My Giant Snake Kain't Be This Bro

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  1. [01:57:46] <Kain> Later that evening...
  2. [01:59:29] <Kain> The seashore below Daguerreo is quiet, almost relaxing as the waves lap against the beach. No one seems to be present, but as you approach the waters, the mammoth serpent emerges from the tide.
  3. [02:00:32] * Natalie skips along the beach, wearing a much more playful expression than the serpent saw last time. Happily, she waves. "Hi again!"
  4. [02:01:08] <Kain> Leviathan: "Hm. Your demeanor's changed quite a bit from earlier. Now, what did you need?"
  5. [02:01:23] * Amaryllis follows in silence, holding the crystal in one hand, her journal tucked under the other arm.
  6. [02:02:10] <Natalie> "Yeah, sorry if I acted weird earlier. But it's fun. What I wanted to talk about..." Staring right in his face, Nat pulls her bangs up, proudly displaying the ruby on her forehead.
  7. [02:02:27] <Natalie> "Have we met before?"
  8. [02:02:34] <Kain> Leviathan: "Well now, what have we here? This looks familiar..." He bends down for a closer look.
  9. [02:02:53] * Natalie stands on tiptoes for him.
  10. [02:03:15] <Kain> Leviathan: "Ah, yes. That ruby... it shines like hers did..."
  11. [02:04:30] <Natalie> "Hers? Someone else's?" Nat's head leans a little. "Weird, I could've sworn it was always mine."
  12. [02:05:19] <Natalie> "Well I'm all ears! Any chance at remembering something is what I really need. Since I kinda... Lost most of it."
  13. [02:05:58] <Kain> Leviathan: "It's... remarkably reminiscent of my fellow Eidolon, Carbuncle, who was tasked by the summoners of Madain Sari to seal me within the Iifa Tree for a number of years after the fools failed to summon me properly. They get ahead of themselves in their techniques, then go and seal the eidolon away the moment something goes wrong, instead of trying to correct the technique of the summoner. And of course they use another eidolon to do so, so that was bothersome for both of us."
  14. [02:06:36] <Kain> Leviathan: "Your eyes..."
  15. [02:07:00] <Kain> Leviathan: "...could you be? But no, surely you'd remember me if so."
  16. [02:07:10] <Natalie> "... And you think that was someone else and not me?" Now she wears a smug smirk, much more noble-like.
  17. [02:07:46] <Natalie> "I'm me. I've always been me. But my memory..." Headshake.
  18. [02:08:04] * Amaryllis whispers to Nat. "Respect. You are here to request assistance, and he may yet bear ill will toward you given his tale."
  19. [02:08:14] <Kain> Leviathan: "...I see. Perhaps you're another one of those damaged by the fracture of the crystal."
  20. [02:08:45] <Kain> Leviathan: "A moment." the dragon concentrates for a second...
  21. [02:09:02] <Kain> Then he spits out a blast of water at Natalie!
  22. [02:09:04] <Natalie> "It started going away around the time I met Ammy." She nods to Ammy too. "And it's kept going away. I already forgot most of what my old life was like..."
  23. [02:09:14] <Natalie> "GWAAH"
  24. [02:09:23] <Kain> ...right before it hits, however, a shield of light sparkles and diverts it to the side.
  25. [02:09:50] * Amaryllis blinks in surprise, losing her stoic demeanor.
  26. [02:10:01] <Kain> Leviathan nods, satisfied.
  27. [02:10:36] <Natalie> "... Phew." She sits down in a catlike pose. "See? I told you I can't remember... But I'm still me."
  28. [02:10:56] <Kain> Leviathan: "It's been nearly ten years, Carbuncle. Despite what your companion suggests, though - and by the way I have excellent hearing - I do not bear you any ill will. It was simply the summoners' way, to avoid a tragedy like Alexandria's from reoccuring."
  29. [02:11:26] <Natalie> "So, sorry for all the stuff I did before then... Well, I should probably apologize once I remember it myself."
  30. [02:11:28] <Amaryllis> "My apologies." Ammy mumbles with a nod.
  31. [02:11:57] <Kain> Leviathan: "Do you remember what's become of your summoner?"
  32. [02:12:06] * Natalie scratches herself with a leg. "So, have you not felt anything like this, Levvie? Memory loss?"
  33. [02:12:12] <Kain> Leviathan shakes his head.
  34. [02:12:17] <Kain> Leviathan: "I am fortunate."
  35. [02:13:16] <Natalie> "... Strange. We don't have any leads." Nat stands and shrugs. "But of MY summoner... I don't know. I lost it all. When we found the crystal, I remembered A summoner."
  36. [02:13:39] <Kain> Leviathan: "That is a start, perhaps."
  37. [02:13:59] <Natalie> "So I guess that's probably the case. A blue-haired girl with a horn I said, right, Ammy?"
  38. [02:14:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "I'll start off with what I know, then. To my knowledge, your summoner, and mine, are the only remaining living members of that tribe."
  39. [02:14:56] <Natalie> "... Living? So my Summoner's still alive, even though I'm... Like this?"
  40. [02:15:08] <Natalie> "Nnnn."
  41. [02:15:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "I don't know, but I have no reason to believe otherwise at the moment."
  42. [02:15:33] <Kain> Leviathan: "Our summoners were companions."
  43. [02:15:47] <Kain> Leviathan: "Though now mine reigns as high queen of Alexandria."
  44. [02:16:08] <Natalie> "Gotcha. I'd be disappointed if somebody who summoned me didn't even say goodbye when they were done... Or maybe it was me who didn't."
  45. [02:17:02] * Natalie headshakes again. "Sorry. So if you remember yours... Does mine sound any familiar?"
  46. [02:17:15] <Kain> Leviathan: "Unfortunately I didn't know the girl very well myself, but I do know her name."
  47. [02:17:26] <Kain> Leviathan: "Eiko Carol."
  48. [02:17:48] <Kain> Leviathan: "You were one of five eidolons in her service."
  49. [02:17:56] * Natalie gulps a bit and focuses, trying to make something of the memory.
  50. [02:18:08] <Kain> All you can bring up is the face of that young girl.
  51. [02:18:11] <Natalie> "Nnnn... Carol, Carol, Carol....."
  52. [02:18:20] * Amaryllis scribbles the name in her journal.
  53. [02:18:21] <Kain> but that name -sounds- right.
  54. [02:18:47] <Natalie> "... Yes, do that. Thanks, Ammy. It feels right."
  55. [02:19:04] <Kain> Leviathan: "The others bound to her were Fenrir, Titan, Phoenix... and a newcomer called Madeen."
  56. [02:19:56] <Kain> Leviathan: "As I understand it the former two were in a joint-bond sort of arrangement, they both were summoned at once when called."
  57. [02:20:09] * Amaryllis cocks her head at 'newcomer'. Newcomer means new stories! But she keeps her excitement under wraps and remains silent.
  58. [02:20:10] * Natalie walks up closer to Leviathan. "You've helped me a lot already. So I'll let you finish, but... As we are this time, let's be friends, all right? It really gets to me to think we've had quarrels in the past at all."
  59. [02:20:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "But details about the girl herself... I can't offer more than that."
  60. [02:20:23] <Kain> Leviathan: "...hahahaha."
  61. [02:20:34] <Kain> Leviathan: "You really are yourself, even without your memories."
  62. [02:20:38] <Natalie> "Her face... Her smile, those say enough. Kinda."
  63. [02:20:50] <Kain> Leviathan reaches over with a massive claw and rests it on your head.
  64. [02:21:18] <Kain> Leviathan: "I wish you luck in regaining your memory, Carbuncle."
  65. [02:21:30] <Kain> Leviathan: "Take care in all you do."
  66. [02:21:43] * Natalie pinches her own cheeks. "The one and only! Take a good look. ... Why I look like this still makes no sense, though. That's another memory gone."
  67. [02:22:06] <Natalie> "But I will, ehehe. Thanks. Should I tell your summoner you said hi too?"
  68. [02:23:12] <Natalie> "We'll be around a lot, I bet. Especially if we listen to that crazy crystal."
  69. [02:23:34] <Natalie> "And I bet we will, since it means more stories for Ammy."
  70. [02:23:47] <Kain> Leviathan: "Some of us can change form if needed... not all. I remember Ramuh was fond of looking like an ordinary human himself... oh? If you happen to meet with the queen of alexandria, then yes, that would be appreciated. The child's horn was forcibly taken from her when she was young. To summoners, their horn imparts a sense as major to them as sight, taste, or hearing to anyone else...
  71. [02:23:47] <Kain> a way to talk with eidolons without words."
  72. [02:25:15] <Natalie> "Oh... I chose to look like this and then forgot. Right," she loopily conks herself on the head. "That sounds like me and explains a lot. Blue hair is really cute, isn't it? Maybe I wanted to look more like her."
  73. [02:25:59] <Kain> Leviathan: "Madeen, the one I mentioned... her preferred form was a Moogle."
  74. [02:26:07] <Kain> It gives a massive sort of shrug.
  75. [02:26:26] <Natalie> "I wouldn't really recommend against it myself, it feels nice. Humans are really interesting too." She nods and obviously strains herself trying to remember again.
  76. [02:26:47] <Natalie> "Moogles... I can see why. It's hard to dislike them."
  77. [02:27:23] <Kain> Leviathan: "If you need not anything else. then what of you?" he turns to Amaryllis.
  78. [02:27:47] * Amaryllis looks up being addressed and can't help it anymore, stepping forward and blurting out. "Leviathan, what know you of methods of restoring such an eidolon's lost memory, of rebuilding the inner sanctum of their mind wherein lie their stories?" It's all a tad overwrought.
  79. [02:28:08] <Natalie> "Either way, thanks a lot for all your help, Levv- ... Leviathan. I'll be on my way." She lowers her tone and backs out to let Ammy talk.
  80. [02:28:20] <Amaryllis> "I came with Carbuncle in secret. I intend to hear your stories when the Burmecian visits, but I feel a responsibility to attend to my friend as well."
  81. [02:28:39] <Kain> Leviathan: "If I knew, I would have already offered my advice. The best I can think of is to follow the crystal's wisdom."
  82. [02:28:55] * Natalie doesn't actually leave, but sits idly by with a grin.
  83. [02:29:06] <Kain> Leviathan: "There may yet be ways of helping the process, but if so I don't know. Sorry."
  84. [02:29:41] <Natalie> "Thanks for trying, Ammy. I'll always be me, so there's that!"
  85. [02:30:38] <Amaryllis> "...Right." Ammy sighs.
  86. [02:31:17] <Amaryllis> "If you are still as Carbuncle was before in spirit, that is to be celebrated..." Ammy trails off into disappointed mutters.
  87. [02:31:51] <Amaryllis> They continue on as she slowly gives Leviathan a respectful bow.
  88. [02:32:04] <Kain> Leviathan: "Frankly, this ordeal with the crystal has never happened before and no one has tried to correct it thus far, so my knowledge on the matter is lacking."
  89. [02:32:18] <Natalie> "Eiko Carol... I wonder how different she looks now? Maybe she missed me... Or maybe not, she could've called me to say hi at some point." She goes back to :<. "Maybe she did and I forgot..."
  90. [02:33:13] <Kain> Leviathan clicks a claw against the scales on his face thoughtfully, and nods. "I do think she's missed you."
  91. [02:33:19] <Natalie> "Well! I won't let all this go to waste. Hopefully we can meet again, okay Levvie? I could tell YOU stories when I do."
  92. [02:33:44] <Kain> Leviathan: "Hahaha, of course. I look forward to that, Carbuncle."
  93. [02:33:47] <Natalie> Grin. "Do take care."
  94. [02:34:01] <Kain> He nods again, with a smile.
  95. [02:34:08] * Natalie clings to Ammy and skips off, waving~
  96. [02:34:09] * Amaryllis smiles. "Then we shall meet her Nat. The tale of your companionship must not end on a cliffhanger after all."
  97. [02:35:16] * Natalie grins back. "Careful neither of you slip when you come back for stories. Hush-hush~"
  98. [02:35:24] <Kain> The leviathan begins to slip back into the tides.
  99. [02:36:25] * Amaryllis reaches over to brush Nat's bangs up, giving a last concerned look at the ruby before continuing to walk back with her.
  100. [02:37:20] * Natalie leans ln her companion during the walk and lets out a yawn. And so the adventure of oh I can't be this shameless
  101. [02:37:37] <Kain> And so the adventure of life goes on
  102. [02:37:41] <Amaryllis> AND SO THE ADVENTURE - damnit
  103. [02:37:52] <Natalie> BUT YOU GUYS CAN
  104. [02:37:55] <Natalie> HA HA!
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