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  1. CGG: so
  2. CCA: so.
  3. CGG: alright
  4. CGG: has there been any sort of consideration of adding the alpha kids in?
  5. CCT: nope
  6. CCT: and there won't be
  7. CGG: may I ask why?
  8. CCT: because even if we ever do its such an distant possibility that its not worth discussing right now
  9. CCA: possible DLC
  10. CCA: but
  11. CGG: true
  12. CCA: not really something feasable for
  13. CCA: first release?
  14. CGG: yeah i didn't think so myself
  15. -- CURRENT caliginousAqueduct [CCA] doesnt know the term for it --
  16. CGG: initial release?
  17. CCT: gold release
  18. CCA: Gold release works
  19. CGG: sure let's go with that
  20. CCA: I have a question!
  21. CFM: besides, the subtitle says "fate of two sessions", not 4
  22. CFM: shoot
  23. CCA: Are we going to hear the stuff from the new album in homestrife?
  24. CGG: new album?
  25. CCA: Yeah
  26. CGG: i'm assuming you mean colours and mayhem?
  27. CCA: yeah
  28. CFM: yes actually, we have permission to use iron knight
  29. CGG: i do beleive on the song sheet there is stuff in it about it
  30. CCA: Oh sweet.
  31. CGG: i personally, if there is ever some sort of story mode, would love Bec Noir as some sort of boss fight
  32. CFM: theres nothing we can do without permission
  33. CCA: You know Id like to see a ancestor DLC myself but I think theyd probably end up being clones or something.
  34. CGG: eh
  35. CGG: depends
  36. CFM: and since it isnt a priority, we're not actively seeking it
  37. CGG: i can definately see meenah having a different playstyle than feferi, whatever fef's style is
  38. CCA: Yeah I know
  39. CGG: meenah would be way more agressive imo
  40. CCA: Yeah but
  41. CCA: Im not talking about meenah?
  42. CGG: just saying as an example
  43. CCA: Im talking about Her imperious condesencion.
  44. CGG: oooh
  45. CGG: :\
  46. CGG: i feel silly then
  47. CCA: Like mindfang and junk heh
  48. CGG: now im thinking about what would happen if Lord english was playable
  49. CGG: that... would be retarded
  50. CCA: mmm
  51. CGG: speaking of which
  52. CGG: has feferi been thought about playstyle wise?
  53. CCA: Last I hear like a galdiator?
  54. CCA: Net and Trident?
  55. CGG: interadesing
  56. CVV ceased responding to memo.
  57. CGG: awrk
  58. CGG: okay
  59. CGG: guys
  60. CCA: ?
  61. CGG: i had an idea while reading the thread for sollux
  62. CGG: its probably stupid but i was thinking with his bifuricated meter thing, perhaps as one end fills up his attacks get larger size wise and have bigger knockback, longer hitstun etc.
  63. CGG: and as the other end fills up the attacks become more focused, smaller knockback and stuff but more damage
  64. CGG: so it'd be a trade-off between hitting more people and having bigger and easier comboes, and more focused 1 on 1 killing power
  65. CVV ceased responding to memo.
  66. CVP ceased responding to memo.
  67. CGG: :\
  68. CGG: i feel lonely
  69. CCA: ?
  70. CFM: that sollux stuff sounds like a solid idea
  71. CGG: :D
  72. CFM: but everything at this point is just that
  73. CFM: an idea
  74. CGG: true
  75. CGG: i still like ideas though
  76. CGG: im like a walking bundle of ideas
  77. CFM: we all do
  78. CGG: welp
  79. CGG: im out
  80. CGG: laters
  81. CCA: see you
  82. CAP: cya.
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