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The Road to Slayer Mastery

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  1.                          The Road to Slayer Mastery:
  2.                  A Definitive Guide for Old School Runescape
  3.                             Written by Steely Dan
  4.                            Last updated: 12/3/17
  7. Part 1: Quests....                                  line 115
  8. Part 2: Items....                                   line 1333
  9. Part 3: The Slayer Skill....                        line 1416
  10. Part 4: The Untrimmed Slayer Cape....               line 1694
  11. Part 5: Slaying as a Pure....                       line 1807
  12. Part 6: Slayer Log....                              line 1984
  16. In 2005 Jagex released what is perhaps the most unique and useful skill in the game: Slayer. From crawling hands to dark beasts, some monsters in Runescape cannot be killed without the Slayer skill. On the road to becoming a Master Slayer you will encounter some of the strangest and most powerful creatures in Runescape. If successful, you will achieve the most respected skillcape in the game.
  18. If you are up for the challenge, you may go for the untrimmed Slayer cape. This is not possible without extensive cannoning, as you will achieve 99 HP well before 99 Slayer using normal methods. Before you start this, make sure you are aware of the extensive time and money involved. More information, and even some first hand efxperiences, are found in the Slayer section of the guide.
  20. PREFACE:
  21. *If you have any questions or suggestions, contact "Steely Dan" in game. If my private chat is off I can often be found in either "Axe Man Jack" or "ffdn36" clan chats*
  23. If you find that a place is crowded in the F2P areas, there are many plenty of spots everywhere else which definitely won't be crowded! Suggestions include:
  24. - Mining area north of Makeover Mage which contains copper, iron, tin and coal
  25. - Mining area east of Ardougne, plenty of iron, coal and copper
  26. - Mining area northeast of Yanille. Great for iron powermining.
  27. - Chickens in the Sinclair Mansion, Falador Castle and by the Ranging Guild
  28. - Seagulls on the docks of Port Sarim
  29. - Cows in Yanille and Rellekka
  31. As of 1/9/14, Jagex added the ability to teleport to any minigame location, the caveat being that you can only this feature once every 20 minutes. Use this if you cannot teleport anywhere near that area or haven't unlocked the spell yet. The Minigame interface is located in the quest tab on the top right corner (red compass)
  32. Locations:
  33. - Barbarian Assault (same as games necklace)
  34. - Blast Furnace (Keldagrim)
  35. - Castle Wars (same as ring of dueling, close to a bank)
  36. - Fishing Trawler (Port Khazard, near Ardougne and Yanille)
  37. - Burthorpe Games Room (same as games necklace)
  38. - Nightmare Zone (Yanille, need 5 quests from the list to unlock)
  39. - Pest Control (Void Knight's Outpost- no randoms here)
  40. - Rat Pits
  41. - Shades of Mort'ton (close to Barrows)
  42. - Trouble Brewing (Mos Le'Harmless)
  43. - TzHaar Fight Pit (TzHaar City, near fight caves and obsidian creatures)
  45. Useful Resources:
  46. - Zybez Price Guide: http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices
  47. - Old School Runescape Map (Detailed): http://i.imgur.com/UjSH21Y.jpg
  48. - Rune Hq Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20070809012606/http://runehq.com/
  49. - Tip.it Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20070813040811/http://www.tip.it/runescape/
  50. - Sal's Realm Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20070820224903/http://runescape.salmoneus.net/
  51. - 2007RSHelp: http://2007rshelp.com/
  52. - Crystal Math Labs XP Tracker: http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/
  53. - OSRS Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape
  55. Useful Guides:
  56. - Axe Man Jack's Slayer Guide: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/576696-master-slayer-guide-by-axe-man-jack/
  57. - Chinning/Barraging without prayer: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1593078-guide-to-chinningbursting-with-no-prayer/
  58. - Clue Scrolls: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/treasure_trails_menu.htm
  59. - Fast, free melee XP: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1593081-extremely-fast-free-meleerange-exp-osrs/
  60. - NMZ Magic (Warning: only n00bs use NMZ to train mage): http://redd.it/1s55fb
  61. - NPC Store Guide by City: http://redd.it/1zgemk
  62. - Ultimate P2P Combat Guide: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1137870-ultimate-p2p-combat-guide-levels-1-99/
  63. - 2007scape Wiki's Slayer page: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Slayer
  64. - How to choose your potion reward in the Dr. Jekyll random event: http://tinyurl.com/qjcoqrs
  67. Useful Clan Chats:
  68. - Axe Man Jack: The Slayer Guild's chat. Often has high leveled players that can give you advice on the Slayer skill.
  69. - slaystars cc: OSRS Slayer Clan with many active members.
  70. - 07 Altar: Gilded altar clan chat for prayer training
  71. - ffdn36: Best rune running CC. Exchange pure essence for 2x nature runes. Abyss miniquest highly recommended.
  72. - leech ba: Pay other players to get your torso (or other penance items) while you afk
  73. - 2007 Reddit: Official /r/2007scape clan chat
  74. - Defcommune: A clan based on the art of the Defense pure
  75. - His Lordship: Official CC of the Wilderness Guardians
  76. - Mr Cr0w: OSRS Chat Lounge
  77. - Tcl Channel: OSRS General Chat
  78. - Zezima: Everyone seems to like this one.
  79. - Mod Mark: Enter this chat and say "markdonalds" if you want a free mute
  80. - 1: Rare names and good conversation.
  82. Moneymaking (Because in Runescape, nothing is free!)
  83. No Skills Required:
  84. - Tan cowhides in Al-Kharid
  85. - Merchant Law, Death, Nature, Chaos and blood runes by buying them in the Magic Guild (66 magic required) or Aubury's Rune Shop and selling them in W301 Varrock west bank. The rune section is just east of the bank. Make sure to check current prices before buying them!
  86. - Unfinished potions- look up prices on Zybez to find out which makes the most profit.
  87. - Nature rune running- Bring the runecrafters essence in exchange for 2x nature runes. Abyss miniquest required. I recommend using an Abyssal Bracelet so you do not skull upon entering.
  89. Skills:
  90. - Make your own cannonballs! (35 smithing required) This saves a lot of money when you start cannoning Slayer tasks. You can make approximately 2204 cannonballs in one hour in Port Phasmatys, using 551 steel bars. This includes the time it takes to bank.
  91. - Crafting and enchanting rings of dueling: http://imgur.com/a/RcgIf
  92. - Runecraft Nature runes (44 runecrafting required)- You can either use the abyss or do the karamja general store method, which involves bringing noted essence, gp and a tiara/talisman. First you sell noted essence to the store, then you run to the altar. Rinse and repeat. If you're low level, don't forget to bring an antipoison potion!
  93. - Pick and spin flax in Seers Village.
  95. Combat:
  96. - Cows (low level method)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjGydGhpWs8
  97. - Flesh Crawlers in Stronghold of Security, 2nd level (low level method)
  98. - Ankou in Stronghold of Security, 4th level (high level method)
  99. - Green Dragons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH3oxoW7uWI
  100. - Blue Dragons
  101. - Iron/Steel Dragons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8z9pOPcU2Y
  102. - Unicows (Completion of 'Tower of Life' required): http://youtu.be/l9bGLzhMORo
  103. - Cave Horrors (58 slayer and the completion of 'Cabin Fever' required)
  104. - Abyssal Demons (85 slayer required)
  105. - Dark Beasts (90 slayer required)
  106. - Aviansies (Kill them in the Wilderness to get noted adamant bars)
  107. - Mithril Dragons: http://redd.it/24hdxo
  108. - Barrows: http://redd.it/24f9jk
  109. - GWD (solo, duo or FFA) - Here is my armadyl solo guide: http://pastebin.com/VhVn26ZK
  110. - Kalphite Queen (I recommend getting at least one partner for this).
  111. - Slayer! A great way to make money once you get to 75+
  113. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  115. PART 1: QUESTS
  117. Efficient questing when you start your account is crucial. Normally questing takes a lot of time, especially at the lower levels. Because of this, I made this guide that takes you from tutorial island to _____ quest points.
  118. Note that this part can be use by every kind of account, not just slayers.
  120. Unless otherwise stated, always keep around 500gp with you at all times, even when I say bank everything. Never keep the whole stack on you.
  121. The only quests that give defense XP are 'Dragon Slayer', 'Holy Grail', 'Nature Spirit', 'Heroes' Quest', 'A Soul's Bane' and 'The Fremennik Trials'. Pures will need to omit any items obtained for this.
  122. Note that I made this guide with the Slayer skill in mind, so I included various useful slayer quests. Feel free to skip anything that you don't need.
  123. At the end I made a list of recommended quests and skills for after you finish following this guide.
  126. Tutorial Island:
  128. I highly recommend making your character a female for the quest 'Recruitment Drive'
  129. It saves a bit of time and you may not have the money to change your gender when needed.
  131. Lumbridge:
  133. - Go inside the castle and talk to the Cook to start 'Cook's Assistant' quest
  134. - Go upstairs one floor and talk to 'Duke Horacio to start 'Rune Mysteries' quest
  135. - Go upstairs and bank everything. Then take out some coins, talisman, a small fishing net, a tinderbox, an axe and a bucket.
  136. - Go outside the castle and talk to Father Aerack in the Lumbridge Church to start 'The Restless Ghost'.
  137. - Go inside the swamp, to Father Urhney southwest of the graveyard and get the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Go back to the church and talk to the Ghost.
  138. - Go to General store and buy 2 buckets.
  139. - Kill a chicken and pick up the raw chicken and feathers.
  140. - Kill a cow and pick up the raw beef and cowhide.
  141. - Milk the Dairy cow in the cow pen for two buckets of milk.
  142. - Go west across the bridge and start 'Sheep Shearer' by talking to Fred the Farmer. Pick up the shears on the table.
  143. - Shear sheep until your inventory is full.
  145. Draynor:
  147. - Go back southwest through the swamp and south to the Wizard's Tower.
  148. - Enter the basement and steal the skull (avoiding the skeleton) for 'The Restless Ghost'. You may need to drop some wool that you picked up earlier.
  149. - Speak to Sedridor for 'Rune Mysteries'.
  150. - Exit the tower. Go north to Draynor Village. Watch out for the jail guard!
  151. - Bank everything except for a small net, an axe, a tinderbox, coins and a weapon.
  152. - Catch shrimps until level 5 fishing. Cook the shrimps.
  153. - Bank and head to Draynor Manor. Speak with Veronica to start 'Ernest the Chicken' quest.
  154. Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ernest_the_Chicken.  Complete quest 'Ernest the Chicken'.
  155. - Whilst doing this, pick up a bronze med helm from the south eastern room in the Manor. (Not needed if you're a pure) A spade might also be useful.
  156. - Buy 5 ropes from Ned, then bank them. Protip: if you need more gp, pickpocket men and women.
  158. Port Sarim:
  160. - Pick up a cabbage from the cabbage patch south of Falador. (Not needed if you're a 1 def pure)
  161. - Go west further and pick up an egg from a chicken at the Falador farm. Watch out for the aggressive 'Highwayman'.
  162. - Kill Cows and Chickens at the farm for level 10 melee skills. If those are too crowded, try the seagulls on the docks. If you're killing cows, make sure to pick up the hides.
  163. - Start 'Pirate's Treasure' by speaking to Redbeard Frank.
  165. Musa Point/Karamja:
  167. - Board a ship to Karamja and head to Musa Point (The Northeastern part of the island). Buy some rum from Zambo's shop then go the general store and pick up the knife on the table there. Buy a hammer and chisel for later.
  168. - Speak to Luthas for a job. Pick 10 bananas, fill a crate and then use the rum on the crate.
  169. - Board a ship back to Port Sarim.
  171. Port Sarim:
  173. - Go to the fishing store and buy 40 bait, a fishing rod, and a flyfishing rod. Take an apron off the wall.
  174. - Buy 3 pots of flour, 3-5 pieces of cheese and a chocolate bar from Wydin's Food Store. Wear the apron and ask Wydin for a job.
  175. - Go inside the stockroom and search the crate containing the rum. Bring it back to Frank.
  177. Draynor:
  179. - Go back to Draynor and bank everything. Withdraw bait and a fishing rod.
  180. - Bait sardines until level 10. Cook the fish but make sure you have one raw sardine for later.
  181. - Start 'Vampire Slayer' by talking to Morgan. Pick up two pieces of garlic from the cupboard upstairs.
  182. - Bank everything. Withdraw a pickaxe and as much food as you have. Travel to Barbarian Village by walking north past Draynor Manor.
  184. West Varrock:
  186. - Go inside the Stronghold of Security in the Barbarian Village.
  187. - Navigate through the first three floors and loot the chest rewards for 10k. The Fourth floor does not give a coin reward and has much harder-hitting monsters. NOTE: You will NOT be able to get the rewards if you haven't set up recovery questions.
  188. OPTIONAL: Kill the minotaurs/Barbarians here and heal using dropped food from fly fishers.
  189. - Go to the mining area south of varrock by the Champion's Guild and mine 10 pieces of clay.
  190. - Bank everything and withdraw coins and the key from 'Pirate's Treasure'.
  191. - Visit Gertrude's house to start 'Gertrude's Cat.'  
  192. - Pick up some Doogle Leaves south of Gertrude's house.
  193. - Visit Juliet's house just opposite to start 'Romeo and Juliet.' Complete until you need to visit Father Lawrence in East Varrock.
  194. - Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gertrude's_Cat. Complete until you need to visit the Lumberyard.
  196. East Varrock:
  198. - Buy a pink skirt from Thessalia's clothes shop.
  199. - OPTIONAL: By a longsword from the sword shop.
  200. - Go to the Blue Moon Inn pub for 'Pirate's Treasure'. Go upstairs and open the chest in the South-Western room.
  201. - Buy three beers for 'Prince Ali Rescue' later. Talk to Dr. Harlow for 'Vampire Slayer'
  202. - Go to Varrock east bank and withdraw a weapon and a couple pieces of food.
  203. - OPTIONAL: Withdraw any unneeded items and sell at the general store.
  204. - Enter the Varrock sewers to the northwest. Kill a giant rat and pick up the raw rat meat.
  205. - Go to the Varrock Museum and complete the quiz in the basement for 9 Slayer and Hunter.
  206. - Go to Father Lawrence in the Varrock Church for 'Romeo and Juliet'.
  207. - Bank everything. Withdraw a pickaxe, shears, an axe, 300+ coins, the package from 'Rune Mysteries', raw sardine, bucket of milk  and doogle leaves.
  208. - Go Southeast to Aubury's Rune store for 'Rune Mysteries'.
  209. - Buy 10+ of each type of elemental rune.
  210. - Cut 3 trees to get 3 logs.
  211. - Head to the lumberyard and buy 3 planks.
  212. - Continue 'Gertrude's Cat'
  213. - Go South East outside of Varrock to the mine. Mine 1 copper ore and one tin ore.
  214. - Gather 2 cadava berries and 7 redberries from the bushes west of the mine.
  215. - Run south of Varrock (beware of Dark Wizards) to the sheep pen. Shear sheep until your inventory is full.
  216. - Complete 'Gertrude's Cat' and 'Romeo and Juliet.'
  218. Lumbridge:
  220. - Home Teleport to Lumbridge. Go upstairs to the spinning wheel and create 23 balls of wool from the wool you sheared.
  221. - Bring 20 balls of wool to Fred the Farmer to complete 'Sheep Shearer'
  222. - Pick 5 onions from the farm behind Fred's house.
  223. - Bank everything in Lumbridge castle. Withdraw all your coins, egg, pot of flour, bucket of milk, clay, ghostspeak amulet and skull.
  224. - Go to Lumbridge kitchen and talk to the Cook to complete 'Cook's Assistant.'
  225. - Start 'Recipe for Disaster' by talking to the Cook again.
  226. - Pick up a jug and a bucket from the spawns in the basement.
  227. - Fill the bucket with water, use on clay, fill bucket again.
  228. - Visit the Ghost in the Lumbridge graveyard to complete 'The Restless Ghost'.
  229. - Go to Al-Kharid. Buy 3 pieces of Silk from the Silk Trader; steel and mithril scimitars from Zeke's store; and steel, mithril and adamant (if you can afford it) platelegs from Louie's Platelegs store.
  230. - Talk to Chancellor Hassan in the Palace to start 'Prince Ali Rescue'.
  231. - Withdraw the notes for 'Rune Mysteries', a weapon, copper ore, tin ore and some food at Al Kharid bank.
  232. - Smelt the copper and tin ores into a bronze bar at the Al-Kharid furnace.
  233. - Go back into Lumbridge through the gate
  234. - OPTIONAL: Buy any axes you may need later.
  235. - Head to the Wizard Tower.
  237. Draynor:
  239. - Finish 'Rune Mysteries' by giving Sedridor the notes.  
  240. - Head to Draynor and bank everything. Withdraw an axe and a tinderbox. Cut down a tree and burn the logs to get some ashes.
  241. - Bank everything except some coins, ashes, three balls of wool, three beers, bronze bar, bucket of water, pot of flour, pink skirt, redberries, rope, soft clay, and two onions.
  242. - Visit Leela and complete 'Prince Ali Rescue'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/archived-projects-and-content/site-content/quests/prince-ali-rescue.html
  243. - Head to the cows at the farm south of Falador and gather 25 bones and a raw beef.
  245. Falador :
  247. - Buy an iron, black and mithril chainbody from Wayne's Chains in South West Falador.
  248. - Complete 'Pirate's Treasure' by digging in the Garden. You can find a spade in the Falador Estate Agent building.
  249. - Buy eight Woad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener.
  250. - Buy three iron bars from another player for 'The Knight's Sword' and 'Death Plateau'. Alternatively, make them yourself at 15 smithing.
  251. - Go to the second floor of the White Knight's to start 'Black Knight's Fortress'. Start 'Knight's Sword' by speaking to the Squire.
  252. - Head to the Dwarven mines and buy a steel pickaxe from the shop there.
  253. - Mine until level 15. Keep 4 copper and 2 iron (8+ if you're smelting the two bars yourself).
  254. - Bank everything. Equip a bronze med helm, iron chainbody and have a cabbage in your inventory
  255. Refer to quest guide:  http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Knights%27_Fortress_(quest). Complete the quest.
  256. - Make your way to Varrock after the quest.
  258. Varrock:
  260. - Talk to the Gyspy to start 'Demon Slayer' Refer to guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070705172602/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00181?English=true
  261. - Complete 'Demon Slayer' until you need to visit the Wizard's tower.
  262. - Withdraw a bucket, pot of flour, raw beef and a redberry at Varrock east bank.
  263. - Go to Aubury's Rune Shop and buy Mind runes.
  264. - Buy a rotten tomato at the Varrock pillory.
  265. - Pick up a pie dish in Varrock palace kitchen. Fill your bucket in the sink, and use it on the flour to create pastry dough. Use the dough on the pie dish, then add a redberry to create an uncooked redberry pie. Cook the pie on the range.
  266. - Use the raw beef twice on the range to get burnt meat.
  267. - Speak to Reldo about Incando Dwarves for 'Knight's Sword'.
  268. - Complete 'Shield Of Arrav' until the part where you need a partner. You're a high enough level to do either gang. Keep in mind that your choice will affect future quests, such as 'Heroes Quest'.
  269. Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070614174500/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00247?English=true
  270. - Bank everything and withdraw 25 bones.
  272. Draynor:
  274. - Home teleport to Lumbridge and walk to The Wizard's Tower.
  275. - Give 25 bones to Wizard Traiborn
  276. - Bank everything. Withdraw some food, a weapon, armour, garlic, 2 onions, 3 redberries, 2 woad leaves, the stake and the hammer.
  277. - Kill the Vampire in Draynor Manor to finish 'Vampire Slayer'.
  278. - Make a blue, yellow and red dye by going to Aggie with 2 onions, 3 redberries and 2 woad leaves. Combine the red and yellow dyes for an orange dye.
  280. Port Sarim:
  282. - Run back to Draynor bank and withdraw gp, redberry pie, burnt meat, an onion and a weapon.
  283. - Buy a Eye of Newt at Betty's magic shop.
  284. - Head to Rimmington and start 'Witch's Potion'
  285. - If you forgot an onion, pick one at the farm north of Hetty.
  286. - Kill a rat at Brian's archery shop to get a rat's tail.
  287. - Give Hetty all the ingredients to Complete 'Witch's Potion.'
  288. - Go to Thurgo the Dwarf south of Rimmington and give him the redberry pie.
  290. Falador:
  292. - Return to Falador. Bank everything and withdraw the ores (6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron), blue and orange dyes and the raw meats
  293. - Retrieve the picture of the Knight's sword after talking to the Squire.
  294. - Give the ores to Doric to complete 'Doric's Quest'.
  295. - With the dyes, complete Goblin Diplomacy. Refer to guide here: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Goblin_Diplomacy
  296. - Just outside the village to the East, there is a black bear. Kill it and take the meat.
  297. - Head to Taverly by going through the gate southwest of Goblin Village.
  299. Taverley:
  301. - Complete 'Druidic Ritual' You'll need the 4 uncooked pieces of meat (rat, chicken, beef and bear).
  302. Refer to this guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/druidic-ritual.html
  303. - Buy a pestle and mortar and some vials from the Herblore shop after you talk to Sanfew.
  304. - Now is a good time to talk to Turael and receive your first slayer task. He can be found north of the Druid Circle in a small house.
  305. - Head to Falador to continue questing.
  307. Falador:
  309. - Buy a Wizard's Mind Bomb at the pub.
  310. - Bank everything.
  311. - Start 'Recruitment Drive' by speaking to Sir Amik Varze.  (Not needed if you're a 1 def pure) Make sure that you're a girl before starting!
  312. Refer to quest guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070708201616/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00536?English=true
  313. - Buy Initiate armor from Sir Tiffy Cashien for 24,000 gp (optional).
  314. - Bank everything. Withdraw steel pickaxe, some food, armor, a weapon, portrait, 2 iron bars and at least 1k gp.
  315. - Go south West of Falador to the Crafting Guild. Pick up a piece of Snape Grass, avoiding the Hobgoblins
  317. Port Sarim:
  319. - Take the portait to Thurgo. Be prepared to mine blurite in the ice caverns.
  320. Be careful of the Ice Warriors, as they can hit high at your level. A good strategy is to find a safespot, then hop worlds until there are no monsters by the Blurite rocks.
  321. - Take the iron bars and blurite to Thurgo in exchange for a Blurite Sword
  322. - Bring the sword to the Squire to finish the quest.
  323. - Take a boat to Karamja
  325. Karamja:
  327. - Buy 4 buckets from the Musa General Store. Run west across Karamja to Brimhaven and go through the gate.
  328. - Buy some food at the Brimhaven food store
  329. - Head west through Brimhaven, then go south and talk to Trufitus to start 'Jungle Potion'. On the way, buy some charcoal from the general store.
  330. Refer to this guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/jungle-potion.html
  331. - Run to the Customs officer north of Brimhaven and take a boat to Ardougne.
  333. Ardougne:
  335. - If you need more food, now is a good time to steal cakes from the stall. They are a great option for lower levels.
  336. - Bank everything. Withdraw an axe, a bucket, a jug, an empty pot, around 1k gp, spade, shears, a weapon, armor and food.
  337. - Visit the general store west of the bank. Buy 2 ropes. Fill the jug and bucket up with water at the fountain northeast of the general store.
  338. - Complete the following quests in Ardougne:
  340. 'Monk's Friend'   Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070716002322/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00186?English=true
  341. 'Clock Tower'     Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715095849/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00287?English=true
  342. 'Hazeel Cult'     Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715102421/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00297?English=true
  343. 'Sheep Herder'    Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070716001419/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00174?English=true
  344. - After you finish 'Sheep Herder', go to the sheep farm and shear them until your inventory is full.
  346. Catherby/Seers:
  348. - Bank everything at Catherby bank besides some gp.
  349. - Run to White Wolf Mountain and start 'Fishing Contest' by talking to the dwarf outside the passageway.
  350. - Buy farming equipment in Catherby. Store with the Tool Leprechaun or deposit in your bank.
  351. - Bank everything and withdraw your fishing rod and about 1k coins.
  352. - Buy 80 bait and a lobster pot at Harry's Fishing Shop.:
  353. - Fish with all the bait you have. Cook any fish you get.
  354. - Go to the Sinclair Mansion and complete 'Murder Mystery'. You will need an empty pot for this. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Murder_mystery
  355. - Start 'Merlin's Crytal' Complete until you need to visit the Lady of the lake. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Merlin's_Crystal
  356. - Bank everything in Seers.
  357. - Pick flax and spin into bowstrings, then sell at W1 Seers bank until you have about 350k-400k. This will take 3-4 hours depending on how efficient you are.
  358. - If you don't need the money, make sure to get at least 31 crafting for 'Lost City'.
  359. - Make sure to stock up on food for upcoming quests. If you're short on food, buy stews from the Seer's Village bartender.
  360. - Withdraw a fishing rod, garlic, 1k gp, spade and fishing contest ticket.
  361. - Go west to McGrubbors wood and find a red vine and dwellberries. Pick three of each.
  362. - Finish 'Fishing Contest'  Refer to rest of guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fishing_Contest/Quick_guide
  363. - Tender the trophy to the dwarf to be rewarded with fishing xp and the ability to use his shortcut.
  365. Ardougne / Tree Gnome Strognhold:
  367. - Run back to Ardougne and bank everything.
  368. - Steal or purchase 10 loaves of bread from the Baker's Stall.
  369. - Withdraw dwellberries, chocolate bar, Rope, 5 buckets, spade, pestle & mortar and snape grass.
  370. - Milk the dairy cow in the North Ardougne farm for a bucket of milk.
  371. - Start 'Plague City' by talking to Elmund west of the North Ardougne bank.
  372. - Complete quest 'Plague City'   Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Plague_City/Quick_guide
  373. - Start quest 'Biohazard'.  Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Biohazard
  374. - Complete the quest until you need to deliver the samples in Rimmington. Make sure to do the drop trick and get an extra set in case you mess up.
  375. - While doing Biohazard, pick up the purple dye southwest of Ceril Carnillean's house and north of the Battlefield.
  376. - Bank and withdraw a rope, a hammer, an axe and some food.
  377. - Start 'Dwarf Cannon' by talking to Captain Lawgof, who is slightly north of the Fishing Guild.
  378. - Complete until you have to go to Falador. Refer to the guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715100427/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00184?English=true
  379. - Start 'Waterfall Quest' by speaking to Almera, who can be found northwest of the dwarven base.
  380. - Complete 'Waterfall Quest' until the part where you get Glarial's pebble.
  381. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Waterfall_Quest
  382. - Head to the Tree Gnome Village and enter the cave where you get the pebble. Grab at least two then run out.
  383. - Go to the center of the maze and start the quest 'Tree Gnome Village' by talking to King Bolren. Refer to the guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070614175754/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00188?English=true
  384. - Complete until you have to fight the Khazard Warlord
  385. - Run to Yanille and buy a Greenman's ale from the bar here.
  386. - Now is a good time to get 43 prayer, provided you have the money. Hop to W330 and find an open altar, then use the dragon bones on the gilded altar. 200 bones should be enough for 43. Make sure you don't accidentally bury the bones!
  387. - Bank everything besides food and a weapon.
  388. - Kill the Khazard Warlord who can be found north of the Battlefield in the corner of the West Ardougne wall, past the wolves. If you managed to get 43 prayer it should be an easy fight. If not, you can try ranging or mageing from a safespot or finish the quest later. A poisoned weapon helps considerably. The orbs should automatically appear in your inventory.
  389. - Finish 'Tree Gnome Village' by talking to Elkoy, and then Bolren.
  390. - Bank everything, including all armor, weapons and runes. Withdraw Glarial's Pebble and some food.
  391. - Finish 'Waterfall Quest'. You will need to bank and get runes for the last part.
  392. - Run to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Make sure to help Femi with the boxes, as that will come in handy later.
  393. - Bank everything. To get to the bank, climb the staircase south of the bank icon near the gate.
  394. - Go to the Agility Course and train until 20.
  395. - Withdraw about 1k coins from the bank.
  396. - Speak to King Narnode Shareen on the first floor of the Grand Tree to start 'The Grand Tree'. He will give you two items. Save these for later.
  397. - On the second floor of the Grand Tree, buy one cocktail shaker, one cocktail glass, two lemons, one pineapple, and one orange from Heckel Funch's grocery. Protip: If you would rather not pay for the ingredients, talk to Blurberry to get enough supplies to make a fruit blast.
  398. - Buy a premade blurb' sp. from Blurberry's Bar.
  399. - Teleport to Lumbridge.
  400. - Withdraw the wool you sheared earlier and spin it into balls of wool on the second floor of the castle.
  401. - Bank everything. Withdraw a pickaxe and gp from the bank, and head to Al Kharid scorpion mine.
  403. Al Kharid:
  405. - Powermine iron until 20 mining.
  406. - Mine six silver ore, one copper ore and one tin ore.
  407. - Go to the Crafting store and buy some thread, a needle, a holy mould, necklace mould, ring mould, tiara mould and a sickle mould.
  408. - Buy feathers from the Shantay Pass.
  409. - Bank everything, including anything you're wearing.
  410. - Train Agility to 30 at the Al Kharid rooftop course.
  411. - Optional: Buy cowhides in W302 Al Kharid bank, turn them into soft leather and sell for a profit.
  412. - Take out all your cowhides, silver ores, ball of wool, sickle mould, holy mould and some gp from your bank.
  413. - Smelt the silver ore into bars .
  414. - Smelt the tin and copper ore into a bronze bar.
  415. - Use a silver bar on the furnace to make a silver sickle.
  416. - Use a silver bar on the furnace to make a Saradomin symbol.
  417. - Use a ball of wool on the unstrung symbol to make a unblessed symbol.
  418. - Tan the cowhides into soft leather.
  419. - Travel to the Champion's Guild and start 'Dragon Slayer' by talking to the Guildmaster.
  420. - Teleport to Edgeville if you have a charged Amulet of Glory. Alternatively, walk.
  422. Edgeville/Asgarnia:
  424. - Talk to the Mage of Zamorak north of Edgeville bank in the wilderness to start the Abyss Miniquest. Don't bring anything you aren't willing to lose.
  425. - Talk to Oziach in Edgeville.
  426. - Bring your unblessed symbol to the first floor of the monastery and talk to Brother Jered to have him bless it, thus becoming a holy symbol. This is really useful on tasks that require prayer.  
  427. - Pick up some monk robes on the table on the first floor of the monastery. I recommend getting multiple sets.
  428. - Pray at the altar to receive a Prayer boost.
  429. - Head to the Dwarven Base located southwest of Oziach's house (near the entrance to the Dwarven Mines)
  430. - Talk to Nulodion for 'Dwarf Cannon'.
  431. - Use the drop trick if you want a free ammo mould for later.
  432. - Teleport to Varrock.
  434. Varrock:
  436. - Bank and withdraw some the keys from 'Demon Slayer, gp, good food, hammer, bronze bar, Silverlight and range armor. Do not wear metal, because you will be facing magic attacks from the dark wizards. Dragonhide works best here.
  437. - Smith the bronze bar into bronze wire at the anvils south of Varrock west bank.
  438. - Bring the keys to Sir Prysin to receive Silverlight. Use the drop trick if you want another.
  439. - Buy a priest gown (top and bottom) in Thessalia's Clothes Shop.
  440. - Complete 'Demon Slayer' by heading to the stone circle south of Varrock. The demon is easy to kill even without prayer, for he only has 7 hp. The food is mainly for the dark wizards.
  443. Here, you want to raise up some levels. I recommend:
  445. - Training Agility to 40 at the Varrock rooftop course.
  446. - Fishing and Cooking trout for food at Barbarian village. The best method is fishing a full inventory of trout, then cooking them on the range at Evil Dave's house, located west of Edgeville bank. Bank the fish and repeat. You will need 10 cooked trout for 'Death Plateau'. I would recommend getting at least 40 Fishing so you can fish lobster later.
  447. - Train Woodcutting
  448.     • 1-15 normal trees, west of Varrock
  449.     • 15-30/35 oak trees. The best spot is south of Varrock by the Champions guild
  450. - Train Firemaking
  451.     • 1-15 normal logs
  452.     • 15-30 oak logs
  453. Burning the logs you get from Woodcutting is the easiest method of training Firemaking because you don't have to bank. Remember to pick up some ashes for 'Recipe for Disaster'
  454. - Train Fletching
  455.     • 1-5 make arrow shafts out of normal logs. You can attach feathers for more xp.
  456.     • 5-10 make shortbows out of normal logs
  457.     • 10-20 make longbows out of normal logs
  458.     • 20-25 oak shortbows
  459.     • 25-35 oak longbows
  460. You can sell these to the general store for a small profit, or choose to string them with the bowstrings you made earlier for more xp (but this is not recommended as it lowers your profit margins considerably).
  461. - Train Magic to unlock the various teleports. You should have already have level 4 from quests.
  462.     • 4-11 Confuse/combat spells
  463.     • 11-19 Weaken/combat spells
  464.     • 19-25 Curse
  465.     • 25-31 Curse/Varrock Teleport
  466.     • 31-37 Curse/Lumbridge Teleport
  467.     • 37-43 Curse/Falador Teleport
  468.     • 43-45 Curse/Superheat Item
  469.     • 45-55 Camelot Teleport
  470. The best place to curse is at the Varrock palace. There is a caged Monk of Zamorak that is really easy to spam with spells. If he's taken, just hop worlds until you find one that is empty.
  471. If you would like to train using combat spells, you can safespot the Guards with any bolt spell, or at level 39 you can cast crumble undead at the safespot in Varrock Sewers.
  472. You can opt to stop anywhere from 25-55. I recommend training until at least 51 to unlock the Ardougne Teleport spell, because teleport runes are far cheaper than teletabs.  
  473. At 30 Magic a Mud Battlestaff is useful if you plan to curse instead of teleporting.
  474. You may buy runes from Aubury's shop or from other players.
  475. - Train smithing to 35 by buying 385 iron bars and making platebodies at the Varrock anvils. Don't worry about the cost, you can make that back later by creating cannonballs.
  476. - Train thieving to 5 by pickpocketing men, then to 25 at the tea stall on the east side of Varrock.
  477. - Train your combat skills in the following locations:
  478.     • Stronghold of Security (Minotaurs, Flesh Crawlers, Zombies)
  479.     • Varrock Guards south of the palace. If that's too crowded, try the northwestern room on the second floor of the palace.
  480.     • Varrock Sewers (Giant rats, Zombies)
  481.     • Men in the house north of Edgeville bank
  482.     • Monks of Zamorak in the Paterdomus temple. This is a good spot because it has an altar.
  483. - Make an unfired bowl by using soft clay on the potter's wheel in Barbarian Village. Clay can be mined south of Varrock, then use it on a water source.
  484. - Craft some gloves by using a needle on some soft leather with thread in your inventory.
  485. - Gather 50 rune essence or pure essence for 'Priest in Peril'
  486. - Mine 422 rune essence that you can use for 1-14 runecrafting later. It is also good mining xp.
  488. I recommend obtaining:
  489. - Games necklaces and rings of dueling for faster travel
  490. - Charged Amulet of Glory (if you can afford it)
  491. - Camelot, Falador and Ardougne teletabs (or runes if you have the magic level)
  492. - Even if you have 45 magic buy a Camelot teletab for later.
  493. - Fire, Earth, Water and law runes from Aubury's shop and the elemental staves from Zaff's shop so you can teleport easily.
  494. - Runes to cast Fire Bolt. Make sure you have enough casts to kill a level 101 monster.
  495. - Runes to cast Crumble Undead. You may have to kill a lot of Zombies so buy many casts.
  496. - 235 guams is enough for 25 Herblore.
  497. - 5 coal for 'Elemental Workshop I'.
  498. - Beads for 'Imp Catcher' either by buying from another player, or by killing imps near the western wall of Varrock.
  499. - Better axes up to rune
  500. - Run energy should be less of an issue now but super energy potions are always helpful, albeit expensive.
  501. - 10 cooked trout for 'Death Plateau'
  502. - Fishbowl for 'Recipe for Disaster'
  503. - Three bronze wires for 'Creature of Fenkenstrain'
  504. - Oak Longbow for 'Ghosts Ahoy'
  505. - 3 of each dye for 'Ghosts Ahoy' Protip: If one of your friends has done 'Mourning's Ends, Part 1', you can have them buy those for you at the store in Lletya.
  506. - Black Mask (optional, but highly recommended for Slayer)
  507. - Full Addy, good food, super set (optional), antifire and prayer potions for 'Dragon Slayer'
  508. - Adamant and Rune scimitars/longswords
  509. Quest items for 'Dragon Slayer':
  510. - 12000 coins
  511. - Unfired bowl
  512. - Hammer
  513. - 90 steel nails
  516. NOTE: At this point in the game, make sure to always have at least 2 casts/tabs of every type of teleport on you at all times. Also make sure to be wearing a ring of dueling and Amulet of Glory, and have a Games Necklace in your inventory.
  518. - Once you're happy with your levels, withdraw 10 trout, 10 bread, 1k gp, an iron bar, games necklace and a blurberry special. Head to the Champion's Guild and talk to the Guildmaster again, making sure to go through all the conversation options. You will receive a Maze Key.
  519. - Use the games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe games room, then climb up the stairs and exit the fortress.
  521. Burthorpe/Taverley:
  523. - Buy 2-3 Asgarnian ales at the Toad and Chicken Pub.
  524. - Complete 'Death Plateau'. Refer to guide here:
  525. http://web.archive.org/web/20070714205044/http://runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00414?English=true
  526. - Buy some climbing boots from Tenzing. They offer the same strength bonus as rune boots at a price of 12 coins.
  527. if you need to bank at any time, go down the ladder in the pub. Open the door and enter the Rogues' Den. Emerald Benedict can bank items for you.
  528. - If you have enough Marks of Grace from Agility training, you can buy parts of the graceful outfit in Rogues' Den. Do not buy the boots though because boots of lightness reduce more weight.  
  529. - Talk to the 'Lady of The Lake' for Merlin's Crystal
  530. - Home teleport and walk to Draynor Village. Alternatively, you can use a charged Amulet of Glory to teleport there.
  532. Draynor:
  534. - Withdraw the black, yellow, red and white beads you bought earlier and an axe. Talk to Wizard Mizgog on the top floor of the wizard tower to complete 'Imp Catcher'. Alternatively, obtain the beads yourself by killing imps south of Falador along the wall.
  535. - Talk to the Warrior southeast of the Wizard Tower to start 'Lost City'. Refer to the guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715102539/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00189?English=true
  536. - Complete the quest until you have to go to Entrana.
  537. - Pick up a swamp tar in the Lumbridge Swamp.
  538. - Bank everything.
  539. - Buy 235 eyes of newt at the Magic shop in Port Sarim. You will need to make multiple trips so wear weight reducing gear if you have any.
  540. - Train Woodcutting to 36 at the Willows.
  541. - Optional: Train Woodcutting to 56 (highest requirement for the recommended quests below) by chopping willows. You can bank these for later use.
  542. - Bank any weapons or armor that you are wearing. Withdraw teleport runes, Fire Bolt runes, Crumble Undead runes, monk robes, holy symbol, knife, good food and a prayer potion (your Prayer will be severely reduced upon entering the cave), and coins (if you need to buy runes).
  543. - Buy runes if you need them at the Port Sarim Magic shop.
  544. - Take the boat to Entrana.
  545. - Run east past the temple, then go across the bridge and run west to find a cave with a monk near it.
  546. - Kill the zombies in the cave until one drops a bronze axe. There is a safespot by the mushrooms: http://tinypic.com/r/s6na07/5
  547. - Head east to the Dramen Tree and a level 101 Tree Spirit will appear. Activate the Protect from Melee prayer and cast fire bolt until it is dead. Alternatively, use the safespot: http://tinypic.com/r/xkvxxg/5
  548. - Cut several Dramen branches using your axe.
  549. - Fletch them into Dramen Staves, keeping one branch for later use.
  550. - Teleport to Lumbridge
  552. Lumbridge:
  554. - Go upstairs and talk to Duke Horatio to receive an anti-dragon shield.
  555. - Complete the first part of 'Recipe for Disaster'
  556. Refer to the guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Recipe_for_Disaster/Quick_guide
  557. - Inspect the dwarf, pirate pete and the goblins to start the next subquests.
  558. - Talk to the cook and ask him how to make fishcakes.
  559. - Pick up two bowls from the spawn in the kitchen. Fill them with water from the sink.
  560. - Bank and withdraw 130,000 coins and a diamond.
  561. - Wield a Dramen Staff and enter the small hut in Lumbridge swamp to complete 'Lost City'.
  562. - Enter the Zanaris marketplace by paying one diamond. Buy a dragon dagger and dragon longsword.
  563. - Teleport or walk to Draynor.
  565. Draynor:
  567. - Bank Everything.
  568. - Withdraw a set of samples from 'Biohazard', 3500 gp, two buckets, 90 steel nails, 3 planks, maze key, monk robes/initiate armor, food, a prayer potion, adamant scimitar, and a hammer.
  570. Port Sarim/Rimmington:
  572. - Talk to Klarense on the southern docks and ask to buy his boat.
  573. - Cross the gangplank and climb down the ladder. Use 3 planks on the hole to repair it.
  574. - Buy 3 loaves of bread and two pots of flour from the food store in Port Sarim.
  575. - Enter the jewelry store and give some bread to the beggar.
  576. - Head to the farm south of Falador and get two eggs and two buckets of milk.
  577. - Continue with 'Biohazard', giving the chemist and the three men the samples. Make sure you give each person the right substance.
  578. - Restore your prayer at the altar southeast of Rimmington if needed.
  579. - Bank the plague sample, rock cake ingredients, touch paper, Excalibur, hammer and bread at Draynor, withdrawing any food if you need it and teleport runes, then head back to Rimmington.
  580. - Complete Melzar's maze. I recommend wearing prayer boosting gear and pray flicking for those with low defense levels. Pick up three bones from the monsters you kill. Guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070714170214/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00146?English=true
  581. - Open the chest to obtain Melzar's map piece.
  582. - Teleport to Varrock.
  584. Varrock/Paterdomus:
  586. - Withdraw the priest gown top and bottom, touch paper and plague sample.
  587. - Continue with 'Biohazard' by going to South East Varrock. Make sure to follow the guide to the letter, it's incredibly easy to mess up here.
  588. - Visit the Altar of chaos for 'Merlin's Crystal' and check the inscription on the altar. Take a screenshot so you don't forget what it said.
  589. - Talk to the Mage of Zamorak to receive a Scrying Orb
  590. - Teleport to the Essence Mine by talking to Aubury.
  591. - If you banked the willow logs from 55 Woodcutting earlier, a good way to get Firemaking xp and a little Magic xp is to a stack of Varrock Teleport runes and fill the rest of your inventory with logs. Simply cast the teleport and make a line of fires until you get back to the bank. Withdraw more logs and repeat. You should have enough logs to get at least 50 Firemaking. The rest can be used to fletch willow shortbows/longbows, if you desire.  Protip: put the tinderbox in the middle of your inventory to minimize the distance you move your mouse pointer.
  592. - Buy soft clay and teleport runes so you can make teletabs later.
  593. - Withdraw pestle and mortar, two ropes, tinderbox, leather gloves, leather boots, super energies (optional) and a vial. Note: If you don't have leather gloves and boots, they can be obtained during the quest.
  594. - Steal a cup of tea from the stall in East Varrock.
  595. - Complete 'The Dig Site'. Guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Dig_Site
  596. Leather gloves can be obtained by pickpocketing a digsite workman. Leather boots can be obtained by digging in the area where you find the ancient talisman.
  597. - Participate in the Varrock Museum specimen cleaning activity until you acquire a clean necklace. Bring this to the specialist to learn how to craft a Digsite Pendant, allowing easy access to the Digsite in the future. You can get xp lamps on the top floor. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/miniquests/varrock-museum.html
  598. - Withdraw 22 pure essence/rune essence, a bucket, a weapon, 300 gp, Varrock Teleport tabs and some food.
  599. - Complete quest 'Priest in Peril'. You can start it by talking to King Roald in Varrock castle.
  600. Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070614164759/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00373?English=true
  601. - Once you've completed 'Priest in Peril', talk to Drezel to start 'Nature Spirit'.
  603. Morytania:
  605. - Complete 'Nature Spirit'. Refer to the guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nature_spirit
  606. - Train Agility to 50 at the Canifis rooftop course.
  607. - Buy a raw shark at Rufus's Meat Emporium. If you need any food, buy some raw beef and cook it on a fire.
  608. - At the General Store, buy the following: 7 buckets, 7 pots, knife, needle and 6 thread.
  609. - Withdraw a bowl, Amulet of Ghostspeak, silver bar, 3 bronze wire, needle, 6 thread, spade, 1000 coins, armor, food, holy symbol and a weapon.
  610. - Equip the holy symbol to protect yourself from the vampyres east of Canifis.
  611. - Complete 'Creature of Fenkenstrain' until you need to use the furnace. When you go to the experiment cave, use the bowl on the water source west of the farm. Guide here: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Creature_of_Fenkenstrain
  612. - Bank and withdraw the buckets and pots, ghostspeak amulet, and some gp. Make sure you have eight free inventory spots.
  613. - Head to the farm west of the Ectofuntus.
  614. - Buy some secateurs from Alice's shop.
  615. - Kill chickens or cows and pick up 7 bones.
  616. - Worship at the Ectofuntus to get 35 Ectotokens. If you don't know how, see the guide here: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ectofuntus#How_to_worship_the_Ectofuntus
  617. - Pay two tokens to enter Port Phasmatys
  618. - Talk to Velorina to start 'Ghosts Ahoy'
  619. - Use the silver bar on the furnace with a conductor mould in your inventory to make a conductor.
  620. - Withdraw coins, ectotokens, bowl of water, bucket of milk, tinderbox, logs, dyes, spade, needle, thread, silk, knife, gloves, oak longbow, conductor and combat gear. A prayer potion and food may also be useful depending on your combat level.
  621. - Complete the 'Ghosts Ahoy' until you obtain the Treasure Map, referring to the guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ghosts_Ahoy
  622. - Complete 'Creature of Fenkenstrain'
  623. - Complete 'Ghosts Ahoy'
  624. - Buy five buckets of sand, five soda ash, fishing rod, three pineapple and 10 swamp paste from the Charter.
  625. - Use the sand on the furnace to make molten glass.
  626. - Withdraw the translation book and bark sample from 'The Grand Tree', games necklace, teleport runes and about 1k gp.
  627. - Teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and start the Barcrawl miniquest by talking to one of the barbarian guards outside the Agility course. Guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Alfred_Grimhand_Barcrawl
  628. - Teleport to Ardougne
  630. Yanille:
  632. - Pick up the planks from the spawn near the Port Khazard General Store.
  633. - Bring the bark sample to Hazelmere. Refer to the guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070705171153/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00326?English=true
  634. - Now is a good time to make some teletabs for money. Hop to W330 and use someone's lectern with soft clays and runes in your inventory. House teleports are the most consistent money.
  635. - Powermine iron until 50 Mining at the spot northwest of Yanille. I recommend banking the ores to make some money, but dropping them is much faster xp, especially with mousekeys.
  636. - Train Herblore to 14 by making Attack potions. You should have enough vials but if not just reuse some by emptying the contents.
  637. - Buy a gold bar and some dragon bones from another player. W330 is the best place for this. Enter the Yanille agility dungeon past the northern wall marked by the (!) on your minimap. Kill a bat and pick up the bones.
  638. - Withdraw the bar crawl card and 12 gp. Buy a Fire Brandy from the pub in southwest Yanille.
  639. - Complete quest 'Watchtower', referring to the guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/watchtower.html
  640. - Pick 10 wheat at the Yanille farm. Withdraw the bar crawl card and 8 gp from the bank.                                   
  641. - Teleport to Ardougne.
  643. Ardougne/Kandarin:
  645. - Finish 'Biohazard'
  646. - Buy a Heart Stopper from the pub north of the castle.
  647. - Withdraw the Scrying Orb and talk to Wizard Cromperty to teleport to the rune essence mine.
  648. - Bank everything except some weight reducing gear (if you have any).
  649. - Train thieving from 27-32 by stealing from the silk stall. Protip: trap the guards in the house north of the stall by luring them inside and closing the door. You can either bank the silk or drop it.
  650. - Steal some cakes from the stall.
  651. - Buy some spice from the spice seller in Ardougne Market.
  652. - Bank everything and withdraw the cannonball mould and the notes that you got from Nulodion, Hazelmere's scroll, translation book, Camelot teleport and the Scrying Orb.
  653. - Complete 'Dwarf Cannon' by speaking to Captain Lawgof.
  654. - Talk to Brimstail in the cave on the southwestern part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold to teleport to the third essence mine. Your scrying orb should be full now.
  655. - Complete 'The Grand Tree' until step 14 in the guide (the part where you go to Karamja)
  656. - Kill a monkey southeast of the shipyard entrance on the coast and pick up the bones.
  657. - Teleport to Camelot and withdraw bat bones, black candle, a tinderbox and Excalibur.
  658. - Finish 'Merlin's Crystal'
  659. - Start 'Holy Grail' by talking to King Arthur, then to Merlin on the second floor of the castle. Refer to the guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Holy_Grail
  660. - Head to Catherby and train Fishing to 53 by fishing lobsters. I recommend cooking them on the stove just east of the bank. Make sure to have you kitten out, as now is a good time to grow it into a cat.
  661. - If you don't already have it, train Cooking to 53 at the Catherby range.
  662. - Obtain a raw cod, bass, swordfish and tuna. Get multiple raw cod.
  663. - Obtain some maple and oak logs from the trees near Seers bank.
  664. - Bank everything. Withdraw a chisel, a hammer, pickaxe, needle, knife, a weapon, some food, 5 coal, 500 gp, bar crawl card, leather and thread. If you need coal it can be found at the coal trucks located west of McGrubbor's wood.
  665. - Head to the pub in the western part of Seers and buy a Liverbane Ale.
  666. - Complete 'Elemental Workshop I'. Refer to the guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Elemental_Workshop_I/Quick_guide
  667. - If you desire, spin some flax for money while you're at Seers.
  668. - Bank everything and withdraw a good weapon, armor, food, lumber order, bar crawl card, 500 gp and prayer potions. Be ready to fight a level 172 monster. I recommend using Fire Bolt and prayer boosting gear to kill it.                                                                                                                                                
  669. - Complete 'The Grand Tree', referring to the guide.
  670. - Under the Grand Tree there is a good mining spot north of the king. Train here if you wish.
  671. - Buy an orange, pineapple and vodka from Heckel Funch's grocery on the second floor of the tree. Buy a Fire Toad Blast from Blurberry.
  672. - Teleport to Draynor using the Amulet of Glory.
  674. Draynor:
  676. - Cut a few willow logs. You will need these for a quest later.
  677. - Bank everything. Withdraw secateurs, dramen staff, ghostspeak amulet, ectophial, teleport runes and a spade.
  678. - Start 'A Fairy Tale, Part 1' by talking to Martin the Master Farmer. Complete the quest, referring to the guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fairy_Tale_I_-_Growing_Pains
  679. - Complete 'A Fairy Tale, Part 2' until you unlock the ability to use fairy rings by talking to Martin again. You do NOT need to finish the quest to use them, nor meet any of the skill requirements. Guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fairy_Tale_II_-_Cure_a_Queen
  680. NOTE: At this point in the game, feel free to use fairy rings instead teleport spells, as they are much cheaper.
  681. - Deposit all weapons and armor. Withdraw Camelot Teleport runes, Falador Teleport runes, 6k coins, bar crawl card, Telegrab runes (or 10k gp), and combat runes.
  682. - Buy a Black Skull Ale from the pub in Port Sarim.
  683. - Head to Port Sarim jail and kill Wormbrain using any combat spell. Telegrab what he drops to obtain Lozar's map piece.
  684. - Buy 10 buckets of sand and 10 soda ash from Trader Stan. He can be found by the charter ship.
  685. - Take the boat to Karamja. Buy a Ape Bite Liquer from the pub in Musa Point.
  686. - Head back to Port Sarim.
  687. - Take the boat to Entrana.
  688. - Talk to the High Priest to continue 'Holy Grail'
  689. - Teleport to Camelot.
  691. Seers Village:
  693. - Talk to Sir Galahad, who is located in a house just west of McGrubor's Wood, to receive a holy table napkin.
  694. - Teleport to Falador
  696. Falador:
  698. - Withdraw the bar crawl card, iron ore and 70 gp. Buy a Hand of Death Cocktail from the Rising Sun Inn next to the west bank.
  699. - Make an iron bar at the furnace.
  700. - Bank and withdraw weight reducing gear if you have it. Train Agility to 52 at the Falador rooftop course.
  701. - Withdraw a few pieces of cheese, leather gloves, some armor, a weapon, food and 325 coins (or more if you plan on buying a new pickaxe).
  704. Taverly/Asgarnia:
  706. - Talk with the Old Dwarf in the shortcut under White Wolf Mountain to continue 'Recipe for Disaster'. Ask him to make you a dwarven rock cake and he will refuse.
  707. - Complete 'Witch's House'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/witchs-house.html
  708. - Buy 235 vials for from the Herblore shop in Taverly, using Falador Teleport to bank.
  709. - Teleport back to Falador
  710. - Talk to the barmaid in the Rising Sun Inn next to the west bank. Ask her about dwarves and then pay her 200 coins to get a recipe for Asgoldian Ale.
  711. - Buy at least four Asgarnian Ales from the bar, and use a gold coin on each.
  712. - Withdraw an unfired bowl, wizard's mind bomb, lobster pot, silk, marks of grace (optional) leather gloves, Amulet of Glory, two bowls of water, two buckets of milk, two eggs and two pots of flour from the bank.
  713. - Go back to the Old Dwarf and give him the four Asgoldian Ales and he will agree to make you a dwarven rock cake. Make sure to be wearing gloves when you pick it up. You may use the drop trick to get another one, as they are quite useful for Dharoking. Do this quickly or else you will need to get more Ales.
  714. - If you have enough Marks, buy parts of the Graceful outfit in Rogue's Den.
  715. - Head to ice mountain and talk to the Oracle.
  716. - Optional: Kill an Ice Fiend to cool the rock cakes instantly. Alternatively, you may leave them in the bank for a day.
  717. - Buy an ammo mould from Nulodion if you didn't get one earlier.
  718. - Climb down the ladder.
  719. - Optional: Buy a better pickaxe from the shop in the Dwarven Mines
  720. - Use the unfired bowl, wizard's mind bomb, lobster pot and silk on the enchanted door. Open the chest to obtain Thalzar's map piece.
  721. - Teleport to Draynor using the Amulet of Glory.
  723. Draynor/Karamja:
  725. - Head to Draynor Manor.
  726. - Pick up the two magic whistles in the southernmost room of the top floor.
  727. - Bank everything and withdraw the map pieces, anti-dragon shield, Adamant armor, Rune Scimitar, Super set, antifire, two prayer potions, magic whistle, Excalibur, good food (lobsters or better), 15gp, bar crawl card and a Camelot teletab. If you don't have the defense level for adamant then Initiate is a good alternative if you will be praying.
  728. - Use the map pieces on each other to obtain the Crandor Map.
  729. - Talk to Ned and ask him to captain your ship.
  730. - Head to The Lady Lumbridge and tell Ned you are ready to sail. Restore your Prayer at the altar west of the jail if needed.
  731. - Your cabin boy will die, but don't worry, he wasn't helping much anyway. You will awake on the shore of Crandor. Head to the crater in the center of the island, avoiding all damage from monsters if possible. Enter the dungeon.
  732. - Run south and climb the rocks to fight Elvarg. Drink your antifire and super set if you bought one and turn on the Protect from Melee prayer. The anti-dragon shield and the antifire along with prayer will protect you from most of the damage. Make sure to keep an eye on your prayer points and health throughout the fight. If you are having a hard time killing it, activate the ultimate strength and incredible reflexes prayers.
  733. - After killing her, your character will automatically have the head in his/her inventory. Don't lose this!
  734. - Walk south and open the secret door by the lesser demons, allowing you to come back later for Slayer assignments.
  735. - Climb up the rope and you will arrive at the Karamja Volcano
  736. - Buy a Supergrog from the pub in Brimhaven. Wait for the effects to wear off since you will be fighting the Black Knight Titan.
  737. - Head to the northwest part of the island where the statues are, as indicated by this image: http://tinyurl.com/mnadjwl
  738. - Stand under the watchtower and blow the magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher King's Realm.
  740. The Realm of the Fisher King:
  742. - Talk to the Black Knight Titan. He will not let you pass without a fight. The Protect from Melee prayer is highly recommended here. You may lower his health with other weapons, but make sure to deal the killing blow with Excalibur or you will have to fight him again. If your prayer gets low you can pray flick but make sure to time it right because he attacks slowly.
  743. - After killing him, you may cross the bridge. Talk to the fisherman by the river and ask him how to enter the castle.
  744. - Ring the grail bell to enter the Fisher King's castle. Talk to him on the second floor, making sure to ask about his son. Pick up a magic whistle if you need one.
  745. - Break the tablet to teleport to Camelot.
  747. Camelot:
  749. - Talk to King Arthur and ask about Percival. You will receive a Golden Feather.
  750. - Teleport to Edgeville using your Amulet of Glory.
  752. Edgeville/Asgarnia:
  754. - Talk to Oziach to finish 'Dragon Slayer'. Do NOT buy a rune platebody from him. It is 20k cheaper to buy it from other players.
  755. - Restore your Prayer at the altar on the second floor of the monastery.
  756. - Fill all your vials with water at the sink in Evil Dave's house.
  757. - Make Attack potions using the materials you gathered to get 31 Herblore.
  758. - Withdraw a bucket, charcoal, bread, orange, knife, purple dye, spice, two magic whistles, golden feather and fishing bait.
  759. - Fill the bucket from the well.
  760. - Head to Goblin Village, making sure to have the golden feather and two magic whistles in your inventory.
  761. - Enter the east house and open the sacks to find Sir Percival. Tell him that his father wishes to see him and give him a magic whistle.
  762. - Talk to the goblin generals for RFD. They will just argue, so go to the next building and climb down the ladder.
  763. - Talk to Mudknuckles and give him some charcoal. After a cutscene he will tell you what you need to get him.
  764. - Cut the orange into slices by using the knife on it, then use the purple dye on the slices.
  765. - Use the spice on the fishing bait.
  766. - Use the bucket of water on the bread, then give all the items to Mudknuckles to get slop of compromise.
  767. - Teleport to Edgeville.
  768. - Bank and withdraw combat gear, about 1k coins, spade, tinderbox, rope, bronze wire, hammer, chisel, dramen staff, food, prayer potion and three bones.
  769. - Head to the the fairy ring east of the river and enter code BJR to teleport to the Fisher King's Realm.
  771. Karamja/Kandarin:
  773. - Head south and talk to Percival, then go up the ladder on the east side of the castle and pick up the Holy Grail.
  774. - Teleport to Edgeville. Deposit the whistle and holy grail then take the fairy rings using code CKR to be teleported just west of Shilo Village.
  775. - Start 'Shilo Village', by talking to Mosol Rei east of the gate.
  776. - Bring the Wampum belt to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai. Watch out for tribesmen as their poison can hit really high. Do not leave until he takes the belt.
  777. - Buy three bronze bars, a torch and an antipoison at the general store northwest of the village.
  778. - Complete 'Shilo Village', referring to the guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Shilo_Village_(quest)
  779. - Enter Shilo by talking to Mosol Rei. Sell any unneeded items from the quest to Yanni Salika in the large building across the river.
  780. - Start 'One Small Favour' by talking to Yanni. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/one-small-favour.html
  781. - Buy a Ticket for the "Lady of the Waves" ship on the second floor of the fishing shop.
  782. - Optional: fish trout and salmon using the feathers you bought earlier.
  783. - Talk to the Jungle forester to start the Karamja Achievement Diary. Continue 'One Small Favour' by asking about Mahogany logs. You will receive a blunt axe.
  784. - Talk to Captain Shanks west of the Village. Sail to Port Sarim and talk to Brian in his shop.
  785. - Teleport to Camelot.
  786. - Withdraw the Holy Grail and a hammer from Seers bank.
  787. - Talk to King Arthur to complete 'Holy Grail'
  788. - Use the bronze bars on the anvil west of Seers bank and make three bronze wires.
  789. - Buy at least 9 stews from the bar in Seers Village.
  790. - If you don't already have 40 crafting, get that now by spinning flax in the house southwest of Seers bank.
  791. - Withdraw a raw shark, combat gear, dramen staff, Camelot Teleport runes, axe, knife, tinderbox, gloves, rope, pickaxe, plank, prayer potion, food, super energy potions (optional) and 5252 gp.
  792. - Obtain a bullseye lantern by buying it from another player or crafting it yourself.
  793. - Head south of Seers to the Sorcerer's Tower. Start 'Scorpion Catcher' by talking to Thormac.
  794. - Go southeast to the fairy ring by the Legends' Guild. Use fairy ring code AJR to teleport near Relleka.
  796. Fremennik Province:
  798. - Head northwest and take the path to the Mountain Camp. Use your rope on the boulder above the guard.
  799. - Start 'Mountain Daughter' by talking to Hamil the Chieftain. Guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Mountain_Daughter
  800. - Complete until you find his daughter in the lake. Head back to Hamil and talk to him, making sure to go through all the options.
  801. - Talk to Jokul about White Pearl.
  802. - Teleport to Al Kharid using your ring of dueling and take the Glider to the Grand Tree, then to White Wolf Mountain. Put on your gloves and pick from the thorny bushes. Eat the White Pearl to get a seed.
  803. - Teleport to Edgeville. Use the fairy ring and teleport to AJR.
  804. - Talk to Svidi northwest of the fairy ring. Try to persuade him to go to Rellekka but he will refuse.
  805. - Talk to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka. He is inside the building marked with a quest icon.
  806. - Start 'The Fremennik Trials' by talking to Brundt again.
  807. - Return to the camp and enter the southernmost tent. Use your pickaxe on the ancient rock.
  808. - Talk to Brundt, then give the safety guarantee to Svidi.
  809. - Head back to the Mountain Camp and complete the quest, referring to the guide.
  810. - Walk back to Rellekka and continue 'The Fremennik Trials'.
  811. I recommend doing the trials in this order:
  812.     1. Swensen the Navigator's trial
  813.     2. Sigmund the Merchant's trial
  814.     3. Sigli the Huntsman's trial
  815.     4. Olaf the Bard's trial- Complete until you have the golden fleece and unstrung lyre.
  816.     5. Manni the Reveler's trial
  817. - Use the seers bank during this trial to prepare for Thorvald's trial. Withdraw 3-5 prayer potions, super set, good food, teletab and ring of recoil (optional). Note that you cannot use any weapons or armor. If you have the attack level/money you may bring a dismantled godsword.
  818. - Spin the golden fleece in the second floor of the house north of the yews. Use the wool on the unstrung lyre.
  819. - Buy a low alcohol keg from the poison salesman
  820. - Buy a beer from the bar.
  821. - Talk to the council workman and give him the beer to receive a cherrybomb.
  822. - Enchant your lyre by using a raw shark on the strange altar on the peninsula southwest of Rellekka.
  823. - Finish Manni's trial.
  824. - Finish Olaf's trial.
  825.     6. Thorvald the Warrior's trial
  826.     7. Peer the Seer's trial
  827. Refer to the guide here: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Fremennik_Trials
  828. Note: If you mess up at any point and need to bank items, simply drop everything you need and talk to Peer the Seer to bank your inventory.
  829. - Bank in Seers and withdraw combat gear, dramen staff, food, hatchet, spade and tinderbox.
  830. - Talk to any Seer to continue 'Scorpion Catcher'
  831. - Use the fairy ring system again and teleport to code DKS. Complete 'Olaf's Quest'. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/olafs-quest.html
  832. - Enter the cave northeast of Relleka near the fairy ring. Speak to the dwarven boatman to enter Keldagrim.
  833. - Withdraw iron bar, coal, three sapphires, dramen staff, pickaxe, 3k coins, logs, tinderbox, teleport runes and telekinetic grab runes.
  834. - Start quest 'The Giant Dwarf', skipping the battleaxe part until after you have obtained the clothes and boots. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/the-giant-dwarf.html
  835. - Teleport to Edgeville. Use the fairy ring nearby and teleport to code AIQ.
  836. - Talk to Thurgo and ask him to fix the axe for you. You will get a free teleport back to Blasidar. Use the three sapphires on the axe.
  837. - Complete 'The Giant Dwarf' using the guide above.
  838. - Teleport to Ardougne.
  840. Witchhaven:
  842. - Withdraw a hatchet, tinderbox, combat gear, good food, 2-3 prayer potions, Ardougne teleport runes, 5 gp and swamp paste from the bank.
  843. - Talk to Caroline in Witchhaven, and complete 'Sea Slug' Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/sea-slug.html
  844. - Bank and withdraw combat gear, good food, 2-3 prayer potions, Ardougne teleport runes and 5 gp.
  845. - Walk west past the Ardougne docks then south to Port Khazard.
  847. Port Khazard:
  849. - Complete 'Fight Arena'. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/fight-arena.html
  850. - Bank everything. Withdraw three bronze wires, fishbowl, needle, food, monk robes, a weapon, Ardougne Teleport runes and a prayer potion. Make sure you weigh less than 27kg and do not have a cat with you.
  851. - Continue 'Recipe for Disaster', referring to the guide here: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/recipe-for-disaster.html#part_4
  852. - Make sure to get multiple kelps and giant crab meats, as there is a chance of burning the fish cake.
  853. - Teleport to Draynor.
  855. Misthalin:
  857. - Talk to Aggie.
  858. - Bank, then head to the H.A.M. hideout east of the Draynor Jail. Talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht and ask about Jimmy the Chisel.
  859. - Pickpocket the H.A.M. members until you a full set of H.A.M. robes, as well as one extra boots, gloves, cloak and logo. Keep any buttons that you find, as they will be useful later.
  860. - Withdraw a dwarven rock cake, slop of compromise, knife, pestle and mortar, raw cod, bread, crab meat and kelp from the bank in Lumbridge basement.
  861. - Grind the raw cod, kelp and crab meat with the pestle and mortar. Use the knife on the bread to make bread crumbs.
  862. - Talk to the cook and ask about freeing pirate pete.
  863. - Use all the ingredients on each other and cook it on the range.
  864. - Feed the items to their respective owners. At this point you can buy steel gloves if you wish.
  865. - Withdraw a bullseye lantern, teleport runes, tinderbox and a pickaxe.
  866. - Talk to Sigmund to start 'The Lost Tribe'. Complete the quest, referring to the guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/the-lost-tribe.html
  867. - Withdraw the H.A.M. robes, bullseye lantern, a weapon and a rope from the bank.
  868. - Complete 'Death to the Dorgeshuun', referring to the guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/death-to-the-dorgeshuun.html
  869. - Fill a vial from the sink if you don't have any already.
  870. - Withdraw combat gear, climbing boots, prayer potion, good food, games necklace and pickaxe.
  871. - Head to Fred's farm to continue 'One Small Favour'
  872. - Talk to Seth Groats east of the river.
  873. - Kill 5 chickens and pick up the raw meat.
  874. - Teleport to Burthorpe.
  876. Burthorpe:
  878. - Talk to Denulth to start 'Troll Stronghold'. Finish the quest, referring to the guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Troll_Stronghold
  879. - Talk to Achetties to start 'Heroes' Quest'
  880. - Talk to Sanfew on the second floor of the Herblore shop to start 'Eadgar's Ruse'. Complete the quest until you have to go to the Zoo, referring to the guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070614173157/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00429?English=true
  881. - Teleport to Burthorpe using the Games Necklace.
  882. - Bank if needed and withdraw more combat supplies. Make sure to have a pickaxe in your inventory.
  883. - Restore your Prayer at the Altar of Guthix near Kaqemeex.
  884. - Head southwest to the summit of Ice Wolf Mountain, and obtain the ice gloves, referring to the guide: http://www.runehq.com/oldschoolquest/heroes-quest
  885. I recommend getting multiple as these will be needed in Desert Treasure and RFD later.
  886. - Teleport to Ardougne.
  888. Ardougne:
  890. - Withdraw a knife, teleport runes, pineapple and vodka.
  891. - Talk to Parroty Pete at the Zoo. Use your knife on the pineapple and cut it into chunks. Then use the vodka on the chunks to get alco-chunks. Use these on the aviaries on the western side of the cage to get a drunk parrot.
  892. - Teleport to Varrock.
  894. Varrock:
  896. - Buy enough planks and nails for 50 Construction. If you are making oak larders you will need 200 planks and 1629 oak planks. Also make sure you have plenty of house teleport runes and rings of dueling to bank.
  897. - Buy 21 teak planks, 4 limestone bricks, uncharged glory, 800 law runes, 100 blood runes, 1400 air runes, 100 fire runes, 100 earth runes and 300 water runes so you can build two complete portal chambers.
  898. - Buy/obtain the following for 'One Small Favour':
  899.     • Bowl water
  900.     • Bronze bar
  901.     • 2 Guams
  902.     • Harralander
  903.     • Marrentill
  904.     • Iron bar
  905.     • 4 steel bars
  906.     • 1 Logs
  908. - Buy a Harralander for 'Heroes' Quest and a Ranarr for 'Eadgar's Ruse'
  909. - Withdraw 16k coins, pickaxe, axe, bucket, 3 steel bars, glory and the bar crawl card.
  910. - Talk to Horvik in the armor shop to continue 'One Small Favour'
  911. - Talk to the Apothecary.
  912. - Buy any sword from the shop that you are willing to lose.
  913. - Buy an Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot from the Blue Moon Inn.
  914. - Unless you already have it, mine 4 clay from the site south of Varrock.
  915. - Talk to Tassie in Barbarian Village. Teleport to Varrock.
  916. - Buy an empty pot from the general store.
  917. - Use the bucket on the water source east of Horvik's shop, then use it on the clay. Repeat until you have 4 soft clays.
  918. - Restock elemental and combat runes at Aubury's shop if needed.
  919. - Steal a tea from the stall and drink it to get an empty cup.
  920. - Deposit the clays, pot, bucket, herbal tincture, pickaxe and sword at the bank
  921. - Purchase a house from the estate agent west of the church. Restore your Prayer if needed.
  922. - Exit Varrock to the north. Chop down four trees.
  923. - Buy a Olde Suspiciouse from the bartender in the Jolly Boar Inn. When you look at the card it should say that you are too drunk to read it.
  924. - Buy a saw and 300-400 steel nails from the sawmill operator, then buy three planks.
  925. - Teleport to Draynor using the Amulet of Glory.
  927. Rimmington/Entrana:
  929. - Withdraw a small net, axe and tinderbox. Fish and cook one shrimps for later.
  930. - Train construction to 50, following this guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIsBcRcCEEQ
  931. - Once you get to level 50, withdraw 275k gp, saw, hammer, the runes, 4 oak planks, teak planks, glory, and the limestone bricks you bought earlier.
  932. - Build two portal chambers, costing 100k each. Direct the teleport frames to Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Camelot and Ardougne. Save 200 law runes and 100 blood runes for the Kharyll teleport (requires completion of 'Desert Treasure')
  933. - Build a chapel, costing 50k. Build a oak altar. Now you have quick access to multiple teleport locations and prayer recharge. From now on make sure you have at least one Teleport to House tablet in your inventory so you can utilize these features.
  934. - Build a quest hall, and build a mounted glory on the guild trophy hotspot. I recommend having the glory close to your altar.
  935. - Teleport to Draynor using the mounted glory.
  936. - Bank all combat gear. Withdraw ice gloves, vial of water, Harralander and fishing rod.
  937. - Kill a highway man near the farm south of Falador. Pick up the cape.
  938. - Talk to Gerrant in Port Sarim and ask him about fishing for lava eels. He will give you some Blamish Snail Slime. Use the Harralander on the vial of water, then use the slime on the unfinished potion. Use the mixture on your fishing rod to get an oily fishing rod.
  939. - Take the boat to Entrana. Kill the firebird on the northeastern part of the island and pick up the feather. You cannot pick it up unless you are wearing the ice gloves.
  940. - Teleport to Falador. Bank and withdraw oily rod, fishing bait, antipoison, anti-dragon shield, scorpion cage, logs, tinderbox, combat gear, teleport runes and lots of good food.
  942. Burthorpe/Taverly:
  944. - Enter the Taverly dungeon. Follow the guide to obtain the Dusty Key. You may want to get more for later.
  945. - Fish some lava eels southwest of the blue dragons. There are baby dragons in this area, so be careful. Make a fire and cook the lava eels until you have at least one that isn't burnt.
  946. - Head west from the baby blue dragons and then north once you find the black demons. Be careful, as they can hit high at your level. Use the protect from melee prayer if necessary.
  947. - Enter the small room near the poison spiders by searching the Old Wall. Use the scorpion cage on the Kharid scorpion.
  948. - Teleport to Varrock.
  949. - For this part you will need a friend. Make sure you know what gang you are in, as you will need someone in the opposite gang to help you. If you chose Black Arm Gang, you will need to obtain a black full helm, black platebody and black platelegs. If you chose Phoenix gang, you will need a bow and some arrows.
  950. Here are some ways of getting a partner:
  951.     • On the official Runescape forums, under Old School advice, there is a thread for the Heroes and Arrav quests (QFC: 321-322-100-64303155). Post here and make sure your private is set to "ON".
  952.     • Message your friends and ask them if they need a partner. Even if they have already done the quest, they can still help you as long as they are in the opposite gang.
  953.     • Make a post on /r/2007scape asking for help.
  954.     • If all else fails, advertise your need for a partner in Varrock west bank. W330 works best here.
  955. - Obtain the master thieves armband, referring to the guide.
  956. - Teleport to Falador.
  957. - Withdraw the master thieves armband, firebird feather, cooked lava eel, games necklace, an empty cup, tinderbox, logs, bowl of water, harralander, 2 guams, and a marrentill.
  958. - Head to the Dwarven Mines and talk to Hamerspike west of the anvils.
  959. - Teleport to Falador. Head to Taverly and talk to Sanfew.
  960. - Use the tinderbox on the logs to make a fire. Use the bowl of water on the fire to get a bowl of hot water. Use that on your empty cup, then add a Harralander, 2 Guams, and a Marrentil. Make sure you follow the recipe correctly.
  961. - Talk to Captain Bleemadge on the summit of White Wolf Mountain. Be careful, as the aggressive wolves can disrupt your conversation requiring you to make another tea.
  962. - Teleport to Burthorpe.
  963. - Speak to Achetties to complete 'Heroes' Quest'. Congratulations, you now have access to the Heroes' Guild!
  964. - Restore your Prayer at the Altar of Guthix if needed.
  965. - Bank at Rogues' Den and withdraw climbing boots, high defense armor, drunk parrot, games necklace, an axe, prayer potion and food. Make sure you have 2 free inventory spaces.
  966. - Chop down two trees to get two logs.
  967. - Bring the drunk parrot to Eadgar. Remember to use the shortcuts to get there faster.
  968. - Bring the parrot to the torture rack, referring to the guide.
  969. - Teleport to Burthorpe and head to Taverly. Obtain a dirty robe by talking to the druid washing robes near the river.
  970. - Bank and withdraw tinderbox, pestle and mortar, prayer potion, vial of water, ranarr, 2 logs, 5 raw chicken, and 10 grain.
  971. - Complete 'Eadgar's Ruse'.
  972. - If you don't have one already, buy an enchanted gem from Turael.
  973. - Teleport to Falador
  975. Falador:
  977. - Withdraw 25k coins, combat gear, teleport runes, ectophial, law rune, molten glass, enchanted gem and 20 rune essence from the bank.
  978. - Talk to the estate agent to move your house to Yanille.
  979. - Start 'Wanted!' by talking to Sir Tiffy Cashien. Complete the quest. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/wanted.html
  980. - Withdraw the Ectophial, buckets of sand and soda ash. Teleport and walk through the gate of Port Phasmatys.
  981. - Use the buckets of sand and soda ash on the furnace to make 10 molten glass.
  982. - Optional: Make cannonballs and rings of dueling in Port Phasmatys to make money while training your Smithing, Crafting and Magic skills.
  983. - Withdraw a ring of dueling, bronze bar (or make one), molten glass, antipoison, combat gear, food and 3 normal planks
  984. - Teleport to castle wars. Head east and then north up the path over the two bridges. Keep heading north and talk to the Observatory Professor and start 'Observatory Quest'. Finish the quest, referring to the guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/observatory-quest.html
  985. - Teleport to Al Kharid.
  987. Al Kharid:
  989. Now is a good time to train some skills and make money. Make sure you have your kitten and some raw fish with you for all non combat activities, as you will need a cat later. I recommend:
  991. - Tanning cowhides into soft leather
  992. - Tanning dragonhides into dragonhide leather
  993. - Use the high level alchemy spell to get 60+ Magic. The best item for this is maple longbow (u) because you can buy large quantities. If you want to get a fire cape eventually you will want 92 for blood barrage (easiest method)
  994. - Train Magic at the Mage Training Arena and unlock Bones to Peaches
  995. - Train combat stats at the Al Kharid warriors.
  998. Buy/Obtain:
  999. - Lots of antipoison potions
  1000. - A gold bar (or more in case you mess up)
  1001. - Super energy potions
  1002. - Prayer potions (unless you still have some from earlier)
  1003. - A ball of wool if you don't already have one
  1004. - Combat runes and good Magic armor
  1005. - Necklace and ring moulds if you don't already have them.
  1006. - Papayrus from Ali Morrisane, who can be found east of the gem trader
  1007. - Make some Digsite Pendants by enchanting a ruby necklace.
  1008. Once you're done with your skilling, withdraw about 2k gp, dueling ring, a weapon and some food. Head to the Shantay Pass.
  1010. - Buy 5+ waterskins, knife, 2 full sets of desert robes, two bronze bars, hammer, 50 feathers and a Shantay pass from Shantay.
  1011. - Talk to Irena south of the Shantay Pass to start 'The Tourist Trap'
  1012. - Finish the quest, referring to this guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tourist_Trap
  1013. - Bank and withdraw 2k gp, desert robes, food, a weapon, leather gloves and a bucket. Complete 'The Feud'. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/the-feud.html
  1014. - Bank and withdraw, 500 gp, digsite pendant, Varrock Teleport runes, papayrus, pestle and mortar, 4 soft clay, vial, knife, hammer, chisel and waterskins.
  1015. - Navigate to the Ruins of Uzer by heading southeast from the Shantay Pass, crossing the bridge and continuing eastwards. Complete 'The Golem', making sure to take the gems from the throne at the end using the chisel and hammer. Guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/the-golem.html
  1016. - Teleport back to Al Kharid using a Glory or Ring of Dueling.
  1017. - Withdraw vial, full desert robes, black cape, combat gear, 1k coins, Silverlight, pestle and mortar, waterskins and food. Make sure you have a silver bar in the bank. If not, mine the ore and smelt it in Al Kharid.
  1018. - Head back to Uzer and complete 'Shadow of the Storm'. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/shadow-of-the-storm.html
  1019. - Teleport to Al Kharid.
  1020. - Withdraw cake, candle (you should have one from Watchtower), chisel, coal, logs, maple logs, oak logs, willow logs, pickaxe, fire bolt runes, wind bolt runes, crumble undead runes, 2 soft clay, tinderbox, desert robes, desert disguise, waterskins, and about 1k gp.
  1021. - Complete 'Enakhra's Lament', referring to the guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Enakhra's_Lament
  1022. - Use the gnome glider by the Al Kharid gate and fly to the Grand Tree.
  1023. - Talk to King Narnode to start 'Monkey Madness'
  1024. - Complete the quest. I find that the easiest way to bank is using a glory to teleport to Al Kharid, using the bank there, then using the glider to get back to Ape Atoll. Refer to the guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070812214043/http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/MonkeyMadness.html
  1025. - Buy a Dragon Scimitar from the shop on Ape Atoll for 100k coins. If you are a pure do NOT do this or else you will gain unwanted Defense xp.
  1026. - Optional: obtain every monkey greegree. You will be needing these for RFD so might as well get them now.
  1027. - Teleport to Lumbridge, and inspect Evil Dave and King Awowogei.
  1028. - Teleport to Varrock.
  1030. Varrock:
  1032. - Withdraw the scrying orb and bring it to the Mage of Zamorak in the chaos temple to complete the Abyss miniquest.
  1033. - Withdraw combat gear, good food, prayer potions, digsite pendant, knife, rope and an antipoison.
  1034. - Teleport to the digsite.
  1035. - Start 'Elemental Workshop II' Refer to the guide here:
  1036. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/the-elemental-workshop-ii.html
  1037. - Complete 'A Soul's Bane', referring to the guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/a-souls-bane.html
  1038. - Train Magic to 70+ using the High Level Alchemy spell.
  1039. - Train Smithing to 40 (preferred method is cannonballs, but you can also smith armor at the anvils in Varrock for faster, albeit expensive xp)
  1040. - While in Varrock, I recommend gathering supplies for the highest level requirements for the quests below, such as 30 fletching, 65 magic, 20 construction, 45 Herblore, etc. Remember, there is almost always a profitable method to train each skill if you are low on cash.
  1041. - Buy charged glories and pure essence so you can run essence later.
  1042. - Obtain the following for 'Family Crest'
  1043.     • Antipoison
  1044.     • Cooked salmon
  1045.     • Runes to cast all four blast spells
  1046.     • Two rubies
  1047. - Withdraw bass, shrimps, tuna, swordfish, salmon, and teleport runes.
  1048. - Start 'Family Crest' by talking to Dimintheis in the southeastern part of Varrock (the area that you visited for 'Biohazard')
  1049. - Teleport to Camelot and head southeast to Catherby.
  1051. Kandarin:
  1053. - Talk to Arhein to continue 'One Small Favour'.
  1054. - Talk to Caleb Fitzharmon for 'Family Crest'.
  1055. - Teleport to Camelot and speak with any Seer to continue 'Scorpion Catcher'
  1056. - Buy a beer from the pub.
  1057. - Talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight just south of the bar.
  1058. - Head to the Goblin Cave just south of the fishing guild. Head north to the eastern-most room, and search the sculpture on the eastern wall.
  1059. - Teleport to Ardougne.
  1060. - Talk to Wizard Cromperty northeast of the market.
  1061. - Bank and withdraw a saw, hammer, chisel, beer, food, 10k gp, dramen staff and teleport runes. Make sure you have at least 15 free inventory spaces.
  1062. - Talk to Tindel Merchant in Port Khazard.
  1063. - If you are wearing any clothing or armor, store it in the deposit box.
  1064. - Complete 'Tower of Life'. Guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070825234125/http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/TowerOfLife.html
  1065. - Enter the fairy ring near the tower of life. Enter code AKS and bring the stodgy mattress to Rantz. He will refuse to help you.
  1066. - Talk to Gnormadium Alvafrim west of Rantz. Fix the landing strip using cut gems. If you crush any you can buy another from Gnormadium for 500 gp each.
  1067. - Talk to Gnormadium and a brief cutscene will play. Head back to Rantz.
  1068. - Take the fairy ring and enter code DJP. Bring the mattress back to Tindel Merchant.
  1069. - Teleport to Ardougne and talk to Wizard Cromperty. Pick up 5 Pigeon Cages from the house behind the Western bank.
  1070. - Withdraw combat gear, good food and prayer potion. Head back to the Goblin Cave and read the spell in the room with the statue. Kill the Slagilith, then teleport to Camelot.
  1071. - Withdraw a hammer, bronze bar, iron bar and steel bar.
  1072. - Talk to Phantutwi. You will be unsurprised to hear that he still cannot give you your weather report. After questioning him thoroughly, and finally threatening him, you will learn that his weathervane is broken.
  1073. - Climb up the ladder to the roof. Examine and search the Weathervane, then use your hammer on it. You will receive a Bronze Ornament, Iron Crossbar and a Steel Pole.
  1074. - Fix these at the anvils across the street.
  1075. - Head back to the roof and fix the Weathervane by using the parts on it. Talk to Phantuwti to get the forecast.
  1076. - Restore your Prayer at the altar near the yews.
  1077. - Bring the forecast to Arhein.
  1078. - Withdraw two rubies, necklace mould, ring mould, pickaxe, combat gear, good food and prayer potions.
  1079. - Teleport to Al Kharid
  1081. Misthalin:
  1083. - Complete 'Family Crest' until you have to talk to Boot, referring to the guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Family_Crest
  1084. - Use the gnome glider near the gem trader to fly to White Wolf Mountain. Talk to Captain Bleemadge.
  1085. - Head down the east side of the mountain and talk to Sanfew.
  1086. - Walk to the Dwarven Mines and talk to Boot west of the anvils. Ask him about high quality gold.
  1087. - Talk to Hammerspike. Unfortunately for him, he decided to remain a gangster and keep bothering Tassie. Teach his henchmen a lesson they won't forget. Without his gang Hammerspike isn't such a tough guy and will easily give in to your demands.
  1088. - Teleport to Ardougne. Enter the Witchaven Dungeon east of the southern bank.
  1089. - Complete the puzzle, referring to the guide. Mine two 'perfect' gold ores. Be careful of the aggressive hellhounds.
  1090. - Teleport to Al Kharid.
  1091. - Craft a perfect golden necklace and ring. Bring these to Avan, then ask about his brother, Jonathon.
  1092. - Teleport to Varrock.
  1093. - Withdraw an antipoison (preferably one dose as he take the potion). Head to the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock.
  1094. - Talk to Jonathon on the second floor and give him the antipoison. Talk with him again until he tells you to defeat a demon named Chronozon.
  1095. - Teleport to Varrock.
  1096. - Withdraw runes for every elemental spell, good armor and food, rune/dragon scimitar, prayer potions, games necklace, sword from earlier, one arrow, molten glass, tinderbox, hammer, 60 steel nails, barcrawl card, scorpion cage and swamp tar.
  1097. - Teleport to Barbarian Outpost.
  1099. Barbarian Outpost:
  1101.  -Complete the barcrawl miniquest by talking with the barbarian guard again.
  1102. - Enter the Barbarian Outpost and catch the Kharid scorpion with the cage. It is located in a room right across from the entrance.
  1103. - Bank the cage in the deposit box by the Barbarian Assault minigame.
  1104. - Complete 'Horror from the Deep', referring to the guide: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Horror_from_the_Deep
  1105. - Teleport to Camelot and talk with any Seer to continue 'Scorpion Catcher'
  1106. - Teleport to Edgeville.
  1108. Edgeville:
  1110. - Head to the monastery with a scorpion cage. Catch the scorpion on the second floor by the monk robes spawn.
  1111. - Withdraw 9 stews and a fully grown cat. Complete the next RFD subquest in the basement of Evil Dave's house, referring to the guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Recipe_for_Disaster/Freeing_Evil_Dave
  1112. - Run essence if you need to make some money for the skills below. CC: ffdn36
  1113. Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK9772yhDq8
  1114. - Withdraw food, combat gear, prayer potion, teleport runes, silverlight (optional) and runes to cast the blast spells.
  1115. - Kill Chronozon in Edgeville dungeon.
  1116. - Exit the dungeon either by walking or Glory teleport to Edgeville. Bank and withdraw teleport runes, herbal tincture, 5 pigeon cages and a pot.
  1117. - Talk to Tassie in the Barbarian Village. You will receive a soft clay.
  1118. - Make an unfired pot lid on the potter's wheel, then use it on the pottery oven. Use the lid on the pot.
  1119. - Teleport to Varrock.
  1120. - Talk to the Apothecary.
  1121. - Talk with Horvik in his shop. He will make you some pigeon cages.
  1122. - Bank and bring the completed crest to Dimintheis to complete 'Family Crest'
  1123. - Teleport to Lumbridge.
  1124. - Withdraw Evil Dave's stew and feed it to him to continue 'Recipe for Disaster'.
  1125. - Talk to Seth Groats
  1126. - Head to the H.A.M. headquarters and talk to Johanhus to free Jimmy.
  1127. - Talk to Aggie in Draynor.
  1128. - Talk to Brian in Port Sarim.
  1129. - Teleport to Camelot. Withdraw battered key, slashed book, combat gear, beaten book, scroll, hammer, pickaxe and 13 coal.
  1130. - Make 3 elemental bars, following the guide from 'Elemental Workshop I' if needed.
  1131. - Complete 'Elemental Workshop II'
  1132. - Create a Mind Shield with the extra primed bar.
  1133. - Bank and withdraw the scorpion cage and steel gauntlets.
  1134. - Exit the workshop. Head south to the Sorcerer's Tower to complete 'Scorpion Catcher'
  1135. - Exit the tower and walk northeast to Catherby. Talk to Caleb to receive cooking gauntlets.
  1136. - Withdraw some gp and the sharpened axe. Teleport to Ardougne, take the boat to Brimhaven, then talk to Hajedy to get a cart ride to Shilo Village.
  1137. - Exit the village and give the Jungle forester his axe.
  1138. - Bring the logs to Yanni to complete 'One Small Favour'. Use the xp on whatever skill you wish, but I recommend either farming or Slayer.
  1147. Ernest the Chicken
  1148. Gertrude's Cat
  1149. Romeo and Juliet
  1150. Cook's Assistant                                          
  1151. Rune Mysteries
  1152. The Restless Ghost
  1153. Prince Ali Rescue
  1154. Black Knight's Fortress                                       QUEST POINTS: 148
  1155. Knight's Sword
  1156. Shield of Arrav
  1157. Vampire Slayer
  1158. Witch's Potion
  1159. Witch's House
  1160. Doric's Quest
  1161. Recruitment Drive
  1162. Druidic Ritual
  1163. Goblin Diplomacy
  1164. Sheep Herder
  1165. Hazeel Cult
  1166. Plague City
  1167. Clock Tower
  1168. Dwarf Cannon
  1169. Monk's Friend
  1170. Fishing Contest
  1171. Murder Mystery
  1172. Merlin's Crystal
  1173. Waterfall Quest
  1174. Tree Gnome Village
  1175. Elemental Workshop I and II
  1176. Demon Slayer
  1177. Biohazard
  1178. Death Plateau
  1179. Priest In Peril
  1180. Nature Spirit
  1181. Dragon Slayer
  1182. The Dig Site
  1183. Recipe for Disaster Parts 5/10
  1184. Sheep Shearer
  1185. Lost City
  1186. Holy Grail
  1187. Shilo Village
  1188. Ghosts Ahoy
  1189. Creature of Fenkenstrain
  1190. Watchtower
  1191. Observatory Quest
  1192. Fight Arena
  1193. The Fremennik Trials
  1194. The Giant Dwarf
  1195. Scorpion Catcher
  1196. Observatory Quest
  1197. A Fairy Tale, Part 1 (started part 2)
  1198. The Lost Tribe
  1199. Death to the Dorgeshuun
  1200. Troll Stronghold
  1201. Eadgar's Ruse
  1202. Sea Slug
  1203. Tower of Life
  1204. Heroes' Quest
  1205. Wanted!
  1206. The Golem
  1207. Shadow of the Storm
  1208. The Tourist Trap
  1209. The Feud
  1210. Enakhra's Lament
  1211. A Soul's Bane
  1212. Family Crest
  1213. Horror from the Deep
  1214. Monkey Madness
  1215. One Small Favour
  1218. Now that you have completed all these quests, it is time to level up some skills. Here is what I would reccomend:
  1219. - Train Agility to 56 or higher at the Wilderness Agilty course. Alternatively, try the Falador rooftop course.
  1220. - 60 magic for the "Bones to Peaches" spell, unlocked via mage training arena.
  1221. See this guide for more info: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/mage_training_arena.htm
  1222. - After unlocking "Bones to Peaches", you should have gained a decent amount of magic xp. I would recommend training the skill to 67 for the "NPC contact" spell. This makes slaying much more convenient!
  1223. - 46 Crafting for 'The Fremennik Isles'
  1224. - 53 thieving for "Desert Treasure". Best method is to pickpocket Master Farmers in Ardougne at 38.
  1225. - 40 ranged for "Temple of Ikov" - Do this while cannoning slayer tasks!
  1226. - 68 Fishing so you can enter the Fishing Guild, which should also get you close to 70 Cooking for RFD.
  1227. - Powermine iron until 60 Mining. The best spot is northeast of Yanille, but if that is too crowded you can try the mine under the Grand Tree. More info on how to get there: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Tree_mine
  1228. Alternatively, powermine gold ore at the spot near the entrance to the Fisher King's Realm. You may choose to bank using the Fairy Ring found inside the realm.
  1230. Recommended Quests:
  1232. I would advise that you complete as many of these as you can before you start slaying. If you are going for the untrimmed Slayer cape, you can do the quests that require ranged and Slayer levels as you go.
  1234. - Abyss Runecrafting Minigame- Quick access to nature altar outside of which has many monkeys to kill.
  1235. - Cabin Fever- Access to Mos Le'Harmless to fight Jungle and Cave Horrors.
  1236. - Death to the Dorgeshuun- access to Molanisks.
  1237. - Desert Treasure- Access to Dust Devils, and Ancient Magics for getting around.
  1238. - Dream Mentor- Access to level 96 spell Spellbook Swap and efficient use of Lunars for Slayer. This allows you to high alch, Bones to Peaches, and teleport while also being able to use NPC Contact
  1239. - Dwarf Cannon- Access to the Dwarf Multicannon for faster slaying in areas that allow it.
  1240. - Eadgar's Ruse- Trollheim Teleport
  1241. - Elemental Workshop (1 and 2)- Access to Elemental/Mind Shields, essential for slaying Skeletal Wyverns.
  1242. - Enakhra’s Lament- Camulet allows easy access to switching between Ancient and Regular Magics.
  1243. - Ernest The Chicken- Access to Killerwatts
  1244. - Fairy Tale Part 2- Access to Fairy Ring teleportation system and Goraks. Don't need to complete the whole quest to unlock fairy rings.
  1245. - Fight Caves completion- Firecape is the best in slot with +4 str bonus and +1 atk bonuses.
  1246. - The Fremennik Isles- Access to the Helm of Neitiznot (best in slot).
  1247. - The Fremennik Trials- Access to the Berserker helm. Enchanted lyres grant the ability to teleport to Rellekka and may be recharged using a raw shark or manta ray.
  1248. - Garden of Tranquility- Ring of Charos (a) allows you cheap travel
  1249. - Ghosts Ahoy- Ectophial allows you frequently used route to farming plot and slayer tower.
  1250. - The Grand Tree- Access to the gnomes' glider transportation system.
  1251. - Haunted Mine- Access the Salve Amulet and a requirement for Tarn's Lair Miniquest
  1252. - Heroes Quest- Dragon Battleaxe special acts like a free super strength potion, albeit lowering atk and def.
  1253. - Horror From The Deep- Access to Dagannoths and prayer books.
  1254. - Karamja Hard Tasks- Karamja Gloves 3 allow easy access to Duradel (not needed if you have 96 Magic for Spellbook Swap)
  1255. - King's Ransom- Access to the Piety and Chivalry prayers
  1256. - The Lair of Tarn Razorlor- Acces to Terror Dogs and the Salve Amulet (e)
  1257. - Legends Quest- Access to the Cape of Legends, a cheaper alternative to the Obsidian and Fire capes.
  1258. - Lost City- Access to Lost City Slayer Master.
  1259. - The Lost Tribe- Quicker access to Lumbridge swamp caves for Cave Bugs, Cave Slime, and Wall Beasts. Also unlocks quick route to Juna from Tears of Guthix.
  1260. - Lunar Diplomacy- Access to Suqahs. Lunar spellbook has NPC Contact, Fertile soil and other useful spells.
  1261. - Mage Training Arena- Bones to Peaches spell makes banking unnecessary for most tasks that drop bones
  1262. - Monkey Madness- Dragon Scimitar, access to Ape Atoll
  1263. - Mourning’s Ends, Part 1- Tiny Elf Crystal allows you fast access to Elves and Bears.
  1264. - Mourning's Ends, Part 2- Access to Dark Beasts.
  1265. - My Arm's Big Adventure- Disease free herb patch on top of Trollheim, recharge Camulet by talking to the camel in the Al Kharid Duel Arena.
  1266. - Olaf's Quest- Access to Brine Rats.
  1267. - One Small Favor- Key ring makes finding your keys without hassle. Also has two 10k xp lamps which can be used on Slayer
  1268. - Recipe for Disaster- Access to Barrows gloves (best in slot), Ape Atoll Teleport
  1269. - Roving Elves- Needed for Mourning's End, Part 1- but specifically allows you access to the Crystal Bow. Essential when ranging Abyssal Demons.
  1270. - Rum Deal- Access to Fever Spiders.
  1271. - Shilo Village Quest- Access to Shilo Village Slayer Master.
  1272. - Slug Menace- Access to Proselyte armor (best Prayer armor)
  1273. - Tears of Guthix- Free experience once a week if Slayer is your lowest skill.
  1274. - Throne of Miscellania- Access to sea snakes, easy source of income with the Managing Miscellania minigame
  1275. - TzHaar Fight Caves completion- Firecape is the best in slot with +4 str bonus and +1 atk bonuses.
  1276. - Watch Tower- Fast access to Blue Dragons and caged Greater Demons.
  1278. Full List of Quest Requirements: http://tinyurl.com/m3thyx4
  1280. Highest Skill Requirements for Recommended Quests:
  1281.     ▪ 30 Attack (Holy Grail)
  1282.     ▪ 50 Strength (Legends' Quest)
  1283.     ▪ 65 Defence (King's Ransom)
  1284.     ▪ 65 Magic (Lunar Diplomacy)
  1285.     ▪ 60 Ranged (Mourning's Ends, Part 1)
  1286.     ▪ 53 Thieving (Desert Treasure)
  1287.     ▪ 53 Fishing (RFD/Heroes' Quest)
  1288.     ▪ 60 Mining (Lunar Diplomacy)
  1289.     ▪ 70 Cooking (RFD)
  1290.     ▪ 61 Crafting (Lunar Diplomacy)
  1291.     ▪ 50 Firemaking (Desert Treasure)
  1292.     ▪ 56 Woodcutting (The Fremennik Isles)
  1293.     ▪ 56 Agility (Roving Elves)
  1294.     ▪ 30 Fletching (Zogre Flesh Eaters)
  1295.     ▪ 42 slayer (Rum Deal)
  1296.     ▪ 50 smithing (Cabin Fever)
  1297.     ▪ 47 prayer (Rum Deal)
  1298.     ▪ 40 farming (Rum Deal)
  1299.     ▪ 20 construction (The Fremennik Isles)- At least 50 recommended for portal chambers.
  1300.     ▪ 45 Herblore (Legends' Quest)
  1301.     ▪ 14 Runecrafting (Lunar Diplomacy)
  1303.     ▪ 176 quest points (RFD)
  1305. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1309. Here is a visual guide created by /u/rawktail: http://i.imgur.com/8HhWw9K.jpg
  1311. Farming is a pain if you don't know what you're doing. Here is how you should plan each farm run. Refer to the map (http://i.imgur.com/phem4PN.jpg) for exact locations for each type of plot. I'm just going to name the town each plot is in to save space. I recommend doing trees until level 32, then herbs to 40+.
  1314. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1316. Herbs:
  1318. Equipped:
  1319. Mud battlestaff for Water/Earth runes
  1320. Full graceful
  1321. Explorer's ring for cabbage 'port
  1323. Inventory:
  1324. - Teleports: Ardougne cloak, Xeric's talisman, Ectophial
  1325. - Tools: Spade, Seed dibber, Rake, Magic secateurs, Herb sack
  1326. - Seeds: 2x high level seed, 10x any other seed
  1327. - Runes: Law runes, Air runes, Fire runes, Nature runes, Blood runes, Soul runes
  1329. Route to take:
  1330. - Catherby Teleport -> Catherby patch -> Explorer ring cabbage port -> South Falador patch -> Ardougne Cloak farm teleport (Fishing guild teleport) -> Ardougne patch -> Trollheim teleport -> Troll stronghold patch -> Ectophial -> patch west of Ectofuntus -> Xeric's Talisman Teleport (Xeric's Glade) -> Zeah patch (SE corner of Hosisius house) -> Harmony Island Teleport (Arceeus spellbook) -> Harmony Island patch
  1332. Notes:
  1333. - You can use an herb sack to store your herbs without the need of using the tool leprechaun
  1334. - There are two disease free patches — Trollheim and Zeah (with 50% Hosidious favor) — use two of your best herb seeds here.
  1335. --> I use ranarr seeds/snapdragon seeds only on my disease free patches
  1337. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1338. Trees/Fruit trees:
  1340. Equipped:
  1341. Full graceful
  1342. Mud battlestaff for Water/Earth runes
  1344. Inventory:
  1345. - Teleports: Elf teleport crystal, Royal seed pod, Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport scroll (if you are doing Calquats), House tab (if you have <83 Farming), Slayer ring
  1346. - Tools: Spade, Rake, Axe, Knife
  1347. - Saplings:  5 tree saplings, 5 fruit tree saplings, and 1 Calquat Sapling
  1348. - Runes: Astral runes, Law runes, Air runes, Fire runes, Nature runes, Blood runes, Soul runes
  1350. Route to take:
  1351. - Catherby Teleport -> Catherby patch -> Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport -> Calquat patch -> Elf crystal -> Lletya patch -> Royal seed pod -> Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch -> Spirit tree -> Brimhaven patch -> Spirit tree -> Tree Gnome Village -> Follow Elkoy -> (run sw) TGV patch -> Lumbridge Teleport -> Lumbridge castle patch -> Falador Teleport -> Falador park patch -> Varrock teleport -> Varrock palace patch -> Royal seed pod -> Chop down a normal tree -> Balloon transport (Taverly) -> Taverly patch -> Slayer ring teleport -> Gnome stronghold tree patch
  1353. Notes:
  1354. - If your house is in Brimhaven you can simply bring a house tab instead of the ring of charos
  1355. - Fletch your logs into arrowshafts to save inventory space
  1356. - Use the highest level saplings possible
  1357. - Blood/soul runes are for the resurrect crops spell. Omit them if you do not have that.
  1359. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  1361. PART 2: ITEMS
  1363. If you are serious about the Slayer skill, then I would highly recommend that you obtain as many of these items as you can before you start. Some of them will have to be obtained as you are training the skill, especially if you are going for the untrimmed cape.
  1365. - Abyssal Whip- (70 atk) Best overall weapon for Slayer. Controlled style lets you train all combat skills at once.
  1366. - Amulet of Fury- Best overall amulet in the game. At a cost of over 3m it is only recommended if you can afford it, as a Glory offers very similar bonuses. Do not invest in a fury if you can't afford to cannon after!
  1367. - Amulet of Glory (charged)- Teleports to Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor and Al Kharid along with good bonuses.
  1368. - Amulet of Strength- Higher Strength bonus than a Glory/Fury but without the atk, def and useful teleports.
  1369. - Anti-Dragon Shield- Essential when slaying dragons. Offers partial protection from dragonbreath.
  1370. - Antifire Potion- When used in conjunction with an Anti-Dragon Shield you will take no damage from dragon breath.
  1371. - Armadyl armor- Best in slot Ranged armor. Also offers the highest Magic defenses.
  1372. - Bag of Salt, Ice Cooler, Fishing Explosive, Slayer Bell, Fungicide Spray, Rock Hammer- Essential to kill certain monsters.
  1373. - Bandos Armor- Best armor in the game because of its Strength and Defense bonuses.
  1374. - Barrows Gloves- Best in slot with high attack, strength and defense bonuses.
  1375. - Berserker Helm- Second best helmet in the game. Use this until you can wear a nezzy helm.
  1376. - Black Mask- 15% Attack and Strength Boost while on a Slayer task. Requires 20 Strength, 10 Defense and 40 combat.
  1377. - Bonecrusher- Reward from the hard Morytania diary which automatically buries the bones of monsters you kill. Essentially grants free Prayer XP during a Slayer task.
  1378. - Bones to Peaches spell/tablets- Turns all bones in your inventory into peaches, healing 8 hitpoints each. Useful to increase your longevity while fighting monsters that drop bones.
  1379. - Combat Bracelet- Teleports to Champion's Guild, Monastery, Ranging Guild and Warrior's Guild. Lets you know how many kills you have left in your task every 10 kills. Use this until you get Barrows Gloves.
  1380. - Crystal Bow- Essential when ranging Abyssal Demons, Bloodvelds, dragons and other slayer monsters.
  1381. - Digsite Pendant- Reward from the Varrock Museum cleaning activity that provides fast access to the Digsite
  1382. - Dragon Battleaxe- Special attack acts like a Super Strength potion, but with unlimited uses.
  1383. - Dragon Boots- Dropped by Spritual Mages, these boots are the best in slot with +4 Strength bonus.
  1384. - Dragon Dagger- Good special attack for taking out monsters faster.
  1385. - Dragonfire Shield- Most def and str bonuses out of any offhand item. Offers partial protection against dragonbreath. 75 Defense required.
  1386. - Dragonhide Armor- Use this when facing magic or magic-based melee attacks. Black dragonhide is the best with a requirement of 70 Ranged and 40 Defense for the entire set.
  1387. - Dragon Scimitar- Best weapon to use from 60-70 Attack
  1388. - Dramen/Lunar Staff- Allows you to use the Fairy Ring transportation system.
  1389. - Dwarf Multicannon- Use this in areas that allow it to receive much better xp rates. Needs cannonballs to fire.
  1390. - Enchanted Gem- Let's you know how many kills are left for your task, along with keeping track of certain statistics for you.
  1391. - Excalibur- Helps save food if you can't afford Prayer or super potions.
  1392. - Explorer Ring 4 - High level alchemy feature is useful for tasks where you get a lot of alchable items, i.e. gargoyles.
  1393. - Facemask, Earmuffs, Spiny Helmet, Nose Peg, Mirror Shield, Bug Lantern, Witchwood Icon, Insulated Boots, Slayer Gloves- Essential to protect against certain monsters.
  1394. - Fighter Torso- Cheap alternative to a Bandos Chestplate
  1395. - Fire Cape- Best in slot with +4 str bonus, +1 atk bonuses and +11 def bonuses. Complete the TzHaar Fight Caves to unlock.
  1396. - Games Necklace- Teleports to Barbarian Outpost and Burthorpe.
  1397. - Gem Bag- Lets you pick up gem drops without taking up as many inventory spaces. Reward from the Motherlode Mine.
  1398. - Godswords- These powerful weapons, most notably the SGS, have special attacks to aid Slaying along with the highest slash and strength bonus in slot.
  1399. - Guthan the Infested's Equipment- Using the full set has a chance of healing you the same amount of damage you deal with each hit.
  1400. - Helm of Neitiznot- Best in slot helmet with +3 str bonus. Basically a Berserker Helm with +3 prayer and more def.
  1401. - Holy Symbol- Good alternative to a stole and much cheaper.
  1402. - Karil's set- Best Magic defense armor besides Armadyl. Useful for Bloodvelds and other monsters with Magic based melee attacks.
  1403. - Leaf-Bladed Spear/Sword- Essential weapons to damage Kuroths/Turasks
  1404. - POH Portals- At 50 Construction, you can make two portal rooms in your POH with teleports to Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Ardougne and Canifis while having your house in Yanille. This eliminates the need to use Spellbook Swap to teleport while on Lunars, provided that you have Teleport to House tablets in your inventory.  
  1405. - Proselyte Armor- Best Prayer armor in the game.
  1406. - Ring of Dueling- Teleports to the Duel Arena and Castle Wars (CW is really close to a bank too)
  1407. - Rune Defender- Best offhand item because of its high atk and str bonuses. Attack and Strength must add to 130 to gain access to the Warrior's Guild, then you must kill Cyclopes using points gathered from the various minigames.
  1408. - Rune Armor- Good until you can afford/wear better armors like Bandos, Dragon, or Barrows.
  1409. - Scrolls of Redirection- A useful reward from the Nightmare Zone that allows you to redirect Teleport to House tablets to Rimmington, Taverly, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, Brimhaven, Yanille and Trollheim. Level 50 Construction is required to be able to make every teleport tablet. Each scroll costs 775 points. Warning: NZ gives combat xp.
  1410. - Slayer Helmet- Acts like a Black Mask but with the added protection to monsters granted by earmuffs, facemask, spiny helmet and nose peg. 55 Crafting required to make it. Recommended to get this as soon as possible.
  1411. - Slayer Ring- Has useful teleports to the Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Tarn's Lair, Temple of Light and the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. 75 Crafting required to make them using a gold bar, ring mould and Slayer gem on a furnace.
  1412. - Stoles (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak)- (60 prayer required) Best Prayer bonus in the neck slot.
  1413. - Super Sets- The stat boosts they provide makes you much more powerful.
  1414. - Torag the Corrupted's Equipment- Good for tanking if you don't want to use as much prayer.
  1415. - Toxic blowpipe- Best in slot Range weapon and the only one worth using for Slayer besides crystal bow.
  1416. - Trident of the seas / swamp - Best weapon for magic combat
  1417. - Vestment Cloaks (Guthix, Saradomin or Zamorak)- Second best Prayer bonus in slot, behind trimmed skill capes.
  1418. - Zamorakian Hasta- Highly recommended for meleeing dragons and other monsters that are weak to stab.
  1421. Fairy Rings:  
  1422. - In July 2006 the Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest unlocked a Fairy teleportation system when you are doing the quest. With it you can access many shortcuts and unique places that will aid you in slayer.
  1424. DKR- Teleports you east of Edgeville. This is useful to help you easily access the Lost City Slayer Master and other Fairy Ring Locations by using a Glory charge to Edgeville, walk east, then access the Fairy Ring.
  1426. CKS-Canifis Mushroom Patch. Closest teleport to the Slayer tower.
  1428. AJR- Slayer Dungeon Entrance. Easily access monsters in the Slayer Cave.
  1430. AIQ- Mudskipper Point for Mogres. If assigned Mogres easy access.
  1432. BIQ- Kalphite Lair Entrance.
  1434. AJQ- Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon for Molanisks, Rockslugs, Cave Slimes and Cave Bugs.
  1436. DKS- Brine Rats (Dig with Spade next to the windswept tree).
  1438. DIR- Goraks
  1440. DLQ- Nardah Desert Lizards. Easy Access to Desert Lizard tasks.
  1443. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  1448. In 2005, Jagex introduced the Slayer skill to the game. The following is copied verbatim from the official news post:
  1450. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1452. Today we have introduced a new skill for members called the Slayer skill!
  1454. The Slayer skill allows you to kill strange new creatures which would previously have been immune to your attacks. These previously undisturbed creatures have been hoarding treasure for a long time, and as such you may find great rewards from killing them...
  1456. To start the Slayer skill, you should find one of the Slayer Masters who are located in various places around RuneScape. There are five Slayer Masters in total, each catering to different strengths.
  1458. They can be found in Burthorpe, Morytania, Edgeville Dungeon, Zanaris, and Shilo Village.
  1460. The Slayer Master will assign you a mission to kill a certain number of a specific type of monster. Some of those monsters will be ordinary monsters, some of them will be the new Slayer skill monsters.
  1462. By killing the assigned monsters, you will gain Slayer experience. Each Slayer Master has a different selection of enemies they will assign from, each being tailored to suit different levels of players.
  1464. You may have a different Slayer Master suggested to you as more suitable for your level, but you can ignore that advice if you have a particular choice of Slayer Master to take assignments from.
  1466. Once you have completed your assignment, you can get another by returning to a Slayer Master. Some monsters will require specific weapons to kill them, (or equipment to protect you against them!) all of which can be purchased from the various Slayer Masters.
  1468. Slayer levels and equipment required to kill the new monsters can be found in your in-game skill guide by clicking on the slayer skill icon, and also on the manual page.
  1470. We have also added two new dungeons where the Slayer skill monsters can be found. One of them is the mysterious tower north west of Canifis that many people have been wondering about. The other can be found underground to the east of the Fremennik Province.
  1472. Be careful if you don't have the slayer level to fight these monsters - they are very dangerous.
  1474. We have also added greater numbers of certain monsters around the world, to cope with the increased demands created on these creatures by the Slayer Masters.
  1476. Finally if you get given a target monster that seems a bit hard to do, then perhaps you aren't thinking about it carefully enough. For many of the given tasks there is actually more than one possible target. So try to think what other creatures in the game would also qualify as meeting the requirement. For instance if you're told to slay Blue Dragons and you think that's impossible then think about it for a moment instead, perhaps there is a weaker type of Blue dragon you can slay instead... (i.e Baby Blue dragons). This is true for quite a few of the targets.
  1478. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1482. Slayer can be a very profitable skill if you know what you're doing. Here are some ways to maximize your profit on each task:
  1484. ~Alchemy~
  1485. Make sure to bring alch runes on tasks with a lot armor/weapon drops (personally, I bring them on EVERY task). When your inventory is full, instead of dropping the items you can alch them as long as their alchemy value is higher than the cost of the nature rune used for the spell.
  1487. ~Herbs~
  1488. Almost every Slayer monster drops grimy herbs. If you have an herb sack, bring one with you to save inventory spaces.
  1490. ~Noted/Stackable Drops~
  1491. Pick up all of these. Over time, noted or stackable drops add up to a lot of money.
  1493. ~Clue Scrolls~
  1494. This is the "X factor" for Slayer profits. Whenever you get a clue, complete it immediately after you finish your task. With a little luck, you can get valuable items ranging anywhere from god pages to the coveted third age armor.
  1495. Guide here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/treasure_trails_menu.htm
  1497. ~Monsters~
  1498. Many tasks have different variants of the same monster. In general, the high level versions have the best drops. If you do not know what they drop, you can check out the drop tables for every monster here: http://2007rshelp.com/monsters.php
  1500. ~Cannonballs~
  1501. Cannonballs are very expensive and the cost usually exceeds the revenue you make from Slayer. If you decide to use a cannon, consider smithing your own cannonballs. If purchase iron and coal ores, each cannonball is about half as much as buying the them outright.
  1503. ~Prayer Boosting Gear~
  1504. If you are using Piety or protection prayers, Prayer boosting gear is a must. If you do not receive any damage by praying then use Proselyte or Initiate armor. If you are just using Piety, then use armor with high Defense and Prayer bonuses such as Verac the Defiled's equipment or Bandos armor. The Helm of Neitiznot from 'The Fremennik Isles' is also an option with its +3 Prayer bonus, but usually a Slayer helm or black mask is a better choice.
  1505. If you have completed 'Rum Deal', a holy wrench will restore more Prayer points per sip of Prayer potion when you have it in your inventory.
  1507. ~Locations~
  1508. This guide will not tell you where to kill each type of monster. Explore the various dungeons (marked with a (!) on the world map) and find out what works best for you. Some areas have higher level monster variants, different drops, or unique environments.
  1510. SPELLS:
  1512. If you have 96 Magic, you will be able to use one cast of any spell even if you are on Lunars. This is very good for Slayer, as you can teleport, alch, etc while still being able to use NPC Contact. I recommend having at least 100 of the required runes for any spell you plan on using.
  1514. If you do not have 96 Magic and are using house tabs for teleporting, you will only need astrals, cosmics and airs for NPC contact.
  1516. If you have spellbook swap...
  1518. Always have cosmics, laws, astrals, fire, nature and air runes on you. This allows you to:
  1519. - NPC Contact
  1520. - Spellbook Swap
  1521. - Cure poison
  1522. - High Alch
  1523. - Teleport to Varrock, Camelot and Trollheim
  1524. - Teleport to Paddewwa (Edgeville) and Dareeyak (Wilderness Bandit Camp)
  1526. Bring water and earth runes if you need:
  1527. - Bones to Peaches
  1528. - Lumbridge Teleport
  1529. - Falador Teleport
  1530. - Ardougne Teleport
  1531. - Watchtower Teleport
  1532. - Teleport to House
  1533. - Lassar Teleport (Ice Mountain)
  1534. - Ghorrock Teleport (Ice Plateau in the Wilderness)
  1536. Bring blood and soul runes if you need:
  1537. - Senntisten Teleport (Digsite)
  1538. - Carrallangar Teleport (Graveyard of the Shadows in the Wilderness)
  1539. - Annakarl Teleport (Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness)
  1541. If you plan on using combat spells, I would recommend switching to either the normal or Ancient spellbooks.
  1545. In order to maximize efficiency while cannoning, you need to utilize double hit spots where applicable.
  1547. Here are some guides I've compiled that show where to set up your cannon for various monsters:
  1548. - Mini-Guide to Dwarf Cannon by /u/lumbdi: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3411fy/miniguide_to_dwarf_cannon_hitting_twice_in_single/?ref=share&ref_source=link
  1549. - Basic cannon advice by Jebrim: http://youtu.be/vvTlA-HPzS4
  1550. - Autumn Elegy's Slayer Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyEAkC8t_JfWwOODPA5kl_yniv_fQcXyg
  1551. - Sick Nerd's Advanced Slayer tips playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc05ML-MxBL2YLhJKpN56Z3LxogJVOeOs
  1554. Ape Atoll Dungeon (Prayer required here)- http://tinyurl.com/ktvmqlv
  1555. Asgarnian Ice Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/lpbhttg
  1556. Brimhaven Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/m53awcx
  1557. Brine Rat Cavern- http://tinyurl.com/q95ovpk
  1558. Catacombs of Kourend- http://i.imgur.com/fS1oalu.jpg
  1559. Deep Wilderness Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/m3m3mzq
  1560. Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/msugnf6
  1561. Draynor Sewers- http://tinyurl.com/jwq363r
  1562. Edgeville Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/nngla2l
  1563. Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon (no cannon)- http://tinyurl.com/l9ja6zy
  1564. God Wars Dungeon (no cannon)- http://i.imgur.com/PYtAlHh.png
  1565. Kalphite Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/l2ezzoj
  1566. Karamja Volcano- http://tinyurl.com/k93649y
  1567. Lava Maze Dungeon (deep wilderness)- http://tinyurl.com/k9ujlhw
  1568. Lighthouse- http://tinyurl.com/mxsusbt
  1569. Lumbridge Swamp Caves (spiny helmet/slayer mask and bullseye lantern required)- http://tinyurl.com/pjkyoqy
  1570. Miscellania Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/kypbmk9
  1571. Mos Le'Harmless Caves- http://tinyurl.com/n24qogl
  1572. Ogre Enclave (IF YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED WATCHTOWER DO NOT CANNON HERE)- http://tinyurl.com/jwqxaf6
  1573. Slayer Tower (no cannon)- http://tinyurl.com/kq72byh
  1574. Smoke Dungeon (face mask required)- http://tinyurl.com/lf96zfw
  1575. Stronghold Slayer Cave (cannon allowed for some monsters)- http://tinyurl.com/krz3gwo
  1576. Taverly Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/nhby3uv
  1577. Temple of Light (Dark Beasts, need new key and mourner gear [or slayer ring])- http://tinyurl.com/mp8bk8m
  1578. Varrock Sewers- http://tinyurl.com/n5ay3vb
  1579. Waterbirth Island Dungeon- http://tinyurl.com/mfjxo7t
  1580. Waterfall Dungeon (need Glariel's amulet and a rope)- http://tinyurl.com/m7vxvh8
  1583. - MC=Multi Combat Area
  1584. - Yes/No=Whether the task is cannonable.
  1585. - Skip every melee task besides Bloodvelds, Abyssal Demons and Spiritual Mages. (at least until 98 ranged)
  1586. - I listed the best spots first for each task.
  1588. ~Duradel~
  1589. Duradel Task Information Spreadsheet: http://tinyurl.com/l75s5vr
  1590. Cha rles' Slayer Assignment Frequency Spreadsheet (Duradel and Nieve): http://tinyurl.com/hvtf2vu
  1591. *For cannon spots see cannon guide above*
  1593. ~Nieve~
  1594. See Duradel section
  1596. ~Turael~
  1597. Banshees - No - Slayer Tower (use salve amulet (e) if you do not have access to the Slayer helm.)
  1598. Bats - Yes - Coal Trucks (teleport to Camelot, go west across the agility obstacle northwest of McGrubbor's Wood), By Paterdomus
  1599. Bears - Yes - Near Ardougne Mine
  1600. Birds - Yes - Undead chickens west of the Ectofuntus, Lumbridge farm
  1601. Cave Bugs - No - Use shortcut from lumbridge basement. Bring a lantern and kill the ones in the first room.
  1602. Cave Slime - No - Use shortcut from lumbridge basement. Bring a lantern and kill the ones in the first room.
  1603. Cows - Yes - Undead cows west of Ectofuntus, South of Falador by farming patch, Lumbridge farm
  1604. Crawling Hands - No - Slayer Tower
  1605. Desert Lizards - Yes - Kharidian Desert (Fairy ring DLQ)
  1606. Dogs - Yes - Guard dogs in Ardougne (small assignment), Brimhaven Dungeon (large assignment)
  1607. Dwarves - No - Right by the ladder in the Dwarven Mines, Ice Mountain, Deep Wilderness Dungeon (Chaos dwarves)
  1608. Ghosts - Yes - Tortured souls by Ectofuntus (higher levels), Taverly dungeon north of cauldron of thunder (lower levels)
  1609. Goblins - Yes - Lumbridge goblin hut, Goblin Village
  1610. Icefiends - Yes - Summit of Ice Mountain (Lassar Teleport)
  1611. Minotaurs - Yes - Stronghold of Security (level 1)
  1612. Monkeys - Yes - Karamja by nature altar (use the abyss to get there quickly)
  1613. Scorpions - Yes - Legends Guild Basement, Stronghold of Security (Level 3)
  1614. Skeletons - Yes - Karamja Volcano by Elvarg's lair (small task, glory teleport), Ape Atoll Dungeon (MC) (big task)
  1615. Spiders - Yes - Stronghold of Security (level 3), Varrock Sewers, Al Kharid Mine
  1616. Wolves - Yes - White Wolf Mountain summit (MC) (use glider)(cannon spot: http://i.imgur.com/6KQuQQK.png)
  1617. Zombies - Yes - Magic Guild basement (Watchtower Teleport), Underground Pass (MC), Draynor Sewers, Wilderness
  1619. ~Chaeldar~
  1620. Aberrant Spectres – No
  1621. Banshees - No - Slayer Tower (use salve amulet (e) if you do not have access to the Slayer helm.)
  1622. Basilisks - No
  1623. Black Demons – Taverly Dungeon (cannon spot: http://youtu.be/De8wYMPIRcg)
  1624. Bloodveld – No - Slayer Tower (Do NOT skip, magic defense gear, bones to peaches)
  1625. Blue Dragon – Yes - Cave from Watchtower Quest (you can use Watchtower Teleport for quick banking), Taverly Dungeon (often crowded)
  1626. Brine Rat - Yes - Brine Rat Cavern (fairy ring code DKS, need a spade)
  1627. Bronze Dragons - Yes - Brimhaven Dungeon (skip these)
  1628. Cave Crawlers - No
  1629. Cave Horrors - Yes - Mos Le'Harmless (need Witchwood Icon and a Bullseye Lantern, magic defense gear)
  1630. Crawling Hands - No
  1631. Dagannoth - Yes – Lighthouse (MC) (Teleport to Barbarian Outpost with a games necklace and go north across the rocks. Prayer recommended here)
  1632. Dark Beasts – Yes – Temple of Light
  1633. Dust Devils – Yes – Smoke Dungeon (cannon spot: http://youtu.be/ip7KNZ1RzOc)
  1634. Elves - Yes - level 103 Mourners in the Temple of Light (East of Dark Beasts, use ring of slaying), Elf Warriors in Lletya
  1635. Fever Spiders - Yes - Braindeath Island (need Slayer Gloves, cannon spot: http://tinyurl.com/n45vv5h)
  1636. Fire Giants – Yes – Waterfall Dungeon (recommended spot), Brimhaven Dungeon (map: http://tinyurl.com/pntbbtk)
  1637. Gargoyles – No
  1638. Greater Demons – Yes – Brimhaven Dungeon, Dungeon from Watchtower Quest
  1639. Harpie Bug Swarms - Yes - Northeast of Tai Bwo Wannai Village (need bug lantern)
  1640. Infernal Mages - No - Slayer Tower (skip)
  1641. Jelly - No - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (skip)
  1642. Jungle Horror - Yes - Mos Le'Harmless (north and slightly east of bank, good pineapple drops for supercompost)
  1643. Kalphite – Yes – Kalphite Lair (MC) (bring antis and Bones to Peaches runes)
  1644. Kurasks - No
  1645. Lesser Demons - Yes - Karamja Volcano near Elvarg's lair (glory teleport), Taverly Dungeon
  1646. Mutated Zygomites - Yes - Zanaris
  1647. Shadow Warriors - Yes - Legends Guild Basement
  1648. Trolls - Yes - Trollheim, Ice Trolls Jatizso (Use the Fremennik round shield and pray melee to reduce most of the damage)
  1649. Turoth - No
  1651. ~Vannaka~
  1652. Aberrant Spectres – No
  1653. Ankou - Yes - Stronghold of Security (Lvl 4)
  1654. Banshees - No - Slayer Tower (use salve amulet (e) if you do not have access to the Slayer helm.)
  1655. Basilisks - No
  1656. Bloodveld – No - Slayer Tower (Do NOT skip, magic defense gear, bones to peaches)
  1657. Brine Rat - Yes - Brine Rat Cavern
  1658. Bronze Dragons - Yes - Brimhaven Dungeon
  1659. Cockatrice - No
  1660. Crocodile - Yes - South of Polnivneach
  1661. Cyclops - No
  1662. Crawling Hands - No
  1663. Dust Devils – Yes – Smoke Dungeon (cannon spot: http://youtu.be/ip7KNZ1RzOc)
  1664. Earth Warrior - Yes - Edgeville Dungeon
  1665. Ghoul - Yes - Morytania Graveyard west of Canafis (MC)
  1666. Green Dragons - Yes - Wilderness
  1667. Harpie Bug Swarms - Yes - North of Tai Bwo Wannai Village
  1668. Hill Giants - Yes - Southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold (There are 6 here and it is never crowded),Edgeville Dungeon
  1669. Ice Giants - Summit of White Wolf Mountain (MC) (on the way to the ice queen, western area above ground, use glider. Bring a pickaxe!)
  1670. Ice Warriors - Beneath White Wolf Mountain (MC) (use glider)
  1671. Infernal Mages - No - Slayer Tower (skip)
  1672. Jelly - No
  1673. Jungle Horror - Yes - Mos Le'Harmless (north and slightly east of bank, good pineapple drops for supercompost)
  1674. Killerwatts - No
  1675. Lesser Demons - Yes - Karamja Volcano near Elvarg's lair (glory teleport), Taverly Dungeon
  1676. Mogres - Yes - Mudskipper Point
  1677. Molanisks - No - Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon (AJQ)
  1678. Moss Giants - Yes - Moss Giant Island (Karamja) (get there fast with fairy ring BJR and a magic whistle)
  1679. Ogres - Yes - Combat Training Camp
  1680. Otherworldy Beings - No - Zanaris (skip)
  1681. Pyrefiends - Yes - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  1682. Sea Snakes - Yes - Miscellania Dungeon (MC)(bring anti)
  1683. Shades - No - Mort'ton
  1684. Shadow Warriors - Yes - Legends Guild Basement
  1685. Turoth - No
  1686. Vampyres – Yes - Haunted Woods
  1687. Werewolf - Yes - Canifis
  1689. ~Mazchna~
  1690. Banshees - No - Slayer Tower (use salve amulet (e) if you do not have access to the Slayer helm.)
  1691. Bats - Yes - Coal Trucks (teleport to Camelot, go west across the agility obstacle), By Paterdomus
  1692. Bears - Yes - Near Ardougne Mine
  1693. Catablepons - Yes - Stronghold of Security (level 3)
  1694. Cave Crawlers - No - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (bring anti)
  1695. Cave Slime - No - Use shortcut from lumbridge basement. Bring a lantern and kill the ones in the first room.
  1696. Cockatrice - No
  1697. Crawling Hands - No
  1698. Cyclopes - No
  1699. Desert Lizards - Yes - Kharidian Desert (Fairy ring DLQ)
  1700. Dogs - Yes - Guard dogs in Ardougne (small assignment), Brimhaven Dungeon (Big assignment)
  1701. Flesh Crawlers - Yes - Stronghold of Security (Lvl 2)
  1702. Ghoul - Yes - Morytania Graveyard west of Canafis (MC)
  1703. Ghosts - Yes - Tortured Souls north of Ectofuntus
  1704. Hill Giants - Yes - Area south of Ourania Altar, Taverly Dungeon
  1705. Hobgoblins - Yes - Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon
  1706. Ice Warriors - Beneath White Wolf Mountain (MC) (use glider)
  1707. Kalphites - Yes - Kalphite Lair (MC)
  1708. Mogres - Yes - Mudskipper Point
  1709. Pyrefiends - Yes - Smoke Dungeon
  1710. Rockslugs - No - Dorgesh Kaan South Dungeon (AJQ), Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  1711. Scorpions - Yes - Stronghold of Security (Level 3)
  1712. Skeletons - Yes - Edgeville Dungeon, Ape Atoll Dungeon (MC), Draynor Sewers
  1713. Vampyres – Yes - Haunted Woods
  1714. Wall Beasts - No
  1715. Wolf - Yes - White Wolf Mountain Summit (MC) (use glider), Multiple other locations
  1716. Zombies - Yes - Underground Pass (MC), Draynor Sewers, Wilderness
  1718. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  1722. The untrimmed Slayer cape is hands down the most respected cape in the game. Not only do you need to spend considerably more time than normal slaying, but you also need millions of coins to obtain the cannonballs necessary to cannon.
  1726. 1. Slayerbelle, the first person to achieve the untrimmed cape.
  1727. original thread: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/950717-stinkerbell-pure-slaying/#entry8361851
  1728. 2. Ellebreyals, 99 Slayer, 10 HP
  1729. original thread: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/950717-stinkerbell-pure-slaying/page__st__840#entry8645306
  1730. Villandra made both of these accounts. Her Youtube channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ViIIandra/videos
  1731. 3. Klaaren1, the first person to achieve untrimmed Slayer in OSRS:
  1732. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XTTl6dFBrU
  1739. Cannon-only tasks:
  1740. - (No Prayer) Wear high defense gear such as Torag's. Strength bonus doesn't matter here as you will be letting the cannon do all the work. Focus on defense.
  1741. - If you are praying, wear armor with a high Prayer bonus such as Proselyte or Verac's. You will have to experiment with which tasks you want to pray, as it really depends on your levels.
  1742. - Note that your Ranged level DOES affect cannon accuracy.
  1743. Proof: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/950717-stinkerbell-pure-slaying/page__st__2440#entry10332594
  1744. - Cannon accuracy is based on your best attack stat. So focus on one stat and make it as high as possible.
  1745. - For example, if you are focusing on high slash bonus, you might use the following setup:
  1746. Slayer Helm
  1747. Fire cape
  1748. Torag's / Proselyte body
  1749. Torag's / Proyselyte legs
  1750. Dragon boots
  1751. Amulet of fury
  1752. Warrior ring (i)
  1753. Saradomin Godsword
  1755. Melee with Cannon:
  1756. - Wear armor with balanced Defense and Strength bonuses
  1757. - My setup for most tasks is as follows:
  1758. Slayer Helm
  1759. Fire cape
  1760. Bandos chestplate
  1761. Bandots tassets
  1762. Dragon boots
  1763. Amulet of fury
  1764. Berserker ring (i)
  1765. Abyssal whip
  1766. Dragon defender
  1768. Blocked Tasks:
  1769. - In general, you want to avoid non-cannonable tasks if possible.
  1770. - My block list consists of Spiritual rangers, Jungle horrors, Spiritual warriors and Nechryael.
  1773. For 98 Ranged (13m xp) you will use about 650,000 cannonballs (source: Slayerbelle). There are three ways of obtaining them:
  1774. 1. Buying cannonballs from other players- fastest, yet most expensive method
  1775. 2. Buying steel bars and making cannonballs- somewhere in between methods 1 and 3
  1776. 3. Buying iron and coal ores, making steel bars, then making cannonballs- cheapest, yet most time consuming method
  1778. The method you choose depends on your ability to make money in the game. I currently just buy my cannonballs.
  1780. THE PLAN:
  1782. With the introduction of Slayer points (1/6/14), you should first get as many points as you can.
  1783. 1. Unlock all the helpful items (Slayer helm, ring, etc)
  1784. 2. Block tasks that you can't cannon.
  1785. You can block up to 4 tasks. Until you have enough points, I recommend using Turael for most tasks, switching to the highest possible master for every 10th, 20th, ...  and 50th task. You won't get any points from Turael but if you use Duradel for the 10th and 50th tasks you will get 75 and 225 points respectively. Also, most of the monsters that Turael assigns are cannonable.  
  1788. MATH:
  1790. How is an untrimmed Slayer cape possible?
  1792. Starting Stats:
  1793. 1 Attack- 0 xp
  1794. 1 Defense - 0 xp
  1795. 1 Strength- 0 xp
  1796. 10 HP- 1154 xp
  1797. 1 Ranged- 0 xp
  1798. 1 Magic- 0 xp
  1799. 1 Slayer- 0 xp
  1801. Level 99: 13,034,431
  1803. Postulate:
  1804. 1 damage = 1 slayer xp = 1.33 hp xp = 1.33 atk, def, str xp (controlled style)
  1806. Which means that if you were to train until 99 slayer using controlled, you would have 17,335,793 HP xp = well above 99.
  1808. However…
  1810. Using a cannon: 1 damage = 1 slayer xp = 2 range xp = 0 hits xp
  1812. And since you already have 0 xp you could theoretically gain 13,034,430 xp and still be at 98. This isn't ideal though because you're going to want some wiggle room in case you gain any unwanted ranged xp.
  1814. Lets say that you train Slayer using a cannon until you are exactly 1,000,000 xp away from 99 ranged. You would have 12,034,431 ranged xp which means you will have to gain:
  1816. 12,034,431 ranged xp = 6,017,215.5 slayer xp = 0 hp xp
  1818. This will put you at a total of 6,017,215.5 slayer xp which means that you have to gain 7,017,215.5 xp via normal slaying, lamps, or other means of bonus xp.
  1820. Let's say that at this point you decide to train slayer using the "controlled" setting of your weapon. Because of the postulate shown above, we can assume that you will gain 1.33 hp, atk, def and str xp per 1 slayer xp.
  1822. Therefore,
  1823. 7,913,482.5 slayer xp = 9,332,896.615 hp, atk, def, str xp
  1825. Which would put your total experience and levels at:
  1827. 95 Attack- 9,332,896.615 xp
  1828. 95 Defense- 9,332,896.615 xp
  1829. 95 Strength- 9,332,896.615 xp
  1830. 95 HP- 9,332,896.615 xp
  1831. 98 Ranged- 12,034,431 xp
  1832. ? Magic- ? xp
  1833. 99 Slayer- 13,034,431 xp
  1835. The only problem this list has is that it doesn't account for xp gained from any quests. Because surely you would want to complete every quest as well?
  1837. Don't worry! There is still plenty of room even if you go out and do every quest that gives combat xp.
  1839. Total quest xp in x skill:
  1840. Attack- 117,587-132,587 xp
  1841. Defense- 116,937 xp
  1842. Strength- 110,674.5 xp
  1843. HP- 109,312-124,312 xp
  1844. Ranged- 23,472.5 xp
  1845. Slayer- 20,000 xp
  1847. As you can see, none of those will put you anywhere near 99 in their respective skill. You should be good to go. Good luck with your quest!
  1850. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  1854. Slaying efficiently as a pure is a difficult task, but it can be done with the proper knowledge. This section of the guide will be focused on pures that have 1 Defense and 50 Attack. I will update it as I learn more about the discrepancies of pure slaying.
  1856. Part 1: "The Ideal Runescape Account"
  1858. There are many different ways to play Runescape. The following is what I believe to be the all around best account to have, in terms of difficulty to get and effectiveness in PvP. Since PvP is a large aspect of the game, my ideal account would be a 1 Defense Pure. But since I enjoy Slayer so much it needs to have the untrimmed Slayer cape. Here are the stats:
  1860. 99 Slayer
  1861. 40/50 Atk
  1862. 98 Strength
  1863. 1 Defense
  1864. 98 Ranged
  1865. 98 Magic
  1866. 43 Prayer
  1867. 98 HP
  1869. The attack level is down to preference. For a maxed pure with 99 Strength, Ranged and Magic, you can actually get 50 Attack without leveling combat as explained in this guide: http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/topic/151831-his-fails-ultimate-guide-to-a-40-attack-pure/. This is why I believe this is the "Ideal" pure account. As for Prayer, 43 really is a must for anyone who wants to train Slayer seriously.
  1871. But since we're initially going to be below 99 in order to get 99 Slayer first, those 10 extra Attack levels WILL affect our combat level. So it's best to stay at 40 Attack, at least until 99 Strength and 99 Ranged/Magic.
  1873. QUESTS:
  1875. Quests are perhaps the most important aspect about any pure, even if they don't plan on training Slayer. You should at least do the following quests, but I would HIGHLY recommend that you get 150 QPs so that you can block three assignments.
  1877. Notes on Quests:
  1878. - 40 Attack and 43 Prayer should be obtained with quest rewards. Here are the quests for Attack and Prayer:
  1880. Attack: (these get you to exactly 40 Attack)
  1881. Death Plateau
  1882. The Grand Tree
  1883. Waterfall Quest
  1884. Underground Pass
  1886. Prayer:
  1887. Making History
  1888. 1,000 - Recruitment Drive
  1889. 1,125 - The Restless Ghost
  1890. 1,406 - Priest in Peril
  1891. 2,400 - Ghosts Ahoy
  1892. 3,000 - Another Slice of H.A.M.
  1893. (incomplete)
  1896. - Check the rewards prior to completing any other quests so you don't gain unwanted XP!
  1898. Climbing Boots:
  1899. - Best boots for pures with +2 Str bonus
  1900. Death Plateau
  1902. Dragon Scimitar:
  1903. - Best melee weapon at level 60 Attack
  1904. Monkey Madness:
  1905. • Tree Gnome Village
  1906. • The Grand Tree: 25 Agility
  1908. Prayer Books:
  1909. Horror From The Deep: 35 Agility
  1910. • Barcrawl MiniQuest
  1912. Dragon Longsword and Dragon Dagger:
  1913. - Dragon dagger will be your primary special attack weapon as a pure.
  1914. Lost City: 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting
  1916. Ava's Accumulator:
  1917. - Recovers your ammunition while ranging
  1918. Animal Magnetism: 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 35 Woodcutting
  1919. • Restless Ghost
  1920. • Ernest The Chicken
  1921. • Priest In Peril
  1923. Salve Amulet (e):
  1924. - VERY important for pures since you will not have access to the Slayer helm.
  1925. Tarn's Lair Miniquest
  1926. • Haunted Mine: 15 Agility, 35 Crafting
  1927. • Preist In Peril
  1929. Mithril Gloves:
  1930. Recipe For Disaster:
  1931. • Cooks Assistant: 10 Cooking
  1933. Sub Quest 1:
  1934. • Fishing Contest: 10 Fishing
  1936. Sub Quest 2:
  1937. •Goblin Diplomacy
  1939. Sub Quest 3:
  1940. • N/A
  1942. Sub Quest 5: 25 Cooking
  1943. • Demon Slayer, The Golem(20 Crafting, 25 Thieving), Gertrude's Cat, Shadow Of The Storm
  1945. Sub Quest 8: 41 Cooking, 20 Firemaking
  1946. • Big Chompy Bird Hunting 5 Flecthing, 30 Cooking, 30 Range
  1948. Bearhead:
  1949. - Best defensive stats for a 1 def helmet
  1950. Mountain Daughter: 20 Agility
  1952. Ancient Magic:
  1953. Desert Treasure: 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 53 Thieving
  1954. • The Dig Site: 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, 25 Thieving
  1955. • The Tourist Trap: 10 Fletching, 20 Smithing
  1956. • Temple Of Ikov
  1957. • Priest In Peril
  1958. • Waterfall Quest
  1959. • Troll Stronghold: 15 Agility and Death Plague
  1961. Crystal Bow:
  1962. Roving Elves:
  1963. • Regicide: 56 Agility
  1964. • Waterfall Quest
  1965. • Underground Pass: 25 Range
  1966. • Biohazard:
  1967. • Plague City:
  1969. Barrelchest Anchor:
  1970. Great Brain Robbery: 16 Crafting, 30 Construction, 50 Prayer
  1971. • Creature Of Fenkenstrain: 25 Thieving, 20 Crafting
  1972. • The Restless Ghost, Priest In Peril
  1973. • Cabin Fever: 42 Agility , 45 Crafting, 50 Smithing, 40 Range
  1974. • Pirate's Treasure
  1975. • Rum Deal: 40 Farming, 50 Fishing, 47 Prayer, 42 Crafting, 42 Slayer
  1976. • Zorge Flesh Eaters
  1977. • Jungle Potion
  1978. • Big Chompy Bird Hunting: 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, 30 Range
  1979. • RFD: Pirate Pete: 31 Cooking, 42 Crafting
  1980. • RFD: Part 1: 10 Cooking
  1982. GEAR:
  1984. You will have to pray during most tasks so I chose gear based on offenses and Prayer bonus.
  1986. Melee:
  1987. Dragon scimitar
  1988. Unholy book
  1989. Mitre
  1990. Monk robes
  1991. Climbing boots
  1992. Mithril gloves
  1993. Fire cape
  1994. Amulet of fury
  1995. Berserker ring (i)/Ring of life
  1997. Magic:
  1998. Trident of the seas/Ancient staff
  1999. Unholy book
  2000. Mitre
  2001. Vestment robes
  2002. Infinity boots
  2003. Mithril gloves
  2004. God cape
  2005. Amulet of fury
  2006. Ring of life
  2008. Range (Generally not needed):
  2009. Crystal bow
  2010. Robin hood hat
  2011. Rangers' tunic
  2012. Black d'hide chaps
  2013. Ranger boots
  2014. Black d'hide vamb
  2015. Ava's accumulator
  2016. Amulet of fury
  2017. Ring of life
  2020. My Plan:
  2023. More to come in the future...
  2027. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  2029. PART 6: SLAYER LOG
  2031. As I level up Slayer I will keep track of the drops, etc to try and estimate the profits/losses for the skill. Note that I did not start the log until 1/14/14. The early levels were from Varrock Museum and other xp rewards. If you notice any gaps in the levels that means that an xp reward I gained effectively skipped those levels.
  2033. LEVELS:
  2035. LEVEL       DATE                    SCREENSHOT
  2037. 12      1/15/14                 N/A
  2038. 13      1/20/14                 N/A
  2039. 14      1/23/14                 http://i.imgur.com/SOgGwT1.png
  2040. 17      1/23/14                 http://i.imgur.com/pFglX9h.png
  2041. 25      1/25/14                 http://i.imgur.com/vJRWLI1.png
  2042. 26      1/25/14                 http://i.imgur.com/FUUEI6c.png
  2043. 27      1/30/14 (1st task- minotaurs!)      http://i.imgur.com/9xRUKV7.png
  2044. 28      1/30/14                 http://i.imgur.com/qlywy1T.png
  2045. 29      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/R75jyAT.png
  2046. 30      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/Y9OM3fq.png
  2047. 35      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/lTo1TdE.png
  2048. 38      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/C27tDs5.png
  2049. 39      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/aeliHv8.png
  2050. 40      1/31/14                 http://i.imgur.com/oO5UfXJ.png
  2051. 41      2/2/14                  http://i.imgur.com/jn6JOhn.png
  2052. 42      2/9/14                  http://i.imgur.com/6uR3Ced.png
  2053. 43      2/9/14                  http://i.imgur.com/6qJd0Dd.png
  2054. 44      2/9/14                  http://i.imgur.com/fxEz3a7.png
  2055. 45      2/10/14                 http://i.imgur.com/wNS7p00.png
  2056. 46      2/10/14                 http://i.imgur.com/6KQuQQK.png
  2057. 47      2/11/14                 http://i.imgur.com/OJ8HVJ6.png
  2058. 48      2/11/14                 http://i.imgur.com/Gj4w3Qa.png
  2059. 49      2/12/14                 http://i.imgur.com/i4pMX9P.png
  2060. 50      2/12/14                 http://i.imgur.com/gh3qyxU.png
  2061. 51      2/13/14                 http://i.imgur.com/jfZqEz2.png
  2062. 52      2/14/14                 http://i.imgur.com/ZqTOpfP.png
  2063. 53      2/14/14                 http://i.imgur.com/M4v2okU.png
  2064. 54      2/16/14                 http://i.imgur.com/ZYO9uEM.png
  2065. 55      2/16/14                 http://i.imgur.com/OquffMQ.png
  2066. 56      2/17/14                 http://i.imgur.com/N1ufALu.png
  2067. 57      2/21/14                 N/A
  2068. 58      2/22/14                 http://i.imgur.com/qak5S43.png
  2069. 59      2/22/14                 http://i.imgur.com/E7yEeQr.png
  2070. 60      2/23/14                 http://i.imgur.com/Pep5cO7.png
  2071. 61      2/24/14                 http://i.imgur.com/uxZ69IG.png
  2072. 62      3/21/14                 http://i.imgur.com/ssd4Eil.png
  2073. 63      3/22/14                 http://i.imgur.com/IeaCZPe.png
  2074. 64      3/23/14                 http://i.imgur.com/92HE3Qi.png
  2075. 65      3/24/14                 http://i.imgur.com/M66b0Dz.png
  2076. 66      3/25/14                 http://i.imgur.com/2KjRlFs.png
  2077. 67      3/27/14                 http://i.imgur.com/RWG4r9V.png
  2078. 68      3/27/14                 http://i.imgur.com/ogu2gQ2.png
  2079. 69      4/1/14                  http://i.imgur.com/IXBAgGk.png
  2080. 70      5/7/14                  http://i.imgur.com/O24uelP.png
  2081. 71      6/13/14                 http://i.imgur.com/t8pFQ0T.png
  2082. 72      6/14/14                 http://i.imgur.com/m2bvb36.png
  2083. 73      6/20/14                 http://i.imgur.com/tDXZ2ro.png
  2084. 74      6/22/14                 http://i.imgur.com/FMBrISQ.png
  2085. 75      6/23/14                 http://i.imgur.com/LlbzvXr.png
  2086. 76      7/6/14                  http://i.imgur.com/aXL5n3l.png
  2087. 77      12/23/14                http://i.imgur.com/EFNvMcd.png
  2088. 78      5/15/15                 http://i.imgur.com/HuXKv2K.png
  2089. 79      5/19/15                 http://i.imgur.com/YOHCNNv.png
  2090. 80      5/25/15                 http://i.imgur.com/XTTsFuU.png
  2091. 81      5/31/15                 http://i.imgur.com/kVzaNC7.png
  2092. 82      3/16/16                 http://i.imgur.com/RumKZe1.png
  2093. 83      4/5/16                  http://i.imgur.com/zPumazF.png
  2094. 84      4/12/16                 http://i.imgur.com/8WIyP5J.png
  2095. 85      4/14/16                 http://i.imgur.com/2c6FxJT.png
  2096. 86      4/16/16                 http://i.imgur.com/6NISGOk.png
  2097. 87      11/4/16                 http://i.imgur.com/WJVRtDK.png
  2098. 88      11/14/16                http://i.imgur.com/0hsQOsB.png
  2099. 89      11/20/16                http://i.imgur.com/Bsr15R0.png
  2100. 90      11/30/16                http://i.imgur.com/eZ2SgPV.png
  2101. 91      12/5/16                 http://i.imgur.com/fXF952Y.png
  2102. 92      12/11/16                https://i.imgur.com/dT4qGLR.png
  2103. 93      12/19/16                https://i.imgur.com/Y85YpWT.png
  2104. 94      1/12/17                 https://i.imgur.com/QrUfu4q.png
  2105. 95      1/26/17                 http://i.imgur.com/fHpV91f.png
  2106. 96      2/11/17                 http://i.imgur.com/DcHPFBv.png
  2107. 97      2/23/17                 http://i.imgur.com/C9uyoV1.png
  2108. 98      3/8/17                  http://i.imgur.com/I9pQ9M8.png
  2109. 99      3/20/17                 https://imgur.com/a/ubQkd
  2113. EVENT                               DATE                SCREENSHOT
  2115. Bonest to Peaches Unlocked          1/27/14             http://i.imgur.com/HruSW6B.png
  2116. Desert Treasure Completed           2/20/14             http://i.imgur.com/wxswLPl.png
  2117. RFD Completed                       2/21/14             N/A
  2118. 75 Crafting for Slayer Rings        3/31/14             http://i.imgur.com/L0d60Eu.png
  2119. 96 Magic for Spellbook Swap         5/30/14             http://i.imgur.com/rgdFprI.png
  2120. Quest Point cape achieved           6/12/14             http://i.imgur.com/YPhAaDL.png
  2121. Bought Saradomin Godsword for 36m   6/26/14             http://i.imgur.com/RAIuCLS.png
  2122. 99 Slayer Achieved                  3/20/17        
  2125. # OF TASKS COMPLETED:       #
  2130. NAME                        #
  2131. Crawling Hand               307
  2132. Cave Bug                    14
  2133. Cave Crawler                0
  2134. Banshee                     322
  2135. Cave Slime                  16
  2136. Rockslug                    180
  2137. Desert Lizard               162
  2138. Cockatrice                  112
  2139. Pyrefiend                   105
  2140. Mogre                       45
  2141. Harpie Bug Swarm            193
  2142. Wall Beast                  0
  2143. Killerwatt                  105
  2144. Molanisk                    172
  2145. Basilisk                    343
  2146. Sea snake                   0
  2147. Terror Dog                  1
  2148. Fever Spider                2
  2149. Infernal Mage               322
  2150. Brine Rat                   3
  2151. Bloodveld                   9012
  2152. Jelly                       464
  2153. Turoth                      466
  2154. Mutated Zygomite            24
  2155. Cave Horror                 476
  2156. Aberrant Spectre            572
  2157. Spiritual Ranger            0
  2158. Dust Devil                  4376
  2159. Spiritual Warrior           854
  2160. Kurask                      301
  2161. Skeletal Wyvern             605
  2162. Gargoyle                    4667
  2163. Nechryael                   125
  2164. Spiritual Mage              1
  2165. Abyssal Demon               10021
  2166. Cave kraken                 929
  2167. Dark beast                  4081
  2168. Smoke Devil                 3355
  2169. Superior creatures          134
  2171. ITEMS:
  2173. ~Slayer Specific~
  2174. ITEM                        #
  2175. Crawling Hand corpse        0
  2176. Bronze Boots                0
  2177. Mystic Gloves (dark)        0
  2178. Iron Boots                  1
  2179. Mystic Gloves (light)       1  
  2180. Mystic Boots (light)        0
  2181. Cockatrice head             0
  2182. Steel Boots                 1  
  2183. Flippers                    0
  2184. Mudskipper Hat              2
  2185. Mystic Hat (light)          0
  2186. Basilisk head               0
  2187. Granite Helm                0
  2188. Mystic Boots (dark)         1      
  2189. Mystic Hat (dark)           0
  2190. Brine Sabre                 0      
  2191. Black Boots                 18     
  2192. Mithril Boots               5  
  2193. Mystic Robe Bottom (light)  0
  2194. Leaf-Bladed Sword           2
  2195. Black Mask (10)             1
  2196. Mystic Robe Bottom (dark)   2
  2197. Lava Battlestaff            8
  2198. Mist battlestaff            2
  2199. Dust battlestaff            1
  2200. Imbued heart                0
  2201. Dragon Chainbody            0
  2202. Mystic Robe Top (light)     0
  2203. Kurask head                 0
  2204. Mystic Robe Top (dark)      1
  2205. Adamant Boots               7
  2206. Granite Maul                2
  2207. Rune Boots                  0
  2208. Dragon Boots                1
  2209. Abyssal Whip                22
  2210. Abyssal Demon Head          0
  2211. Uncharged Trident           0
  2212. Trident of the Seas (full)  4
  2213. Kraken Tentacle             2
  2214. Death Talisman              31
  2215. Dark Bow                    10
  2216. Occult Necklace             11
  2217. Smoke Battlestaff           0
  2219. ~Armour and Weapons~
  2220. ITEM                        #
  2221. Adamant battleaxe           36
  2222. Adamant warhammer           6
  2223. Adamant 2h Sword            12
  2224. Rune dagger                 115
  2225. Rune dagger(p+)             9
  2226. Rune sword                  3
  2227. Rune longsword              30
  2228. Rune scimitar               2
  2229. Rune mace                   12
  2230. Rune battleaxe              87
  2231. Rune axe                    2
  2232. Rune spear                  4
  2233. Rune halberd                12
  2234. Rune warhammer              40
  2235. Runite limbs                42
  2236. Rune knife                  77
  2237. Rune dart(p)                421
  2238. Rune arrows                 4974
  2239. Runite bolts                2669
  2240. Water battlestaff           30
  2241. Earth battlestaff           63
  2242. Fire battlestaff            57
  2243. Air battlestaff             97
  2244. Mystic earth staff          12
  2245. Mystic air staff            22
  2246. Adamant med helm            39
  2247. Adamant full helm           284
  2248. Adamant platebody           15
  2249. Adamant platelegs           213
  2250. Adamant kiteshield          2
  2251. Rune med helm               233
  2252. Rune full helm              338
  2253. Rune chainbody              212
  2254. Rune sq shield              6
  2255. Rune kiteshield             80
  2256. Granite legs                1
  2257. Granite shield              1
  2258. Dragon med Helm             1
  2259. Dragon plateskirt           1
  2260. Dragon platelegs            2
  2262. ~Rare Drop Table~
  2263. ITEM                        #
  2264. Loop half of key            103
  2265. Tooth half of key           81
  2266. Dragonstone                 7
  2267. Dragon spear                2
  2268. Shield left half            3
  2271. ~Misc~
  2272. ITEM                       # (Number to the right of the + is clues completed before tracking update)
  2273. Clue scroll (easy)         3 + 1
  2274. Clue scroll (medium)       17 + 1
  2275. Clue scroll (hard)         42 + 5
  2276. Clue scroll (elite)        4
  2277. Clue scroll (master)       6
  2278. Champion's Scroll          0
  2279. Draconic visage            0
  2280. Chewed bone                1
  2281. Dark totem                 20
  2282. Adamantite ore             167
  2283. Runite ore                 167
  2284. Adamantite bar             660
  2285. Runite bar                 61
  2286. Nature talisman            4
  2287. Torstol                    29
  2288. Torstol seed               24
  2290. ~Clue Scroll Loot~
  2291. ITEM                       VALUE        SCREENSHOT
  2292. Ranger boots               10m          http://i.imgur.com/qG3oFVU.png
  2293. Wizard boots               Not sold http://i.imgur.com/Fi0cFUo.png
  2295. TOTAL VALUE:
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