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  1. Title: Upcoming Changes to Battlefield 5
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  12. Players of Battlefield 5 will be seeing a few updates in the following week. These updates will include the return of Wake Island and the introduction of private games with customizable settings.
  14. Wake Island, previously in Battlefield 3, is planned to be integrated into the game on December 12th; a quick look of it can be seen through the overview trailer. DICE has decided to make the map twice as large, which has brought inevitable sniper warfare to their attention. Counteractive measures have been taken, such as including various areas to hide. In turn, this will provide players with the opportunity to sneak up on enemies.
  16. The map itself is flat and surrounded by the ocean. Naturally, the described structure of Wake Island facilitates vehicle use. Additionally, Amphibious tanks and boats will be readily available on the beach as an ulterior means of transportation.
  18. Private servers, however, will be released earlier on December 9th. Players will be able to create private games with desired settings. However, there are a few drawbacks as this feature is a work in progress — the expected completion is not until next year. Although maps and modes can be configured, they cannot control weapon choice and vehicles. More restrictions include the inability to do Tides of War activities and earn chapter XP.
  20. For an exhaustive list on this matter, feel free to check out this forum.
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