BlueCommander: "Win A Boss Battle"

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  1. Drops
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3 Cookies Renamed As "Temmie Flakes", TemmieOfficial's Head, Full Golden Armor With Protection 8 And Unbreaking 100 All Named "Temmie Armor", A Villager Spawn
  4. Egg That Has The Trades Of 1 Gold For 10 Cookies Named "Temmie Flakes", 10 Gold For Each Gold Armor With Protection 4 And Unbreaking 50
  5. All Named "Temmie Armor", And The Last Trade Is 1 Gold For 10 Gold Nuggets Named "Diamond Mold." The Villager Is Named "Temmie Trader", And Is Silent.
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Abilities
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Levitates You Every So Often, Teleports Behind You Every So Often, Throws Dog Residue (Snowballs That Damage) At You ONLY IF IT'S POSSIBLE!, Primary Weapon: Gold
  11. Sword With Knockback 2 And Smite 2. Summon Minions That Are Skeletons Wearing TemmieOfficial's Head And Wearing Leather Armor Holding Nothing All Named "Tem Minions"
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. What It Looks Like
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. A Stray With A Sword Wearing Gold Armor And TemmieOfficial's Head. Gold Armor Has Protection 8 And Unbreaking 100 All Named "Temmie Armor."
  17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. How Does It Spawn
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Naturally Around The World At Night.
  22. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Other Things
  25. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. When You Drop The Diamond Mold In Water, Every Single Mold That Is In Water, Turns Into A Diamond (If You Can, Can You Not Make It 100% Lossless Free?) 200 Health At Start And Max. Also, Put some of your own things into it! (Please) :D
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