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Apr 11th, 2011
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  1. Exterminate by brinleyfish
  4. I feel like a real Ninja if I play this. Two great placed gausses. And gold circles and mine circles which crashing each other. All in all it´s a perfect place to run and collect gold. To avoid the gausses give this map the right feeling. Must be in a Metanet episode list 200-299.
  6. Wicked by FailN
  9. A pefect link of some pipes and a great gameplay. That are the tags of this map. The map looks cheatable but it´s impossible to get another way. Even if there is only one way it make much fun to get the fun or run the normal way. A challanging Gauss who can get you everywhere where gold is. At the end a easy teleporter without modify of the data, but you don´t die whatever you do. Well done FailN-san.
  11. Borderline Plagiarism by Aldaric
  14. Actually are 3 rockets too much but great tiles and awesome places of one ways and mines make it not hard. It´s a great mix of different concepts. Small ways allows you to go different ways. All of them are a experience run across great parths of gameplay.
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