Sword x Sword Sword (Actually C)

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  1. [01:28:51] <Giantree> No though, the springs are in a state of 'may or may not be crowded.'  Schrödinger's crowdedness.  As in, it doesn't matter.  And that's because IRC uses like no CPU.  But anybody's admitted into the springs, and Jones even recommends it (because there are fine babes), so it's a large, mixed bath where anybody is invited and there's a statue of a little girl with huge dragonlike wings standing a few feet away from the edge of the bath doing a handheart pose.
  2. [01:29:00] <Giantree> ♥
  3. [01:29:18] <Giantree> yeah you shouldn't have waited for that, I told you it was irrelevant to your own position and actions
  4. [01:29:28] <`Krauss> Starting it up then.
  5. [01:29:34] <Giantree> ... except the time when somebody decided to push the statue into the water
  6. [01:29:36] <Giantree> fuck you btw
  7. [01:29:51] <Vena> Yeah, probably can't do a repeat of that, she's onto me
  8. [01:30:15] <Vena> (fuck you too, it was great)
  9. [01:31:11] <Giantree> Btw it's not just a 'standing straight up with fingers in a heart shape' handheart, but like, full-on jpop idol handheart with a knee popped and hips out and all kinds of shit.  Which looks very unnatural, like, who the fuck would even sculpt something like that, because it's a loli with twin-braids wearing a robe; hardly appropriate dress for such a thing.  Or for a hotspring.
  10. [01:31:39] <Giantree> Actually no, come to think of it, yeah, she's wearing a towel again because now she knows being dragged into the water is a very real possibility.  So slightly more appropriate.
  11. [01:31:55] <`Krauss> Walking in from another session of training (As he always does), Krauss decided to relax for once and head for the polar opposite element from what he normally does to cool off. That being heat things up in the tub. "Man, this is pretty refreshing, I can see why Jonesy reccomended it. Cold areas like this are the best for hotsprings, there's no doubt." He seemed to be enjoying himself in a corner away from the crowd. Guess
  12. [01:31:55] <`Krauss> he wasn't much of a social person when it came to random hotspring goers. "Wonder if I'll get in trouble if I take a nap or something...shouldn't be too bad if I prop my head up on something, right?"
  13. [01:38:27] <`Krauss> Was that uhh, good enough.
  14. [01:38:32] <`Krauss> Or should I do more
  15. [01:39:08] <Giantree> perhaps you should be introduced to a certain skeletal friend of mine
  16. [01:39:17] <`Krauss> Foney go home
  17. [01:39:17] <Vena> Vena, who does something similar, might have been so still that she wasn't noticed until now. Might have even been mostly submerged, save for her...uh, pretty obvious mask. She practically pops right up to standard levels when Krauss speaks, though! "Napping's fine. Just get the right posture, so you don't accidentally drown yourself."
  18. [01:39:25] <`Krauss> R E M O V E  F O N E Y
  19. [01:39:31] <Vena> it's not foney, actually
  20. [01:39:37] <Giantree> ^
  21. [01:39:38] <Vena> it'll have to wait til you can see images again
  22. [01:39:40] <Giantree> it's foney's evil brother
  23. [01:39:43] <Giantree> OH SHIT FUCK
  24. [01:39:59] <Giantree> well f it i'm posting anyway
  25. [01:40:07] <Vena> yeah could work
  26. [01:42:11] <`Krauss> The swordman drifted back a bit in surprise. He knew it was a mixed bath, but he figured most would just stick to a specific side anyways..oh well. He'd not let his embarassment really get to him. Probably better that way. "O-oh, if it isn't that sword lady from before. Yeah, I was thinking of like, putting a rock under my neck or something. Think it'd work?"
  27. [01:43:32] <`Krauss> Krauss would look around for a moment....weird. He'd double, no, triple check the area real fast. "Strange, I don't feel that usual ominous gaze...guess the baths are blocking it out."
  28. [01:44:25] <Giantree> To be fair there's the statue eerily watching people, but that's deffos a different ominous gaze from the usual.
  29. [01:44:56] <`Krauss> Krauss thinks it's pretty cute actually. He's kinda wondering if he can get like, a mini souvenir of it.
  30. [01:45:12] <`Krauss> He'd give it to Tielle of course.
  31. [01:45:15] <`Krauss> Or fuck it, Lucas even.
  32. [01:45:19] <Giantree> D ' A W
  33. [01:46:45] <Giantree> I don't even doubt that craftsmen are noticing the loli-statue and the strange device near the entrance of the spring drawing in a lot of travelers and working as fast as they can (and also better than everybody else) to make little statuettes of them for that very purpose.  But in the former case, it's a bunch of different poses, like they couldn't decide which one to use.  Or like the statue isn't in the same pose all the time, despite being a statue.  Bizarre.
  34. [01:47:28] <`Krauss> Is it like a set
  35. [01:47:31] <`Krauss> Can he buy them all
  36. [01:47:47] <`Krauss> Err, can he even afford one of them actually.
  37. [01:47:55] <Giantree> Oh, there are totes still souvenirs of the angelo stone that used to be there before it broke open and turned out to contain a space capsule inside it.
  38. [01:48:15] <Giantree> yeah man, this is like, one of the tourist trappiest places in the continent somehow, everything is cheap af to pressure people into buying more
  39. [01:48:17] <Vena> Well, this is the side with no one in it. So, Vena's there! She has not a single trace of embarrassment. "Sword lady. ...I think I prefer Sylvera's nicknames, and that's saying something. You can do better. In any case, you could just get the perfect posture...or failing that, use the side of the hot springs itself to keep you propped. Good enough."
  40. [01:49:29] <Vena> "...That said, huh. You'd think creepy stalkers would jump at the opportunity to watch you in the hot springs. Missing a perfect opportunity, they are."
  41. [01:51:40] <`Krauss> "Ah sorry..I'm pretty bad at remembering names..I'll try a bit hard in the future." Though he wasn't showing any obvious signs of embarassment (Key word, obvious.) It seemed he was at least forcefully keeping himself quieter than usual. Odd. "Well, it's a mixed bath right, they could just come hang out in the bath with them if they really wanted to. Hide behind a rock.." He'd turn around, scouting for some rocks. "...Or
  42. [01:51:40] <`Krauss> something like that." The lack of an ominous gaze was starting to bother him now, things felt unnatural without it. "So..." As an awkward transition, Krauss somewhat floated his way backwards again. "Have you been doin the sword thing for a while now?"
  43. [01:53:10] <Giantree> I am not adjusting well to the idea of somebody with net so bad they can't load images, i was already heading to google to get an image of the fighter from 8-bit theater before I stopped myself
  44. [01:53:22] <Giantree> well, technically the FF1 fighter, but you know what i mean
  45. [01:53:42] <`Krauss> It'll get better once people go to bed
  46. [01:53:44] <`Krauss> In like, never
  47. [01:53:49] <`Krauss> I have to wait till like 3am to get some quiet.
  48. [01:54:53] <Giantree> kinda scare if it'll be like that every day, that's gonna be a nightmare- and i say that as somebody who has had really shitty, no-better-than-500kb/s-ever net their entire life
  49. [01:54:57] <Giantree> but i'm done interrupting, continue
  50. [01:55:02] <Vena> "Maybe they're shy?" She grins. "...But yeah. I've been doing the sword thing for a very long time. Feels like forever, really."
  51. [01:56:26] <`Krauss> "Oh? I'm looking forward to having a match with you then...if uh..that's fine with you." Almost at the wall now. The grin wasn't helping.
  52. [02:01:59] <Vena> [00:51:14] <Devalicious> He's not the type to get upset or embarassed or anything at a hot spring.
  53. [02:01:59] <Vena> You could not be more obvious if you were red in the face, wearing a towel, and peering at her from the other end of the hot springs. The grin intensifies...before normalizing. "...Might have to be careful though. And we definitely can't use normal swords. Gonna have to use practice weapons."
  54. [02:04:20] <`Krauss> Well, that's under normal circumstances. Not when a girl just kinda slides up next to you. Anyways, since he'd reached the wall, he let a small "tch" before replying. "Whatever works for you. I don't mind fighting with actual weapons, it's easier to concentrate I find, but I'll do it either way."
  55. [02:05:03] <`Krauss> "I don't suppose you have practice weapons on hand? I carry one for myself in case the person I'm fighting asks for it but.."
  56. [02:05:28] <`Krauss> Well, he'd just leave that sentence trailing before going silent again.
  58. [02:07:09] <Giantree> ~MERCHANT TOWNS~
  59. [02:07:43] <`Krauss> Krauss has no mon though
  60. [02:08:03] <`Krauss> He spent it all on stupid shit, like the little idol figs
  61. [02:08:11] <Giantree> man, if he said that out loud he'd suddenly find money hiding inside his stuff
  62. [02:08:19] <Giantree> ... yeah fair point though, carry on
  63. [02:08:35] <Giantree> (I almost followed up with 'he could sell his body for money' but stopped myself)
  64. [02:09:01] <`Krauss> He'd probably take that as a request for some manual labor work
  65. [02:09:09] <Giantree> (By which I mean he literally could by doing shows of swordsmanship on the streets, which would impress people into hiring him as a sponsor for their stores or something, since everybody here MAKES swords but hardly anybody actually uses them)
  66. [02:09:38] <Giantree> (And there are tournaments all the time but I already know what happens when you start a tournament arc in these kinds of things)
  67. [02:11:19] <Vena> "Nnnnope. I might be humoring your idea of a spar, but I've sparred like...well, I did a little, but my sparring has been with people that were far better than me at the time, and I haven't known anyone that outclasses me that hard in years. Against an equal foe, well, I'll likely get carried away if I end up with an advantage!" Grin intensifies, though this time it's
  68. [02:11:19] <Vena> slightly scarier.
  69. [02:11:57] <Vena> "...But it wouldn't be hard to get some training weapons. I mean, we ended up in the craftknight capital of all places."
  70. [02:12:44] <Vena> "Only issue would be trying to find one that wasn't decorated with solid gold and selling for twenty times the price it's actually worth."
  71. [02:14:14] <`Krauss> "Uhhh, right." He'd scratch his back trying to move even more. "I'm sure we could fine something cheap, last I heard people were doing pretty big sales these days. Not that I'd be able to take advantage of it...ran out of money ages ago. It's just been me and my cool sword Sa-" He choked on his own words. He was just about to reveal a petname for his sword, that would surely be the end of him.
  72. [02:16:15] <`Krauss> You'd note though, if you've ever seen Krauss's sword. It's shiny as all hell, and perfectly maintained to the point where you start to imagine that's where all his funds go.
  73. [02:17:35] <Vena> Vena displays her ability to catch on fairly quickly! "...Heheh. You wouldn't believe how much people do that. There are hard-boiled types that would probably smother their swords in gems if they could afford the habit." She thinks about this. She's seen it at least once, and OK yeah that WAS PRETTY MAINTAINED and then he asked for a duel with swords and he was like
  74. [02:17:35] <Vena> 'tch' when it came to not fighting with their swords--
  75. [02:18:21] <Vena> "...You're one of them, huh."
  76. [02:18:44] <Vena> "...I wonder if your stalker is jealous of your sword? Should keep it close!"
  77. [02:19:52] <`Krauss> "One of what now? He'd tilt his slightly, and back over again at the second line. "I always keep it on me, why?" He'd lift his arm up, holding out the blade in its sheathe. Guess it was just sitting in the water or something...wait, how'd he even sneak it in.
  78. [02:20:44] <`Krauss> Seems he ignored the stalker bit, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not.
  79. [02:23:26] <Vena> "One of those people that like, really, REALLY like their swords. Man, if you want to risk me going nuts, we can use actual swords, that's fine. Just don't say I didn't warn you~!"
  80. [02:24:44] <`Krauss> Something seemed off about those words. Perhaps he would be wise to just take option A for once... "Err..right. Let's just see what they have in town first...haha.."
  81. [02:27:44] <`Krauss> (Should we call it at that?_
  82. [02:27:57] <Vena> "Yeah, sure. If you're actually broke, I'll get one for ya. If I can get my job done, it's not like I'll have to worry too much about my funds anyway."
  83. [02:28:04] <Vena> (we can stretch it a line or two farther)
  84. [02:28:11] <`Krauss> (Okey doke)
  85. [02:28:42] <Vena> (like if that statement isn't followed up on much, you could end up with the next line being the final)
  86. [02:29:37] <`Krauss> "Oh yeah, you're gettin paid to escort that loud lady, right? Figure those types pay well enough. Can't put a price on safety! or something like that. Well, maybe you can."
  87. [02:33:17] <Vena> "Yeah, turns out the pay is pretty good. Honestly, despite being loud and a total jerk, she's actually more tolerable than most nobles!"
  88. [02:35:45] <`Krauss> "Really now? Can't say I've met many of those types anyways. Spent most of my life up in an orphanage. I think a noble popped his head in once to pay for something, but the old ladies brushed him off for some reason. Guess there's a pretty low bar with them though, huh?" Hopefullly that wouldn't come off as too rude. He was trying to think about his words now, which may just end up making him come off as awkward in the end.
  89. [02:42:40] <Vena> "Yeah, the bar is pretty low. Generally they pay well, but more than half the time they reveal how there's a million complications to the job they're asking for only after you take it. Jerks." She doesn't seem concerned with being rude!
  90. [02:42:59] <Vena> "And the other half the time, they don't reveal it, you just get to figure it out."
  91. [02:43:47] <`Krauss> "Sounds complicated, I doubt I'd be able to deal with someone like that. I like my freedom above all else...err, for the most part anyways."
  92. [02:44:50] <`Krauss> "Being as free as me..doesn't pay nearly as well. I have a tendency to find random bags of money though sometimes. I try to bring it back to whoever it might belong to, but oddly enough I can never find anyone to take it."
  93. [02:46:59] <Vena> "..." Somehow, she ties this to the ominous stalker as well. However, it starts to show just how deep it goes. She thinks wiser than to pry further, as this presence now almost kind of terrifies her. "If you were actually a thief, that would be a hilarious way to explain how you assumably don't have a job but find money anyway."
  94. [02:48:12] <Vena> "But yeah, for me, the idea is to retire satisfied. That means I have to end on a high note and actually have the money to do it, so interacting with noble types is destined."
  95. [02:50:01] <`Krauss> "You never striked me as the type to want a peaceful life. I figured you were the merc-type that just fights endlessly for the money. Can't say I'm any different then, in that regard. I started this journey a few years ago, but I guess I turned up empty handed for it. Doesn't bother me too much though, now that I'm back in my homeland."
  96. [02:51:51] <Vena> "Yeah, you'd think so. But you'd also think I was used to the cold, considering that I live in this homeland. Hate the cold, but money and weapons flow readily, and the people aren't half bad either."
  97. [02:52:51] <Vena> "...But maybe, just maybe, if I actually do the job of a lifetime, I won't feel so compelled to work with nobles. Maybe I could get some actual hobbies other than stabbing people."
  98. [02:52:55] <Vena> "I could really use some."
  99. [02:55:41] <`Krauss> "That's what this place is known for after all.." He'd trail off a bit, before staring up at the sky. "Hobbies though? You could start with something simple, maybe take a walk every now and then? You'll probably find something." Hmm, he'd let out a sigh before resting his arm on the rocks nearby. "Guess it's a bit harder than that though...I haven't really found much purpose outside of swinging a sword myself. Tried a lot
  100. [02:55:42] <`Krauss> of things, pretty bad at most of it."
  101. [02:59:19] <Vena> "Yeah, pretty much the same here. Just too good at stabbing people to consider doing much else. ...And I certainly can't do that forever, especially not if I get hit by friggen axes anymore than I have been." While you were out, she was hit in a forest. With an axe. It wasn't comfortable, but luckily her ego took the brunt of the hit!
  102. [03:00:01] <Vena> "Best to burn out that fun in a glorious fashion that'll actually allow me to try other things without the imminent threat of starvation!"
  103. [03:02:09] <`Krauss> "I can agree to that...especially the starvation bit." Alright, despite his best efforts, it seemed the heat was starting to get to him. "Hmm..well, let me know if you come up with any neat hobby ideas, or you want to do that sparring match. Miss uh..." Seemed he was waiting for the answer.
  104. [03:05:34] <Vena> "Oh, we completely forgot introductions? I'm Vena, good to meet you. ...And, uh, you probably couldn't handle the sorts of hobbies I'm thinking of, But it's OK, barely anyone could~"
  105. [03:09:58] <`Krauss> There goes those suspicious words again. He'd try not to think too deeply on them. "Miss Vena then, alright, I've got it memorized I think. I'm Krauss if you haven't heard, but I don't mind if you call me whatever. I'm pretty used to petnames." He'd finally stand up and start walking off just ever so slightly. "..Well, I think on that note I'm going to go hit some trees in the wood or something. After relaxation comes more
  106. [03:09:58] <`Krauss> training, and all that."
  107. [03:13:42] <Vena> "Yeah, fair enough, Krauss. ...Cross...X. Nah, that's TOO short. Anyway, chances are, if you look for me I'll be here. I'm taking advantage of this as long as I can before we move on. And if I look for you...I'll look in a forest, yeah. Have a good training session!"
  108. [03:15:17] <`Krauss> "Well, perhaps we'll have another chance encounter then while we're here...though maybe on a less sudden note."
  109. [03:16:34] <`Krauss> As he made his way back to the changing room, you'd probably note that the guy just left his sword sitting there, despite what he'd said about keeping it at his side.
  110. [03:16:56] <`Krauss> Maybe it wasn't that he kept it at his side, but rather, the sword just tends to appear at his side whenever he needs it.
  111. [03:16:58] <`Krauss> Who knows though.
  112. [03:18:54] <`Krauss> You're welcome to return the sword if you want, but if you wanted to just take a look at it, you'd find the name of a certain girl engraved near the hilt.
  113. [03:19:07] <`Krauss> Odds are the sword will find it's way back to him regardless.
  114. [03:19:54] <Vena> Yeah. Maybe the sword wants some more relaxation at the hot springs. Or gems. Like a Garnet. Or a Spinel. She does get a good look at it though. After all, she IS curious how a well maintained sword would look!
  115. [03:20:32] <Vena> ...So she's probably looking at that hilt, yeah.
  116. [03:20:51] <`Krauss> Well, there's no sparkles or gems on it or anything, but it certainly is pretty shiny. Aside from the name though, there's not much else of note, other than you can tell it's razor sharp.
  117. [03:21:12] <`Krauss> Despite likely being thrown at trees on a nightly basis.
  118. [03:22:56] <Vena> How much of this is anime? Studies show that various things tie into this sword being at least 90% anime.
  119. [03:23:42] <Vena> ...But yeah, after looking at THAT NAME, she's content with spending a bit longer in the hot springs. Maybe leave the sword with the statue, it'll totally be safe there.
  120. [03:24:04] <`Krauss> And then the statue took the sword, and went on a rampage with it.
  121. [03:26:10] <`Krauss> But yeah, guess that's a /c then?
  122. [03:26:11] <Vena> But without the stone, the statue is useless! Probably wouldn't get much done.
  123. [03:26:23] <Vena> But yeah that's a /c~
  124. [03:26:25] <Vena> so
  125. [03:26:28] <Vena> /c
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