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  1. Gina held the hot-dog tauntingly high over their pet, tempting it to jump up and bite down. Still, though, the large, obviously alien "dog" that their Inquisitor had brought back with him after a covert mission sat patiently, panting heavily at the woman as she tried to get it to reveal itself.
  2. "Stop teasing it Gina," her partner told her with a hind of annoyance in her voice. The Psyker glared at her in that way she did when she wanted people to think she was reading their minds, but Gina didn't bite. She hadn't spent six years in the Guard to get scared by simple tricks. "it's just a dog. Let it be."
  3. Despite Gina's insistence, and the incredible amount of mounting evidence against it, noone in her cell was willing to trust her that the five-foot-long, four-legged Xeno was anything other than a large, hairless dog. "I'm telling you, Haru-Chan isn't a dog!" she insisted. While she wasn't looking, long, probing tentacles slithered across the air, snapping away half of the floppy, tasty meat stick out of her hands - It's mouth had been opened for only a second, but the sinewy, drooling maw opened out of three alien slits before popping it's prize back into it's mouth.
  4. "D-did you see that! Dog's can't do that!" she exclaimed, but the blonde Psyker was already walking away into the other room. She waved at Gina as she left, dismissing her again. And so the guardswoman stared into the happy, panting "dog"'s eyes as she tried to suss out it's secrets. It panted happily at her, still staring at the other half of a hot dog in her hand. Sighing, Gina walks out of the living space and into her room - A sparse excuse for a room, with nothing across the woman's desk - Covered in knives and guns currently in the process of being cleaned - An old grenade box currently holding her spare clothing and a tidy bed in the corner. It's there that she wanders too, the animal bounding into the room as she closes the door and expectantly waiting by it's foot.
  5. Daily, now, the drooling mess of a creature would patiently wait for her to sleep before crawling in on top of her. Gina wasn't sure what it was about her that Haru-Chan had liked - Perhaps just the attention given by a woman on a mission to prove it's vile nature - but if left outside, it would whine and dig at the floor until one of her accomplices would finally give in. So, maybe Gina had an ulterior motive - Not waking up with a puddle of drool ruining more than one set of sleepwear - But, she told herself, she was certain to PROVE that this "pet" was some project of their Inquisitor's, and everyone stuck inside this hab-unit were the guinea pigs. He'd pulled this shit before when he introduced their last room-mate, a red-headed girl who wound up being an Eldar spy of some sort. Made a killer stir-fry, though.
  6. Gina teased the little beast more with what little food she had left. "Open up, big guy, c'mon... I wanna actually see it..." she poked with her other hand, sitting on the edge of the bed as she tried to pry it's mouth wide open, with it stubbornly whining while it begged for the treat. "Come on!" she cried out again, dangling the meat ever closer to it's mouth. Maw, she corrected herself. Monsters have maws.
  7. Finally, it had had enough. With a sickening shlurping sound, it snapped it's mouth open, one of it's purple tentacles slipping out of the tip of it' triangular mouth like a tongue trying to find the tasty morsel Gina so cruelly kept from it. "Hah! Now we're getting somewhere!" She slipped her fingers inside the crack made between tongue and jaws, pulling as she stretched her hand away from the encroaching slimy tongue. Struggling, she leans back as the tentacle stops just short of it's target, wiggling in mid-air tantalizingly close. "Just show me what you've got!"
  8. With a sudden rush of force, Gina got exactly what she asked for. The cone keeping shut suddenly slides open, far more open than she thought possible. Sickeningly stretching the skin tight, bones revealing themselves along with rows of sharp nubs - Teeth, perhaps? - and several more sticky, slimy tentacles breaks loose across Gina's body. She screams out - Surprised, and now afraid of what she's unleashed - as she feels the sticky tendrils grasping all about her, pulling her face in far closer than she'd ever intended. A single tentacle, it's head wide and circular with grasping claws of it's own, juts out towards her face and silences her like a vice, as a spear-shaped tip in the middle juts forward and tickles the back of her throat.
  9. The face locked down, it flings the woman backwards onto the bed, grasping her arm with constrictive tendrils as it pulls the hand - Still grasping the treat - into it's maw. The other tentacles do not stay idle, either. Now that it had opened wide, it seemed to want to taste all around Gina's body, leaving a sticky trail of slime across her neck, her arms, darting around her toned stomach before sliding under her shirt. The trapped woman tries to scream into the mask tied taut around her lips, but all that accomplishes is to give the smaller tendril more room to explore, running circles around her teeth and gums before tracing it's way around and on her struggling tongue.
  10. Haru-chan drags the woman's hand into it's mouth, and for the first time it closes around her fingers. Gina tries not to imagine her arm not coming back, the pain as this monstrous creature snaps her wrist off before swallowing, and quickly lets go - She feels the beast swallowing around her hand, the tiny, sharp nubs closing and releasing alternatively, sending goosebumps all up her shoulders. Tiny, worm-like tendrils begin to slide around her palm, tasting and sensing for any trace of the meat that it loved... Gina closes her eyes shut, turning away as though she could will the beast away...
  11. ...But instead of pain, she feels it's maw slowly open, her hand sticky and slick with saliva but intact. she pulls it out quickly, fearfully, as Haru-Chan begins to growl lowly, somewhere between confused and happy as it continues exploring her body with it's tongues. Gina opens her eyes to see the curious pet sniffing the air around it, mouth opened wide and apparently tasting her... And... liking what it saw? Gina would call out, tell it to get down, sit, get it's hefty weight off of her, but with the claw-like vice still snapped shut around her face it was all she could do to keep staring as she felt it get closer and closer to something vital.
  12. With a sudden move, Gina feels a tentacle wrap it's slick slime around her breast, a shape struggling under her shirt as she slides and struggles under the creature. She beats on Haru-Chan's sides, bucking as it slides tentacles up and down her legs as well, circling up her pant-legs like a tight sheath as they circle her thighs. With a sigh, it wraps another tendril around her wrists, forcing them to the side as it continues to advance - Now it had two tentacles sliding under her shirt, alternating between wrapping and pulling on her breasts before wriggling around and licking underneath her armpits, wrapping all the way around her chest before sliding the shirt up over her breasts and gently wrapping lewd circles around her nipples.
  13. Despite herself, Gina finds the tender ministrations... somehow charming. It hadn't eaten her yet, she supposed, and it easily had the chance - and the reason - to bite her hand off. But all it did so far was somehow... test her, pushing itself further and closer to her. Just before the tentacles around her legs find their way to her crotch, they pull up to her waist and drag her sweats down, revealing her panties - Only slightly damp - to the cool air. Her legs trapped under Haru-chan itself, her arms pulled up over her head by a slick tentacle wrapping it's way down past her elbows, the woman finds herself moaning into the mask even before the tendrils around her breasts begin to flick her nipples up and down, slickness wrapping up and down, side to side as if they knew what they were doing.
  14. Tenderly, two tentacles begin to explore Gina's crotch, one of them pulling her panties slightly to the side as the other begins to leave it's slimy trail up her thigh, dragging it wide to her belly before lowering to her clit. She pants as she feels the two cock-shaped tendrils begin to stroke and slide all around her crotch, slowly tracing the shape of her vagina up and down before they take to both sides and, pushing slightly, pull the lips apart, stretching her pussy open before letting it close slightly, pressing on her lips again and again as Gina starts to pant and groan. Despite having this... monster... giving her such cool ministrations, she began to wonder what was next... If it was going to... give her what came next. Stretching her tongue, she begins to idly spar with the tentacle exploring her mouth, realizing that it was starting to push further, deeper into her mouth... With a gulp, it slides down her throat slightly, feeling the pressure as she gags across it's tip, pulling back and forth into it's mask-like sheath down to the back of her throat before forcing itself in.
  15. Down below, the tentacles around her breasts give a tight squeeze as both tentacles take their places by her holes, heads pressing tantelizingly against her pussy and asshole, sliding back and forth as though waiting to take the plunge. Haru-chan gives a groan, shaking it's jowls and opening wide as though making a cutely small roar, almost making Gina laugh out loud around the tentacle in her mouth if it hadn't chosen that moment to penetrate her pussy. The tentacles slides in easily, slick with it's own saliva and slime, sliding in inches at a time as it wriggles and flops around her sensitive hole. From below, Gina feels the tentacle waiting at her bottom entrance slowly push it's head in as well, slickness adding to tighness as her butt tries to keep the intruding member out with pressure alone.
  16. Despite herself, Gina starts to buck and moan under Haru-Chan's sliding, lewd movements, her breasts being squeezed tight, her mouth feeling the pressure of a small tongue fucking her throat while being pushed into more and more from her crotch. The tentacles were endless, slowly moving through her sex as they push in and out, always just a little bit more in at a time before they begin to slide, flexing to keep the pressure on her most sensitive, sensual parts. Then, without bothering to take turns, she'd be fucked IN, the penis-tentacles slowly slipping in deeper and deeper, never more than what she was comfortable taking before stopping and just writhing in her pussy and ass, sending her to new heights before once, again, sliding out slowly and tenderly...
  17. Her orgasm came quick, however, when the organism finally reached her deepest depths of her pussy, pressing up agains her womb for just a moment before retreating quickly - As if it was afraid of something, or maybe excited. Either way, the sudden movement catches her by surprise, as she squeezes down hard on Haru-Chan's tendrils, slick, wet slime of her own running down her legs as the creatures finally lets her go. She feels the slick tentacles around her arms loosen, and the one fucking her face like a mask tenses before letting go, tentacle finally flopping out of her mouth while the ones wrapping around her breasts give one last, joyful tug before undoing themselves. Slowly, Haru-chan pulls out and away, leaving a trail of slime all over Gina's body leading to it's terrifying, cone-headed mouth - Now closed once again, hiding it's secret inside.
  18. Pulling her legs away from the beast, Gina draws around, sliding out of her now-messy bed to sit on the edge, as her large, monstrous lover crawls up beside her, placing it's head gingerly in her lap before flopping onto it's side and sighing heavily.She slides her loose shirt back down over her cold, wet nipples, before, tentatively, stroking the beast across the back of it's neck - Haru-chan loved being scratched behind the ears, and it seems that it wasn't changing it's habits just yet.
  19. "Gina, you hear that just now?" A knock on the door precipitates a guest before she has time to process - A blonde head pops in, looking curiously at the two of them.
  20. "Haru-chan, uh, burped." Gina wasn't sure why, but she wasn't willing to explain what just happened yet... The psyker gives her a curious glare, shrugging before walking out.
  21. "No, she's just in there petting the dog... Dunno what gives. First she hates 'im, then she gives him treats in her room."
  22. Gina pet the dog slowly, ponderously, as it rolled onto it's belly and begged for a scratch on the chin. She sighs and itches the creature, obviously very pleased with itself, and blushes. Maybe it wasn't so bad having a dog after all...
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