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  1. Big Minecraft Alt List by Twitter: @AllAccGiveaways and Youtube: Lenny
  2. Retweet for more!
  4. If the Accounts don't work for you, you have a mojang IP-Ban! You can bypass it with a VPN. You can use for example Zenmate.
  6. anton_the_boss@hotmail.com:hubbabubba1996
  7. guisapezal@gmail.com:gui111202
  8. boukiskyriakou@yahoo.gr:gk6192000
  9. barkjose1@gmail.com:sandro21
  10. austyn100058@yahoo.com:bunny1000
  11. Benjamin.Kasch@web.de:Marreme1
  12. halo.dudes@yahoo.com:sturmtiger380007
  13. hendrik-ben@gmx.de:fonzi123
  14. ayushpatel590@gmail.com:ap590395
  15. haleystowehouse@gmail.com:388regan
  16. beatsbydretm@outlook.com:olla1234
  17. hgalooby@gmail.com:arianna0987
  18. beni.hujic@gmail.com:26022003b
  19. hadi.dadic@hotmail.com:grnica123
  20. goldy79944@gmail.com:mohawk811
  21. goncalocm@sapo.pt:gonzas2003
  22. barron317@hotmail.com:micah317
  23. hahahehehaz@gmail.com:asplund5
  24. bestguy145@hotmail.com:england11
  25. hapattack4@gmail.com:pokemon720
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