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  1. I want to apologize to anyone I said or did anything offensive to recently. Other than that, please know I am unbiased and doing this as part of my duty. It honestly doesnt matter who did what first, the worst, the last, and I will say I really I couldnt tell but the only reason I ever guessed was because and I honestly wanted help just to stop it. I will say I have a bad eye currently with 24 7 scrying etc. - also got Neptune (lord of pisces) and sagittarius (also psychic) ascendant and that makes me more vulnerable, but that's just another excuse because anything can cause anyone pain in life whether it unintentional or intentional. Verily, It doesnt mean its right, but it happens time and time again in life to everyone and people who try their best even can hurt others even if they dont mean or want to. If we dont treat any sort of wounds, pains, hurts, it always festers and gets worse.
  3. This applies to everyone: whoever does anything to hurt us whether, intentional or not has reason for their actions. Sometimes what people do when they think they are helping us can hurt us.  A philosopher once said, "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” This doesn't mean that the offender is right, but no one is always right. And of course everyone has good and bad qualities to them.
  5. Almost a year ago now, I received an incurable disease that really fucked up my already weak physical health (another trait of neptune ascendant). But 2 years ago when I got into divination again, that's when I noticed a downward trend for everything. Time, happiness, etc. and it's not an issue of it being not for everyone, its the issue it will fuck your life up in some way or form. I was scared to go to class a lot because I dont want something bad happening again.
  7. I spent more time into things that dont really help people in the long run. You can say it gives people hope, but what happens when we place our hopes and happiness in the future? We stop living in the present, the reality, what is in front of us, the here and now. We become reliant and something that is not always reliable, and therefore disconnect ourselves from more reliable means of happiness that are widespread. And verily, people turn to divination and occult because it fills something we need in our life. Even for those who say its just cool, there are better cool things that dont cost your time, effort, or make you slowly deteriorate your here and now because the future is never going to arrive, it will always be the present.
  9. A deaf man can play piano by pressing the keys but while an audience can hear music, he doesnt. The piano doesnt make that music, but our ears do. We make music, similar to how we produce light when it travels down our eyes and the image is created in our brain. These are also cool things we often forget.
  11. For my actions, I do reflect on that when I pray now, and to who ever is doing this now can be comforted by the fact Jesus is always waiting for us and heaven will rejoice when we convert, he also wants the best for us and will lead us to the best path. I'll admit I know I have made a mockery of myself in order to make myself more credible. My constant talking in dms i was asking for help indirectly even though I shouldn't have. The posts I made on the thread about repentance on the other hand, I thought I was doing my duty. As for myself to give me some credibility without being prideful, I do try to do the right thing, not because I need validation (although there are many in the world who do that) but doing the right thing for me has always been prioritizing helping others. It feels right and good for me to do that, even if I am inconvenienced, because I learned from eastern philosophy before that those who hurt you may not even mean to do it intentionally. This is why Jesus said in the gospel to turn the other cheek, something I honestly thought was doing the right thing by not doing when I went forward with my assault) even though I was advised not to by a few people because you never win when something like that happens to you and sadly assault has happened to many. Considering what happened to me,  I thought it was the right thing to do not only for me but for many others. People are not happy when they are sick or just feeling bad yet many ignore that. I remember I once had an amputated patient who kept calling the nurses names and giving them a hard time and one tried to make me participate in their mockery but I blank stared at her.  When I talked to this patient, I tried my best to console him even though he treated me the same. I was rewarded because I knew I may have made his stay a little less uncomfortable even though his actions were hurtful. If I had done this approach when I got incurable disease, I would be a lot happier today. I felt my character becoming more and more lost, but really this is on the path to being found. Moving on, even if they dont get in trouble. Thinking of the good that can come form every bad or temporary strife can help during times like that. But God always sees our actions and sees us  
  13. God would never force us into something that is against his word, or make us sacrifice anything like blood, animals, items because he loves us so much he gave up his only son for us. The Bible is our tool to live a good life, to get satisfaction in life. He wants the best for us and has no reason to other than unconditional love for his children and their wellbeing.
  15. Think of a time you had to prepare something against your will for a spirit with an agenda of it's own. God loves us and already sacrificed and did the offering for us when he gave up his only son to save us, and because of him love is giving, it doesnt require sacrifice. There is a clear tone against this stuff in the Bible, and it's because of how it isnt the right path. The new testament (american standard edition good read) has a very good way to live, and Jesus will reward us for it, in life and in heaven. I prayed for medicine for my disease once and I got a long term supply and had been struggling to even get one before. Not as much luck with any other magic. When I went to church recently, I trusted Angel's more than Jesus. I had more faith in the agents of God, and spirits who dont love us and want us to fulfill their will versus a will that ensures us happiness  as written from him. These spirits, stereotypically good or bad, all have a will, but Jesus is the one who loves us and will reward us in life and in heaven (there is a hierarchy there based on Godly deeds). Everything happens for a reason because he has a will, for all of us. Now I am thankful, although this experience messed me up initially, because its what he chose for me to help you. Sun is fall in libra because life isnt fair as they say, but fairness is a construct. Dont limit your happiness, make it unconditional as Gods forgiveness and turn to him.
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