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  1. From the movie "I've Never Done That Before 8." The preposterous story line here is even though Daisy is sporting more paint than an unattended boxcar in Oakland, she wants another tattoo AND she can't afford it. What's a gal to do? Why, let the tattoo artist bang you in the shitter as payment, that's what! (which is why I always carry more than enough cash when I get a tat).
  3. Performance-wise, she does a pretty good job. She spends a lot of time talking about which hole his cock is in (just in case you can't figure it out for yourself) and keeps calling him a "white bastard." Well, you talk about your lack of gratitude. He IS paying for the tat, after all. He, for his part, calls her a "dirty whore" and, realizing that he had to be this size to fuck Daisy in the ass, tries to suppress the euphoria he feels -- probably for the first time in his life -- about having a small cock. Even though he's hung like a tube of chapstick, Daisy seems to be having trouble with his "size," but she soldiers her way through it, alternating between snarling and growling and trying to look obviously eighteen, and making faces like she's being sodomized by Mandingo.
  5. If you like Daisy, or if you have a small penis and own a tattoo parlor, you'll probably enjoy this one.
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