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  1. Weekly:
  2.     EP LFR: Sivara Weapon/Waist. Behemoth Helm/Pants/Boots, Radiance Chest/Hands, Orgozoa Weapon/Cloak/Chest, Queen's Court Head/Hands, Za'qul Cloak, Azshara Pants/Boots
  3.     Weekly event
  4.     World Bosses: Rukmar, Galleon, Sha of Anger, Oondasta, Nalak
  5.     Mounts: BRF, HFC, MSV, ICC, DS, Kara
  6.     Islands
  7. Daily:
  8.     Nazjatar Pearl Dailies
  9.     Tortollan wq
  10. Bigger bag
  11.     Barnacled Bag of Goods: Kal'methir citadell mobs
  12.     Voidcaster's Supply Bag: Shirakess Mobs
  13. Blueprints
  14.     Emergency Rocket Chicken: OOX/Avenger
  15. Other Mounts/pets/toys:
  16.     Rusty Mechanocrawler: Arcanospider
  17.     Silent Glider: Soundless
  18.     Fabious: Fabious
  19.     Armored Vaultbot: Vaultbot
  20.     Irridiated Elementaling: Reclamation Rig
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