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  1. [15:43] After his recent victory, Daius Invidia returned to the battlefield of the Plains. In truth, he didn't really know what to expect. He had defeated the vampire which had been leading the last assault, and comfortably dealt with the remaining soldiers. However, what he was faced with was-- Definitely unexpected for the Invidia.
  3. It seemed the war was still ongoing in this area, maybe the senior was a little naïve in thinking that he ended the conflict by defeating and killing those who were fighting there prior.
  5. There was always going to be more, after all. Something which he was going to have to grow to accept. The war wasn't going to be over, until the ones who needed to die-- Died. This most certainly included Sors. However for now, Daius needed that man to give him the room to become what he needed to become.
  7. Rather easily defeating many of the on-rushing non-magi, with earthen spikes, which proceeded to impale them as they approached.
  9. "This is so mundane... Where are you..." he'd mutter to himself.
  11. The Invidia was more than aware that there must be a magi here, one worth giving it everything against. Something which he was most certainly looking forward to.
  13. Finally, his ocean blue eyes fell upon a pale looking man teen, who had an eerie look about him. This was an oddity. Before long Daius opened his mouth.
  15. "Ya a man or a mouse." he'd ask, although it sounded more like a statement than anything else.
  16. (Daius Invidia)
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. [15:51] The magi stared down, arms crossed as he observed the Invidia from the sky. Tendrils of darkness seemingly like wings carrying his being.
  21. Powerful, the occultist thought as the Invidia destroyed those opposed to him.
  23. And as they met gazes, the Invidia would observe coldness and wrath upon those very silver eyes. His figure blurred as he fell like meteor upon the ground, knocking away the Dusk soldiers who aimed their swords and spears against him.
  25. However, upon the statement of the Invidia, he only smiled.
  27. The atmosphere about them turned extremely heavy, and the non-magis, both Fourfold and Dusk alike, evacuated his presence. It was suffocating, and they could only choke.
  29. He flared his mana, overexerting it in order to provide him more offensive and defensive power. Caused by a seemingly reckless action, tears of blood ran down his cheeks.
  31. "Witness darkness, magi," said the Heifang coldly, before crashing the base of his staff against the ground.
  33. There was a tremor as the Invidia felt the surge of mana about the area. Typhoons of wind was summoned about Yu, before rushing for Daius.
  34. (Yu Heifang)
  35. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. [16:05] Daius Invidia says, "When you avoid my dashes, i can get to you still with that"
  38. [16:14] Both traded blows, with Daius coming out on top. He had the advantage, capable of shrugging off the Heifang's multitude of attacks.
  40. The magi was knocked away, crashing against a Fourfold before falling against the ground.
  42. However, he knew not to stay on the ground. Though as he stood up, the Invidia's blade met his frame, shattering his armor as his body was pierces with the flurry of his attacks.
  44. He screamed in both fury and pain as he felt a stab on his chest. If not for the mana he earlier flared out, it would have already reached his heart. They barely blocked the Invidia's blade.
  46. Though, he bled, spitting blood against the ground.
  48. Thankfully, a Fourfold soldier blocked Daius' path as he was about to deal another blow. Giving the magi time to escape.
  50. He did not have the time to thank the nameless soldier, only nodding his head in gratitude before dissipating into a thin mist. And before Daius could kill the soldier,the Invidia suddenly felt his movements restricted. That gave the soldier time to move away and rejoin his unit.
  52. From behind the Invida, there was a surge of imposing, corrupt mana.
  54. Yu pushed his palms as the tendrils on his back shot forward in order to grab the Invidia's limbs.
  56. "Feel my pain. Feel my wrath," said the Heifang as a beam of azure light was sent from his palm, aiming for the Invidia's back.
  57. (Yu Heifang)
  58. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. [16:29] It was safe to say that this was certainly not Daius' best performances. In fact, as far as this current conflict went. It was by far his worst, this magi was different to any who he had battled against before. He was hard to get hold of, and when he did-- He had fall back options to avoid the wrath of Daius' blows.
  62. Despite the metal man's durability, it was not going to be enough to withstand the damage, for long enough for him to defeat his opponent. After all, he was not a Titan yet-- This battle something that brought this back to the front of his mind. He wasn't the finished article by any means.
  64. He hadn't attained every last ounce of what he needed to be the warrior which he needed to become.
  66. However, managing to land a decisive blow before a fourfold soldier rushes into the battle, occupying Daius for a small amount of time; which allowed Yu to regroup and launch another assault at the Invidia.
  68. Something which Daiushimself only caught a glimpse of. Beofre suddenly the immovable object, was well and truly moved by the effors of the Heifang. The beam, sending him tumbling away from the battle.
  70. Once he had realised what happened, it was clear that this battle wasn't going to end well. This was a reminder to Daius, of his need to keep striving forwards. If this kid could compete-- he wasn't good enough.
  72. "Fuckin' disgraceful..." he'd mutter, about himself.
  73. (Daius Invidia)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [16:34] The magi fell to the ground, unable to chase the Invidia.
  78. He felt his mana drained, and he was left but a husk, seemingly lifeless as he knelt.
  80. "We retreat," said the Heifang, bleeding relentlessly as he glared at the direction Daius has escaped to.
  82. Because of the short distance of Briar, their soldiers had come to reinforce the forces of Dusk. And in fields such as the jungles of Gehenna, they would only be massacred without a magi with them.
  84. And the Heifang, as a couple of soldiers helped him up his black stallion, was nothing more than a normal man after that battle.
  86. Such a pitiful state was only a testament of the Invidia's strength. And if they are to meet in the future again, he knew not if he could perform the same.
  88. Stronger, he needed to get stronger.
  89. (Yu Heifang)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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