Air New Zealand Rules

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  1. _**Rules**_
  3. Kia Ora, welcome! Welcome to the official Air New Zealand discord server! In order to have a safe an enjoyable experience please follow all the rules provided below.
  5. _**Section A**_
  6. **General Rules:**
  8. A1) Be respectful, do not harass members in the group or Discord server. This includes inside the server and in direct messages.
  10. A2) Spamming is prohibited in **ALL** channels of the Air New Zealand Discord server. Spamming can result in a variety of consequences.
  12. A3) Swearing is not allowed without the Filter Bypass Tag, swearing will result in a warning.
  14. A4) Major arguing is not allowed in public chatrooms. Major arguing will result in a verbal warning, then a warning logged if continued.
  16. A5) NSFW / Porn content is NOT ALLOWED. Posting any content that may be counted as NSFW will result in a kick or possibly a ban.
  18. A6) Advertising of any kind is not allowed unless approved by a Head of Departments member+. Posting advertisements without the correct permission will result in your message being deleted, and a warning.
  20. A7) Trolling is not allowed in the discord, doing so could result in a warning.
  22. A8) Links including or Roblox content is not permitted in any channels apart from #general-media. Not following this rule will result in your message being removed, and you will be warned.
  24. A9) Do not beg any High Ranks for an event, we have #event-requests so you can request an event.
  26. A10) Do not ghostping. Ghost pinging will result in a logged warning. Also it it's continuous it could result in a ban!
  28. A11) Do not complain when a High Rank pings you, complaining will result in a warning, or even a mute.
  30. A12) Pinging any role as a passenger will get you banned with no warnings provided.
  32. _**Section B**_
  33. **Voice Chat Rules:**
  35. B1) Swearing is not allowed in the VC's.
  37. B2) Do not record Voice Chats unless everyone in VC has given you permission to do so.
  39. B3) Do not play ear rape sounds / songs.
  41. B4) Do not skip someone's song unless it's ear rape.
  43. - - -
  45. We request you to follow by all of these rules above, not doing so will result in a mute / kick / ban. We do not like to do kick or ban people, so please behave! We hope you enjoy your time at Air New Zealand.
  47. If you have any concerns or questions about the rules above, please direct message a Human Resources + Staff Member.
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