Pokemon Red speedrunning guide

Jan 15th, 2015
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  1. Pokemon Red any% glitchless speedrunning guide
  2. Updated January 16, 2015
  6. I. Introduction
  7. II. Category rules
  8. III. Game mechanics
  9. a. Movement
  10. b. Menuing
  11. c. Encounters
  12. 1. DSum
  13. 2. Catch rate
  14. 3. Three-step rule
  15. d. Battles
  16. 1. Badge boosts
  17. 2. Critical hits
  18. 3. Damage calculation
  19. 4. Accuracy
  20. 5. Trainer AI
  21. 6. Animations
  22. e. DVs
  23. 1. Correspondence
  24. 2. Key combinations
  25. 3. Stat exp.
  26. f. Red bar
  27. IV. Risk management
  28. V. Basic walkthrough
  29. VI. Detailed Walkthrough
  30. VII. Tables
  31. a. Damage range chart
  32. b. Nidoran DV chart
  33. c. Late-game strat chart
  34. d. X item chart
  35. e. Cry lengths
  36. VIII. Resources
  38. --------------------
  40. I. Introduction
  42. Welcome to Pokemon Red speedrunning! Red any% glitchless is the most popular Pokemon speedrunning category, mostly because the game is easy to acquire and runs are relatively easy to complete with a simple route. However, it is also the most complex Pokemon speedgame, as playing optimally requires strategies for hundreds of situations. In addition, many of the game's mechanics can be exploited for small time saves throughout the run.
  44. In 2011, completing a run of Red/Blue in less than two hours without glitches seemed impossible. Eventually, a route was developed that allowed sub-2 runs to happen with Squirtle as the main Pokemon -- but only with top-tier luck. Two years later, a route was developed using Nidoran as the main Pokemon, and runners quickly discovered that this route was faster and more consistent. Now, even unlucky runs can be completed under two hours.
  46. This guide details the Nidoran route in both its simplest and most complex form (sections V and VI). It also explains the game's mechanics as they are relevant to speedrunning (section III). See section VIII for a list of resources that were used to compile this information.
  48. --------------------
  50. II. Category rules
  52. The Pokemon speedrunning community defines the rules for Red any% glitchless as follows:
  53. - Timing is by the in-game timer, as it shows after the Hall of Fame sequence before the credits.
  54. - Runs must be single segment (no save+quit), as otherwise the in-game timer is not accurate.
  55. - Runs must be done on English version.
  56. - Using a Poke Doll on Marowak is allowed.
  57. - Digging from within buildings is allowed.
  58. - Other glitches (Trainer Fly, old man, etc.) are not allowed.
  60. --------------------
  62. III. Game mechanics
  64. a. Movement
  66. Movement in Pokemon Red is tile-based, which makes it one of the easiest parts of the run. While moving perfectly for a two-hour run isn't realistic, only a few individual movements require much practice. Simply memorizing the fastest path should be sufficient for new runners. This is best done by watching the top runs on the leaderboard, as every run must follow the same path to complete the game.
  68. Pokemon Red runs at 60 frames per second. The number of frames for each type of movement are as follows:
  70. Walking 17 frames per tile
  71. Surfing 17 frames
  72. Biking 9 frames
  73. Jumping a ledge 42 frames
  74. Stationary turn* 4 frames
  75. Bonk** 6-8 frames
  77. *A stationary turn occurs when your character turns while standing still. You typically do this after getting an encounter, fighting a trainer or clearing a text box. Turn frames do not occur after exiting buildings, ladders, stairs or teleport pads, nor do they occur after jumping ledges. Avoid turn frames when you can, but realize that the cost of bonking or taking an extra step (34 frames on foot, 18 on the bike) outweighs the cost of a turn frame. In some cases, such as after pushing boulders in Victory Road, it's much easier to turn in place than to continue in the same direction and then quickly turn while in motion.
  79. Turn frames on tiles that can generate encounters are equally as likely to generate an encounter as a normal step. If you get such an encounter, your character will complete the stationary turn after exiting the encounter scene. ____________CORNER BONKING____________
  81. **A bonk occurs when you move into an impenetrable object, such as a wall or a trainer. The number of frames wasted from a bonk depends on how long you hold the directional input.
  83. While the most optimal paths in Red are mostly intuitive, some aren't. For example, it is fastest to take seven extra steps to walk behind Prof. Oak when you deliver Oak's Parcel, as this causes your rival to walk four fewer steps at the end of the cut scene. Your rival walks at half your speed, so you save 17 frames. Also, it is faster to talk to trainers rather than letting them spot you, as the exclamation point that appears when they spot you takes _____________ frames.
  85. b. Menuing
  87. Unlike Pokemon games in later generations, menuing in Red is largely counterintuitive. For example, holding B while your cursor is on "BICYCLE" can cause you to get on the bike rather than exiting the menu. You can throw Poke Balls by holding left or right. You can jump to the top of your menu by using a TM. Learning the fundamentals of Red menuing makes it much easier to execute menus, which can save dozens of seconds throughout a run. With proper technique, many menus can be done frame-perfectly.
  89. Not all menu types have the same properties. You can't scroll through the main menu, and this prevents many advanced techniques from applying there. Also, some text boxes can be cleared with held inputs, while others can't. Because most menus include text boxes, this guide will refer to text boxes as a menu type.
  91. Menu type # of slots Accepts held inputs? Allows scrolling?
  92. - Main menu (POKEDEX to EXIT) 7 Yes No
  93. - Pokemon (your list of Pokemon) 1-6 Yes No
  94. - Inventory (your items, up to 20) 4 Yes Yes
  95. - Mart inventory 4 Yes Yes
  96. - Move list 4 No No
  97. - Text box (normal) N/A No N/A
  98. - Text box (jingle) N/A Yes N/A
  99. - Text box (self-clearing) N/A N/A N/A
  101. In this guide, a "slot" refers to the position of the cursor in a list. Lists are limited to what the game can display on screen at once, so while your inventory can have 20 items, it can only have four slots because it can only display four items at once.
  103. In your inventory and mart inventories, slots 1-3 have special properties. ____MORE___
  107. ___DEFINE "HELD INPUT"___
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  111. IV. Risk management
  113. --------------------
  115. V. Basic walkthrough
  117. Before starting:
  118. - Clear any existing save file by pressing Up + B + Select on the game title screen
  119. - Set text speed to FAST, battle animation to OFF and battle style to SHIFT
  122. - Give your character, your rival and Squirtle a one-character name.
  123. - Rival fight: Tail Whip on turn 1. If Bulbasaur uses Growl on turn 1, Tail Whip on turn 2. Otherwise, spam Tackle until you win the fight.
  125. ROUTE 1
  126. - Kill a Lv. 2-3 encounter using Tackle.
  129. - When delivering Oak's Parcel, walk behind Prof. Oak so that your rival takes fewer steps in the cut scene.
  132. - Buy 8 Poke Balls.
  134. ROUTE 22
  135. - Catch a Lv. 3 or Lv. 4 Nidoran-M, and give it a one-character name. Tackle Lv. 3 Nidorans once. Just chuck balls at Lv. 4 Nidorans.
  137. VIRIDIAN CITY (2)
  138. - Pick up the hidden tree Potion.
  141. - Follow this path: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Viridian_Forest_Movement
  142. - Pick up the Antidote on the way up.
  143. - Weedle Guy: Tail Whip x2, Tackle until dead. Heal if necessary (Poison Sting does 3 damage).
  144. - Pick up the Weedle Guy Potion after the fight unless you have 17+ HP and didn't use the tree Potion.
  145. - Before exiting the forest, switch Nidoran to the front, use the Antidote if you got poisoned, and heal if your HP is <17.
  147. BROCK
  148. - Geodude: Bubble x2-3
  149. - Onix: Bubble x2-3
  150. - Switch Nidoran out right away, then switch him back after killing Geodude when the game asks, then switch him out again.
  151. - If Onix uses Bide on the turn you switch back to Squirtle, use Tail Whip twice, then Bubble.
  152. - Check Nidoran's stats at Lv. 8 (after killing Onix). Perfect stats are 16/14/15/13. Anything is runnable at this point except 14 Attack or 15/11/13/11, although you might want to reset if your time and Nidoran are below average.
  155. - Buy enough Potions so that you have 10.
  156. - Change the battle style option from Shift to Set before entering Route 3.
  158. ROUTE 3
  159. - On these four fights, use Tackle instead of Horn Attack if Tackle will kill.
  161. BUG CATCHER #1
  162. - Caterpie: Leer, Horn Attack x2, Tackle
  163. - Weedle: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  164. - Caterpie, Leer, Horn Attack x2
  166. Heal to full or nearly full HP before Shorts Guy.
  169. - Rattata: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  170. - Ekans: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  172. BUG CATCHER #2
  173. - Weedle: Horn Attack x2
  174. - Kakuna: Horn Attack x3, Tackle
  175. - Caterpie: Horn Attack x2
  176. - Metapod: Horn Attack x3
  178. BUG CATCHER #3
  179. - Caterpie: Horn Attack x2, Tackle
  180. - Metapod: Horn Attack x4
  182. ROUTE 3 (continued)
  183. - Catch a Pidgey or a Spearow in the first grass patch. Use Tackle to weaken it first.
  184. - Take the Mt. Moon Center.
  186. MT. MOON
  187. - If you had 14-15 Attack at Lv. 8, pick up TM12 (Water Gun). If you had 16 Attack, skip Water Gun.
  188. - Catch a Paras if you see one. Use Horn Attack to weaken it (exception: Tackle Lv. 8s as Nidorino).
  189. - Always fight the Super Nerd and the Lass on the first floor.
  190. - If you got Water Gun, fight the Hiker on the first floor. Teach Water Gun first, and use it to 1-shot each of his three Pokemon. Do not kill any encounters for experience.
  191. - If you skipped Water Gun, fight Zubats and/or Parases for 177 experience (138 if you caught a Lv. 4 Nidoran). Use Horn Attack on Zubats and Poison Sting on Parases.
  194. - Magnemite: Horn Attack x3
  195. - Voltorb: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting
  197. Pick up the Rare Candy and the Escape Rope before the Lass.
  199. LASS
  200. - Oddish: Horn Attack x2-3
  201. - Bellsprout: Horn Attack x2
  203. Pick up the Moon Stone in the top-left corner of the first floor. Use it to evolve into Nidoking two steps before the Rocket on the bottom floor.
  205. ROCKET
  206. - Rattata: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  207. - Zubat: Horn Attack x2
  210. - Grimer: Horn Attack x2
  211. - Voltorb: Horn Attack x2
  212. - Koffing: Horn Attack x2-3
  215. - Take the Pokemon Center to set a warp point for your Escape Rope.
  216. - Get the hidden Rare Candy behind the house in the top-left corner of the city.
  219. - Pidgeotto: Horn Attack x3
  220. - Abra: Horn Attack
  221. - Rattata: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  222. - Bulbasaur: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting
  224. If Pidgeotto lands a Sand-Attack, switch out to your flier after you've hit Pidgeotto twice. Let the flier die, then bring back Nidoking to finish the fight.
  226. TRAINER #1
  227. - Caterpie: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  228. - Weedle: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  230. TRAINER #2
  231. - Pidgey: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  232. - Nidoran-F: Horn Attack x2
  234. TRAINER #3
  235. - Rattata: Horn Attack
  236. - Ekans: Horn Attack x2
  237. - Zubat: Horn Attack
  239. If you fought the Hiker, use your two Rare Candies now to reach Lv. 23. Delete Poison Sting to learn Thrash.
  241. TRAINER #4
  242. - Pidgey: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  243. - Nidoran-F: Horn Attack x2
  245. If you didn't fight the Hiker and got 177 experience from encounters in Mt. Moon (138 for Lv. 4 Nidorans), use your two Rare Candies now to reach Lv. 23.
  247. TRAINER #5
  248. - Mankey: Thrash
  250. If you didn't get enough experience in Mt. Moon, use your two Rare Candies now to reach Lv. 23.
  252. ROCKET
  253. - Ekans: Thrash
  254. - Zubat: Thrash
  256. ROUTE 25
  257. - Start here
  259. --------------------
  261. VI. Detailed walkthrough
  263. --------------------
  265. VII. Tables
  267. --------------------
  269. VIII. Resources
  271. Trainer AI: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Yellow_Trainer_AI
  273. --------------------
  277. Before starting:
  278. - Clear any existing save file by pressing Up + B + Select on the game title screen
  279. - Set text speed to FAST, battle animation to OFF and battle style to SHIFT
  282. - Give your character, your rival and Squirtle a one-character name.
  283. - Rival fight: Tail Whip on turn 1. If Bulbasaur uses Growl on turn 1, Tail Whip on turn 2. Otherwise, spam Tackle until you win the fight. (Exception: Tail Whip a second time if you start doing 1 damage with Tackle and Bulbasaur has 4+ HP.) Reset if you lose the fight. If the fight goes poorly (Bulbasaur faints at 2:50 or later), you might consider checking Squirtle's Lv. 6 stats and resetting if you see 11 Special.
  284. - After defeating your rival, don't immediately mash A, because this will cause an additional text box to appear. Instead, wait until you see a text box to begin mashing.
  286. ROUTE 1
  287. - Fight a Lv. 2-3 Rattata or Lv. 2-3 Pidgey using Tackle. Avoid fighting a Lv. 3 Pidgey on the first trip up, as it takes four hits about half the time.
  288. - When walking down to deliver Oak's Parcel, cut through the second-to-last patch of grass if you haven't yet fought an encounter.
  291. - When delivering the parcel, walk behind Prof. Oak so that your rival takes fewer steps in the cut scene.
  294. - Buy 8 Poke Balls.
  296. ROUTE 22
  297. - Catch a Lv. 3 or Lv. 4 Nidoran-M, and give it a one-character name. Use DSum manipulation after the first encounter.
  298. - DSum guide: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Yellow_DSum_Manipulation
  299. - DSum chart for Red: http://pastebin.com/MsLUUcyR
  300. - Tackle Lv. 3 Nidorans once before throwing Poke Balls. Just chuck balls at Lv. 4 Nidorans.
  301. - If you encounter a Lv. 5 Spearow, try to catch it. If you catch it on the first ball, DSum off it by walking 5 out, 6 in, 12 out, then the standard DSum (4 in, 2 out, 6 in, 11 out).
  302. - If you waste at least half your Poke Balls against Spearow, Tackle Lv. 4 Nidorans once or twice to avoid running out.
  304. VIRIDIAN CITY (2)
  305. - Always pick up the hidden tree Potion. It is safer than waiting to pick up the Weedle Guy Potion, and it is just as fast.
  308. - Follow this path: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Viridian_Forest_Movement
  309. - Pick up the Antidote on the way up.
  310. - If Squirtle is at <10 HP, use your Potion before the Weedle Guy fight, then pick up the Weedle Guy Potion.
  311. - If Squirtle is at 10+ HP, do not heal or pick up the Weedle Guy Potion before the fight.
  312. - Weedle Guy: Tail Whip x2, Tackle x4-6. If you get poisoned, wait until after the fight to use the Antidote, even if you have a bad time. If Squirtle is at 4 HP and Weedle likely won't die on the next turn, use your Potion immediately. If Squirtle is at 3 HP, use your Potion immediately.
  313. - Pick up the Weedle Guy Potion after the fight if necessary. In most cases, you want at least 15 HP and a spare Potion for Brock. Squirtles with bad defense (15 at Lv. 8) should have at least 17 HP entering the fight, and Squirtles with bad Special (13 at Lv. 8) may need more HP.
  314. - Use the Antidote on the same menu as using your Potion and switching Nidoran to the lead for Brock. If you do this while still in the Viridian Forest grass, you could get an encounter that Nidoran can't escape from, but this is unlikely, especially with a Lv. 4 Nidoran. If you do this after exiting the grass, Squirtle will take 3 damage from poison. Use your judgment to decide what's most important.
  316. BROCK
  317. - Geodude: Bubble x2-3
  318. - Onix: Bubble x2-3
  319. - Switch Nidoran out right away, then switch him back after killing Geodude when the game asks, then switch him out again.
  320. - If Squirtle is at <8 HP (<9 HP with bad defense) and Geodude won't die on the next turn, use a Potion if you have one. With Onix, the threshold is <7 HP (<8 HP with bad defense), unless he landed a Screech, in which case the threshold is about <12 HP (<14 HP with bad defense).
  321. - If Nidoran has 21+ HP when it's out against Onix, heal Squirtle immediately if it's at <12 HP.
  322. - If Onix uses Bide on the turn you switch back to Squirtle, use Tail Whip twice, then Bubble
  323. - If you can't 2-shot Onix and it uses Bide on the turn Squirtle uses its first Bubble, switch to Spearow after the second hit if you have it. Spearow will die to the Bide, and Squirtle can return to the fight safely. If you don't have Spearow, the run ends if you get a 2-turn Bide.
  324. - Check Nidoran's stats after killing Geodude. If you see 10 Attack at Lv. 5 or 11 Attack at Lv. 6, your Attack DV is terrible, and it's probably best to reset.
  325. - Check Nidoran's stats at Lv. 8 (after killing Onix). Perfect stats are 16/14/15/13. Anything is runnable at this point except 14 Attack or 15/11/13/11, although you might want to reset if your time and Nidoran are below average.
  328. - Buy Potions until you have 9 or 10. It's usually best to buy to 10 unless your Nidoran had 12-13 Defense, 15 Speed and 13 Special at Lv. 8. With 13 Speed, you might want to buy to 11 if possible.
  329. - Change the battle style option from Shift to Set before entering Route 3.
  331. ROUTE 3
  332. - You need to conserve Horn Attack PP on this route, and this is much more important with lower Attack and Speed DVs. If you have good Attack and Speed, you may be able to Horn Attack when a Tackle would kill, but in general, use Tackle when it will kill.
  333. - Listed below are the four fights on this route and the standard number of Horn Attacks needed to defeat the Pokemon in each fight. You need to use one fewer Horn Attack than what's listed to avoid running out on the second Metapod.
  335. BUG CATCHER #1
  336. - Caterpie: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  337. - Weedle: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  338. - Caterpie: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  340. The Weedle and the second Caterpie are good candidates to use Tackle on turn 3, saving one Horn Attack. If the first Caterpie doesn't die to two Horn Attacks, finish it with Tackle.
  342. If you caught a Lv. 4 Nidoran, it will be Lv. 10 for the second Caterpie. In this case, if you have 19 Attack at Lv. 10 and had 14 Speed at Lv. 8, you should Horn Attack right away instead of using Leer. You'll likely 2-shot the Caterpie if one of the Horn Attacks criticals.
  344. Check your stats at Lv. 9 and Lv. 10. If you had average to below-average stats at Lv. 8 and you see 17 Attack at Lv. 10, consider resetting.
  346. Heal to full or nearly full for Shorts Guy.
  349. - Rattata: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  350. - Ekans: Leer, Horn Attack x2
  352. If you saw 13 Defense at Lv. 10 and get Tail Whip turn 1, Rattata will easily 2-shot you with Quick Attack (and likely with QA + Tackle), so you'll have to heal after getting hit until he uses Tail Whip again. If you saw 14-15 Defense and get Tail Whip turn 1, you're more likely to survive Tackle x2 or Tackle + Quick Attack. Use your judgment about the status of your run, how good your Nidoran is, and your number of Potions to determine how risky to play this situation. You normally heal twice on the first two fights of Route 3, and healing more than four times will likely cause problems later in the run. Also, if you have a bad combination of HP and defense, it's advisable to risk dying to a crit Tackle/Quick Attack, because you can't really avoid this situation.
  354. If you saw 19 Attack at Lv. 10, use Horn Attack on Rattata right away instead of using Leer. You might 2-shot it with a critical. Do this even if you're concerned about Horn Attack PP, because you should be more concerned about dying or losing time on this fight. You rarely need to Horn Attack three times anyway; a Tackle on turn 3 will usually kill. When using Leer strats, you can sometimes use Tackle on turn 3.
  356. After using Leer on Ekans, switch Leer with Horn Attack so that HA is in slot 1.
  358. You'll be faster than Ekans if you saw 15 Speed at Lv. 8, and you'll be slower if you saw 13 Speed. If you saw 14 Speed, you'll be speedtied with 8-11 DV and slower with 6-7 DV. If you get Wrap, heal if you would die to a two- or three-turn Wrap. If you would die to a four- or five-turn Wrap, heal after the third turn if you get it. You'll always take 2 damage from Poison Sting and 3 from Wrap when your Defense hasn't been lowered. When your defense has been lowered once, you'll take 2 from PS and 4 from Wrap on the top half of defense DVs and 3/5 on the bottom half.
  360. Heal before the next fight only if you're at 1 HP.
  362. BUG CATCHER #2
  363. - Weedle: Horn Attack x2
  364. - Kakuna: Horn Attack x3
  365. - Caterpie: Horn Attack x2
  366. - Metapod: Horn Attack x3
  368. This is a straightforward fight if the lead Weedle doesn't land a String Shot, and with good Attack, you might be able to save a Horn Attack on the Metapod. If Weedle does land a String Shot, it'll get a second turn and could String Shot you again. Two String Shots make you slower than the Kakuna and speedtied with the Metapod at best. One String Shot makes you slower than the Caterpie, which also has String Shot. Your Speed DV determines whether you'll be slower than, speedtied with or faster than the Kakuna after one String Shot.
  370. Caterpie does 3 damage with Tackle, so heal as necessary.
  372. If you caught a Lv. 4 Nidoran, you'll be Lv. 12 to start this fight. That means any String Shots will boost your Attack until you're Lv. 13 for the Metapod. This will sometimes allow you to save a Horn Attack on the Caterpie. If you caught a Lv. 3 Nidoran, you'll be Lv. 11 and will lose any badge boosts upon leveling up on the Weedle.
  374. If you get hit by String Shot(s), be careful not to waste Horn Attacks. You'll need at least five, probably more, for the next fight. Also heal before the next fight if you're at <5 HP (or <4 HP if you saw 19 Defense at Lv. 13).
  376. BUG CATCHER #3
  377. - Caterpie: Horn Attack x2
  378. - Metapod: Horn Attack x4
  380. This fight is similar to the last one in that it greatly depends on your Attack and Speed DVs and whether you get String Shot from Caterpie. If you have <4 Horn Attack PP entering this fight, you should save a Horn Attack on the Caterpie even if it takes an extra turn.
  382. ROUTE 3 (continued)
  383. - If you didn't catch a Spearow in the Route 22 grass, enter the first patch of grass here on the step before the Lass, and catch the first Pidgey or Spearow you see. Use Poison Sting to weaken Lv. 5 Spearows, Horn Attack to weaken Lv. 8 Pidgeys and Tackle to weaken everything else. If Nidoran dies from a Gust or Peck, you can continue by switching to Squirtle, since you'll be taking the Pokemon Center before Mt. Moon.
  384. - Take the center.
  386. MT. MOON
  387. - Consult this guide to decide your strategy for fighting trainers and encounters: http://pastebin.com/6E30RQYB
  388. - If your Speed DV is 6 (14 at Lv. 8 and 22 at Lv. 15), you can avoid getting a third Carbos later in the game by fighting three Zubats in Mt. Moon (one with Hiker strats). Generally, don't plan on doing this unless you're on Hiker strats or have already fought two Zubats. On anything except Hiker strats, the strat can easily backfire if you don't see enough Zubats (because Speed stat experience from Paras is usually insufficient).
  389. - If at any point you see a Paras, catch it. Use Horn Attack to weaken it in most situations. Exceptions: A Lv. 16-17 Nidorino should Tackle a Lv. 8 Paras, a Lv. 16 Nidoking with 15 DV Attack should Tackle a Lv. 10 Paras, a Lv. 17-18 Nidoking should Tackle a Lv. 10 Paras, and a Lv. 18 Nidoking with 13-15 DV Attack should Tackle a Lv. 12 Paras.
  391. SUPER NERD #1
  392. - Magnemite: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting (Horn Attack a third time if Magnemite has 6+ HP after the first two)
  393. - Voltorb: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting
  395. Pick up the Rare Candy and the Escape Rope before the Lass fight. If you didn't get an encounter within two steps of the Rare Candy, move one tile to the right after picking it up, then move up and bonk into the Escape Rope from the left. The bonk costs frames, but you avoid a turn frame on which you can get an encounter.
  397. LASS
  398. - Oddish: Horn Attack x2-3
  399. - Bellsprout: Horn Attack x2
  401. If you got Water Gun and are fighting the upcoming Hiker, teach it over Tackle two steps before the Hiker.
  403. HIKER (optional)
  404. - Geodude: Water Gun
  405. - Geodude: Water Gun
  406. - Onix: Water Gun
  408. Pick up the Moon Stone in the top-left corner of the first floor.
  410. With good Attack, Nidorino can reliably kill Lv. 9 Zubats if necessary. If you're on standard Lv. 4 Nidoran strats (kill two encounters for 138 exp.) and you've killed one Lv. 9 Zubat or one Lv. 8/10 Paras by the end of the second floor, it's probably best to evolve to Nidoking on the step before the ladder to the last floor. Nidoking can kill Lv. 10-11 Zubats, which appear 15 percent of the time on the last floor.
  412. If you haven't killed any encounters to this point or you need Paras, it's probably best to wait to evolve. Nidoking's cry wastes 0.6 extra seconds with each encounter, it is more likely to crit Paras, it is more likely to kill Paras with a crit, and you're decently likely to not get the two encounters you need.
  414. If you kill a Lv. 9 Zubat on the last floor as Nidorino, evolve to Nidoking two steps afterward. If you didn't evolve Nidoking to kill encounters, do it two steps before the Rocket.
  416. ROCKET
  417. - Rattata: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  418. - Zubat: Horn Attack x2
  420. If the Zubat confuses you and you're at risk of dying if you hurt yourself, switch out to Squirtle, then switch back to Nidoking.
  422. After fighting the Rocket, take one step to the right, then head directly up and talk to the Super Nerd.
  424. SUPER NERD #2
  425. - Grimer: Horn Attack x2
  426. - Voltorb: Horn Attack, Poison Sting (Horn Attack a second time if you have bad Attack or get a low roll)
  427. - Koffing: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting
  429. This fight is straightforward unless Grimer disables Horn Attack. In that case, the strategies vary based on how long HA is disabled, but it's generally best to spam your next-strongest move (Tackle or Water Gun).
  431. Get the Helix Fossil, and when the cut scene ends, move two tiles up, one tile to the left, then up and left. This movement allows you to walk on three encounterless tiles.
  434. - Take the Pokemon Center to set a warp point for your Escape Rope.
  435. - Get the hidden Rare Candy behind the house in the top-left corner of the city. Then head to Nugget Bridge to meet your rival.
  438. - Pidgeotto: Horn Attack x3, Poison Sting
  439. - Abra: Horn Attack
  440. - Rattata: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  441. - Bulbasaur: Horn Attack x2, Poison Sting
  443. Pidgeotto always dies in three hits unless you have really bad Attack or didn't get experience in Mt. Moon. If you get hit by Sand-Attack, sacrifice your flier once Pidgeotto is in range to die to one Horn Attack. This is because you want to avoid getting hit by Sand-Attack again once you've switched in. Exceptions: The badge boost from Sand-Attack is necessary to 1-shot the Pidgeotto; the badge boost could allow you to 1-shot the Rattata (only true with high Attack); you want to keep your slaves alive for risky Surge strats; or you have a really bad time.
  447. TRAINER #1
  448. - Caterpie: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  449. - Weedle: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  451. If you used a few extra Horn Attack PP against Cerulean Rival, you have good Attack and you're not on Hiker strats, Poison Sting the Caterpie on turn 1. A critical might not kill, but it's likely to.
  453. TRAINER #2
  454. - Pidgey: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  455. - Nidoran-F: Horn Attack x2
  457. Don't switch out if Pidgey Sand-Attacks you; it can't kill your slaves as easily as Pidgeotto, and you only need to land three attacks to finish the fight. Exception: You get hit by multiple Sand-Attacks and/or Growls from Nidoran-F, and your HP or Horn Attack PP is low.
  459. If you fought enough encounters to reach Lv. 20 after this fight but not Lv. 21 after the fourth trainer, you can Rare Candy twice here to increase your HP and your chance of hitting a few damage ranges. This is recommended unless you have taken little damage and have 14 DV Attack.
  461. TRAINER #3
  462. - Rattata: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  463. - Ekans: Horn Attack x2
  464. - Zubat: Horn Attack, Poison Sting
  466. If you didn't fight encounters in Mt. Moon, you'll be Lv. 19 for Rattata. Horn Attack is a damage range at Lv. 19 and a guaranteed 1-shot at Lv. 20. Rattata usually does 6 damage with Quick Attack and 11 with Hyper Fang. If necessary, heal on turn 1 rather than before the fight. Rattata might use the extra turn to Tail Whip you, in which case you'll get a useful Attack boost.
  468. If you fought the Mt. Moon Hiker, you'll get Lv. 21 after this fight, in which case you should use your two Rare Candies to reach Lv. 23 and learn Thrash. Teach Thrash over Poison Sting (slot 4).
  470. TRAINER #4
  471. - Pidgey: Thrash (or Horn Attack, Poison Sting)
  472. - Nidoran-F: Thrash (or Horn Attack x2)
  474. Treat this fight like the second trainer. If you got enough experience in Mt. Moon and didn't fight the Hiker, you'll be Lv. 21 after this fight. Use your Rare Candies to reach Lv. 23 and learn Thrash.
  476. TRAINER #5
  477. - Mankey: Thrash (or Horn Attack, Poison Sting)
  479. Mankey's Karate Chop always criticals, and it does up to 18 damage if you're Lv. 20. Generally, it's best to heal before the fight if you're at risk of dying, but if your HP is high enough and you have enough Potions, you can heal during the fight to keep red bar for Nidoking's cry. This saves about one second.
  481. If you have a decent time, avoid the temptation to stall for red bar in this fight. Mankey can troll you with Leer, and you'll need to heal off any damage you take before Misty anyway. Exception: You're on Hiker strats and have 16-20 HP.
  483. You'll reach Lv. 21 after this fight if you didn't already. Use your Rare Candies to reach Lv. 23 and learn Thrash.
  485. ROCKET
  486. - Ekans: Thrash
  487. - Zubat: Thrash
  489. ROUTE 25
  490. - If you skipped Water Gun in Mt. Moon, fight the top Hiker. If you got Water Gun, fight the bottom one.
  492. TOP HIKER
  493. - Machop: Thrash
  494. - Geodude: Thrash x3
  496. If you have bad Attack and a critical Karate Chop from Machop will put you at 9+ HP (11+ HP with 0-2 DV Defense), use Leer + Horn Attack and the Machop. This will decrease the chance that you get confused on Geodude, and it could help you get red bar.
  498. Geodude can go very quickly (Thrash + crit Thrash) or very slowly (no criticals + several Defense Curls). If you get confused and are at risk of dying, switch to Squirtle and finish Geodude with Bubble. Squirtle is usually faster, and it takes little damage from Tackle. If you got enough experience in Mt. Moon to get early Thrash, switching to Squirtle will undo a few benefits of that experience, such as being Lv. 25 for Staryu and Lv. 30 for Oddish in Rock Tunnel. If you try to fight through confusion, use Horn Attack if it will kill, as it is faster than restarting Thrash.
  500. Get the hidden Elixer if you have the Antidote.
  503. - Onix: Water Gun
  505. LASS
  506. - Nidoran-M: Thrash
  507. - Nidoran-F: Thrash
  509. JR. TRAINER-M
  510. - Rattata: Thrash
  511. - Ekans: Thrash
  513. LASS
  514. - Oddish: Thrash
  515. - Pidgey: Thrash
  516. - Oddish: Thrash
  518. Get the hidden Ether if you didn't get the Elixer.
  520. After the cut scene in Bill's house, open the menu and heal to full HP before Misty. If you're too low on Potions, take the Cerulean center again. If you have good HP and/or 12-15 DV Special, you can get away with healing to nearly full HP. If you have 13-15 DV Speed, you'll be faster than Misty's Starmie, so you can heal to only ~50 HP. However, on a good time, it's better to heal to 70+ HP if you have the Potions for it. After healing, use your Escape Rope to warp back to Cerulean, and walk to the gym.
  522. JR. TRAINER-F
  523. - Goldeen: Thrash x2
  525. After the fight, heal off damage from Peck and/or Supersonic if necessary. The extra time menuing is generally worth it to make Misty a safer fight.
  527. MISTY
  528. - Staryu: Thrash
  529. - Starmie: Thrash x2
  531. Staryu is a range at Lv. 24 unless you have 14-15 DV Attack. If you miss the range and/or don't 2-shot Starmie, you might get confused from Thrash. In this case, you should almost always switch out. Switch to Squirtle if you need a turn to heal Nidoking, and switch to your flier if you don't need a turn. If Squirtle is out, Nidoking is slower than/speedtied with Starmie, and you don't need to (or can't) heal Nidoking, use Bubble in hopes of lowering Starmie's speed.
  533. Starmie does 35-42 damage with Bubblebeam on 12-15 Special, 37-44 on 4-11 Special, and 40-48 on 0-3 Special. It does 22-26 with Water Gun on 12-15 Special, and 25-30 with 0-11 Special. A critical Bubblebeam does up to 84 damage, and a critical Water Gun does up to 54.
  535. ROCKET
  536. - Machop: Thrash
  537. - Drowzee: Thrash
  539. Machop is a safe 1-shot with 12-15 DV Attack. It does 9-12 damage with critical Karate Chop, and it criticals about 55 percent of the time. Similar to the Mankey fight, you can heal before the fight to be safe, or you can heal on turn 1 of the fight to skip Nidoking's cry and possibly get back into red bar. If you heal before the fight, teach Bubblebeam over Tackle or Water Gun (or Poison Sting if you have it).
  541. ROUTE 5
  542. - Pick up the hidden Full Restore in the underground path. You can skip the hidden item jingle by holding A (not mashing) as soon as you begin moving left from the staircase.
  544. ROUTE 6
  545. - If you have Spearow or Paras, take the fewest number of steps in the grass as possible while dodging the Bug Catcher. If you have Spearow but not Paras, and you see an Oddish anyway, Tackle it once if you have it, then throw Poke Balls. Use Bubblebeam to weaken Oddish if you have it instead of Tackle; otherwise, run.
  546. - If you need to catch Oddish, use the DSum chart below. This is tougher than Nidoran DSum because the fastest path to Vermilion City involves going in and out of the grass anyway. The strategy for handling this is too complex to put in a chart, and it's likely you'll have to think on your feet if you get an encounter in the first two grass patches. If you don't get an encounter in the first two patches, walk (or corner bonk) in the grass patch to the left of the two Jr. Trainers until you get Oddish. To catch Oddish, Tackle if you have it; otherwise, teach Bubblebeam early and use it.
  547. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  548. Oddish DSum manipulation
  549. Lv. 13 Pidgey 8 in, 10 out, 12 in, 10 out, 12 in, etc.
  550. Lv. 15 Pidgey 3 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  551. Lv. 10 Mankey 3 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  552. Lv. 12 Mankey 5 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  553. Lv. 16 Pidgey 10 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  554. Lv. 14 Mankey 11 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  555. Lv. 16 Mankey 12 out, 4 in, 3 out, 3 in, 12 out, etc.
  556. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  557. - If you fought the Hiker in Mt. Moon and get an encounter here, kill it unless it's an Oddish you need to catch. This allows you to be Lv. 28 for Voltorb so that you can Thrash it.
  558. - If you have a Cut slave (or Spearow) and 13-15 HP, or 12 HP with 10-15 DV Defense, walk into the last grass patch so that you can fight the male Jr. Trainer first. This allows you to preserve red bar for one of the two Jr. Trainers with no risk. If you fight the female Jr. Trainer first, you'll die to three Quick Attacks from the Pidgeys (5 damage each). With <11 HP, you should always heal and fight the female Jr. Trainer first. Exactly 11 HP is awkward, as you'll die to a critical Quick Attack from Raticate, but you'll survive two non-critical Quick Attacks from the Pidgeys.
  559. - If you Potion before one of the Jr. Trainers, do it after you've exited the grass for the last time. You want to preserve red bar for any encounters you get. Also, teach Bubblebeam on the Potion menu if you haven't already.
  561. JR. TRAINER-F
  562. - Pidgey: Thrash
  563. - Pidgey: Thrash
  564. - Pidgey: Thrash
  566. JR. TRAINER-M
  567. - Spearow: Thrash
  568. - Raticate: Thrash
  571. - You can take the mart before or after the S.S. Anne, and your decision usually depends on when you plan to teach Bubblebeam and where you want your Super Potions to land in your inventory.
  572. > If you still need to teach Bubblebeam before S.S. Anne Rival, it helps to take the mart early so you have fewer items.
  573. > If you got the Ether, taking the mart late prevents you from swapping Super Potions down on the Koga split.
  574. - At the mart, buy 3 Super Potions and 3 Repels. Sell TM34 and the Nugget. Sell the Antidote only if you got the Ether.
  576. S.S. ANNE
  577. - Heal to at least 23 HP before fighting your rival (15 HP if want to play risky and/or you're low on Potions). Exceptions: 19 HP is safe with 15 DV Defense, and 21 HP is safe with 10-15 DV (and 5-9 DV if you got experience in Mt. Moon). Teach Bubblebeam on the Potion menu if you haven't already.
  578. - If you haven't taught Bubblebeam and don't need to heal before fighting your rival, you might want to teach Bubblebeam anyway. Whether you do this depends on whether you plan to use Bubblebeam or Thrash on Raticate. You won't know your strategy for sure until you kill Pidgeotto, but in general, it's best to teach Bubblebeam if one of your slaves has died, or if you want to get into red bar for the Fly split.
  580. S.S. ANNE RIVAL
  581. - Pidgeotto: Horn Attack, Bubblebeam
  582. - Raticate: Thrash (or Bubblebeam x2)
  583. - Kadabra: Thrash
  584. - Ivysaur: Thrash x2
  586. If Pidgeotto lands Sand-Attack, switch out to your flier (or Paras if your flier is dead, or your Cut slave if both are dead). Quick Attack does 8 damage (6 if you have 15 DV Defense), so heal if it can kill you with that. Use Horn Attack on turn 2 if you haven't taught Bubblebeam yet.
  588. The chart below may help you decide whether to use Thrash or Bubblebeam on Raticate, but every situation is different, and you should feel comfortable deviating from the chart to fit your situation. If you use Thrash and get confused against Ivysaur, sacrifice Squirtle to Vine Whip or your flier to Tackle.
  589. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  590. Raticate strat chart
  591. Level DEF DV HP Strat
  592. 26 0-9 26-54 Bubblebeam
  593. 26 0-9 0-25, 55+ Thrash
  594. 26 10-15 23-54 Bubblebeam
  595. 26 10-15 0-22, 55+ Thrash
  597. 27 0-5 26-54 Bubblebeam
  598. 27 0-5 0-25, 55+ Thrash
  599. 27 6-15 23-54 Bubblebeam
  600. 27 6-15 0-22, 55+ Thrash
  601. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  603. - Get HM01 from the captain, then leave the boat.
  606. - Take the mart if you haven't already.
  607. - If you have Spearow but no Cut slave, trade it for Dux in the house above the tree blocking Surge's gym.
  608. - Open the menu on the tile before the tree. If you haven't taught Bubblebeam, teach it immediately, healing on the way down if necessary. Then swap the top item in your inventory with Repels, teach HM01 to your Cut slave, and teach TM28 to Paras (or Squirtle if you don't have Paras). Heal now if you need to and didn't at the start of the menu. Then Cut the bush.
  609. - In Surge's gym, check the cans in this order until you get the first one: bottom-left, bottom-middle, middle-left, top-middle, top-left, middle-right, top-right, bottom-right. Consult this guide for more info: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Trash_Cans
  610. - If your HP is <25, you may want to heal before Surge. This depends on several factors, the most important of which is your Attack DV. With good Attack -- or with any Attack if you fought the Hiker and killed a Route 6 encounter -- you're a favorite to 1-shot the Voltorb with Thrash, which makes the fight faster and safer if you want to stay in red bar. With bad Attack, you'll likely give Voltorb a turn, and it has Sonicboom. You'll always 1-shot Pikachu, but it uses Quick Attack almost half the time, which does 4 damage. You'll level up before Pikachu, likely gaining 3 HP, unless you skipped Mt. Moon experience. If Voltorb and Pikachu can kill you with Sonicboom + QA, it's usually best to heal if you have bad Attack, but not if you have good Attack.
  612. SURGE
  613. - Voltorb: Thrash (or Horn Attack + Bubblebeam ... or Bubblebeam x2)
  614. - Pikachu: Thrash
  615. - Raichu: Thrash x2
  617. Lead with Thrash if you're Lv. 28 or your Attack DV is 9-15 and your HP is <25 (<22 HP if you'll level up after Pikachu). Lead with Horn Attack if you're Lv. 27 and your Attack DV is 0-8 and your HP is <25 (<22 if you'll level up after Pikachu). Lead with Bubblebeam if you want to manipulate red bar off Voltorb's Sonicboom, which is usually a good idea when you can survive Sonicboom + Quick Attack.
  619. If you lead with Thrash, your only decision is what to do on Raichu if you get confused. If you can't survive a hit in confusion (13-17 damage; less if you get Growled), sacrifice Squirtle or your flier. If you can, try to fight through with Horn Attack (or Thrash if you get Growled after a low roll).
  621. If you lead with Horn Attack, simply use Bubblebeam to finish Voltorb and Thrash the rest of the fight.
  623. If you lead with Bubblebeam in hopes of manipulating red bar, pay attention to whether you get the speed fall. If you don't get it and Surge uses X Speed on Voltorb, it will be faster than Nidoking, so you'll need to kill it the next turn (and not get red bar unless it uses Sonicboom that turn). Otherwise, you can use Leer if you have it until you get Sonicboom (or until he has used enough Screeches and/or Tackles to put you at risk of dying). When finishing Voltorb, use Horn Attack if the first Bubblebeam did less than half damage.
  626. - Get the Bike Voucher, and Dig out to Cerulean City.
  629. - Get the Bike from the Bike Shop. When you exit, swap the second item in your inventory with the Bicycle, teach Thunderbolt over Leer, then bike to the cut bush and east to Route 9.
  631. ROUTE 9
  634. - Oddish: Thrash
  635. - Bellsprout: Thrash
  636. - Oddish: Thrash
  637. - Bellsprout: Thrash
  639. If you don't get a 4-turn Thrash and can't survive a hit in confusion (12-15 damage) and the first turn of Wrap (2 damage), swap out to a slave, then swap back to Nidoking and finish Bellsprout with horn Attack. If possible, swap to a slave that has a short cry or won't gain a level after 162 experience (243 if it's Dux). Oddish is preferred if you have it, because Poisonpowder doesn't affect it.
  642. - Caterpie: Thrash (or Thunderbolt)
  643. - Weedle: Thrash
  644. - Venonat: Thrash
  646. Thunderbolt the Caterpie if your Attack DV is 0-12, because Thrash might not kill Venonat, which could leave you confused while in red bar.
  648. - Use your first Repel a few steps before Rock Tunnel.
  651. - See this page to help with movement: wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Rock_Tunnel
  652. - If you need to Potion in the cave, try to do it on the same menu in which you Repel. Your last Repel normally wears off about 40 steps after you exit Rock Tunnel, so there is a decent amount of flexibility with this.
  654. POKEMANIAC #1
  655. - Cubone: Bubblebeam
  656. - Slowpoke: Thunderbolt
  658. If you're not in red bar, you can try to manipulate it off either Pokemon, because they will always use their super-effective attacking move on turn 1. Cubone does 22-26 damage with Bone Club (20-24 on 10-15 DV Defense), and Slowpoke does 17-20 with Confusion (15-18 on 13-15 DV Defense). Cubone uses Growl half the time on turn 2. If manipulating red bar off Cubone, use Thunderbolt; for Slowpoke, use Bubblebeam.
  660. Be careful not to put yourself at <6 HP if you skipped Mt. Moon experience, because you'll be Lv. 29 for the upcoming Oddish, which does 5 damage with Absorb. Also avoid manipulating red bar if your Special DV is 0-5, because the upcoming Lv. 25 Slowpoke will have a 14-33 percent chance of surviving Thunderbolt and killing you with Confusion.
  662. POKEMANIAC #2
  663. - Slowpoke: Thunderbolt
  665. With 0-5 DV Special, this Slowpoke can be a good option for manipulating red bar. It will always die after a Bubblebeam and Thunderbolt, and it does 20-24 damage (17-20 on 12-15 DV Special).
  667. JR. TRAINER-F #1
  668. - Oddish: Thrash
  669. - Bulbasaur: Thrash
  671. If you're Lv. 29 for this fight, Oddish has at least a 45 percent chance to live. Two of its moves -- Absorb and Poisonpowder -- are generally harmless, but Stun Spore can waste a lot of time, and Sleep Powder will likely end your run if you're in red bar. If you get paralyzed, use your Full Restore as soon as you can after killing Oddish (if you use it on Oddish, it can paralyze you again or put you to sleep). If you get put to sleep, you won't be able to do anything until you wake up, because you'll be locked into Thrash. When you have a status condition, Oddish will always use Absorb (5 damage on 5-15 DV Special, 6 on 0-4).
  673. If you're Lv. 30, Oddish will likely die unless you have terrible Attack.
  675. You'll be Lv. 30 for Bulbasaur unless you skipped Mt. Moon experience and split experience on both the top Hiker fight on Route 25 and the 4-turn Thrash fight on Route 9. Bulbasaur is a favorable range at Lv. 29.
  677. - Use your second Repel about 20 steps after the fight. Use your third Repel about five steps before fighting the Hiker.
  679. HIKER
  680. - Geodude: Bubblebeam
  681. - Geodude: Bubblebeam
  682. - Graveler: Bubblebeam
  684. JR. TRAINER-F #2
  685. - Meowth: Thrash
  686. - Oddish: Thrash
  687. - Pidgey: Thrash
  689. Pidgey does 6 damage with Quick Attack (5 with 10-15 DV Defense). Heal before the fight if necessary.
  691. ROUTE 8
  693. GAMBLER
  694. - Growlithe: Bubblebeam (or Thrash)
  695. - Vulpix: Thrash
  697. In general, it's better lead with Bubblebeam unless your Attack DV is at least 5 higher than your Special DV. With 15 DV Attack, Growlithe has a 15 percent chance to live; with 15 DV Special, it always dies. If necessary, heal on turn 1, rather than before the fight. Growlithe can use the extra turn to boost your Attack with Leer or put you back into red bar with Ember or Bite, which do less than 10 damage. Also beware Vulpix's Quick Attack, which does 4 damage.
  699. If Growlithe burns you, you'll need to buy a Burn Heal and use it when you edit the Celadon Mart. This will likely mean buying one fewer X Special. Alternatively, you could use your Full Restore, but you'll lose red bar and have to pick up the Safari Zone Full Restore before Koga.
  701. - Take the underground path to Celadon City. Pick up the hidden Elixer unless you picked up the Elixer on Route 25 and are planning to use late Earthquake strats (see Silph Co. section).
  704. - In the Mart, go to 2F, then 4F, then 6F, then 5F, then take the elevator down to 1F and exit through the left doors.
  706. 2F
  707. - When walking left from the stairs, note the position of the female NPC. If she moved up, take the lower path from the counter to the stairs on the way back. If she moved down, take the higher path.
  708. - Buy TM07
  709. - Buy 10 Super Repels
  711. 4F
  712. - Buy 1 Poke Doll
  714. 6F
  715. - Buy 1 Fresh Water
  716. - Buy 1 Soda Pop
  717. - Give the Fresh Water and the Soda Pop to the girl in exchange for TM13 and TM48
  718. - Buy a second Fresh Water
  720. 5F
  721. - Use this spreadsheet to determine how many of each X item you'll buy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wK9Unnh_3-USw8Q8lZhdPHQIylTHc7630UiV55CM3SY/edit#gid=0
  723. - Bike west to the Cut bush before the Snorlax, and continue heading west to get HM02 from the girl in the house above Cycling Road. After exiting the house, open the menu and do the following:
  724. > Swap the second item in your inventory with Super Repel
  725. > Use a Potion if HP is <10
  726. > Teach TM07 to Nidoking over Horn Attack
  727. > Use a Super Repel
  728. > Swap the third item in your inventory with X Accuracy
  729. > Teach HM02 to your flier
  730. > Teach TM48 to Nidoking over Bubblebeam
  731. > Fly to Lavender Town
  734. - Walk to the tower.
  737. - Pidgeotto: X Accuracy, Horn Drill (or just Thunderbolt)
  738. - Gyarados: Horn Drill (or Thunderbolt)
  739. - Growlithe: Horn Drill (or X Accuracy, Horn Drill)
  740. - Kadabra: Horn Drill
  741. - Ivysaur: Horn Drill
  743. If Nidoking is at 19+ HP (17+ HP with 15 DV Defense), you can safely use an X Accuracy on Pidgeotto before sweeping with Horn Drill. It has Gust and Quick Attack, both of which normally do 9 damage. If you have 10-18 HP, set up on Growlithe, which does up to 9 damage with Bite or Ember. Although setting up on Growlithe is a second slower, it's safer because it has a lower crit rate and doesn't have Quick Attack. If Pidgeotto uses Quick Attack before you Thunderbolt it, heal on Growlithe.
  745. CHANNELER #1
  746. - Gastly: Rock Slide
  747. - Gastly: Rock Slide
  749. If you're in red bar for this fight, you'll die to a Night Shade. Gastly's other two moves, Lick and Confuse Ray, can end the run as well. If you get confused, switch out to your weakest Pokemon, let it die, then bring Nidoking back in. If you get paralyzed, use your Full Restore. Using a Potion before the fight generally isn't worth it, because you're 81 percent likely to hit both Rock Slides.
  751. If Nidoking dies here, you can continue your run if your Dig slave is lucky enough to defeat the Gastlies with Dig.
  753. - Go down and to the left to pick up the Elixer item ball. On the next floor, go right one tile and down two to pick up a hidden Elixer. Skip the hidden Elixer if you have 1 Ether and 2 Elixers and are planning to use the late Earthquake strat.
  755. CHANNELER #2
  756. - Gastly: Rock Slide
  758. With this fight and the next one, use your Full Restore to heal paralysis after the fight. If you already used your Full Restore, go back to 5F to take the healing pad.
  760. CHANNELER #3
  761. - Gastly: Rock Slide
  763. - Pick up the Rare Candy blocking your path. In the ghost fight, swap Elixers to slot 4 if they're not already there, then use your Poke Doll to run away.
  765. ROCKET #1
  766. - Zubat: Thunderbolt
  767. - Zubat: Thunderbolt
  768. - Golbat: Rock Slide (or Thunderbolt)
  770. Use Thunderbolt on the Golbat if you have 12-15 DV Special.
  772. ROCKET #2
  773. - Koffing: X Accuracy, Horn Drill
  774. - Drowzee: Horn Drill
  776. ROCKET #3
  777. - Zubat: Thunderbolt
  778. - Rattata: Thunderbolt (or Thrash)
  779. - Raticate: Thrash
  780. - Zubat: Thrash
  782. Start Thrash on the Rattata if you have 13-15 DV Attack.
  784. - After getting the Poke Flute from Mr. Fuji, walk out of his house, then Fly to Celadon.
  787. - Take the center to set a new warp point for Dig.
  788. - Use a Super Repel immediately after leaving the center, then bike west to the Snorlax. Open the menu again, swap the fifth item with X Speeds, then use the Poke Flute.
  791. - Get the hidden Rare Candy in the grass patch, then go right, hugging the wall as you bike down. Consult this chart to decide whether to get the hidden PP Up about halfway down: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mc4MIi2FWYsAoft1srthtEP--Oo36TXddMhQbG1NnB0/edit#gid=0. Also get the PP Up if you're planning to use the late Earthquake strat (see Silph Co. section).
  794. - Open the menu as soon as you arrive. Use a Super Repel, teach TM13 over Rock Slide, then bike around the Cut bushes (not through them) to the Safari Zone.
  797. - Get on your bike immediately.
  798. - If you had 0 or 5 DV Speed, or 6 DV and didn't get 35 extra stat experience in Mt. Moon (20 with Hiker strats), pick up the Carbos in the second area. Use a Super Repel 10-20 steps after the Carbos, and if you got the PP Up and/or Carbos, use them on that menu.
  799. - If you used your Full Restore, pick up another one toward the end of the second area.
  800. - In the last area:
  801. > Pick up the Gold Teeth
  802. > If you ran out of Potions and sold TM34, pick up TM32
  803. > Enter the house to get HM03
  804. > Walk out of the house, and Dig out to Celadon
  807. - Bike east to Silph Co.
  809. SILPH CO.
  810. - TM26 (Earthquake) is on 10F, and if you want to have it for the four fights in Silph Co., you need to fight an optional trainer. Fight this trainer unless all of the following are true:
  811. > You have 11-15 DV Attack
  812. > You have 6-11 DV Speed (or 12-15 Speed and 6-7 Special and you're using the Safe strat)
  813. > You have 6-15 DV Special
  814. > You have one Ether and two Elixers
  815. > You are definitely planning to skip red bar off Silph Rival's Gyarados
  816. - If you use the late EQ strat, follow this guide: http://pastebin.com/X269jPk8
  817. - If you get EQ early, take the elevator to 10F, then walk left and down to fight the Rocket.
  819. ROCKET #1
  820. - Machoke: Horn Drill (or Thrash)
  822. Use Thrash if you're definitely skipping red bar off Silph Rival's Gyarados and you didn't get the PP Up. Also use Thrash if your Attack and Special DVs are average or worse (when combined) and you plan to use an Elixer after the second Juggler in Koga's gym.
  824. - If you have 0-2 or 5-7 DV Speed, pick up the Carbos below the Rocket, and use it before picking up more items.
  825. - Pick up the Rare Candy and TM26.
  826. - Before the next fight, open the menu, and swap the sixth item in your inventory with X Specials. Then teach HM03 to Squirtle (delete Tail Whip if necessary) and TM26 to Nidoking over Thrash.
  827. - Walk down to 9F, then go right to the wall, hugging it down and left until you see a teleporter. Take the teleporter to 5F, and fight the Rocket.
  829. ROCKET #2
  830. - Arbok: Earthquake
  832. - Go right to get the Card Key, then go back to teleporter, and take it twice so you reappear on 5F. Open the door to the left with the Card Key, and take the teleporter to 3F. Then walk right and up, open the door to the left with the Card Key, and take the teleporter to 7F. Walk one step up before fighting your rival so that he takes fewer steps after you defeat him.
  835. - Pidgeot: X Accuracy, X Speed, Horn Drill
  836. - Gyarados: Horn Drill (or X Special, Thunderbolt)
  837. - Growlithe: Earthquake
  838. - Alakazam: Earthquake
  839. - Venusaur: Horn Drill
  841. You can save up to 40 seconds by getting red bar from Gyarados, but this involves at least a 40 percent chance to die and an inconsistent setup. Gyarados does 83-98 damage with Hydro Pump on 15 DV Special, which means you might not get red bar from full HP. It does 98-116 damage on 0 DV, which could kill you from full HP unless your HP DV is very high. You want to be left at about 11 HP so that you can maintain red bar until Koga without too much risk, and any number from 5 to 15 is generally fine, but you'll always risk getting an unfavorable low or high roll. For this reason, it's generally better to skip red bar here unless you accidentally get it off Pidgeot or need it to meet your goal time.
  843. If you go for red bar, you need to use an X Special. If you don't, Hydro Pump will always kill you. You also need to use an X Accuracy and an X Speed before Gyarados, because it's too risky to do so afterward when you're in red bar. The best setup is to use the X Accuracy and X Speed on Pidgeot, and if you can survive a Hydro Pump after that, kill Pidgeot and use the X Special on Gyarados. Alternatively, you can use all three X items on Pidgeot and then use a Potion or Super Potion on Gyarados. However, this setup is not ideal because 1) it takes about 5 extra seconds to heal, and 2) you need healing items for the Elite Four.
  845. If you used all three X items on Pidgeot and you have a spare X Special, you can use a second one on Gyarados at certain HP levels (75-95, depending on your Special) to gain red bar from Hydro Pump. This is faster than healing and doesn't waste a healing item. Using a second X Special also guarantees that you'll one-shot Gyarados with Thunderbolt with 0-8 DV Special. If you use only one X Special, it has a 43 percent chance to live on 0 DV Special.
  847. Often, the best approach to this fight is to wait until the first two turns -- X Accuracy, X Speed -- to decide whether you'll go for red bar. If you decide against it, didn't get the PP Up, and used a Horn Drill against the Machoke earlier, you'll need to save a Horn Drill in this fight. You can either X Special and Thunderbolt the Gyarados, or you can Ice Beam the Pidgeot twice.
  849. If you level up on Venusaur and have 10-15 HP, use one or two Rare Candies after the fight. This will make you more likely to survive a hit from Nidorino without disrupting your experience.
  851. ROCKET #3
  852. - Cubone: Ice Beam
  853. - Drowzee: Earthquake
  854. - Marowak: Ice Beam
  856. If you have <16 HP after this fight (<17 with bad defense), Nidorino will likely kill with Horn Attack, so you might want to use a Potion or Super Potion.
  859. - Nidorino: X Accuracy, Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  860. - Kangaskhan: Horn Drill
  861. - Rhyhorn: Ice Beam
  862. - Nidoqueen: Horn Drill
  864. Lead with Horn Drill if you have 3 PP left.
  866. If you want to make up time, you can try to get red bar off the Rhyhorn, which has two attacking moves and does 15-21 damage. Just spam Thunderbolt until it attacks you (or until it lands Tail Whip enough times that you won't survive a hit). However, this is generally a bad idea, because you won't keep this red bar for long and could die because of it.
  868. - After defeating Giovanni, Dig out to Celadon, then Fly to Fuchsia City.
  871. - Walk to the gym.
  873. JUGGLER #1
  874. - Drowzee: Earthquake
  875. - Drowzee: Earthquake
  876. - Kadabra: Earthquake
  877. - Drowzee: Earthquake
  879. - Elixer before the next fight unless the late-game strat chart says not to.
  880. - Similar to after Silph Rival, you can Rare Candy once or twice if you need it to survive the upcoming Hypno's Headbutt (up to 17 damage) or Confusion (up to 60 damage). Using a Rare Candy also helps you keep red bar against Lorelei if you take no damage from Koga until Lorelei (unless your HP DV is 0-3 and 5-7 and you skipped Mt. Moon experience). It also helps you 2-shot the Hypno with Thunderbolt if you have bad Attack and/or Special. For these reasons, you usually want to Rare Candy before the next fight.
  881. - If you take red bar into the next fight, you'll have at least a 23.5 percent chance of dying. Definitely heal if you can't survive a Headbutt, which does up to 17 damage. Also heal if you'll come out of red bar at Lv. 40 against Koga. Otherwise, use your judgment about how much time you need to save, as well as the number of Potions/Super Potions you have left, to decide whether to heal.
  883. JUGGLER #2
  884. - Drowzee: Earthquake
  885. - Hypno: Earthquake, Thunderbolt
  887. If Earthquake leaves Hypno with 25+ HP and you have bad Special, use a second Earthquake to finish it if you have one.
  889. If you are close to full HP and have good Defense and Special, you may want to Elixer during this fight, rather than before it. This will increase your chance of taking damage before Koga, which will allow you to die to Weezing's Selfdestruct so that you can revive Nidoking into red bar. But beware the combination of Drowzee's Psychic and Hypno's Confusion; this can kill you from full HP if your stats aren't great.
  891. KOGA
  892. - Koffing: Earthquake (or X Accuracy, Horn Drill)
  893. - Muk: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  894. - Koffing: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  895. - Weezing: Thunderbolt x2, Poke Flute until you get Selfdestruct
  897. Follow the late-game strat chart to decide whether to Earthquake or Horn Drill here. Neither is significantly faster than the other. Exception: If a Tackle from Koffing (7-9 damage normally, 8-10 damage with 0-1 DV Defense) can kill you, always use Earthquake.
  899. If you have 7-8 HP for Weezing (10-11 HP if Lv. 41, 13-14 HP if Lv. 42), use Horn Drill instead of Thunderbolt unless you need Horn Drill PP for Black Belt. Do this even if you haven't used an X Accuracy, as it's faster to miss with Horn Drill and die than to hit with Thunderbolt and die. If you hit with Horn Drill, you might come out of red bar earlier than normal, but you'll save several seconds on Weezing, and you'll face less risk against Black Belt. If you don't have low HP already, don't risk killing Weezing with a critical Thunderbolt; just stall with the Poke Flute until you get Selfdestruct.
  901. - Walk out of the gym, then bike east to the warden's house and get HM04. Then walk out and Fly to Pallet Town.
  904. - Open the menu, and use a Super Repel. If you're on any strat except the risky strat, immediately use all of your remaining Rare Candies on Nidoking, then bike to the water and Surf south to Cinnabar. If you're on the risky strat and have 14-15 DV Speed, teach HM04 to Squirtle before using your Rare Candies. If you're on the risky strat with 13 DV Speed, you'll need to pick up a Carbos in Cinnabar Mansion, and it's faster to teach Strength before using the Carbos.
  907. - Pick up the Carbos in the fourth area if you have 0-3, 5-9 or 15 DV Speed on any non-risky strat. If you're on the risky strat, only pick it up with 13 DV.
  908. - Use a Super Repel a few steps after picking up the Carbos. Then teach HM04 to Squirtle and use the Carbos if you got it. Whether you used the Carbos or didn't, you should scroll down to the bottom of your menu before exiting it (the cursor should be on "Cancel").
  909. - On any non-risky strat, pick up the Rare Candy item ball and the hidden Rare Candy on the way to the Secret Key. Then open the menu two steps before the key and use the two candies. If you scrolled to the bottom of your menu after repelling, you should be able to mash A to use the candies (just be careful not to use them on Squirtle).
  910. - After using the candies, pick up the Secret Key, then Dig back to Celadon.
  913. - Check the late-game strat chart to determine whether you should fight Erika or Blaine at this time. If you fight Erika first, you fight Blaine next, then Sabrina. If you fight Blaine first, you fight Sabrina next, then Erika.
  914. - Bike to Erika's gym and Sabrina's gym, and Fly + walk to Blaine's gym.
  915. - Walk out of Erika's gym, and Dig out of Blaine's gym and Sabrina's gym. In Sabrina's gym, use the teleporter in Sabrina's room before using Dig. You'll skip the Dig animation if you're standing on a teleporter when using Dig.
  916. - Once you've defeated all three gym leaders, fly to Viridian City.
  918. BEAUTY (Erika's gym)
  919. - Exeggcute: Ice Beam
  921. ERIKA
  922. - Victreebel: Ice Beam (or Earthquake)
  923. - Tangela: Ice Beam
  924. - Vileplume: Ice Beam (or Earthquake)
  926. Consult the late-game strat chart to determine which moves to use. You should never risk a damage range on Victreebel, and you should risk only a 1/39 damage range against Vileplume.
  928. BLAINE
  929. - Growlithe: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  930. - Ponyta: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  931. - Rapidash: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  932. - Arcanine: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  934. Consult the late-game strat chart to determine which moves to use. Note that you must use Earthquake on Growlithe if it uses Agility. You should never risk a damage range on Arcanine.
  936. SABRINA
  937. - Kadabra: Earthquake
  938. - Mr. Mime: (X Speed), Earthquake
  939. - Venomoth: Earthquake
  940. - Alakazam: Earthquake
  942. If you have to X Speed on Mr. Mime, it can kill you with Confusion or buy itself an extra turn with Barrier. If it uses Barrier and you don't critical through it, finish it with Thunderbolt.
  945. - Bike to Giovanni's gym.
  948. - Rhyhorn: Ice Beam
  950. BLACK BELT:
  951. - Machoke: (X Special), Earthquake (or X Accuracy, Horn Drill)
  952. - Machop: Earthquake (or Thunderbolt)
  953. - Machoke: Earthquake
  955. This fight will generally be simple and fast, but because you're in red bar, the Machokes can end your run with a critical Karate Chop. To reduce this risk, you should alter your strategy based on your Attack DV:
  956. - If you have 13-15 DV, Earthquake all three Pokemon. The Machokes will have a 57 percent chance to die. If the first one lives and uses Focus Energy, it can no longer land a critical hit, so use an X Speed or X Special if you have a spare one; this will ensure that the last Machoke dies. If the first one lives and uses Leer, Thunderbolt the Machop if you have 11-15 DV Special.
  957. - If you have 11-12 DV, use an X Special, then use Earthquake, Thunderbolt and Earthquake. You're guaranteed to 1-shot all three Pokemon, but you'll give the first Machoke a turn. If the first Machoke uses Leer, Ice Beam all three Pokemon if you have 6-15 DV Special.
  958. - If you have 0-10 DV, use an X Accuracy, then Horn Drill all three Pokemon (or Horn Drill, Earthquake, Horn Drill if you used four Horn Drills against Blaine). If the first Machoke uses Leer, Ice Beam the Machop if you have 11-15 DV Special.
  959. - If you're on the risky strat, use X Accuracy, then Horn Drill x3 (or Drill, EQ, Drill) regardless of your DVs.
  961. GIOVANNI 2
  962. - Rhyhorn: Ice Beam
  963. - Dugtrio: Ice Beam
  964. - Nidoqueen: Earthquake
  965. - Nidoking: Earthquake
  966. - Rhydon: Ice Beam x2
  968. If you used Horn Drill on Weezing, you'll likely be out of red bar at the end of this fight unless you took damage from Black Belt. If you want to get back into red bar for Viridian Rival and Lorelei, use an X Special on Nidoking if you have a spare one and 30+ HP. If you don't have a spare, stall with Thunderbolt. Continue to stall with Thunderbolt until it hits you, which it's likely to do on turn 1. If you used an X Special and have 4-15 DV Special, use Ice Beam to kill Nidoking.
  970. The Nidoqueen is a damage range if you're on the risky strat with 0-6 DV Attack.
  972. - Walk out of Giovanni's gym, use a Super Repel, then bike west toward Victory Road to meet your rival.
  974. ROUTE 22
  977. - Pidgeot: X Accuracy, X Speed/Special, Ice Beam
  978. - Rhyhorn: Ice Beam
  979. - Gyarados: Thunderbolt
  980. - Growlithe: (X Special), Earthquake
  981. - Alakazam: Earthquake
  982. - Venusaur: Horn Drill
  984. Both Pidgeot and Growlithe only use Agility in this fight, which means you can set up on them without risking a death.
  986. Using an X Special on Pidgeot will, in most cases, allow you to 1-shot Pidgeot and outspeed Alakazam. The risky strat uses a different approach, which is detailed here: http://pastebin.com/a9KCyV9z
  988. ROUTE 23
  989. - There is a hidden Max Ether on the top-left square of the island after you show the Marsh Badge. If you don't have enough PP for Lorelei (at least 4 Horn Drills and 1 EQ, or 5 Horn Drills if you have bad Attack or are underleveled), you'll need to grab this. To make room for it, use your Ether before getting on your bike at the beginning of the outdoor area. If you only have Elixers, toss a useless item such as the Antidote instead.
  990. - Use a Super Repel when you reach the other side of the lake, then bike to Victory Road.
  993. - Use your second-to-last Super Repel when you are one tile to the right of the boulder in the second area. From here until the last boulder, you'll need to move perfectly (besides bonking) to avoid opening the menu an extra time or getting "Repel's effect wore off" text.
  994. - If you got the perfect movement, you should land in front of the final boulder without your repel wearing off. From this position, use Strength first, then use your final Super Repel, then bike.
  997. - Depositing your HM slaves into the PC before the Elite Four is generally faster than taking them, but it depends on your slaves and your strat. If you have Paras or Oddish, deposit Squirtle and Paras/Oddish (but not your flier) if you plan on using the normal safe strat against Lorelei. Deposit all three slaves if you plan to YOLO Lorelei (50 percent chance to die, 20-second save if you live). If you have Dux, don't deposit either of your slaves unless you plan to YOLO Lorelei (50 percent to die, 13-second save if you live).
  998. - Don't take the center.
  999. - If you are really far ahead and low on healing items, you might want to buy Full Restores. However, it's very unlikely you'll need more than one Full Restore for the Elite Four.
  1001. LORELEI
  1002. - Dewgong: Switch to flier, switch to Nidoking when it dies, X Accuracy, Horn Drill
  1003. - Cloyster: Horn Drill
  1004. - Slowbro: Horn Drill
  1005. - Jynx: Earthquake (or Horn Drill)
  1006. - Lapras: Horn Drill
  1008. You'll win using the shift strat unless Dewgong Gen 1 misses Aurora Beam. If you need to make up time, you can just use an X Accuracy without switching. Dewgong will either kill you with Aurora Beam (50%) or use Rest (50%).
  1010. Always use Horn Drill on Jynx if your Attack DV is 0-10. If you use Earthquake, it might survive and kill you with Ice Punch.
  1012. - Use an Elixer before Bruno.
  1014. BRUNO
  1015. - Onix: X Accuracy, Ice Beam
  1016. - Hitmonchan: Horn Drill
  1017. - Hitmonlee: Horn Drill
  1018. - Onix: Ice Beam
  1019. - Machamp: Horn Drill
  1021. Onix does up to 23 damage with Slam (up to 20 with good defense), but Slam can miss, and its other moves do only <11 damage, so healing is never worth it. Onix can hit you back into red bar, but it can also troll you with Harden, X Defend and misses, so it's generally best not to manipulate red bar off Onix. You want to be out of red bar for Agatha in most cases anyway.
  1023. AGATHA
  1024. - Gengar: (X Speed, X Accuracy), Earthquake
  1025. - Golbat: Horn Drill (or Ice Beam x2)
  1026. - Haunter: Earthquake
  1027. - Arbok: Horn Drill (or Earthquake)
  1028. - Gengar: Earthquake
  1030. This fight has more variance than any other, and your strategy will vary based on how much time you need to save. This fight can go 20-30 seconds faster than average if you enter it in red bar, but you're likely to die unless you outspeed the first Gengar without an X Speed. You can also lose 40-60 seconds by not being in red bar and getting trolled by sleep, confusion and/or Haze.
  1032. You normally want to be at 57+ HP for Agatha, which usually means using a Super Potion or your Full Restore. From there, use an X Speed on turn 1 (unless you have 15 DV Speed and used a Carbos). What you do on turn 2 depends whether you have a spare X Accuracy (you need one for Champion), which move Gengar used, and your HP.
  1035. 2 Night Shade 57+ X Accuracy
  1036. 2 Night Shade 23-56 Earthquake
  1037. 2 Night Shade 1-22 X Accuracy
  1038. 2 Confuse Ray Any Earthquake
  1039. 2 Hypnosis Any Poke Flute
  1040. 2 Hypnosis (fail) 57+ X Accuracy
  1041. 2 Hypnosis (fail) 23-56 Earthquake
  1042. 2 Hypnosis (fail) 1-22 X Accuracy
  1043. 2 Dream Eater 57+ X Accuracy
  1044. 2 Dream Eater 23-56 Earthquake
  1045. 2 Dream Eater 1-22 X Accuracy
  1046. 2 Switch to Golbat Any Ice Beam
  1047. 1 Night Shade Any Earthquake
  1048. 1 Confuse Ray Any Earthquake
  1049. 1 Hypnosis Any Poke Flute
  1050. 1 Hypnosis (fail) Any Earthquake
  1051. 1 Dream Eater Any Earthquake
  1052. 1 Switch to Golbat Any Ice Beam
  1054. If you were able to use an X Accuracy, Horn Drill the Golbat and the Arbok. If Golbat uses Haze, you'll be slower than the second Gengar, so you should use an X Speed if you have a spare one on Arbok, whose only threat is Glare (17.3% chance to hit). Also, you may want to use your Full Restore during the fight if you're at low HP and confused.
  1056. If you have 15 DV Speed and got a Carbos, you can clear Gengar without using an X Speed first. After that, you can either use an X Special on Golbat -- this will make you likely to 1-shot it on good Special, plus faster than Gengar -- or attack Golbat like normal and use an X Speed on Arbok. Use the X Special strat only with 13-15 DV Special. The Carbos strat makes it relatively safe to enter Agatha at 23-56 HP.
  1058. Note: You can increase the number 23 to 24-25 with bad defense, and you can decrease it to 21-22 with good defense.
  1060. If you heal before Lance (see below), use your last PP healing item on the healing menu.
  1062. LANCE
  1063. - Gyarados: X Special, Thunderbolt
  1064. - Dragonair: X Speed, Ice Beam
  1065. - Dragonair: (X Special), Ice Beam
  1066. - Aerodactyl: Ice Beam
  1067. - Dragonite: Ice Beam
  1069. This Gyarados behaves the same as Silph Rival's Gyarados. It does 124-146 damage with Hydro Pump on 0 DV Special and 108-128 damage on 13-15 DV. None of Lance's other Pokemon is a threat, so you want to heal before the fight so that Hydro Pump puts you in red bar. Do not heal to full unless you lack the Potions/Super Potions to heal to a good number for red bar.
  1071. If Gyarados misses Hydro Pump, you can stall with Earthquake to get red bar, but only do this if you need the red bar to meet your goal time. You can also use your X Speed (or an X Accuracy if you have two), but note that the X Speed will reduce the damage from Hydro Pump and remove a Special badge boost for Aerodactyl, making Ice Beam a range.
  1073. Use a second X Special if you have 0-5 DV Special, as it will ensure that Aerodactyl dies to one Ice Beam. Aerodactyl can kill you with any of its moves if it lives.
  1075. If you need to save a lot of time on the last two splits and are in red bar after Agatha, you can choose to not heal for Lance and then use a 30 percent accurate Horn Drill on Gyarados. If it hits, use an X Special and X Speed on the first Dragonair, then sweep. If it misses and Gyarados also misses, keep trying YOLO Drills. If you run out of PP, use Thunderbolt and hope for a critical.
  1077. Before entering the last room, use your last PP healing item if you haven't already.
  1079. CHAMPION
  1080. - Pidgeot: X Accuracy, X Speed/Special, Horn Drill
  1081. - Alakazam: Horn Drill (or Earthquake)
  1082. - Rhydon: Ice Beam (or Horn Drill)
  1083. - Gyarados: Horn Drill
  1084. - Arcanine: Horn Drill
  1085. - Venusaur: Horn Drill
  1087. You generally don't need to heal for this fight unless you're deep in red bar, as Pidgeot's only threats are critical Wing Attack (4.4% chance), double Wing Attack (6.3%) and turn 1 Sky Attack (25%). If you can afford a slight time loss, heal from deep red bar into high red bar (~32 HP). If you can afford a significant time loss, heal to at least 50 HP.
  1089. Only use the X Special if you have 12-15 DV Speed and 8-15 DV Special and didn't use the risky strat. You'll save a few seconds by using Ice Beam on Rhydon instead of Earthquake on Alakazam. Animations are automatically turned on for the final fight, and Ice Beam's animation is about 3.5 seconds faster than Earthquake's (~2 seconds faster if you're in red bar).
  1091. If you got the PP Up and have 6 Horn Drill PP for this fight, just Drill everything once you've used your two X items.
  1093. Pidgeot does up to 28 damage with Wing Attack before you use the X Speed/Special, and 25 damage after. If you enter the fight with your HP in the mid-20s, consider using the X Speed/Special first so that you have a better chance of surviving a non-crit Wing Attack. Also use the X Speed/Special first if your HP is 35-60 and you have a Super Potion, because it will help you survive a turn 1 Sky Attack if you use the Super Potion on turn 2.
  1095. If you can't survive a Sky Attack after using a Super Potion, you can use a Full Restore, but you'll still die to a critical Sky Attack unless you have great stats and get a low roll, and a non-crit won't put you close to red bar. If you need red bar, you can use Horn Drill on Pidgeot before using your second X item. If it hits and you still need to use your X Accuracy, use Earthquake on Alakazam, then use the X Acc on Rhydon. If it hits and you still need to use your X Speed/X Special, use the item on Alakazam and hope for Reflect (33% chance). If you get Reflect, you'll need to use Horn Drill on Alakazam and Ice Beam on Rhydon.
  1097. If you're so far ahead that you can afford to heal to full for this fight, it's usually best to give Alakazam a turn if Pidgeot uses Sky Attack on turn 1. Just use your X Accuracy on turn 1, use Horn Drill on Pidgeot, then use your X Speed/Special on Alakazam. You'll survive a non-crit Psychic from Alakazam unless your combination of HP and Special is below average.
  1099. Late-game strat chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mc4MIi2FWYsAoft1srthtEP--Oo36TXddMhQbG1NnB0/edit#gid=0
  1101. -----
  1103. Changelog
  1105. January 13, 2015
  1106. - Rewrote text for buying Potions
  1107. - Simplified healing for Shorts Guy
  1108. - Made Shorts Guy guide more accurate (and advised safer strats)
  1109. - Updated Mt. Moon movement after Rare Candy (one fewer turn frame = one fewer encounter tile)
  1110. - Updated Mt. Moon strats to include delaying evolution for better chance at Paras
  1111. - Updated Route 25 Elixer vs. Ether item management throughout guide
  1112. - Added Route 6 kill encounter strat
  1113. - Updated Oddish weakening (Tackle or BB, never PS)
  1114. - Corrected Elixer pickups for late EQ strat
  1115. - Added Dig backup strat for first Gastly fight
  1116. - Added/refined details for Horn Drill Weezing fight
  1117. - Don't heal for Bruno
  1118. - Heal in more situations before Champion
  1119. - Clarified which moves to overwrite for Horn Drill, Rock Slide, Ice Beam and Earthquake
  1121. January 8, 2015
  1122. - Only chuck balls at Lv. 5 Spearows (run from Lv. 3)
  1123. - Rewrote text for Potioning before Brock
  1124. - Rewrote some text for Potioning on Brock
  1126. -----
  1128. Sections:
  1129. - Speedrunning resources/citations
  1130. > Important damage range chart (fewer DEF and late-game ATK; add Dragonair, others)
  1131. > Trainer guide
  1132. > Encounter slots + rates
  1133. - Menuing techniques
  1134. > Basics (cursor resets, when you can and cannot access bottom slot with up, explanation of buttons)
  1135. > Timing (4 frames per input, swapping rule, time to scroll through menu)
  1136. > Advanced menuing
  1137. - Movement
  1138. > Talking to trainers
  1139. > Turn frames (needs further research)
  1140. - DVs
  1141. > Effect on stats/runs
  1142. > Specific good and bad combos (Mistyrans, etc.)
  1143. > Nido DV chart
  1144. > Attack/Speed relatedness
  1145. > Stat exp.
  1146. - Other mechanics
  1147. > Accuracy (X Acc + accuracy stages)
  1148. > Badge boosts
  1149. > Damage calculation (crit damage, weirdness of x0.25 and x4, level boosts)
  1150. > DSum/encounter slots
  1151. > Trainer AI
  1152. > Crit rates (including high crit moves and Focus Energy bug)
  1153. > 3-step rule (including when it resets)
  1154. > Catch rate/number of shakes
  1155. > Red bar (must include time for EVERY cry and type of death jingle, preferably in frames)
  1156. > Move timing (flash, shake, double shake, SE, NVE, OHKO, crit, opponents' moves)
  1157. - Speedrunning fundamentals
  1158. > Value of completing runs
  1159. > Risk management (discourage early-game YOLO)
  1160. > Notes in head, damage ranges on paper
  1161. > When to heal (outside of fight vs. during fight; include things like during Wrap)
  1162. - Walkthrough
  1163. - Maps (Viridian Forest, cans, Rock Tunnel, hidden items, etc.)
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