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Watchers' THIS TIME TOTALLY full chat log

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  1. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd started the chat 16 hours ago
  2. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd sent out invitation(s)
  3. Slender Man joined the chat 16 hours ago
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  6. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Welcome brothers. I have changed the meeting from our previous chat room to here for efficiency.
  7. TheJester: Thats Fine I Really Don't Mind. Considering MetalCod F*cked Up The Last Chat Room Anyways.
  8. Slender Man: Yes, let us how we do not go through that catastrophe again.
  10. TheJester: You Never Give A Crap About Anything. Anyways, Is This All The Watchers?
  11. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Not all. I am just inviting all three Main pieces.
  12. Slender Man: You mean Queen, King, and both Bishops?
  13. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Exactly...
  15. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Now we discuss the current plans.
  16. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: With the Cabal taking over, and the Metaguards on high alert, our activities will be strained.
  17. Slender Man: Yes, I recently added a couple of posts to a series of blogs.
  18. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Drop your post log off to me later Slender.
  19. Slender Man: No prob.
  20. TheJester: So What's The Plan?
  21. TheJester: The plan? Same as last time. These fictionals are disgusting mongrels. It is our job to make sure they die.
  23. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Jester! Calm down bishop. Restrain yourself.
  24. TheJester: My Fault Sir Sorry.
  25. Slender Man: Oi Vey.
  26. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Yes, as Jester so kindly pointed out, our objective has not changed. Fictionals are disgusting monsters. We humans are the ultimate force to gain supremacy over the disgusting figures.
  28. TheJester: I Agree, They Are Becoming A Threat To Our Civilization.
  29. Slender Man: As do I.
  30. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Well now that we have come to an agreement, let's discuss our main focus...
  31. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Romeo and Juliet.
  32. DeathWithAFace: OH NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!
  33. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: I merely needed the Queen here for the meeting. You can leave. Your job doesn't lie with the Lovers.
  35. DeathWithAFace joined the chat 15 hours ago
  36. DeathWithAFace left the chat 15 hours ago
  37. TheJester: i tHINK hE iS sTILL gETTING uSED tO hOW tHIS sITE wORKS...
  38. TheJester: Woah Cps Lock.
  39. Slender Man: I dislike it when that happens.
  40. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Alright you two. You have new objectives.
  41. Slender Man: All ears.
  42. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Bishop Slender, you take Juliets Blog.
  43. Slender Man: All right.
  44. TheJester: What About Me?
  45. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Jester you take Romeo.
  46. TheJester: All Right.
  47. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: You know your job. Either break them up or find a way to get them killed. I am still looking for a way to obliterate the Fictional Universe from this plain of existence.
  48. TheJester: What About Mr. Administrator?
  49. Slender Man: He doesn't know anything Jester I assure you. No need to be paranoid.
  50. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Well now that this is done meeting adjourned.
  51. Slender Man: Goodbye.
  52. TheJester: Good Night!
  53. Slender Man left the chat 15 hours ago
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  56. AlchemistPractI joined the chat 14 hours ago
  57. AlchemistPractI: Looks like I was late to the party... Oh dear...
  58. AlchemistPractI left the chat 14 hours ago
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  61. D joined the chat 24 minutes ago
  62. D: Seriously!?
  63. Avariel joined the chat 11 minutes ago
  64. AlchemistPractI joined the chat 43 seconds ago
  65. AlchemistPractI: XD
  66. AlchemistPractI: It appears Jester advertised the chat room on his profile.
  67. AlchemistPractI: I told you guys we never should have elevated him to Bishop status.\
  68. D: "This is totally a super-secret link, don't click"? Gimme a fucking break!
  69. AlchemistPractI: XD He is an idiot on all accounts no?
  70. D: What's this all about?
  71. AlchemistPractI: I swear sometimes the boy cracks me up.
  72. AlchemistPractI: Unfortunately I do not have the authority to tell you anything about the Watchers.
  73. AlchemistPractI: You are not a Watcher yourself.
  74. AlchemistPractI: I am deeply sorry.
  75. D: Who the hell are the Watchers?
  76. AlchemistPractI: Unfortunately Watcher is going to be very pissed at Jester so we will see how this turns out.
  77. AlchemistPractI: You don't need to know. Unfortunately Jester has a habit of being an idiot.
  78. AlchemistPractI: He was never supposed to advertise this chat room
  79. AlchemistPractI: I hope he gets demoted.
  80. D: Not buying it.
  81. AlchemistPractI: XD This has been an interesting day XD
  82. AlchemistPractI: I must say.
  83. AlchemistPractI: I am glad you're not buying it believe me.
  84. AlchemistPractI: In fact you were never supposed to see this.
  85. D: Let me say what Mr. A has to say about this =P
  86. AlchemistPractI: I really don't care.
  87. D: I know what he'll say, though. Just need a confirmation.
  88. AlchemistPractI: He is not my concern now or ever.
  89. AlchemistPractI: So go ahead.
  90. AlchemistPractI: D nice to meet you btw
  91. AlchemistPractI: I am AlchemistPractI
  92. AlchemistPractI: I have a twitter if you ever want to follow someone ^^
  93. AlchemistPractI: I'll follow you back
  94. AlchemistPractI: You seem like a nice person.
  95. AlchemistPractI: ???Hello???
  96. AlchemistPractI:
  97. AlchemistPractI: XD
  98. AlchemistPractI: I overdo it on the chatting so much XD
  99. lurker joined the chat
  100. AlchemistPractI: Oh boy another one.
  101. AlchemistPractI: Sorry good sir but this chat is practically empty.
  102. AlchemistPractI: You won't find much of value here.
  103. AlchemistPractI: XD
  104. AlchemistPractI: I am dying of laughter currently at this presetn moment.
  105. AlchemistPractI: Why am I still here?
  106. AlchemistPractI: IDK
  107. The Finch joined the chat 10 seconds ago
  108. Victin joined the chat 7 seconds ago
  109. The Finch: Hi there!
  110. AlchemistPractI: Oh God here we go again...
  111. Victin: Hello!
  112. AlchemistPractI: Sir. You won't find anything useful here...
  113. AlchemistPractI: Trust me it's empty.
  114. AlchemistPractI: I am sorry but this was originally supposed to be private but...
  115. AlchemistPractI: Some idiot posted it on his signature...
  116. The Finch: Are you sure? I'm pretty sure the Jester did so.
  117. AlchemistPractI: That was the idiot.
  118. The Finch: Yes, that was him.
  119. AlchemistPractI: If you want you can look up at the very top to see what this chat room was really for.
  120. Victin: What was this supposed to be?
  121. AlchemistPractI: You won't get many answers though and I won't provide any.
  122. The Finch: You were trying to kill Romeo and Juliet?!?
  123. AlchemistPractI: Again. I won't provide any info.
  124. AlchemistPractI: I don't have clearance.
  125. The Finch: (Grabs Alchemist)
  126. The Finch: TELL ME
  127. AlchemistPractI: I have no reason to get demoted to a Pawn.
  128. Victin: I can't see the top. Every time you post I'm sent back to bot
  129. AlchemistPractI: Oh sorry. NOBODY POST!
  130. D: http://pastebin.com/JAEa3twx
  131. D: Всё учтено могучим ураганом.
  132. The Finch: Hi, D.
  133. Victin: Dryuyna?
  134. D: Sup.
  135. Victin: Hey.
  136. D: Sssh there, I'm undercover. г_г
  137. The Finch: I'm trying to get info from this guy.
  138. D: Don't bother.
  139. Victin: TheJester here is the same Jester from the forums?
  140. The Finch: I see.
  141. AlchemistPractI: Yes.
  142. The Finch: Probally.
  143. AlchemistPractI: That I can tell you.
  144. AlchemistPractI: And he is an idiot.
  145. AlchemistPractI: He never should have advertised the damn chat in the first place.
  146. The Finch: Put this on the Timeline, D.
  147. The Finch: This is some big news.
  148. D: Not yet.
  149. AlchemistPractI: Oh God...
  150. The Finch: Got it.
  151. Victin: I saw that coming.
  152. AlchemistPractI: Now we have been found out...
  153. Victin: TheJester, not this.
  154. The Finch: IT'S OVER
  155. Victin: Oh wait.
  156. AlchemistPractI: This is going to piss off Death so much...
  159. AlchemistPractI: DeathWithAFace has never liked Jester...
  160. The Finch: YOU'RE COMING WITH US
  161. AlchemistPractI: To where?
  162. The Finch: To the Coffee Room.
  163. AlchemistPractI: Uh... Ok. I guess I will register?
  164. D: o_O
  165. The Finch: That's where you'll tell us everything.
  166. Victin: Wait, so this Slender Man reminds me of the Youtube's Slenderman.
  167. D: Guys... we have standards.
  168. The Finch: He won't talk though!
  169. D: Please... don't. No Coffee Room.
  170. AlchemistPractI: Don't invite me if you don't want me there.
  171. The Finch: Fine, we'll take you to the Disscussion Room.
  172. AlchemistPractI: I won't talk here or there or anywhere.
  173. AlchemistPractI: You will unfortunately get nothing out of me.
  174. The Finch: D, make a new thread. We need answers.
  175. D: No I won't.
  176. AlchemistPractI: I am sorry but this whole event is cracking me up!
  177. Victin: Okay, only for the count, which guy is whom from the Cabal?
  178. AlchemistPractI: Funniest crap I have seen today.
  179. Victin: Are you Mr. A?
  180. AlchemistPractI: No XD
  181. AlchemistPractI: Why would I be Mr. A?
  182. The Finch: Are you from the Kabals?
  183. AlchemistPractI: Nope
  184. Victin: Are you a Metaguard?
  185. AlchemistPractI: The Cabal go against everything we believe.
  186. AlchemistPractI: No
  187. AlchemistPractI: I am a Watcher.
  188. The Finch: A Watcher?
  189. AlchemistPractI: We are the Watchers.
  190. D: Oh wow, Twitter offered me Nathan Fillion as a soulmate. Best news for today. =D
  191. AlchemistPractI: YESH!
  192. AlchemistPractI: I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND AND...
  193. D: Shuddap.
  194. Victin: Congrats.
  195. AlchemistPractI: Uh...
  196. AlchemistPractI: XD
  197. The Finch: A Toast!
  198. AlchemistPractI: So what are you guys on the forum? Just curious...
  199. AlchemistPractI: Like username wise.
  200. The Finch: The Finch.
  201. AlchemistPractI: Oh XD
  202. D: I don't tell, I'm undercover. г_г
  203. AlchemistPractI: I am quite magnanimously slow tday.
  204. AlchemistPractI: James Bond?
  205. AlchemistPractI: XD
  206. The Finch: Why, what is your name?
  207. D: Sure, why not.
  208. AlchemistPractI: I am not as good at puns as Jester.
  209. Victin: Is Vanessa Slender?
  210. AlchemistPractI: I am AlchemistPractI I have a twitter too with the same name
  211. D: Jester is not good at puns, either.
  212. Victin: Mistook
  213. AlchemistPractI: No Vanessa is not Slender.
  214. Victin: Is Vanessa TheJester?
  215. AlchemistPractI: NO!
  216. Victin: YES!
  217. AlchemistPractI: Vanessa has nothing to do with us!
  218. AlchemistPractI: She never will.
  219. Victin: Why so angry?
  220. AlchemistPractI: We are all men if you must know.
  221. D: For god's sake people! Didn't the megathread teach you anything! >​_<
  222. AlchemistPractI: An organization with no women members.
  223. AlchemistPractI: And you wouldn't be angry?
  224. D: Well, Mr. A throws parties with himself to solve this problem. XD
  225. AlchemistPractI: XD
  226. AlchemistPractI: You are very funny D.
  227. AlchemistPractI: I am glad I met you.
  228. D: We forgot to ask him if he makes out with himself. =( I was geniunely interested. =(
  229. AlchemistPractI: If you want to show people this it is fine with me.
  230. AlchemistPractI: OneWhoWatches will most likely move the chat over to another on.
  231. The Finch: Good. It will be nice to see you on the Fourm.
  232. AlchemistPractI: And Jester will most likely be demoted >
  233. AlchemistPractI: Wait...
  234. AlchemistPractI: I have to join?
  235. AlchemistPractI: If you guys REALLY want.
  236. AlchemistPractI: Sure whatev.
  237. D: BRIAN DONT
  238. D: ...shit. =(
  239. AlchemistPractI: Look do you guys want me there or not?
  240. AlchemistPractI: Seriously I am not a toy...
  241. D: Yes you are.
  242. AlchemistPractI: I would like to be treated with respect.
  243. AlchemistPractI: Thank you very much.
  244. D: ^__^
  245. AlchemistPractI: XD
  246. AlchemistPractI: I think I am going to go.
  247. D: Whatever.
  248. AlchemistPractI: Death is probably going to turn the world upside down looking for Jester...
  249. AlchemistPractI: And I am usually the one that calms him down.
  250. The Finch: It would be nice for you to join!
  251. D: WMG: Alchemist are Adell.
  252. AlchemistPractI: I am not a Metaguard though...
  253. D: *is
  254. AlchemistPractI: I thought that site was exclusive to Metaguards?
  255. AlchemistPractI: I am not Adell.
  256. AlchemistPractI: I am AlchemistPractI I have no other aliases
  257. D: Dude. We have a talking lime there, and you think it's exclusive?
  258. AlchemistPractI: Guess not.
  259. AlchemistPractI: Alright I will join.
  260. AlchemistPractI: I won't guarantee regular posts though
  261. D: (Next time I see anybody RPing on our forum, I'll shoot him on sight. >​_<
  262. AlchemistPractI: Ugh whatever.
  263. AlchemistPractI: I don't think it worked.
  264. AlchemistPractI: Look guys as fun as it would be to discuss things with you. I don't think it is going to worlk.
  265. AlchemistPractI: Sorry my friends. Until next time we may meet again.
  266. AlchemistPractI left the chat
  267. The Finch joined the chat
  268. D: Full chat log: http://pastebin.com/G0NZ0RRG (sweet ID, btw XD)
  269. D: We're done here. Mr. A is still silent about the guys.
  270. D: Victin, I can't believe you took them seriously. >​_<
  271. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd joined the chat
  272. The Finch: We're not done yet!
  273. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: I don't believe this...
  274. D: Вторая часть Марлезонского балета...
  275. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Jester... Not again...
  276. eli_gone_grazy joined the chat
  277. Victin: I wasn't taking them seriously
  278. Victin: I was pretening to because I wasn't sure what they were
  279. D: Oh. Fine then. ^_^
  280. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Whoa re you people and why are you here?
  281. Victin: And I'm still not
  283. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: It doesn't matter.
  284. D: PUT 'EM UP!
  285. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: No...
  286. The Finch: YOU'RE COMING WITH US
  287. D: PUT EM THE FUCK UP!!
  288. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Consider the infactions to sind the solutions.
  289. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Wow typos galore.
  290. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: I will do no such thing.
  291. Victin: Give up!
  292. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Do you not have better things to do Finch?
  293. D: What is "Infaction"? My dictionary doesn't know that. >​_<
  294. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Victin?
  295. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: D?
  296. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Or should I refer to D as Sicon?
  297. D: XD
  299. Victin:
  300. The Finch: LOL
  301. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: It doesn't matter.
  302. D: That's the best compliment done to me in the history of ever XD
  303. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Why are any of you people here anyways?
  304. D: Just chillin'. You?
  305. The Finch: Jester.
  306. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Jester...
  307. eli_gone_grazy: observation
  308. D: Ssshhh... г_г
  309. The Finch: His sig had this website.
  310. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Of course it's always Jester...
  311. Victin joined the chat
  312. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Everytime something is fucked up...
  313. eli_gone_grazy: expect the jester to arrive
  314. eli_gone_grazy:
  315. The Finch: I knew he had A fishy taste when I first saw him!
  316. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: It's always Jester.
  317. TheJester joined the chat
  318. TheJester: Oh Crap...
  319. Victin: ♕
  320. D: *popcorn*
  321. Victin: Is this you?
  322. The Finch: IT'S OVER JESTER
  323. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Jester... Do you realize what you have done?
  324. eli_gone_grazy: yeah, do you?
  325. TheJester: Uh... Maybe?
  326. eli_gone_grazy: XO
  328. Victin: Jester is this you? ==>​ ♚
  329. TheJester: Look I Am So Sorry...
  330. TheJester: I Was Trying To Find Watcher Members...
  331. The Finch:   ​
  333. D: I lol so hard right now.
  334. TheJester: Oh...
  335. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd: Enough of this... We will discuss this at the next meeting. I don't need prying eyes...
  336. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd left the chat
  337. eli_gone_grazy: O_O
  338. TheJester: Oh Shit...
  339. The Finch: Damn, he left!
  340. TheJester: Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit
  342. D: Well go after him and confess your love!
  343. Victin: YOU'RE ARRESTED!
  344. TheJester: I Am So Fucked!
  345. D: ...oh wait, Wrong Genre Savvy.
  346. eli_gone_grazy: XD
  348. The Finch: YOU'RE COMING WITH US
  349. TheJester: I Just Thought Some Members Would Be On The Forum Is All.
  350. TheJester: I Guess I Forgot.
  352. TheJester: What Am I Gonna Do? DX
  353. D: Nananananananana BATMAAAAAN
  354. The Finch: Tell us everything.
  355. eli_gone_grazy: try making a joke?
  356. Victin: Trololololololololololo ♪
  357. TheJester: Why Would I Tell You Anything?
  358. eli_gone_grazy: or you could ask for help
  359. TheJester: I Don't Need Watcher Even More Mad At Me?
  360. Victin: Because you want help
  361. eli_gone_grazy: we're not idiots >​_>​
  363. TheJester: Oh I See Whats Going On Here...
  365. TheJester: Bribary won't work on me...
  366. TheJester left the chat
  367. eli_gone_grazy: fuckkkkkkk
  368. D: Well, the show's over now.
  369. D: I'll hang out for some more, maybe they'll come back.
  370. The Finch: Well, that was fun. Just have to keep watching out for these guys.
  371. Victin: Well, I'm confused.
  372. D: Because I'm tired of making a new paste every time. >​_<
  373. eli_gone_grazy: ^ikr?
  374. Victin: I'll wait for Mr. Cake comfirmation.
  375. D: Nice site, btw. Maybe we should hang out here for private discussions. ^__^
  376. Victin: I agree.
  377. Victin left the chat
  378. Victin joined the chat
  379. DeathWithAFace joined the chat
  380. DeathWithAFace: MOTHERFUCKER.
  381. D: Here we go again.
  382. eli_gone_grazy: yo
  383. DeathWithAFace left the chat
  384. D: Sup bro.
  385. D: <____>​
  386. The Finch: That was fast.
  387. cOOL joined the chat
  388. cOOL: wHAT IS THIS?
  389. The Finch: Woah.
  390. eli_gone_grazy: this is a chat room
  391. D: o HAI
  392. cOOL: OHAITHAR!
  393. eli_gone_grazy: wHATSUPBRO
  394. Victin: O HAI
  396. cOOL: NUTTIN!
  397. cOOL:
  398. cOOL: Oh I see what this is...
  399. cOOL: HA! I found it!
  400. eli_gone_grazy: what
  401. The Finch: Are you realted to these guys in any way?
  402. cOOL: Nope.
  403. cOOL:
  404. cOOL: Wel...
  405. The Finch: Oh. Ok.
  406. eli_gone_grazy: what are you?
  407. cOOL: I investigate them sure.
  408. Victin joined the chat
  409. D: >​_______________________​_________________<
  410. cOOL: I have been tracking these guys for awhile.
  411. Victin discovers how to use Commands
  412. cOOL: I am a metagurad that never really joined your site.
  413. cOOL: *Metaguard
  414. eli_gone_grazy: wat.
  415. cOOL: I don't join many things DX
  416. Victin: So how did you get here?
  417. cOOL: I have my ways.
  418. Victin: How?
  419. The Finch: How?
  420. The Finch: TELL US, PLS
  421. cOOL: I can't reveal my sources.
  422. cOOL: Sorry DX
  423. D: Ahem, the forum is public, u know...
  424. cOOL: I can tell you anything just not that!
  425. Victin: Why am I even doing this?
  426. cOOL: IDK why are you?
  427. cOOL: If it doesn't concern you.
  428. cOOL: You seem pretty irritated.
  429. eli_gone_grazy: well then where are you?
  430. D: Well tell us your "anything"...
  431. cOOL: I am just a guy who has been following "them"
  432. eli_gone_grazy: uhuh...
  433. cOOL: I live's in florida
  434. cOOL:
  435. The Finch: "Them?" Who is them?
  436. cOOL: Sunshine and beaches
  437. D: Define "them".
  438. cOOL: The Watchers.
  439. D: Define "Watchers".
  440. cOOL: Think of the KKK only in your universe.
  441. eli_gone_grazy: what do you know about them?
  442. cOOL: Anti-Fictionals
  443. Victin: Who are you?
  444. cOOL: They hate fictionals
  445. cOOL: To a hot egree.
  446. cOOL: *Degree
  447. Victin: Like the teacher?
  448. cOOL: I already answered that XD
  449. The Finch: WMG: cOOL is the Teacher.
  450. cOOL: Who the teacher?
  451. cOOL: *Is
  452. D: Nah. Out of character.
  454. eli_gone_grazy: do you know what they do to fictionals if they find them>​
  455. cOOL: They kill them.
  456. The Finch: Ok...  
  457. cOOL: Lynching, assassination.
  458. cOOL: The works.
  459. D: Aaand?
  460. D: Does that even help? =P
  461. eli_gone_grazy: ok so the literal translation of the KKK or other supremacist group
  462. cOOL: They have a "Chess System" of ranking their members.
  463. The Finch: Chess System?
  464. cOOL: King, Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, And 8 Pawns
  466. D: .... oookaaaay... -_-
  467. eli_gone_grazy: so only 16 members?
  468. cOOL: 15 now.
  469. Victin: We know 1 Bishop and the Queen (TheJester)
  470. eli_gone_grazy: seems pretty.... small...
  471. cOOL: One guy got thrown out.
  472. D: XD
  473. Victin: TheJester?
  474. cOOL: No TheJester is The Bishop
  475. Victin: or would that be... you?
  476. eli_gone_grazy: too much of a twist
  477. cOOL: No
  478. The Finch: DUN DUN DUN
  479. cOOL: I would never join them...
  480. cOOL: Ever...
  481. Victin: No, I mean, he got thrown out
  482. cOOL: I am not that hateful.
  483. cOOL: No
  484. eli_gone_grazy: are you related to the fictionals? in any way
  485. D: I repeat my question: does killing the fics even help?
  486. cOOL: The guy who got thrown out was a guy named MetalCod
  487. The Finch: MetalCod... Somebody Google Search that.
  488. cOOL: MetalCod showed sympathy for the Wicked Witch after her ordeal with the banking thing.
  489. cOOL: So they threw him out with no mercy.
  490. cOOL: They are currently searching for a new Pawn.
  491. Victin: Me!
  492. cOOL: Why do you guys want to know all this BTW?
  493. Gurt joined the chat
  494. cOOL: urt?
  495. Gurt: No, I mean "Me!"
  496. D: Omg seriously???
  497. cOOL: *Gurt?
  498. The Finch: OH BOY, IT'S THE BIG DAWG
  499. Gurt: (psst no)
  500. cOOL: You guys are funny.
  501. The Finch: Awww....
  502. cOOL: XD
  503. Gurt joined the chat
  504. D: Guuuuurt XD
  505. cOOL: I like your username Finch.
  506. cOOL: BTW
  507. The Finch: Thanks!
  508. The Finch:
  509. cOOL: IDK Whats is going on!
  510. cOOL: Now you guys have to tell me how you got here and why you are still here and why you guys want to know whats going on!
  511. The Finch: Curiosity, Questions, and Limes.
  512. D: Allrite. What do you have to back your story with?
  513. cOOL: Nuttin I can show you.
  514. The Finch: TheJester.
  515. D: Well then.... gtfo?
  516. cOOL: This is MY investigation. I don't need you guys involved.
  517. eli_gone_grazy: we are here on our own investigation
  518. Gurt: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Re...
  519. cOOL: Oh. TheJester did it again huh XD
  520. The Finch: Eeyup.
  521. Gurt: It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Re...
  522. cOOL: XD
  523. D: Goddammit people, don't go waving your mission around in front of whoever you meet on the street!
  524. eli_gone_grazy: XD
  525. D: (Also, I'm pretty sure he knows the recap anyways)
  526. Gurt: It's dangerous to go alone! Don't take this http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Re... *
  527. cOOL: Don't you guys have to deal with The Cabal?
  528. Gurt: Is this better D?
  529. cOOL: How is that going BTW?
  530. eli_gone_grazy: (facepalm)
  531. The Finch:  Come on! We need more info!
  532. cOOL: Ask me then?
  533. cOOL: I will most likely tell you.
  534. Gurt: What passwords do you know?
  535. cOOL: Just not where I got my stuff.
  536. Gurt: For the Pheeble site?
  537. cOOL: Passwords to what?
  538. cOOL: Intor1 through 6
  539. cOOL: *Intro
  540. D: Ok you know what, screw this. I'll come back in an hour to reap the logs for the history. Enjoy playing in your sandbox.
  541. Gurt: any other?
  542. cOOL: Nope
  543. eli_gone_grazy: how are the watchers structured? do you know their identitites?
  544. cOOL: I haven't investigated them.
  545. cOOL: Yes I know their identities.
  546. Gurt: I'll stay here just in case this is important.
  547. Gurt: What do you know about Romeo?
  548. cOOL: Want the username?
  549. The Finch: But how do you know that TheJester is the Bishop?
  550. D: Gurt, you're free to go, I'll post the logs.
  551. The Finch: Yes.
  552. cOOL: Romeo is going through some shit right now XD
  553. Gurt: .
  554. Gurt: .
  555. Gurt: .
  556. cOOL: TheJester is a gullible idiot.
  557. Gurt: Okay, I'm gone.
  558. cOOL: It ain't that hard to get him to tell ya.
  559. The Finch: I see.
  560. wsegfsdHGRF joined the chat
  561. cOOL: Unless he reverts back to his "Other" personality.
  562. The Finch: "Other" Personallity?
  563. cOOL: You know how he always uses caps?
  564. The Finch: Yes...
  565. cOOL: Well when he isn't it is usually his other personality.
  566. eli_gone_grazy: is he trying to imitate someone?
  567. cOOL: No
  568. cOOL: He is fucking insane.
  569. cOOL: Nothing more nothing less.
  570. The Finch: Well, that escalated quickly.
  571. cOOL: Not as crazy as Death though.
  572. eli_gone_grazy: is death the executioner?
  573. cOOL: Where'd everybody go? D:
  574. wsegfsdHGRF: I'm here
  575. cOOL: No DeathWithAFace is the Queen
  576. The Finch: I'm here.
  577. cOOL: And yayz
  578. The Finch: Then who is the King?
  579. cOOL: OnWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd​.
  580. notD joined the chat
  581. eli_gone_grazy: is slenderman a pawn?
  582. cOOL: Slender Man?
  583. cOOL: OH! He is a Bishop
  584. The Finch: And Alcemist?
  585. cOOL: Sorry! XD
  586. cOOL: AlchemistPractI
  587. The Finch: *Alchemist?
  588. cOOL: Knight
  589. The Finch: Who is he?
  590. The Finch: Ok.
  591. cOOL: Alchemist is...
  592. cOOL: IDK
  593. eli_gone_grazy: do their names denotes their roles or are they just code names?
  594. cOOL: Everytime I try to get dirt on him either my sources disappear, die or IDK
  595. cOOL: Just aliases
  596. cOOL: Alchemist is a tricky fellow he is.
  597. eli_gone_grazy: the way its structured.
  598. eli_gone_grazy: as a chess board
  599. cOOL: o
  600. cOOL: No
  601. cOOL: They just make up their names.
  602. eli_gone_grazy: does a king have more power than a pawn?
  603. cOOL: The King is the founder so yea.
  604. cOOL: The King and Queen have the most power
  605. notD: And what about the Queen?
  606. cOOL: The Queen is the Co founder XD
  607. eli_gone_grazy: so OneWhoWatches has always been kin?
  608. cOOL: Yea
  609. eli_gone_grazy: king*?
  610. cOOL: Then it goes Bishops
  611. eli_gone_grazy: do you know how old the organization is?
  612. cOOL: Then Knights
  613. cOOL: Then Rooks
  614. cOOL: And then Pawns
  615. D: You're making shit up, aren't you.
  616. cOOL: About 7 months ago was when I started investigating.
  617. cOOL: Nope
  618. cOOL: Other than that IDK
  619. D: How did you know all that? Where did they chat? URLs? Logs?
  620. eli_gone_grazy: so you're telling me
  621. cOOL: I has an informant
  622. cOOL: I their place
  623. eli_gone_grazy: that an organization STARTED when you began the investigation.
  625. cOOL: I wasn't supposed to tell though
  626. cOOL: No
  627. cOOL: All I know about them was when I started investigating
  628. eli_gone_grazy: what made you begin investigating?
  629. cOOL: I don't know when they were founded sorry
  630. cOOL: Death of a friend.
  631. eli_gone_grazy: im sorry for your loss.
  632. cOOL: Whatev.
  633. eli_gone_grazy: were you close?
  634. cOOL: I just don't like talking 'bout it
  635. cOOL: And yes
  636. D: They killed your imaginary friend? That's dramatic. =D
  637. cOOL: They fucking lynched him
  638. cOOL: Ninj'd
  639. eli_gone_grazy: damn.
  640. cOOL: They hate fictionals.
  641. cOOL: It is a Human Supremacist group
  642. eli_gone_grazy: he was one?
  643. cOOL: A fictional?
  644. cOOL: Yea
  645. cOOL: I won't go into detail on that
  646. cOOL: I hope you undertand
  647. cOOL: *Understand
  648. eli_gone_grazy: i get it.
  649. cOOL: Thanks
  650. eli_gone_grazy: im curious. but i understand.
  651. notD: Why they are all male?
  652. cOOL: IDK
  653. cOOL: Guess women are more tolerant?
  654. eli_gone_grazy: are you going to take them down?
  655. cOOL: Or they are Chauvinistic?
  656. cOOL: I want to
  657. D: When did they kill your friend?
  658. cOOL: I honestly...
  659. cOOL: 78 months ago
  660. cOOL: *8
  661. cOOL: Sorry
  662. cOOL: 8 Months ago
  663. eli_gone_grazy: in Florida?
  664. cOOL: Oh crap... I gotzta go!
  665. cOOL: C yu guys!
  666. cOOL: Yea
  667. cOOL: It's been fun
  668. D: The arg began 2 months ago.
  669. D: Lol.
  670. cOOL: So?
  671. cOOL: What does it matter?
  672. D: So you're full of shit, bro.
  673. cOOL: According to your universe fictionals began popping up over time.
  674. cOOL: Mr. A is not and never will be God
  676. cOOL: He can't know everything.
  677. eli_gone_grazy: what the difference between your universe and mine?
  678. D: I know it by my fucking heart.
  679. cOOL: Why are you so angry D?
  680. cOOL: What has got you so irritated?
  681. cOOL: I am just trying to be nice here.
  682. D: You killed by brother.
  683. cOOL: No I didn't.
  684. D: Also, my right hand is a chipmunk.
  685. cOOL: *Facepalm*
  686. cOOL: C ya gaiz
  687. D: How the fuck can I be cool when my hand is a fucking chipmunk!?
  688. eli_gone_grazy: wait.
  689. cOOL: Wat?
  690. cOOL: II need to go so hurry.
  691. cOOL: Please.
  692. eli_gone_grazy: do you know the differnece between our universe?
  693. eli_gone_grazy: and yours?
  694. cOOL: What you believe is true and what you believe isn't true
  695. cOOL: That is the difference.
  696. cOOL: Every human has it's own universe
  697. cOOL: That is what makes us unique
  698. eli_gone_grazy: ok....
  699. cOOL: That is why I love the planet we live in
  700. cOOL: We are all different.
  701. cOOL: In my universe
  702. cOOL: I believe the Watchers exist within your universe of Fictionals
  703. cOOL: You probably do not.
  704. cOOL: Get it?
  705. eli_gone_grazy: yes and no
  706. cOOL: Sorry Idk how to put it any simpler...
  707. eli_gone_grazy: is there another place we can contact you?
  708. cOOL: I really gotta go SORRY!
  709. cOOL: Let's see...
  710. cOOL: No.
  711. cOOL: But don't worry.
  712. cOOL: We will meet again. I know it!
  713. cOOL left the chat
  714. D: Shit no... >​_<
  715. eli_gone_grazy: ugh.
  716. D: Fine. We're done here. That was fun at first, but just no more. I'm packing up the logs for our descendants. Everyone may leave now.
  717. eli_gone_grazy: ill stay on for a while longer.
  718. D: Don't. You're provoking them.
  719. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd joined the chat
  720. notD: So, Do I go?
  721. notD: guess not
  722. OneWhoWatchesOverTheCrowd left the chat
  723. D: You do now. ^_^
  724. eli_gone_grazy: XD
  725. D: Srsly. I need to have the logs up-to date. If you don't leave, they won't be. OCD. Have mercy. -_-
  726. eli_gone_grazy: ok but im coming back here later.
  727. notD: Ok, bye
  728. D: PM me if there's anything ACTUALLY WORTH our attention.
  729. eli_gone_grazy: kk baus
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