, they exploded into green paste.
  1054. The Ghouls were incapable of breaking though Xiao Yu’s shield.
  1056. Watching Xiao Yu take action, Nie Li smiled bitterly. This guy really does have mysophobia. To think he actually used a Lightning Divine Guardian Rock just to keep these Ghouls from getting too close to himself!
  1058. Xiao Yu didn’t say a word as he continued moving down the steps, towards the end of the staircase not far below.
  1060. Suddenly, a sharp whistling sound came from behind. This was the aura of several Demigod ranks!
  1062. Sensing them, Xiao Yu hurriedly said, “Quick, we have to go!”
  1064. The Demigod rank experts had followed them in!
  1066. Xiao Yu skimmed in the front, while Nie Li followed behind.
  1068. Right after they started running, several of the traps were triggered. A hail of arrows were aimed in their direction.
  1070. *Ding!* *Ding!* *Ding!*
  1072. The arrows bounced off the shield and fell onto the ground.
  1074. So the arrows were also incapable of breaking through Xiao Yu’s light shield.
  1076. However, the duration of the light shield was also very limited. Xiao Yu was trying to use it to buy time and gain some distance.
  1078. As they frantically ran, the space at the end of the passage suddenly twisted.
  1080. “Not good!” Nie Li said when he sensed the space twisting. He immediately reached out to pull Xiao Yu back.
  1082. However, he was a step too late as Xiao Yu dived straight into it. Nie Li pondered for a brief moment. Although Xiao Yu was a somewhat unpleasant, he wasn’t all that bad. Doing something like just watching someone die just wasn’t Nie Li’s style. He managed to grab onto the end of Xiao Yu’s clothes and tumbled in after him.
  1084. The two of them seemed to have fallen into a bottomless abyss as the falling sensation continued.
  1086. “What’s going on?” Xiao Yu tried to open his eyes but couldn’t because of the twisted space.
  1088. Nie Li’s right hand tightly gripped Xiao Yu’s clothes to prevent himself from losing him. However, the space distortion was too powerful and Nie Li’s right hand was gradually losing strength.
  1090. *Riiiiiiiiiiippp!*
  1092. Nie Li tore a scrap of cloth from Xiao Yu’s clothes. Just when the two of them were about to fall separately, Nie Li managed to force his eyes open and grasped Xiao Yu’s collar with his left hand. He then hooked his right around Xiao Yu’s waist.
  1094. Xiao Yu sensed himself freefalling and wanted to stop himself, but there was nothing he could do. He felt someone pulling at his clothes and realised that it should be Nie Li. Then, suddenly, with a large tearing sound, a large piece of cloth tore from his waist.
  1096. This was followed by someone gripping his collar and hooking his waist. A heavy body pressed on him as he struggled.
  1098. Nie Li furrowed his brows for a brief moment. What was Xiao Yu doing? Nie Li was trying to save him, but Xiao Yu was unable to tell what’s right and wrong!
  1100. Sensing that Xiao Yu was about to break free, Nie Li coldly snorted and said in a furious tone, “Don’t move, do you want to die?”
  1102. Hearing Nie Li’s angry growl, Xiao Yu stopped.
  1104. Nie Li furrowed his brows and continued to feel the surrounding space twist and tear. Just where were they falling towards? In this realm, the Law of Death permeates all space. Suddenly, Nie Li had an idea and moved according to it. His body’s size rapidly expanded as he integrated with the Fanged Panda.
  1106. Yin-Yang Blast!
  1108. Nie Li widened his mouth as one black and one white sphere rapidly formed in his mouth: Yin-Yang Blast x10.
  1110. The black and white spheres flew far into the depths of the darkness and exploded.
  1112. A dazzling light shined through the endless void.
  1114. The tearing energy in the surrounding instantly disappeared. Nie Li and Xiao Yu landed in some water and were pushed forward by a current.
  1116. Nie Li turned back into his human form as he gasped for air. He examined their surroundings, which seemed to be somewhere deep inside the tomb. The stone walls were filled with all kinds of mysterious murals of experts battling in the sky. The depicted battle was very fierce and the casualties were disastrous.
  1118. What an intense battle!
  1120. Pictured under a vast sky was a deep tunnel through a void that lead directly towards a distant space. At the end of the tunnel stood a group of experts who were observing the scene. After this image was another mysterious and beautiful scene, showing huge floating islands with gorgeous mountains and rivers. The ruins of a palace floated among them, appearing very grand and majestic.
  1122. Nie Li was astonished at this second scene. That painting portrayed a place that Nie Li had once visited in his previous life: the Draconic Ruins Realm!
  1124. So there were Spiritual God experts from this world that were aware of the existence of that domain.
  1126. The Draconic Ruins Realm was an even higher leveled realm than the Divine Continent.
  1128. By following the Dao of cultivation, one’s Soul Force can only reach the realm of Legend rank. Only those who have comprehended the Heavenly Energy can break through Legend rank and step into the Heavenly Fate Realm.
  1130. However, on the Divine Continent, the strongest experts were only of Spiritual God rank. In terms of cultivation, the Spiritual Gods are actually lower than Heavenly Fate realm experts. However, Spiritual Gods are capable of using power on the Heavenly Fate realm and obtain immortality.
  1132. This Divine Continent is a domain that was forcibly created by some almighty expert! The Spiritual Gods are only the spirits of the laws who reside there.
  1134. In other words, because the Spiritual Gods no longer have physical bodies, they are capable of achieving eternal life. Even if their Divine Sparks were shattered, they wouldn’t die immediately, unless their Laws were seized.
  1136. According to this mural, experts from the Draconic Ruins Realm had long noticed the existence of the Divine Continent and were watching the battle between the Spiritual Gods. But why didn’t they send any of their experts over? Perhaps, they couldn’t enter this realm? Nie Li would only be able to find an answer after he broke through Legend rank and reached Heavenly Fate realm. Only then could he enter the Draconic Ruins Realm.
  1138. Nie Li and Xiao Yu allowed the current to push them along, until they finally reached a spot where they could feel land under their feet. When they finally did, the two of them leaped out of the water and landed on the dry land before them.
  1140. When Nie Li turned around, he realised that Xiao Yu had already changed into a new set of clothes. Piled on the ground beside him were the clothes that had been torn earlier.
  1142. Glancing at Nie Li, Xiao Yu’s face ashened. He understood that it was Nie Li who saved him. His Yin-Yang Blast had also surprised Xiao Yu. However, when Xiao Yu remembered his torn clothing, he still felt rather upset.
  1144. Seeing Xiao Yu, Nie Li shrugged. Xiao Yu really was unable to differentiate good from bad. If it wasn’t for Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast earlier, who knows where they would be by now?
  1146. “Let’s go.” Xiao Yu said in an unhappy tone as he walked further into the depths of the tomb.
  1148. “Ungrateful bastard.” Nie Li muttered as he followed behind Xiao Yu.
  1150. Both figures gradually vanished into the darkness.
  1152. At the same time, outside the Ancient Tomb
  1154. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were standing at the original spot, waiting. Both of them were a little worried about Nie Li, so both of them did their best to calm themselves down. Nie Li should have an idea of what he’s getting himself into; otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone into that tomb.
  1156. The two of them were very silent and awkward. The two childhood friends now have a very complicated relationship.
  1158. Ye Ziyun thought for a while, then turned towards Xiao Ning’er and said, “Ning’er, I’m sorry.”
  1160. Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s heart slightly ached. She looked at Ye Ziyun and said, “Ye Ziyun, are you pitying me?”
  1162. “That wasn’t my intention.” Ye Ziyun hurriedly shook her head and said, “After all, you got to know Nie Li first and I…”
  1164. Looking at Ye Ziyun’s guilt-ridden expression, Xiao Ning’er shook her head and said, “The one that Nie Li is in love with is you; it was his choice. I’m in love with him; that was my choice. It’s no one’s fault. Although you and Nie Li have been engaged, you haven’t had a wedding ceremony. Just like how Shen Fei and I were once engaged, but the engagement was called off. Ye Ziyun, I will still fight you for him.”
  1166. Ye Ziyun went silent. Regarding this matter, no one was right or wrong.
  1168. As the conversation trailed off, a group of people suddenly surrounded them. The leaders were Tian Ling of the Northern Nether Family and Wu Yu of the Wugui Family. Over thirty others stood behind them.
  1170. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s faces slightly changed as they beheld the scene.
  1172. “Aha! Lovely lady, I never thought that we would meet again. And who is this? She’s beautiful as well! Tsk, tsk, why isn’t that boy with you?” Wu Yu swept an eye over their surroundings and laughed, his eyes gleaming with frivolous intent.
  1174. Ye Ziyun took a step forward to shield Xiao Ning’er with her body. She coldly glared at Wu Yu and said, “What are you guys planning to do? Get lost, now; otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
  1180. Chapter 235: Divine Feathers Sect
  1183. “Impolite? Haha, Young master Tian Ling, what did we just hear? These two ladies are actually saying that they’ll be impolite to us!” Wu Yu laughed heartily, but his laughter gradually turned sinister and a chilling light flashed across his eyes.
  1185. Tian Ling snorted and said, “If you two ladies are willing to come with us, then we definitely won’t make things difficult for the you. However, if you refuse our toast and have to be forcibly persuaded, then don’t blame us for our actions!”
  1187. Tian Ling emitted a powerful oppressive aura towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.
  1189. “Ye Ziyun, we still have the scroll that Xiao Yu gave us. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll stall them while you escape!” Xiao Ning’er said to Ye Ziyun in a low voice as her eyes flashed with a faint sadness.
  1191. If Ye Ziyun died, Nie Li would definitely be heartbroken. Therefore, she has to guarantee Ye Ziyun’s safety. But if Xiao Ning’er somehow got herself killed in the process, would Nie Li be heartbroken over her?
  1193. “Ning’er, if the two of us are going to escape, then we’ll do it together. If we both manage to survive, I hope that we can return to being sisters, like in our childhood days!” Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed with a hint of tears. To think that during this situation, Ning’er’s first reaction was to let her leave first!
  1195. Xiao Ning’er looked at Ye Ziyun as memories of the past spun through her head. Once upon a time, the two of them were as close as sisters. But for certain reasons, the two of them gradually grew apart. When she heard Ye Ziyun’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s heart ached and she kept silent. However, she had already approved of Ye Ziyun’s request.
  1197. “Are you done with your discussion? We don’t have that much patience in waiting!” Wu Yu barked with a menacing expression. He feared that Nie Li would appear again.
  1199. The group slowly closed in on Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.
  1201. Although they could sense Tian Ling’s terrifying aura oppressing them, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er still appeared to be very calm. The two of them were prideful women and had been through all kinds of situations since they were young.
  1203. Xiao Ning’er watched as they slowly got closer. She showed a dark and cold smile at Wu Yu, Tian Ling and the rest, took out the golden scroll that Xiao Yu had given them, and held it in front of her.
  1205. “Do you know what is this?” Xiao Ning’er coldly snapped. Her palms were drenched in sweat. If Xiao Yu had given them a useless item, they would definitely be in trouble.
  1207. “Hahaha, you thought that you’d be able to deal with all of us with just a scroll?” Wu Yu let out a loud laugh. These two ladies from the human race were too silly.
  1209. As Wu Yu was laughing, Tian Ling hit Wu Yu over the head and his laughter stopped.
  1211. “Disgraceful fool, take a closer look at it!” Tian Ling cursed in a solemn voice.
  1213. At Tian Ling’s words, Wu Yu was dazed for a moment, then took a closer look at the item in Xiao Ning’er’s hands. His face immediately changed and eyes portrayed a deep fear as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. In his mind, he began cursing Ye Han to death. If only Ye Hand didn’t provoke such trouble…
  1215. “Two respected ladies, had you shown us this earlier, we wouldn’t have dared to offend you as such. I represent my family and express our sincerest apologies. If the two ladies are still not appeased, I am fully willing to offer my head to seek your forgiveness.” Tian Ling lowered his head, his earlier arrogance gone without a trace, replaced by an expression of pure fear and respect.
  1217. Wu Yu also lowered his head as he recalled a terrifying legend. A chill went down his backbone.
  1219. Ten years ago, a powerful family in the Nether Realm offended someone with a golden scroll in their hands. The entire family was exterminated without a single survivor. It’s said that there were servants of the Master of the Nether Realm among the experts sent to exterminate the family.
  1221. Three years ago, another youth went around bluffing with a golden scroll and his family was also annihilated without any survivors.
  1223. Since then, the pattern on the golden scroll has been written into textbooks, to be memorised by everyone from every family! No one wished to have their family destroyed.
  1225. Thereafter, that golden scroll no longer appeared. However, they never expected it to show itself again in the hands of Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er!
  1227. Although Tian Ling and the rest were usually very arrogant, they still understood that there were some people in the Nether Realm that they should never offend. Especially those who were close to the Master of the Nether Realm.
  1229. Tian Ling and Wu Yu lowered their heads, while the others became very frightened. No one dared to speak a word.
  1231. As they recalled the meaning behind that golden scroll, they understood that even a slightly careless mistake could bring complete destruction upon their family.
  1233. Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were both stunned. They never imagined that the golden scroll in their hands would have so much influence that it would frighten Tian Ling, Wu Yu and the rest into utter submission. The two of them exchanged a glance. They were both extremely smart and intelligent, yet how could they not notice that Xiao Yu definitely had hidden and shocking origins?! Whoever he was, his background was not something that even Tian Ling and the others could easily offend.
  1235. “Get lost. Don’t let us see you again.” Xiao Ning’er coldly glared at them.
  1237. Tian Ling and Wu Yu both glanced at each other. They never thought that Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er would let them go so easily. Therefore, they swiftly made their exits.
  1239. In an instant, Tian Ling and Wu Yu had disappeared into the distant forest.
  1241. “Young Master Tian Ling, I still feel that this matter is a little suspicious. Could those two girls have used a fake to scare us?” Wu Yu said with his brows furrowed.
  1243. Tian Ling glanced at Wu Yu and coldly said, “Then, do you want to go back? Using a fake scroll would have their families exterminated! Who else would dare to do so?” Even if it’s a fake, they could only suck it up. Luckily they did not offend those two girls too badly; otherwise, it could have really summoned a crisis upon their family!
  1245. “What could the identities of those two girls be?” he wondered.
  1247. When they saw Tian Ling and Wu Yu disappear into the forest, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both let out heavy sighs of relief. The two of them glanced at each other and smiled from being relieved of their burden. Earlier, if it hadn’t been for Xiao Yu’s golden scroll, the situation could’ve gotten dangerous. After experiencing the danger together, the obstruction between Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er became shallower, no longer as deep as it once was.
  1249. The two of them couldn’t help looking in the direction of the tomb as they wondered how Nie Li and Xiao Yu were currently faring.
  1251. Within the tomb
  1253. Nie Li and Xiao Yu sat on the shore, having a conversation. Their entire bodies were still soaking wet. Nie Li removed his clothes quickly as he put on a new set.
  1255. “You’re not changing?” Nie Li asked Xiao Yu in curiosity.
  1257. While Nie Li was changing his clothes, Xiao Yu turned his head away. He replied to Nie Li with his back towards him as white steam rose from his body, his clothes quickly drying, “I don’t need to change for the time being.”
  1259. This guy was really strange. He’s usually so mysophobic, but now he’s not willing to change his dirty clothes. Could it be that he didn’t have anymore spare clothes in his interspatial ring?
  1261. However, Nie Li couldn’t be bothered by such small things.
  1263. Xiao Yu recalled how easily Nie Li had managed to break the inscription patterns on the ancient tomb’s door. Nie Li’s comprehension of inscription patterns should’ve reached an astonishing degree.
  1265. “I heard that the Master of the Nether Realm is currently recruiting disciples, especially talented younger generations. If they’re exceptionally extraordinary, they can even be sent to a place called the Divine Feathers Sect to cultivate. I wonder if brother Nie Li is interested?” Xiao Yu said as he lightly smiled.
  1267. “Divine Feathers Sect?”” At Xiao Yu’s words, a light of recognition abruptly flashed across Nie Li’s eyes. That was a powerful location in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Indeed, the people of this world already knew how to reach the Draconic Ruins Realm and had already made connections with the people on that side!
  1269. Even within the Draconic Ruins Realm, the Divine Feathers Sect was considered an extremely powerful sect. Nie Li sunk deeper into his memories. Speaking of which, he, himself had been a little involved with the Master of Divine Feathers Sect. He momentarily wondered what the current situation in the Divine Feathers Sect was.
  1271. In the Divine Continent, Legend and Demigod ranks could already be considered powerful existences. However, in that domain, experts were further split into five realms:
  1273. Heavenly Fate, Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, Dao of Dragon, and Martial Ancestor. Each realm was also subdivided into smaller realms. Spiritual Gods of the Nether Realm were equivalent to 1-fate, 2-fate, or even 3-fate Heavenly Fate ranks of that world.
  1275. “Brother Nie Li knows of the Divine Feathers Sect?” Seeing Nie Li’s strange reaction, Xiao Yu’s brows slightly twitched.
  1277. “I don’t. Aha, what kind of place is the Divine Feathers Sect?” Now that he knew the Master of the Nether Realm could contact the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li was extremely shocked.
  1279. Looking at Nie Li, Xiao Yu sighed a breath of relief in his heart. It would be strange if Nie Lie knew about the existence of the Divine Feathers Sect, since it’s a powerful sect that belongs to a whole different world!
  1281. Xiao Yu sighed, “Regardless of what kind of place the Divine Feathers Sect is, you only have to know that it exists and that it is an amazing place. Even Spiritual God rank experts are only considered ordinary in a sect as large and powerful as that.”
  1283. “Oh? Then I’ll really have to take a look!” Nie Li pretended to be very interested. If he managed to become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, he might able to enter the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm. That would certainly be fast and easy access.
  1285. Xiao Yu proudly said, “In fact, the people over there refer to our world as the Tiny World. It’s simply incomparable to the world in the Draconic Ruins Realm. In the world of the Divine Feathers Sect, there’re countless other sects and supreme experts. The cultivating resources over there are also incomparable to our Tiny World.”
  1287. Nie Li’s heart trembled slightly. It seems that Xiao Yu has been to the Draconic Ruins Realm before.
  1289. In fact, compared to the vast Draconic Ruins Realm, the Divine Continent was simply too small.
  1291. He wondered just what kind of position the Master of the Nether Realm has over in the Divine Feathers Sect and what relation Xiao Yu has with the Master of the Nether Realm.
  1293. “So, you’re interested in becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm?’ Xiao Yu smiled as he asked Nie Li.
  1295. Nie Li pondered for a while and lightly said, “I’ll look at the situation first, then think it over.”
  1297. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu said in an irritated tone, “Do you have any idea just how many people want to become disciples of the Master of the Nether Realm?’
  1299. “What does that got to do with me?” Nie Li glanced at Xiao Yu.
  1301. “That…” Xiao Yu was speechless.
  1307. Chapter 236: Wings of Law
  1310. Xiao Yu was speechless. But it’s true. With regards to the position of the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple, it was Nie Li’s own choice as to whether or not he wanted to try for it.
  1312. Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance as he lightly smiled. He was just teasing Xiao Yu. Nie Li’s motive in coming to the Nether Realm was to let himself or one of his companions become the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple. If they managed to acquire that position, they would be able to guarantee the safety of Glory City.
  1314. When that time came, Nie Lie would be able to take shelter under the Master of the Nether Realm’s wing and proceed to cultivate in peace. He might even be able to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm.
  1316. Truthfully, the Divine Feathers Sect can’t be considered the most powerful existence in the Draconic Ruins Realm.
  1318. If he came across enemies from his previous life, what would he do? Do they even exist in this life?
  1320. The current Divine Feathers Sect should still be politically united. However, due to internal conflicts in the future, it would be split into several factions. Some of the factions would be swallowed by other sects while the others simply declined into nonexistence. However, all of this should happen one hundred years in the future.
  1322. Suddenly, the two walls on either side of Nie Li and Xiao Yu morphed into huge stone hands and tried to grab them.
  1324. “Not good!” Xiao Yu’s face turned pale. He quickly joined his hands together and two streaks of white light suddenly appeared around him.
  1326. *Boom!*
  1328. The stone hands collided with the white light and were fixed in place for the time being. However, the stone hands could still grasp, so they were squeezing Xiao Yu’s shield, trying to destroy it. Xiao Yu knew he couldn’t keep the defense up for much longer and shouted urgently, “I can’t handle it anymore! We have to leave, quickly!”
  1330. Xiao Yu dashed backwards with Nie Li following close behind.
  1332. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1334. From the depths of the ancient tomb, Nie Li heard the sounds of an intense battle. Were the Demigod rank experts fighting with something else in the tomb?
  1336. Nie Li and Xiao Yu continued to rebuff the terrifying stone hands as they ran.
  1338. A ghastly voice rose from the bowels of the tomb.
  1340. “Clack, clack, clack. I never thought that anyone would actually be able to enter this place. You guys think that this tomb is where I hid my treasures? This ancient tomb is actually my real body! By swallowing all of you, I can gradually restore my Divine Spark. Ming Fei 1, you’ve been trying to restrain me, but that’s impossible! My Law of Death is on an even higher level than to your Law of Nether!”
  1342. Upon hearing the voice of the ancient tomb, Nie Li couldn’t help making a face. This voice should belong to the Death God. Since the Master of the Nether Realm definitely made a visit to the Draconic Ruins Realm before, the master likely had already attained an even higher stage of cultivation. Meanwhile, the Death God was still holed up here, and was stuck on the question of whose law was stronger.
  1344. The truly powerful energy would be the Heavenly Energy. After all, Law Energy was nothing more than a purer form of Soul Force. Meanwhile, existences of like the Death God were nothing more than law spirits of the Tiny World.
  1346. Numerous hands kept trying to grab Nie Li and Xiao Yu, trying to tear them to shreds.
  1348. Xiao Yu frowned his brows for a brief moment and snorted, “That old bat, the Death God, actually isn’t dead yet!”
  1350. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1352. Xiao Yu kept releasing energy from his palms, shattering the stone hands into a rain of tiny fragments. However, just as Xiao Yu managed to destroy another wave, one of the hands managed to hit him and sent him flying several dozens of feet. Xiao Yu’s face became ghastly pale.
  1354. The stone hand contained some kind of Law of Death energy that was trying to invade his body. He underestimated this force far too much.
  1356. So this ancient tomb is actually the body of the Death God? If that’s the case, why should Nie Li bother being polite with it?
  1358. He rapidly transformed into the Fanged Panda and formed a black sphere and a white sphere as he widened his mouth. He spat and the black and white balls and they flew towards the end of the hallway.
  1360. *Boom!*
  1362. A terrifying explosion sounded at the other end of the ancient tomb and shards of stone flew about.
  1364. The terrifying explosion even made Xiao Yu’s heart tremble when he saw it. Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast was simply too frightening! It didn’t look like a move from a Black Gold rank at all! That kind of power probably reached the pinnacle of Legend rank!
  1366. Next, Xiao Yu was left utterly shocked when he realised that one round of Yin-Yang Blast wasn’t enough for Nie Li as he began to execute them like mad.
  1368. Multiple black and white spheres flew all over the place.
  1370. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1372. Terrifying explosions echoed throughout the entire area.
  1374. Under the destructive power of the Yin-Yang Blast, the stone walls rapidly crumbled to dust, as if they were plants that had withered.
  1376. Yin-Yang Blast x10!
  1378. Nie Li still didn’t let up and proceeded to gather a super Yin-Yang Blast. The Law Energy in his soul realm was instantly sucked dry. Under the explosion of this super Yin-Yang Blast, the wall disintegrated.
  1380. Nie Li and Xiao Yu stepped through the gap in the wall.
  1382. In an extremely vast area, Demigod rank experts of every race appeared one after another in Nie Li’s field of view. Each one was tightly bound by artery-like ropes that absorbed the energy from their bodies in pulses, sending the energy flowing towards a distant reservoir.
  1384. The Demigod rank experts all appeared withered to the point that even opening their eyes was a difficult task, not to mention being unable to struggle free.
  1386. In the center of that vast space was a gigantic black heart, thumping nonstop.
  1388. “Hahaha, more people have come to die! In that case, I’ll help myself!”
  1390. Multiple bundles of rope headed towards Nie Li and Xiao Yu and the horrifying death aura locked onto them.
  1392. Sensing the terrifying death aura, Xiao Yu’s expression underwent a drastic change and he warned in an urgent tone, “Careful, these contain Law of Death energy!”
  1394. The Law of Death was at a higher level, on par with the Laws of Nether, Darkness, and Light. However, in some aspects, the Law of Death could also be called the most deadly among them.
  1396. “Xiao Yu, you go and save those Demigod rank experts! I’ll stall him!” Nie Li urged. If this ancient tomb really was the body of the Death God, then trying to break out by themselves would be very difficult. He had to first rescue these Demigod rank experts so they’d have more helpers!
  1398. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate. He took out a long sword and slashed towards the cords that bound the Demigod rank experts.
  1400. “Hahaha! With just the two of you, you intend to sever my Ropes of Origin that were made through my Law of Death?”
  1402. Just as the voice landed on their ears, the long sword in Xiao Yu’s hand came into contact with the ropes and sliced them apart. The Demigod rank experts were released from captivity one after another.
  1404. “That’s impossible! How could you possibly cut through them?!” The Death God’s tone contained boundless astonishment.
  1406. That sharp blade in Xiao Yu’s hand wasn’t an ordinary weapon. It should be an item from the Draconic Ruins Realm. But a sword that contained Heavenly Energy – wouldn’t that be invincible?
  1408. The death aura rolled towards Xiao Yu as the Death God tried to stop him. However, Nie Li placed himself between the death aura and Xiao Yu.
  1410. Sensing the Law of Death moving towards him, Nie Li let out a solemn growl as the Laws of Darkness and Light gathered in his hands, halting the advancement of the death aura. The two Law Energies formed into a perfect shield and shrouded Nie Li.
  1412. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1414. The Laws of Darkness and Light continuously collided with the Law of Death that had permeated the air. Sounds of explosions were released.
  1416. “What’s going on?” The Death God’s tone was trembling, “The Laws of Darkness and Light… two exactly opposing Law Energies actually appeared within one person’s body?”
  1418. As far as the Death God knew, that was simply impossible. This person has far surpassed his knowledge!
  1420. “However, you have yet to reach Demigod rank. You’re still too early to face me!” The Death God coldly snarled as he mobilised an even stronger Law Energy to bombard Nie Li with. “I want to see just how you’ve been able to handle two Law Energies at once!”
  1422. Nie Li wildly pushed the Laws of Light and Darkness forward, but barely managed to withstand the Law of Death. After all, the Death God could mobilise more Law Energy than a dozen Nie Li’s could do together.
  1424. The death aura overwhelmed Nie Li and began to rapidly corrode his body.
  1426. The death aura had even penetrated his soul realm.
  1428. Nie Li furrowed his brows as he sensed the horrendous pain tearing his mind. This kind of pain wasn’t something an ordinary person could even imagine. However, at that moment, Nie Li was still able to maintain a clear-headed consciousness.
  1430. Forcefully enduring the Law of Death, Nie Li continued to manipulate the Laws of Darkness and Light to crush the Law of Death within his body.
  1432. Shit! There was just too much Law of Death!
  1434. Nie Li suddenly felt the vine within his body grow and rapidly absorb the Law of Death. Sensing the changes, Nie Li changed his thoughts and decided to allow the Law of Death into his Soul Realm, allowing the vine to absorb it.
  1436. That wave-like Law of Death kept being absorbed by the vine, like a bottomless vortex.
  1438. “What’s going on?!” The voice in the void was, yet again, filled with astonishment. His Law of Death was actually being absorbed? This was unprecedented!
  1440. For one person to have both the Laws of Darkness and Light was already unbelievable. On top of that, this person has managed to absorb his Law of Death. These facts struck fear into the Death God’s heart.
  1442. The Spiritual Gods were supposedly unrivalled in the control of their respective Law Energies. Law Energies with similar aspects to their own fell entirely under their jurisdictions. But now, Nie Li had actually forcefully torn his Law of Death away from him.
  1444. After absorbing the Law of Death, Nie Li’s comprehension towards the Law Energy reached an even higher level. Traces of understanding flashed through his head.
  1446. Suddenly, an intense pain spread throughout his body and Nie Li let out a painful howl as his back felt as if it was being torn apart. A white wing emerged from the right shoulder blade. Immediately after, a black wing emerged from the other side.
  1448. One black and one white wing. One side was as pure as the fresh snow. The other was pitch black, as pure as the other without a single trace of color. The pair was at least three or four meters long. The Laws of Light and Darkness constantly revolved around Nie Li’s body.
  1450. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  1452. Powerful energy spread throughout the surrounding area with Nie Li at the center.
  1454. Nie Li himself never imaged that before he could cultivate the Heavenly Energy, he would first comprehend the profound understanding of Law Energy. The two types of Law Energy surged violently within his body to a frightening degree, to the point that they could no longer be contained within his frame and were constantly leaking out.
  1456. Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes and a divine light blossomed forth.
  1458. * * *
  1462. The Ming also means Nether.
  1468. Chapter 237: Frost Chaos Sword
  1471. Under the incite of the Law of Death, Nie Li’s Laws of Light and Darkness became even more refined and pure.
  1473. The instant Nie Li’s wings expanded, a majestic energy spread throughout the surroundings, sourcing from his person.
  1475. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  1477. Explosions were heard all around.
  1479. Upon sensing the sudden flux of powerful energy, Xiao Yu turned to Nie Li in astonishment. Emanating from Nie Li’s body were the Laws of Darkness and Light, their purity was at an unimaginable stage.
  1481. While Nie Li was fighting the Law of Death, the captive Demigod rank experts were rescued by Xiao Yu.
  1483. “Many thanks for your help!”
  1485. “Many thanks, young master!” The Demigod rank experts all expressed their gratitude towards Xiao Yu.
  1487. “Thank him, not me.” Xiao Yu pouted his lips in Nie Li’s direction.
  1489. When the Demigod rank experts turned their gazes towards Nie Li, an awe-inspiring sight filled their visions. Nie Li was silently hovering in the air, surrounded by surging waves of the two types of Law Energy.
  1491. To think that the Laws of Light and Darkness actually appeared in a single body! Just which family does this young master belong to?
  1493. Meanwhile, Nie Li sensed that within his body, apart from the Laws of Light and Darkness, there was a third type of energy gradually increasing in power. It was the Law of Death from the Death God.
  1495. “In the presence of me, the Death God, you dare to behave so atrociously! You’re seeking death!” The Death God furiously roared as a million black raven materialised, assaulting Nie Li.
  1497. Nie Li suddenly understood something.
  1499. The Death God was only the spirit of law. Since Nie Li had already absorbed and merged with a portion of the Law of Death, he was beginning to comprehend it. The Death God’s Divine Spark was currently shattered and can’t be restored at the moment; therefore, now is the time when the Death God is at his weakest.
  1501. If Nie Li is able to seize the Law of Death, then the Death God would undoubtedly die!
  1503. The Death God felt fear, so he couldn’t wait to have him killed!
  1505. The Law of Death gradually gathered to the center of Nie Li’s palm, with its aura constantly revolving. Nie Li was already working on fully comprehending the Law Energy.
  1507. The Law of Death was quickly being collected in Nie Li’s location as he continuously deconstructed and reconstructed the Law Energy. Since the Law of Death is similar to the Laws of Darkness and Light, mastering it wasn’t difficult.
  1509. *Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*
  1511. The ravens flew in front of Nie Li and exploded.
  1513. Sensing that his Law of Death was being threatened, the Death God became even more furious.
  1515. “So arrogantly trying to shook my foundation, within my own territory! I will turn you into dust!” The Death Gold frantically manipulated the Law Energy, forming a pair of gigantic scarlet hands that slammed into Nie Li.
  1517. The oversized pair of hands emitted a pulverising pressure. The faces of all the Demigod rank experts changed drastically as they sensed this aura.
  1519. Although the Divine Spark of the Death God has been shattered and he was no longer at the pinnacle of his strength, the Death God was still a Spiritual God. Furthermore, with this tomb as the foundation, his strength was equivalent to him having a divine body. Even if the Death God usually only had the strength of a Demigod rank expert, as long as they were inside this tomb, the Death God could easily crush the laws of the other experts. That was why the Demigod rank experts couldn’t challenge the Death God.
  1521. The Law Energy of the Death God could suppress the other experts, but that didn’t work against Nie Li. The Law Energies within Nie Li’s body had formed individually.
  1523. The scarlet hands impacted Nie Lie with an unparalleled strength. The imposing energy even exerted a terrible pressure on Xiao Yu. His face changed and he yelled in an urgent tone, “Nie Li, careful! Run!”
  1525. Despite Xiao Yu’s yelling, Nie Li stood in place without a single twitch, as though he hadn’t heard the warning.
  1527. Could it be that something happened to Nie Li? Xiao Yu was preparing to rush in and save Nie Li, but it was already too late.
  1529. *Boom!*
  1531. The two gigantic hands came together and crushed Nie Li under its palms.
  1533. An imposing shockwave of energy was unleashed into the surrounding area.
  1535. Watching the scene, Xiao Yu slightly trembled and an expression of deep sadness and pity could be seen on his face. Although he hadn’t been with Nie Li for very long and he thought Nie Li was a little cheap with his mouth, overall, Xiao Yu still believed that Nie Li was someone worth associating with. For someone with such extraordinary talent like Nie Li, dying here was really too much of a pity. Furthermore, there were two young ladies waiting for him outside.
  1537. Fury surged as Xiao Yu took a huge swipe with his sharp sword, chopping towards the massive black heart in the center of the room.
  1539. Aside from feelings of pity, the other Demigod rank experts felt a deep fear rising in their hearts. Now that Nie Li has been killed, does that mean they won’t be able to escape from this ancient tomb anymore? The space here had been tightly sealed and under the pressure of the Death God’s powerful law, they didn’t even have half a chance of escaping.
  1541. “Hahaha! You tried to seize my Law of Death while we were in my domain?” Hysterical laughter came from the Death God. “I have to admit that you have very extraordinary talent. However, since you dared to threaten me, you shall die!”
  1543. At that moment, insides the palms of the huge hands, Nie Li was wrapped up in his wings. The Laws of Darkness and Light constantly revolved around him. The two palms on either side had actually been forced into arcs and Nie Li didn’t sustain any injuries.
  1545. When the huge palms slammed into him, Nie Li had instantly sucked his surroundings dry the of the Law of Death, taking the energy into himself. Since the pair of hands were formed from the Law of Death, Nie Li’s actions naturally carved a hole into them.
  1547. Nie Li’s body was now filled with the Law of Death that he had taken in; the Death God mistook this and thought that Nie Li had been destroyed by his Law of Death.
  1549. As Nie Li continued to comprehend the Law of Death, he gradually grasped the core of it. Both of his arms sprouted pieces of bone spikes, like arm guards.
  1551. He continued to get himself accustomed to the Law of Death; at this point, it would be extremely difficult to threaten him with the Law of Death anymore. However, thoroughly grasping the Death God’s Law of Death wasn’t an easy task.
  1553. The Death God’s savage laughter echoed throughout the tomb. He watched Xiao Yu wave his sword towards the black heart and laughed in contemptation, “The strongest among you has been killed by me. Only you guys are left, and yet you still plan on struggling?”
  1555. “All out on him!” The Demigod rank experts exchanged glances, gathered their Law Energies, and charged at the black heart like comets.
  1557. “Hmph, fighting like a bunch of cornered beasts!” The Death God coldly snorted as countless prisons of bone formed in the sky, trapping the Demigod rank experts.
  1559. The Demigod rank experts all frantically hacked away at the bone prisons. However, a moment later, numerous bones bound their bodies tightly, rendering them unable to take even a single step and blocking their visions.
  1561. The bones continued to chase after Xiao Yu but he coldly snorted and chopped them away with the sword in his hand.
  1563. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1565. The bones shattered into pieces by Xiao Yu’s hand.
  1567. “Oh…” The Death God showed astonishment in his voice. The bones that even Demigod rank experts were helpless against were actually shattered into pieces by Xiao Yu. “That sword is… the Frost Chaos Sword?!”
  1569. As Xiao Yu slashed the bones, a white frosty mist was gathered in the air, instantly freezing them upon contact. The frozen bones were quickly shattered by Frost Chaos Sword.
  1571. “The Frost Chaos Sword is something that belongs to the Master of the Nether Realm! What is your connection with him? The Master of the Nether Realm definitely wouldn’t pass Frost Chaos Sword to an outsider. From what I know, the Master of the Nether Realm does not have any sons, he only has one…” The Death God suddenly issued a sharp crackling laughter. “Haha, that old bastard Ming was the one who caused my current state. I never thought that you would bring yourself to my door. Hahaha! Exerting major force, only to find it unintentionally!”
  1573. *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  1575. Scarlet ropes rolled towards Xiao Yu.
  1577. “Old bat, you want to capture me? It’s not that easy!” Xiao Yu coldly snorted as the Frost Chaos Sword in his hand drew a sphere of ice, shrouding him within.
  1579. “If that old Ming came personally, perhaps I would be a little afraid. But you? Hmph, you think that just by equipping yourself with Frost Chaos Sword, you will be able to do anything to me?” The Death God coldly laughed as tens of thousands of scarlet ropes became as solid as steel.
  1581. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1583. The scarlet ropes whipped the ice shield, causing cracks to appear on the surface of the sphere.
  1585. Xiao Yu’s face had worry smeared all over it. Although he had the strength of a Demigod rank, now that he was in the Death God’s domain, the Law of Death suppressed him tightly and he couldn’t exert any Law Energy.
  1587. As he was thinking up ways to counter the Death God, one of the ropes penetrated his spherical ice shield and bound itself around his neck. His energy began to flow through this rope towards the void on the other end. Xiao Yu felt as though the power in his body was being sucked dry and he couldn’t struggle to free himself.
  1589. His limbs were also rapidly being bound.
  1591. “Tsk, tsk, you’re finally in my hands, let’s see how I’ll torture you to death!” The Death God gave out a savage laugh as ropes slowly floated before Xiao Yu.
  1593. *Pa!*
  1595. The rope lashed ruthlessly across Xiao Yu’s body, tearing a hole in his clothes. A red mark appeared on the pearly white skin, beneath the torn cloth.
  1597. “En!” Xiao Yu clenched his teeth and resisted groaning from the pain. His eyes were filled with an unyielding determination as he coldly stared at the void.
  1599. “Hmph, you seeking death!”
  1601. The rope lashed across Xiao Yu’s body again. His pearly white skin could be seen beneath the torn cloth as blood splattered in all directions.
  1607. Chapter 238: Seizing the Law by Force
  1610. The ropes continued to lash across Xiao Yu’s body, drawing new wounds with each strike.
  1612. “Maybe if you kneel down, beg for mercy, and say that Ming Fei’s the son of a bitch, perhaps I might consider giving you an easy death. Otherwise, I shall turn you into my pet and torture you every day to ease the hatred in my heart!” The Death God issued a savage laughter.
  1614. Xiao Yu coldly spat his rebuke, “You’re the son of a bitch!”
  1616. The Death God paused for a brief moment before saying in a sinister tone, “Since you reject my offer and have to be coerced, then don’t blame me! Hmph, hmph……”
  1618. *Pa!* *Pa!* *Pa!*
  1620. Five or six ropes instantly turned as hard as steel and pierced themselves through Xiao Yu’s body. Blood splattered all over the place and one of his ribs were shattered, causing Xiao Yu to issue a miserable shriek.
  1622. “Hahaha, scream, scream! All the better if it can be heard by that old bastard!” The Death God issued a satisfied laughter.
  1624. Blood flowed from the corner of Xiao Yu’s mouth as he impassively stared at the space in front of him. He furiously snarled, “You son of a bitch, kill me if you dare!”
  1626. “Hahaha, kill you? There won’t be any satisfaction in simply killing you. I want to torture you bit by bit. I want to watch your suffering expression and recall all the times that I’ve suffered. Today, I can finally take my revenge! The emotion I’m feeling right now is pure contentment! After I absorb these Demigods and restore my physical body, I shall bring you along to seek vengeance against that old bastard!” The Death God said in a sinister tone, “I will render the two of you eternally regretful!”
  1628. As the Death God was laughing complacently, the pair of huge hands that had been hovering in the sky suddenly crumbled.
  1630. “What’s going on?” The Death God’s voice trembled as he sensed a majestic aura soaring into the sky.
  1632. Nie Li was actually still alive!
  1634. When the pair of huge hand crumbled, a silhouette emerged from the dust. This figure had a great pair of wings that extended behind him: one black and one white. The Laws of Light and Darkness had each manifested as intense flames on each of Nie Li’s arms. He also wore an impressive ash grey arm guard that was ignited with the black aura of death.
  1636. Both of Nie Li’s eyes contained terrifying bloodlust as he quietly observed the huge heart in the center of the chamber.
  1638. “This is impossible! You’ve actually comprehended the Law of Death?!” The Death God cried out in shock as he felt his own control over the Law of Death gradually slipping away. There was actually someone who was slowly stealing his Law of Death away from him!
  1640. “It’s not too difficult comprehend the Law of Death. Now, you can die!” Nie Li calmly said in an unquestionable tone. He slowly, step by step, moved closer to the black heart suspended in the center of the room.
  1642. “I am the genuine God of Death! Trying to seize my Law of Death? Don’t even try to think about it!” The Death God roared in fury as countless bone spikes shot towards Nie Li.
  1644. However, when these bone spike were within a few meters of Nie Li, they halted mid-air and exploded into dust.
  1646. Nie Li was still walking calmly as he said, “The truth is, the moment your Divine Spark shattered, you had already ceased to be the Death God. There really isn’t much difference between you and the other Demigods, except that your comprehension of the Law of Death is deeper than theirs. Therefore, all of the Law of Death that exists between heaven and earth would have a tendency to gather in your direction. However, if someone managed to achieve an even deeper comprehension over the Law of Death than you, then the Law of Death would just as naturally flow towards that person.”
  1648. “What do you mean?!” The Death God’s voice was no longer calm.
  1650. “My comprehension over the Law of Death has far surpassed yours. Therefore, your Divine Spark has been seized!” Nie Li coldly exclaimed.
  1652. “This is impossible! I am the God of Death and have been for tens of thousands of years! How could your comprehension of the Law of Death possibly surpass mine?” The Death God roared in fury and continued to rain bone spikes over Nie Li. However, each and every one would still stop a few meters away from Nie Li and explode, unable to touch his body.
  1654. Nie Li still took measured steps as he calmly said, “You’re like a cricket trapped in a bottle. You can only see the world inside the bottle. However, there is someone outside the bottle observing you…”
  1656. Hearing Nie Li’s words, the Death God’s voice trembled as he asked, “Are you a person from that realm?”
  1658. Nie Li never thought the Death God would know about that realm. He pondered for a brief moment as he nodded and said, “I suppose you could say so!”
  1660. At Nie Li’s words, the Death God had lost all hope. Back when he lost to the Master of the Nether Realm, the Master of the Nether Realm had also said the same thing. In that realm were countless powerful experts who were watching everything that happened inside this Tiny World. In their eyes, the so-called Spiritual Gods amounted to no more than ants.
  1662. Spiritual Gods like himself were only the spirits of law of this world. In that world, they were the lowest existences of all!
  1664. “I have not surrendered! The Law of Death that I have been cultivating for tens of thousands of years is incomparable to your first insight! You shall die!” The Death God frantically manipulated his bone spikes; however, no matter what he tried, all of his efforts were in vain. Just when he decided to kill Xiao Yu first, the ropes binding Xiao Yu suddenly tore apart.
  1666. Xiao Yu landed, pulled on a new set of clothes over his tattered ones, and turned towards Nie Li’s direction. This time, it was Nie Li who had saved him! He never thought that Nie Li would be able to corner the Death God to such a degree. Although Nie Li’s cultivation was only at Black Gold rank, in terms of some insights, he has already far surpassed Xiao Yu.
  1668. Just how high will Nie Li reach? Xiao Yu couldn’t imagine it at all. He had once heard from his father that this Tiny World was created by an all powerful existence. The supreme experts of the world beyond could observe everything within, but were unable to enter themselves. Only those who belonged to the Tiny World could freely come and go as they pleased. Furthermore, within this Tiny World, every Law Energy actually concealed a cultivation technique.
  1670. Right now, Nie Li has already comprehended three types of cultivation techniques. If he were to take a step further and congeal a Divine Spark, he would be able to become a Spiritual God. If that happened, his future levels of cultivation would simply be unimaginable.
  1672. Nie Li moved closer to the heart, step by step. With every step, ripples spread beneath his feet. Although the Laws of Death used by Nie Li and the Death God were one and the same, Nie Li’s comprehension far surpassed the Death God’s. Therefore, all of the Law of Death that existed between heaven and earth would be Nie Li’s to command: not the Death God’s.
  1674. Therefore, the Death God could no longer pose a threat to Nie Li!
  1676. At this moment, Nie Li’s condition entered into a bizarre stage. Within his body, the Fanged Panda demon spirit merged with the two Laws of Darkness and Light, but did not absorb any Law of Death. However, the Shadow Devil demon spirit had merged with the Law of Darkness and the Law of Death. When the two types of Law Energy linked together, the Shadow Devil grew even more powerful.
  1678. “This is impossible! How can this be?! I will not submit to it!” The Death God roared hysterically; however, he couldn’t change the fact that his Law of Death has already been seized from him.
  1680. “Your struggles are futile, even if you’re unwilling to admit it!”
  1682. Nie Li slowly arrived to the side of the black heart as he place his right hand on its surface. The organ rapidly collapsed and faded away.
  1684. The Death God roared indignantly; however, the foundation for his existence in this world was gradually disappearing.
  1686. Aside from the black heart, the entire tomb was also gradually vanishing.
  1688. Nie Li took in a breath of air. If he and Xiao Yu hadn’t accidentally run into this situation and gotten themselves trapped, he would’ve been too lazy to bother with killing the Death God. As he watched the Death God slowly disappear, emotions stirred within his heart.
  1690. Within this Tiny World, all the Spiritual Gods, including the Death God, Yu Yan and the others were only chess pieces. The most powerful one is still the person who forged this world. If one could not find his own way out of this Tiny World, then he would forever remain a chess piece of that person.
  1692. Since the Master of the Nether Realm knew how to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm, then Nie Li could try going to the Draconic Ruins Realm with the help of the Master of the Nether Realm!
  1694. Xiao Yu consumed some elixir pills to recover and walked up to Nie Li.
  1696. Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance and asked, “How are you?”
  1698. “I’m fine.” Xiao Yu shook his head as he continued, “Thanks for your help this time around!”
  1700. Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I wasn’t only saving you. I was also saving myself.”
  1702. At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu gave Nie Li a glance. After all this, Xiao Yu revised his opinion of Nie Li. Nie Li had saved him, but didn’t show any sign of wanting a reward for his deed.
  1704. “Shouldn’t you take off your tattered clothes before putting on the new set? Just what kind of hobby is this?” Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a strange look. He always felt that Xiao Yu was a little abnormal. However, he had met all kinds of strange people in his previous life. Xiao Yu wasn’t alone.
  1706. Noticing Nie Li’s expression, Xiao Yu’s revised point of view concerning Nie Li instantly reverted back as he snorted, “Why do you care? As long as I’m happy with it!”
  1708. “Okay then.” Nie Li spread his hands out. Although he was a little puzzled, he didn’t think too much about it.
  1710. At this point, the rest of the Demigod rank experts broke free of their bindings and walked up to Nie Li. As they remembered the scene that had just occurred, lingering fear resurfaced in their hearts. Although they were slightly unsure of what they had just happened, they were at least certain that the one who had saved them was Nie Li.
  1712. To think that the huge hands created with the Death God’s Law of Death didn’t inflicted any damage on Nie Li! This caused them to deeply fear and respect Nie Li’s strength.
  1714. “Many thanks to the young master for your rescue. My Dragonchant Family will forever remember this grace. If the young master has any task he wishes us to complete, we will definitely do our best!”
  1716. “The same goes for my Fiery Elf clan. Many thanks to the young master for your rescue. If young master has any request, we are also willing to serve.”
  1718. The Demigod rank experts were all very experienced in combat. Aside from the fact that Nie Li had saved them, they were also aware and in awe of his terrifying strength. In the future, who could imagine what heights he would reach in his cultivation? If they could build a positive relationship with such an expert, it would definitely benefit them in the future.
  1724. Chapter 239: Lesson
  1727. All the Demigod rank experts presumed that Nie Li’s strength was far above their own. However, in truth, Nie Li’s strength was actually much weaker than theirs. This was because as long as they remained inside the tomb, their laws would be restricted and would be prevented from brandishing their true strength.
  1729. Furthermore, Nie Li was not affected by the Law of Death!
  1731. Glancing at Nie Li, Xiao Yu whispered, “These are all Demigod rank experts from various powerful families of Nether City!”
  1733. At Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li’s eyes lit up as he laughed, “All of you are being too polite. When I saw that you were all in danger, how could I not lend a hand?”
  1735. “Is there anything that the young master 1 needs of us?”
  1737. “I do not have any requests.” Nie Li lightly smiled, then suddenly seemed to have remembered something and said, “Actually, I just recalled something. I had encountered some issues with the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild of Blackrock City, but I still have insufficient energy to deal with these matters…”
  1739. The Demigod expert of the Fiery Elf hurriedly said, “For such small matters, how could we possibly allow the young master to personally take action?”
  1741. “Indeed! Such small matters, you can leave them to us!” The other Demigod rank experts parroted.
  1743. They originally thought that Nie Li would make a big request of them. Instead, it turns out to be a couple small matters!
  1745. “Very well then…I’ll trouble all of you in these matters. Many thanks!” Nie Li openly laughed.
  1747. “The young master is being too polite!”
  1749. “Yeah, you’ve saved our lives! How could we ever repay you?” asked the Demigod rank experts.
  1751. As he watched Nie Li put on the act, Xiao Yu was amused. This Wugui Family and Dark Guild would probably suffer a huge calamity this time. With so many powerful families, wouldn’t they overturn the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild?
  1753. As they spoke, the tomb was rapidly collapsing. Outside this tomb, several Demigod rank experts had finally dealt with the huge skeleton. One Demigod rank expert had spent a tremendous effort to get his hands on the skeleton’s half Divine Spark; just as he was drowned in joy, the half of the Divine Spark in his hand shattered into pieces and disintegrated into powder.
  1755. “Damn! Got tricked!” That Demigod rank expert cursed. He turned his head and saw the tomb crumbling in the wind.
  1757. All of this seemed like an illusion!
  1759. “Damn, could this have been an apparition?”
  1761. All that wasted effort! The Demigod rank experts could only leave in irritation.
  1763. “Young master, if you’re free, you should visit our Dragonchant Family!”
  1765. “Same goes to my Fiery Elf clan!”
  1767. “Since you seem to have matters to finish here, we’ll bid our farewells now!” The Demigod rank experts who were saved by Nie Li all cupped their hands in salute and left.
  1769. Xiao Yu pondered for a moment, then glanced at Nie Li and said, “Brother Nie Li, we will also need to have our farewell!”
  1771. Nie Li hurriedly said, “Oh? Then have a safe trip!”
  1773. Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu felt a little annoyed. It could be said that Xiao Yu and Nie Li experienced life and death together, but now Nie Li looked as though he couldn’t wait for Xiao Yu to leave.
  1775. Certainly, it’s not that Nie Li couldn’t wait for Xiao Yu to leave, but in his heart, he still had his guard up around Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was truly very strong and also had an unknown background. If Xiao Yu were to stay by their group, it would eventually lead to a disaster. Although he had saved Xiao Yu, who knows what kind of person Xiao Yu actually is? In his previous life, Nie Li had many experiences of people biting the hands that fed them.
  1777. “Brother Nie Li will partake in the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple selection, right?” Xiao Yu lightly smiled.
  1779. “Yeah.” Nie Li nodded.
  1781. “Then, I believe we will meet again. Bring that golden scroll that I gave you guys and it should be possible for all of you to enter the final test. I will wait for the good news.” Xiao Yu laughed as he continued, “I won’t bid farewell to Ning’er and Ziyun. I’ll just wait for you guys over there!”
  1783. Xiao Yu quickly sprang up and left.
  1785. As he watched Xiao Yu’s figure disappear into the horizon, Nie Li lightly smiled. That guy had just gotten bashed by the Death God and was probably still feeling pretty miserable. Even the wounds on his face hadn’t healed yet. He probably didn’t have the courage to show his face around others, which is why he left in such a hurry.
  1787. Nie Li gave his wings a flap and noticed that the wings were filled with boundless energy. He then retracted his wings and armguard.
  1789. As long as he wish for it, the wings and armguard would grow out again at any time.
  1791. Nie Li took out the mysterious egg. In this battle, the egg seemed to have absorbed quite a large amount of the Law of Death.The cracks on its surface had become even more prominent, like a spider-web that spanned the egg’s shell. He could vaguely sense the energy inside whirling like a vortex, constantly absorbing the nearby Law Energy.
  1793. The creature inside the mysterious egg might break its shell and come out at anytime. However, the closer it was the hatching, the more Law Energy it requires. It required so much energy that even Nie Li didn’t dare to inject Law Energy into it, as he was worried that the mysterious egg would suck him dry.
  1795. Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were quietly waiting, but when they saw the tomb before their eyes disappearing without a trace, they couldn’t help worrying. What if Nie Li had encountered danger?
  1797. At this moment, they saw a figure slowly walking in their direction. Well, if that wasn’t Nie Li, then who else would it be?
  1799. “Nie Li, you’re back?” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er approached him in joy.
  1801. “Yeah.” nodded Nie Li.
  1803. Ye Ziyun took a glance behind Nie Li and asked, “Where’s Xiao Yu?”
  1805. “That guy is probably embarrassed to see you guys, so he left early.” Nie Li chuckled.
  1807. At Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were both puzzled. Why would Xiao Yu be embarrassed to see them?
  1809. “Nie Li, just now we felt an extremely powerful energy suddenly rush into our soul realms. Did you rank up?” Ye Ziyun asked as she suddenly recalled something.
  1811. Nie Li smiled and said, “I’ve comprehended another type of Law Energy.” Nie Li quickly checked his own cultivation. Along the way, his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds. Now, with the addition of the Law of Death that he had just gained, even if he were to encounter a Legend rank expert, he would still have the confidence to fight without losing.
  1813. However, Legend rank is only the beginning of cultivation. Nie Li was clearly aware of this fact. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, any expert off the street was capable of utterly crushing Legend and Demigod rank experts.
  1815. However, once a person started cultivating Heavenly Energy, he or she would be able to step into an extremely mysterious realm.
  1817. Places above Legend rank are collectively called the Heavenly Fate Realm. Once someone steps into the Heavenly Fate Realm, he or she won’t be restricted to only one life. One Fate, Two Fate, Three Fate……Every time they enhance their rank, they would form another life soul in their soul realm. If they died, they would only lose a life soul instead of facing a true death.
  1819. Only at that point could it be called the real beginning of cultivation!
  1821. Since he already knew of the way to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm, all he had to do now was focus on reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm as fast as possible!
  1823. Nie Li constantly pushed the three types of Law Energies around within his body. Even as they walked, his cultivation constantly rose.
  1825. Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er continued their search through the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands for the tracks of Duan Jian, Lu Piao, and the others.
  1827. At the same time, outside the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  1829. At the place that the Wugui Family had their tent, suddenly, more than twenty Demigod rank experts appeared in the sky. Their vast and majestic auras pressed downwards, sending the entire Wugui Family into complete chaos.
  1831. This energy wasn’t something the Wugui Family’s ordinary experts could deal with.
  1833. Three of the Wugui Family’s Demigod rank experts flew into the sky. When the Patriarch of the Wugui Family saw the twenty Demigod experts, his eyelids immediately twitched and his face turned ghastly pale. Among these experts were many who were from extremely powerful families in Nether City.
  1835. Families as powerful as these weren’t people that the Wugui Family could bear to offend!
  1837. Wu Hun immediately felt depressed in his heart. Who could have brought such big trouble back to Wugui Family?
  1839. Faced with these families, how could Wu Hun still dare to be arrogant? He said in humble and respectful tone, “I am the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, Wu Hun. I wonder, what could I do for all of you? If we have caused any offence, I am here to express my sincerest apologies. If anyone in our family has offended you, I will definitely bring him out and show no mercy! We are vassals of the Northern Nether Family of Nether City. Therefore, I would like to request that you be lenient with us!”
  1841. At Wu Hun’s words, the Demigod rank experts maintained resolute expressions as they coldly stared at him.
  1843. “You think that by bringing out the name of the Northern Nether Family all of you would be safe? Even the Patriarch of the Northern Nether Family wouldn’t be able to stop us if we wanted to massacre the Wugui Family!”
  1845. “Hmph! Even if it’s the Northern Nether family, do you think that they could fight against so many families here?”
  1847. At their words, Wu Hun’s heart trembled. Were these Demigod rank experts going to massacre the Wugui Family?
  1849. “Please quell your anger. There is something I cannot understand. How has our Wugui Family offended all of you? If there is anything that we did not handle properly, we will immediately rectify it!” Wu Hun said in a very humble tone. As the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, he had his own status and position. But now, faced with the threat of so many Demigod rank experts, he had no choice but to lower his head.
  1851. “Hmph, hmph! Think carefully about who the Wugui Family has offended recently.” One of the Demigod rank expert coldly suggested.
  1853. Wu Hun pondered carefully, but still couldn’t figure out who the Wugui Family had offended. Even if the Wugui Family had offended someone, it shouldn’t have incited so many experts from so many families, right? How could they have possibly offended such a powerful figure without realising it?
  1855. Suddenly, a possibility appeared in Wu Hun’s mind. Could all of this be linked to Glory City?
  1857. What if Glory City was actually the personal property of some powerful expert?
  1859. The more Wu Hun thought about it, the more frightened he became. With so many powerful families of Nether City here, if they really intended to destroy the Wugui Family, the Wugui Family would definitely be wiped off the map.
  1861. Wu Hun immediately said, “We have realised our faults. Please quell your anger! We, the Wugui Family will definitely do our best to seek forgiveness from the Lord!” Wu Hun acted so humble that the only thing he didn’t do was kneel down. After all, the opposing side consisted of over twenty Demigod rank experts, representing many powerful families of Nether city!
  1863. The Demigod rank experts went silent for a brief moment.
  1865. “The young master only requested that we teach the Wugui Family a lesson. He did not ask us to exterminate the Wugui Family, right?”
  1867. “That should be the case. However, there is still the Dark Guild!”
  1869. “Since the Wugui Family knows their faults, how about we capture them and leave them to the young master to deal with the next time we see him?”
  1871. After all, they didn’t have the exact order from Nie Li; therefore, they didn’t dare take things into their own hands. Capturing the Wugui Family was the most fitting thing to do at this point.
  1873. Nie Li only wanted to teach the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild a lesson through the hands of the Demigod rank experts. He never imagined that the Demigod rank experts would weigh so much importance on a single sentence of his: to the point that they were entirely willing to destroy a family with multiple Demigod rank experts for him. Because Nie Li was not precise with his speech, the Demigod rank experts were at a loss.
  1875. If Nie Li wanted them to destroy the Wugui Family, they would definitely do it without any hesitation. But now, they didn’t dare take their own initiative on the matter!
  1877. * * *
  1881. The young master in this one isn’t the master & servant relationship but something more like a mister except in chinese term.
  1887. Chapter 240: Demon Lord
  1890. Very swiftly, the news spread among the various families gathered at the entrance of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  1892. The Wugui Family had offended a powerful figure and was currently surrounded by representatives of many powerful families of Nether City. Even the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, Wu Hun, had been captured. After this news spread, all the other families were shocked. Just which powerful figure was able to make so many powerful families obey his orders?
  1894. Aside from that matter, rumors claimed that these powerful families had also paid a trip to the Dark Guild. According to the rumors, they also planned to capture the members of the Dark Guild; however, the Dark Guild had disappeared and were nowhere to be found. The Demigod rank experts searched long and hard, but eventually gave up. However, the Dark Guild members have been listed as wanted people.
  1896. First layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  1898. Just as Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er were walking along, Yu Yan flew over and landed on Nie Li’s shoulder.
  1900. Nie Li glanced at Yu Yan, who was sitting on his shoulders, and asked, “Sister Yu Yan, where were you earlier?”
  1902. A hint of sadness smeared the center of Yu Yan’s brow as she said, “Long ago, the Nine-Layered Deathlands was a battlefield between the demon clan and the human race. During that time, many human corpses ended up here. I searched for them by tracing their auras and had them buried.”
  1904. At Yu Yan’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both showed traces of sadness on their faces.
  1906. “However, I also found this item,” Yu Yan continued, as she didn’t want to bring down mood of everyone. She took out a simple, unadorned mirror.
  1908. “What is this?” Ye Ziyun asked in doubt.
  1910. Xiao Ning’er’s also gave a curious look at the mirror.
  1912. “This is…!” Nie Li’s brows twitched as he said in shock. He never thought that in the trip that Yu Yan took, she would actually bring back such a shocking item.
  1914. “It seems that Nie Li also knows of this item. This is a soul mirror that can suck out the soul of a person and maintain the state of that soul without dispersing it.” Yu Yan introduced.
  1916. What Yu Yan said was correct. However, this was only a portion of the mirror’s power. There are many other uses to it! Some uses would require him to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm before he’s able to use it.
  1918. Yu Yan passed the soul mirror over to Nie Li and said, “I don’t have a use for this. You should keep it.”
  1920. Nie Li nodded his head. Even Yu Yan didn’t know about the true uses of the soul mirror. In fact, only Nie Li was capable of wielding the mirror to its full potential. Nie Li kept the mirror and passed the scarlet gem, which Xiao Yu had obtained from the Zombie Jiao-dragon, over to Xiao Ning’er.
  1922. Xiao Ning’er’s face flushed red as she raised her head. She glanced at Nie Li as she quietly received the scarlet gem. This was a gift from Nie Li to her!
  1924. If Xiao Yu was present and aware of Xiao Ning’er’s current thoughts, he would probably be depressed to the point that he would vomit blood. This was obviously something that Xiao Yu had given to her first! But now, in her eyes, it had become something that Nie Li gave to her.
  1926. “Let’s search for Du Ze and the others!” Nie Li smiled as the four of them walked on.
  1928. In another corner of the Nine-Layered Deathlands
  1930. A few people were gathered together, crowding around a twenty-something year old youth. This youth had a handsome, oval-shaped face. This seemingly charming face of his was ghastly pale with bloodshot eyes that would cause people to be absolutely horrified upon seeing him, and they would tremble from fear.
  1932. This person was emitting a frosty cold aura from his entire body, which caused the surrounding temperature to plunge.
  1934. Next him stood two men, Long Sha and Gui Sha who had launched the sneak attack against Glory City a while back.
  1936. “Demon Lord, what should we do now? The powerful families of Nether City aren’t a force that we can deal with!” Long Sha asked anxiously.
  1938. The youth leaked some bloodlust from his eyes as he said, “I never expected them to be so capable. To think that they could mobilise those experts from so many powerful families of Nether City. Even the Wugui Family was oppressed.”
  1940. “Demon Lord, you mean to say that all of this was caused by the people from Glory City?”
  1942. “That youth must have been the one who laid the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.” A trace of laughter leaked from the corner of the Demon Lord’s mouth as he said, “This has aroused my interest. I wonder when I will finally be able to meet him? He will probably participate in the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm; furthermore, his chances of being chosen are very high!”
  1944. “Demon Lord, aren’t you also going to partake in that disciple selection? So you’re saying…” Long Sha’s eyes lit up as he understood something.
  1946. “Certainly, as long as I passed the selection, I will be able to enter the Divine Feathers Sect. Previously, my physical body was too weak; but now I have this body with the Supreme Physique that appears only once every ten thousand years. Even without the Heavenly Energy, I’m already about to achieve a Fate Star. If the Master of the Nether Realm isn’t a blind idiot, he’ll definitely choose me.” The Demon Lord laughed, “I don’t believe that that person would be able to find a body that’s better than my Supreme Physique!”
  1948. “No matter how wonderful that person’s body is, how could it compare to Demon Lord’s Supreme Physique?” Long Sha said with respect, while Gui Sha nodded from the sidelines in agreement.
  1950. “While I’m absent, you guys are to conceal yourselves and not show yourselves. Even joining the other families for the time being is also acceptable.” The Demon Lord said calmly.
  1952. “Yes, we will await your return, Demon Lord!” Long Sha and the rest said with respect.
  1954. The Demon Lord raised his head as he looked into the distance. Finally, in this life, he has the qualifications to enter the Divine Feathers Sect. Just what kind of person was that mysterious youth? With him as an opponent, he probably won’t be lonely on this trip. His mouth curled into a small smile, filled with interest.
  1956. The Demon Lord moved forward, step by step, and gradually drew further away.
  1958. As he watched the Demon Lord’s retreating back, Long Sha and the others knelt towards the Demon Lord’s direction, each showing determination in their eyes.
  1960. “We shall serve the Lord with our lives and wait for the Lord’s honorable return!”
  1962. Henceforth, the Dark Guild disappeared from Nether City. However, regardless, even until the end of the time, they will await the Demon Lord’s return with unwavering loyalty, until the day he leads them again!
  1964. Nie Li and his group continued to search along the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Finally, two days later, they found Du Ze and the others. Summed up, they had obtained eleven Spiritual Origin Fruits. For those whom had yet to step into Legend rank, these items were of the absolute highest quality!
  1966. Gathering all their Spiritual Origin Fruits, they returned to the Jade Seal Family’s camp.
  1968. When he learned that Nie Li and the rest had returned safely, Luo Xiao and the others finally felt at ease. After all, right now, Nie Li was way too important for the Jade Seal Family.
  1970. Nie Li and his group took a Spiritual Origin Fruit each and returned to their own tents to refine their cultivation. The seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands would soon open; therefore, they have to raise their strength as fast as possible!
  1972. Nie Li sat cross-legged and ate his Spiritual Origin Fruit. A warm current circulated all the way down to his throat and entered his abdomen before it spread through his meridians.
  1974. The medicinal energy of the Spiritual Origin Fruit was very pure, it was steadily nourishing Nie Li’s soul realm.
  1976. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  1978. Nie Li’s soul realm continuously expanded.
  1980. Previously, when he had comprehended the Law of Death, Nie Li’s cultivation had begun to show signs of a breakthrough, except that he still hadn’t been able to rank up. Now that he had consumed a Spiritual Origin Fruit and controlled three Law Energies, the energy in his body continuously surged. His cultivation rose accordingly and rose all the way to 5-star Black Gold rank before stopping.
  1982. Theoretically, with the help from Duan Jian’s soul realm and the three Law Energies, Nie Li’s strength should’ve been able to break through all the way to Legend rank. However, because he is using the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, Nie Li is having a much harder time reaching 5-star Black Gold rank, compared to Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, and the others. Therefore, his cultivation has stopped at the gate to Legend rank.
  1984. Within his soul realm, Nie Li could sense that aside from him, the others had experienced leaps and bounds in their cultivation, and were beginning to break into Legend rank.
  1986. By practicing the cultivation techniques that Nie Li had given them and adding the incantation from the Soul Array, they would all be able to step into Legend rank before long. If one person among them managed to become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, then Glory City would be absolutely safe from then on.
  1988. Time continued to flow as he quietly cultivated.
  1990. As Nie Li was concentrating on his cultivation, he suddenly sensed something and opened his eyes.
  1992. He walked to the entrance of his tent and lifted the curtain. Raising his head, he saw Xiao Ning’er standing outside showing a red face that went all the way down to her neck. He had no idea as to what she was thinking about. She appeared even more charming than before, and in her hands, she held a tray with a steaming bowl of soup.
  1994. “Ning’er, what are you doing here?” Nie Li asked.
  1996. Nie Li’s sudden appearance and voice gave Ning’er a scare. The tray in her hands became unstable and fell on the floor, pouring the soup everywhere.
  1998. “No, it’s nothing.” Ning’er said nervously as she clumsily began to tidy things up. Her face turned even redder as her chest constantly puffed up and down.
  2000. The soup had poured all over Ning’er clothes. Nie Li immediately helped her pick up the tray, then he looked at her with a puzzled expression. He didn’t understand what was wrong with Ning’er and noticed that her expression was a little weird.
  2002. She was only wearing thin silk clothes and looked charmingly tempting in her pureness. When the soup poured on her, it caused her thin clothes to stick to her skin and vaguely revealed her pearly white skin and the pale pink chest wrap that couldn’t fully cover the impressive cleavage. It was a kind of indescribable temptation.
  2004. Seeing such a timid and charming Ning’er, Nie Li didn’t know what to say.
  2006. “Are you alright? Go back and quickly get changed.” Nie Li said a little awkwardly.
  2008. Lowering her head and looking at herself, Xiao Ning’er let out a little scream as she quickly covered her chest with the tray. She spoke with her head lowered, “Then I’ll go back first!”
  2010. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she quickly left with her head down.
  2012. Staring after Xiao Ning’er’s back, Nie Li made a puzzled expression on his face. Why did he feel that there was something not right with Ning’er today? He thought over and over again, but still couldn’t figure it out; therefore, he could only let it go as he turned around and went back into his tent.
  2014. Returning to her own tent, Xiao Ning’er’s cheeks felt like they were boiling as she glanced at the tray in her hands. Her heart was still beating like a rabbit that was jumping about. Why did she wear such a thin chest wrap? Nie Li wouldn’t misunderstand and think of her as one of those easy girls, right?! She stomped her feet. This was all Xiao Xue’s rotten idea, which caused her to show an embarrassing side in front of Nie Li!
  2020. Chapter 241: Disciple Selection
  2023. The day passed quickly. At the gathering grounds, there were countless numbers of experts from various families of Nether City hovering in the air.
  2025. The seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands will soon open!
  2027. The experts of the various families were all extremely excited for this once in a blue moon occasion. If they could become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, they would have the power to reach the heavens in a single leap. Even if they couldn’t become a direct disciple, their identities and statuses would still be elevated to an entirely different level!
  2029. Many Demigod rank and Legend rank experts hovered in the sky as they prepared to charge into the Nine-Layered Deathlands at any given moment.
  2031. Nie Li and the others also gathered outside their tents. Above their heads, thousands of meters into the distance and dozens of meters up in the sky, Law Energy was being released into the surroundings and the silhouette of a giant door could already be vaguely seen.
  2033. That was the door to the Nine-Layered Deathlands!
  2035. Upon observing their surroundings, they saw that there were tens of thousands of experts up in the sky getting ready to charge in at anytime. Also, on the ground, there were many Black Gold rank experts, amounting to hundreds of thousands. Many of the people there were prepared to give the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands a try.
  2037. The temptation of becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm was simply too huge, so everyone was a little impatient.
  2039. “Nie Li, do we need to fight for a chance to be the first ones into the seventh layer?” Du Ze and the others asked as they looked at Nie Li.
  2041. “No need.” Nie Li shook his head and continued, “The Master of the Nether Realm definitely won’t choose his disciple based on who enters first. We just have to enter the gate before it closes.”
  2043. Luo Xiao and his entourage walked towards Nie Li. Luo Xiao gave Nie Li and his group a once-over as he said, “Nephew Nie Li, do you also intend to enter the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands?”
  2045. “Indeed.” Nie Li nodded.
  2047. Luo Xiao sighed in his heart. Truthfully, he didn’t want Nie Li to risk himself by coming to such a dangerous place. However, he also didn’t have the right to stop him. He was worried that he would suffer Nie Li’s wrath if he tried to do so. After all, their relationship was only as cooperative partners. It was impossible for Nie Li to not join an event as huge as the selection of the Nether Realm Master’s disciple.
  2049. “If that’s the case, nephew Nie Li must take good care of yourself.” Luo Xiao cautioned, “Once inside the Nine-Layered Deathlands, we might not be able to cover your back!”
  2051. Luo Xiao himself also carried a hope for becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm.
  2053. “Rest assured, Uncle Luo, we will do our best.” Nie Li lightly smiled.
  2055. Nie Li turned around and gave Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er a glance. They were also done with their preparations.
  2057. Roughly a stick of incense later1, the huge door in the sky completed its gradual materialisation and a mysterious vortex appeared on it.
  2059. “The gate to the seventh layer has finally opened!”
  2061. “Let’s go!”
  2063. The first line of Demigod rank experts yelled as they charged into the vortex and rapidly disappeared. Those Demigod rank experts were all Patriarchs of some powerful families from Nether City.
  2065. Those who stood behind them followed quickly after.
  2067. *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  2069. Groups of experts entered one after another.
  2071. The flow of people looked like a river in the sky.
  2073. Luo Xiao said towards Nie Li, “Nephew Nie Li, it’s best if you guys stayed towards the back and entered with our experts from the Jade Seal Family. My group will enter now!”
  2075. “Alright. Have a safe trip, Uncle Luo!” Nie Li cupped his hands.
  2077. After bidding farewell to Nie Li, Luo Xiao led a group of experts towards the direction of the gate.
  2079. Roughly half an hour later, tens of thousands of people have already entered the gate. Nie Li turned his head towards Du Ze and the others and said, “Let’s go in now!”
  2081. At that moment, Yu Yan, who has been hiding in Nie Li’s sleeve, transmitted her voice to him. “Nie Li, you must be extremely vigilant once you’ve entered. We’re still unsure if the Master of the Nether Realm is a friend or foe. Try not to display too much of your power; only show the sufficient talent to be chosen!”
  2083. Nie Li’s talent was indeed too frightening. Now that Nie Li has comprehended three types of Law Energies, once he gains absolute control over them, he would become the most powerful Spiritual God in history. Not many Spiritual Gods would be willing to tolerate such an existence.
  2085. “I’m well aware.” Nie Li nodded. He seemed deep in thought. The Master of the Nether Realm was, after all, someone who has been to the Draconic Ruins Realm before. For those whom could cultivate the Heavenly Energy, what would they think of someone who could use three types of Law Energies? Certainly, sometimes the best course of action would be to hide one’s true strength. Nie Li’s motive for this trip was to have someone in his group chosen as the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm. As for himself, he would just go with the flow.
  2087. Nie Li and the others leapt after the Jade Seal Family’s group and entered the gate of the seventh layer.
  2089. Numerous sceneries flashed past their eyes. Desolate landscapes laid everywhere and countless corpses laid in the wastelands. Nie Li knew that these flashing images were glimpses of land from the first layer through the sixth layer.
  2091. During the time of the great war between the demon clan and the human race, there were countless deaths that left corpses lying all around the wilderness.
  2093. Nie Li thought back to when he saw the painting in the Death God’s ancient tomb. At the time, he had felt that there was a hidden meaning in it. There was no way that experts of two factions would ever fight to the death if each side wasn’t confident in their own victory. Perhaps it was related to the experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm.
  2095. A brief moment later, Nie Li and the rest stopped.
  2097. The area was filled with deep ravines. A circular inscription pattern formed under each person’s feet, allowing them to float in the air. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the rest of the group weren’t far away from Nie Li.
  2099. The horizon was dense with numerous experts from various families. Even still, experts continued to appear.
  2101. Such a large spectacle made Nie Li recall the Draconic Ruins Realm from his previous life, in particular the scene of the disciple selection of the various powerful Divine Sects. He wondered as to what kind of trial the Master of the Nether Realm would put on?
  2103. Nie Li’s eyes became distant as he went deep in his thoughts.
  2105. Before heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm, he had to get his hands on the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Just based on his inborn aptitudes, it would be impossible to cultivate to the pinnacle level. However, because he once had the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he had obtained a chance to reach that pinnacle level. The Sage Emperor’s influence had spread throughout many realms; he was the absolute supreme existence. If Nie Li intends to fight with the Sage Emperor, it wouldn’t be possible without the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.
  2107. As he recalled that despicable individual, Nie Li’s heart became filled with rage and loathing. In his previous life, after he had reached the pinnacle level, he had gathered the souls of all of his loved ones, including Ye Ziyun, and was intending to restore them to life. However, as he was restoring their bodies, the Sage Emperor used a secret technique that sent endless lashes to their souls, until the souls dispersed into wind and smoke.
  2109. In addition to this, the Sage Emperor began massacring those who came into contact with Nie Li. Everyone was killed, regardless of whether they were actually related to him or not. All of this was for one reason: as the Sage Emperor had been performing calculations on natural law, he suspected that Nie Li would become his archenemy.
  2111. During that battle, Nie Li stepped up his rank at the very last moment, causing his cultivation to finally surpass the Sage Emperor’s. However, he still died in the battle against the Sage Emperor and the six Deity rank demon beasts.
  2113. In this life, Nie Li didn’t want the same thing to happen again. Aside from reaching that stage of cultivation before the Sage Emperor performs his calculation of the natural law, he now has Du Ze, Lu Piao, Duan Jian, and his other brothers at his side. He no longer had to fight as a lone wolf!
  2115. From the Tiny World to the Draconic Ruins Realm, it was just one more step that he had to take.
  2117. Just as his train of thought was at its most distant, several figures appeared in the air and proudly stood there. These experts all wore armour and were five to six meters tall with huge black wings on their backs, giving others a kind of endless pressure.
  2119. These should be the servants of the Master of the Nether Realm!
  2121. One servant’s voice coldly spread throughout the seventh layer, “We have just received orders from the Master of the Nether Realm. According to the previous disciple selections, there are usually large numbers of deaths in the testing process. However, this time, we will hold a special test that will spare many lives through the seventh and eighth layers. All of you should rejoice and thank the Master of the Nether Realm for being so merciful!”
  2123. At the words of that servant, the experts from the various family all showed joy on their faces. They were taking a huge risk in participating in the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm. If they were even a little careless, they would certainly die. However, they had no idea as to why the Master of the Nether Realm would be so merciful in this round.
  2125. However, even still, the experts from the various families all exchanged hateful glares with each other. Even those from the same family were, at this moment, rival competitors. Regardless of who, once someone became the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, he or she would be able to transform into a phoenix and fly in the sky.
  2127. At the same time, among the group of people, a demonic youth wearing a long white robe was quietly seated with his legs crossed. Hearing the words from the servant of the Master of the Nether Realm, the corner of his mouth twitched and revealed a disdainful smile on his face. This person is the Demon Lord who came to partake the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm.
  2129. “Since when has the Master of the Nether Realm become so soft?” The Demon Lord laughed as he thought inwardly.
  2131. In addition, the Patriarchs from the various families also had astonishment on their faces. The past few times they had participated in it, there would always be countless deaths. They had no idea why the Master of the Nether Realm would choose to be merciful this time around. However, for them, it wasn’t a bad turn of events.
  2133. “I wonder what kind of test the Master of the Nether Realm will give?”
  2135. “No matter what kind of test it is, I must become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm!” A sexy looking lady from a different race, wearing a red costume, snorted. Her appearance was different from a human’s. Her ears were spiky, with a purplish-red color to it, her dress barely covered her butt, and that astonishing arc and curved lines were accompanied by her pearly white and tight thighs, giving an intense impact. At the same time, the rest of her clothes were also extremely revealing and sexy, as if her swelled up chest was going to burst out at any second.
  2137. This lady from a different race attracted the attention of many.
  2139. “Who is this girl? She actually dares to be so arrogant?”
  2141. “You have no idea? She’s the daughter of the Infernal Bird clan’s Patriarch, Hua Huo! That chick has astonishing strength that even Demigod rank experts wouldn’t want to provoke. She’s part of a promising new generation that shows signs of surpassing Cang Ming’s generation! Rumor has it that once, there were several Demigod rank experts who provoked her and were wedged death between her thighs!”
  2143. * * *
  2147. Approximately 50-65 minutes later.
  2153. Chapter 242: The Anatta Mental State
  2156. Upon hearing the discussions, those who had lusted after Hua Huo’s beauty quickly restrained their thoughts. Chills went down their spines as they glanced at her tight and slender legs. Although her legs were indeed very beautiful, they had no desire to be clamped to death between them.
  2158. Aside from Hua Huo, Cang Ming, and Mu Ye, there were also many other dazzlingly talented members of the young adult generation present.
  2160. However, there were also some from even younger generations. Although their cultivations were only at Black Gold rank, one had to consider the fact that they were the geniuses among their generation. Therefore, they were not entirely unable to compete with the older generations.
  2162. The servant’s solemn voice echoed throughout the sky.
  2164. “The test begins!” One of the servants waved his hands and the Law Energy that gathered in the sky suddenly split into tens of thousands of pieces. One fragment landed in front of each person and gradually formed into a water ball that was roughly the size of a person’s head. The water balls were transparent; however, there were fine threads running through them.
  2166. Nie Li’s brow twitched as he observed the water ball in front of him. This was the Sphere of Reverse Images!
  2168. This was a test of a person’s control over Soul Force or Law Energy!
  2170. The servant coldly proceeded to announce the rules. “This is the Sphere of Reverse Images. You are to expand the spheres by injecting your Soul Force or Law Energy along the fine threads inside. If you stray from the threads, the water spheres will explode. If you can extend the diameter by one foot, you pass. Those who are unable to accomplish this will be rejected!”
  2172. Fine control over one’s Soul Force and Law Energy could allow a weaker to overpower a stronger opponent. Furthermore, it also shows the depth of one’s insights towards Soul Force and Law Energy.
  2174. When the Sphere of Reverse Images appeared, some of the experts couldn’t wait to give it a try.
  2176. Several experts placed their hands on the surface of the Sphere of Reversed Images and immediately poured Soul Force from their palms into the threads inside the ball. However, a moment later, one of the water balls exploded. The culprit’s face betrayed a blank stare as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. However, the inscription pattern array below his feet instantly emitted a white light that shrouded him. With a woosh, he disappeared, teleported out of the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  2178. One expert after another tried to inject their Soul Force into the spheres; however, many of them turned into pillars of white light and disappeared.
  2180. Nie Li glanced at his surroundings. There were already few hundred fewer people in his vicinity. He was aware that many experts couldn’t understand why the water balls exploded. The reason they exploded was the same reason as to why these ball were called Spheres of Reversed Images. It was because the threads that were visible inside the water ball were not real; the real threads were invisible and had to be sensed through Soul Force in order to be detected.
  2182. Lu Piao looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, how am I supposed to play with this thing?”
  2184. “Close your eyes and use your Law Energy to sense the threads!” Nie Li laughed.
  2186. “So that’s the case! I understand now.” Du Ze’s eyes lit up. He was very intelligent and understood with just a little hint. He slowly placed his hand on the water ball and began injecting his soul force into it.
  2188. The number of people being eliminated steadily increased. Those who were left couldn’t help but feel terrified. However, there were also some people who had already passed the test.
  2190. Cang Ming’s Law Energy extended the ball to three feet before it exploded.
  2192. Observing the scene, several servants up the sky lightly nodded their heads. It seems that among the younger generations, there were still some people with decent talent.
  2194. After Cang Ming completed his test, he raised his head as he proudly faced Mu Ye, Hua Huo and the rest who were standing some distance away. Among the younger generations, only they could arouse his attention.
  2196. Mu Ye also injected his Law Energy into the water ball as it continuously expanded. A brief moment later, it exploded.
  2198. “One foot!”
  2200. Cang Ming gave Mu Ye a glance and saw Mu Ye lightly smiling at him. Cang Ming coldly snorted as realised that Mu Ye was concealing his strength on purpose. Even until now, he has yet to know of Mu Ye’s real strength.
  2202. Hua Huo also placed her hands on her Sphere of Reversed Images and injected her Law Energy. The Law Energy extended in the sphere to three feet before it exploded.
  2204. When he saw that, Cang Ming’s brows twitched. At least in terms of the control over Law Energy, Hua Huo wasn’t any weaker than him. Both Mu Ye and Hua Huo will definitely be formidable opponents in this disciple selection for the Master of the Nether Realm!
  2206. The exam results came one by one. There were many who had reached the minimum requirement of one foot. Those who had reached two feet were fewer and those who had reached three were even rarer.
  2208. “A pointless test!” Turning to the Sphere of Reversed Images in front of him, the Demon Lord slowly placed his right hand on its surface. Law Energy streamed forth. One foot, two feet, three feet. The Law Energy perpetually revolved inside the Sphere of Reversed Images until its diameter reached seven feet before exploding.
  2210. However, when the Demon Lord engaged his test, there weren’t many people around to notice it.
  2212. Watching this, the servant in the sky twitched his brows. He never thought that within this group of people, there would someone with such power. Such a great talent, perhaps even the Master of the Nether Realm will also recognise and favor him as a rare find.
  2214. At that particular moment, Nie Li and his party had also finished their test.
  2216. “Haha, my Law Energy managed to spread the ball to more than two feet!” Lu Piao placed his hands on his hips and excitedly exclaimed, “Indeed, I’m the real genius!”
  2218. “Mine spread out more than three feet. What about you guys?” Wei Nan looked at the rest and asked.
  2220. “Three feet and then some.”
  2222. “Three feet and then some!” Zhu Xiang Jun, Xiao Xue, and the others echoed.
  2224. At those words, Lu Piao’s face instantly dulled down. Within his group, he was actually the worst! If even Wei Nan and the rest had reached three feet, there was no need to ask about that abnormal bastard Nie Li. Lu Piao’s was depressed. Why was he always last?!
  2226. “What about the three of you?” Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Duan Jian.
  2228. “I reached five feet.” Ye Ziyun said as she thought back.
  2230. “I also reached five feet.” Xiao Ning’er answered as she glanced at Ye Ziyun. Their talents were indeed on par with each other.
  2232. “I only had four feet.” said Duan Jian.
  2234. “I also had five feet. Nie Li, what about you?” Du Ze looked at Nie Li and asked.
  2236. The fact that Du Ze had actually hit five feet surprised Nie Li a little. Du Ze’s talent was far from Ye Ziyun’s and Xiao Ning’er’s. However, now that he thought about it, even in the previous life, Du Ze did not have much talent, but based on his hard work and intelligence, he had also made great accomplishments.
  2238. “I only reached two feet.” Nie Li laughed.
  2240. “Hahaha! There’s finally someone who’s the same as me!” Lu Piao immediately gave out a big laugh.
  2242. Everyone stared at Lu Piao as if they were looking at an idiot. Lu Piao’s laughter immediately died as he realised the truth. He gave a disappointed look at Nie Li and said in a depressing tone, “Nie Li, you’re always pretending to be the prey and end up hunting the predator. It’s too boring!”
  2244. Back during the Holy Orchid Institute’s test, Nie Li had achieved a score of one hundred even, three times in a row, nearly making Shen Xiu spit blood. That scene still remained fresh in Lu Piao’s memory.
  2246. Nie Li shrugged. For things like the Sphere of Reversed Images, he had already played around with it numerous times back in his previous life during training. Although he couldn’t bring his strength over from his previous life, some skills regarding the control over energy were still in his memory. His control wasn’t something that an ordinary person could compare with. However in this test, he was only aiming to pass.
  2248. At that moment, a servant in the sky swept his eyes over Du Ze, Ye Ziyun, and the rest of the party and a trace of astonishment was shown. In general, young geniuses were only one in ten thousand and thus very rarely seen. So why did this group have so many geniuses gathered together?!
  2250. Many of them had reached five feet. Although they were slightly inferior compared to the earlier one who had reached seven feet, these people were obviously younger. Therefore, the extent of their future achievements still couldn’t be predicted.
  2252. Aside from this group of people, there were also many Patriarchs of powerful families who had reached three, four, and five feet. They could also be considered decent. However, those who were able to reach seven feet were basically nonexistent.
  2254. *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  2256. Those who weren’t able to pass were sent back. When everyone first arrived, there were roughly one to two hundred thousand people. However, after this test, there were only a few thousand left.
  2258. The servant in the sky was obviously quite pleased with the results and nodded his head.
  2260. “All of you still here have passed the first test. Next, I will send all of you to the eighth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Once there, someone else will conduct the second test!” By the time the servant’s voice died down, everyone had already turned into beams of white light and vanished.
  2262. The previously crowded seventh layer was instantly emptied. A brief moment later, countless demonic creatures materialised from thin air. This was the original appearance of the seventh layer.
  2264. That servant calmly floated in the sky and gazed into the distance, “I wonder if Master will be able to find a suitable candidate this time around?”
  2266. Eighth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands
  2268. In the wilderness, a few thousand people suddenly materialized out of nowhere. This piece of wilderness has dry cracks covering ground and flames that rose and licked the sky. A scorching heat bore down on everyone there. If they had been below Black Gold rank, they probably would have met their ends through spontaneous combustion.
  2270. Nie Li had been wondering about just what kind of place the Nine-Layered Deathlands would be. He understood a little, now that he stood before this scene. They should currently be somewhere in the Flaming Wastelands.
  2272. A powerful god’s servant stood in the sky, wearing golden armour with golden colored wings extending behind him. He had a huge figure. The servants were only of Demigod rank; however, they had been granted power by the Master of the Nether Realm. Therefore, their strength was incomparable to an ordinary Demigod rank expert’s.
  2274. That servant swept his eyes over the few thousand people as he coldly said, “Although there will be no deaths in this round, still beware! This is the second stage! If you are careless, you may become permanently crippled! In this wasteland, there is a Black Infernal Tower. It is a tower that has been left behind by a powerful expert.”
  2276. “Inside that tower are supreme black flames and all kinds of demonic beasts. Although the demonic beasts have been chained, they can still discharge powerful energy. You are to cultivate yourselves inside that environment for ten days. Those who can reach the anatta mental state 1 of cultivation will have passed the test!”
  2278. At the servant’s words, some Legend rank and even Demigod rank experts showed perplexed expressions and were at a complete loss. The anatta mental state of cultivation? What was that?
  2280. “Reaching the anatta mental state of cultivation while surrounded by black flames, interesting!” The Demon Lord’s brows twitched. He eyed the distant end of the wilderness, where an imposing tower stood, ignited by black flames. That must be the Black Infernal Tower that the servant had just mentioned!
  2282. * * *
  2286. Anatta is the Buddhist concept of “non-self”.
  2292. Chapter 243: Black Infernal Refining
  2295. The Black Infernal Tower is located in the wilderness where the raging flames have scorched the surrounding rocks a fiery red color.
  2297. Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and Hua Huo observed the tower and looked at each other. They all had an unyielding expression on their faces. Since they were the direct disciples of their respective families, they had all heard of the anatta mental state before. Thus, they decided that there wouldn’t be too much risk in attempting this trial.
  2299. *Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  2301. Three figures separated themselves from the rest of the crowd and flew towards the Black Infernal Tower.
  2303. Following in their steps, the experts from the other various families also flew towards the tower.
  2305. The closer they got to the tower, the hotter it became, until the heat was simply unbearable. The energy from the Black Flames directly penetrated their soul realms and negated their cultivations. Those with weaker souls, even if they are Demigod rank, were unable to withstand it.
  2307. Some realised that the black flames weren’t something they could withstand and quickly fell back.
  2309. However, there were those who forcefully endured and charged into the black flames. These people instantly issued miserable shrieks as their bodies instantly bursted into dark flames.
  2311. Nie Li couldn’t help but sigh as he watched. These experts’ souls just weren’t tough enough. Forcing their way into the Black Infernal Tower would only damages their souls and leaves them permanently crippled.
  2313. “Let’s go.” Nie Li said with a glance over his party.
  2315. Nie Li and his group began moving towards the Black Infernal Tower.
  2317. Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and Hua Huo were the first to enter the Black Infernal Tower, with the rest following closely behind. There were roughly five to six hundred people who couldn’t withstand the black flames and retreated.
  2319. As Nie Li’s party approached the Black Infernal Tower, they felt a searing wind blowing towards them. This breeze directly impacted their soul realms.
  2321. Even Nie Li felt his soul burning. He turned to his friends and asked, “How are you guys doing?”
  2323. Ye Ziyun shook her head and answered, “I’m fine!”
  2325. Xiao Ning’er, who was next to her, replied, “Me too!”
  2327. The rest responded the same.
  2329. Although the black flames burned strongly, Nie Li and company have been practising extremely advanced cultivation techniques. Therefore, in terms of soul strength, each of them were one in ten thousand talents. Therefore, despite the fact that they were surrounded by the intimidating black flames, they were still able to endure, unlike those who had previously set their soul realms ablaze.
  2331. The party gradually drew nearer to the towering Black Infernal Tower. This structure was divided into a total of seven floors. The higher the floor, the darker the flames would become. The flames on the first floor still carried highlights of vivid scarlet, but the flames of the top floor would be pitch black, like ink.
  2333. The purity of the flames at the highest floor shocked even Nie Li. He didn’t know who had left those black flames behind in this Black Infernal Tower; however, he or she was definitely very powerful.
  2335. In the face of the brewing heatwaves, the group entered the Black Infernal Tower.
  2337. On the first floor of the Black Infernal Tower, there were many experts from various races sitting crossed-legged. These experts had entered the first floor and felt that their soul realms were on the verge of igniting; therefore, they didn’t dare to proceed any further and immediately sat down on the floor to cultivate.
  2339. However, there were also people who had continued on to the second floor.
  2341. Suddenly, Duan Jian’s body burst into black flames.
  2343. “Duan Jian! What’s going on?!” Everyone was shocked as they shouted in concern and fear. They thought that Duan Jian was experiencing the same process like those who’d had their soul realms ignited!
  2345. As they watched Duan Jian’s body burn with dark flames, the experts sitting in the main hall pitied him with their eyes. Another person was about to be crippled.
  2347. Unexpectedly, however, Duan Jian didn’t have a pained expression; on the contrary, he had a look of joy on his face.
  2349. When they saw this, Lu Piao and the rest were dumbfounded. The others had been burned and tortured because their soul realms had been ignited. So why did Duan Jian look so happy?
  2351. “Duan Jian, you haven’t gone insane, right…?” questioned Lu Piao.
  2353. Duan Jian glared at Lu Piao before turning his head to Nie Li and excitedly explained, “Master, I have no idea why, but these black flames seem to have a positive effect on my soul realm. Since we entered this place, I have been absorbing the black flames at an increasing rate, speeding up the strength of my soul realm!”
  2355. Nie Li nodded. Duan Jian inherited the Black Dragon’s bloodline. Since Black Dragons were the masters of black flames, the fact that the flames here would benefit Duan Jian’s growth was expected.
  2357. Duan Jian’s entire body was shrouded in black flames. However, not only was he not issuing miserable screams like the others had done, he was leaping about in a bright mood. He looked so happy that the experts who were cultivating on the floor were shocked. Just who was that guy whose body was shrouded in black flames?
  2359. Standing on the first floor of the Black Infernal Tower, the members of Nie Li’s party didn’t feel any pressure at all. They discussed briefly before they decided to head for the tower’s second floor.
  2361. They mounted the spiral stairs and circled upwards.
  2363. Nie Li, who was walking in front, felt the black flames growing stronger. With every step he took, the black flames would burn even more intensely, until they were so strong that even Nie Li had to take care and defend his soul realm.
  2365. Among the group members, only Duan Jian was looking very relaxed. In fact, he was so relaxed that he even quickened his steps. The purer the black flames, the more it would benefit his cultivation.
  2367. They continued to follow the spiral stairs upwards.
  2369. The moment Nie Li and his group stepped onto the second floor of the Black Infernal Tower, the experts of various races who were already there instantly turned their attention towards them.
  2371. Those who are able to enter the second floor amounted to only two or three hundred people.
  2373. These two to three hundred people can be said to be the elites of Nether City. They, more or less, know each other. However, they were unfamiliar with Nie Li’s group.
  2375. After a brief moment, the majority of them retracted their gazes. The black flames on the second floor exerted heavy pressure on these people; therefore, they didn’t have the heart to waste on investigating the newcomers.
  2377. Even Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and Hua Huo didn’t dare continue upwards. They each quickly found a place on the second floor, sat down, and quietly began their cultivation.
  2379. Nie Li and his group also found a place where they could sit together and cultivated their soul realms.
  2381. Nie Li sensed something and turned his attention towards a spot some distance away, where he saw a demonic youth sitting. The youth had a ghastly pale face that made him appear as if he had been struck by some sort of illness and bloodshot eyes. Nie Li felt a powerful energy emanating from this demonic youth.
  2383. That degree of this energy had already surpassed the people from Nie Li’s group.
  2385. The youth also sensed Nie Li’s gaze and turned in Nie Li’s direction.
  2387. After the two exchanged glances, the youth closed his eyes again and returned to his cultivation.
  2389. Starting a fight in the Black Infernal Tower was an unwise action. Because the black flames are constantly exhausting their energy, if a fight were to break out, someone could instantly end up devoured by the black flames.
  2391. Nie Li narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt enmity radiating from that youth and, therefore, raised his guard.
  2393. “Master, all of you can cultivate at ease.” Duan Jian said to their party. Inside the Black Infernal Tower, he didn’t have to sit down like the others to enhance his cultivation. The black flames themselves had already greatly refine his physical and soul realm.
  2395. Indeed, with Duan Jian guarding, everyone was much more assured!
  2397. Nie Li nodded, closed his eyes, and begin training.
  2399. Following him, everyone else concentrated on their training.
  2401. Nie Li could sense the scorching aura from the surrounding black flames. From his previous life, he already knew what the anatta mental state was. However, in this life, he has yet to begin that sort of cultivation. However, stimulated by the black flames, it was indeed easier to cultivate this time around.
  2403. He allowed his entire body to be saturated by the dark flames and, bit by bit, constantly refining his body.
  2405. Nie Li’s physical body was continuously strengthened. Stimulated by the black flames, the three types of Law Energies in his soul realm also surged violently.
  2407. Although they were three different types of Law Energy within his body, they were all under Nie Li’s control; thus, they didn’t clash with each other as they condensed in the cultivation process.
  2409. Gradually, Nie Li entered into the anatta mental state: a tranquil and calm state. The burning sensation from the black flames have also lightened up.
  2411. His cultivation that had consolidated at 5-star Black Gold rank slowly began to head towards Legend rank. The jump from 5-star Black Gold to Legend rank was one of the harder ones during primary cultivation. However, after practicing the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, using the Emperor Kong Ming’s statement of truth, and controlling three types of Law Energy, Nie was aiming for a breakthrough. Very soon, signs of fracturing appeared in the wall to Legend rank.
  2413. Nie Li would soon reach Legend rank. Once he stepped into it, his cultivation level would undergo a huge change.
  2415. Aside from Duan Jian, everyone on the second floor of the Black Infernal Tower was quietly seated, cultivating their soul realms.
  2417. In the sky outside the Black Infernal Tower, the golden armour wearing servant was quietly observing.
  2419. “Among these people, there are some who aren’t as simple as they look!” The servant could see everything that happened in the Black Infernal Tower. His gaze swept past Duan Jian and the others, finally stopping on the youth with the ghastly pale skin. “His talent should be the strongest among this batch! However, there are still a few who are quite close to him.”
  2421. His eyes swept past Nie Li, but didn’t stop. From his point of view, Nie Li’s talent was rather dull compared to Ye Ziyun and the others who sat beside him.
  2423. As Nie Li sat and cultivated, he sensed the soul realms of his friends connecting, rapidly forming a Soul Array. It was like a vortex, constantly sucking in the black flame’s energy, increasing everyone’s strength at a rapid rate.
  2425. Inside the Black Infernal Tower, the flames would incite their cultivation and allow them to step into a whole new level!
  2427. This was the realm that countless people in Glory City have yearned for!
  2433. Chapter 244: Celestial Qilin
  2436. As Nie Li and his party concentrated on their cultivation, the Demon Lord slowly stood up.
  2438. At that movement, Duan Jian gripped his Black Flame Sword even tighter and coldly stared at the Demon Lord, prepared to engage him in battle at any moment. Duan Jian had keen perception and noticed the trace of enmity that had flashed through the Demon Lord’s eyes when he made eye contact with Nie Li earlier.
  2440. The strength of this youth was deep and unmeasurable, but at the very least, he had definitely reached Demigod rank!
  2442. The Demon Lord had only glanced at Duan Jian before moving onwards to the third floor.
  2444. As he watched the Demon Lord leave, Duan Jian breathed out in relief. He sensed that the opposing party’s strength was definitely not as simple as his cover. If a fight really broke out, Duan Jian didn’t have very high chances of winning. However, since the other party only intended on heading for the third floor, there’s no issue between them. It’s better if they didn’t start anything.
  2446. Just as the Demon Lord was leaving, Cang Ming stood up. His actions were unusually identical to the Demon Lord’s, as he also headed for the third floor.
  2448. Cang Ming threw an enmity-filled glare at the Demon Lord. He could sense that the Demon Lord’s strength wasn’t inferior to his own. However, Cang Ming didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble and only proceeded to the third floor ahead of the Demon Lord. Cang Ming was a competitive person who always yearned for first place. Therefore, he simply had to enter the third floor ahead of Demon Lord.
  2450. The Demon Lord’s brows twitched, but he didn’t fight Cang Ming, instead he followed behind. The two of them walked up the stairs and gradually disappeared.
  2452. To stay on the second floor was already a very toiling task, not to mention walking towards the third floor.
  2454. As everyone watched, Mu Ye and Hua Huo both stood up one after another and headed for the third floor of the Black Infernal Tower.
  2456. Some of the powerful families’ Patriarchs could only obediently remain on the first floor. Although their cultivation had far surpassed Cang Ming and the rest’s, the Black Infernal Tower’s black flames completely negated their cultivation. Only those with powerful souls could proceed further.
  2458. Another dozen people stood up and headed for the third floor.
  2460. Nie Li’s soul continuously drifted in place as he entered a realm that could be described as a mystery within a mystery.
  2462. “Infinite has no beginning, no beginning can have no end!”
  2464. This sentence constantly echoed in Nie Li’s ears. As though encouraged by this chant, the vine in his soul realm sprouted more leaves and on one of the shoots, a flower bud condensed.
  2466. That bud swelled as though it would bloom at any moment.
  2468. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  2470. Stirred by the chant, the three Law Energies constantly rammed the obstruction that blocked Nie Li’s way into Legend rank, like a tsunami slamming on the reef.
  2472. *Ommm!*
  2474. A powerful ripple swept throughout his soul realm. The obstacle between Legend rank shattered into pieces and the Law Energies surged in, flooding out in all directions.
  2476. It still wasn’t enough, even after filling Nie Li’s soul realm. It moved like the tide towards Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest of the group.
  2478. This energy was simply too vast and majestic.
  2480. Although Nie Li had only moved from 5-star Black Gold rank to Legend rank, the thickness of his Law Energy was ten times greater for someone of his rank. The Law Energy also filled the soul realms of Ye Ziyun and the others.
  2482. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest who were cultivating suddenly felt a vast and majestic Law Energy squeezing their soul realms. They couldn’t help furrowing their brows. Their Soul Realms were unable to admit such powerful Law Energy. Under its pressure, their soul realms expanded uncontrollably.
  2484. After a while, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest opened their eyes and gasped for breath in huge lungfuls. Each of them was completely drenched in sweat.
  2486. They were unable to handle such huge amounts of Law Energy coming from Nie Li. However, this also made their cultivation rise by leaps and bounds. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Du Ze had immediately jumped to 2-star Legend rank, while Lu Piao and the others had reached 1-star Legend rank.
  2488. They all looked towards Nie Li, who was still cultivating with his eyes shut, and couldn’t help feeling a lingering fear in their hearts.
  2490. The capacity of Nie Li’s soul realm was simply too terrifying. The overflowing energy alone was already enough to fill their soul realms several times over. If their soul strength wasn’t as high as it was, their soul realms might have even exploded under the pressure.
  2492. “Nie Li really is a freak.” said Lu Piao, sitting to the side. That surge of terrifying Law Energy just now had nearly taken his life.
  2494. Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes and a divine light shot out. The current Nie Li had already stepped into Legend rank, in addition to controlling of three types of Law Energies. Even if he faced a Demigod rank expert right this moment, Nie Li wouldn’t be inferior to his opponent. Even he didn’t know the exact level of his own fighting power.
  2496. Nie Li calmly said, “Let’s head for the third floor!”
  2498. The terrifying aura that fluctuated from Nie Li’s body startled many Demigod rank experts on the second floor. Those Demigod rank experts couldn’t help turn their attention towards Nie Li, their eyes containing deep astonishment and dumbfoundedness.
  2500. They could feel a dangerous aura emanating from Nie Li’s body: something that even they couldn’t withstand.
  2502. This man must definitely not be provoked! This was the first thought that crossed each Demigod expert’s mind.
  2504. Under the watchful gazes of the Demigod rank experts, Nie Li and his group headed towards the third floor.
  2506. The third floor was only a few dozen meters in circumference. When Nie Li and his group stepped onto the third floor, a raging and deafening roar bombarded their ears.
  2508. This roar caused everyone’s facial expressions to change as they felt their eardrums being on the verge of bursting. When they turned their eyes in the direction of that roar, they saw that the walls were densely packed with a network of spiderweb-like iron chains. And the center of it all was a gigantic demon beast, furiously roaring.
  2510. Once the demon beast noticed that someone entered, it angrily struggled to break free from its restraints. However, the inscription patterns on the iron chains began glowing as a powerful energy picked up the demon beast and threw it against the wall.
  2512. Nie Li raised his head to observe the creature. This demon beast looked somewhat like a cross between a deer and a tiger, with long pointy horns on its head. Its entire body was also covered in black scales.
  2514. “Nie Li, what kind of demon beast is this?” Ye Ziyun asked through her shock. She could vaguely sense that this demon beast held the attributes of lightning and fire.
  2516. Lu Piao and the rest were so scared that they were trembling. The might of this demon beast was extremely astonishing and exerted a terrifying pressure on them. If it this demon beast wasn’t chained up, even with all of them together, they might not be able to defeat it.
  2518. Although this demon beast is chained here, it looked as though it could break free at anytime. Therefore, none of them dared to be careless. Du Ze, Duan Jian, and everyone else took out their weapons and prepared to engage it in battle.
  2520. When he saw that demon beast, Nie Li unexpectedly laughed and said, “Du Ze, it’s your lucky day!”
  2522. “My lucky day?” Du Ze was a little puzzled.
  2524. Nie Li’s gaze turned to the demon beast as he lightly smiled and said, “This demon beast is called the Celestial Qilin!”
  2526. “So that’s a Celestial Qilin!” Lu Piao’s eyes lit up and glowed with desire towards the Celestial Qilin.
  2528. “So what if it’s called the Celestial Qilin?” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were a little puzzled as they looked at Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Du Ze.
  2530. “Du Ze’s soul realm has the Heavenly Thundercloud form. Therefore, this Celestial Qilin demon beast is the perfect demon spirit for him!” Lu Piao explained from the side.
  2532. With Lu Piao’s explanation, everyone then understood Nie Li’s reason for telling Du Ze that it was his “lucky day”.
  2534. Du Ze knew that the Celestial Qilin was the most suitable demon spirit for him. However, until today, he never knew what it looked like. So a Celestial Qilin looks like this.
  2536. However, this Celestial Qilin was too powerful. Even if it was chained in this place, there was still no one who could approach it, not to mention kill it and obtain its demon spirit.
  2538. Electricity radiated from the Celestial Qilin’s body and its fur stood up on end. Its frame was five to six meters tall, with terrifying bronze bell-like eyes that deterred all. It angrily took a few steps and glared at Nie Li and his party, trailing its chains behind.
  2540. “The people that came to the third floor ahead of us couldn’t have been eaten, right?” Lu Piao asked as he cringed.
  2542. “The Celestial Qilin is chained up. How could it have possibly eaten anyone?” Du Ze rolled his eyes at Lu Piao and continued, “They probably went to a higher floor since it’s impossible to cultivate on this floor.”
  2544. “Nie Li, what is the level of the Celestial Qilin?” Lu Piao asked out of pure curiosity.
  2546. “This Celestial Qilin has yet to reach adulthood; therefore, this chain is able to bind it. As to what kind of level an adulthood Celestial Qilin is, even if I were to tell you now, you guys still wouldn’t understand it. Spiritual Gods can be considered Heavenly Fate Realm experts. Above the Heavenly Fate Realm, there is the Heavenly Star Realm, Heavenly Axis Realm, Dao of Dragon, and Martial Ancestor. Even the most worthless Celestial Qilin could cultivate up to the 6-Stage Dao of Dragon.”
  2548. At Nie Li’s words, everyone was stunned. Why were there still so many powerful realms above the Spiritual Gods? They originally thought that the Spiritual Gods were already the most powerful existences.
  2550. Previously, Nie Li didn’t tell them about the realms above Spiritual God because they hadn’t reached Legend rank yet; therefore, there was no point for them to know. As far as the experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm were concerned, Legend rank was only the beginning of real cultivation.
  2552. The power level of the Celestial Qilin blew Du Ze’s mind. Although the Celestial Qilin before his eyes had yet to reach adulthood, it still obviously had endless potential.
  2554. Nie Li went silent for a brief moment. Although the current demon beast that Du Ze had integrated with was also one with a God level growth rate, it simply wasn’t comparable to the Celestial Qilin whatsoever. Especially since the Celestial Qilin was extremely compatible with Du Ze’s soul realm.
  2556. Du Ze was one of Nie Li’s closest brothers. Since such a great opportunity to obtain the Celestial Qiling for Du Ze has presented itself, Nie Li will absolutely not let this chance slip by.
  2558. However, the Celestial Qilin before them wasn’t something that could be dealt with so easily!
  2560. The power of the Celestial Qilin was undoubtedly formidable. Even if it hadn’t reached adulthood, it still wasn’t something that an ordinary Demigod rank expert could confront.
  2562. Yu Yan sat on Nie Li’s shoulders and asked with concern, “Nie Li, you’re really planning on fighting that Celestial Qilin demon beast?”
  2568. Chapter 245: Soul Seal
  2571. The corner of Nie Li’s mouth turned up in a light smile as he looked upon the Celestial Qilin. Since this Celestial Qilin is at least a few thousand years old, it must be extremely intelligent, right?
  2573. “Old fella, since you’ve been eavesdropping for so long, you should also submit your opinion!” Nie Li spoke to the chained Celestial Qilin.
  2575. At Nie Li’s words, everyone was at a loss. Just who was Nie Li talking to?
  2577. Suddenly, a solemn voice boomed from the Heavenly Qilin, “Brat, you plan to kill me and seize my demonic spirit! Hmph, hmph! Well, aren’t you naive? Do you think it’s possible just by yourselves?”
  2579. Everyone was shocked and could only stare blankly when the Celestial Qilin suddenly opened its mouth and spoke comprehensive words.
  2581. This was the first time any of the others had witnessed a demon beast speaking in a human language.
  2583. Among the group members, only Yu Yan remained calm, as she already knew some things about the Celestial Qilin species. However, obtaining the demonic spirit of this Celestial Qilin would not be an easy matter. Even if all of them were to work together, they still might not be able to fight the Celestial Qilin on equal grounds.
  2585. Nie Li calmly walked a few steps forward and calmly stared at the Celestial Qilin. “Being trapped by the Black Flames Prison inscription patterns isn’t too comfortable, right?”
  2587. “Comfortable or not, what has it got to do with you?” The Celestial Qilin snorted.
  2589. “Among the demon beast clans, the Celestial Qilins can be considered the strangest among them. They are solitary creatures who keeping no friends. Within their bodies is a treasure that all demon beasts yearn for: the core. You are trapped here because you have yet to reach adulthood and the Celestial Qilin core in your body has yet to fully take shape. I wonder who chained you here to nurture your core?” Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin as he lightly smiled.
  2591. A chilling light flashed across the eyes of that Celestial Qilin as he looked down at Nie Li, “Human, what do you want?”
  2593. The Celestial Qilin’s never expected Nie Li to see through itself so thoroughly and wondered about the origins of Nie Li.
  2595. “I can break you free.” Nie Li stared at the Celestial Qilin as he continued patiently and systematically, “Are you willing to be imprisoned here? To be killed like an animal and have your core seized?”
  2597. “Brat, who are you calling an animal?!” The Celestial Qilin furiously roared as lightning bolts crackled throughout its entire body.
  2599. “Right now, what’s the difference between you and livestock? You’re being kept here until you’ve reached adulthood and formed your core, then you’ll be slaughtered!” Nie Li smiled as he looked at the furious Celestial Qilin. It was his plan to anger the Celestial Qilin.
  2601. The Celestial Qilin furiously roared, “Brat, I know what you guys are planning! You also intend to kill me to extract my demon spirit. What is the difference between you and those people? Why should I listen to you?”
  2603. “It’s true that I’m after your demon spirit, but I’m not interested in killing you. We can use a grey area method. If you are willing to form a Soul Seal with my friend here, your body will change into a demon spirit and enter my friend’s soul realm.” said Nie Li.
  2605. At Nie Li’s words, Celestial Qilin laughed as he said, “Turn my entire body into a demon spirit, what is the difference from being killed? You humans think you are all very cunning, trying to trick me. You think I’ll be tricked so easily?!”
  2607. Nie Li lightly smiled, “Of course there’s a difference. If we kill you and steal your demon spirit, once the master dies, you will also be destroyed. If a Soul Seal is formed and you voluntarily turn into a demon spirit, you will keep your consciousness. Once your master dies, you will be freed. The lifespan of a human is only a hundred years. Compared to the endless lifespan of Celestial Qilins, it can’t be considered much.”
  2609. At Nie Li’s words, Celestial Qilin froze for a brief moment as he rolled his eyes 1. What Nie Li had just said was indeed a rather attractive opportunity for him.
  2611. Du Ze furrowed his brows. He felt that there was an issue with this method. What if the Celestial Qilin decided to betray him one day? Du Ze glanced at Nie Li and saw how confident his friend looked. Nie Li must have a card up his sleeve. Thus, Du Ze didn’t voice his concerns.
  2613. “Very well, I’ll agree to your conditions!” The Celestial Qilin quickly replied.
  2615. “Then, I’ll need some of your blood first,” said Nie Li.
  2617. The Celestial Qilin furrowed his brows as he asked, “What do you need my blood for?”
  2619. Nie Li lightly said, “Without your blood, how am I going to form the Soul Seal?”
  2621. The Celestial Qilin moved back and forth as he coldly growled, “Are you bluffing me? I have never heard of a Soul Seal that allows the physical body to transform!”
  2623. Nie Li shrugged. “Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are thousands of secret techniques in this world, plenty of which you’re unaware of!”
  2625. “Don’t think that I don’t realize the truth! You’re trying to trick me. Either way, I won’t give my blood to you!” The Celestial Qilin roared, “Unless you can think of a different method!”
  2627. The blood of a Celestial Qilin is extremely precious and contained their inheritance. Under normal circumstances, the physical body of a Celestial Qilin is extremely powerful and extremely difficult to cut or penetrate. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for ordinary people to obtain the blood of a Celestial Qilin. In addition, the Celestial Qilin wouldn’t freely give its blood to just anyone.
  2629. The Celestial Qilin demon beasts are intelligent and very cunning. Nie Li is aware of this, just as he was aware that the Celestial Qilin was putting on this act just for show. Earlier, the Celestial Qilin had only agreed so quickly because it probably intended to harm Du Ze after the Soul Seal was formed. In that way, it could regain its freedom faster. However, Nie Li had countermeasures in case such a thing happened. He requested the blood of the Celestial Qilin first so they could restrain it if necessary.
  2631. However, the Celestial Qilin was extremely cunning and had probably sensed that Nie Li has ulterior motives as well. Therefore, it was extremely unwilling to hand over its blood.
  2633. “If that’s the case, then we can’t come to an agreement!” Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin with an expression of deep meaning.
  2635. “So what if we can’t come to an agreement? Regardless, I won’t give my blood to you!” The Celestial Qilin snorted, “What can you lot do to me? At most, I’ll just stay here. You want me to become your demon spirit? Fat chance! If I could break free of these chains, none of you would be able to escape. I would tear all of you to shreds!”
  2637. The Celestial Qilin relied on its powerful brute strength and did not regard Nie Li and the rest as a threat. Bolts of lightning also constantly puffed out from its nose. If it hadn’t been for the binding array on the chains, just the lightning itself would be able to turn Nie Li and his group into ashes!
  2639. “Nie Li, just give up if it’s really impossible.” Du Ze said towards Nie Li, as he sensed the terrifying aura of the Celestial Qilin. At their currently level, they were still too weak and wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on the Celestial Qilin.
  2641. Nie Li shook his head and said, “It’s not easy to find a Celestial Qilin. So no matter what, I will help you to get him as your demon spirit!”
  2643. Nie Li looked at the Celestial Qilin before him, narrowed his eyes, and said, “If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for forcing you to submit!”
  2645. The Celestial Qilin violently stomped its feet and said, “Hmph! Ignorant humans, you want to force me to submit with only your power? Hysterical! I’ve killed millions of humans like you in the past, or at the very least, hundreds of thousands. Even if I’m trapped here, what could you possibly do to me?”
  2647. “You said it yourself!” Nie Li snorted. Since the Celestial Qilin has massacred so many humans before, Nie Li decided he would no longer be civil. He gave Duan Jian a glance and said, “Duan Jian, give me some of your blood!”
  2649. “Yes!” Duan Jian didn’t have the slightest hesitation as he bit his arm, allowing fresh blood to flow from the wound.
  2651. Although Duan Jian’s physical body is very powerful and made it difficult for foreign material to penetrate his body, it was easy if he used his own teeth to bite it. He quickly filled a basin with blood.
  2653. Nie Li took Duan Jian’s blood and began to draw some mysterious inscription patterns on the floor.
  2655. The design circled around the Celestial Qilin.
  2657. “What sort of inscription patterns are these?” Lu Piao and the rest asked out of curiosity.
  2659. “Duan Jian’s blood contains the energy from the powerful black flames. These inscription patterns can collect a portion of the black flames in this tower to this location!” said Nie Li. When he finished the last stroke, terrifying black flames rapidly gathered in his direction.
  2661. With more and more black flames converging together and creating a huge amount of pressure with a terrifying heat, the Celestial Qilin started to thrash fretfully and unstably. His greatest fear was the black flames in this tower. That was also the reason why that human had chained him here!
  2663. The blazing black flames constantly roasted and scorched the Celestial Qilin demon beast.
  2665. The temperature rose higher and higher.
  2667. To think that this brat had actually managed to gather the black flames! Now, there will definitely be much to suffer for! Even though the room temperature was rapidly increasing, the Celestial Qilin’s breath still burned hotter. However, asking him to submit to this kid was absolutely impossible!
  2669. At the same time, on the ninth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, a group of people conversed among themselves as they sat in an exquisite yard. By the table was a puddle of spring water that reflected the scene inside the Black Infernal Tower.
  2671. Everything that occurred in the Black Infernal Tower was known to this group of people.
  2673. Xiao Yu stood behind a black robed expert, lowered his head, and whispered in the ear of that black robed expert, “Father, I mentioned earlier that this person’s insights towards inscription patterns has already surpassed my own and you didn’t believe me. Now do you see?”
  2675. “This person’s insight towards inscription patterns is truly extraordinary. Furthermore, his talent is also extraordinary!” The black robed expert nodded as he looked at the six people in front of him. Those six were bending over the puddle, their attention completely concentrated on the scene before them.
  2677. “Ambassadors, in the past, none of you made a decision. However, this time, I wonder if any of you are pleased with this batch of geniuses? However, please don’t forget our agreement. The first disciple is to be chosen by my Divine Feathers Sect!” The black robed expert lightly smiled, “In the last confrontation with the Demon God Sect, ruled by the Demon Sage, our Divine Feathers Sect suffered the most. Therefore, I hope that all of you will let us pick first!”
  2679. The six people in front of the black robed expert exchanged glances before one of the beautiful women, who wore a white robe, smiled and said, “We already agreed on it earlier, and we will certainly follow our agreement. All of us here made our way out of the Tiny World, where we originated from. Although we have chosen different sects, there is no need for us to be so formal and be guarded against one another.
  2681. People from the outside world are incapable of entering the Tiny World. Only those who have once left the Tiny World could return. However, the large sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm have been recruiting talents from the Tiny World for a long time. As ambassadors, these six are in charge of the selection process.
  2683. * * *
  2687. In Chinese stories, rolling one’s eyes means that the person is thinking carefully. The gesture shows absolutely no disrespect, unlike in American culture.
  2693. Chapter 246: Stewed Demon Phallus
  2696. Although these people belonged to different sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm, they all originated from the Tiny World. Therefore, it could be said that they still felt some camaraderie amongst themselves.
  2698. One of the white bearded elders sighed with sorrow. “The Demon Beast clan from the Tiny World was provoked by the Demon God Sect, which led to the massacre of humans and other living creatures out in the main world. Because of that event, the main world has not borne very many talented experts for almost ten millennia. Only a few other realms, like the Dreamcloud Realm, have had a few talents appear. Regardless, none of this makes much of a difference to the sects that each of us belong to. It’s as if someone tried to put out a burning cart of firewood with just a cup of water.”
  2700. The black robed expert laughed, “The Draconic Ruins Realm is vast and boundless, with countless other small worlds out there that can be used to recruit talented younger generations. Those fears are groundless. Even if the Demon God Sect is more powerful at the moment, if our sects were to join forces, they would no longer carry the advantage.”
  2702. “If you put it that way, I suppose are correct,” the white bearded elder sighed and lapsed into silence.
  2704. “I wonder which one from this batch has caught the eye of the Nether Master?” The beautiful woman smiled as she asked the black robed expert.
  2706. The black robed expert is naturally the Master of the Nether Realm. The general populace assumed that the Nether Master was the one who controlled Nether City; however, that wasn’t the case. The Nether Master was only the face of the group; behind him, there was a total of seven other experts.
  2708. These seven experts often recruited talents from various races and referred them to the major sects of the other realms, such as the Divine Feathers Sect.
  2710. At the inquiry of the woman, Xiao Yu couldn’t help looking at the Nether Master. Xiao Yu also wanted to know his answer.
  2712. The Nether Master pondered for a briefly before saying, “That youth called Nie Li.”
  2714. “Oh?” A hint of astonishment flashed over the beautiful woman’s face as she said, “Although the boy named Nie Li does have deep insight concerning inscription patterns, in terms of talent, he’s still a far cry from that white clothed youth. That white clothed youth’s talents are exceptional. According to my conjectures, he should have the fabled Supreme Physique!”
  2716. The remaining five experts were also a little puzzled at the Nether Master’s choice. In their eyes, the white clothed youth was definitely the best choice.
  2718. “If the Nether Master doesn’t want that genius, then it’s an opportunity for my Heavenly Note Sect!” The beautiful woman gave a charming smile.
  2720. The smooth and emotionless voice of the Nether Master responded. “We don’t necessarily have to choose the ones with the best talent. I sense that this youth is also exceptional.”
  2722. Although the others still have no idea why the Nether Master chose Nie Li, they didn’t doubt the Nether Master’s opinion.
  2724. A white haired elder turned to the beautiful woman and smiled, “After the Nether Master’s turn it’s the Heavenly Note Sect’s. Ling Yun, you’re going to choose that white clothed youth?”
  2726. “If I don’t choose him, then would everyone let me select two people?” The beautiful woman named Ling Yun pursed her lips as her eyes filled with expectation.
  2728. “Oh? The Divine Note Sect will also pass over the white clothed youth?” The remaining few looked at Ling Yun, a little astonished. They previously thought that Ling Yun would definitely pick that white clothed youth. After all, didn’t he have the greatest amount of talent from this batch?
  2730. “At my age, if I were to choose a handsome youth as my disciple, I’m afraid people would gossip. I sense that the two girls beside that youth aren’t bad. Why don’t you give those two girls to me?” Ling Yun smiled like a flower as she continued “With two girls as disciples, I could also have intimate chats with them.”
  2732. “Ling Yun is quite calculating. One for two, not a bad exchange.” The white haired elder laughed and continued, “Since Ling Yun already has such intentions, then we have no reason to object!”
  2734. “It seems that the white clothed youth will go to my Hidden Cloud Sect!”
  2736. “Then I’ll take the one with the Black Dragon’s bloodline!”
  2738. Inside the Black Infernal Tower, Nie Li and the others were entirely unaware that every single action of theirs was being observed and that their group has already been divided amongst those people.
  2740. As time elapsed, the Celestial Qilin demon beast’s endurance wore away under the intense burning of the black flames. It opened its mouth and cursed, “You little shits! If you have the guts, come and fight me instead! Let’s see if I don’t tear all of you to shreds, you sons of b*tches! Cowards who don’t have the guts to fight me, using only underhanded tactics…” The Celestial Qilin streamed profanities nonstop.
  2742. “I’ve never seen a divine beast with a mouth as rotten as yours!” Du Ze said, a little dejectedly. Was he really going to have to make a pact with a Celestial Qilin that had such a rotten mouth?
  2744. Nie Li has no idea how this Celestial Qilin was raised and where it learned so much profanity. However, he couldn’t be bothered about such things before he subdued it. After all, it’s not easy to find a Celestial Qilin demon beast!
  2746. The Celestial Qilin cursed for half an hour straight before its mouth finally dried up. The horrifying black flames continued to burn and looked as though it was trying to roast the creature. Although it has a powerful body, the black flames in this tower weren’t ordinary flames.
  2748. Nie Li appeared to be very calm. “In the meantime, we can resume our cultivation. It won’t be long before we get to see a roasted Celestial Qilin.”
  2750. The demon beast finally couldn’t stand the burning anymore and gave in. “Brat, why don’t we discuss the terms again?”
  2752. “Give me your blood first, then we’ll talk.” Nie Li lightly replied. “Otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss.”
  2754. The Celestial Qilin furiously snorted, “Giving you my demon blood is an absolutely impossible request! If I burn to death, then you guys can only dream about my demon spirit! I will definitely destroy it before I die!”
  2756. “You’re welcome to!” Nie Li shrugged and said, “So what if we don’t manage to take your demon spirit? You’ve killed so many of our kind that killing you here can also be considered serving justice. Although it’s a pity that we won’t be able to obtain your demon spirit, I’ve heard that every part of the Celestial Qilin is a treasure: demon scales, demon palms, demon beard, demon phallus, etc. I’ve heard somewhere that the demon phallus [1] of the Celestial Qilin is great nourishment!”
  2758. [tl: [1] = In traditional Chinese medicine, the phallus of certain animals is used as treatment for male impotence. also called penis. ]
  2760. At Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s faces flushed red as they inwardly thought, ‘Nie Li is too vulgar.’
  2762. Lu Piao’s eyes lit up as he quickly moved to Nie Li’s side and asked, “Demon phallus? What’s that? Are they really great sources of nourishment? How do you eat it? Stewed? Roasted?”
  2764. Xiao Xue glanced at Lu Piao and said, “If there really is such a thing as a demon phallus, you should give it Lu Piao!”
  2766. At Xiao Xue’s words, Nie Li, Du Ze, and the others all gave Lu Piao strange looks and tried to hold back their laughter.
  2768. Lu Piao’s face was blank for a moment before he finally understood. His face turned red as he said, “Hey, don’t misunderstand! I absolutely do not have any medical problems associated with this! I won’t take the demon’s phallus anymore! You guys can have it!”
  2770. As the Celestial Qilin heard the group’s conversation, it felt a chill run down its crotch and couldn’t help clamping its legs shut. “You bunch of despicable and shameless people! I’m really infuriated now! Even if I die, I won’t let you get away with it!”
  2772. Lu Piao narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Celestial Qilin and said, “Sure! Before you die, you should destroy your demon phallus along with your demon spirit!”
  2774. At the words of Lu Piao, everyone couldn’t stop laughing. Lu Piao was really too ruthless with that move.
  2776. The Celestial Qilin’s face grew dark. Why did he have to encounter such a bunch of rogues? He thought about his own death and how his demon phallus was probably going to get stewed by someone. The mood that followed this though couldn’t simply be described as “depressed”. To think that a divine beast like itself would actually meet its end in such a manner!
  2778. Why hasn’t he reach adulthood yet? Why is he locked here?!
  2780. Otherwise, how could he possibly have been rendered to such a miserable state by the likes of Nie Li and his group?
  2782. Way back when, he had massacred countless experts, especially many Demigod rank experts. If he could kill a hundred, then he would be able to use his killing aura to refine his core and step into the Heavenly Fate Realm. However, he was beat up by an insane old man and was locked in this Black Infernal Tower. Thereafter, he never saw the light of day and continued to be burned by the black flames. Now, even Nie Li and his fellow brats were bullying him. It really was an example of “a tiger landing in the plains and was being bullied by a dog” [2].
  2784. [tl: [2] = Chinese idiom. A tiger has come out of its mountain habitat and become trapped in the plains. It is so much of a disadvantage that even a dog could bully it. ]
  2786. As he thought about his miserable circumstances and about his demon phallus being stewed after his death, the Celestial Qilin finally submitted. He said in a low voice, “I admit defeat, we can discuss the terms again!”
  2788. “There’s nothing much to discuss. Hand over your demon blood first. Otherwise, we have nothing to say!” Lu Piao said as he arrogantly pointed at the Celestial Qilin.
  2790. “Fine. I will hand my blood over, but you have to disable this inscription pattern array first.” The Celestial Qilin said as he gasped for air.
  2792. “Agreed!” Nie Li withdrew the inscription pattern array and stared at the Celestial Qilin demon beast.
  2794. The Celestial Qilin rolled its eyes and asked, “Where are you going to put the blood?”
  2796. “Use this!” Nie Li took a basin out from his interspatial ring and tossed it over.
  2798. The Celestial Qilin knew that Nie Li could reinstate the inscription pattern array at any time. It pondered over its situation a little, then bit its left forearm, and allowed the blood to flow down into the basin.
  2800. “Here’s the demon blood. How are you going to lay the Soul Seal?” The Celestial Qilin probed.
  2802. “I have to use the demon blood and lay the Soul Seal on your body!” said Nie Li.
  2804. “Since you have to lay the Soul Seal directly on my body, why don’t you come over?” The Celestial Qilin’s heart was filled with joy, but he remained calm.
  2806. “Sure I can go over, but you have to kick the demon blood over first. The blood of a Celestial Qilin is some excellent stuff. When your body transforms later, there won’t be any more demon blood. We have to first collect few basins full of it!” said Nie Li. How could he not know what the Celestial Qilin is planning? It obviously wanted him to get closer so that it could seize him.
  2808. The Celestial Qilin was indignant. “Absolutely not! Our demon blood is extremely precious. How can you guys be like this?!” The Celestial Qilin couldn’t figure out what Nie Li was planning; therefore, he didn’t dare hand his blood over.
  2810. Lu Piao snorted as he watched, “Kick your demon blood over quickly. Otherwise, do you want to say goodbye to your demon phallus?”
  2812. The Celestial Qilin felt extremely depressed. He hated it the most when people threatened him with his demon phallus!
  2814. He swept his eyes over Nie Li and the rest and could only submit in the end. He kicked the basin over.
  2816. The basin of demon blood fell between Nie Li and the Celestial Qilin, at about three meters distance. The Celestial Qilin raised its head to the group and said, “I carelessly kicked it too lightly. I can no longer reach it, so you guys have to get it yourself!”
  2822. Chapter 247: Soul Seal
  2825. Nie Li raised his head towards the Celestial Qilin and slightly narrowed his eyes.
  2827. This Celestial Qilin was just too cunning. With the control that Celestial Qilins have over their strength, there was no way that it would make such a small mistake. It was definitely trying to lure them in by using the basin as bait.
  2829. “Isn’t this easy to solve?” Lu Piao took out a whip and coiled it around the basin that contained the demon blood, trying to pull it over.
  2831. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning descended and the whip burst into bits.
  2833. The corner of the Celestial Qilin’s mouth turned in an almost unnoticeably cold smile. As it feigned innocence, it said, “So everything within three meters of me is guarded with a chain prison! Even I was unaware of that!”
  2835. Everything within five meters was under the Celestial Qilin’s control, so why should it let Nie Li and his party have an easy time of getting the demon blood?
  2837. “Nie Li, this Celestial Qilin is doing this on purpose.” Yu Yan reminded beside Nie Li’s ears.
  2839. “I’m aware.” Nie Li nodded. How could he not know that all of this was only a little game that the Celestial Qilin was playing?
  2841. Nie Li glanced at the Celestial Qilin before him and lightly smiled, “If that’s the case, then I guess I’ll have to get it myself!”
  2843. He slowly moved towards the Celestial Qilin.
  2845. “Nie Li, be careful!” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help worrying about him. Approaching the Celestial Qilin is an extremely dangerous thing to do.
  2847. “Rest assured, Nie Li knows what he’s doing!” Du Ze smiled from the side. He understood Nie Li too well. How could Nie Li possibly fall for such a small trick?
  2849. Nie Li slowly moved towards the Celestial Qilin. Seven meters, six meters…
  2851. As the Celestial Qilin watched Nie Li, who was about to enter its domain, a kind of uncontrollable delight filled its heart.
  2853. After a brief moment, Nie Li stopped right at the five meter mark and not a step closer. He looked at the Celestial Qilin.
  2855. The Celestial Qilin’s pupils shrank. Nie Li’s actions were obvious; he was telling the creature not to try anything funny because he had already seen through its intentions.
  2857. The Celestial Qilin inwardly snorted. So what if you’ve seen through it, I still refuse to believe that you can obtain the basin of my demon blood!
  2859. Suddenly, Nie Li rapidly transformed into the Fanged Panda, opened his mouth, and spat a black sphere and a white sphere towards the Celestial Qilin.
  2861. “Hmph! You have no other option but to use force to snatch my demon blood? So what?” The Celestial Qilin snorted and spat a bolt of lightning towards the Yin-Yang Blast. Even if it is imprisoned, its strength still isn’t something that could be withstood by an ordinary Demigod rank!
  2863. *Boom!*
  2865. The lightning landed on Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast and it instantly exploded. A huge shock wave swept outwards.
  2867. The moment the Yin-Yang Blast exploded, Nie Li tossed a Draconic Bomb and rapidly switched to the Shadow Devil and charged towards the demon blood.
  2869. “Trying to snatch my demon blood? Fat chance! Since you’ve entered my range, don’t think about leaving!” The Celestial Qilin snorted. It widened its mouth, and spat out a lightning ball.
  2871. Ye Ziyun and the others watched in suspense and proceeded to release their own techniques.
  2873. An icicle and a wind blade flew towards the Celestial Qilin to distract it.
  2875. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  2877. The attacks landed on the Celestial Qilin but they were no different from a tickle, inflicting no harm to it whatsoever. The Celestial Qilin’s physical body was simply too powerful!
  2879. “Roar!” The Celestial Qilin raged and began spitting out lightning bolts.
  2881. Suddenly, a Draconic Bomb landed inside its mouth and an explosion sounded as the bomb exploded. However, due to the powerful physique of the Celestial Qilin, it was only pushed back a few steps, still uninjured.
  2883. Nie Li moved as fast as lightning, swept down with his right hand, grabbed the basin of demon blood, and threw it towards Du Ze and the rest.
  2885. When it saw this, the Celestial Qilin roared in rage and aimed a countless amount condensed bolts of lightning at Nie Li. Although Nie Li managed to toss the demon blood out of range, he himself could only dream of escaping!
  2887. Nie Li watched the storm of lightning bolts that was almost upon him and sensed the energy that wanted to tear him to shreds.
  2889. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  2891. The devastating lightning rained down and devoured Nie Li’s figure.
  2893. “Hmph, hmph! That kid is definitely down!” The Celestial Qilin believed that it was impossible for Nie Li to have escaped from that situation!
  2895. As everyone else watched, their hearts were held with the utmost anticipation. With Nie Li’s current cultivation, such a terrifying thunderstorm wasn’t something he could withstand.
  2897. The Celestial Qilin didn’t intend to kill Nie Li. The thunderstorm was only meant to make him lose consciousness. Nie Li was obviously the leader of the group. If the Celestial Qilin could hold Nie Li hostage, then the others would naturally follow.
  2899. The frantic shower of lightning finally calmed down.
  2901. However, when the Celestial Qilin looked, that area was empty.
  2903. “How is this possible?!” The Celestial Qilin tossed its head in rage and stomped heavily. Bursts of lightning bolts bombed indiscriminately as it searched for Nie Li’s location. However, it was unable to sense Nie Li’s location.
  2905. A brief moment later, Nie Li’s figure gradually materialised on a spot seven meters away.
  2907. Earlier, when the Celestial Qilin attacked him, Nie Li executed the void ability and entered void-form. Therefore, the Celestial Qilin’s attacks didn’t land on him.
  2909. “How did you manage to escape?” The Celestial Qilin eyed Nie Li as its heart became filled with an unwilling sense of defeat.
  2911. “You don’t have to know that.” Nie Li lightly laughed. The Shadow Devil demon spirit was an extremely rare demon spirit that was rarely encountered. Many of its combat abilities were unknown to others. Although this Celestial Qilin has lived for a long time, its knowledge of other demon spirits didn’t appear to be very wide. At the very least, it didn’t know of the Shadow Devil demon spirit.
  2913. “Nie Li, we have the basin of demon blood. What are we going to do with it?” Lu Piao asked as he held up the basin.
  2915. “Pass it to me,” said Nie Li as he lightly smiled. He took the basin of demon blood from Lu Piao and started drawing some inscription patterns.
  2917. Mysterious designs began to fill the ground.
  2919. The Celestial Qilin observed the inscription patterns and shifted impatiently as it looked at Nie Li and said, “You won’t go back on your word, right?”
  2921. Could it be that Nie Li didn’t plan on letting the Celestial Qilin go even after he obtained its blood and was trying to kill it instead?
  2923. “Naturally, I keep my word, unlike you. If we use your demon blood to lay the inscription pattern array, we will be able to restrain you if you try to hurt us. I will also use your demon blood to draw a Soul Array connecting you and Du Ze. From today onwards, your physical body will transform and be merged with Du Ze’s soul realm. However, don’t even think about hurting him. The Soul Array can only be removed by Du Ze. In order to grant you your freedom, from today onwards, you must guard him faithfully!” said Nie Li. For the sake of Du Ze’s safety, Nie Li had to take precautions.
  2925. “What if he dies of natural causes?” The Celestial Qilin questioned irritably.
  2927. Nie Li shrugged and said, “Then, I’m not sure what’ll happen. Anyway, that’s the situation.”
  2929. The Celestial Qilin was depressed. However, as a tiger trapped and bullied by hounds, what else could it do? It could only accept its fate. However, Nie Li’s terms were still quite generous. After all, a human’s lifespan wasn’t that long. After Du Ze dies, it would regain its freedom, right? After all, a death is like a candle being extinguished. As long as it didn’t offend De Ze, then Du Ze should have no reason not to release it upon his death.
  2931. “Very well then. We have a deal. I will do my best to protect him. However, when his lifespan comes to an end, he has to release me!” The Celestial Qilin demanded, after a brief moment. Compared to being trapped in the tower and slaughtered after its core was formed, it was much better to lower its head and follow a human for a hundred years.
  2933. Du Ze proudly stood and seriously said, “I, Du Ze, have always kept my words. If you follow me for fifty years, when the time comes, no matter what happens, I will release you!”
  2935. “Okay!” Upon hearing this, the Celestial Qilin agreed straightforwardly. In comparison, he felt that Du Ze was easier to deal with than Nie Li. He could see that Du Ze was a rather honest person.
  2937. As he watched the Celestial Qilin lower its head, Nie Li was finally assured. Once Du Ze integrated with the Celestial Qilin, he would definitely be able to accomplish astonishing feats. Even if it was only for fifty years, it would be enough for Du Ze. After all, the cultivation technique that Nie Li gave him was the powerful [Heavenly Qilin] cultivation technique.
  2939. Inside the Tiny World and among the Legend ranks, Nie Li was able to take care of the majority of issues that arose. However, if they intended on travelling to Draconic Ruins Realm, then the situation would become far more dangerous. Even if they all reach the Heavenly Fate Realm and gather many fate souls, it would still be all too easy for them to lose their lives.
  2941. When that time comes, it’s entirely possible that Nie Li won’t be able to protect all of them. Therefore, Nie Li hopes to help Du Ze and the others raise their strength as high as possible to prepare for such dangers in the future.
  2943. Nie Li’s enemy is the powerful Sage Emperor!
  2945. Faced with that kind of enemy, Nie Li didn’t dare to allow the slightest negligence. From the very beginning, he had to work on perfecting his plan to fight the Sage Emperor. In this life, Nie Li couldn’t walk his old path anymore. Although he possessed astonishing strength in the past, that was him alone. In this life, he must have his friends grow as well.
  2947. The inscription patterns on the floor issued a dazzling light and formed into inscription pattern chains that bound the Celestial Qilin demon beast until it was unable to move an inch. Nie Li walked to the side of the Celestial Qilin and used the demon blood to draw the rest of the Soul Array on its body.
  2949. He then dipped some demon blood and dotted it on Du Ze’s forehead. A dazzling light suddenly emitted from it.
  2951. The demon blood on the Celestial Qilin’s body also glowed and covered its entire body. The creature’s physical form slowly faded to a translucent form before becoming transparent. Towards the very end, it turned into a streak of light and shot into Du Ze’s forehead.
  2953. Du Ze’s eyes immediately glowed with two divine lights that contained the concepts of both lightning and flame.
  2955. “All done.” Nie Li lightly smiled. Now that Du Ze has subdued the Celestial Qilin, his strength will definitely experience a huge surge.
  2961. Chapter 248: Confrontation
  2964. If they were to journey to the Draconic Ruins Realm in the future, then every ounce of strength his companions are able to gain means more power to protect themselves!
  2966. “Let’s try and move up another floor!” Nie Li said after a brief moment. The others who’d gone ahead of them should’ve already reached the higher levels of the Black Infernal Tower. Therefore, their group should also catch up and take a look.
  2968. When Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest of the group reached the third floor, they found that they could still easily endure the pressure. They only felt a slight pressure, except for Lu Piao and Xiao Xue; however, those two could still endure and could probably continue another floor up.
  2970. They ascended the stairs as a group.
  2972. At the same time, in the ninth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  2974. The Nether Master, Ling Yun, and the other experts were astonished. They had just witnessed Nie Li subdue the Celestial Qilin and integrated it with Du Ze.
  2976. “The Nether Master’s perception is indeed extraordinary. The inscription patterns that he used seems to be some kind of secret Soul Seal technique that should only appear in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Even someone of my level couldn’t come in contact with it. I wonder where he obtained it from?” Ling Yun’s eyes were bursting with curiosity as she wondered how many more secrets Nie Li was hiding.
  2978. The remaining experts were muttering to themselves. Although Nie Li’s talent is incomparable to the white clothed youth’s, the methods that he exhibited were very astonishing.
  2980. The Nether Master glanced at the grey clothed middle-aged man as he lightly laughed. “I must congratulate brother Tian Hun instead. The youth next to mine has integrated with the Celestial Qilin demon beast. The creature will slowly transform his bloodline and turn him into a supreme genius!”
  2982. The expert named Tian Hun, who was sitting next to the Nether master, was bursting with joy in his heart. Although the Celestial Qilin chained in the Black Infernal Tower had yet to reach adulthood and form its core, integrating into Du Ze’s body would still turn him into a supreme genius. Before this, he didn’t think very highly of Du Ze. But now, his opinion of Du Ze has undergone a drastic change.
  2984. “Haha, it’s all thanks to you!” Tian Hun cupped his hands as he chuckled.
  2986. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, the master and disciple are considered one. If someone betrays his or her master, that person would be named a traitor by all the large sects and pursued until death. Once a master establishes a relationship with the disciple, it would become a very stable and reliable relationship. If the disciple achieves glory in the future, the glory would also reflect on his or her master and allow the master to obtain high status within the sects.
  2988. That was the reason why these powerful experts wanted to snatch disciples from the Tiny World. Although they themselves were considered supreme existences within the Tiny World, their positions in the Draconic Ruins Realm’s sects weren’t very high.
  2990. “I wonder what surprises that youth will bring me?” The Nether Master observed Nie Li’s figure through the puddle of water, his face carrying a trace of a smile.
  2992. The fourth floor of the Black Infernal Tower
  2994. There were already dozens of people on this floor of the tower. Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and Hua Huo, who have been competing so intensely earlier, were all present. However, the pale faced, white clothed youth wasn’t on this floor.
  2996. Could that youth have gone to the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower?
  2998. Just as Nie Li and his party reached the fourth floor, Cang Ming’s eyes moved away from the next set of stairs that led upwards. In his gaze was anger and an unwillingness to admit defeat. In this selection exam for the Master of the Nether Realm, he had been aiming for first. However, he just witness a person heading to the fifth floor, while he himself had been forced back multiple times due to the intense black flames.
  3000. This meant that the strength of Cang Ming’s soul was far from that guy’s!
  3002. Just as Cang Ming was about to give up hope, Nie Li and his group came trudging up the stairs. He couldn’t go up to the fifth floor and the amount of people coming to the fourth floor was steadily increasing. Therefore, he would seem very mediocre in this floor!
  3004. Hua Huo and Mu Ye also opened their eyes, glanced at Nie Li, and turned away. They were also unable to step onto the fifth floor and everyone currently present on the fourth floor was a competitor of the same level. Not to mention that the other party was such a large group: they were a little shocked.
  3006. Just where were these people from? Why haven’t they seen them before?
  3008. After reaching the fourth floor, Lu Piao, Xiao Xue, Wei Nan, and the rest could no longer hold up, whereas Du Ze, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er still looked like they had a little energy left; however, they were also incapable of heading even higher in the tower. The only ones remaining were Nie Li, Yu Yan, and Duan Jian who appeared to endure effortlessly.
  3010. The entire fourth floor was blazing with black flames that made Lu Piao and the rest feel as though their entire bodies were boiling.
  3012. “You guys remain on this level. I will head up to the fifth floor to take a look around with sister Yu Yan.” Nie Li said towards Du Ze and the rest. He then glanced at Duan Jian and said, “Duan Jian, you’ll remain on the fourth level to protect them!”
  3014. “Yes.” Duan Jian obeyed with respect.
  3016. Nie Li raised his head and glanced at the spiral staircase that led up. Could there be strange things hidden within the fifth floors and above?
  3018. “Nie Li, be careful!” Everyone warned out of concern.
  3020. “Yeah.” Nie Li nodded as he headed towards the fifth floor.
  3022. As he watched Nie Li’s actions, Cang Ming snorted from a distance, “How could the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower be so easily ascended?”
  3024. Earlier, when he tried to go further, he felt the black flames intensify with every step he took. At the sixth step, he was forced to retreat.
  3026. All the others tried as well, but no one could surpass Cang Ming’s record
  3028. The moment Nie Li put his foot on the first step, he instantly felt a blazing heat wave roll towards him. He raised his head and looked up the stairwell. It seems that reaching the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower really isn’t such an easy feat!
  3030. As Nie Li prepared to continue his ascension, everyone else in the fourth floor directed their attention over to him. They wanted to see just how far he could go, but didn’t believe that he could actually enter the fifth floor. Up until now, the only one who was able to accomplish it was that white clothed youth. Everyone else was far from it!
  3032. Under everyone’s watchful gazes, Nie Li continued step by step.
  3034. Second step, third step…
  3036. With every step he took, Nie Li felt the black flames surge with its terrifying pressure. He wondered how exactly that white clothed youth accomplished such a feat?
  3038. Could that person’s soul strength actually be that strong?
  3040. What Nie Li didn’t know was that the Demon Lord has been constantly practicing the Spiritual Constellation technique and, therefore, was suffering from the pain of having his soul burned every day. Therefore, the strength of his soul has already reached an unimaginable stage. Adding the fact that he has the Supreme Physique, these black flames don’t amount to much before the Demon Lord.
  3042. Nie Li furrowed his brows. Since there was someone who was able to step onto the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower, then he himself must not be inferior!
  3044. As Nie Li moved up step by step, Cang Ming and the rest fixed their eyes on him. When Nie Li reached the fifth step, they were already utterly shocked and couldn’t believe that Nie Li could still continue upwards.
  3046. The sixth step, seventh step……
  3048. Cang Ming had disbelief in his eyes. To think that there were actually two people who had stronger souls than himself!
  3050. For a long time, he had been named the number one genius of Nether City, so he simply couldn’t understand where these two popped out from. They made him feel utterly defeated.
  3052. Mu Ye and Hua Huo also spilled curiosity from their eyes. They also have no idea where Nie Li and that white clothed youth came from. To think that their talents were actually this shocking.
  3054. With every step Nie Li took, he refined his own mental state. Each step seemed to become a profound concept for him as he continued to absorb the black flames.
  3056. As for Yu Yan, she was simply overjoyed; once she entered the Black Infernal Tower. Since she had originally cultivated the Law of Fire, the surrounding black flames moved as if they were being sucked into a bottomless whirlpool.
  3058. As long as she has enough Law of Fire, her divine body will continue to grow stronger!
  3060. “Sister Yu Yan, do you know who left this Black Infernal Tower behind?” Nie Li asked. There were many things he couldn’t understand about this place.
  3062. Yu Yan’s mind drifted off as she replied, “Speaking of the Black Infernal Tower, its history is even longer than the Nine-Layered Deathlands’. Back in the extremely ancient times, there were two experts who gained insight on the legendary unbounded profound insight and fought over some object. Even the Spiritual Gods could only look on and didn’t dare to join the fray. It seems that these two experts simply appeared from nowhere, then disappeared the same way. Rumor has it that one died, while the other was wounded. This Black Infernal Tower is the treasure that escaped their hands. When this treasure landed here, the entire surrounding plains were transformed into a blazing inferno.”
  3064. “Unbounded profound insight?” Nie Li furrowed his brows. Could those two experts be the disciples of Emperor Kong Ming and have fought over the inheritance of the Emperor?
  3066. “No one could move this Black Infernal Tower from where it fell. Thereafter, some Spiritual Gods made use of it and turned it into a training ground.” Yu Yan continued, “As for the Celestial Qilin demon beast, I have no idea who locked it here.”
  3068. Nie Li nodded, clearly understanding why.
  3070. To have the strength that could leave even the Spiritual Gods in awe, Emperor Kong Ming was indeed extraordinary.
  3072. There were a total of five disciples who inherited the will of Emperor Kong Ming. If one was dead, didn’t that mean that only four were left? However, this was also a bad news; although one is dead, that also meant that the other has become even stronger.
  3074. Killing each other over the inheritance of Emperor Kong Ming. If he kills the other inheritors, he would obtain their unbounded profound insights.
  3076. A thought flashed through Nie Li’s head as he recalled that insane old man in the Abyss Prison Realm. There was a likely chance that the insane old man was one of the inheritors. Since he was constantly loitering around the stone and was repeating that chant, he had probably gained some insight and become one of the inheritors!
  3078. As to why the others hadn’t killed Nie Li himself yet, he thought of a possibility. The level of his unbounded profound insight was still too shallow. Therefore, it wasn’t worth killing him yet!
  3080. Just like the Celestial Qilin, there wasn’t any worth in killing the creature before it reached maturity. Once it reached adulthood and formed its core, it would become a priceless treasure.
  3082. As he thought about it, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling his back become covered in a cold sweat. Unknowingly, he had stepped into a plot.
  3084. “The current me is still too worthless to you. However, I’m afraid that in the future, you’ll regret letting me live.” A light flashed through the depths of Nie Li’s eyes. It seems like he has to hurry his trip to the Draconic Ruins Realm in order to raise his own strength.
  3086. Fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower
  3088. Once Nie Li climbed up to the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower, his gaze fell to the center of the chamber where the white clothed youth sat cultivating.
  3090. The white clothed youth sensed someone and abruptly opened his eyes, making eye contact with Nie Li.
  3092. The two people stayed where they were without a word.
  3094. Aside from Yu Yan, who was hiding in Nie Li’s sleeve, there was only the two of them on the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower.
  3100. Chapter 249: Probe
  3103. Nie Li could sense a terrifying aura emanating from the other party.
  3105. A violent wave of energy surged towards him, even stronger than before. The other party’s cultivation has probably advanced even faster after he reached the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower.
  3107. Just as Nie Li was about to sit down and cultivate, the white clothed youth suddenly stood up and shot numerous black chains towards Nie Li from all directions.
  3109. Acting already without a word?
  3111. Sensing the chains bearing down at him, Nie Li quickly leapt away.
  3113. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3115. The entire fifth floor was engulfed in a berserk amount of energy.
  3117. “I never imagined that we would meet here.” The white clothed youth coldly smiled, but didn’t slow the attacks from his hand.
  3119. “This is also rather unexpected for me, Demon Lord.” Nie Li coldly snorted as he glared at the Demon Lord.
  3121. “So, you’ve already guessed who I am!” The Demon Lord said as his hands quickly formed a seal. His body rapidly transformed into a gigantic demon that was about five to six meters tall with eight arms. He waved his huge fists, containing the Law of Hell, towards Nie Li.
  3123. “If I couldn’t even guess that much, then I’d be really stupid!” Nie Li was secretly astonished as he looked at the Demon Lord who had merged with his demon spirit. Nie Li never thought that the demon beast that the Demon Lord integrated with would actually be the extremely rare Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend. That kind of creature only appears in the Hell Realm. It has extremely powerful strength and is also tended to have a multitude of frightening combat abilities. Overall, it was a rather mysterious and unknown creature.
  3125. Even Nie Li himself only knew of a few of its abilities.
  3127. Nie Li could sense that the Demon Lord’s insight on the Law of Hell has already reached an extremely frightening level, he’s only a step away from a Spiritual God!
  3129. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3131. The Law of Hell exploded all around. One of the attacks suddenly landed too close to Nie Li and the huge impact mercilessly struck his back and sent him flying.
  3133. A trace of blood leaked from the corner of Nie Li’s mouth and he felt as though his internal organs were going to explode. He leapt up, landed on the wall, and issued a furious roar towards the sky. The Laws of Light and Darkness rapidly gathered and formed into black and white light spheres.
  3135. Yin-Yang Blast x10!
  3137. *Woosh!* *Woosh!*
  3139. The black and white spheres of light revolved around each other as they flew toward the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend.
  3141. When the two spheres of light collided, a massive explosion resounded as the Demon Lord became engulfed in the powerful blast. Even Nie Li himself was swept away by the Yin-Yang Blast’s formidable power.
  3143. A Yin-Yang Blast x10 like that could even kill a Demigod rank expert!
  3145. “Is he dead?” Nie Li crossed his forearms to block the shockwave that was rippling towards him. He raised his head, unsure if the Demon Lord had died. After all, he was still unclear of the Demon Lord’s true strength.
  3147. Before the power of the Yin-Yang Blast had settled, the large Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend suddenly materialised next to Nie Li. His movements were so fast that even Nie Li couldn’t react in time. The Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend grabbed his right leg with two of its arms and ruthlessly smash him against the ground.
  3149. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3151. The strength of that Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend were inexhaustible as he constantly lifted Nie Li up and smashing onto the ground.
  3153. It’s simply impossible to withstand this terrifying energy and Nie Li felt as though his internal organs were about to explode as his body rapidly shrank and turned back into his human appearance.
  3155. *Plop* *Plop*
  3157. Black and white wings grew from his back as huge white bones arm guard were formed with Law of Death on his arms, withstanding the attacks of that Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend.
  3159. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3161. The two figures left afterimages as they exchanged moves in the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower.
  3163. The frightening shockwaves wreaked havoc to their surroundings.
  3165. If the Black Infernal Tower wasn’t so sturdy, or if it was some other ordinary tower instead, it would’ve definitely been torn apart by the rampant energy.
  3167. “I have to admit that your talent is very frightening. To think that you’ve actually gained insights on three types of Law Energy! However, compared to my Supreme Body, you’re still lacking too much. Destiny has decided that you’re not on par with me!” The Demon Lord furiously roared as the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend’s body turned scarlet red as its strength rose by another level.
  3169. Nie Li could sense the frightening pressure bearing down on him. The Demon Lord was definitely the most powerful opponent he has faced so far in this life. With only his current strength, he was still no match for him.
  3171. Prison of Ten Thousand Souls!
  3173. The Demon Lord roared in rage, raised his fist, and attacked Nie Li. His fist seemed to be holding countless souls that wailed in grief. The horrendous pressure bore down, layer by layer, as if it would crush everything to dust.
  3175. In his heart, Nie Li was shocked. This energy was simply too powerful! He immediately used the Law of Death and formed layers of bone walls between them.
  3177. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3179. The bone walls were destroyed one layer after another.
  3181. Nie Li tried to search for a weakness in the Demon Lord’s technique; however, the Demon Lord was simply too powerful. His control over his energy has already reached a level of perfection that not even Nie Li could rival.
  3183. Sensing that Nie Li was being overpowered, Yu Yan, who has been hiding and watching this whole exchange, couldn’t endure anymore. She waved her hand and a wall of flame gathered in front of Nie Li. In addition, countless chains of flame materialised that snaked and slithered towards the Demon Lord.
  3185. The Demon Lord’s Prison of Ten Thousand Souls broke through Nie Li’s bone walls and slowed a little when it came in contact with Yu Yan’s fire wall. Upon sensing the fire snakes slithering towards him, the Demon Lord waved all eight arms and grabbed them.
  3187. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3189. The fire snakes exploded.
  3191. “So your helper is finally willing to show herself!” The Demon Lord took several steps back and the corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile.
  3193. Nie Li wiped a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. Although he still has a few methods to preserve his own life from the Demon Lord, if the battle dragged on, there wouldn’t be any chances of winning. The Demon Lord was simply too powerful! Furthermore, Nie Li could sense that the Demon Lord was still hiding powerful demonic energy within his body. If that energy was released, the end result would definitely be frightening, to say the least.
  3195. Yu Yan flew into the sky as she coldly glared at the Demon Lord before her. She was prepared to go all out at any moment. However, within Yu Yan’s heart, even she understood that it might not be a sure fight against the Demon Lord.
  3197. Suddenly, the Demon Lord’s body shrank and reverted to his original appearance. He looked at Nie Li and said, “From this battle, I can at least confirm that you’re not a Spiritual Constellation expert. I wonder, what methods you used to acquire your current cultivation and knowledge? You’ve piqued my interest. Today, I’m not in a rush to kill you. Instead, I’ll wait to see what level you’ll reach in the future!”
  3199. From the very start, the Demon Lord had no intention to kill Nie Li; he was only trying to probe his strength.
  3201. “Whether or not you can kill me at all is still the problem, isn’t it?” Nie Li’s brows twitched as he bluffed, trying not to appear as the weaker one. Although his current strength was only at Legend rank, he has countless other secret techniques that could push his potential to the limit. He was still capable of dealing with the Demon Lord. It’s just that he was unsure of how many cards the Demon Lord still has up his sleeve; therefore, Nie Li himself didn’t need to risk all of his own cards either, for the moment.
  3203. “Oh? You’re pretty confident!” The Demon Lord narrowed his eyes and gave Nie Li a once-over. Although Nie Li’s raw strength was weaker than his, he could sense that Nie Li still has many cards hidden up his sleeve.
  3205. This was also why he gave up on trying to kill Nie Li. His cultivation was teetering at the most crucial point; therefore, there was no need to waste even more effort on unnecessary people.
  3207. The Demon Lord eyed Yu Yan, who was floating in the sky. If he guessed correctly, the tiny woman should be a Spiritual God who had reconstructed her body. Her strength was also unmeasurable.
  3209. The Demon Lord thought inwardly to himself, ‘I should head to the Draconic Ruins Realm first before worrying about anything else.’
  3211. On the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower, the situation was in deadlock. Both Nie Li and the Demon Lord resumed their cultivations separately. Although there were still traces of enmity between them, neither of them took any action.
  3213. This kind of situation must make the anatta mental state even more difficult to reach!
  3215. The ninth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands
  3217. The Nether Master and the rest were discussing quietly among themselves.
  3219. “The talent of these two are extraordinary! Even the demon spirits they’ve integrated with are extremely powerful! It seems almost impossible to divide the two in terms of superiority!” Tian Hun laughed.
  3221. “I’m afraid not. The white clothed youth should be slightly stronger. However, the other one’s strength isn’t weak either!”
  3223. Ling Yun slightly furrowed her brows. She could see that both Nie Li and the Demon Lord had reserved some of their strength.
  3225. Xiao Yu was listening from the sidelines. From the beginning he felt that Nie Li was not an ordinary person. He believed that if Nie Li and the Demon Lord had continued their fight, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to predict who would win or lose. From a young age, Xiao Yu had followed his father to the Divine Feathers Sect to cultivate. Now, for the first time, someone from the Tiny Word had piqued his interest.
  3227. “I never thought that Yu Yan would also appear.” Ling Yun smiled.
  3229. Tian Hun took a sip of the tea as he lightly said, “Yu Yan is just a lower Spiritual God who should still be unaware of the Draconic Ruins Realm.”
  3231. Among the seven of them, aside from the Nether Master, none had ever cared to show themselves, even for the great war that occurred between the Spiritual Gods. Therefore, Spiritual Gods like Yu Yan and the rest shouldn’t know of their existences!
  3233. The Nether Master pondered for a brief moment before saying, “Although Yu Yan is only a lower Spiritual God, when she was attacked by so many experts during the great war between Spiritual Gods, none of them could extinguish her soul. In the end, she was forced to hide herself in the Black Spring. She’s also the only Spiritual God that the demon clan can’t rest easy with. In my opinion, why don’t we let her follow her companion into the Divine Feathers Sect and see what happens?”
  3235. “You can make the decision on that matter.” The remaining experts replied with a light smile.
  3237. Suddenly, the Nether Master sensed something as his a radiant light suddenly flashed across his eyes.
  3239. “A guest has come to our Nether Realm. Let us meet him!” said the Nether Master as he turned into a black fog and rapidly disappeared.
  3241. “A guest?” Xiao Yu glanced towards the direction his father disappeared from with a puzzled expression. Just who was the guest that his father spoke of? He glanced at the faces of the remaining six experts. Everyone had a chilly expression. Perhaps, could it be…?
  3247. Chapter 250: Zhu Long
  3250. On the eighth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, a dark cloud shrouded the entire area and a pressuring presence was layered down, giving off a suffocating feeling. Even the golden armored god’s servant couldn’t help backing off. A mysterious energy extended itself towards the Black Infernal Tower.
  3252. This energy was filled with a frightening bloodlust.
  3254. As this energy extended towards the Black Infernal Tower, it was intercepted by a second formless energy.
  3256. *Boom!*
  3258. A terrifying explosion resounded throughout the entire eighth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.
  3260. The Nether Master materialised from thin air and fixed his gaze on the space before him. “Zhu Long, why didn’t you inform us that you were coming?”
  3262. A handsome man slowly emerged from within the dark cloud. He stood high in the sky as a faint white light radiated from his body, like a firefly in the darkness.
  3264. “Nether, I never thought that we would meet again so soon.” The man that the Nether Master had called Zhu Long had a face that was as cold as ice and brows that seemed as if they had been chiseled in.
  3266. “I wonder what your business is in coming here?” The Nether Master stood in the air in a very calm and tranquil manner.
  3268. “Ming, back in the day, you sheltered the humans who entered the Nether Realm, and we, the demon clan, didn’t bother you over it. It wasn’t because we were afraid of you; we were just trying to avoid wrinkling our harmony. I know that the Divine Feathers Sect is backing you. In the Spiritual City of the Draconic Ruins Realm, the Divine Feathers Sect suffered great losses due to the Demon God Sect. You’re aware of how serious it was, and yet you are still planning to continue the battle with my demon clan inside the Tiny World?!”
  3270. The Nether Master gave Zhu Long a look of disdain and said, “Regardless of how lively the fight is outside, what does it have to do with us? This is the Tiny World. No matter how strong the Demon God Sect is, they’re unable to enter this realm. At least within this Nether Realm, I still hold some degree of authority. The Nine-Layered Deathlands also falls under the jurisdiction of my Nether City. Regardless of how intense the fight is out there, it is all unrelated to me. But inside the Nether Realm, no matter how strong your demon clan is, you’ll still have to abide by the rules of the Nether Realm!”
  3272. Zhu Long looked at the Nether Master as he coldly snorted, “And what if I don’t abide by them?”
  3274. “Then I’m afraid I’ll have to kick you out.” The face of the Nether Master was hidden under a black cloth; therefore, his expression couldn’t be seen. Throughout the entire Nether Realm, endless quantities of Law Energy surged like a storm, giving off a suffocating pressure.
  3276. The Nether Master had been operating in the Nether Realm for tens of thousands of years. Thus, the abundance of Law of Nether here was several tens or possibly even several hundreds fold that of other places. Within this Nether Realm, the Nether Master was the absolute ruler!
  3278. Zhu Long laughed wildly, “Hahaha! Ming, you’re indeed just as arrogant as you used to be! However, today’s situation is far from it how it was back then. If you’re still being stubborn, then don’t blame me for getting impolite. As long as you hand over Yu Yan, who you’ve been hiding in the Nether Realm, I can let this matter go. Otherwise…”
  3280. “Zhu Long, how dare you be so arrogant in my Nether Realm! Just exactly which of us did you say was the more arrogant one?” The Nether Master coldly stared at him.
  3282. The Law Energies of both parties began to contest against one another. The entire eighth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands brimmed with the excess power of the two Law Energies. The explosions caused by their collisions engulfed all of the Nether Realm.
  3284. “It seems your cultivation rose by quite a bit since our previous exchange!” Zhu Long’s mouth curled into a chilling smile as an endless torrent of Law of Ice turned his surroundings into ice dragons. They issued roars of rage and charged at the Nether Master.
  3286. “The same goes for you.” Numerous black spears filled with the Law of Nether materialised around the Nether Master and flew towards Zhu Long.
  3288. *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*
  3290. Havoc wreaked throughout the eighth floor of the Deathlands, turning everything into ruins.
  3292. A terrifying explosion swept over the ground. Some of the demon beasts on the eighth floor who couldn’t escape in time were engulfed by the blast.
  3294. On the eighth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, only the Black Infernal Tower still stood intact. The servant who wore the golden armour was also overpowered by the auras of the two experts who represented the pinnacles of cultivation. As he was swept away by the explosion, his golden armor shattered into pieces and wounds appeared all over his body.
  3296. Both Zhu Long and the Nether Master didn’t move an inch as they stood in the sky. With just the confrontation of their Law Energies, the Law of Ice proceeded to cover the entire floor in a layer of thick ice, instantly turning it into a frozen world.
  3298. The ice energy constantly attacked the Nether Master.
  3300. The Nether Master slightly furrowed his brows. Once his Law of Nether gathered together, it only occupied one third of the total space. Zhu Long’s strength has risen so far that it surpassed his previous imagination. At his current level, the Nether Master was already no longer a match for Zhu Long.
  3302. Suddenly, a thought flashed through the Nether Master’s mind. He stared at Zhu Long and asked in a solemn voice, “You’ve already congealed the seven lotuses?”
  3304. Zhu Long coldly said, “Correct! Nether, if you are willing to swear allegiance to me, this Tiny World can be ruled by just the two of us. If you still insist on this pointless resistance, then I’ll have no choice but to remove you!”
  3306. The Nether Master coldly snorted, “If you’ve congealed the seven lotuses, then you are indeed invincible compared to the others in the Tiny World. However, it still won’t be easy to control the entire Tiny World!”
  3308. “Haha! Are you saying that you’re still capable of causing some turbulence to my plans?” Zhu Long wildly laughed. Suddenly, he sensed two other auras and his expression changed. He stared at the Nether Master, “You’re not alone?”
  3310. “Naturally,” replied the Nether Master casually.
  3312. “Fine. I must admit that I’ve underestimated you. Since you’re not alone, I won’t be able to do anything to you, for now. But my demands are still the same. If you hand over Yu Yan, we will join with you and completely control this Tiny World. All the resources here will belong to us. But if you persist on going against us, after I’ve subdued the Spiritual Gods of the other races, where do you think you lot could still run to?”
  3314. “Zhu Long, your train of thought is too simple. Even if you’re practically invincible in this Tiny World, do you really think that you can control the entire Tiny World alone? My Nether Realm naturally has its own means of self-defense; how can you expect the other two great realms to not have the same? There are still experts from the Abyss Realm and the Lava Realm. Do you really think that you can subdue them? Even though you’re unable to enter the human race’s Dreamcloud Realm, you still plan to dominate the entire Tiny World?” The Nether Master shook his head and laughed, “I’m too lazy to fight with you. Since there isn’t any benefit in doing so, as long as you don’t step into the Nether Realm, then we’ll each mind our own business. However, if you attack, my Nether City isn’t without worthy experts!”
  3316. Zhu Long took a long look at the Nether Master. It seemed it was impossible for him to bring back Yu Yan this time. He issued a cold snort.
  3318. “The woman Yu Yan can remain here for the time being. But sooner or later, I will have her captured and taken back!”
  3320. After speaking, Zhu Long’s figure gradually disappeared without a trace.
  3322. Sensing that Zhu Long’s aura had disappeared, the Nether Master allowed a trace of blood to flow from the corner of his mouth. In the confrontation of Law Energies just now, he had suffered some injuries.
  3324. “Are you alright?” Ling Yun appeared beside the Nether Master.
  3326. The Nether Master shook his head as he said, “Zhu Long is getting stronger and stronger. If I had known that he would one day be this powerful, I would’ve exert all my power to kill him back then. Now that he has congealed the seven lotuses, I’m afraid that even if the seven of us were to work together, we might not be able to defeat him! He doesn’t know our limits and is worried that we might have some cards hidden under our sleeves; therefore, he didn’t dare to be rash. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have let this matter off so easily.”
  3328. Tian Hun also appeared by the Nether Master’s side. “I never thought that he would be so strong already. I fear that there isn’t anyone in this Tiny World who could keep him in check.”
  3330. The four others didn’t follow. No one knew if Zhu Long would return; therefore, it’s best if they don’t show their full strength.
  3332. “In the previous battle between the Divine Feathers Sect and the Demon God Sect, I died three times. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been overpowered by him to such a degree,” the Nether Master said in a solemn voice, “We have to restore our strength as fast as possible. Otherwise, I fear that this Tiny World will end up ruled by him.”
  3334. The three figures disappeared into the sky.
  3336. Fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower
  3338. The two people who were in a confrontation were unable to enter the anatta mental state. After all, that state wasn’t easy to reach. The Demon Lord stood up and glanced at Nie Li and Yu Yan.
  3340. Nie Li also opened his eyes and gave a guarded stared at the Demon Lord, prepared to face an attack at any moment.
  3342. The Demon Lord casually glanced at Nie Li and said, “Are you intending on following me to the sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower?” A chilling bloodlust emanated from the Demon Lord.
  3344. Nie Li shrugged, “I intend to go later!”
  3346. The Demon Lord calmly stood up and circled up the stairs, heading for the sixth floor. Nie Li could sense that the Demon Lord was struggling with every step. The black flames continued to pour into the Demon Lord’s body. However, he still managed to confidently make his way up the stairs.
  3348. “Be careful. Try not to get roasted,” Nie Li’s voice drifted to the Demon Lord as he walked away.
  3350. The Demon Lord’s steps paused. As he coldly turned his head back towards Nie Li, he looked at him with eyes bursting with murderous intent. Then he turned back and continued upwards.
  3352. “I was only reminding you out of goodwill, yet I was treated with hostility instead. This guy is really dull.” Nie Li remained seated as he resumed his attempts to comprehend the mental state. Since the Demon Lord was already heading to the sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower; that meant that he could finally cultivate in peace.
  3354. Gradually, his consciousness drifted and entered into a profound state within a profound state. His soul slowly emptied out as if he was soaring into the clouds and was riding the fog. Vaguely, Nie Li could see the shape of an egg suspended in the air. The egg was filled with cracks and seemed like it held a type of deep energy that sucked people in.
  3356. Nie Li could sense that this egg concealed a frightening and powerful creature. An unknown and mysterious ripple of energy gradually spread out. A deep sense of bloodlust and killing intent was blasted towards him.
  3358. In his previous life, Nie Li could be considered experienced and knowledgeable. He was aware that what he felt now was the power concealed in this creature’s bloodline. Its ancestors experienced countless bloodbaths and the killing aura had been passed down to this one.
  3360. This kind of killing aura even caused Nie Li to feel fear. He wondered what kind of terrifying creature would appear when he hatches this egg!
  3366. Credits
  3372. Translator: Thyaeria
  3378. Epub: Estevam / dotNOVEL
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