D.O.I P0ne's in our world: Part 1 (Hiatus)

Oct 26th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >You are Sergeant First Class Storm Blitz, former Heavy Aerial Infantry
  2. >Currently you’re being lectured by what you were told was a human
  3. >the small green filly walks past you again, muttering to himself
  4. >”So what have you been briefed about my former home?”
  5. “Nothing Sir, I’ve undertaken language lessons in preparation as requested.”
  6. >”Wonderful, you're going undercover as a writer...well a writing student, feel free to use Equestria as your point of inspiration but keep it generic.”
  7. “Yes Sir, might I ask your name Director?”
  8. >”Call me Anon”
  9. >the small filly walks back over to a chalkboard that looks like it was attacked by an octopus made from chalk.
  10. >just trying to decipher the spell written on the board makes your head spin
  11. >Anon struggles for a moment to climb up onto a stool, lifting a metre stick in his telekinesis
  12. >Sighing the filly looks at you
  13. >”Sorry about the delays with this mission, I put in your transfer request to my department shortly before this happened”
  14. “The uh...fillyness sir?”
  15. >”if that’s what you’d like to call it yes, Princess Twilight had me test the prototype amulet and the results were unfortunately permanent.”
  16. >A shiver goes down your spine at that, your coat standing on edge
  17. >being stuck as a hairless biped sounds like a fate worse than death.
  18. >with the flutter of wings and the sound of hoofsteps behind you a rather tired voice retorts
  19. >”I told you that was fixed, and you told me to leave you like that Anon”
  20. >As soon as you see the purple coat and tiara you snap to attention.
  21. >blushing as she notices your reaction Princess Twilight Sparkle turns and smiles
  22. >”you can stand at ease. Blitz right? You helped Applejack’s family a few years ago after that storm trashed their barn right?”
  23. “Yes your highness, Mac asked me to help, anything for a friend”
  24. >Your jovial tone seems to have worked as the princess of friendship’s smile shifted from forced to a genuine one
  27. >She turned to your new boss, floating a oaken chest behind her
  28. >with a thump she placed it on the floor, unlocking the magic lock before Anon levitated out the prize within.
  29. >the most intricately carved ruby you’d ever seen rested inside a housing of bronze, a simple bronze chain extending around to turn it into a wearable accessory.
  30. >”Would you please put this on?” Twilight asked
  31. >With a nod you stepped forward and slipped your head through the neckhole
  32. >Pausing to admire yourself in the mirror your couldn’t help but smile, Bronze suited your Amber coat
  33. >”You did not design that did you Twilight?”
  34. >”I may have had some assistance from a friend”
  35. >You hear Anon chuckle softly
  36. >”Rarity? Looks like her kind of style”
  37. >You vaguely remembered the unicorn for her boutique, although even on officer’s pay it was a little expensive for your taste.
  38. >”Blitz, could you touch the jewel then state your name please”
  39. >You lift a hoof to the ruby, touching it and mentally notice how warm it feels, like celestia’s light itself is dangling from your chest
  40. “Sergeant Storm Blitz”
  41. >The ruby glows softly before you feel the chain tighten around your neck, heat radiating off the metal
  42. >to your pride all that escapes is a grunt of pain before you check your reflection to find that the amulet has turned into a collar of some form, with the ruby inlaid into it.
  43. >”Don’t panic, this is exactly what it should have done!”
  44. >Twilight seems enthusiastic about the results, ultimately you suppose you’re not a filly or a human so it could be worse
  47. >You experimentally touch the ruby with a hoof, the panicked yell from Twilight reaching your ears too late
  48. >You haven’t died before, but you’d imagine this is what it feels like. Your body burns, you can’t feel your wings, your lungs feel like they are full of lava
  49. >Seconds of this Agony pass, fighting for every breath you take
  50. >the sound of snapping, popping and groaning filling your ears
  51. >Yet you do not scream, this is utter agony but you will endure
  52. >the royal guard do not scream, and heavy infantry will always endure
  53. >Repeating your old unit’s motto within your head you hold on
  54. >every laboured breath is followed by muttering
  55. “Bronze within, Bronze without”
  56. >Seconds turn into minutes as the pain starts to fade
  57. >eventually your eyes can be forced open
  58. >the world is blurry, your eyes water in protest as you try to blink away the haze
  59. >”Fuck me sideways he’s still awake”
  60. >Anon, definitely Anon, too deep for that to be the princess’ voice
  61. >if it was her though
  62. >You chuckle meekly on the floor, sexual jokes always got you good
  63. >”Can you hear us?”
  64. “Yes your majesty”
  65. >that was not your voice, it sounded closer to Twilights than your former deep rich baritone.
  66. >That voice definitely isn’t yours but at the same time you know it must be. You swallow nervously as you try to get some feeling back into your body
  67. >You move to stand, finding you cannot feel your forelegs or wings
  68. >somehow you struggle to your hooves…
  69. >Why can you feel the floor?
  70. >with a glance downwards you see a nude, hairless, human, definitely male, body.
  71. “Oh buck me”
  74. >”Well, i’ll send for the tailor”
  75. >Having fought to stand up you’re already noticing the change in perspective
  76. “He really is tiny”
  77. >you note, unintentionally out loud, drawing a glare from your new boss
  78. >the muffled giggle from the alicorn to your right suggests you’re not alone in that opinion.
  79. >Anon returns with a white unicorn following him, causing your stomach to twist into knots
  80. >Why did it have to be Rarit...Princess Twilight is her friend. You’d forgot about that in the heat of the moment
  81. >”So then Darling, shall we get your measurements? I can think of so many fantastic suits for that frame~”
  82. >Anon seems to be looking your up and down
  83. >”He’s taller than I was”
  84. >You raise an eyebrow at that comment
  85. >”Jealous sir?”
  86. >Rarity chooses that as her moment to start her measurements before one of you say something you’d regret
  87. >muttering numbers to herself as she takes your new measurements, your eyes wander across the room, trying to ignore the unpleasant draft from the window Twilight flew in through.
  88. “Was it always this cold without a coat sir?”
  89. >Anon chuckles, the small green filly trotting over and looking up at you
  90. >”There is a reason I didn’t walk around naked”
  91. >”Well several reasons actually, Cold and modesty being the two chief ones”
  93. >You continue to stand in the cold, Rarity finishing her measurements
  94. >”Well darling, you’re decidedly large for a human. Six foot three inches tall. I should be able to have clothes made for you within the hour”
  95. >Tartarus that was fast, helps to explain her prices you suppose
  96. >You really hope these clothes are covered in your expenses
  97. >”Wonderful, we can get you briefed whilst Rarity sorts your clothes”
  98. >You hear Twilight behind you, turning to catch a faceful of cloth
  99. >”until then, please cover yourself with this”
  100. >you realise she hurled a bedsheet at you
  101. >Chuckling softly you tie it into a rough cloak, more comfortable than Camo netting that your unit did this with normally.
  102. >It’s surprisingly easy, mentally noting that as one benefit of your transformation that you don’t need to use your mouth to tie things anymore.
  103. >Anon clears his throat, trying to get your attention again
  104. >You know that look, you’ve seen it more than enough times
  105. >the “we’re going to send you into a location with next to no local intel and expect the best result” look
  106. >”Alright now that excitement has calmed down, your mission is monitoring and reconnaissance Sergeant.”
  107. >You sigh, already having been able to guess where you were going based on the very advanced disguise
  108. “I’m going to your homeworld aren’t I sir?”
  109. >Anon nods, seemingly happy with your deductive abilities
  110. >”At least you could see where this was going, I’ve prepared an information packet which is waiting in your quarters for you to read. It covers all the information on your new place of study as well as the specific information that you should focus on.”
  111. “To what end sir?”
  112. >”We want to make certain that Equestria is under no threat from humanity, as well as collect more hard information than myself or the other two humans here can recall.”
  113. >Other humans? You remember reading about the new Royal Engineer although he was a recluse you thought
  116. “I thought you were the only human?”
  117. >”No, you may be confusing myself with the Royal Engineer or the Royal Advisor. They both have had far more public roles than I.”
  118. >You look at Anon with confusion
  119. “The reclusive engineer has been more public than you?”
  120. >”I’m a spy by trade Sergeant, I offered my services to the Princesses out of gratitude for them saving my life as upon my arrival I was heavily injured.”
  121. >”All three of us humans may go by the name Anonymous but I assure you, I more than live up to the name.”
  122. >You look at the filly before you and stifle a laugh, the grandiose speech just doesn’t work coming from a child
  123. >”As it stands my formal title is Spymaster Anonymous, Head of the Department of Otherworldly Investigations and Minister of the interior.”
  124. >Wait, this was the chancellor of the interior? The shadowy pony everyone in the barracks was convinced was a batpony appointed by Princess Luna
  125. >Anon laughs “you’ve heard of me then?”
  126. “You were behind all those changelings getting exposed?”
  127. >”That rumours have blown it up a bit, however yes I was the mastermind of that ”
  128. >You can remember hearing about that incident, a Human had managed to con the changelings into disguising themselves as him to sneak up on Princess Luna.
  129. >Only for the aforementioned human as well as half the night guard to spring the largest ambush the palace had seen in several years.
  130. >the small filly seems far more confident than when you entered striding towards you, and having to crane his neck to actually look up at you
  131. >”If you’ve heard of me I’d assume you understand why the Princesses gave me command?”
  132. “Yes sir”
  133. >You suppose it was always odd the Night Guard were credited for that mission, and how nobody actually could agree what the human looked like.
  135. >Anon summoned his metre stick again and started to gesture to parts of the spell on the chalkboard
  136. >”the basic things you should understand is this is a two way spell, once your mission is complete or should you be discovered we can bring you home in hours.”
  137. >”You’re also being given a dragonfire box, which is linked to the box possessed by Head Researcher Heartstrings”
  138. “You’ll be wanting reports sent through that correct sir?”
  139. >”you can send back whatever materials you feel are of interest as well as your reports, whilst your friends here can send small care packages to you.”
  140. >”Mail rules will apply as if you were on deployment, letters will be read and any emotionally compromising material will not be sent”
  141. >Twilight strides past you, having shut the window after your complaint before gesturing at the board with her wing
  142. >You follow her pointing to see a set of instructions scrawled on the side in neat print
  143. >”Your information packet has a copy of these, if your disguise amulet fails you need to follow these instructions to repair it”
  144. >At a glance it appeared to be, add more gold to the inlays, check for cracks in the gem, wait a few days for it to recharge. If all else fails request assistance
  145. >you suppress the urge to sigh, those are hardly emergency protocol. Damn civies.
  146. >”As for location, you’re being sent to the city of London. The other two anon’s suggested their homes as well but I felt this would give you the easiest access to several nations.”
  147. >Anon looks around for a second before a large map is pulled from behind the chalkboard
  150. >it floats gently surrounded by his green aura, however the map is….homemade
  151. >”I apologize for the quality Sergeant, I’m no cartographer.”
  152. >You look at his work, able to just about understand what you’re looking at
  153. “France sir? Did you misspell prance?”
  154. >”No Sergeant, that is correctly spelled, it’s a nation which shares a frightening amount of similarities with Prance.”
  155. >”We’ve chosen London as it means you can make journeys into mainland europe with relative ease.”
  156. >”Your file said your operation flight time is up to 4 hours correct?”
  157. “Yes sir, that is without armour however.”
  158. >”good, you’re not being sent with any, only civilian clothing. Hard to explain armour made for ponies when you’re a human right?”
  159. >You simply nod, hiding your excitement at being able to cruise across what according to that map looks like a small ocean and vast continent.
  160. >”You’re going to be studying as the King’s College London as an English major, we’ve sorted an apartment for you although it is shared living so you will need to be on guard”
  161. >Meh, could be worse, you’ve lived in barracks what’re a couple of humans gonna do.
  162. >Anon seems somewhat nervous as he nods to twilight
  163. >her horn glows as a projection forms in front of you
  164. >”This is your new home, 3 floors, each of you have a bedroom and private bathroom with a shared kitchen.”
  165. >”You should be able to sleep in your body and allow the amulet to recharge overnight.”
  166. >Anon interrupts the princess before she could continue her tentative briefing
  167. >”You must ensure that you lock your bedroom door and have the windows covered if you are to do so.”
  168. >The mental image of two humans finding a pegasus asleep in their housemates bed is somewhat amusing
  171. >”You’re dismissed for now Sargeant, i’d suggest you read the briefing packet and we’ll call for you once Rarity has your wardrobe prepared. Any specific clothing you’d like to request?”
  172. >You try to think for a moment, looking at yourself in the mirror.
  173. >Your yellow eyes looked right back at you, dark charcoal hair the same as your mane, albeit much messier and your skin seemed slightly darker compared to the royal engineer based on photos.
  174. “Whatever you believe would work well for a student Sir, although might I request some lighter colours? Potentially a wonderbolts jacket?”
  175. >Anon looks at you as if you just punched his mother
  176. >”A wonderbolts jacket? I don’t believe that is the best idea, a branded jacket dedicated to a sports team will draw attention if nobody recognises the team”
  177. >you hadn’t immediately thought about that
  178. >standing with your mouth agape as you came up with an excuse
  179. “Was mostly hoping just the colour scheme sir”
  180. >”I do believe there was a team with a similar colour scheme so I’ll allow that”
  181. >You bring your ho..hand up to salute, slapping the fleshy appendage against your head hard enough to make a sound
  182. >Anon remains resolute, Twilight stifles a laugh bringing a wing to cover her mouth
  183. >You feel your cheeks burn in response, annoyed at this body already for feeling so damn weird
  186. >Turning on the spot you head for the door, stopping before you open the door
  187. “Where are my new quarters sir?”
  188. >The burning on your cheeks intensifies as the princess bursts out in full laughter, waving a wing at you apologetically
  189. >Anon hops down from his stool, trotting towards you and opening the door with his magic
  190. >”Just follow me, it’s down the corridor”
  191. >Each step is a little easier but it’s strange, this body has a much higher centre of gravity than you’re used to
  192. >every time you wobble your mind tries to flap your wings to balance only for a strange sensation like the ghost of your wings trying to move but finding they cannot
  193. >”Don’t worry, you should be able to walk easier soon, the transformation does a number on muscle memory but it’s not too hard”
  194. >the green filly sounds confident about this, which you suppose makes sense, he’s already undergone a transformation like you just in the opposite direction.
  195. >still, you follow behind your new boss, shaking slightly less as you find your footing becoming a bit easier.
  196. >”do you mind if I drop some of the formalities in private?”
  197. >you’re somewhat taken aback by this, stopping to look down at Anon
  198. “Not at all sir”
  199. >”good, call me Anon, that sir shit makes me feel old.”
  200. >Didn’t really expect that but alright
  201. >Wait how old is he? Biologically he’s a unicorn filly now but
  202. >before you can get stuck on the question of what the buck your boss actually is he stops
  203. >”Alright then Storm, this is your new Quarters. There’s a bed for your human body and a cloud pegasus bed above.”
  204. >you hadn’t realise how tired you were, and it looked so soft and fluffy
  205. >Walking into the room you reach up to try and test the cloud, memories of falling asleep on clouds that had too much moisture and getting the nastiest case of the flu had left you a little cautious
  206. >your hand passes straight through the cloud, a slight twinge of regret in your heart as what feels like a core part of your isn’t possible right now
  209. >”Storm? You alright?”
  210. >You turn to look at Anon
  211. “Yeah, just i suppose a little rattled”
  212. >Anon nods, trotting over to the desk and scrambling up onto it, trying to reduce the difference in your height
  213. >”it’ll take some time to adjust, just try not to freak out. We’re planning on sending you across in a few days time.”
  214. >You sit down on the bed, hearing the springs groan softly as the mattress cushions you
  215. “Thank you Anon, I’ll get started reading that information packet
  216. >Anon leaves the room, shutting the door behind him as you recline on the bed
  217. >it’s comfortable but just strange, reaching out to pick up the information packet to start reading it.
  218. >by celestia were you eyelids ever this heavy?
  219. >the words swim around on the page before you feel yourself slump back on the bed
  220. >Sleep meets you like a Sailor slipping into the arms of his marefiend
  221. >Anon hears the snoring as he trots off, nodding to himself
  222. >”Can’t blame him after that”
  232. >You are still Sergeant Storm Blitz, and you cannot tell what is more infuriating, the dull throb in the back of your head or the fact you keep trying to move your wings to get comfortable only to remember you don’t have them in this body.
  233. >A few hours seem to have passed as the Moon is rising just out of the corner of your quarter’s window.
  234. >Lying in your new bed with a cloud above you is just unfair, it sits there taunting you, so close but impossible to touch
  235. >since when did they look so damn soft
  236. >You sit upright as there’s a knock on your door, it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the bottom of the door so it can’t be Anon
  237. >”Darling, would you come out please? I need you for the final fit for your new wardrobe, and I’ve had some assistance for the wonderbolts jacket you asked for”
  238. >Assistance? Why would she need assistance to make a jacket?
  239. >Following the request and also your own curiosity you get out of bed
  240. >bringing your head straight into the wooden box which surrounds the cloud
  241. “damn it”
  242. >You hold your head, no blood which is good, the throb in your head has definitely been made worse, which is not good.
  243. >With only one minor stumble you make it to the door, opening it with a gentle pull on the handle
  244. >Rarity looks up slightly to look you in the eyes, they’re practically glittering despite the small bags under them.
  245. >”Follow me then please!”
  246. >She practically sings, trotting off towards the main room at the end of the corridor.
  247. >You follow along, nervously optimistic about what you’re gonna be expected to wear
  248. >Anon is looking over some paperwork on the table, quite literally on the table you note.
  249. >He turns to look at you and Rarity entering the room
  250. >”Feeling better for the sleep then Storm Blitz?”
  251. >You can only nod, your muscles feel stiff but that’s probably to be expected
  252. >”Princess Twilight has been asked to join the Royal advisor and Princess Luna at night court. So for now we’ll try to explain the few tricks she and Rarity have prepared.”
  255. “Tricks?”
  256. >Rarity turns around, her eyes still glittering with excitement
  257. >”Oh yes deary, I had Twi help me with your new jacket”
  258. >Behind her on a small rack of clothes you can immediately spot it, light blue and electric yellow, a tasteful black outline around the yellow lightning bolts on the arms and shoulder
  259. >You feel yourself smiling, Your foalish dream of donning those colours as a real member rushing back to your mind
  260. >Sure this isn’t quite the real thing...but it counts in a way
  261. “It looks incredible Rarity”
  262. >Oh buck that was out loud
  263. >your accidental praise seems to have only further fueled her excitement
  264. >”Try it on Storm”
  265. >You follow Anon’s orders, walking across the room as if in a dream to pick up the jacket
  266. >Magically created leather rubs against your fingers as you pick it up
  267. “Sir, don’t humans normally wear more than just a jacket?”
  268. >You become painfully aware as you hold the jacket, that aside from that you’re barely covered by the bed sheets turned cloak twilight had you put on.
  269. >Anon nods
  270. >”true but this is rather special, put it on, zip it up and then tap the gem around your neck.”
  271. >Zipping up the jacket is easy, the metal pull tab slides up fastening the jacket to your body
  272. >Leather is surprisingly cold when it’s on bare skin, who’d have expected that
  273. >”Right, now press your finger to the ruby”
  274. >You pause, remembering the last time you’d done that
  275. “Sir is that a good idea? Last time was...agonising. Will this not waste its charge?”
  276. >Anon laughs and waves a hoof dismissively
  277. >”Not at all, it only hurts like hell the first time. The more you use the transformation the less it hurts, or that is what Princess Twilight told me”
  278. >You glare at the greenfilly, his desire to drop some of the formalities didn’t make it easier to disobey an order
  279. “Understood Sir”
  282. >you screw your eyes shut and tap the ruby, feeling the warmth from the gem for a brief moment before the unfortunately familiar heat flows over your body.
  283. >The sound of your bones cracking and popping is unsettling as you hear Leather groan in protest
  284. >You keep your eyes shut, focussing on your breathing.
  285. >In, out, In, out
  286. >it’ll pass soon enough
  287. >unlike before the pain is tolerable, your eyes water in protest but otherwise you can ignore it
  288. >Each breath is like ice water, cold and sharp as you start to feel better
  289. >the heat recedes and you open your eyes
  290. >A quick trot to the mirror
  291. >wait, trot?
  292. >Looking into the mirror you see yourself, actually yourself not the human disguise
  293. >the well built Pegasus looks right back at you, almost 6 foot tall and bulky like an earth pony
  294. >a quick flap of your wings sends a surge of relief through your body
  295. >by the princesses it feels nice to have them back
  296. >the immediate relief passing you actually notice the goggles on your head and wonderbolt jacket still adorning your body.
  297. >”I’d say I outdid myself”
  298. >Rarity is congratulating herself it seems
  299. >experimentally you lift your hooves up, watching the jacket flex and move with ease
  300. >”Rarity suggested to me that we should enchant the jacket, it will fit you whether you’re Human or Pegasus. As well as transforming into a Human whilst wearing it will create a tank top, jeans and some shoes.”
  301. >”it’s an entire outfit in one! I guarantee it’ll be setting the new standard for fashion in canterlot by the time of the Gala this year! Imagine, not having to step away to change dresses”
  302. >Rarity starts to rave about the possibilities whilst you and Anon silently agree to ignore her for now.
  304. >”the rest of your wardrobe is non magical, be careful as the jacket will reduce your charges from 4 max to 3. The amulet should take about 6 hours of inactivity to recharge so leave it overnight and you’ll be fine”
  305. >mental note, keep a count of those charges, the last thing you need is to be stranded as a Pegasus where humans could see you
  306. “I’ll make sure to keep that in mind Anon. How am I going to transport all these clothes though? There’s more here than I can carry”
  307. >”You’ll be transported through with Myself and Princess Twilight, we’re going to be arriving inside your living accommodations so unpacking will be simple.”
  308. “Wait you’re coming with me sir?”
  309. >”Twilight would like to ensure the teleportation works correctly, and Princess Celestia asked me to go with to ensure Twilight didn’t try to explore herself before returning.”
  310. >Anon gives you what appears to be an attempt at a reassuring smile
  311. >”Simple really, we pop in, drop your gear and you, Twilight sets up the dragonfire box and I send the test package back. If all is good we won’t return unless you send up the emergency signal.”
  312. >You nod
  313. >This assignment is looking to be an interesting one
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