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  1. Queen Saralindra Helviiryn, Fallen Angel, Mother of Spiders
  3. Genitalia
  4. >Vagina (1)
  5. >Embellishments
  6. >Lubrication
  7. >Musculature
  8. >Cilia
  9. >Lumen
  10. >Plush (x3)
  11. Tantalizingly beautiful and perfectly designed for all egg incubating needs. Even Gods and Goddesses want some of this. Womb burns with such magical power that soft glow like hot coal smolders beneath the skin.
  12. 16
  14. Shape
  15. >Enticing
  16. Divine beauty and supernaturally alluring. Mere mortals and lesser beings suffer emotional and perhaps even physical pain from the realisation that they could never attain such perfection.
  17. 16
  19. Chest
  20. >Gifted
  21. Flawlessly molded, entrancing and titillating every time I move.
  22. 16
  24. Influences
  25. >Psuedodevascent (Angel)
  26. A shining white Angel with brightest blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and blindingly white feathery wings.
  27. >Quasicosmic
  28. A powerful magical focus like a magic nuclear reactor deep within me. Eggs incubated within absorb magical energy just from being there.
  29. >Metapsychological
  30. Psychologically and emotionally pure, but cycling every century to millennium or so through a dark fallen angel phase before returning to purity. In the fallen stage hair turns red, eyes violet, wings black, and breasts swell 2 cup sizes.
  31. 21
  33. Face
  34. >Regal
  35. Unnervingly sharp features with commanding, royal, yet supremely beautiful features and an often haughty expression.
  36. >Chakra Eye
  37. A small blazing diamond eye in my forehead which sees all that's magical and spiritual
  38. >Elder Gaze
  39. Big bright eyes glowing with alluring magical intensity.
  40. 25
  42. Flourishes
  43. >Rare Hunger
  44. Though above petty needs such as eating, occasionally tasting the blood of a Unicorn keeps my angelic soul anchored to the physical realms and prevents me from being whisked away to an angelic citadel to be punished for being a Fallen angel.
  45. >Godly Cleanliness
  46. Supernaturally pure and clean, no blemish sticks.
  47. >Lernaean Hymen
  48. No matter what happens along the way, when the Angelic cycle finishes I am restored to virginal purity and perfection.
  49. >Lactation
  50. For feeding babies in addition to what their actual mother provides.
  51. >Bountiful
  52. Lots of milk for lots of babies.
  53. >Nurturing
  54. My milk continues the process of magical empowerment even after eggs have hatched.
  55. >Dependent
  56. Almost always "pregnant" with eggs so always producing milk. Children aren't mine and I don't have time to breastfeed the multitudes of spawn from incubated eggs, so ritualists express my milk for bottles and whatnot.
  57. >Aphrodisiac
  58. Literally dripping with sensuality and proof of my magical "fertility"
  59. >Gate to Ecstasy (x2) w/Plush x2 each
  60. "Gates" are amazingly beautiful and inviting for use.
  61. >Reproductive Channel (x2)
  62. No longer have need for regular bodily functions, so other "gates" perfected for egg incubating.
  63. 50
  65. Strategy
  66. >Synergism (no Specialty)
  67. Do not get pregnant or have children of my own. Used only as an egg incubator by powerful beings who want their eggs storedwithin my magical aura to strengthen their spawn.
  68. 53
  70. Dowry
  71. >Title (x3)
  72. Numerous titles to make my status and importance known.
  73. >True Name
  74. Have an Angelic True Name known to very few and used to control me since my magical potential is so great.
  75. >Primordial Woad
  76. Magically potent cosmetics applied by my ritualists before receiving eggs to increase my allure and magical power.
  77. >Abyssal Ink
  78. Spells of great and dark power written into my skin to increase my beauty and magical potency, and to designate my status and that of my owner.
  79. >Celestial Charms
  80. Jewelry of near unimaginable beauty and value to show the wealth and influence of my Master.
  81. >Nuptial Torc
  82. A leash and collar to remind me and others that I'm owned by an immensely powerful God.
  83. >Regal Array
  84. Carefully chosen to accentuate my Angelic perfection and intimidate lower beings.
  85. >Filthy Lucre
  86. Along with the favors, spells, forbidden knowledge, worlds, armies, and who knows what else that is traded to my Master for my use, treasures and material wealth worthy of interstellar empires is given to me as tribute.
  87. 78
  89. Bonds
  90. >Sensual Ritualists
  91. Ritualists chosen for their knowledge of and dedication to the arts of Lavender magic bustle about me constantly to be sure that I'm always in exemplary condition to receive, incubate, and lay eggs with ideal magical results for the young.
  92. >Chaq, Spider-Goddess
  93. A powerful Goddess serving Teiatat, she was granted one of Teiatat's own brides so that she could produce hordes of spider demons to serve him and to show her tremendous prominence in Teiatat's court.
  94. >Oviposition
  95. Chaq cannot produce healthy young on her own. Hence her being provided with a Bride created for egg incubation.
  96. >Amazing Spider-Parasite (Chaq)
  97. To assist in her services, Teiatat gifted Chaq a Spider Parasite that can fertilize her own eggs. She can use this and me to produce her spider horde without outside help, except when she deems it necessary.
  98. >The Barred One
  99. As an immensely valuable treasure and incredibly useful tool, I'm occasionally lended to Gods and Goddess of unfathomable power in exchange for secrets, knowledge, and powers beyond mortal comprehension.
  100. >Conjugal Visits
  101. Some beings are so powerful as to be to dangerous to trust in relatively normal, stable worlds. Sometimes I must be sent to them to fulfill my obligations.
  102. >Unclean Spawn
  103. Egg incubating is my main purpose and what most entities powerful enough to acquire the right to me wish to use me for.
  104. >Prime Mate
  105. Chaq can produce eggs and fertilize them with the spider parasite, but sometimes she or Teiatat desire a special offspring and a "donor" is selected to fertilize the eggs. Other powerful beings pay Teiatat or Chaq for my use in things that only Gods and similarly important beings can afford to trade in.
  106. 72
  108. Urges
  109. >Throne's Shadow
  110. As a magical egg incubator kept as a tool and treasure, I could never hope to attain real power and influence.
  111. >Spoiled
  112. Being to important to concern myself with work or exertion, my every need and desire is catered to by an army of ritualist-servants.
  113. 68
  115. Ambition
  116. >Desire of All Hearts
  117. >Exquisite Crowning Trophy
  118. Supremely beautiful and powerful beings such as myself are usually the leaders of their own cults, and often rule entire worlds of their own. Only the most incredibly powerful can hope to attain a prize such as me and I'm desired as a precious commodity across the multiverse.
  119. 70
  121. Pedigree 5
  122. Status 5
  123. Allure 8
  125. Queen Saralindra Helviiryn, Fallen Angel, Mother of Spiders was once a mortal woman who ardently wished to become an Angel. So when the fates led her into the impossibly rare opportunity to become one through a pact with the dark God Teiatat, she accepted. She achieved the incredible beauty, powerful magic, and divine spark of an Angelic being, reaching the power of a literal Goddess. But of course there was a catch. She had to receive her Angelic True Name from Teiatat and become one of his "Brides", wearing a nuptial collar to mark her as such and allow her to be controlled despite her own now formidable powers.
  127. Saralindra's beauty entrances all that see her. Gods and Goddesses are enraptured with her while lesser beings are helplessly enthralled. But her far power reaches beyond simple looks. As a true Angel, she wields magical forces fitting a divine being. Though this is exactly what Saralindra wants, Teiatat is no fool and granted her wish for his own ends.
  129. As a mortal who became an Angel through dark magic, Saralindra could never function as an avatar of divine light and justice. Instead she cycles through over the millennia through phases as a Pure Angel and a Fallen Angel. This instability allowed Teiatat to manipulate Saralindra's new form to fit his needs, even while granting her the body and magical potential she desired. Hence she is now incapable of producing children of her own who might cause strife among Teiatat's retainers or raise issues with angelic courts. But in odd contrast to this fact, Saralindra's immense power burns deep within her, focused on her womb. This allows her to impart great power to any others' offspring incubated within her.
  131. Saralindra's enchanting beauty and ability to greatly strengthen young make her an incredibly valuable commodity. And her position as a minor Goddess who under different circumstances could easily rule entire worlds, makes her a tremendously high end status symbol. She was given as a royal gift to the Spider Goddess Chaq to assist in providing Teiatat with hordes of magically improved spider demons and to secure Chaq's loyalty. Being such a rare and sought after treasure, Saralindra is sometimes sent by to the realms of unbelievably powerful beings to provide her services in exchange for potent boons that Teiatat can only acquire from such eldritch creatures.
  133. But Saralindra was not helplessly tricked. For her part she received the perfect immortal and ageless body of an Angel and terribly strong magic which she has plenty of time to experiment and play with while incubating the offspring of Gods and Goddesses. And while Teiatat trades her for all manner of powerful knowledge, spells, and knowledge that only the most ancient dark Gods can provide, Saralindra also receives gifts of immense value for her service in the form of treasures and wealth that the strongest mortal Emperors and Empresses would envy. With an army of ritualist-servants to attend to her every need and seemingly endless vaults of the multiverse's most remarkable goods, she wants for nothing. If she demanded the destruction of the entire civilization of a being with the gall to insult her, it would be done. And if she asked to play Goddess of her own world, it would likely be allowed as long as she didn't overexert herself or otherwise take away from her duty.
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