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Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. Using configuration source: "C:\Users\Jonny5\Desktop\spring_93.0_portable\spring-93.0\springsettings.cfg"
  2. [CMyMath::Init] CPU SSE mask: 127, flags:
  3. SSE 1.0: 1, SSE 2.0: 1
  4. SSE 3.0: 1, SSSE 3.0: 1
  5. SSE 4.1: 1, SSE 4.2: 1
  6. SSE 4.0A: 0, SSE 5.0A: 0
  7. using streflop SSE FP-math mode, CPU supports SSE instructions
  8. OS: Microsoft Windows
  9. Microsoft Business Edition, 64-bit (build 9200)
  10. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz; 8151MB RAM, 16706MB pagefile
  11. OS: emulated 32bit mode
  12. [Watchdog] Installed (HangTimeout: 10sec)
  13. Available log sections: KeyBindings, CSMFGroundTextures, RoamMeshDrawer, BumpWater, DynWater, SkyBox, DecalsDrawerGL4, FarTextureHandler, Model, Piece, ModelDrawer, OBJParser, WorldObjectModelRenderer, Shader, Texture, Font, GroundMoveType, Path, UnitScript, AutohostInterface, ArchiveScanner, VFS, Sound, LuaSocket
  14. Enabled log sections: Sound(LOG_LEVEL_INFO)
  15. Enable or disable log sections using the LogSections configuration key
  16. or the SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS environment variable (both comma separated).
  17. Use "none" to disable the default log sections.
  18. LogOutput initialized.
  19. Spring 93.0 (MT-Sim OMP)
  20. Build date/time: Mar 5 2013 22:44:49
  21. Build environment: boost-105000, GNU libstdc++ version 20120920
  22. Compiler: gcc-4.7.2
  23. Using read-write data directory: C:\Users\Jonny5\Desktop\spring_93.0_portable\spring-93.0\
  24. Using read-only data directory: C:\Users\Jonny5\Documents\My Games\Spring\
  25. Scanning: C:\Users\Jonny5\Desktop\spring_93.0_portable\spring-93.0\maps
  26. Scanning: C:\Users\Jonny5\Desktop\spring_93.0_portable\spring-93.0\base
  27. Scanning: C:\Users\Jonny5\Desktop\spring_93.0_portable\spring-93.0\games
  28. Supported Video modes: 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1400x1050, 1366x768, 1360x1024, 1360x768, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1152x864, 1024x768, 800x600, 720x576, 720x480, 640x480
  29. Video mode set to 1920x1080/32bit
  30. [f=0000000] SDL version: 1.2.10
  31. [f=0000000] GL version: 4.2.12002 Compatibility Profile Context
  32. [f=0000000] GL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
  33. [f=0000000] GL renderer: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
  34. [f=0000000] GLSL version: 4.20
  35. [f=0000000] GLEW version: 1.5.8
  36. [f=0000000] Video RAM: unknown
  37. [f=0000000] GL info:
  38. haveARB: 1, haveGLSL: 1, ATI hacks: 1
  39. FBO support: 1, NPOT-texture support: 1, 24bit Z-buffer support: 0
  40. maximum texture size: 16384, compress MIP-map textures: 0
  41. maximum SmoothPointSize: 63, maximum vec4 varying/attributes: 32/29
  42. maximum drawbuffers: 8, maximum recommended indices/vertices: 16777215/2147483647
  43. number of UniformBufferBindings: 75 (64kB)
  44. [f=0000000] VSync disabled
  45. [f=0000000] Joysticks found: 0
  46. [f=0000000] Warning: Joystick 0 not found
  47. [f=0000000] CPU Cores: 8
  48. [f=0000000] [Sound] OpenAL info:
  49. [f=0000000] [Sound] Available Devices:
  50. [f=0000000] [Sound] DirectSound Software
  51. [f=0000000] [Sound] Device: DirectSound Software
  52. [f=0000000] [Sound] Vendor: OpenAL Community
  53. [f=0000000] [Sound] Version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.11.753
  54. [f=0000000] [Sound] Renderer: OpenAL Soft
  55. [f=0000000] [Sound] AL Extensions: AL_EXTX_buffer_sub_data AL_EXT_EXPONENT_DISTANCE AL_EXT_FLOAT32 AL_EXT_IMA4 AL_EXT_LINEAR_DISTANCE AL_EXT_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_OFFSET AL_EXTX_sample_buffer_object AL_EXT_source_distance_model AL_LOKI_quadriphonic
  56. [f=0000000] [Sound] ALC Extensions: ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT ALC_EXT_CAPTURE ALC_EXT_disconnect ALC_EXT_EFX ALC_EXTX_thread_local_context
  57. [f=0000000] [Sound] EFX Enabled: yes
  58. [f=0000000] [Sound] Max Sounds: 128
  59. [f=0000000] Connecting to local server
  60. [f=0000000] PreGame::StartServer: 10 ms
  61. [f=0000000] Using map: Comet Catcher Redux
  62. [f=0000000] Using game: Balanced Annihilation V7.72
  63. [f=0000000] Using game archive: ba772.sdz
  64. [f=0000000] recording demo: demos/20130309_132330_Comet Catcher Redux_93.sdf
  65. [f=0000000] PreGame::GameDataReceived: 63 ms
  66. [f=0000000] User number 0 (team 0, allyteam 0)
  67. [f=0000000] [Threading] Main thread CPU affinity not set
  68. [f=0000000] Warning: MapInfo.lua: Incorrect value "groundShadowDensity=1.200000"! Clamping to 0..1 range!!
  69. [f=0000000] Warning: MapInfo.lua: Incorrect value "unitShadowDensity=1.200000"! Clamping to 0..1 range!!
  70. [f=0000000] Loading Radar Icons
  71. [f=0000000] Loading GameData Definitions
  72. [f=0000000] Loading all definitions: 0.093000
  73. [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (GameData): 154 ms
  74. [f=0000000] Loading Sound Definitions
  75. [f=0000000] [Sound] parsed 26 sounds from gamedata/sounds.lua
  76. [f=0000000] [Sound] Error: Unable to open audio file: IncomingChat
  77. [f=0000000] [Sound] Error: CSound::GetSoundId: could not find sound: IncomingChat
  78. [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (Sound): 4 ms
  79. [f=0000000] Parsing Map Information
  80. [f=0000000] Loading SMF
  81. [f=0000000] Loading Map (77 MB)
  82. [f=0000000] Creating Smooth Height Mesh
  83. [f=0000000] SmoothHeightMesh::MakeSmoothMesh: 60 ms
  84. [f=0000000] Creating QuadField & CEGs
  85. [f=0000000] Number of damage types: 11
  86. [f=0000000] [RegisterAssimpModelParsers] supported Assimp model formats: *.3d;*.3ds;*.ac;*.ac3d;*.acc;*.ase;*.ask;*.b3d;*.blend;*.bvh;*.cob;*.csm;*.dae;*.dxf;*.enff;*.hmp;*.ifc;*.irr;*.irrmesh;*.lwo;*.lws;*.lxo;*.m3;*.md2;*.md3;*.md5anim;*.md5camera;*.md5mesh;*.mdc;*.mdl;*.mesh.xml;*.mot;*.ms3d;*.ndo;*.nff;*.obj;*.off;*.pk3;*.ply;*.prj;*.q3o;*.q3s;*.raw;*.scn;*.smd;*.stl;*.ter;*.uc;*.vta;*.x;*.xgl;*.xml;*.zgl;
  87. [f=0000000] Creating Unit Textures
  88. [f=0000000] Creating Sky
  89. [f=0000000] Loading Weapon Definitions
  90. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armclaw_dclaw) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
  91. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armgate_repulsor) isShield is removed. Use weaponType="Shield" instead!
  92. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armlatnk_armlatnk_weapon) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
  93. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armsh_armsh_weapon) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
  94. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armzeus_lightning) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
  95. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (corgate_repulsor) isShield is removed. Use weaponType="Shield" instead!
  96. [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (corsh_armsh_weapon) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
  97. [f=0000000] Loading Unit Definitions
  98. [f=0000000] Loading Feature Definitions
  99. [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [8]
  100. [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [32]
  101. [f=0000000] [CPathManager] pathing data checksum: 6dcc7a05
  102. [f=0000000] [IPathManager::GetInstance] using DEFAULT path-manager
  103. [f=0000000] Initializing Map Features
  104. [f=0000000] Creating ShadowHandler & DecalHandler
  105. [f=0000000] Creating GroundDrawer
  106. [f=0000000] Loading Tile Files
  107. [f=0000000] Reading Tile Map
  108. [f=0000000] Loading Square Textures
  109. [f=0000000] CSMFGroundTextures::ConvolveHeightMap: 3 ms
  110. [f=0000000] Switching to ROAM Mesh Rendering
  111. [f=0000000] Creating TreeDrawer
  112. [f=0000000] Creating ProjectileDrawer & UnitDrawer
  113. [f=0000000] Creating Projectile Textures
  114. [f=0000000] Creating Water
  115. [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Camera&Mouse): 54 ms
  116. [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Console): 1 ms
  117. [f=0000000] Loading LuaRules
  118. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armaca
  119. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armawac
  120. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armca
  121. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armcsa
  122. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armcybr
  123. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armfig
  124. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armhawk
  125. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armlance
  126. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armpeep
  127. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armpnix
  128. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsb
  129. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armseap
  130. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsehak
  131. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsfig
  132. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armthund
  133. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, coraca
  134. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corawac
  135. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corca
  136. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corcsa
  137. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corfink
  138. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corgripn
  139. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corhunt
  140. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corhurc
  141. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corsb
  142. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corseap
  143. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corsfig
  144. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corshad
  145. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, cortitan
  146. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corvamp
  147. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corveng
  148. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: ranks api <api_ranks.lua>
  149. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: No Self-D <unit_prevent_share_selfd.lua>
  150. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Air Release <unit_air_release_manager.lua>
  151. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: AirPlantParents <unit_air_plants.lua>
  152. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Bomber Control <unit_bomber_control.lua>
  153. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Commando Watch <unit_commando_watch.lua>
  154. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: DGun CmdType Fix <unit_dgun_cmdtype_fix.lua>
  155. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: DirectControl <unit_direct_control.lua>
  156. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: DragonsDisguise <unit_set_neutral.lua>
  157. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
  158. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Energy Conversion <game_energy_conversion.lua>
  159. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: FinishedBuilding <unit_finished_building.lua>
  160. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Game End <game_end.lua>
  161. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: I Hate CMD.SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED <i_hate_cmd_set_wanted_max_speed.lua>
  162. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Initial Spawn <game_initial_spawn.lua>
  163. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Juno Damage <unit_juno_damage.lua>
  164. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Lightning Spash Damage <unit_lightning_splash_dmg.lua>
  165. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: MissileControl <unit_missile_delay.lua>
  166. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Napalm <lups_napalm.lua>
  167. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: No Land Damage <unit_no_land_damage.lua>
  168. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: No Self Pwn <unit_noselfpwn.lua>
  169. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: NoCost <cmd_nocost.lua>
  170. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Paralyse Multiplier <unit_paralyze_multiplier.lua>
  171. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Passive Builders II <unit_passive_builders_ii.lua>
  172. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Excessive Share <game_prevent_excessive_share.lua>
  173. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Lab Hax <unit_prevent_lab_hax.lua>
  174. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Load Hax <unit_prevent_load_hax.lua>
  175. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Outside Aircraft hacks <unit_prevent_aircraft_hax.lua>
  176. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Range Hax <unit_prevent_range_hax.lua>
  177. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Prevent Strange Orders <unit_prevent_strange_orders.lua>
  178. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Reclaim Fix <unit_reclaim_fix.lua>
  179. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Reclaim flash <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
  180. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: ShieldDrain <unit_shield_watch.lua>
  181. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Shockwaves <lups_shockwaves.lua>
  182. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Start Point Remover Gadget <init_start_point_remover_gadget.lua>
  183. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Stealthy Passengers <unit_stealthy_passengers.lua>
  184. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Team Resourcing <game_team_resources.lua>
  185. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Transport radius adjuster <unit_collision_radius_adjuster.lua>
  186. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Unit transportable nanos <unit_transportable_nanos.lua>
  187. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Watereffects <fx_watersplash.lua>
  188. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: fx_reclaim_shards <fx_reclaim_shards.lua>
  189. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
  190. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: lups_wrapper.lua <lups_wrapper.lua>
  191. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: prevent_flying_com_wrecks <unit_prevent_flying_com_wrecks.lua>
  192. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: unit stuck in lab fix <unit_stuck_in_lab_hack.lua>
  193. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: workaround for airtrans-com-death crash <unit_transportfix.lua>
  194. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Area Attack <areaattack.lua>
  195. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: C Is For Control <comiscontrol.lua>
  196. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: CustomUnitShaders <gfx_customunitshaders.lua>
  197. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Take Manager <cmd_idle_players.lua>
  198. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Team Com Ends <teamcomends.lua>
  199. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: LupsSyncedManager <lups_manager.lua>
  200. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Mex Upgrader Gadget <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
  201. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Crashing Aircraft <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
  202. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armaca
  203. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armawac
  204. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armca
  205. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armcsa
  206. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armcybr
  207. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armfig
  208. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armhawk
  209. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armlance
  210. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armpeep
  211. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armpnix
  212. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsb
  213. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armseap
  214. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsehak
  215. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armsfig
  216. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, armthund
  217. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, coraca
  218. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corawac
  219. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corca
  220. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corcsa
  221. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corfink
  222. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corgripn
  223. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corhunt
  224. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corhurc
  225. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corsb
  226. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corseap
  227. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corsfig
  228. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corshad
  229. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, cortitan
  230. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corvamp
  231. [f=0000000] isbomber or isfighter, corveng
  232. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Engine Taskbar Stuff <engine_taskbar_stuff.lua>
  233. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: ranks api <api_ranks.lua>
  234. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Air Release <unit_air_release_manager.lua>
  235. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: AirPlantParents <unit_air_plants.lua>
  236. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: DragonsDisguise <unit_set_neutral.lua>
  237. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
  238. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: FinishedBuilding <unit_finished_building.lua>
  239. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: I Hate CMD.SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED <i_hate_cmd_set_wanted_max_speed.lua>
  240. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: MissileControl <unit_missile_delay.lua>
  241. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Napalm <lups_napalm.lua>
  242. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: NoCost <cmd_nocost.lua>
  243. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Reclaim Fix <unit_reclaim_fix.lua>
  244. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Reclaim flash <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
  245. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: ShieldDrain <unit_shield_watch.lua>
  246. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Shockwaves <lups_shockwaves.lua>
  247. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Start Point Remover Gadget <init_start_point_remover_gadget.lua>
  248. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Transport radius adjuster <unit_collision_radius_adjuster.lua>
  249. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Watereffects <fx_watersplash.lua>
  250. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: fx_reclaim_shards <fx_reclaim_shards.lua>
  251. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
  252. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: mo_enemywrecks <mo_enemywrecks.lua>
  253. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: mo_greenfields <mo_greenfields.lua>
  254. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: mo_noowner <mo_noowner.lua>
  255. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: mo_noshare <mo_noshare.lua>
  256. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: mo_nowrecks <mo_nowrecks.lua>
  257. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: prevent_flying_com_wrecks <unit_prevent_flying_com_wrecks.lua>
  258. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: workaround for airtrans-com-death crash <unit_transportfix.lua>
  259. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Area Attack <areaattack.lua>
  260. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: C Is For Control <comiscontrol.lua>
  261. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: CustomUnitShaders <gfx_customunitshaders.lua>
  262. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Take Manager <cmd_idle_players.lua>
  263. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: LupsSyncedManager <lups_manager.lua>
  264. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Mex Upgrader Gadget <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
  265. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Crashing Aircraft <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
  266. [f=0000000] Loaded gadget: Lups <lups_wrapper.lua>
  267. [f=0000000] Loading LuaGaia
  268. [f=0000000] Loading LuaUI
  269. [f=0000000] LuaSocketEnabled: yes
  270. [f=0000000] This game has locked LuaUI access
  271. [f=0000000] This game has locked LuaUI access
  272. [f=0000000] Using LUAUI_DIRNAME = LuaUI/
  273. [f=0000000] Reloaded ctrlpanel from file: LuaUI/ctrlpanel.txt
  274. [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound F11 to the widget selector
  275. [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound CTRL+F11 to tweak mode
  276. [f=0000000] LuaUI v0.3
  277. [f=0000000] Initializing PathCache
  278. [f=0000000] Finalizing
  279. [f=0000000] Loaded DecalsDrawer: Legacy
  280. [f=0000000] Connection attempt from UnnamedPlayer
  281. [f=0000000] -> Version: 93.0 (MT-Sim OMP)
  282. [f=0000000] -> Connection established (given id 0)
  283. [f=0000000] Player UnnamedPlayer finished loading and is now ingame
  284. [f=0000000] GameID: d9373b51e4052a5366e82d6a1cdf4421
  285. [f=0000000] [Threading] Multithreading is enabled and currently running in mode 4
  286. [f=0000010] Skirmish AI "Enemy" (ID:0, Short-Name:"RAI", Version:"0.601") took over control of team 1
  287. [f=0000013] [Threading] Sim thread CPU affinity not set
  288. [f=0001827] Buildings set to face West
  289. [f=0001848] Buildings set to face North
  290. [f=0001854] Buildings set to face East
  291. [f=0027764] Loading: LuaUI/Widgets/unit_immobile_builder.lua
  292. [f=0033295] Error: Spring 93.0 (MT-Sim OMP) has crashed.
  293. [f=0033295] Error: MT with 8 threads.
  294. [f=0033295] Error: DLL information:
  295. [f=0033295] Error: Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
  296. [f=0033295] Error: Exception Address: 0x0074b6fe
  297. [f=0033295] Error: Stacktrace:
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