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Liberation weapon FAQ

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Oct 17th, 2015
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  1. <<Disclaimer>> :If you see an inaccuracies or if changes are made regarding DFOG's implementation of True ancients/Liberation weapons please point them out in the thread or clone this paste with the fix and post it.
  3. Liberation weapon FAQ for /dfog/:
  4. ----------------------------------
  5. >What is a Liberation weapon? Why do I want one?
  6. -A liberation weapon is a level 85 BoE legendary-rarity weapon that in addition to bonuses like M.Speed, Crit, ASPD/CSPD, grants a +16% bonus damage effect that STACKS with smash like Ghost sword Elenore. Basically this means the damage bonus stacks with pretty much everything. Because of this damage buff and the raw stats from being an 85 legendary they are likely outclassed only by your class' BiS 85 epic weapon.
  8. >Are Liberation weapons for everyone?
  9. -No, the damage bonus from liberation weapons does NOT affect summons and as such classes such as M.Mech and Summoner are still better off aiming for certain epic weapons.
  11. >How do I obtain a Liberation weapon?
  12. -To craft a Liberation weapon you must first acquire a Requiem weapon which is an untradeable 85 legendary weapon that requires 100 Requiem stones from true ancients dailies. The Requiem weapon is very similar to the liberation weapon only the bonuses it grants are lower (most notably only 11% bonus damage instead of 16%), the PATK and MATK values are the same however. There are 2 daily quests that each reward one (1) of the stones needed to buy a Requiem weapon, the first [Purging the Requiem] is to clear a random true ancient dungeon and the second [Requiem Stone] involves collecting 15 Pristine souls (quest mat) and 15 Spiritual residue (droppable mat) similar to the current ancients dailies. Note that as long as you have the [Requiem stone quest you are eligible to receive Pristine souls as drops as long as you have <15 in your inventory, thus buy selling your pristine souls prior to a TA run and repurchasing them after you can avoid having any "wasted" (i.e. not dropping because you have hit the 15 cap). This method can also be used to hoard pristine souls for later use if you desire. Completing both from scratch takes ~3-4 runs and a treasure hunter's potion is reccomended for [Requiem stones]. After you have a Requiem weapon you must buy a Liberation weapon recipe for 1m, the recipe mats are as follows:
  13. -Requiem weapon
  14. -15 Requiem stones (the same ones you bought the Requiem weapon with)
  15. -75 Spiritual residue mats from the second daily
  16. -1 Jun's Blacksmith ticket (bought from vendor for 1 million gold)
  17. -250 High grade elemental crystals
  18. -100 clear cubes
  20. Using the recipe has a ~7.5% chance (determined empirically by kDnf players though some say as high as 10% and as low as 5%) chance of upgrading the Requiem weapon to a Liberation weapon in which case it becomes BoE. REINFORCING a Requiem weapon does not reset reinforcement level of a weapon so you can reinforce your Requiem as soon as you get it the same is true for REFINING, ENCHANTS, and ITEM QUALITY which basically means unless you have a bunch of kaleidos to burn you're better off waiting for a high-rolled superior day before buying your requiem weapon. Failing the recipe consumes all the mats EXCEPT the Requiem weapon. There is no limit to the number of times you may attempt the recipe (materials permitting).
  22. >Is there any way to get a Liberation weapon without RNG?
  23. -The simplest no-RNG method would be to purchase the Liberation weapon from somebody else.
  24. -kDnf also introduced a second Liberation weapon recipe later on that has a 100% success rate, this recipe uses 10 mats which you acquire one of for each failure from the standard Liberation weapon recipe meaning you are effectively guaranteed the Liberation weapon if you fail 10 times. However it must be noted that this Liberation weapon is BoP unlike the standard Liberation weapon and cannot be resealed in the event you wish to reseal and sell your Liberation weapon after equipping it.
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