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Sep 15th, 2019
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  1. Title: Student Council NEW GAME
  3. 1. stray bullet
  4. >How as india Maki?
  5. >it was just a crude country
  6. >here, a present
  7. >woah
  8. >if i had an opportunity i would've sold this stone also
  9. >stone?
  10. >i think they called it a power stone?
  11. >I don’t get the thought process of people who buy those
  12. >That’s definitely just a cheap rock
  13. >Why don’t they realize they’re being scammed
  14. >Well, there are people who like that sort of thing..
  16. 2. report
  17. >are these clothes?
  18. >do they fit me?
  19. >yea its cute
  20. >i know even when im not looking
  21. >pipipi
  22. >hayasaka, listen to this listen to this
  23. >prez and i
  24. >are dating now
  25. >...that's good
  26. >how fortunate
  27. >congratulations
  28. >eheheheh
  30. >You could feel that we felt the same way about each other, and then the words “I like you” just slipped out..
  31. >I kissed the president again! Kissing someone who likes you back is just great!
  32. >You know how he was the one who did it last time, right?
  33. >It’s like there’s an order to it, like an exchange diary of kisses?
  34. >I wonder if we’re going to take turns kissing each other from now on? That would be wonderful too!
  35. >I thought President’s lips would be cold because it’s winter, but it actually felt a bit warm!
  36. >It warmed me up more than I thought it would because there’s a contrast to it.
  37. >Hey, I think I really like kisses.....
  38. >It feels so good
  39. >I wonder if I’m a kiss devil, it’s like I’m discovering a new part of myself.
  40. >I’m going to try and and find the timing for another kiss today.
  41. >I hope you can find someone to kiss soon, Hayasaka!
  42. >See you later!
  43. >How do I look, Hayasaka-san?
  44. >Anything you wear looks cute so hurry up and choose.
  45. >Eh, uh...
  46. >Thanks?
  48. 3. Forcefully
  49. >Oh
  50. >Hey look, that couple’s kissing!
  51. >!
  52. >There was another couple flirting by the vending machine earlier, too.
  53. >I’m so jealous.
  54. >You know, Secretary-chan...
  55. >Do you admire kissing?
  56. >Of course I do!
  57. >You know, there’s a part of me that..
  58. >wants to be forced a kiss by surprise...
  59. >I see...
  60. >Hayasaka-san!?
  62. 4. even if you asked all the fathers in the world to give a summary they have the ability to tell whether one's romance has been tied or not
  63. >!!
  64. >Dad!
  65. >Oh?
  66. >Ohoooooooo?
  67. >how impressive
  68. >father, why are you here
  69. >i was just here for a part time job
  70. >kaguya chan, next time try coming formally to our house
  71. >.....yes
  72. >stop being nervous and do whatever u need
  73. >......!!
  75. 5. preparing to study abroad
  76. >so you have the academic documents now?
  77. >mostly
  78. >hm
  79. >the foreign test and extracurriculars are very important and hard
  80. >there are only 5 awards and 10 activity merits handed out
  81. >usually this is a lot to pack
  82. >but you already have everything
  83. >i wonder if all your education was for this
  84. >no way
  85. >I don't think that's the case
  87. >now you'll be done once you turn in your essay
  88. >there isn't that much time until the deadline
  89. >uh, sorry but
  90. >is the letter of reccomendation finished yet
  91. >that's no problem
  92. >since miyuki shirogane prepared it long ago
  93. >prez...
  94. >no wonder i like you
  96. 6. peace for mankind
  97. >ah
  98. >tsubame senpai, happy new year
  99. >ah, fujiwara san, happy new year
  100. >senpai, what kind of wish do you have
  101. >about that
  102. >im wishing for peace for mankind
  103. >thats pretty large scale
  105. >i dont want to say my wish though...
  106. >eheh- just tell me already
  107. >but dont they say that if you tell your wish it wont come true?
  108. >....
  109. >im sorry mankind
  110. >because of me the world...!
  111. >belief
  112. >its a belief
  114. 7. in the shinomiyha mansion
  115. >Big brother...
  116. >Happy new year.
  117. >happy new...
  118. >kaguya san...
  119. >its ok, he's just being very prideful for such an incompetent being that can be used
  120. >For now I'll keep acting like a weak younger sister
  121. >this family seriously...
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