those previously protected become prey

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  1. I spent a few hours reading through the hundreds of Q posts with Mueller's name. (CTRL-F for "Mueller" at Its search feature does not work correctly.)
  2. I put together an outline to help me understand it. The reference numbers are the post #s from Maybe another anon can correct or expand, or make a graphic that prepares us for the Mueller testimony this week.
  4. TLDR: Trump allowed their fake investigation which exposed their own treason and illegal schemes. It can now be used legally to bring them down. Mueller is trapped and the truth will come out no matter how he tries to play it. This is their final DELAY card, and after they play it, full Declass can begin.
  7. =Trump met with Mueller=
  8. Met ~May 2017, the reason given to media was false (18, 1285, 1286).
  9. Need some insight into this importance. Did Mueller agree to cooperate with Trump but never intend to? Did Trump execute his authority over a Marine here? "What authority does POTUS have over Marines? What is Mueller's background? Military?" (14)
  11. =Special Counsel Investigation (aka Russia Probe, aka Witch Hunt)=
  12. Mueller was assigned by RR to lead the investigation (2110) that Comey obtained approval for (1286) and helped appoint (2323). SC "investigated" Russian collusion & election tampering against Trump. This was really an attempt to find or manufacture any crime they could use to impeach POTUS. Hussein Obama was the connection between FBI/DOJ & the fake Steele dossier (1974).
  14. =Mueller exposed=
  15. Q confirms Mueller was designed to stall, limit, & block real investigation, to provide fake news, to safeguard corruption & the Dems, to show foreign powers the Old Guard still ruled (2381). Mueller was their insurance policy (1286, 2856, 2935). Q links to article about Mueller corrupting the SC investigation (1711).
  16. Q points to article about Mueller's financial records tying him to FB, Apple, Intel, and more (1286). Q says Mueller will face charges on Uranium One (2512).
  18. =DS realizes they've been played by Trump=
  19. Q points to article about Clapper demanding Mueller stop the investigation (1546). Q points to headline about Dems now wanting to throw out the paperwork from the SC as inadmissible under legal loophole. (1298)
  21. =Rudy G inserted to make all evidence about/from the SC admissable in court=
  22. Rudy had met with Mueller (1180, 1273), and later was added to Mueller's investigation team (1286).
  23. "Who has everything? How do you introduce evidence into an investigation legally? Admissible in the court of law? Insert Rudy." (1287)
  24. "How can we use what we know? How do you legally inject/make public/use as evidence?" (1181)
  25. Is it because Rudy/NYC has the the Weiner laptop "Insurance File" (1180) and that ties the corrupt SC to another investigation?
  27. =The non-phony investigation: FISA corruption & treason=
  28. This is the boomerang. FISA goes both ways (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).
  29. There is another actual investigation (1273, 1286). A separate criminal investigation going on outside of the SC (2548). HUBER + OIG + team of 470 (2548). Grand jury testimony underway in several states (2672). All signers of FISA surveillance are under grand jury investigation (2273).
  30. Evidence confirmed about: Awan, Tarmac, Iran, NK, U1 (988), Dem election tampering (780), POTUS assassination plan (1272).
  31. It was important to make RR acting AG, so he would be proven part of the corruption of the SC, as the ultimate authority over it (2165).
  32. Flynn plead guilty for a non-crime (1286) because Flynn is a witness and is now safe (1008). He was illegally targeted with FISA surveillance by Mueller (2043). Flynn provided significant assistance to the criminal investigation (2548).
  33. Mueller is tied to Russia, U1, and Clinton corruption (3035). Mueller filed sealed indictments against Trump's children (3036).
  34. RR knowingly based the SC on a false dossier (3316). RR wore a wire to try to entrap Trump (3062). RR signed fraudulent FISA warrants (3177).
  36. =Trust the Plan, precision military planning=
  37. Sessions & Wray are cleaning house. DOJ & FBI must be cleaned first, then State & C_A (1318). Other ABC agencies have already been cleaned (2937).
  38. Arrests can be made after the FBI and DOJ are cleaned because these agencies oversee investigation & prosecution of crimes (2381).
  39. Barr executes order to DECLAS (2681). DECLAS occurs after Mueller removal (2676). OIG report after DECLAS (2856). Placeholders active after DECLAS (2681). Placeholders start in Aug 2019 (3376).
  40. Barr, Huber, OIG, Whitaker, Sessions will crush deepstate legally for treason. After the public adjusts to the truth, worse crimes are revealed. "The attempted COUP [TREASON] opens the public door to more serious…… The PUBLIC must be prepared for what is about to come. THE CLINTON FOUNDATION" (3125)
  43. -People to map to the plot in more detail-
  44. Wray - Trump made Wray head of FBI after firing Comey (need post #). RR had wanted to make Mueller the head (need post #). Wray reports to RR. When RR is fired or recuses, Wray has direct oversight of Mueller (1433)
  45. Huber -  Special Prosecutor Tapped by Sessions to Investigate FISA Abuses (1988). Able to file across all 50 states, sealed indictments (1660). HUBER reported directly to SESSIONS (2397).
  46. Sessions - Secretly engaged Huber (1318)
  47. Horowitz - investigation into fraud & abuse in DOJ (1318)
  48. Whitaker - New AG, oversees Huber & OIG (2548)
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