Doll Defense Force

May 11th, 2020
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  1. EDF
  3. Fencer
  4. ARM 1 MUT 0 ENH 1
  6. Special Skill:
  7. Doubled Up [Auto/See Below/Self] When you declare at attack maneuver, you may choose to add chain 1 to it. As the cost of this maneuver, increase the AP cost of the attack by half, rounded up.
  8. "Fencers' augmentations allow them to carry double the weaponry of other classes."
  10. Deflector Shield [Rapid/3/Self] The attack and any properties, except chain, of the attack that this is declared in response to affects the attacker instead of you. However, you must pass the attack check or you take the attack to the location of your choice.
  11. "Advanced emitters in the fencer's shield allows those with good timing to reverse the course of incoming attacks."
  13. Jump Boost [Rapid/2/Self] Move 1, attacks declared by you are not negated by this move.
  14. "Thrusters installed into the back of the fencer's exoskeleton grants them much needed mobility.
  16. Raise Shield [Action/1/self] For the next five count, all attacks against you have their damage reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0. During this time, all move maneuvers declared by you have cost increased by 2 and attack checks made by you suffer a -1. This can only be declared once per round.
  17. "While mobility and accuracy suffers, a Fencer hunkering down behind a shield can take a lot of damage."
  19. Big Shot [Damage/2/Self] +3 damage to the attack.
  20. "The heaviest attacks a fencer can throw out are so tremendous, the recoil can temporarily overwhelm even the most advanced compensating equipment."
  22. Hammer Time [Auto/None/Self] Gain the Vibrohammer part.
  23. "An iconic, devastating weapon that some Fencers use to travel through hordes."
  24. Vibrohammer [Arms/Action/4/0] Melee Attack 2.
  26. Regardless of the attack result, apply Move 1 to yourself and make a Melee Attack 2 against an enemy in the destination zone. The second attack is negated if the move is negated.
  28. Wing Diver
  30. ARM 1 MUT 0 ENH 1
  32. Special Mechanic: Wing divers have a Charged Core counter. It starts the round charged and becomes uncharged when they declare a Wing Diver skill. The core recharges 2 count after it has become uncharged.
  34. Special Skill: Experimental Core [Auto/None/Self] Gain 2 additional charged core counters, however, these cores only recharge at the start of the round.
  36. Thrusters [Auto/None/Self] Increase the value of a move maneuver by 1.
  38. Flip Roll [Rapid/0/Self] Move 1
  40. Energetic Blast [Damage/0/Self] +2 Damage, this can only be declared when you deal damage.
  42. Experimental Weapon [Auto/None/Self] Gain the Diffusion Orb Part
  44. Diffusion Orb [Arms/Action/3/0-1] Blast 1 + Explosive + Area + Chain 1. This requires a charged core to declare.
  46. Height Advantage [Action/2/Self] All melee and unarmed attacks made against or by you suffer a -2 to the check for the rest of the round. You can end this effect during your count for 0 AP. Core recharging is suspended while this is in effect.
  48. Air Raider
  50. ARM 0 MUT 1 ENH 1
  52. Special Skill: Vehicle Call in [Action/2/0] Create a "Depth Crawler", "Naegling Missile Launcher", or "Nix Power Armor." A vehicle can only be called in if there was no vehicle on the field at the start of the round. Each one can only be called in once per phase.
  54. Rolling Thunder [Action/3/0-2] Blast Attack 2 + Explosive + Area to 2 different zones. Roll the attack check seperately for each zone. This can only be declared once per phase.
  56. ZE Gun [Action/2/0] Create a "ZE Gun." This can only be declared once per turn.
  58. Life Post [Action/3/0] Create a "Life Post." This can only be declared twice per phase.
  60. Rolling Bomb [Action/2/0] Create a "Rolling Bomb." This can only be declared twice per phase.
  62. Support Equipment [Auto/None/Self] Gain the Laser Guide Kit part.
  64. Laser Guide Kit [Arms/Action/3/0-2] +1 to attack checks aimed at the target. This ends when you declare another action timing maneuver.
  66. Vehicle Stats WIP, however they are horrors that follow these rules.
  67. -the air raider will have to declare a 1 AP Action timing maneuver to drive them. They do not have their own AP track.
  68. -The driver can declare all of the horror's maneuvers as if they had those parts, and their own maneuvers as normal.
  69. -Other PCs can get in the vehicle, however only those with Air Raider or Ranger as a class or Subclass.
  71. Depth Crawler
  72. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  73. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  74. -Cannons [Action/3/0-1] Shooting Attack 2 + Chain 1
  75. -Well balanced weaponry [Auto/None/Self] +1 to Shooting Attack Checks
  76. -Gatling Gun [Action/3/1-2] Shooting Attack 2 + Area
  77. -Hopper
  78. -Adhesive Pads
  79. -Ejection [Action/1/Self] Annihilate the vehicle
  81. Naegling Missile Launcher
  82. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  83. -Armor Plating [Damage/0/Self] Defend 1 + Negate Explosive
  84. -Area Lock-on [Action/3/0] +1 to attack checks on every enemy in the target zone. This can go up to a +2 but any locked on enemies not in the zone when this is declared again are no longer locked.
  85. -Missile Barrage [Action/3/1-3] Blast 1 + Explosive against every enemy that has a lock on it.
  86. -Wheels [Action/2/Self] Move 1
  87. -Ejection [Action/1/Self] Annihilate the vehicle
  89. Powered Exoskeleton Nix
  90. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  91. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  92. -Metal Frame [Auto/None/Self] Nothing
  93. -Flame Revolver [Action/3/0] Blast 2 + Explosive
  94. -Large Machine Gun [Action/3/1] Shooting Attack 2 + Chain 2
  95. -Armor Plating [Damage/0/Self]
  96. -Robotic Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
  97. -Ejection [Action/1/Self] Annihilate the vehicle
  99. ZE Gun:
  100. AP 0 HP 3
  101. Automated Platform [Auto/None/Self] The ZE Gun does not have AP. It instead declares its attack when the Air Raider targets an enemy with a maneuver, matching the maneuver's timing. This will occur even if this part is broken.
  102. Gun [Special/None/0-2] Shooting Attack 1. This can only be declared once per count.
  103. Targeting Sensor [Auto/None/Self] +1 to the Attack Check
  105. Life Post
  106. AP 0 HP 3
  107. Autonomous [Auto/None/Self] The Life Post does not have an AP track.
  108. Life Beam [Auto/None/0] At count 6 and 1, repair a basic part on every target in range.
  109. Circuitry [Auto/None/Self] Does nothing.
  111. Rolling Bomb
  112. AP 8 HP 4
  113. CPU [Auto/None/Self] +2 AP
  114. Roll [Action/2/Self] Move 1
  115. Zombie Bomb [Auto/None/0] When this Part is damaged in Battle Phase, a Blast 2 + Explosive + Area attack with a Check value of 8 occurs against yourself.
  116. However, "Rapid" and "Check" timings do not occur for this effect.
  117. Trigger Mechanism [Action/2/Self] Unarmed Attack 1
  119. Ranger
  121. ARM 1 MUT 1 ENH 0
  123. Special Skill: Indominable Spirit of the EDF! [Auto/None/Self] When you are annihilated, a sister in the zone you are annihilated in may make an Action timing maneuver for 3 AP to break two parts and repair 50% of your parts. For the rest of the turn, that sister gains a +1 to all checks. This can only occur once per phase.
  125. Widely Trained [Auto/None/Self] +1 to all attacks done by parts not on the arms.
  127. Rallying Cry [Auto/None/Self] Whenever you are hit by a sister's attack, make a mutual conversation check with her as the target. If the attack breaks 3 or more parts, make it with every sister.
  129. Rag Doll [Damage/0/Self] Move 1, this can only be declared when you are damaged by a sister's attack.
  131. Shared Supplies [Auto/None/Self] When you repair a part, all your sisters may repair a part. Their repairs are subject to the same limitations that your repairs are. This can only occur once per turn.
  133. Conditioned Dodge Roll [Auto/None/Self] When you declare a non-action timing move maneuver, all attack checks aimed at you for that count and 2 subsequent count take a -1 to the attack check. Once per phase, you may ignore a hinder move and break the hindering part.
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